Dani “I want Dan’s head on a platter and I want to serve it to Shane” Ian “there goes our Quack Pack t-shirts!”

First HOH Dan Second HOH ?
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE


12am Dan says think what I just did to him (Ian) in the first round, I could do that to him in the third round. Why wouldn’t you think that I could do that?! Danielle says it might not do any good because I don’t even know if he was trying. Dan asks did you ever think he would drop off that thing? Danielle says that he was on that thing telling me to beat you! Dan says huh?! Danielle says when we were swinging. Dan says that’s good because then he thinks you are taking him. Danielle says that kids smart too. Dan says he thinks we are both taking him to the end, he doesn’t care who wins. You have got to make him believe you are taking him to the end. Danielle says I haven’t made a final two with him. Dan says even if you haven’t you probably won’t have to make it. Danielle says I don’t care if I have to fucking cut him at this point; I just want to get there. Dan asks Danielle do you think all this happened by accident? Danielle says no, but I am so drained. Dan says all I ask of you is one more competition and I will take care of the rest. That’s all, you’re best effort. We will look back at this and laugh. Danielle says no I won’t. I have been blindsided so many times in this game I am turning cold. Danielle says that the second one is happening Saturday. She says we have to get up right when they wake us up. Dan asks her how much she hates him right now. Danielle says that she has never hated him, not even during the funeral.

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Dan brings up Memphis and says that he was fed up with my antics too. Danielle says that was nothing compared to what you’ve done to me. Danielle asks Dan what he said to Ian. Dan says that he told Ian he might have some magic up my sleeve and then I asked him if he made it to the final 3 would he drop during the first part of the HOH. Dan says that Ian said yeah I would do anything. Danielle says if I don’t make it to the end my dad is going to rip me a new one because I dropped during the first round. Danielle says that she has always felt good about her decisions, but that she just did for him. She says that she was terrified of throwing it, I am a dumbass. Danielle says if you said something mean in your speech I wouldn’t have done it. Danielle asks when you said you were going to write your forth book was that real or fake. I don’t even know what to believe anymore! Dan says that was real, I am, when I told you to look in your hand and then look up… Dan hears Ian coming so he runs into the arcade room and lays down. Ian comes in and asks if Danielle is alright. Big Brother then calls Dan to the diary room.

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12:15am Danielle and Ian are talking. Danielle says no matter what Ian I am taking you. I have never lied to you. Ian says it was ugly today. Danielle says that she hopes he will do the same for her. She says that she will never get over what he did to Shane. Ian says that he (Dan) will never win. He will win over my dead body. He couldn’t win over either of us. Tonight that was so bad. Danielle says he knows I f**king hate him, he knows it. Ian says that was disgusting, absolutely disgusting. Danielle says I am so upset, and I forgave him. Ian says it’s just like what Britney said here’s a pie that I baked for you .. with arsenic in it.


Danielle says that if I make it to the third round, I will annihilate him! Because Shane and Jenn told me how they are going to answer the questions. I know how they are all going to answer. Ian says really, like what do you mean? Danielle says they told me they are answering personally and strategically, I know how four of the people are answering. Ian says how, how, what?! You know how they are answering? Danielle says Mmm Hmm. Ian asks what do you mean strategically? Danielle says like some people lie, some people tell the truth, some people answer personally or some people make something up to throw you off. Ian says interesting. Danielle says well either way when I win this and rub it in his face, it will kill him, and then I get to take you over him and then he goes. Guess what the player learned from the coach. See ya! Go sit you’re a** in jury for the first time. Ian starts to laugh. Danielle tells Ian that he reminds her of Colt. Dan joins them in the bathroom. Danielle says so they are going to wake us up early tomorrow aren’t they. Ian says yeah. Danielle says and then the second part is on Saturday right. Ian says yeah. Danielle says because they need to have this all edited by tomorrow night. Dan offers Danielle the soft bed. Dan leaves to go lay down.
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12:20am – 12:30am Danielle tells Ian I know what he is doing, he is trying to be all nice now but I want his head on a platter and I want to serve it to Shane. Ian says breakfast tomorrow, awkward party of three! Danielle says it’s like what Boogie did to you, I just wish he would have been honest and not lied to Shane’s face! Ian says Shane was not happy. Danielle says that she though Shane was going to punch him. I want to beat him so bad, I will gut him like a fish! Danielle starts talking about how her hands were hurting so bad in the comp and how she was struggling. Ian talks about how he fell off. Danielle says that she hopes she will get to do her speech, you just wait I am out for blood. I just feel so bad because this is why Shane didn’t want a showmance. Don’t worry Shane I will get him! Ian says that as soon as you used the veto on Shane I knew something was up. Danielle says that he (Dan) was just so uncomfortable because he didn’t know how Shane was going to vote and blaa, blaa, blaa. Danielle says that then Dan told her he was keeping Shane. Ian asks do you know what Shane was going to do. Danielle says no, he didn’t tell me, I didn’t want to know. I didn’t want a guilty conscience. This is going to cloud my mind for the next few days; I just want revenge so bad! Ian says there goes our Quack Pack t-shirts!


Ian says as soon as you won that veto I thought I was done, I thought I was going. Danielle says no, not at all, I thought for sure Dan was going. I can’t believe I took him off. And I am pretty sure Shane was going to save you. Danielle says hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Ian says that I knew I would never do anything dirt, I would rather leave, death before dishonour. Ian tells her that Shane got a huge applause. Danielle says I just want to get to the third round, okay Dan you wanted to write a book about how the coach can learn from the player… well here is your first start. Ian laughs and says that would be epic! Danielle asks what do you think the second one is? Ian says it could be morph-o-matic … we haven’t see that one yet! Danielle says again I just didn’t see that coming.

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12:35am Danielle gets ready for bed. Danielle then heads into the bed room and talks to Dan. Dan asks Danielle is he going to take you? Danielle says no, he would never say it. Dan asks did you tell him about the deal with me? Danielle says I didn’t tell him about the deal, I told him how much I want to kill you. Danielle says that she told him if I make it to the third round I will kill him, I know how Shane and Jenn are going to answer. Dan asks did you tell him we had a deal or no? Danielle says I told him I would talk to him later. Dan says he is going to ask me what should I tell him? Danielle says no. Dan tells her to tell Ian that I looked tired and you didn’t have to do anything. Are you sure he is going to believe that? Danielle says yeah because he knows I hate you. Dan asks but what did you tell him about why you dropped. Danielle says that she told him she was tired and I slipped in the water. Dan asks should I tell him we had a deal or no. Danielle says you can if you want to or not, either way it doesn’t matter. They think they hear Ian coming and Dan rolls over like he is sleeping. Danielle asks Dan did Joe and Jenn really tell you to get rid of Shane, to break us up. Dan says that Jenn always wanted you two to break up and Joe said at some point it had to be dealt with. Dan says but no not really. Danielle asks is that why you really did it? Dan says no I just had to give Shane a reason. Danielle shakes her head. Dan says Jenn always thought you two needed to be broken up.


12:50am Ian joins them. Dan pretends he is sleeping. All the house guests are in bed going to sleep…

4:45am All the house guests and robots are still sleeping..


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Danielle is an idiot and Ian is an idiot for not correcting her RE: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. 1. That is not a verse in the Bible. 2. It’s not even an accurate quote.

Danielle – wake up you nutcase. Dan has not only been saving his own ass but covering yours all game long. A simple, Thank you Dan, would have been appropriate.


*Recap from BBAD. Dani tells Ian her favorite Bible verse is ‘Hell…. Scorned’. She says ‘that’s in the Bible’. Ian says ‘yeah, I know’.*


Not that I’m one to take up for Ian lately but I think he just didn’t want to deal with her nutcase rant. I think it was more of a “whatever you say Danielle” worded nicely.

Gospel According To Danielle

But you got to admit, If “Hell hath…” was in the Bible it certainly would be quite an interesting read!


Just FYI – “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned” – This proverb is adapted from a line in the play The Mourning Bride, by William Congreve, an English author of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.


I caught that, too, which is amazing since last night’s BBAD was so full of Danielle crying, wiping her eyes with stiff brown paper towels, whimpering ‘Shane!!! I’m so sorry!!!’ under the covers, Ian constantly pacing around and taking weird gulps from his diet Coke that his microphone captured horribly well, Dan asking Ian boring question after question about things whose answers were even more boring, Danielle again washing her face for the umpteenth time and checking for the umpteenther time whether or not the growing stress cyst on her chin was ready to be born yet…. yeah, I’m amazed I stayed with Showtime2 long enough to catch that;)


I hope Dan wins because he is at least not afraid to make big moves / play the game. Ian was too worried about his Crap Pack and wasted an HOH on Jenn and Ashley… and was even about to be eliminated yesterday but he didn’t care – as long as his dumn alliance got to the end. WTF. I hope Dan and Danielle are in the F2, but I *KNOW* the producers want Ian and Dan for the F2, so it will happen. Mark my words – I predicted it weeks ago. Danielle is an idiot for not seeing that Shane is clearly gay.


Dan is hilarious and has made this season worth watching. It is a shame that some people cannot decipher real life from this television show. It is a game show and Dan is playing the game fantastic. Still laughing from last night and Dan deserves to win but doubt he will because this jury is going to vote because their feelings got hurt and act like the cry babies they are.


Could not agree with you more, Billie. Well said!


@crap pack. I totally agree with you. Ian didn’t want to get any blood on his hands for the longest time. The rest of the QP let him totally be under the radar the entire time. Dan has been pulling Danielle’s puppet strings the entire time andlets not forget Dan was very loyal to Ian until Ian wouldn’t repay the favor and use the veto on him.


Dan and his mist. Love him or hate him hes The best player in BB history.


This is awful!! It’s like watching a professional playing in amatuer hour. These newbies are so clueless when it comes to game play, they take it personally and like immature kids they hold grudges. They are too egotistical to admit they have been outplayed and outwitted. Frank is the worst one, only Brittany understands the game. Dan has made this season fun, the game being played like it was in the early years. Poor Shane, “Dan is a dirty player”. Go buy yourself a couple of pink tank tops you idiot!! Damn, I think I’ve been misted.


Lol. If I recall Shane told frank he would not put him on the block and then he did any way twice. So Shane isn’t a saint. These people make me laugh if they lie to further there game it ok but if someone else does then there dirty. Brittney said it best in the jury house.


Thank you! Britney, Daniel, Shane, and Ian all deserved all the backstabbing Dan did to make it through the game. The game that Brit, Daniel, Shane, and Ian played was to smile at people’s faces, lie to make them feel safe (even during points when the player was powerless and just wanted to know if they were going home), and then vote them out. Dan pulled the same move on all of them. Seems like they got a taste of their own medicine, except Dan was much better at it than they were.


I completely agree. It was nice to see the betrayers betrayed.


I totally agree with you. I blame casting. They recruit more people out of the blue than they get from their actual casting calls. They don’t seem to care that the people they choose sometimes have never even seen the show. They are faced with cramming 10 episodes in on YouTube before they enter the house – they think it’s all physical competitions and have no clue about social/psychological game play. Shane, Danielle, and Jenn have all done some shockingly ignorant things just because they weren’t familiar with the game. It’s ridiculous – we need another “allstars” or a better cast of people who actually understand the game.


Yes!!!!!!!!! Absolutely agree that BB casting is as much to blame here as anyone.


jenn and Danielle have watched the show for many seasons.


did u forget that Ian knows more about past seasons than any of the cast ?


Dan is one of the best players in HOH


I hope Danielle wins Parts 2&3 of the HoH competition. She didn’t get this far to lose. I don’t know why the hell she threw the HoH to Dan.. I love her, but like, didn’t you watch his season? In the final 3, Memphis and Dan acted like they hated each other. I think this is what Ian and Dan are doing, and Danielle doesn’t realize. But why does Dan think he can win against Ian?


Dan will take danielle cuz he knows he can beat her in the end, he just wants to make Ian think he will take him just as a backup plan in case he wins HOH thus if Ian wins he will most likely take Dan


Danielle please stop whinning….Dan got you good and the only thing that will be served on a platter if somthing from Dan after he wins….go cuddle with you shomance next week in the losers circle….Now you know how it feels to be lied to and by the best I am sure….Frank does not look so bad now does he?


I agree Dan is outsmarting all of them Danielle just hot by Cos Shane n Dan kept her she needs to go I really don’t like Ian either but Dan is smart keep it up Dan

Trey Gorman

Watching Dan, the high functioning sociopath, and Danielle, the neurotic with a daddy complex, interact makes me nauseous.

Aqua Bernie

I agree with you, these two are disgusting. Dan scares me alittle more, he looks possessed sometimes.


I agree…..looks really strange,,,,,,,,,aI hope Ian wuns big time!

Captain Idiot

it was real mature of dani tellin dan how her father and brother wanna kick dan’s ass, get over it, shane is a dude u met on a game show, try livin in reality for 5 seconds……

Rob C

I guess it all comes down to philisophical differences. I’ve always watched the show for the strong alliances that are made and the comraderie and friendships. I think other people think its a show about backstabbing.

BB12 and the Brigade was the greatest for me all time. I go to Arizona State University where Hayden is from so that alliance and him winning it all will probably always be the greatest season for me personally.

I feel bad for Shane. He is a good, simple dude that got screwed. He was really dumb to ever agree to letting Danielle take Dan down. The world is full of bad people with money so if Dan wins another 500k it doesn’t affect my life any.

The only decent person left who can win is Ian but nobody is gonna take him. He’s gonna have to win the next two comps or Dan wins.

dan just won bb14

can people stop talking about how loyal the brigade was…they backstabed matt and got rid of him before the final 4 . The back stabbing is what makes this game entertaining .


Lol your 100% correct. I love the segment where Enzo one of the worst players ever had the nerve to say the QP turned on each other and the brigade was loyal. The brigade totally turned on Matt because they thought he was to strong. They weren’t loyal at all. The QP were 5 deep one of them had to go so it WS brittney. Once it got down to the final 4 it’s every man or woman for themselves. If Dan had left Shane in the game then Dan would have been screwed. First if Shane had Made it to part 3 against Danielle then Danielle would have threw it to Shane and Dan would be out the door. Then Dan had to worry if Danielle won if she would even take Dan. So his only 100% safety would be to have to win part 3. Now that he dumped Shane he’s guaranteed to be in the final 2. It was the best and smartest move to make. Some people may not have liked it but if you were in the same position you would have done the same thing Dan did or you would have gone down as one of the dumbest players to play BB

Tom Sellers

I guess I don’t understand why u think Dan will win. Doesnt the jury vote for the winner? It seems to me, there is nobody in the jury that would vote for Dan. Why do u think he would win?


Uh, da mist.


At the first of the season, CBS interviewed Dr Wii and asked him what player he was predicting to win and he said, he liked Ian and thought he’d go far. I thought Dr Will was nuts. This was at the very beginning, pre Quack Pack I think. At that point I thought Ian would be out before Jury.


BB12 is the worst season ever. It was a season of floaters and everyone trying to throw HOHs. So boring and horrible to watch.


i’m probably the only one but I really liked BB12 was one of my favorite season.


You’re definitely not the only one!!!!!! This is the first season where I didn’t have to rely on a favorite player to enjoy the game most of the time. It was freeing for me to not be too nervous about the fate of any single player, to trust in the game for once:) I really do feel that whoever wins this year really will have earned it, and I haven’t really been able to say that in a few seasons.


I liked it too Simon. I also thought they had a good mix of characters in there. And I actually watched BBAD that season. So go figure.lol

C. J.

Really? Poor, simple Shane? I think NOT! He spends his days verbally beating up Dani and wants to start cuddling before the final HOH. Good riddance!
Go Dan!

hotbutton topic

Come on Ian….WIN!


Ian wins next for sure


Man, now i’m rooting for psycho Danielle! Come on Psycho Dani. I love crazy chicks. Knockout Dan!

Linda in Texas

I don’t get get the live feed but did Shane like Dani as much as she liked him.

Last night show seemed as if Shane was into Dani.


Last night was so epic. Dan deserves to win the game but won’t because the jury is taking things so personally and not recognizing good game play. It’s not anyone’s job to give you $500K. You have to go take it, and that’s what Dan is doing.


Side note: thanks Dawg and Simon for all this work. It is greatly appreciated!


Dan is the biggest most horrendous creep of all time is this game………Play well…. yes of course………but being a complete sociopath in the game is another thing altogether……….And that idiot Danelle , so in love with herself and desperate for attention, fell for all of dan’s sh##………………..what a dope………the narcissist and the sociopath to the finish line……….ugh!! I would give anything to see Dan sent to Jury………however losing the first part of the last HOH doesn’t bode well at all for either danielle or Ian……………..

P.S. I want him fired from his job for being a sneak, liar and absolutely corrupt……..I can’t stand the sight of him……….I have been a bb fan for many years, seen many game plays, but I find Dan’s behaviour just plain ugly and shocking………..He’s a man without a conscience.


Does Danielle really think that Ian cares what Dan did to Shane? What Dan did to Shane saved him! Danielle needs to realize that she is on BB and the goal is to make it to the end no matter what?!?! Why can’t the girl be happy that she is in F3 right now?!?! Well we are talking about the same girl who came back from a day out of the house and complained about it for 2 days!

VA Vet

The bottom line is that everyone has their own moral compass. Obviously, when money is involved, Dan has no moral boundaries.

Even in the “game” of BB, some of us think that there are certain lines that should not be crossed. Like Ian stated “death before dishonor”. Where we stand in that regard says more about ourselves than that of the house guests.


The 500K is the point of the game. It’s not reality and Dan is not walking around on the street treating people badly. He is playing a GAME and damn he is playing it well. Scheming and lying to keep yourself in the house is not operating with no moral compass, it’s playing Big Brother. That’s what they’re all there for! I am sick of hearing about Dan being a bad guy. He isn’t. He’s just a guy who has his eye on the prize and knows how to keep his head on straight and not let emotions get in the way!


EXACTLY!! Well said. Watching the jury house footage was hilarious- you can tell Brit is the only one who played the game before. She’s the only one who can admit Dan outplayed them. They ALL talked about “backstabbing” Dan many times throughout the season & he outplayed them, simple as that. Why is he such a bad guy when they all would’ve had to take each other out at some point… IF they’d made it that far.

VA Vet

My point exactly. As far a Dan’s concerned, anything goes so long as he wins the MONEY.


Yeah Danielle, Get Dan out! You want Dan’s head in sliver platter. Then, here’s your chance. Get him out.


Ummm, it’s a ploy to try and get Ian to throw the second part of the HOH comp. Oops, didn’t see I was responding to the captain. Should’ve known by the post….DERRRRRRRRRR!!!! smh


Captain. Danielle is just telling Ian that. It’s not what she is really going to do.


Captain wedgie? Do you imbibe large quantities of alcohol? Dani is just going along with Dan plot and telling Ian that she wants his head on a platter.


Poor Dani, crying over Shane and being deceived once again. She was going to take Shane out in the end anyway, so what’s the big deal, just a few days earlier. Dan told her he wanted Shane out. Now she won’t have to decide and Shane will think she was merely a victim like him in getting duped. Dan had this planned way back, always pushing Dani and Shane to be a couple. Very disappointed in Ian. Instead of being grateful that he made it to the F3, he’s angry with Dan? Good gameplay.


So is Danielle misted or not?


She’s so misted, her skin should be pruning up about now.

The Real Jeff

That guy (Dan) is a mastermind! He even has Britney thinking he played a great game. The mist is still working even in the Jury House.

The title of Dan’s next book is going to be “THE MIST”



In my dream BB world, Danielle gets to the end, all the while telling Dan it will be the two of them, and when she stands up to evict Ian she says the following: “Dan, you have been with me since day one. I have followed you to the end, doing everything you told me. YOu have been the ultimate coach in this game.” At this point, Dan is smiling, thinking of the ways he will spend his $500K and Ian is freaked out. “Ian, you are the ultimate fan. I know this has been your dream, to make it on Big Brother and to make it to the end. This is why it hurts so bad to do this, but I have decided to take my coaches advice. I want the $500K and to do that, I have to knock out one player’s dream. So Dan, I vote to evict you so you can get to work on that book “How To Coach A Player To Be Better Than You”. Ian, lets do this!”

It’s all a dream of course, but it would be EPIC!!!!


More than likely, Danielle would say, “Dan, you have been with me since day one. I have followed you to the end, doing everything you told me. YOu have been the ultimate coach in this game,” then evict herself. Another sad victim of the “Mist.”


Dan knows exactly what he is doing. The guy is brilliant! He knows he can not win against Danielle in the end. Danielle is going down as the best player that got played! She has not played this game to win but played it with too much emotions. Her downfall is that she is too worried about other people and she lost the concept of the actuall GAME. Dan played this game to win and he deserves it. All you Dan haters just ask yourself, How would you have played the game? You would do what it takes to win the money and that’s what he did!! It is a game and does not reflect on how a person is outside in the real world. I bet if they had a chance to come back to the BB house, they would play the game differently.

Danielle could make a lot of money as the next spokesperson for Proactive!


dani didn’t really play her own game she played dans game…which is why she can’t and won’t win.


if dani payed her own game then she wouldn’t be angry at Dan for his moves in “his” game…dani if you don’t like it play your own game….one reason she was upset last night is that she is no longer the queen bee….no one is fawning all over her to support her fantasy of who she thinks she is….you signed a contract to play THIS game so play it dani and stop whinnying about it….this is an adult game…you have watched for years…you knew what you were getting into unless you are not quite as smart as you like to tell everyone that you are….the move Dan made last night getting Shane out IS the game!!….if you dont like the game get out of the game….I just really feel for those people who really want to play this game to play it not to be famous but to really play and they don’t get the chance and you got on and all you do is complain….it’s so disrespectfull to others who love this game for “the game”. maybe it’s time that you self evict so you can spend a few days in the jury house with shane…so you can try to act the you are superior to the other females in there because you have a fake boyfriend.


You are 100% right. I didn’t want Dan to win for so long, but Danielle and Ian are so misted that I can’t help but vote Dan for the win. I keep hoping that Dani will break free, but I can see now it isn’t going to happen……but if it did, it would be epic….it would also be her ONLY shot (that she got the mister out of the game) to win against Ian. Being likeable to a handful of people isn’t going to cut it. She has to show that she took the coaches advice and got him out. It is do or die for her………..I think we can plan her funeral. And I am going to mope around that the rest of the show will be so predictable because Ian can only mutter “mist”, but not get a true grasp on it. I thought he would pull it off, but OH WELL


If Dan and Danielle make it to the end together it will be the greatest game play ever in BB history. For Dan to not only get himself but Danielle to the end would be amazing. A lot of people think Dan got a free ride the first 4 weeks but that’s not true. Let’s remember 10 minutes into the game Jodi was gone. Then the very next week Kara was gone then Danielle was up on the block and if Danielle had gone home Dan would have been out. So to say he got a free ride just wasn’t true. He didn’t have a free pass like Danielle donato did last year. Dan could have been gone 2 weeks into the game for him to make it this far already proves he one of the best if not the best to play the game


Oh Dawg, when you make it on Big Brother Canada, whose game do you see your game being closest to? Are you going to pull a Dan? I hope you make it on. I am betting there are NO bigger fans than you and Simon. An awesome Big Brother season would be if you and Simon were in it but played it as if you didn’t know each other. That would be AWESOME! You could build your own alliances and take it to the end!


Dawg would mimic his game around Big Daddy Balla


Dani what is wrong with you? Don’t fall for Dan’s tricks. Win the HOH and Vote him out. I really hope everything you are saying to Ian is the truth and you are really going to backstab Dan. He is going to win this game if you take him to the end.


Come on Danielle! How dumb does a person have to be to STILL follow and do everything dan wants you to do. He just backstabbed you AGAIN. I don’t care if you have been with him since day one… he has been playing his OWN game ever since the coaches were let back in and your too gulliable to believe hes just helping you get to the final chair and win. HE doesnt care…he just wants to protect himself and cover up why he got rid of shane. Its not for you danielle it was for HIS benefits. Dumbest player ever! You win the POV and you still lose your shane. How stupid! Who cares if dan doesnt trust shane enough… obviously he would as soon as he voted out ian. Danielle is just the idiot who got manipulated by dan over and over!


Now guys seriously! I dont get why people want players who have already won money…win money again! Brittany won money back in her BB12 for favorite player…so enough is enough with her deserving it. Dan is obviously going to make it to the final chair with both danielle and ian being stupid and THROWING A FINAL HOH TO DAN, so he’ll either win 2nd prize or 500,000. Ian will probably will be sitting next to him, because of the next games being mental and about players, so he’ll win 2nd or 500,000.

So honestly it should be shane vs. frank

and I honestly think it should be shane. He was a player ALMOST like jeff..except not really good at the social game. He was a target from day one and he made his way through ALL the way to final four, which rarely happens for a guy like him. He was a loyal and honest guy to everyone, and FRANK was pretty much the guy version of danielle with dan.

Feel free to comment back with thoughts. :)

Frank's Dirty Rug

Jeff was a terrible player. He was a self-righteous hypocrite that spouted nonsense about loyalty in the game every time he got lied to, but was constantly in the DR talking about his own alliance members needing to get out the door after they outlived their usefulness. The guy was a hot-headed child, who felt he was above the rules, and in charge of everyone around him. I look back at season 11 and cringe at how he rose to such popularity-in any other season the guy would have been exposed for the joke that he is-but what to do in a season with such caustic personalities such as Jessie, Chima, Russell, Lydia, and Nastalie? Pair him up with the cute blond and spin a shomance until every genuine Big Brother player is vomiting and can’t see straight.

Jeff, and Jordan, were a fluke. People like them don’t win Big Brother. They represent everything that 99% of the time gets you evicted from this game. Jordan never would have won without Jeff constantly shielding her, and Jeff never won anything of importance except America’s Favorite (and that was only because middle aged housewives in unhappy marriages just loved staring at his mug all season).


I agree Listen I really like Jeff but he is not up there with the best players. Why is it ok that people like Jeff when in both seasons he backstabbed someone. 1st time he had a final 4 deal with Russell and turned on him and then had the nerve to tell nat and the gay kid that no matter what he doesn’t go up and that even if the noms change then one of them 2 had to go up. Hahahaha lmao. How dumb can someone be. Then the next time he was on he told Danielle she was safe and he lied to her and backstabbed her. Then he has the nerve to tell Shelly after he just got done yelling at her, to respect him and respect Jordan. Shane said the same thing and he got booted. Never tell someone to respect you by voting for you to stay. Like I said I liked Jeff and I wanted him to win but he’s not honest like he said he was to frank in there interview and sometimes his social game blows up in his face because he’ll start to argue and talk down to people


I really like you and the person above you focus on jeff on my comment. Apparently he is like that DAN said that in a few feeds above this one. So apparently I am not the only thinking like that. Shane deserves the money. thats it.

Dark Horse

I guess what I really want to know is…Is Danielle playing for herself or for Dan…

I hope Ian does not throw the 2nd part…I can’t believe he threw the 1st…the mist is like a drug.


On a really deeply morbid psychological level, I think Danielle’s playing for her Daddy.


totally playing for Dan. she’s not bright at ALL.


Ok so is she working with Dan or not? She told shane not to worry she would get him. Something tells me she has had enough and she is done playing his games. The finale could be interesting…


Ahhhh Shit, my boi Ean stepin up. All dat cochin I gav em b4 da show seems ta be workin purficly. He be winin dis game wit his good looks and sexy ASS. Jus like i told all yall Dan be a snich and aint no 1 can trus dat guy. Daniel is str8 up stoopid. Shan ad his hed soo far up his ass dat he didnt see Dan triky ass comin 4 him. My purdickshon be last 2 are Ean an Dan wit Ean winnin by a voat of 13 to 4. L8r behotches!!!


In English…… Please?


hahaah I was gonna say retard but then I noticed the name, just made perfect sense lol


Chima, if you could just stop it, that would be great. Chima, though annoying and my least favorite player pretty much of all time, was actually educated, didn’t sound a thing like this when she talked or wrote (she’s actually a writer). If you’re going to do it, do it right. Sorry, it just irks me.


is danielle still on board with the weasel nerd sociopath Dan or is she really going to take ian and give that not so epic speech about the player learning from the coach? Dan is really a disgusting human being, its not even funny or entertaining to watch him. his wife and family should be disgusted with him


Come on Ian don’t fall for this shit again they just proved to ur face they have some sort of deal. Danielle acted all mad at Dan before she is layin it on too thick don’t believe her at all if she was out for blood she would still be hanging onto that rope. Don’t u dare throw ur chance away in part two.


its now pretty obvious Julie will vote out the final 2 in disgust of this years game and ask Frank to please accept the title of the winner of BB14. The Julie and production will apologize to Frank first then to america for enduring this pathetic season of bozos and nerds


Julie is disgusted with Dan as well, she will embarass him in front of america on some level


Julie Chen loves Dan. She thinks hea the best player in BB history


I remember being absolutely shocked when I’d found out that Danielle had won the last POV – the one I was 100% sure AG was gonna totally set up for Ian’s strengths. Then I finally get to see it on Thursday night. Turn out she DID – he just didn’t execute. Come on, Ian! A “molecule” comp, with 20-25 BB14 events. Ian has a photographic memory! The AG fix was COMPLETELY in for Ian! And he STILL blew it!!!!!!!!! I know what the BB medic was doing after that comp – reviving AG, after she passed out when she saw that Ian didn’t win it! Lucky for her, Dan came through HUGE for AG with his Shane eviction. I believe Ian is already a shoo-in for America’s player. But the ONLY person happier than Ian himself when Dan evicted Shane instead of Ian was AG, who then “splurged” her entire BB staff: Free “Fierce Five Corn Flakes” for everyone!!!!!!!!!!


Hey Jim, Felt the exact same way – and watched with interest to see how Ian lost – but production didn’t show us the board – and did not spend a lot of air time on it – however, it did show me that Dani isn’t stupid – she won that rather easily (at least what we were shown) – and I think she was keenly aware that giving Dan the veto meant Shane was out the door…


Best case scenario is Ian wins hoh and looks at Dan and says I pick Dani! So happy Ian finally caught on to Dan’s scumbag ways! Hoping Dan doesn’t win a dime after he has played such a douchy game! TEAM IAN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

Jen W

I don’t think Dan is in this game for the money. I think if he gets Dani to the win, he’ll make more money after the show on his life coach or motivational business (whatever it is called)


Agree with you 100%


No matter how Danielle tries to spin it for Shane , it boils down to the fact that she had a final 2 deal with Dan ,and he was going to go anyway – and she was going to have Dan do it in the final 3 for her . It will prove out when he watches the feeds and spoilers so stop your whining Danielle – GO IAN!!


at first i thought dan would not take danille to the final 2 because of her relationship with britney, shane , jen those are 3 sure votes if they vote personal but then again DAN IS A PUBLIC SPEAKER dan will tell the jury he made danille a samurai worrior when she went along with him to get britney out the game that was her test she passed it like a great student ……. i remember danille telling dan in the arcade room and i quote; dan i would of gone home for u at that point before that he knew danille was an emotional girl very clingy because the lack of a real father figure in her life dan is going to make this jury believe every decision danille made was dan’s decision every trigger that was pulled danille came to him and he told his pupil what to do ….. dan said on many occasions one thing that makes him different in this game he can play everyones emotions because it doesnt bother him he will say what he has said many occasions danille came into this game as a little seed she tried to grow into a flower but he grew her into a venus … he will even remind the jury that he told her that the luxury com she went on with shane its a business trip .. dan will tell this jury he understands why criminals come up with their best plans in prison because thats what it was like in the bbh listening to danille cry , sleep talk about shane and trey i believe in my heart dan will mist that jury because his speech will be great showing the jury every decision danille made was dans decision ……………….i think dan will tell the jury danille is a robot and all he had to do was grab the remotecontrol… lol


Dan is the best liar to play the game but there are many ways to win the game. He chose that path but that does not make him entitled to win it all.


Marcellus can give up the crown of the worst move in the BB house when he volunteered to go on the block. He held that crown with the guy from last season who also told them to put him up (forgot his name). Using the power of veto on Dan and putting up her boy crush Shane was the dumbest move I have ever seen. Why would Dan (really) convince her to do that unless he has a deal with Ian.

If Shane was going to evict Ian…then why not just let Shane evict Ian (nothing needed to change). Shane might not be too bright either. When Dani brought the possibility to him of going up…he told her to do what she needed to do.
I would have told her listen Dani…I have liked you as a person…but you better not use that Power of Veto on Dan; or I will make your name toast in the jury house. …but Shane went along with it like tittle dee dee tittle da da. I’m thinking what are Dani and Shane thinking?

Ian was shocked because he could not believe that Dan’s manipulation actually worked on Danielle (but it did!).

I want Ian to win…but strategically I feel that Danielle’s move was dumb; and if I’m going to make a dumb move I want it to be because (I) did it; and not via manipulation.

Also….please don’t do this coach thing next year. It blurs the lines of loyalty. Many of the players played like they were not playing against their coaches but they WERE. Can we have an all cast of new people? Please???

HOH Comp

In the words of a not so good football coach, “You Play to Win the Game”. Nuff Said. If Dan doesnt win its not because he didnt play a good game its because he pissed everyone off and got away with it. If anyone who has ever watched this show has any idea of what its about, Dan wins out of sheer respect because he tricked everyone. Dan is hands down the best player to play the game… He had to change his strategy this year to win and did it with perfection. Think about this for one second all you people pissed off cuz he swore on this and on his wife and all that B.S. He tricked Danielle into taking him off the block, He evicted her imaginary boyfriend, He made her cry her eyes out, than she throws the most important comp of the year to him. If you try and say anyone other than that man deserves to win than your crazy. Dan wins Hands down its a game he puppeteered the demise of everyone in his way. It should be a 7-0 vote no matter whos standing next to him.

P.S.– Watching Shane’s reaction last night was painful.

Kathie from Canada

Painful is correct. Shane was so pitifully dumb in his game play and then pouts because he got ‘got’.


I’m still not sure if I want Dan to win the final HOH to see if he would take Ian or to see Ian win to see if he will take Dan. I really don’t want Danielle to win. Tired of her crying and zit picking. Nasty. She seems really nice but omg, stop picking your face child…After dark was funny last night, Ian was going a little nuts.


And hate Dan or love Dan…it is not his fault that these people blindly trusted him instead of keeping their eye on the cash money. Lie to me once, shame on you. Lie to me twice –shame on me…and I’m sure Dan has lied more than twice to these people and they keep coming back for more. Unbelievable. Every time Dan is up against the wall and about to be evicted he waves his magic wand and whala they save him over and over again. Is he smart or are they just extremely stupid lacking the true purpose of the game. Win the money. Trust no one….especially anyone that you have seen lie even (one time) especially if they lied to you directly.

The renegades were a special group…never has a alliance been as loyal as those guys…they said they would stick together till the end…and they did. …and they had the entire house do their dirty work. If one of them won HOH…no one in their little group went on the block.

Dan is no renegade.

Either Dan is extremely brilliant or they are extremely stupid. I have not confirmed which one is true yet.
Jenn had the power of veto and used it to take Dan off after his funeral speech. They should have evicted him that same night. It is not Dan’s fault that these HG’s keep choosing to save him. They made the choice…not live and deal with it. Didn’t they watch the season when Dan was in the house? Obviously not.


If they believe Dan they are stupid. I like Dan but damn he is dirty.

Jen W

Yes he is, but I am excited to see a BB season that reminds me of the earlier days. Bout time!!


What can i say , i love this show, but what many of u don’t realise is that dan is playing as a COACH and not a player. So when he and danielle make it to the final 2, i believe dan will tell the jury to vote for danielle because he came in as a COACH and he completed his part by getting his player to the end………U heard it here first.

Jen W

I agree with you, I said it in one of last night’s posts too. Last time he played he always kept jury votes in mind & this time he just doesn’t care. He knows he won’t win & he said in DR early in the season that his goal is to take his player to the Win…that’s his win too.


When these people learn that you have to think about yourself. At this point it is stupid to throw anything.

Jen W

Here’s what I’m thinking about AC vote:

If Ian goes out in 3rd place, I’m voting him for the $25k

If Ian makes it to F2, I’m voting Shane for $25k (i think he needs it, although I think Dani will kick him down a little bit of change when she wins)

3rd choice is Jodi

Overall, I wish so bad that Dani was not in F3, she’s a nut bucket! All the people talking about Dan lying, at least he knows he’s lying…I think Dani is so crazy she doesn’t even realize how disgusting her lies are (cancer, abuse, etc)


Yeah Dan! Save your sorry ****,somehow Danielle will screw you over.


As much as I hate his tactics I think Dan has played a brilliant game and it is a game and he’s playing it to win.
Btw Dan if you read this you better stay off commerce Road because I’ll run you over.


At the beginning of the season everyone was wondering about Willie being a second Russell. It turns out that Dan has become Russell Jr. making deals with everyone and then backstabbing them. This strategy got Russell into the final as well, however it also guaranteed that he didn’t win. Funny how history can repeat itself.


russell never had close to the social game dan has, people didn’t make deals with him, he just constantly found immunity idols and avoided people if they didn’t talk game. furthermore russell thought he could actually win survivor every time he made the final. people didn’t make deals with russell, they carried him to the end with the knowledge that russell loses to anyone he’s sitting next to (even though he delusionally believed his game was winnable).

since entering the house dan thought he can’t win against anyone but boogie (hence why he went to great lengths to work with boogie at several opportunities) as dan figures no jury will vote for a previous winner. but boogie only wanted to work with frank and dan tried really hard to split boogie and frank up as frank is totally worthless to dan, but unfortunately for dan, frank won a critical pov, forcing boogie out and forcing dan to play for second from then on. at this point dan switched his game to one of who does he think deserves to win (while he gets second), and the way people have been booted and the way he’s made deals indicates that he wants dani to win. failing that his next choice would be jenn. then ian. then shane. then probably britney. then joe. then ashley. then frank. it is not a coincidence that the boot order is very close to this (with all the variations related to competition wins and how much power he actually had over votes).

russell never had any clue what anyone else was thinking. dan knows everyone’s thought process better than most of them do themselves.


Ultimatedantheman says:
September 14, 2012 at 7:56 am
What can i say , i love this show, but what many of u don’t realise is that dan is playing as a COACH and not a player. So when he and danielle make it to the final 2, i believe dan will tell the jury to vote for danielle because he came in as a COACH and he completed his part by getting his player to the end………U heard it here first.

please tell me u are joking please tell me we aint watching the same big brother …………

do u think dan left his wife to roll over and play dead just come here for fun … like britney said dan is in it to win it dan is in it like wet pussy … him swearing on the bible was a fluke just to go jury and say give it to danille ,, listening to boogie bitch and throw him up and down bbh just to say i came in second . …joe said it best danille slept half of the game and cried the other half but most of all boogie said it best and he was spot on ;;; danille is nice cast in jordan role she is like a video game u just grab the control to get her to do what u want.. there no way dan isnt selling that to the jury if he gets there with her…


You have beem misted my friend.
If you believe that speech he gave Danielle about getting her jury votes and getting her to the end,
Although it happens to be true it’s just Dan covering his tracks.
He wouldn’t have pushed the reset button if we wanted to stay a coach.


He was expecing to just win 100000 and he wants to prove that he is the best by getting his player to the end and winning it all. Its not about the money to some, it sometimes about the knowledge that u made it all happen the way others could’nt. He is a COACH and the best player bb has ever had and at the end he will make it up to danielle by letting her win it all.


So let me get this straight. Did Dan just get Ian and Dani both to throw the first HOH comp? An endurance comp that both would have probably beat him in. WTF. Give him the money now. From Dani’s conversation w/ Ian she maybe almost as good at lying as Dan is. Only Dan knows how this is going to playout.


its just a game but it tells a lot about a person. Dan is a disgusting person and his wife and family should be embarassed. the hate tweets and facebook messages must be off the charts for his wife and family. what a tool


Apparently you haven’t read Dan’s blog, which his wife is keeping updated.

VA Vet

Those are Dan’s words. He wrote out 200 messages for her to post before he came into BB.


And I’m sure the “tool” will really be thinking about the tweets from people he will never meet while he deposits BB money in the bank. Get over it, it’s a tv show. Don’t watch if you’re looking for a show that isn’t about manipulating people.