Big Brother 13 Spoilers: If Adam wants Evel D!ck to love him Adam would vote out Kalia

3:00pm Suntanning

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3:13pm Dani and Adam Dani is trying to get Adam’s vote. Dani tries to explain to him that JJR will make it to the end unless he is able to win a lot of comps. She adds that Jef and Jordan’s list is Adam, Shelly then Rachel that is the order people will go. Dani pushes the fact that going deeper in the game against a known 3 person alliance is tough. She stresses that Adam has no chance to win the money if he sticks with JJR and he’s also up against 3 people that have done this before and are for the most part very strong competitors.
Dani: “I’ll offer you anything”
Adam: “you’ve won 2 HOH’s and how many have you played?”
Dani dodges the questions, “I’ve lost all the vetos”.
dani says that going into this next HOH she has a very good chance to win it against Jordan and Rachel , “I will break my ass getting HOH this week”

Adam: “If jeff was HOH week THree would you of tried to backdoor Brendon”
Dani says no, she was really close to Brendon and Rachel in the beginning and was never close to JJ.
Dani says that Brendon and Rachel told her before Brendon left that ever single thing she warned them about happened and they regret not doing going ahead with their plan.
Adam, “i’m worried about road blocks and comps… You’re a tough player both mentally and physically”
Dani how am I more of a threat than JJ they are a solid 2 players they’re winning comps left and right.
Adam sees Rachel more of a target than a road block..
Dani: “Omg are you kidding me… ” Dani explains that Rachel will go final 3 with JJ they will vote to keep her because they know they can beat her in the final 2.
Adam says she’s making good points he’s not set in stone.. in his head he’s still running scenarios.
Dani: “This would be the biggest game move EVER.. . they will get rid of you unless you win some comps.
Dani: “I don’t have a number one with Kalia gone… I’m looking for people to work with”
Adam says his biggest reservations is Dani is such a physical and mentally strong opponent. Dani thinks that Jeff is stronger.

Dani: “Adam you know this game,, Think about it be smart you need to think for yourself if you make a move that will benefit them you know that in the end game people will look at that and regret it”.
Adam doesn’t think he’ll regret going the distance with JJ.
Dani: “I swear to you I’m not blowing smoke if you keep me in this game. I will be looking out for you”

Adam says that keeping Dani will put a huge target on him. Dani tries to remind him that She and rachel are still the biggest targets.

Dani: “I’m giving you my word that’s huge Adam for real … I have your back.. Think about it you know this game. ”

Dani jokes that her dad will hate him if he votes her out
Adam laughs says “he already hates me”
Adam adds that his mind isn’t set but his biggest thing is Dani is a strong opponent.

Dani: “… even Shelly knows that it’s JJR you know it to Adam. Shelly is just as close to JJ as you are”
Shelly walks over to join them talk turns to Chit chat 4000

4:00pm Kirchen Porsche and Adam Porsche says to Adam that DPSA is the way to go they will have the advantage during the HOH and after this week it will be 4 vs 2. She mentions that Dani and Porsche are the best at the physical comps and Adam and Shelly will dominate the mental. Adam is thinking about it he’s talk to Dani but hasn’t talked to Kalia.

4:08pm Shelly and Dani Shelly says she talked to Adam all morning and he’s scared chicken shit.. “Keep working him though it’s not impossible but it’ll be tough”
Dani says she was talking to him, being honest and explaining their plan. Shelly says she talked to Adam saying him this week is his last move to make a move otherwise he playing JJ’s game.. “dead up honest he will not beat JJ in final 3.. I told him they will keep me over him”
Shelly: “Adam in the pecking order wyou will go out before me”
Shelly: “I’m not even telling him things that are not true.. I’m telling him FACT”
Shelly explains that his main concern is he will go home if Rachel and Jordan win HOH. Dani he needs to understand that Dani will go home if Jordan/Rachel will win HOH,.

Shelly: “He’s tight with them.. there’s something going on between them”
Shelly: “something is up with him he has never been this hard to flip… I have a personnel relationship with Jordan but it has nothing to do with he game.

Shelly i told him if he sits around hoping that Kalia and Porsche win HOH and put up JJ that’s a wimpy way to play.. Porsche joins them says she’s been talkign to Adam. Dani briefly brings up her conversation with him. Shelly: “That shit with Dick that is awesome it works on him” (Dani using Adam’s love of evel dick to influence adam)

(Porsche/Shelly and Dani will be working adam hard for his vote )

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290 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: If Adam wants Evel D!ck to love him Adam would vote out Kalia

  1. Wow…Adam is now even more useless than a moldy undercooked piece of bacon in the fridge of a vegan during a fasting party…..

    Ok Team Dani….if they cant get Adam to flip then its time to work from the inside in…

    Kalia…..they need to talk to her about music ….”hows that song go”? “who sings so and so” and she will sing….since she is on the block and already been told a million times to “STOP THAT” for singing keep it up and Kalia could get a penalty vote…..

    Then toss Adam aside…..

    Were running out of time and options, but I still have some faith in Shelly because once this happens she cant blame Rachael for lying…shell have too many that can confirm it now….


    1. So sick of whiny entitled cry baby Dani….boo frickin hoo you haven’t been on the block or on slop at all this season now you have production trying to save your ass….go home already!


      1. Adam will not save her. Why save a vet to get rid of a vet? There are lots of HG gunning for each other that won’t involve Adam in the DE

        1. Adam haters WAKE UP. He’s not Jeff’s pet, Jeff is HIS big dumb sheild. You’re overestimating Jeff, and underestimating the student of the game, Adam. Adam can beat Jeff in mental comps, but Dani is a different story. Adam is playing the smartest game. Shelly-fish is playing the riskiest game and making the dumb move. I’ll admit, I’d like to see Adam expose Shelly and get another nice shield in front of him, then he’d have JJRK and likely Porche on his side with a mental comp coming up where Jeff can be beaten by Adam. It be more entertaining for TV too.

          Team Bacon FTW!!

          1. Lets hope your right, because at this point I’m convinced that Adam is a huge bitch. And I’m not saying this because I want him to flip and vote to keep Dani. I really think he is a bitch. I thought he would be good player and entertaining the very first episode, but he’s been a complete non factor, other than a vote.

          2. I am kinda of lost of why he has not said anything to jj about shelly campaigning that hard for dani. Seems like it would prove himself to them and make shelly a target. We will find out how smart Adam is, because if he keeps dani… One of the stupidest moves in BB history. All their arguments are valid with dani gone, they still will have the advantage at the next hoh and can put up jj and if jeff does not win pov he at leasts loses jordon. There are plenty of ways to splitt jj up. Adam does not need dani.

      2. Daniele is the biggest sore LOSER in the game. When she’s in control it’s all good but when her back is against the wall she’s a big ass baby!! I so hope she’s out the door on Thursday!! I also hope Adam exposes Shelly for the piece of crap she is!! She has coasted behind JJ this whole season!! Talk about floater!!!! I can’t stand her. Hope Rachel gets her out nex!!

        1. I don’t think Adam will flip because he is too much of a wimp, but if he does then all the JJ fans that love him now are going to hate him.

          1. who the f

            who the f@#$ cares if JJ fans hate him. first season I have ever watched and jordan is the biggest floater ever this season, even worse than P. How she ever won last season…. WOW

        2. I totally agree. I am even starting to like Rachel better than Shelly. At least With Rachel what you see is what you get. Shelly needs to be exposed. Do it Adam!

        3. WOW…have you seriously been watching the show?? Have you missed Rachel and Jordan boo hooing everytime their team doesnt win?? Have you missed Rachel crying and pouting and opening peoples beers, and being very mean and hateful the whole time?? When Jeff won HOH and she followed Dani around saying mean things to her, Dani did not even yell back..I think I would have hurt her feelings so bad she would have self evicted!!

        4. well put, couldn’t agree more. Of course all the JJ fans must be so proud of the mental and physical effort of Jordan this season. lol. Not her fault, I am sure she is doing her best mentally.

      3. Lately Shelly is primarily fueled by two things – insecurity over her sheer incompetence at competitions and her obsessive hatred for Rachel. As a result, she is playing a loose, unbalanced and very dangerous game. She needs another big move like the Lawon nomination that kept Rachel in the house. She needs it like a fix. She thinks she has found it in trying to save Daniele. She is going way out on a limb to try to keep her in the house, trying ineffectively to sway Adam to vote to keep her.

        Through out the season Daniele and Shelly have been playing a secret game like two middle school girls. Shelly has been playing along to try and get in good with Daniele. The game is a series of Q and A’s about someone in Production Daniele knows and has a juvenile crush on. Kinda like the one with Dominic. Kinda like the one with Nick. There have been several strings of questions ( Briefs or Boxers?. Shoes or Flip Flips? Scuffy or Clean Shaven? Etc.) the two would continue about the mystery person.

        Yesterday in a conversation outside between Daniele, Shelly and Adam. Shelly asks is your buddy here today? Daniele says I don’t know. Probably not. Probably not until later. Daniele says I went in that room and told Kalia. Well if I go home, Jeff and Natalie are both going to quit, and production don’t want that, so, Jeff and Natalie are Daniele’s friends in production who will supposedly quit their jobs in outrage if Daniele gets evicted. Flashback is at 11:45 am BBT Feed 3 In another previous conversation she mentions them at 11:32am BBT.

        On IMDB, Jeff Snell and Jeff Koegler are both listed as camera operators. Natalya Shneyder is also listed as a segment producer. Awhile back, Rachel made the comment about “Jeff and Daniele talking before she gets into the house, making plans to help her so she will win.” At the time, everyone assumed she meant Jeff Schroeder, but now maybe not. Could these be the late night bumps and knocks she and Kalia and Porsche always hear behind the walls? There seems to be a sort of non-verbal communication that happens between the walls.

        Later, in a heart to heart with Jordan, Shelly revealed not only is she concerned about her place in their F3 alliance, but also that she went to the DR with questions about Daniele and her “friends” who see every diary room session and hear every convo and see every action in the house. Shelly was reassured it would be taken care of. After Daniele was called to the DR, she went directly to bed and covered her head for hours.

        Regardless of the nature of any relationship, this smacks of impropriety. Not only does it call into question a Production Staff which should be objective and impartial, whether it is real or imaginary and one-sided it could cost someone their job. This is typical Daniele – taking any advantage, trying to get an unfair edge, entitled to more than anyone else, pushing any boundary to work things in her favor and expecting far more than what is normal.

        What’s up Allison?

        1. my thoughts too but didnt know names. well done. welll said whats up BB you helping dani really ?? thats disallusioning

      4. Me to wasn’t she just saying that about Rachel and Jordan last week. And why is Jeff running his mouth with motor mouth Shelly about all the production work he has lined up. Oh I forgot he doesn’t know Shelly talks too much.

        1. What kind of production stuff is Jeff talking about? I know that production has been involved in revealing some stuff to the houseguests, but what kind of work is he talking about?

    2. Adam is smart enough to see through this crap. I’m sure Shelly isn’t voting to keep Dani anyways and just trying to get Adam to flip for nothing (and gain favor with JJ and maybe move past Rachel). ADAM is 4th on both teams so why create NEW foes. Him vs. JJR or Him vs. DPS. I’ll take my chances vs. JJR in challenges.

      1. I really hope Adam tells Kalia what Dani is doing, and I REALLY hope during Dani’s speech Thurs before she leaves, she outs Shelly. I think Shelly is trying to cover her own but incase Dani stays. She is the ultimate floater, but she could win the game she keeps this up. She is really getting into peoples head believing she’s on their side when the only side she’s on is her own. She knows she cant win comps, so she leaves the targets in the house and let them battle ech other and evict each other while she skates to the end. SMART WOMAN. I just hopes she gets caught.

      2. Are you live-feeders sure that Shelly isn’t working some plan to win favor with JJ? I know she got caught asking Rachel about the final three but it seemed more like an arbitrary question “like would you consider taking me to final 3?” but not like, lets seal this – we are final 3. More of a feeling them out kinda question. She seems very honest in her admiration for JJ and after jordan gave up her phone call, I just can’t see her wanting to flip on them. She has got to see that Rachel will be long gone before her in the JJRSA aliance because they can’t stand Rachel. She poses more of a threat to them too. So even if she is a competitor, once they have the #’s advantage sealed with Dani gone, I think they bounce her out cause she’s the next target. But I don’t have live feeds so has there been any inside game talks with JJS?

    3. Adam will vote Dani out.

      Dani is a tougher player to get out than Jeff. This is a perfect time to get her out. Adam knows he is at the bottom of both poles. If he keeps Danni this week, there will be TWO strong players still in the game and he won’t beat either one. If Dani leaves, it only leaves ONE strong player left (JEFF) which KPSA can get rid of this week or next week. That’s why Adam has not told JJR about what Shelly is trying to do.

      Funny how the strong players go out and the floater stay till the end.

      1. It’s b/c the strong players always have alpha complexes and split up the house while the weaker players sit back and watch them battle it out. The Vets, even after having lost their numbers, RULED the house. They had the best competitors and numbers. If they would have stuck together, they could have walked into the final 6 or 7 atleast, before having to turn on each other. But instead, Dani, Brendon, and Jeff got into a pissing contest and fought to get each other out since then. Lawon was just a casualty of Kalia’s stupidity, but also the fear the newbs had of the Vets. Now the newbs are seeing the Vets numbers dwindle, their smelling blood and realize they have numbers now b/c the Vets took themselves out. Happens a lot in BB. The Brigade was a welcome exception though.

      2. Is Shelly that stupid to think she will get closer to the end with Dani. Either way she’s still guaranteed final 5 or 4 if Kalia goes this week. If Dani wins this week during double eviction she will try to take out Jeff, and that’s if he doesn’t win POV. Because Dani can’t play the second HOH Thurs if she wins the first one. Rachel or Porsche since she keeps coming in second place will win the second HOH If Rachel wins Shelly and Dani are in trouble. If Porshe wins she will put up Shelly and Rachel or Adam because Dani will tell her Rachel is useless and even if she does Rachel will probably win POV. The only other person left is Jordan which everyone seems to keep forgetting about. If they keep going at each other Jordan is going to float right to the end because everyone else wants someone else out, but never mentions Jordan.

        1. The vets have only lost one player this season and he came back and got booted again, had they just stuck together they wouldn’t be in this pickle now would they? They could have gotten all the newbies out and then went to war.

    4. If Adam does flip and go over to Team Bitch Dani, the same thing will happen to him as Bitch Dani says JJ will do. They’ll vote him out ASAP! Come on Adam, stay with JJR.

    5. Don’t flip Adam – Jeff will never let you lick his balls ever again if you flip and we all know how much you like licking his balls

    6. It amazes me how Porsche only came in second seems to think Dani’s team is better for Adam. I can see Dani saying that, but what has porshce done? And Dani with all the whining. How can she talk about Jordan and Rachel last week, when she’s throwing her own ally the one person that was there for her when she left br/jj and now she’s ebing sarcastic with kalia. What a person. You’re talking about spoiled and entitled, Dani fits the bill. In a way you can’t blame her though she goes up against kalia on the block someone she thinks of as lame and can’t get more votes than kalia, wow carma is you know what they say.

    7. How is Adam useless? Because he does not want to side with your favorite player? If I am Adam…do I want to flip on Jeff, Jordan and Rachel, while pissing them off and making me an INSTANT target of theirs?

      Or, do I go ahead and vote out a strong player in Dani, knowing that if Kalia or Porsche win HOH they are probably going to put up some combo of Jeff, Jordan or Rachel?

      Personally, I go with Jeff and Jordan because Adam can hold his own.

      With the girls, he is toast at 5. With JeJo, he has a shot to team up with Shelly and go to 3 or 2.

      If Adam flips now, he is a goner.

  2. adam would do himself a favor and take up Dani’s offer. He will never ever win against RJJ in a final 4. They are already plotting his end!

    1. Just like Dani shouldve done herself a favor and did the deal to kepp Brendon. She played her cards, Im not sure why everyone is sooooo surprised this is all happening. Now Dani fans are ragging Adam cause he wont flip and keep Dani?? Hypocricy knows no bounds in here…

        1. And calls himself an “expert” no you’re a fan and you suck. You’ve sat and done nothing. Whatever, I’m glad Dani’s leaving if these people aren’t going to play big brother I don’t need to waste my time watching. I’ll probably be way more productive so eh well. Hopefully they’ll cast actual players next year. Also Shelly um you’re too late. Shouldve kept lawon instead of camping up J/J’s behind.

    2. but…( I have no problem with Dani staying)…Adam keeps Dani, he has no chance to win. So that argument wouldn’t sway him.

    3. And you’re really believing Evel Daniele will keep Adam…NOT!!!…sure hope he’s not stupid and flips!!!

      1. Somebody get the REALLY BIG spatula cause Adam seems pretty dug in on his decision to stick with JJR to the bitter end. As much as I so want to see Dani saved this week, and want to see Jeff freak out even more, I just don’t see Adam being the one to do it for her. BB Prodctions, get the bloody fortune teller or pandora’s box doing something that’ll save Dani, otherwise things in the house are really going to get boring!

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAY Adam flips, book it Dani’s gone, Adam is terrified of a 100 pound girl terrified!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. omg i feel so bad for Shellys daughter, you can imagine that when she goes back to school there will be kids who will make fun of her and say that her mother is the biggest liar in the world. LMAOO its just funny to think that Shelly is always calling Rachel a pathological liar and how she could never play such a nasty game like Rachel when she is 100 times worst than Rachel

      1. That is very possible! Shelly is turning into a crazy good BB player no natter what the majority thinks of her personally

      2. Agreed. I’m team Dani all the way, but if strait shooter makes it to final 2, she’s got a strong case for the 500k.

      3. she’s “played” just as hard as Dani has. The rest of the vets walk around like they are entitled to victory. Rachel needs therapy, and Jordan’s head will burst if a “floater” wins. At least most of the floaters are playing the game, not floating around on their alliance’s coat tails until she might actually have to do something if jeff ever gets evicted.

        I hope her or Dani win, cuz at least they are trying to play.

        Shelly would win Survivor hands down, as long as she wasn’t up against Boston Rob n a bunch of vets.. OOps sorry, BB loves their vets for ratings

    1. I think Josie’s school has started and it is a game. I’m sure her dad and mom talked to Josie about the lying that Shelly is going to have to do for moneys.

      1. if that was the case then her daughter would not of said that she wished her mommy would stop lying on national television. If her daughter becomes a liar shelly should look in the mirror and blame her self I am a mother of five and I wont let my children watch big brother this year I dont want them to pick up on her lying ways!!!!!!

    2. I think you are way over reacting. Not many kids care about what Shelly does on a reality game. Shelly who? big brother what?

      I know we are all hooked on this website but its a different world out there.

  5. I hope to God Adam is not that stupid. He will be seen as an idiot and Dani will look like a genius as her Dad did in Season 8 when he got Dustin out of the house

    1. He isn’t flipping. I have the feeds and this is just one convo that he says yes or I’ll think about it but when he is alone he makes it clear he is team JJ.

    1. JJ fans be very nervous, CBSFortuneTeller, is going to right a wrong done when Brendan was brought back and ruined Dani’s game. And yes, CBS had a hand in Brendan winning an election…

      1. The only nervous people are people who like dani or kalia. Nothing is going to happen during a double eviction other than 2 people going home

      2. BBXposed – I’m like’n the way you think! Fortune teller, pandora’s box, voodoo, hell, I don’t care what it is, just as long as it rights the Bredon returning wrong that was perpetrated against my gal, Dani!!

      3. I am not a JJ fan. I am a BB fan and if this happens it will be so obvious this show us scripted for a particular outcome. CBS will lose a lit if viewers if they do this!

  6. “Dani says that Brendon and Rachel told her before Brendon left that ever single thing she warned them about happened and they regret not doing going ahead with their plan.”

    That’s true, I was laughing when they said they regretted not taking them out, so it was Dani bad decision it was brenchel’s but let’s ignore that little fact.

    1. of course because nothing is ever dani s fault she never takes the blame whaa it’s always someone elses fault and their terrible people if they are not for her. Everybody feel sorry for me poor me.

  7. These women are idiots!! So they think by all of them talking to Adam he wont think he is on the bottom of “their” pecking order??…Whats funny is Jeff cant play in the HOH next or this week so unless Jordan or Rachel win then he will be going up. That is a better scenario than having Dani in the house and killing the other alliance. He is screwed if he keeps Dani. His only shot would be to get Dani out and try and win HOH to get Jeff out..They are pushing him way too hard which is the wrong way to convince someone. You push and then they will think its BS and they are just doing it for their own gain.

    1. For their own gain? Of course they are, that’s the whole point of the show! But just because something is a gain for someone else, doesn’t mean it can’t be a gain for him too.

    2. Hoseman (or anyone who feels like answering this):

      Question. (Remember please, I’m a newbie). I get why Jeff can’t play in the HOH this week, but why not next week?

      Just wondering.

  8. Seriously?? My daddy will be mad…
    Dani put Adam up on the block with Shelly! Shelly you’re trying to save someone that just put u up… Think hard….

    1. Hope Selly enjoys watching the season over and realizes Daniele was all for getting Brendon out last week but as I recall her comment was, “If Brendon goes that would be great but if Shelly goes that would be good too. It’s a win win situation for me.”

  9. Yes YEs YEs, GOOOO TEAM Dani!!!! I actually starting to like Shelly and Porshia , they are actually playing… Please let Dani stay, because I want to see that douchebag Jeff explode!

    1. No! You like them because you are Team Dani and you want your girl to stay. If they won HOH in a double evict and got Dani out then you would be back to cursing them and their children :)

      1. Yea and JJ fands like Adam because he is Adam’s bitch boy who does everyhting he says. If he flips you guys wil be going back to cursing him.

      1. Will hot young cootch win over a snarky salesman from the midwest…tune in thursday night and see which form of liar adam chooses. seriously what kind of metal head likes chick tv shows…what a major puss adam is

  10. Adam is blowing smoke. He’s not giving up Jeff for anything,even a chance at $500K. Dani is a goner,no matter how they keep trying to flip him. I’m just hoping on Double Eviction at least one of the two imbeciles J/J get booted too,wishful thinking I know.

    1. I hate to agree with you on this one bro but, i think you’re right. I seriously doubt Adam will flip …. no balls, and he fears Jeff too much. Dani needs a miracle at this point to remain in the game.

      1. Adam hasn’t really had to do much this game other than deliver his vote and he’ll take the wimp route and stick with J/J.

      2. Okay, I’m not a fan of Bacon (yet), but I’m going to play devil’s advocate here. Why is everyone hating on Adam for sticking close to Jeff and saying he’s scared. Adam has repeated literally HUNDREDS of times that his game plan is to keep bigger targets/stronger players in front of him as a shield until he comes across a mental comp and wins and can take out his last big obstacle (likely Jeff). If you are going to have a shield that you want to beat later, Jeff is just about the best big dumb shield you can have. Everyone hates him right now. Adam said repeatedly that he’s scared of Dani in physical AND MENTAL comps, and he should be. His logic is why keep TWO strong players in the house at this point when a mental comp about dates is coming up that he’s a shoe-in to win. The guy is a student of the game. Some might not like the way he is playing it, but he’s playing to his own strengths and weaknesses, which is smart. Now, not only will he not rock the boat and stay behind his shield(s) Jeff and Rachel, but he now has Shelly-fish in a position where if he gets into a spot, he can throw her under the bus and she’ll move up to the top of most everyones hit list, including Kalia once she finds out Shelly-fish tried to get her out after making a deal with her. Adam is not the strongest player, but the guy lost a TON of weight to get right for this opportunity, and someone with that kind of determination would not squander this opportunity without having a plan. People are applauding Shelly-fish for what she’s doing, but it is truly the dumbest game move you could make at this point because who can possibly trust her now? Even if Dani stayed, Dani won’t trust her. She never has, and has merely been using her because Dani is a phenomenal BB player. She’s good, strong, and entertaining, and I’m sorry to see her go too, but she dug her own grave. Bold moves MUST be made at the right times, like the fast forward. She knew that, but got drunk with the power she knew she had over these people. Anyway, I think people need to remember that Adam was JUST like you, reading these boards and posts, and applied EIGHT times. The guy knows what he is doing, and is playing the best game he can with his skill set. Any other move here puts a target on his back. He won’t flip. The question now, and the reason everyone is saying he’s acting weird, is what does he do about Shelly-fish???

        1. Shelly said it best, Adam has the knowledge but he’s too slow. The mental games have a huge amount of stress, Adam is a choker. I’m starting to feel bad for him, I’m sure he had a more heroic image of himself going in the house.

        2. yes thats right on . shelly fish as you call her will be thrown under bus when hes ready to use it against her to get rachel hating and revvved up she will then get targeted along with shelly and go after kalia leaving porshe adam and jj hmm two couples one strong physical i think poshe proved she can be physical and adams mental game stock should enable them to knock out jeff leaving jordo and adm and porshe then we will see who fights harder ?? could work adam not so dumb.!!

    1. He won’t do it because he’s afraid of incurring the wrath of Jeff. There’s only a handful of people who are afraid of Jeff. It’s a shame they all got cast in BB13.

    1. I want a newbie to win now. So I can see all the Vets whine like little bitches at the finale (including Dani).

  11. I feel Dani and Shelly are being straight up with Adam for the most part. Their scenarios are bang on, JJR are the final three unless someone makes a move. It can work for everyone involved

    It’s a good move for Dani otherwise she’s going home this week. She also knows that once JJR are neutralized she’s target #1, but she’s in a ‘beggar’s can’t be choosers’ position

    It’s a good move for Shelly and Adam because, just as Shelly laid out, neither is being taken to final 3 with their current alliance. They switch sides, take out JJR, take out Dani, then it’s anyone’s game

    Mostly I want to see this happen because I love seeing what looks like forgone conclusions turned on their ear.

    1. And who is Dani taking to the final 2 or 3?? She cant be trusted. Bottom line is if JJR go to the final 3 it will be because they won some comps along the way from here on out…Dont be stupid guys. All these floaters need to start winning otherwise it will be JJR til the end or D and someone that they wont beat either…

      Team Dani is just pissed that Adam is smarter ( all be it a floater still) than the other floaters. He knows that they only way to get Jeff out is too win. If you keep Dani then you might have to win twice..Folks there is absolutely NO guarantee that Dani wins the next HOH..Adam sees that…

      1. You’re a JJ fan I take it? Let’s do some math. JJR have 2 players that are good at comps and a solid voting block of 3 people. Daniele is 1 solid comp player and 1 vote. Of the newbs align with Daniele and get to a final 4 they have 100% better chance of getting into the final 2, with or without here.

        Let’s review – stick with JJR = 0% chance for final 3 let alone final 2. Yes, I agree, Adam is a wise man indeed to stick with those odds.

        I understand that you agree with Adam’s bagless existance because it furthers your favourites in the game. Don’t try and play that it’s for Adam’s benefit. It’s not.

        And before you get any ideas. I’m still for a newb winning this, especially since the vets (Dani included) have been so cocky all through this game. My first choice is for a newb to flip the whole thing and win the money. Second choice would be Dani simply because she at least tried, which is more I can say for most.

        1. Im a drama fan I think more but Im realistic in thinking what is probably best for each player. Dani staying would be best for my watching BB13 but its still not best for Adam.

        2. And Skulk for the record I would be VERY happy if Dani went out, then Jeff, then Rachel, then Jordan. I would love to see these all in the Jury House looking at each other wondering what went wrong…

    2. I agree. I also think as much as Dani wants to win the 500K, she’s equally driven, maybe more so, by her desire to see that JJT don’t win it. Dani needs to sell this big move on Adam’s part by telling him that, that she wants anyone to win over JJR and that together they can get them out first and let that be their common goal going forward.

  12. Adam will never win against Dani, Porshe and Shelly he will be number 4 he needs to take out Dani and tell JJ what Shelly was trying to do that is his best bet…..

    1. Yes!! Unfortunately, given Adam’s obsession with BB, the fact that he’s even on the show is fun enough for him. Despite the occasional grumblings from him, he just wants to soak it all in, for as long as he can. That raft he’s floating on is showing no signs of deflating any time soon ……………………. Unfortunately!

  13. First of all, Dani you started of backdooring Jeff and now you asking Adam for Vote to stay. How Stupid are you? Your biggest threat mentally and physically. Better yet, your pointing fingers on Jeff and Jordan. What they do wrong? It sucks that you can’t get what you want and turn on them. Secondly, you ask them of not put you up when you are HOHs. However, you broke every single deal that Rachel or Brendon gave you. How sucks doesn’t it? Cry me a river. You deserve to be evicted. Your Daddy (EVAL Dick) can’t save you this one. He probably say your on your own. You have no alliance but your BFF Kaila and Porsche. They are nothing but crying and whining for what. Manipulating Jeff Jordan or Rachel. Also, you want to ask Shelly or Adam for Votes. Your just a pathetic loser and better yet. That life and your responsible of your actions. Especially, putting blood in your hands. Well, you already got deserve. Jeff’s blood in your hands. Well, good luck in the Jury House and don’t worry you probably be scare that Brendon will be surprise of having you and Kaila will be special treat. OH! CBS production guys. They can’t save you as well. They are busy doing production.

    1. whats all this about production ? is there any truth to personal relationship with dani really like not in her mind wow not fair as dani says BB better make some adjustments if there staff is cheating. cmon cbs check up on your peons.

  14. I don’t give a crap about Dani, she can leave. See ya!

    BUT……SOMEONE MAKE A MOVE!!!! Adam grow some balls you poser.

    1. That’s where I’m at. Doing nothing is a strategy of sorts I suppose. But it’s certainly not one that I have any respect for.

  15. man i wish i was still in the house but my girl danielle is doin damage hopefully she can sway adam and cause a huge uproar in this house. porche my girl u gainin weight u gotta drop that baby or we wont have any fun outside this house.

        1. I will not say anything but I got a gut feeling that he isn’t going to flip. If he do flip I think Shelly should win BB just because she pulled it off.

    1. Keith you acted like a complete wacko for the day and a half you were in the house. You really shouldn’t be talking about someones extra 10 pounds

      1. Anyone who thinks this is really Keith from the show needs to step away from their computers and come back to reality. I know the lameness reeks of Keith, but it’s just an illusion. The real Keith is way more lame.

    2. You posted earlier in other threads using the name “Kieth” until people pointed out it wasn’t spelled right. Not that Keith didn’t come across like a moron on the show, but he’d have to be really stupid not to know how to spell is name.

  16. <—no hypocrite…..never been a fan of Adam….he just slid to the point of a useless body in the house. Shelly may not have won anything and probably never will….but she did have one HOH…

    Kalias :) and no matter how much I hated her for planting all those seeds it was genius and I have to give it to her..

    Adam…he can say he danced in an elf suit….and uhhh…shaved….Great player! Great Superfan….he should know better than the game he is playing!

  17. Dani Shelly and Porche better watch out.. if they keep pressuring Adam he’s going to get very annoyed and either snap at them or tell jeff all about it. they need to be careful not to take it too far.

  18. As much as I’d like A to make this big game move and switch from JJR to DPS, I still don’t see him doing it. He’s too afraid of the wrath of Jeff. He doesn’t have the balls to make any big game move at this point. He’s said from day 1 that he wants a newbie to win but, he lacks the confidence to make a move himself to make that happen. He’d rather the vets pick off each other and those newbies he sees as being bigger targets than himself. He’s paralyzed by fear right now, now that they’re heading into the final 3 week stretch of the game. Dani, unfortunately is wasting her breath with Adum! Someone (D, K or P) needs to stir things up between R or JJR to get Adum thinking about what he ultimately wants, which is to have a newbie win and, that JJR are not going to take him to the end.

    1. The window of opportunity for Adam to make any moves to save his own game is closing. Even,if by some strange miracle he wins the HOH, he’ll still be doing Jeff’s biding. In a nutshell, a useless HG.

      1. Somebody should really give Jeff a leash to put on his pet. He already knows what to feed him, lies and, oh yes, bacon. Sit boy sit!

  19. It is the truth, no one left in the house can win against Jeff in the final 2.

    I don’t believe Adam is there to win the game. He wants to make money after the show.

  20. I am so tired of all the Jeff and Jordan fans. They already played, been there done that a NEWBIE SHOULD WIN THIS SEASON!

    1. 1) Which newbie do you want to win? 2) Which newbie do you think, at this point, deserves to win?
      3) Which newbie do you think could win?

      1. Porsche or Shelly. Not Adam, he is biggest poser BB fan player ever. Porsche has been really good at comps, second in almost all of them. Shelly is just playing with people minds. Hilarious.

        1. I think it’s a case of slim pick’ns as far as the newbies goes, but I’d have to go with Porcha over Shelly, if push comes to shove.

  21. Wow Adam, Are you scare of a 25 year old female? Yep, you have to stand up yourself and better not flipped.

  22. Kalia stop eating & go confront Dani – yell at Dani & tell her that staying in this game won’t make her daddy love her. Kalia needs to have it out w/ her friend Dani. This stuff w/ Dani & Shelly has gone on too long – someone needs to bring it out in the open.

  23. Adam is a complete moron. He has an opportunity to change this game up and actually do something and he’s gonna stick with 3 people that will throw him under the bus in a second. He has NO chance in the JJR alliance. JJ will take R in a second to the finals. At least he has a chance to win something working on the other side. What an idiot! I want to see JJR face soooooo bad on Thurday if PDS can pull this off.

    1. I’m with ya here! Unfortunately, Adumb has partial paralysis: his mouth still works well enough to enable him to continue to smoke but, the there’s partial paralysis of the brain due to fear of the the wrath of Jeff. Grow some balls of your own Adumb and, stop relying upon Jeff’s to get you to the end …… it ain’t happen’n!!

  24. I am not a Dani fan but at least she is trying to help them think strategy. The problem is Shelly does it out loud and with everyone and it truly gets on my nerves. How can she possibly win if she tells everyone her thinking. Kalia is like that too and therefore her week sucked as HOH she did nothing but get Lawon out who they needed for Newbie votes.

    1. Shelly is great at telling lies.

      She could vote to keep Dani, Dani would still be evicted. Then blame the vote on Adam and JJ would believe her. She is awesome!

    2. Good point! Shelly & Kahlia really are two peas in a pod; they both run off at the mouth far too often and to too many people, which was one of the many downfalls of K’s HoH and, will sure to be S’s downfall as well, which I look forward to, I have to say!

  25. SIMON! You have some ‘splaining to do.

    July 3, 2011 at 7:45 pm
    I can understand them bringing back Dick but not his daughter, she was a complete bore.”

    1. Simon, along with ours, including me, has said that he wasn’t a fan of Dani in BB8 but in BB13 no one wants to make any power moves except her. Now Shelly is making a power move, hence why it is more enjoyable at the moment to watch, read, and comment onthe live feeds.

    2. I didn’t like Dani in season 8 and I didn’t like her for the first couple weeks in season 13.. She made the game exciting so I became a friend.

      1. I agree.She was intolerable in her season with all the whining/crying about all the other HGs. I didn’t expect to like her this season but, she has game and is not afraid to play. So I’m on Team Dani.

  26. Send Dani 2 da jury house! Brendan will b laughing @ her. You should of gotten rid of useless floaters. That way only winners go 2 da end.

    1. Seriously, learn to write. Your broken sentences are painful, and they make you come across as an 8 year old or just really uneducated. BTW Brendan got evicted not once, but twice by Dani. She kicked his ass to the curb twice. What a competitor that Brendan is….NOT!!!!

  27. Sorry folks, Adam is no dummy. Neither is Shelly. Adam knows that S is trying to put the targets on his and P back.

    If he was to vote with P then it would be 2 votes for Dani and JRS would vote to evict Dani. JJR would consider AP as traitors/liars.

    Also at the same time S would then align herself with the newbies (AKP), if they were to win the HOH. However, S is also hedging her bet if Jordan or Rachel were to win the HOH.

    Shelly realizes if the newbies win HOH then their target would be either Jeff or Rachel.

    You may not like it or them, but damn they sure are giving the vets a run for their money.

    1. because Jeff and Jordan said they want to bring Rachel to final 3 because nobody would vote for Rachel in the final 2 so that’s their best chance at winning in the end.

  28. the only reason jj are thinking about getting Adam out in the upcoming weeks is because Shelly is saying we have to get Adam out before questions…..when she is figured out this week bye jj, when Rachel wins the HOH, bye bye Shelly sit in the have not room and cry….without blinking an eye she flipped over to Dani who was gonna send her home if her noms stayed the same…worst player ever ,deal with every1 ,and its gonna blow up soon i think she might self evict if Adam rats her out too JJ after Dani leaves and Kalia and Porsche treat her like she has the plague!!

  29. Here is the problem with Dani’s logic. If Adam stays with JJ – yes he will always be the 3rd wheel. If he flips with Dani…he will still be 3rd wheel as Dani will be teamed with Porsche.

    Dani is a snake.

    1. Actually he’s the 5th wheel currently. 3rd wheel would be a significant upgrade, he only needs to take out one wheel to be final 2..

  30. What I find hilarious is that all week Jeff has said to his alliance that if they hear someone talking shit about him, to go to him and he’ll talk to that person to their face. But when Dani told Shelly that Jeff said he promised he wouldn’t backdoor Dani (which he did…) he doesn’t seem to want to confront Dani. He’s just sort of complaining about it to everyone else and talking shit about her behind her back. Interesting.

    As for Adam flipping, I honestly don’t see it happening but if it does it will make GREAT TV and ratings will be evidence of that. I want nothing more than to see Jeff and Jordan’s face when Julie says “By a vote of 3-2… Daniele, you are… safe. Kalia, you’ve been evicted from the big brother house.” Even if it doesn’t happen, it’s nice to have a bit of hope. I know I’ll be Team Shelly even if Dani leaves because atleast she’s trying to mix things up.

    1. It would definitely be great TV to see an actual player (Dani) stay in it. Adam and Jordan are two of the most useless players ever. They add no value whatsoever to this game. The show is already getting more boring by the minute so you would think they’d try to keep Dani in it to bring some level of excitement. I for one don’t want to see ‘Big Jeff and his talking doll hanging out in the BB House until CBS awards them $500K/50K checks.

  31. “Not that hard to flip before” – where did Shelly get that? I don’t think Adam has really been flipped all game except wk 1 backing out of vets alliance. Since then he’s put out exactly who he was expected to.

  32. Come on Adam and flip. Get your head outta Jeffs ass and play the damn game already. Wtf is wrong with him?? Am I the only one who wants to punch him in his face?

  33. Adam is smart to stay with JJ. I love Jeff and Jordan, but let’s face it, when it comes to question comps they suck at them and Adam knows it. But Dani is very good at everything so it only makes since to get her out to further his game. If he keeps Dani, he’s a moron!

  34. do I want Dan to stay? I really don’t care. what I really want is this season to have some excitement. I am really hoping for Adam to flip just to see Jeff’s face. it will go down as one of the best highlights of this season. Adam please get your head out Jeff’s ass for once and play the game.

  35. Shelly is going to win this season. All she has to do is get Jeff evicted, whether she does it herself or convinces P/K to do it.

  36. I unlike most of you enjoy both Dani and JJ and would like to see any of them win the game. You can’t hate on the floaters for not keeping Dani this week. It is the smart move this week on their part, they need to follow this eviction by getting out Jeff and Rachael the next two weeks and then they all have a chance to win. Dani keeps telling Adam to make the big move and people will respect it, but we all know that Dani would get the credit for convincing Adam to change his vote. The only member of the house that I can’t stomach is Kalia. I can’t watch her eat and then pick her teeth again.

  37. Flipping now is not the time for Adam. He wants a newbie to win, and now he has a chance to take out a vet in Dani. He will flip, but there are still 8 HGs left. He knows Jeff cannot play for HOH, so with Dani gone, it is just Rachel and Jordan vs. All Newbies. Every newbie is going to put up Jeff / Rachel.

  38. Dani needs to go. One less strong competitor. I dont like anyone this season…but it would only make sense to get rid of Dani while they have the chance…then Jeff. God I wish someone would call out Shelly. Hate that bitch. I happen to enjoy the drama and I am hoping for a fight and a bonus would be to see Shelly lose it again.

  39. Wasn’t this whole idea of flipping Shelly’s to begin with? You guys keep saying “Everyone needs to play for his or herself. Do what’s best for their game” right? I mean, if someone is going to go to bat for you like that, I’d be on board too! Dani is trying to do what’s best for her, trying to save her own ass. And it doesn’t look as if Kalia is campaigning to stay in the house.

    So what if Adam is on the low end of the DPSA alliance? They plan on going through JJR first. Assuming he doesn’t win any comps, with the JJ alliance he’s playing for 5th. With the Dani alliance he would be playing for 4th. I think I’d risk it for that extra week’s stipened.

  40. It’s not Jeff if Adam tells them about Shelly, it’s Jordan who will go off on Shelly. I’d love to see that.

    1. If Adam tells Jeff or Jordan about Shelly, they will not believe him.

      …maybe this is why Adam has not mentioned.

      I almost feel if Jordan heard Shelly with her own ears she would not believe it….and I almost feel the same way about Jeff. They would say, “that’s not what Shelly meant…she really meant this….”

      wow. I do wonder if Shelly is related to Jordan.

  41. Adam is not going to flip.
    Dani will go to JH on Thurday.
    She will probably win the America vote
    Portia will plant a seed in Rachael head about Dani being in JH alone with Brenden.
    Although Dani already said that just the thought of having sex with B made her vagina hurt, and not in a pleasant way.
    Portia will win next HOH.
    She will put up Jeff and Jordan….but Jeff will be the target.
    Jeff will cuss Portia out big time. His veins will pop out of his neck with threats…yelling.
    Portia will threaten anyone who wins POV if they even think of changing the noms. Her true spunk will come out.
    If Jeff or Jordan win POV, Rachael will go up.
    Basically the reign of the vets will come to an end.
    Newbies will start taking out the last remaining vets.
    Every crazy seed that Shelly has planted….she will still try to use with the remaining newbies…cuz she can’t win or she won’t win a comp (being HOH is good, but it always makes you have enemies).
    Shelly has studied EVERY season of BB tapes and feels she has it mastered….but she might get a run for her money if she lands in the final 3 or 4 with Portia….who does not seem to buy it. But Shelly is good, who knows, P might drink the kool aide, and later flip & believe S’s lies too (but Kahlia will be evicted before Portia when the newbies are left).
    Dani’s fans were getting too upset and threatening to drop off, so production asked Jeff to do something to trick Dan’s fans; but he refused….so they asked Shelly. She said sure thang…as long as I make it the final 2. …..Production gave her the thumbs up with a smile.

    …just a theory.
    I don’t know, but I’m anxious to see who is evicted.
    Poor Dani, bloggers express that her demise came when she did not take Brenden’s offer. No her demise came when she went against a sold alliance. …but I like Dani because she did not give up.
    ….People talk about Shelly, but at least she is doing something even if it is crazy.
    What exactly is Adam doing??????????????????????????
    I don’t think Adam is gay, but he does really admire Jeff. He said he was a BB fan….and most people who watch BB; really liked JJ’s season and loved JJ.

    …I would not be in so much admiration that I lose sight of the money.

        1. I assume you probably know how to skip over posts that are too long….and I’ve seen some long ones…I either read them or I don’t. ….it is the choices we make.
          and it does not matter that it is a double eviction, since the contents of my post are filled with sarcasm….not to be taken seriously.
          The only fact in the post is that Dani is probably going home.

  42. I’m a fan of the show and this web site to but dam, some of you need to get out and get some fresh air and realize this GAME is for entertainment. Funny to me to see so much hatred toward everyone who is not helping your fav. Chill people. Everyone of the HG will be happy and feel like stars when this is all over. Plus make $ for appeareces, interviews, … We all get nadda, and continue on with life. Reality check for some!

  43. If adam has a talk with Kalia about what Dani and shelly are trying to make him do, she will go to jeff and jordan and the whole plan will be F**ked.

  44. Why is it that the Vets always whine about floaters not deserving to win when they have the biggest floater in BB history: JORDAN!

    1. Jordan did not come back into the game to win or play this year…she is there to spend the summer with Jeff…The girl has said this many times…and all vets were paid $25,000 each to come back this season. This game is sooooooooooo frickin rigged!!!!!!

      1. it was jordan’s idea to do bb this year. jeff didn’t really want to, but she talked him into it. i read this in an interview

  45. It’s not going to work. Adam is certain, next weeks HOH is going to be his, why would he not take out Dani? Why would he make it harder for himself? Especially after, he as a semi-trustworthy, and semi-established alliance. :]

    Sorry, Dani, You should have taken the B/R deal.. instead of keeping Jeff and Jordan as an alliance. Loser…. Loser… Whats your game move now?

  46. First of all, I want Danielle gone… not bcz I’m a JJ or Brenchel super fan– only because other than Shelly, she is the most deceitful player in this season. She annoys me! I would like to know how she feels so entitled to be there. (Hold on a minute… i know the Dani super fan comments to defend her are coming, lol) That odd sense of entitlement is a common thread between her and the other vets… ugh!! There’s just something disgusting about her.

    Anyhoo… I don’t dislike Adam as a player bcz he IS playing the bb game rather stealthily. I wait for the moment that he tells JJR about Shelly’s heavy campaigning to flip the house. If he doesn’t soon, it is NOT bcz he doesn’t have balls or bcz he is stuck up Jeff’s ass!! It is bcz he IS playing the game.

    Good luck to Rachel! :))

  47. Why do all Dani fans assume that JJR are all going to win all the comps and make it to F3? Does Shelly seriously believe Dani would choose her over Porsche? Production paid Shelly to get Dani to stay – she flipped way too hard way too fast. She didn’t show any sign of wanting Dani in the game one day and the next day she was 100% Dani hands down. Then why did she encourage Jeff to put Dani on the block? Why didn’t she try to win veto to keep Dani off the block? Something fishy is going on.

    1. Nothing fishy at all, it is a twist in the game, Shelly does the working of the Fortune Teller, not just in this situation, but every situation she has been playing. Follow things on twitter CBS Fortune Teller

    2. Production paid Shelly?
      how much money would that be? hundreds? or thousands?

      and Shelly actually accepted the bait?

      If anything, they are paying her extra money to make BB more interesting; since the entire cast always complain how bored they are.

    3. For all those crying about Dani knowing some production staff, well so does Jeff, in his present convo with Shelly he is telling her: I do have some production shows in the works. Shelly says that’s really neat. Shelly asks if he had to clear it with CBS and Jeff says no, its all CBS.”

      So get off the crying over production crap, this is reality as production sees fit by those watching gear it to be simply for ratings……..sheesh

    4. Just like production paid shelly to trying and switch up Kalia’s choices to keep Rachel? if your going to post post everything..

  48. Does anyone else agree that by the end of the season…if Adam and Jeff are still in the house, we may need to surgically remove Adam’s lips from Jeff’s ass. I mean, wow…watching the feeds, I’m feeling awkward and I’m not even there! He is basically telling Jeff everything he does is amazing and his shits are made of gold.

    I mean, come on, Adam…you don’t have to play like a super fan. You’re a cast member!

  49. Shelly is blowing smoke up everyones ASS…she will not vote for Dani to stay…she won’t be able to convince Adam and she’ll be force to flip back so the house will not be against her…just watch and see!

  50. So is Shelly really shooting straight this time? I’ve been noticing she hasn’t been talking to JJ lately…there’s going to be a blow up soon in the house. I can feel it!

  51. I’m trying to understand why do you all think it would be a good idea to keep Dani? The argument to keep Dani is the same argument Brendon used, so what’s the difference now? Adam sees Dani as a strong player, who will be harder to get out in the future. He has the opportunity to get her out, so he is taking it. If Dani stays in the game, he is even further down on the totem pole. Her argument is that she can take out Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel, but that just makes Shelly and Adam look like cowards. Why don’t they have the guts to take out Jeff on their own? If they want to be respected even a little as players, they have to step up, and by stepping up I don’t mean using Dani to flip the house. Instead, flip the house on their own, that is if they can actually win anything.

    1. to add to it, i just feel their reasoning to keep Dani just shows they don’t have much faith in themselves. I’m confused as to why they don’t think they have the chance against jordan and rachel. they still have the numbers with our without dani.

  52. I hope Adam expose Lizard Shelly she is such a liar!!! I know in this game you have to lie a little to get ahead but this woman is unbelievable. Dani is just a spoil brat and want everything to go her way. This season of BB is just a waste of time if CBS is controlling everything!!!

  53. Adam is smart. Dani is an idiot and a horrible whining little bitch to boot. I’m getting ready to be outraged when production pull a sneaky move come Thursday.

      1. Awwww, what’s wrong? You haven’t penetrated anything in a long time so you have no original thought of your own and just can’t help but be needlessly bitchy? I can see why you have that problem and hope you figure it out soon yourself. Good luck with that.

          1. And yet, they still beat your lame contributions.

            Look, the attention is lovely, really it is, Arty, but you’re not my type. I don’t go for men who need booster chairs in order to see over the table. Waving my pinky goodbye and wishing you good luck with the other adults.

    1. LOL! You’re right Jan…they are so the “Heathers”…..Dani is Heather 1 (if she had that horrible blonde hair from BB8, she’d even look like her), Porsche is Heather 2 and Shelly is Veronica…except actually Shelly is more like J.D. because it is all going to blow up in her face

      1. You nailed it! Can’t wait for the explosion even tho that means Shelly will play the martyr. Just one more way to manipulate people.

    1. ED is the reason Adam doesn’t like Dani. Adam went into the BB house a huge fan of ED and when he saw ED appear to play this season, Adam was creaming his pants figuring he and ED would bond. On day two ED said Adam was the only HG he couldn’t stand, bursting Adam’s idol bubble and ever since, Adam has raken it out on Dani.

      So why not use ED since ED is the reason for Adma’s acting like a baby?



  55. Simon I have idea for shelly, she should forget Adam talk to racheal offer her final two, tell her jj will not take her past next week let alone to the end. Offer to team up and tell her she will take the fall for the vote take Adam down for the other vote and racheal pretend to still be with jj and she will be with the other side and they can protect each other till the end. Win win for shelly cause if Adam tells she’s caught, this way she can she can for sure make final 2. Get Jeff out with double eviction and then Adam next no matter who wins hoh she will still have her butt covered.

  56. Dani made Porsche stand up yesterday so she and Kalia could laugh at her saying the bottom of her swim suit was too small. After seeing Dani storm out of the house today in her bikini, she needs to look in the mirror because her bottoms fit worse than Porsche’s did.

    1. Wouldn’t you like to know, you Dani-loving evil dick? You seem to be obsessed with her. And with me. It might be sweet if you didn’t seem to be lacking, which just makes you come across as sad and pathetic.

      I don’t know when you were aborted but the doctor apparently sucked out the brain and left some very small body parts. Run along and play with them, dear.

  57. I want Dani and Jeff to go Thursday. So production can go f*ck themselves. Ratings will plummet and production will learn their lesson about casting complete useless and spineless players.

  58. Can someone please explain Shelly’s objective of trying to get Dani the votes, but then flipping and talking crap about her to JJ!? It doesn’t make sense to me. Because she’s gonna look stupid if JJ and Dani get into it.

  59. i think dani is the black widow of big brother if adam flips this would be the biggest move this season yet i pray that danni stays i cant stand jj and racheal

  60. Just had to text someone younger and ask what SMH means… ha! Love u kids and some of the stuff I read on here! It’s like a learning experience… will miss you all when season is over…also love some of the creative screen names…

    1. gigi:
      I’ve had to look a couple thing up myself. (I know, my age is showing…oh well).

      Anyway, you can bing just about anything. and type in define: whatever.

      Works every time.

  61. TEAM JJ – Come on Adam!! You can stay strong. If you play your cards as you have so far and turn on the comps in the end, YOU have a chance!!!!! You laid low so far, keep it up because it is working. Those girls will run all over you and you will be gone as soon as Thursday if DANI is NOT voted out!!!!!! (wish he could read this). I want Jeff but if not Adam just because MOST PEOPLE on here have been so mean about him this week!!!!! Kalia deserved her dunce cap flat out although I was loving it for my “America’s Favorite”. :)

  62. dani is a WAYYY bigger threat then jeff… she is really healthy & fit and can last forever in endurance comps… jeff is only good at physical comps to an extent bc he’s such a big guy and a heavy smoker… dani is good at both mental and physical comps while jeff isn’t a threat in mental comps… dani wins almost every single competition that she plays! i got mad respect for dani… and that is EXACTLY the reason why adam should vote her out! please, adam is so expendable to dani, too… adam is exactly in the middle… jeff won’t keep adam over jordan or rachel and if dani stays she’ll def keep porsche and shelly over him for sure so adam might as well vote out dani and stay with jeff because he has a better chance at beating jeff than dani! we can call adam a butt kisser all we want (bc it’s true lol) but this is the best game move for him.

  63. ” my dad wont like you.” take your wet blanket and shove up your ass…. she has no game play, and adam is dumber than i thought if he goes with shelly and dani, both of them will lie to get what they want, it is time for big jeff to put a world of hurt on both of them….

  64. Sorry if this has already been asked, but doesn’t the current HOH get to play in the HOH during Double Eviction?

  65. Given the load and the craziness on the feeds I have not been able to read every comment coming through a lot of tings will be missed. I’ll try and keep a eye on some people

  66. Adam is screwed no matter what he decides. Personally I think he has a better chance going with JJR than DPS. Dani, Porsche, and Shelly have ZERO allegiance to Adam and he will lose all ties to JJR if he flips. The only person benefiting from him flipping to the other side is Danielle. At this point Adam has to put all his eggs in the JJR basket and convince JJ that Rachel needs to be the next to go. Everyone says that they want to take Rachel to the final 2 because they can beat her. I’m sure they are thinking final 2 will be THEM. Adam needs to ride the wave to final 4 with JJR then win HOH to stay alive. He has to get there first and going with JJR is the best way in my opinion.

  67. shelly doesnt understand dani wont take her to the end at all… adam is smart get dani out then play for a HOH. Rach will wi the next HOH but since theres a double eviction jeff will win again and get rach out

  68. Adam needs to realize if Kalia win HOH he is probably going to the jury house. Kalia will put up Rachel and Jeff, she has that deal with Jordan. If POV is used Adam will 100% be the replacement nominee and most likely be voted out.

  69. I love all the posts vilifying Adam…most of them try to say “What is best for Adam to do……” None of you care what is best for Adam, you only care what is best for your chosen side, whether it is Dani or JJ….no way Adam wins this, even Porsche has a better shot. He is outplayed by either side in physical and mental comps. He’s a nice guy, but competitions will not get him anywhere. He is doing the best he can with his social game, whether that benefits your player or not…it is all he has. And right now, JJ play nicer with him than the others do.

  70. Shelly is going to turn this house upside down Thursday. Doesn’t matter if Adam votes for Dani or not. Shelly is throwing Grenades.

  71. why are they trying to persuade adam to vote kalia out? won’t the votes be tied, and then jeff will be the tie-breaker and we all know he will vote dani out. so why are they wasting their time? am i missing something?

  72. I figured out Adams strategy. He wants famous friends, namely JJ…

    Nothing more…

    He wants stronger targets ahead of him and thats his strategy….as a bb superfan he should know this is the time to get rid of the stronger targets….especially since he cant win comps (and if you call the cornhole comp a win for him…hardly! many threw that comp).

    He isnt flipping at all…unless he has been telling the DR something different that is….sooo Dani is going home with no quesiton now…

    My hope for thursday is Porshe or Kalia win HOH/POV and puts up Adam and Jeff…if either wins the POV then put up Jordan as the replacement…..Porshe or Kalia (whoever didnt win the first one) win the next one and put up who is still left after the double eviction…

    Adam is about to make this game BOORRRINNNGGG…..because of his lack of game

    Sigh….*flicks lighter in the air* team dani yo….*crys*

  73. Team newbie yo. I’m team shelly and porsche all the way! Adam is a waste of space. I’m a jj fan but i much rather see a newbie win. Here are reasons why they should keep dani. 1) The vets will target her and she would likely be evicted in the double eviction. 2) JJR would be focused on getting dani out. 3) He would actually be remebered in BB 4) JJ are already distrusting adam. I’m pretty sure if Jeff gets paranoid and asks who flipped Shelly would be able to lie and make JJ think adam flipped. As much as i despise her lieing she is one smart player.

  74. Why on earth would Shelly do all of this in front of the whole house minus JJR if she didnt KNOW it was the best game move. This weeks HOH it would be 4 vs rachel because jordan lets be honest isnt going to win this hoh

    if you as a JJ fan or dani hater believe that adam’s best move is to stick with JJR until the final 4 or 5 you should think about it a little harder

  75. After looking carefully at CBS fotune teller tweets, I’m starting to think that Dani is the Fotune teller(crystal ball),S is C Mom. I think there’s gonna be Pandoras box this week and if it is opened, the opener(Jeff?) will win $ and Dani will get to stay or come right back in the house. Check out her tweets! It kinda makes sense

  76. If Adam is stupid enough to cover Dani’s crappy ass, then he deserves what is no doubt coming for him. Adam hardly stands a chance in comps against any of the vets, if he keeps Dani, she’ll throw him under the bus ASAP if and when she gets the chance and lets not forget that he will end up against not 2 but now 3 veterans… not good Adam… not good. He stands a better chance at more time therefore more opportunity to stay in the house and maybe grab a chance to the finale 2, but that won’t happen if he agrees to keep Dani in the house.

    Also, he should know better to trust a female when they always do their best to throw out male competitors regardless of winning strategy, so he has all the interest in the world to stay in the Jeff camp if he wants the open opportunity at a chance to win.

    Time for devious, up to no good Dani to go! XD

  77. The slight chance of Danielle would stay is less slimmer. However, her votes are not favor to stay which Jeff and whole house are favor to evict Danielle. In Double eviction, the slight of Veterans winning gurantee but the newbies without Dani has no chance of winning. So the stack of favor is the Veterans. Beside any floaters would have a chance of winning is much weaker. No chance at all for the Newbies.

  78. LK: you ARE missing something. There are 5 people voting (Rachel, Jordan, Adam, Shelly, Porsche) so it can not end in a tie. Rachel & Jordan 100% voting to evict Danielle; Porsche 100% evicting Kalia.

    There’s where the fun begins: Shelly waffling but will vote to evict Dani if Adam ISN’T flipped, but will vote to evict Kalia if he IS flipped. That’s precisely why all this time and energy is going into flipping Adam. The vote will be either 4-1 to evict Danielle or 3-2 to evict Kalia. Shelly’s decision is basically a block vote with Adam.

  79. AAAAAHHHHHH Kalia bikini scariest shit ive seen today.

    when shelly votes to evict Kalia shes going to put a big target on her back

  80. I find it so amusing that people actually like one of the biggest pieces of shit on this planet. (Rachel) The biggest floater in the game (Jordan), who has been riding Jeff’s coat tails the whole game. Kalia, who is just as annoying as Rachel. Production, who had Brendon come back, when I guarantee Cassie won the real votes. That would have made this season much more interesting in breaking up the last “couple” in the game. This show is so scripted, it’s ridiculous. This is turning into a big flop of a season, (and it’s the 1st one I have watched) The game isn’t that fascinating when you can tell who is gonna win from day one. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what is happening week in and week out. Let the player’s play, and no power couples. Totally unfair advantage to anyone playing the game. If you are going to do couples, then everyone in the house has to be a couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. Jordan is of no use to anyone in the game . She rides jeffs shirt tails just like she did before , they talk about floaters , is that not what she is doing .

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