Big Brother Veto Winner Adam says he is considering using the veto

12:35pm Jordan and Rachel are still walking around the backyard talking. They are going over what has happened so far in the game and the mistakes and things they would have changed. Rachel says that Shelly should have never been a part of their equation. Rachel says that she just needs to keep telling herself that she HAS TO WIN the next veto. Rachel says that if I don’t win the veto then I will be gone and Adam will take Porsche to the final two. Jordan says that Porsche hasn’t really done anything. Rachel says that as long as Porsche doesn’t win the next HOH and we win the Veto we will be okay. Jordan says that she thinks she can do it ..and that a lot of people are probably rooting for you. Rachel says that she is pretty confident that if it is anything physical she can beat Adam. Rachel says that she thinks she can beat Porsche in a lot of physical stuff too. Jordan agrees. They say that even if Adam wins HOH we can talk with him. Kalia says that Adam said that her argument is solid but that its about numbers. Kalia says that she told him this will be the biggest mistake of your life. Kalia tells Porsche that we need to step it up. Kalia continues to tell Porsche everything she said to Adam. Kalia heads outside.

Meanwhile, Porsche and Kalia are in the kitchen. They are making lunch and talking about how Adam isn’t going to use the veto. Porsche and Kalia compare their arguments that they have tried to talk to Adam about using the veto and working with them. Adam heads out into the backyard and shows Rachel and Jordan his shaved back. Adam, Rachel and Jordan discuss the arguments that Kalia and Porsche have been trying on him to get him to go with them and use the veto. Adam continues to tell them all of Kalia’s arguments and discounts them all as not very valid points. Adam heads inside.
Big Brother Veto Winner

1pm – 1:15pm Porsche and Kalia are on the backyard couch. Kalia continues to talk about how she did everything for Adam. Kalia says that Jordan and Rachel are going to be following Adam around all day telling him not to use the veto. Kalia says that she told Adam …do you really want to be the guy that sent the rest of your alliance home? ..the fans are going to be brutal on you. Porsche barely says a word …just keeps saying uh huh… Kalia says that her argument is solid and logic and is everything that Adam stands for …and I am going to keep trying it on Adam. Kalia says that Adam was the one saying newbies to the end and now day 64 you want to take us out …you are a jack for that! People are going to hate you. Kalia says what Adam want to give it to Jordan …she already won ..and why because you like her …winning big brother isn’t about who you like. Kalia says that if the three of us can’t beat Rachel then we don’t deserve to win. Porsche wonders if the Big Brother Veto Winner is subject to nomination if they use it on someone else. Kalia doesn’t think they can be nominated, Kalia remembers reading the rules and it said that the POV winner is safe from being nominated but if they are already nominated and they do not use the Power Of Veto then they can go home.

Big Brother POV Winner

1:15pm – 1:30pm Jordan and Porsche are laying out in the lounge chairs suntanning. Porsche says that she does feel bad for Kalia …but that I am staying here so I can’t feel that bad. Meanwhile, Kalia starts working on Adam again in the kitchen. Kalia tells him that she is going to keep giving him arguments. Adam says that he wouldn’t expect anything else. Kalia says that she believes in us. Kalia says that Adam can ask her anything he wants and she will tell the truth. Kalia says that Rachel has thrown everyone in the house under the bus. Adam says the closer we get the harder the decisions get. Kalia says that this is an easy decision. Kalia says that she knows that he has a thing with Jordan but that she can’t believe he is taking Rachel side. Kalia says that she will drink that whole bottle of hot sauce. Adam tell her she doesn’t need to do that. Adam says that there is still game to be played. Kalia says that she knows he doesn’t want to upset Jordan ..but that she will be just as happy sitting around a fire place with Jeff and that she already bought her family a house. Kalia says that we are all trying to do that for our family. Kalia asks can you tell me what reasons would you not use the veto. Adam says no. Kalia says with us it will be a fair battle … a posed to someone who has wiped the floor with everyone. Kalia says that she just doesn’t understand it. Adam says that he has to hold some cards back. Adam says that he is considering using it… I am definitely considering using it .. and you have made some valid arguments. kalia says that if you were to use the veto on us tomorrow ..I will have words for them.

Big Brother Power of Veto Winner

1:40pm Kalia gives Adam a break and heads out into the backyard to talk to Rachel and Porsche who are suntanning.

1:50pm Jordan and Adam are in the bathroom. Adam is telling Jordan all about the arguments that Kalia has been giving him. Jordan says that she knows exactly what Kalia is saying. Jordan says that she is throwing me under the bus. Adam says that she isn’t throwing you under the bus ..she is gently nudging you under the bus. Adam tells Jordan the conversation he had with Kalia and says that she made valid arguments but how can I trust her. Jordan agrees …you can’t trust her. Adam says that he already has his speech ready that he will say that Rachel gave him the chance to fight for his life … and that he will tell her that she will now have a chance to fight for votes. Jordan continues to talk about how she is going to have to hear Kalia talk for the rest of the week.. They continue to talk about the Kalia and all her arguments. Kalia starts to come in and Adam ends the conversation. They both head outside and Jordan says that she is done talking about it …she has said all she needs to say about it.

2:10pm – 2:45pm Adam and Porsche are laying out talking about random stuff. Kalia is in the bathroom plucking her eye brows. Rachel is in the kitchen making something to eat. Porsche says that some times the breeze feels good and some times it feels like ass. I hope we have a water competition that washes all this goo away. Big Brother says …that’s what she said! Rachel talks about the hot sauce and says its so hot. Big Brother says again ..that’s what she said. Kalia and Rachel start playing a card game. Kalia talks about how much she misses her boyfriend. Rachel says she misses Brendon too. Kalia says who knows he might not even be there when I get out. Rachel asks why would you think that.. Kalia says I don’t know.. Rachel and Kalia put their card game on pause and Rachel joins Porsche and Jordan on the lounge chairs. Rachel and Kalia go back to their card game. Rachel starts talking about her cellulite. Kalia tells her to shut up.

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193 thoughts on “Big Brother Veto Winner Adam says he is considering using the veto

  1. Why would Adam use the veto? That would guarantee Jordan’s eviction, the only person he has a chance to beat in any competition (endurance/physical/quiz), especially with the next HoH competition (bare in mind the comps you have to do in the final 3 like the face mix match puzzle). Using the veto would be a BAD move.

      1. using the veto would be a good move, he sticks with rachel and jordan, they plan on voting kalia out, next week that means its porsche adam and jordan anything physical / endurance and possibly even questions (because porsche came in second twice with questions) she will probably win and might put him up.

        Keep in mind he doesnt stand a CHANCE at beating either one of them in the end, and they dont plan on taking him to the end.

        but if he uses it, next week %100 the target is rachel.

        also why the hell does adam ALWAYS run back to jordan and he did it with jeff too, and tell them EVERYTHING kalia, dani, porsche etc.. all them said. Can he keep anything to himself? God he is so ridiculous.

    1. Agree. I don’t understand the people who say that he’s dumb if he doesn’t use it. Quite the opposite. His one shot to win the game is against Jordan. If he wins just ONE HOH before the show is over, then he’ll officially have done more than Jordan and thus stand a chance at beating her, and he knows it.

      1. How exactly is Adam’s one chance against Jordan of all people–this makes zero sense. Can anyone honestly see any veteran players voting for Adam over another veteran like Jordan?

        If it’s A vs J Final 2 then the votes are”

        Jeff—Jordan 100%
        Shelly–Jordan 100%
        Dani–Jordan 95% the way she talks about spineless Adam
        Kalia–Jordan 95% after Adam essentially evicts her
        Rachel–probably Jordan–vets stick together
        Brendon–probably Jordan–vets stick together

        Porsche–who knows

        That is 6-0 for Jordan w 1 vote unknown…his BEST chance vs Jordan is a 5-2 loss…his strategy just makes no sense if he wants 1st place, but his weak game has been ridiculed for 2 months now so why would he change.

    2. You are forgetting about Rachel.

      If Adam uses the POV, he will be finally IN the game, Jordan will be gone and it will be 3 against Rachel, so she will be gone next if she does not get the HOH.

      If he doesn’t use the POV, he will be the worst player ever and handing the win to Rachel or Jordan.

      He has a chance to win the entire game against Kalia and Porsche, but no chance against Rachel and Jordan

      1. He wants Kalia gone!

        He believes he is stronger with questions, and K has proven to be good at those, so K is a bigger threat that J right now. I think he is hoping he can get rid of R on the next elimination because she can”t get HOH and he is hoping she doesn’t get POV and gets eliminated. P and R will probably go after eachother next, the only way he doesn’t make F3 is if P wins HOH and R wins POV and saves J (but even then he has a shot of staying if R realizes that she has a better chance at winning against him.

        I think he wants PAJ in final 3, but RAJ is not bad for him either. P or R could win the first comp, he feels confident he cand win the 2nd comp against J, and the final comp is questions, so he thinks he can beat anyone there. Thus, making him F2 with a shot at the $$ and he could figure out who would be easier to win next. Well, I believe that is his reasoning. He wants K and R, and right now K is the only one who could leave.

      2. not to mention, rachel can not play for hoh next time, so it is gt out jordan and then rachel is gone if she does not win pov. then it is KPA for final 3 with anyone able to win depending on the next 2 weeks

        1. Not going to happen. How would Kaila can get rid of Jordan when she promise of not putting Jordan up? Beside, Kaila is going home. Porsche will go on Thursday. JRA all the way. It was Dani’s idea.

      3. Adam has no chance of winning final vote against Adam or Porsche imo.

        His best bet may be Jordan.

        Why shouldn’t he get rid of Kalia and then team up with Porsche or stick w/ Jordan or Rachel

    3. His plan may be to get to final three with J&P. If porche wins and picks Adam for final two he is garanteed JJ & RB votes because he got to final 2 with no blood on his hands- never took out a vet when he could. He’d probably also get shelly’s vote. Porche would only get K and Dani votes.

    4. actually using the veto is smart for Adam. Sending Jordan home is a good thing because Adam would never beat Rachael or Jordan if he were sitting beside them in the final two. His best chance to win the 500,000k is to be next to kalia.

    1. LoL!!! Maybe if we turned upside down while watching?? Nope. Turned on ….. then up, the music?? Nope. Changed channels?? Ahhhhh, better!

      1. When Lawon played the Preacher for Brendon and Rachel’s BB Wedding, he
        was soooooooo funny. In fact, he provide more fun in that one segment than
        Adam has provided the entire season.

        1. I didnt find it funny at all…I found it degrading to African Americans & in fact all minorities…whether he realized it or not he perpetuated a stereotype only to top it off by putting himself on the block hoping the man would grant him magic powers…I’m embarassed just repeating it. No doubt he was his own worst enemy…but funny? Hell no! The other brother perpetuated another myth of thinking all the women of other races dream about having sex with a black man…& honestly I dont know if thats true or not but he sure put that out there. Keith seemed to have a lot on the ball too. What I do admire about Kalia is her fight she may have some social flaws obviously a lot of people dont like some thing about her buts its just her nature, & while she may be going shes but not leaving without scratching & clawing.
          I’m not African American but I am a minority and hopefully future BBs will provide better representation of minorities… & not the typical combo platter of minority/gay

          1. Thats the problem…his personality told him he had to pander to the white people in the house. i’m not accusing anybody of racism but please realize anytime a minority is involved it has eveything to do with race & always always will. I’m not the only one I have family members who are black and find that tyoe if behavior offensive.

          2. I also hope that Big Brother will provide better representation of minorities. But CBS caters more to the less progressive crowd.

    1. I love Adam now and loved what he said after Kalia left the kitchen: Keep diggin your own grave. HAHAHA that was so funny. So sick of even listening to Kalia’s voice. J/R/A FINAL THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I agree I kept telling my husband last night watching After dark…Omg I just want to scream her mouth is so annoying she just talks and talks and talks it’s like SHUT-UP already!!! this whole show she is just a blabber mouth but last night she really got under my skin!!

      2. Adam is a racist, he hated Kalia from the beginning she should have put him up when she was HOH and we wouldnt be having this conversation because he would be at home.

    1. No she won’t because not only is she dumb, she is also too self-centered.

      Go, Team PorKa, yo! Adam FTW, yo! LiMi4life, yo!

        1. To clarify what I meant, she hasn’t won two comps this season. If someone wishes to prove me wrong simply name which comps she won.

            1. The only reason Jordan won the golf competition is because Brendon and Jeff threw it … and yes she had a good number, but Jeff also plays golf so if he really wanted to try he would have.

          1. Jordan has won two this season. She won the luxury competition and HOH competition. Jordan is probably one of Adam’s best bets on winning the $500,000 because no one wants to let her win again because she already won once, and then Porsche is probably next because Jordan, Rachel, Jeff and Brendon would probably all vote for Adam because he was in their alliance all summer unless he uses the VETO then he screws himself out of the $500,000. Rachel in my opinion would be his strongest competition for not winning just because she has been amazing this summer. Go Team J/R/A final three!!!

          2. She did win an HOH and a VETO. Granted the Hoh was thrown by two people… Jeff and Brandon. But she beat everybody else in the house.
            And she won the luxury comp.

          3. HOH, and luxury comp.

            Porsche hasn’t done anything in this game. Winning competitions don’t mean crap if they’re not furthering your social game, and her social game has been doing Dani’s bidding with Kalia, even after Dani got evicted lmao.

            1. Porsche, Kalia, and Dani took on the whole house and together they won 5 of 6 HOHs. What did Jordan do? And if you say, she had a strong social game, please give an example.

              1. She plays the “i’m weak and nice to everyone role” and ppl then tend to forget her and let her slide. That’s her social game. People are still doing it now. Kalia and Porsche were last week talking abt trying to keep Jordan until final 3. She can’t be a slider unless the other houseguests let her slide, which they have.

                Kalia and Porsche and Dani were the most ridiculous alliance I have ever seen (besides THE REGULATOOOORS lol). while Dani was in the house, Kalia’s HOH’s were ridiculous and Porsche hadn’t won a single thing. Once they did start winning stuff, their speeches were all abt “blah blah blah Dani” “blah blah she would have wanted” when they should have started thinking more abt the end term because they couldn’t rely on themselves to win HOH and POV every week.

                1. Well, Porsche and Kalia are no master strategists, but they took control of the game, when the odds were stacked against them, until pandora knocked them back down. So two, do nothings, as you would call them, took control of the game from the mighty veterans (With the help of Dani). That doesn’t say much about the veteran alliance. Jordan being weak is EXACTLY how she gets through week to week, but that is not a social game. A cardboard cutout would do just as well. A social game is when you convince people that being on your side is good for their game.

          4. Jordan won HOH (which she probably would have won, even if Brenden and Jeff hadn’t “thrown it”), also she won that David Hasselhoff comp. That makes 2 by my count!

          5. Amazes me that so many of you don’t want Jordan to win because she won previously….Why would she even come into the game at all if there was no chance to win? Your hometown wins a game and so now they should let someone else win cause they already won? Really? Dani won second and Dick won first on their season and I don’t recall seeing anyone say they shouldn’t win cause they already won……and so what Jeff has won some money and won the viewers choice….are the viewers that prefer Jeff again this year supposed to forfeit their vote cause he won a couple seasons back? Please people…..this is an entire different cast and an entire different game……she has a great social game…..period…..the viewers love Jeff like it or not….period….I see that Rachel changed her game up and so did the other vets….so much so that Dani was voted out to the jury 2nd unlike her season where she never left the house…..I believe it was Porsche on the live feeds last night that said Jordan is the only vet that will make it to the end and hasn’t changed up her game to get herself there….seems well put……so she is horrible in comps….she’s great at social and clearly if they don’t LIKE you in the end … they won’t vote for you…..seems like a social game is where it’s at…..OMO

        1. Ahh.. the luxury comp, I didn’t really consider that one as it wasn’t a game effecting one. Not to mention it was hugely fishy.

          1. I’ll bet if someone asked Jordan today what 3 bars of soap and opera glasses meant to her,
            she wouldn’t know.
            There is no way she guessed the answer.
            She was fed the answer by BB Production. BBP probably told her to wait for at least
            3 of the 4 clues but she forgot and jumped right in. lol

            1. I don’t consider myself a genius, but I guessed “the Hoff” when I was watching the competition. Well, I figured it was something to do with watch, and assumed baywatch, and DH is the first thing that comes to mind (I didn’t remember his name either and I had to ask my sister). So guessing the answer on the first try was not that farfetched. Actually, by the second clue I was convinced and did not understand why nobody else got it.

              Just a thought.

              1. I agree, and soap opera, CBS, highest rated soap was young & the restless. Hasselhoff was apparently a star for years, so it is not far fetched to put these words together.

                1. The only reason the viewers knew what it was, is because, they kept forcing that “Same Name” show down our throats. So stop with the lies. And Jordan couldn’t figure out Shelly was playing her, there is NO WAY I can believe she figured that out on her own.

          1. but she beat the newbies all by herself though. She beat all of their scores and Brendon and Jeff were the only ppl left in the competition. So it’s not like she sat back doing nothing in that competition.

                1. Yes.

                  Just like Adam has no bragging rights for the comp Jeff threw and gave to him.

                  BTW – If Jeff or Brendon had attempted to take away Rachel’s chance to prove herself
                  in a comp, she would be all over them and angry as heck. Why?
                  Because she is a Gamer and not a lazy do nothing hanger-on like Jordan.

    1. Actually Jordan is playing the social game and it is working for her because she is not good a comps. But she has won HOH (she made a good shot with the golf club, not her fault Jeff and Brendon gave up) and she won the TV show premier thing (the Hoff). Also she did get Kalia to flip her vote 5 min before voting took place, as a result Adam thinks she wanted him out.

      1. Why do people keep saying that Jordan has such a good social game? Who did she recruit for her alliance? Evel Dick recruited Porsche and Shelly. Jeff recruited Adam. Jordan walked around with a dumb look on her face and didn’t interact with anyone. If it wasn’t for pandora, she would be GONE.

        1. Jordan got Kalia in the beginning. They made that ‘deal’ like day two. dani and kalia became friends AFTER jordan brought kalia to the vets.

          1. Well what happened? Kalia worked against Jordan’s alliance. That’s the thing, they got newbies that loved Jeff and Jordan and she still couldn’t work a good social game.

    2. eveyone likes Jordan because they ALL feel they can beat her in the end. She has already won $500K and has been SUCKY at comps. Sorry But, it is not her “social game”

      1. you misunderstood. K and P said yesterday that if they were both in jury and J made it to the end they would vote for her. That means they wouldn’t vote for the competitor (rachel) or the ultimate floater (adam), but fake ass Jordan. And they said this amongst themselves, not in front of JRA, so its not like they’re blowing smoke.

        Why would they say they would vote for Jordan? Not because she’s the best player, but because she’s ‘nice’ and they like her. ie- her social game. How many times has J walked around saying how much she can’t stand K or P, and yet when she’s with them she’s sweet and likeable. Being that twofaced is playing social game, and clearly she’s going a good job.

        Look, I can’t stand the girl either, but i’m not in denial about her social game.

        1. Well, you make a good point, and I didn’t hear that convo, but Jordan would be gone if it weren’t for the twist, and you have to make it to the end, to get those votes. A good social game, is recruiting people, hanging out with people, ala Jeff and Adam. When a cardboard cutout can play the exact same game as Jordan does, well, that’s a poor social game in my book. Anyway, Kalia loved Jordan before she even got in the house and she still went against Jordan’s alliance. Not good.
          Also, they hate Rachel, so they’re not going to vote for her. We’ll see what happens when they do cast their votes.

  2. I find it very amusing that both Kahlia and Porsche are using the newbs alliance, We newbs have to stick together, etc. etc. Hmmmm, what about the first week of there, “one for all all for one newbs alliance”. Porsche wanted to be up on the block so she could get rid of Keith, and Kahlia and Shelly voted with the vets. Yes, great track record there ladies. Really, and this should make Adam feel confident in the two of them becauseeeeeeeeeee??

    1. That’s what I’ve been thinking all this time. PKS where the ones that ruined the newby allience. Plus, up until 2 weeks ago they were still playing with Dani (who is a vet in case they forgot) and if she was there they would be taking her over Adam. Adam is the only one who was tru to the newbs until they started to go and he was forced to join a vets allience because PKS were already in one. Now, they can’t believe we would choose a vet over them.

      It is hilarious!!!!!!! And Jordan saying P has done nothing in the game, when P has won more competitions than J this season. I will give JPK the benefit of the doubt and say they understand the hypocrisy, but are using those arguments as a strategy (doub it).

      1. I agree with you, on Dani being a vet and Shelly, Kahlia, and Porshe have conveniently forgot that point, as well as she won $50K, everyone seems to forget that Porsche and kahlia have won money and a trip, As far as I am comcerned Adam should stick to JR, after all they were the ones to bring him to the dance,and I think he should save the last dance for them. They have as much right to win the game as anyone else.

  3. ***** Disclaimer JJ and Rachel fans should skip this post, you live in la la land and wont “get it” much like your stack of half read comic books*****
    Today on Rigged Brother
    Rachel comes out of the diary room and goes looking for Jordan, she finds her staring at a gallon of milk Rachel asks what are you doing Jordan says “I’m trying to figure out which came first the milk or the jug” Rachel is puzzled and says we need to talk. They go into the purple room and Rachel says “good news Ag told me that if anything goes wrong the fortune teller will come into play, and either reward us with something or nullify their nominations again” Jordan asks what that means Rachel says “we are guaranteed final two” Jordan says “that sucks I deserve to go to the finals also” Rachel says “we are” Jordan says “then We needs to go” Rachel explains that together Rachel and Jordan make up “we”. Jordan finally gets it after the crayons come out…feeds cut…
    feeds are back on Rachel and Jordan are playing a game of cards, Rachel wins the hand and starts to shuffle the deck Jordan gets mad and asks “what are you doing” Rachel says “I won and I’m dealing a new hand” Jordan is very confused and states ” if we are playing a game, than only I can win” Rachel says “in real life you aren’t guaranteed to win anything, that’s only when you are on BB”…feeds cut…
    Out in the back yard the other house guests (pawns) finally are catching on they look at the cameras and practically yell ” we want Jordan to win, we want Jordan to win, please feed us now we have done all that you ask” feeds cut

    1. You can tell that BB13 has gone to an all-time low when all I look forward to are the next editions of “Today on Rigged Brother.”

      Go, Team Production, yo. LiMi4Life, yo!

    2. fell asleep watching bbad but did wake up & could’ve sworn that jordons response to kalia going on about her acting resume & broadway was jordon asking if broadway was in la or in ny… jordon is what about 30 & she dont know where “broadway” is?? fer real doe? somebody please tell me i’m wrong.
      thanks for the porsche bikini pics yo!
      now whos up for a all minority/affirmative action big brother? like an all bruthuh big brother lol…oh shit i see the rebel flags bustin out already…

      1. Jordan is 22,I think…not thirty. She’s my first choice to win BB. Kalia and Porsche make up 1 and 2. I won’t accept Rachel or Adam winning. I hate them both.


    4. Squabble I totally agreed with you on this one:
      ***** Disclaimer KP and Dani fans should skip this post, you live in la la land and wont “get it” much like your stack of half read comic books*****
      Today on Porsche & Kaila Failure Big Brother
      Porsche comes out of the diary room and goes looking for Kaila , she finds her staring at a Quarterpound Cheeseburgers of McDonald’s Porsche asks what are you doing Kaila says “I’m eating outside which came first Quarterpound Cheeseburger or Big Mac” Porsche is strange and says we need to talk. They go into the purple room and Porsche says “bad news the producers told me that if anything went wrong the Ronald McDonald will come into play, and either play with us or something with keep the nominations a same” Kalia asks what that means Porsche says “we are guaranteed going to the Jury House” Porsche says “we sucks we deserve to go to the Jury House also” Kaila says “we are going to the Jury House” Porsche says “then We needs to go to the Jury House” Kaila explains that together Kaila and Porsche making out to go to the Jury House were Dani is Pissed “we”. Kaila finally don’t get it after the Happy Meal is coming out…feeds cut…
      feeds are back on Porsche and Kaila are makingout a game of love, Porsche wins the kiss and starts to kissing some more the time of there lives Kaila gets upsets and asks “what are you stop kissing me” Porsche says “I won and I’m in love with you” Kaila is very confused and strange ” if we are continue to kissing each other, than only I can win” Kaila says “in real life you are guaranteed to lose anything, that’s only when you are on BB”…feeds cut…
      Out in the back yard the other house guests (pawns) finally are catching on they look at the cameras and practically yell ” we want Kaila to lose, we want Kaila to lose, please feed us now we have done all that you ask” feeds cut
      I know that was funny. I know Kaila and Porsche are going to the Jury House. I know. Strange doesn’t it. I totally agree with you.

      1. Captainsmellsjeffsunderpants
        Since your Ritalin must of ran out. Just do the usual “I agree”
        I really don’t read past that point of you reply’s, it’s just too hard to believe I have a copy cat, (kind of creepy also). they say imitation is the best form of flattery.

        1. I totally agree with you on that one:Squabble Since your beloved HG’s Kaila & Posche must making out. Just do the usual “I agree”
          I really do read past that point of Squabble reply’s, it’s just too hard to believe I have no copy cat, (kind of cool also). they say strange is the best form of fun. Yes I know.

      2. I consider myself intelligent but this one is so incoherant..good try though. I see where you were trying to go with the eating like pigs angle but k/p for all their flaws arene’t dufus airheads that say uhmm….uhmmmm after every sentence.

        1. Be carefull of replying to him he will troll you forever, pretty sure this is the same guy that put up a tent in my backyard.

          1. I agree I will be careful of reply to someone who not troll either, pretty sure this is adorable guy a that will not put up a tent in my backyard. Yes, I will be careful.

    5. You forgot to the part where rigged production said:
      “Previously on Big Brother rigged production gave Dani:
      1 – 4 weeks of safety with an unearned golden key
      2 – an hoh designed for her boney ass
      3 – a free “thou shall not back door Dani” veto pass
      And with 6 weeks of safety, Dani manage to last only 8. Thus, with rigged production’s obligation to Dani fulfilled, we now had to level the playing field some.

      1. 1 dani partner left so she got a golden key
        2 Jordon dumb sorry boney ass couldn’t hang her bad
        3 Jordon ass has had a free veto the whole game the “I can just look cute and dumb while jeff works veto”

    6. Someone is a H-A-T-E-R. The further Jordan and Rachel go, the more people act like this (half their age). Why would I not pull for them.

      1. I’m not a hater I don’t like Rachel but would have no problem if she wins because she’s been a relentless competitor who has fought her heart out in this game. I want to see her lose but I admire her determination and fight, she showed a lot of character in the last 2 comps she’s won. Jordan on the otherhand can’t win a comp to save her life, she seems to be going through the motions and is so passive in comps. I’ve watched her literally quit in many physical comps this season. I Rachel wins she totally deserves it, Adam and Jordan deserves nothing!!

        1. And Jordan who claimed to be sooo poor, bought a pair of titties instead of paying the rent for a whole year for her and her mother…… She is so kind and considerate isn’t she?

          1. Actually, (and most women know this….) you can get breast implants on a payment plan at almost every plastic surgeon’s office…. its pretty standard now. I would imagine that this is how she was able to “afford” implants. You can get a set for as little as $100 – $150 a month.

            Shouldn’t talk so much crap when you don’t know what you’re talking about…

      1. lol
        God didn’t give her the boobs.
        She bought them.
        There was blog controversy during her Season when she talked about her
        family’s financial hardships yet she had the money for a boob job.

  4. adam uses veto, jordan leaves, porshe wins hoh, rachel wins veto and votes out kalia, rachel wins final hoh, votes out porche, and then rachel is winner of bb13, she was the last person i wanted to see win but its the only option for a deserving winner to this show, honestly i pray cbs fires that bitch allison grodner and casts some real players next season, cuz after this season and last season, i truly believe this once awesome show will be cancelled alot sooner than it should be

    1. You might not like this season, however, facts are Big Brother ratings is up and on top last Thursday so which means more people like it.

    1. I had to turn BBAD off last night because of her constant yapping. When she was talking while eating the only thought that popped into my head was “How now brown cow”.

      1. lol. how now brown cow, now that is funny. I also had to turn off the BBAD because of Kalia’s talking, and talking and talking. I think my ears are still bleeding from the constant movements from her mouth. And why doesn’t Adam just tell her to be quiet. Kalia needs a TIME OUT. Big Brother needs to say: Kalia please so we can keep our live feeds and BBAD views: SHUT UP!!!!!!

        1. I too have left AD because of Kalia and her nonstop talking. Then I wonder if BB is having a lot of fun just keeping the camera on Kalia and that yapping.
          Is it better than watching someone sleep?…. or watching one of them eat?…. At least we don’t have to watch Enzo from BB12 smacking his food and chewing with his mouth open. Wonder where ole’ Enzo is now?

          1. I use to mute BBAD when Enzo was eating because it was so bad. He did chew with his mouth open and the microphone picked up every sound. It was gross.

    2. I don’t subscribe to the live feeds, not even the 3-day free trial. I don’t watch BBAD either. But I do appreciate other fans sharing their feelings like this. Gives me a good laugh all the time.

      Go, Aunt Cowlia the Hutt, yo!

    3. I actually did mind kahlia until this week which makes me feel sorry to adam for having to listen to this all week but she seriously worse then shelly she is so annoying i can’t wait till adam sends her ass out does she really think these lame points going to work she has been working against him since week 1 so how is it they suddenly have this allience that never matter the rest of the game. Honestly you is her biggest argument really going to be that jordon misses her boyfriend really

  5. I think kaliah is unbelieveable how hard she is throwing jordon under the bus that all she wants to do is be with jeff lol she really needs a new argument and how he will be going against their allience (exactly when were they in an allience o ya when it was convinent for you) or the best america will hate you she must really have no idea that everyone actually hates her

    1. I kind of agree with Adam. I’d lose respect for her if she didn’t fight to stay. Though I still won’t miss her when she’s gone :)

    2. Her back is against the wall. Do you expect her not to campaign? The problem is, her poor strategy, and her poor social skills, is what brought her to this point. She has no one to blame but herself.

    1. no he would be an idiot if he uses because it doesn’t benifit him in anyway to keep kaliah forget the jury he would never make it to the final 2 and he knows it if he keeps kaliha

  6. Kaila, Just stop talking okay and blaming every HG’s. Just give Adam some time. Okay, Just relax and think about it reason and he will let you know. Beside, you will be fine of going to the Jury House. You look like Energizer bunny who keeps going and going and going.

    1. Everytime I see Jordan has said that I cringe … P has done a hell of alot more than J … P has come in 2nd in alot of comps and won 2 in the same night … at least we can see that P tries in teh comps, unlike Jordan who casually walks through an endurance comp

  7. Is it just me or is anyone else ‘sick and tired’ of reading the same comment over and over again: “Adam says that there is still game to be played.” Does he really say this? It’s his standard line in every single spoiler post..ugh…how I hate this season!!

    Get rid of Adam, please!!

    1. I know he loves there is still game to be played and i am not sure who i am voting or taking off the block when in fact he always knows

    2. I’m about as sick of Adam in general as I am sick of Kalia and Jordan. I find it humorous that Rachel is now the second least annoying HG in the house. How did this happen? I suspect witchcraft.

      1. My thoughts exactly…

        I wonder if Shelly remembered to show Rachel where she put the broom before she left so Rachel has something to ride home on


  8. they talk about what people have done to deserve to stay….what has jordan done? she won one HOH week two and it was thrown to her. the rest of the game she has just looked pretty while still feeling like she has “fought so hard” who was second off the dummy when she was on the block? seriously i don’t understand why she feels so entitled to stay and win.

    1. Thank you! Adam told Porsche that if she won part 1 of the final HOH that he would take her to the end because he wants to sit next to someone that *deserves* it. And yet, he’s going to vote out Kalia (the Queen of question comps) and keep Jordan (the biggest coaster who’s done about nothing in the game). They vote out deserving people (Danielle, Brendon), but then say they want deserving people in the end. Then they wonder why floaters and coasters are usually the main people that win this game. And I don’t get why Jordan acts like she worked so hard to be where she is, either. She acts extremely self-entitled, and I actually dislike her this season.

  9. If Jeff wins americas fav houseguest I’m going to throw up all over my tv. He’s already won $15,000 this season, that would give him $40,000. Fans sitting at home struggling to survive in this bad economy wanting to put more money in Jeff’s pockets is perplexing.

    1. what? either way the money’s not coming to you or any of the fans at home in this bad economy. The title is “America’s favorite houseguest”. Jeff is America’s favorite, therefore, it doesn’t matter how much money he has won, he will win the title. And I’m basing this off of the many polls I’ve seen (including the ones on this site).

  10. Didn’t Jeff win the americas fav in bb11? I forgot but I know I voted for him, not this time he’s won enough and he a bit of a bully this season. He had this cocky vibe goin on that turned me off

    1. I agree. I LOVED Jeff in his first season, and I liked him at the very beginning of this one, but he started pushing his weight around and bullying the women in the house. He started beating his chest, figuratively, and calling himself “Big Jeff” and was very arrogant. I understand why people still love Jordan, despite seeing her at her worst, but I really don’t understand the love for Jeff anymore. I just don’t.

  11. I pray Adam isn’t going to listen to Kalia,I mean really he can wait win hoh then pick his choice. BB has it set up to this point they’ll tell whomever (vets) to throw comps, hasn’t anyone noticed,and read?

  12. If Adam really wants Kalia gone then he has to use the Veto. If he uses the Veto on Porsche, Jordan goes up. Porsche votes to evict Jordan, he votes to evict Kalia, which makes a tie and Rachel breaks the tie sending Kalia home!

    1. There is no logic in that whatsoever. Kalia will go home if he leaves it the same. If he takes Porsche off, yeah Kalia will still go home, but all he’ll be doing is ticking off Rachel and especially Jordan, and then the only person he’ll have on his side will be Porsche. And that won’t do him much good long-term.

    2. I’d be curious what Adam would do if he doesn’t use the veto, and Jordan and Rachel decide to send home porsche instead. *sigh* Probably nothing

  13. Squabble is more entertaining than the actual show, so stop hating on his post, no one said u have to read it. As for me I hate Kahlia, Rachel, and I’m slowly starting to loathe Jordan. The more u JJR fans try to convince me that Jordumb deserves to win is killing me. If she says Porche hasn’t done anything when in reality Porche has done more than her. Oh yeah she guessed the Hoff in a competition that means absolutely nothing. She was given her only hoh in week 2. I’m not impressed. Adam needs to think about Jury votes cause right now he has maybe Shelly. That’s it. And if its Jordumb in the end he will def lose Shellys vote. Team Porka all day baby…

    1. I don’t mind his post but the whole “Jordumb” thing is just mean. the name calling is too much. tThat’s why I just skip over squabble’s stuff.

    1. But so would Rachel and Jordan. If Adam doesn’t win POV or HOH next week and if Porsche wins either one of them, Adam gets evicted, because there is no way Rachel or Jordan would take him to the end, or vote to keep him, over each other.

  14. I have another rant for the day. 1) Rachel always critisizes houseguests gameplay i.e Cassie,Daniele,Shelly,Kalia..if she doesn’t agree with a move she calls it bad gameplay its b.s. 2) Jordan has often critisized others for doing nothing all season but eating and sleeping mainly Porsche. I scream at the tv everytime she does it..Dear Jordan, You too have done absolutely nothing all season but be an echo for Jeffs thoughts. She won an HoH comp which was thrown by Jeff/Brendon. Since Jeff left she’s been carried by Rachel, I have to bring this up because she’s contradictory in what she says and does. She calls others out for doing nothing when only thing she’s done is fight Shelly for flipping on her alliance which I enjoyed b/ it woke her up. This isn’t summer camp its a cut throat game!!

  15. If adam wants to make it to the finals one vet and one newbie will need to go home in the next two weeks. In the final three if he loses he is guaranteed to be taken to the finals by whichever vet and newb is left over because they will think they could beat him for votes

  16. Worst season ever, I can’t remember the last time I wanted to stop watching so early. And its not because Dani went home, my faves always go home and I always still watch. But this season if it wasn’t for Simon & Dawg BB would have def lost a fan. Keep up the good work Simon…I really think I need onlinebigbrother rehab…

    1. I agree, I didnt even bother watching the past 2 shows, just came here for updates. That says alot considering I have only missed 4 shows total out of all the seasons.

  17. Adumb to Jordumb: “Here Jordon, here’s my (& all the newbies) endorsed cheque of 500K for you. I just think you and Jeff (aka Jethro) are just so swell that, well, gosh golly, it’s a small price to pay just to be your BFF. Can I further inflate your raft for you? Help you straighten out your bangs, maybe brush them to one side for a moment, only to swish them back again? You’re so nice Jordon. I know you’re Jeff’s girlfriend, but if you ever need a hand steering over Jeff’s coat tails, don’t hesitate to ask as, well, I don’t like to brag, but I’ve mastered the art these past few weeks…. you know, practice makes perfect and all that.” (AG cues the music: “Feelings”,a cheesie little diddly based on a melody composed by Loulou Gasté and made famous by Morris Albert, who recorded it as a single released in 1974, is playing in the background).

    (a moment of silence, please, to mark this touching yet poignant moment)

  18. I can’t stand listening to her talk also…but Adam is such an ass kisser to the Vets!! He just wants to be liked by them and is on a poer trip right now. All his talk about everyone has a chance to save themselves and win comps…but he had no problem begging to be saved ALL the times he didn’t win!! He seems to forget Kalia saved and voted for him to stay many times!!!

    It’s soooo watching him on his high horse…I can’t wait for them to give him the boot and it would be even better if it ends up being before Porshe! Ur girlfriend will just “love” that ur gambling with the chance to make money by not choosing the path with the better odds.

    Way to throw away ur big brother dream…ED won’t have any respect for u being the ultimate sucker!!!

  19. u guys make me laugh jordan won a hoh and yes jeff and brennon blew it but who is to say they would of beat her and she plays a great social game seeing as how she is a winner and in final 5 now better than danni and dick dick was out first week!

    1. Dick left on his own free accord and Jordan is teh biggest floater in teh house. I used to love JJ, but Jeff proved to be a bully and all Jordan does is complain about the “floaters” in the house and then decides to keep the biggest floater Adam and herself for F3. Jordan needs to understand what floater means, because her and her sidekick Adam are the biggest ones in the house.

  20. I do agree that Kalia’s motor mouth is getting to be unbearable. I try really hard to watch bbad but they cut to her going on and on about nothing. Why don’t someone finally say shut up already or do something productive like pack your bags and prepare for your demise

  21. Get Kahlia out & let her work “literally” more than 2 days a week. Please give me everything for free!! I DON’T LIKE KAHLIA!!

  22. I think its funny that bad player Adam is still in the game trying to win and good players, Dani, Jeff, and Brendan are in the jury and have already lost.

    Dani, Jeff, and Brendan have never won. Dani was 2nd place (the first real loser) to her dad, who didn’t try to be liked.

    Go J/A/R

    I guess if the wrong people from either side are winning, the game is rigged. Maybe it is the producers flipping and not the players.

  23. I honestly don’t think she has a shot changing his mind he is only saying he will consider it to shut her up and not cause drama and if i could see an upside of keeping her then i might agree with some peoples theory but i can’t see how it would benifit him in the game or with the jury. I thought was funny how kaliah was accusing jordon to adam that all jordon wants is to be with jeff and she won’t be mad at him for evicting her. Really does she think he will actually fall for that not mention now she is wyning about her boyfriend but if he was really considering it he would be telling jordon every word of their conversation. But lets play devil advocate for a moment he does use the veto and jordon goes. He has lost jj and brendons vote then they hope to get rachel out but rachel wins veto and what you think happens next well KP spend the next few days reminding rachel that adam is the reason that jordon left that he betrayed you so who do you think goes adam and pk are laughing because they made it to final 3 and it is 2 against rachel

    1. If Jordan gets evicted, Jordan will probably go next. Porche and Kalia could possibly take Adam to final 2, cause thay know they would have a better chance at winning. Whereas Jordan and Rachel will definately take each other to the final. Just because Adam gets rid of Jordan, doesn’t mean he will lose their vote in the jury, as Jeff hates Porche and Kalia for his eviction and thinks all they do is eat and sleep, same with Brenden and Shelly.

      Adam has 0% chance of beating Jordan or Rachel. He has a better chance against Porche and Kalia in final 2.

  24. OMG if he keeps kp then he won’t have to worry about f2 he won’t get their and if by some miracle p or k decide to screw one another he still won’t win because the vets have the votes and they will never vote for him

  25. I want it to be monday already so we can stop having to hear her talk or maybe adam can stop stringing her along and just put us all out of misery and tell her she has no hope becasue we know he isn’t going to use it and he is repeating every conversation to jordon. I don’t think he is telling jordon this out of the goodness of his heart he is telling her to insure that kaliah goes becasue he wants her gone

  26. That is hilarious, When I was an audience member for an eviction a few weeks ago, we were asked what would they like Big Brother to say to the HGs. Someone in the audience said “THAT”S WHAT SHE SAID” It is a riot to actually hear that they used it…LOL….:)

    JRA to the end!!!!

  27. Yea, but if Adam gets rid of Jordan and then Rachel can’t play in the HOH and everybody steps up their game in the Veto Rachel will be gone and then Adam has a better shot of winning this game vs a newbie then a vet…if Rachel or Jordan is in the final 2, they win for sure

    1. Liking Rachel less and less for the win. Her post eviction remarks are poisonous, and S/D’s responses to them were contemptuous. I still would like to see a RP F2 with Porshe winning. I can dream.

  28. i beilve only the best should go tothe finale kalia and rachel letit be agood battle right, ifadam doesntuse theveto then he screwed he could have made amove wit dani but didnt screwed theirand now is his only chance why keepsomeone who said they never wanted to play and won before,keeping kaliakeep himself save,she wil win the next hoh, i beilve kalia will win the game if he uses the veto, its annoying how he aleays has some power and doesnt use it, use the veto adam dont be dumb

  29. I really think Rachel deserves it this year !! She has come a long way from her last season, she has shown she isn’t as crazy as she looked last season and she is strong, won some comps, and is a good player all around. I’d love to see her win it over Jordumb. I’d be happy with Rachel and Adam final and Rachel taking it. Can’t stand Cowlia The Hut, disgusting to listen and watch and Porche is as dumb as Jordan so Rachel seems the best of the bunch at this point !! Adam deserves kudos for sticking to his alliance as well, if he does, he deserves at least 50k. Let’s not forget how painful it was to see Pinto and The Hut and how they act after they gain power, its painful to watch, and I love watching them squirm when they don’t have the power !! Go Rachel Go !!

  30. Jordan iacts like a baby and has no intention of taking Adam to the finals so why should he be loyal to her? She won already and if BB rigs it again for her to win again, I’ll never watch the show again. I just can’t see a witch like Rachel or someone who does little but play with her hair all day as Jordan win. I am really disgusted by even the thought of it.

  31. I wish Adam would not lead Kalia on and just tell her that his mind is made up and nothing that she can do or say will make him change his mind and he doesn’t want to hear anything else that she has to say. I am so tired of her voice. i understand she is trying to persuade him, but enough is enough.

    1. I know, if Shelly couldn’t get Adam to change his mind, Kalia sure as hell can’t. I’m surprised she hasn’t gone into the future evictee sleep marathon yet.

  32. Adam needs to leave the nominations the same. Get out Portia or Kalia who never stops liking to listen to her own voice. (can’t stand her) Adam, Rachel & Jordan to the end. Adam takes out Rachel and Jordan wins! I’m sorry but I would luv to see her win again! Big Brother History!.. Everyone thinkds Jordan does’nt have a Clue, but she is the smart one. Aligning herself with the right players, and keeping quiet when need be, all the others think no one would give her the money. Why not if she and Adam made it to the end, all the others think Adam is a floater. The money would be hers!

  33. There is no benefit to Adam whatsoever for using the veto, none. Kalia goes and he has 3 friends left in the
    house, including Porsche. I think Porsche is his ace in the hole. If given the opportunity, I believe Porsche will
    take him to the finals.

    Rachel is by far the best competitor left, but she can’t win everything. Porsche has just as much chance as
    anyone else of winding up in a position of power.

    If anyone deserves to win it’s Rachel, but there is no guarantee she will. One of the strongest competitors
    ever was Janelle and she still didn’t manage to win. BTW I just looked her up (she is one of my favorites)
    and she is married now and going to have a baby in December :)

    Adam is not likely to win BB but 2nd place is better than nothing and he has a shot at that if Porsche
    gets in power and breaks up JR. This is not necessarily my choice, I want Rachel to win!

    1. P.S. I meant to include:
      If Adam used the veto he puts a target on his back if Rachel or Jordan become HOH so since it’s to his
      advantage to get rid of Kalia, it’s not worth it.

      P.P.S. Kalia, please STFU before I shoot my television screen out.

  34. Hey Rachel, Kaila remind me of Russell from (BB11), Jordan will tell you. She is a female version of Russell. Better call cookie dough Jordan or Jeff. Kaila is scary me right now.

  35. Adam if you use the veto, you are dumb! you have the best chance at a final 3 deal with JR! & in the final 3, there is 3 HOH’s, he has a shot at one of them, and if he wins two; he decides who he takes! best chance is to get KALIA out this week, Jordan win HOH, nominate Porshe & Adam. Rachel, or Jordan win veto (most likely Rachel) & then Rachel has the one vote, & she evicts PORSCHE. final 3 JRA, then JR take each other & honestly, Rachel wins big brother.







  37. What really bothers me is when Jordan keeps saying that Porsche hasn’t done anything. What???? What exactly has Jordan done?? NOTHING! Out of all of them, Jordan is the LEAST deserving to win. Not to mention she just won 2 years ago, selfish much???

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