Big Brother 13: Adam loves the fans “F*ck them they aren’t getting me 500K i’m going to get ME 500k”

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3:05pm Backyard Adam, Jordan, Rachel None of them want to go into the kitchen because Kalia will talk game to them. Adam starts telling them that Kalia was saying last night that Jordan really doesn’t want to be in Big Brother and Jordan just wants to go to the Jury house and see Jeff. Jordan gets pissed to hear that, Starts speaking loud “She gone she’s outta here”. Adam: “The funy thing is Kalia is saying the same thing Dani would.. ohh the fans want to see big moves the fans want to see an exciting show” Adam loves the fans “F*ck them they aren’t getting me 500K i’m going to get ME 500k” Rachel mentions that she doesn’t even like to play cards with Kalia.
(Adam sucks I hope he gets out Third and they withhold his stipend becuase he was so lame)

3:20pm Porsche, Rachel and Adam laying around the backyard They talking about how this is the adam show becuase Tori Spelling came back. Porsche asks Adam if he wrote the jingle for Big BRother. ADam starts humming it.. POrsche asks if there is a metal version. Adam starts to sing his own metal version of a big brother theme song.

They start talking about Jessie.. Adam wonders Where they found a character like that. Rachel thinks it was open casting. They all think he’s hilarious, Adam finds it funny that he was on the show 4 times now. Rachel: “The more awesome he gets the more I think about him.. The more I think about him the more awesome he becomes.. ” They laugh.

Adam asks how big the Pandora’s box room is because on TV the room looks tiny. Rachel says it’s abou tthe same size as the HOH bathroom. Porsche thinks it might be bigger.

Rachel is moving the lawn chair into the shade.. she’s complaining that her boobs are too big. Porsche says it’s becuase her top is too small. POrsche comments that Shelly lost 20lbs in the house and her boobs were shrinking. rachel: “We need to do the Shelly diet english muffins and stress” (actually it was more Coke, Smokes and lies)

3:45pm backyard

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3:53pm Backyard Kalia and Porsche Kalia is saying that Adam told her he’s still on the fence what to do. Kalia told Adam that they are still in an alliance so if he wants to talk he can talk. Prosche thinks that Kalia is making more progress than she is. Kalia leaves..

4:00pm JRP Bathroom POrsche and Jordan talkign about having more energy becuase they laid out in the sun for a but, They decide to go work out again. Jordan is telling rachel she looks way better when she doesn’t wear so much makeup. Jordan is getting ready to work out she doesn’t want to lay down the entire time.

4:05pm backyard Jordan and Rachel Jordan saying that Kalia told her she isn’t campaigning to get Jordan evicted. Jordan laughs brings up that Kalia is doing exactly that. JOrdan: “Theres a lot of Fake people in this House” Rachel agress wishes everyone didn’t have to be fake. They both agree it’s just the way the game is.
Jordan starts running laps around the back yard, Porsche joins Rachel on the couch and they talk about nails.

4:12pm They’re talking about their periods.. hurray

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Are my eyes and ears deceiving me? Adam talking like he has got nuts?


maybe Jeff’s..


Somebody needs to compile the best zings about these houseguests. From K’s verbal diarrhea, dumb & dumber, straight shooting she-man, and BigJ’s cojones in Adam’s mouth. LOL.

It would be a blast.

BTW, I think I just hit an all-time low being First [takes the customary shot].

Nicole - TEAM DANI

NO ADAM you arent getting you 500k either with all your dumbass moves, but the FANS could have gotten you 25k.. but they wont.


Haha! I think Adam alienated the 3 fans that he had.

Teri b

Can’t help myself…..hoping Adam does NOT use the Veto. KOWlia has to be removed and if he uses it Jordan will go home. KOWlia is making me crazy with her talkingtalkingtalkingtalkingtalkingtalkingtalkingtalking.

Is it my imagination, or does she just talk NONSTOP? Can’t stand her.


I don’t watch the live feeds, but the constant complaints about Aunt Cowlia the Hutt’s too much talking, verbal diarrhea, etc. makes me wish I can watch the live feeds.

Call me a masochist, but I think it’s so funny to hear all these things about Kalia. Go, Team PorKa, yo!


Yep it’s true if she is awake she is talking and talking and talking…I would love it if production told her to shut the bleep up already!!! Or someone else grow some balls and tell her I mean she is a bit annoying I hope she is gone next:)Could you imagine being in the house with her? I would have done been kicked out hahaha


Yes, Kalia talks NON STOP. I have to put the TV on mute on switch channels when she starts yapping. I switch back 10 mins later and she is still f – ng talking!!


i watch BB after dark and one night Kalia went on and on about her stupid dog . she said she threw it against the wall once. she literally talked the whole 3 hours!! i would never pay for live feeds with someone like her on.


Adam needs to grow some balls he will never win at the end with Rachel and Jordan he should stay with the newbeesss.. what a fool….


Them’s fighting words, simon!

Not a PHD student

more pathetic, watching these clowns on the internet or knownly having sex on camera knowning people are watching you?? Boy George’s next paycheck is coming from Vivid ent. mark my works……….


i watch the live feeds up tp this very hour and rachel didnt say people watching this feeds are embarrassing she was referring to themselves


Adam is completely right. He SOULDN’T be playing for the fans.

He’s playing for himself. He shouldn’t give a rat’s ass that floating or throwing comps is boring, they’re all tactics to get to the end. Everyone keeps talking about how Jeff, Brendon and Dani are such great BB players and how Jordan and Adam suck at the BB game, but obviously their tactics are working because Jeff, Brendon and Dani are the first ppl in the jury while Jordan and Adam are still in the house. What’s more? They really aren’t on anyone’s radar as the big target to get out.


Are you serious? Adam is a buffoon that is way too enamored with the vets. He’s a fat, sloppy, lay about, who has no game whatsoever. He’s being out played by a country dimwit like Jordan, which says a lot about him. He needs to grow a pair and play to win, and stop trying to be everyone’s friend. No one respects him, so even if he did make it to the final two (which he won’t), he wouldn’t get a single vote. He’s nothing but a dumpy Pillsbury Patsy.


Must be adams mother the one person who could love him


…no, I’m not Adam’s mom….
And yeah, I’m serious. Who right now wants to get Adam out, out of the people that are left in the house? That’s right no one. The big targets are Rachel and Porsche which proves that winning competitions and being big and bad doesn’t necessarily mean you’re playing the best game.

I’m not an Adam fan, but his plan to win is definitely working. He may not be the most entertaining person, but he’s in the best position in the house right now. He shouldn’t care about the fans. He’s there to get the 500,000 dollars, not to make fans happy.

Only "rigged" for viewership

I completely agree with you. Adam should be playing for himself. Its not about big moves or whatever –its about getting to the end. People who attack him and Jordan need to chill with their insults. I mean who are they to attack and insult people in that manner? Adam is playing the game he wants to. Jordan has her own smarts. Unless you’ve been on the show –these people have no right to insult these people. And for the people attacking Jordan, unless they’re a genius, they shouldn’t be attacking her smart. I completely agree with you. And just for the record, I am a fan of Adam. I think playing integrity –for as much as possible in this game –says a lot about a person outside of the house. I have more respect for Adam and Jordan for keeping true to who they are and not constantly backstab other people. (Note that I say constantly –there is a point where people will ultimately have to make a move against their alliance unlike, one person we know as: Shelly)


Yes your right is a nice girl and hads been loyal. But there is one thing that I don’t like about her is the way she talks about everyone else game. Saying that Porcha and Kalia has done nothing. The HOH she won was given to her. Ans first of all Porche did not need to win until now, why would she show her cards before she needed too. The same for Kalia she won when she needed to save herself. And in the challenge that Porsha has been in she was close to winning. What is Jordon record dead last or close to last ever time.


The one thing that Adam and Jordan both have is they have been loyal to each other from the very beginning and like it or not they both have a great social game and they are honest. They are liked which in BB does matter.

fer sure

Please don’t tell me that Adam and Jordan have been loyal to each other. Adam jumped to the other side right after Jeff was evicted and Porsche won HOH. He wanted Rachel and Jordan out. Then he slithered back after Rachel won the veto (the veto where he could only hang on for FOUR minutes).

If kalia or Porsche had won this most recent veto he would have flipped again and voted out Jordan.

Jordan was talking to jeff about getting rid of Adam 3 weeks ago.

Saying they have been loyal to the end is just inaccurate.


Get real. Adam is a nincompoop on strings, dancing to Jordan’s down home fiddle music. If he can’t see that Jordan’s only loyal to Rachel, then he’s an idiot, and if he sees it, but chooses to disregard it, he’s a foolish idiot. Eitherway, that dummy is about as close to the 500K as I am. As for insults, the only thing being insulted is the intelligence of people that have to sit and listen to some of you talk about Adam and Jordan as though they actually have triple digit IQ’s.


I hope he uses it and Jordan goes home. She doesn’t deserve to be this far in the game.


Agreed, Jordan is dumber than a bag of farts. And just about as usefull.

Only "rigged" for viewership

Who are you 2 to judge to say that she doesn’t deserve to be in the game. Let me say this again –the point of the game is to get to the end and try and win $500,000. The game is not about big moves or whatever other criteria that you have for thinking that she doesn’t deserve to be in the game.


I don’t want Jordan to win because I think she is the pinnacle of idiocy and I don’t want my daughters to think that they can go through life dumb and judgmental as hell but money will be thrown at them because they pity them for their stupidity and good looks. I don’t think Jordan’s cutesy southern charm is good for young girls as role models.

give me a break

And by the look at what you are saying about jordan is any better for your daughters talk about calling the kettle black.


I don’t want your daughters to model themselves after a reality tv star either. If only they had someone else that they could look up to. God forbid they turn out to be as awful as Jordan. (sarcasm)


She doesn’t deserve to be in the game, because her game was saved by a stupid twist. She should be gone already. If Jordan was on the block, and campaigned for votes, and stayed, that’s one thing, but she just gets handed everything without putting in one ounce of effort.


Exactly, that’s why I feel she doesn’t deserve to be on the show anymore.

And I’m over people saying her social game is good. NO her social game sucks, because, if you don’t do what she wants, she stops talking to you. She sucks at comps, her social game is good if you do as she says, and without Jeff it shows how weak she truly is. The woman depends on other people and they eat it up, because, she’s “cute and sweet” Jordan. I can’t stand Rachel, but, at least she works for her spot.


I think we all should go on the CBS site and tell them we want the Jury house, instead of the HOH house to watch. These people give me a headache


well hello says the pot to the kettle


I am pulling for Rachel this year. She is playing well now after so many ups and downs this season. I enjoy how she and Jordan have become friends and look out for each other. Rachel deserves to be in final two and ultimately should win – IMO.

Kalia needs to have a deduction from her stipend – shall we say 10cents for every word spoken in BB house. Hope Kalia brought her check book.


I agree… I think Rachel has changed and I love how she is playing the game … GO GIRL GO (RACHEL) FOR THE WIN :-)…. As for Kalia…. not sure she has enough money …lmao .. that girls mouth never stops … DANG even when she eats she talks… the only time no words come out of her mouth is when she is filling it with food, and as soon as the food hits the mouth out comes the words… How can she do that … I tried and almost choked myself … dang … Kalia talks so much thinking she is putting a bee in peoples ears .. but what she is really doing is planting a tick .. and i heard those things hurt ….


Stupid thing said I am posting too fast to slow down but this is my first post today?? Don’t know if it posted so trying again.

Agree, Rachael for the win! I loved her last season too, she was kicking ass then too! I agree w/Jordan Rachael looks much better w/o tons of makeup. Big improvement this year over last on the makeup. When they show her w/o makeup in a close up you can see how beautiful she is, she has gorgeous skin (I’m jealous, lol) that makeup cheapens her look, she is beautiful w/o it.


That’s me Mrs.Pathetic and Embarassing..Maybe my life is empty that I read all of this stuff.


Wow coming from the most pathetic and embarrassing person in the house!


Go figure… hope she wasn’t making plans for the money she would get if she won America’s Player… needless to say that ship has sailed.


rachel meant the people who watch feeds must think the houseguest’s are pathetic and embarrassing…at least thats what i heard


Rachel is pathetic. And I’m embarrassed for her.


That’s coming from the girl who was a pathetic mess the first half of the season.


And I guess everybody that’s rootng for her are too lol I’m so ready for this season to be over


I like how if you are against them your a fake -____- I want Jordan gone SO BAD! Adam can take his ball-less ass away too ugh! I hope Rachel wins because at least she tried to do something in the house!


Kalia IS fake lol! She was just sitting by the pool telling Jordan that she doesn’t want Adam to use the POV because she doesn’t want Jordan going up. Then, Kalia goes to Adam and tells him to use it so Jordan can go home. You can’t get any faker than that. The whole house is pretty much fake lmao.


Best moves by HG going forward

Jordan – doesn’t really have any moves. Her best bet is to let Adam and Rachel carry her to the final 2. If she’s sitting beside Adam at F2 she’s a lock to win (BRJS for votes)

Rachel – is currently playing a smart game by essentially dragging Jordan and Adam to the finals. Her best chance is end up in a final 2 with Adam and win based on gameplay (JJB would vote for Rachel and I think even Dani would vote for Rachel over Adam, she doesn’t like either of them, but she’s a gamer and I don’t think she could live with herself if she gave the money to Adam)

Porsche – I think she just needs to not worry about alliances at this point and focus on winning either the next HoH or POV. She hasn’t really made any enemies so it’s all going to depend on who’s sitting beside her and there’s a lot of variables. She loses against Jordan (Jordan will get the three vet votes plus Adam and/or Shelly) for sure. I think she can beat Rachel (she’ll get DKS and maybe Adam) and probably Adam (DKS and possibly BR)

Adam – I don’t see him winning against anyone. Even his own alliance that he was so true to had no respect for him (Jeff calling him a bozo for instance). The only person who might vote for him is Jordan.

Kalia – her game ends this week


I thought she meant the people watching the feeds must think they are pathetic and embarrassing, she just said it in her weird Rachel way.


I think she meant it this way too


That is what she meant not the people watching the feeds are pathetic, but that the people watching the feeds think that they, the house guests, are pathetic.


that is what it sounded like to me, that we would think they are embarrassing (esp. bc they are sitting around talking about periods) and that we would think the feeds are pathetic (i think production has bothered this cast a lot about being too boring and they are getting very self conscious about it bc i dont remember any other cast saying this kind of stuff)


That’s what she said 🙂


that is what she meant

devils advocate

ya ‘that’s what she said’


that’s exactly what she meant: she said, people would think they are pathetic(as in they the HG’s) omg people!!


Has Rachel looked in the mirror lately?? haha


OK Really quick. Everyone has different streagths and weaknesses.

Kalia: Good a questions. Bad at physical. Bad social.

Porsche: Good at physical. Not so good a questions. Bad social.

Rachel: Good physical. OK at questions. Bad social.

Jordan: Great social. Bad at physical. Not so good at questions (almost beat Kalia last time.)

Adam: Good social. Bad at physical. OK at questions.(Potentially good).

Some more about Adam that most seem to overlook: As part of his social game, he is loyal (mostly), let’s his aliance know what he is doing and keeps his plans to himself otherwise. He keeps people coming to him, giving him more information about them and where he wants to go.

You may not like some of these people, but give them credit where credit is due. “Doing” something in this game is MORE than winning comps.


That’s exactly what I’m tryingto say and I think it comes off the wrong way. Most people look at things as black and white in this forum. Adam is not all bad and terrible and Rachel and Jordan and Porsche and Kalia are not all great. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but jeez, like you said, give credit where credit is due. Adam’s playing the best position right now.

He can justify not using the veto by saying that K voted him out and therefore PK are going to have to prove their loyalty. This way, THAT’S RIGHT, he doesn’t piss off any of the people. What’s wrong with trying not to piss anyone off lmao?


Well, I’ll give you this much, at least Adam didn’t need a twist to save his game, but Jordan’s social game, while better than Rachel, Porsche, and Kalia, is sub-par at best.


The Gospel according to Rachel. WTF!! LMAO!

The is the same woman who thinks this is “The season of Rachel.”

Nuff said!


Your a moron that is not what Rachel was saying, She was saying that instead of thinking of last year as the main season she was on Big Brother she now considers BB13 to be the primary season she was on bigbrother because more has happened for her


no attacking each other on here simon will block you (not cool calling anyone moron)


Are you kidding people attack each other on here every second of every day. On OBB being called a moron is like giving someone a back rub


LOL i sooo feel bad for simon and dawg who have to sit there and listen to all these women talk about there periods and how kalia talks about shaving her vag all the time. Yall do it for us and its all greatly appriciated so i dont have to. Idk what i would do without this blog. Also jordan saying everyone is fake in that house. Umm look in the mirror.

Only "rigged" for viewership

I’m sorry but unless you know Jordan in real life, don’t go attacking her. For the record though, I don’t think that Porshe is being fake.


If I met Jordan in real life, I’m positive I could convince her that im a magical sorcerer and my poop turns to gold only when it touches a blondes bare chest.

“I don’t know why it didn’t happen. You must not be a real blonde.”

“Weeee-yell thayats OK. Cay-an you clean may off?”

“sorry, got to go.”


Talk about role model to your daughters…. lol, you are the biggest Piece of S on these boards.


“JOrdan: “Theres a lot of Fake people in this House” Rachel agress wishes everyone didn’t have to be fake.”



The girl can’t help it she has mouthoverloadassitis. That’s what makes her the girl you love to hate one minute then the one you secretly root for when she is being picked apart and being the target of everyone hateful banter.


adam = idiot, stupid, floater, fat, annoying, gross, etc. !!!!!


Kahlia……….pleeeeeeeeeeeez stop! She never shuts TFU! Hey does anyone know how much the stipend is?


$750 per week. It’s probably more for the vets though.


RS- I remember reading that someone (I think Adam) asked Rachel if their stipend was more this year and she said something like “I wish”
So I guess it’s the same :/


Gotcha, thanks.

Benny Hill

She might have said that because she didn’t want them to know she was getting more money.

If it got down to her and a newbie it could influence the newbie’s vote in the jury knowing she got more money than them.


LOL, thats possible too, or maybe it’s just Brendon and Rachel that got standard stipend. For some reason, I think CBS likes to mess with them.


Jordan said it right “Rachel needs to shut up cause she’s not a good talker!” I don’t think its something she feels strongly about.


Well it seems it makes u and all of us pathetic and embarrassing LOL


When do we get to see on the live feeds if Adam uses the pov?


Well u were asking what this makes u
So it seems that it makes u and all of us pathetic and embarrassing :p


Rachel is right we should be embarse looking in on them and watching every move they make. I love it.

Midwest Fan

Today’s BB Chum – FANS!


None of it matters!.. CBS/BB has rigged and Manipulated this game show BIG Time! ~ what they did to Porsche’s HOH with that phoney Pandora Box was pathetic!.. and the last straw for me! – I will never watch BB ever again!!

Rachel's shrink

none of any of this matters because the “competition” is rigged.
It will be Jordan and Rachel in the finals and Jeff will be America’s player.

Bet on it.


Ultimately, Jordan loses. She has to go home with that caveman, Jeff.

Team Ooga Boogaa!


Dear Jordan and Rachel,

Please look down at your own chests, and then tell us who’s fake.


oh snap


Oh Suh NAP

Anonymous 2

Who cares?

Only "rigged" for viewership

I’m sorry, but that is a stupid, mean, and demeaning insult. First of all, you don’t know that for a fact. Second of all, if by some miracle what you’re saying is true —who cares?


It’s not a miracle, it’s true. For the record


The only thing worse than Jordan and Rachel’s hypocritacle attitudes, disgusting personalities, and obscene comments, are their cult of personality.


Jordan had her boobs done several weeks before season 11 began. She mentions it in her ‘get to know the house guests’ interview. It’s on youtube.

Linda Smith

Telethon on tonight where can I watch BB live?


i think rachel meant the people who watch feeds must think the houseguests are pathetic and embarrassing…



Go Rachel!!!!!


@skulk re: Best moves by HG going forward

I think you nailed it. Adam’s only partial chance is to go with Jordon and even then it’s not a sure thing. It’s Rachel’s game to lose right now.

Team 500 G's

What about people who have sex with their boyfreinds…..knowing that there are cameras watching them?


They are called exhibitionists and they have no self respect or morals. She’s a skank and he’s a pervert, likes to show off his junk on skype. Yuck, they are both gross.


Just because Adam doesn’t do what YOU want him to do doesn’t mean he is dumb. take out Jordan and Kalia/Porsche win this game. Kalia is a much bigger threat then Jordan is. Kalia is the biggest threat right now and needs to go. She is good at questions and would likely win HOH. Her and Porsche are tight and will take each other. It’s possible Rachel or Jordan would take Adam. Better chance for them then for Kalia or Porsche to take them. Go to the final 3 with Jordan and Rachel. Rachel likely wins part 1 and Adam would need to step up and win part 2 giving him his shot at final 2. I find it interesting the hatred you people have for Jordan and Rachel and how everything is fixed because things don’t go your way. The same BS every season and every season you watch. The ratings are very good. I think you are all pissed at Dani leaving so it must be fixed.


I could not agree with you more. The funny thing is, they keep saying Jordan is stupid. She is young, sweet and naive but not stupid. She has been playing the game, just not winning competitions. It was Jordan’s idea to keep Kalia in the dark about who to vote for and got Kalia to throw herself under the bus. That’s pretty smart if you ask me as that is one of the main reasons Adam doesn’t want to keep her. All Kalia’s whining about JR lying to her is pathetic. She knew they were not on the same side yet she wanted them to tell her who to vote for because she didn’t want to be the odd man out. Why would you rely on the people you have been trying to evict and have been bad-mouthing for weeks? Why in the world would Kalia think they would help her out in any way? She is the worst social player I have ever seen. I case she doesn’t get it, badgering and hounding someone day and night (and planning to continue all week) is the WORST way to get someone to vote for you. I would be so mad at her verbal onslaught that I would be chomping at the bit to vote her out!


Outsmarting Kalia is like beating a one legged man in a 100 yard dash. It’s not exactly an accomplishment. Leave Kalia in a room alone for 5 minutes and she’ll outsmart herself. Twice.

For the record I don’t think Kalia’s voting for Adam (even though it was incredibly stupid of her to do so) has anything to do with his current alliance decision. He was going to side with Jordan regardless, the vote just gives him a way to justify it a bit better,


I think someone is putting words in rachels mouth! She would NEVER say the fans are pathidic she loves her fans you must of heard it wrong!


Adam whacks off to Jeff’s picture at night.


Adam actually thinks he’s getting 500k! That just make me ROTFL!!!!!!!!!!!

All I got to say is Adam better hope he does win, because if not he’ll be dumbest floater sitting in jury. Even if he does make it to F2 he has no chance against Jordan or Rachel.

I’m so hoping Adam proves to be a failure one again and Porsche pulls out the win. He’ll definitely feel like an idiot.


Silly adam. Youre not getting 500k. You played scared and contributed nothing, and now youre only hope is porsche does your dirty work and the couples side with you. If you wanted the money you should have grown balls 2 months ago


Did Adam just really say Eff the fans they’re not going to get him $500,000…he’s going to get him $500,000!!! WTF….the nerve of this jerk, I hope anybody wins but him or Jordon, for the life of me I can’t understand why the hell are they letting her hang around when she’s already won, they will not win against her in the final 2!!! Geezzz these ppl are driving me crazy!!! BB please give J&R their checks already the way it’s looking those 2 will be in the final 2!!!! Adam should get the award for best ass kisser his lips are still attachted to Jeff’s ass via Jordan!!!


Jordan is unbelievable. She’s in the diary room talking about her and Rachel should be in the Final 2 because they BOTH proved that they should be there. Once again, I like for Jordan to let me know what has she done but have Jeff and Rachel carry her?

I have no problem with Rachel making it to the end, but Jordan…HELL NO!


Simon & Dawg, Thanks for the updates. I can see some real emotional stuff from your posters, and I am thinking “why aren’t they going outside to play — it’s a holiday and the weather is beautiful most places. So I can only offer a plea to those staying home to read your updates to remember how much entertainment you are providing — and to remember to donate for this free service. Thanks from many for your hard work.


dang Simon, that’s an ugly pic of Rachel.. It makes her look like a witch


Yeah sure does,and she sure is, and as I posted the other nite, Salem, MA wants her back in time for halloween


watching CBS, when is Rachel going to learn how to pronounce Brenden’s name. I’m so sick of her saying Brenan. I just rather she call him Bukie


she burned alot of bridges this yr, but in the end i think the jury will votes on who played the best game, hopefully


Simon, it all depends if she wins the First HOH comp and she gets to choose who she’s going to the final 2 with. If she picks Pinto over Jordan , the only vote she will get would be Bukie’s. If Pinto wins the First HOH comp and she chooses Rachel, then Rachel will have Bukie, and JJ, and maybe Adam. Adam is still the swing vote again


Bukie?? Sounds like a Japanese porn act.
Do you mean ‘Bookie’ because that is Rachel’s nickname for him because he’s a student.


JJB vote for Rachel
DKP vote for Porsche
Adam, once again, is the deciding vote.


Adam isn’t the deciding vote. LOL He’s going to do whatever Jeff does. So if Jeff says he’s voting for Rachel then that is what Adam will do.

kathie from canada

There has been just so much nasty back-biting among the girls this season. I think guys do much better letting go of stuff like that, but with girls? Not so much. I think the jury votes are a real crapshoot!!! Too many grudges and bad blood and it would be naive to think that it will not influence choices. So Simon, I guess my answer would be – who knows? However Rachel has certainly had to fight harder than Porsche to remain in the house and that should give her the edge if everyone takes the time to notice.


If Rachel keeps up her habit of leaving ultra-catty good-bye messages for evicted HG I’d say Porsche has a chance. So far she’s 2 out of 3 with snarky messages. I don’t see that trend breaking with Kalia.


It will be hilarious when porsche wins hoh and R and J go back on their “deal” they have will adam and campaign to evict him and when he realizes its happened it will be great. I could care less who wins BB but adam is taking himself out of contention of winning if he makes to final two with a vet he will have the three vets against him and if its rachel danni will vote against him and if its jordan shelly will vote against him. His only chance is to be against porsche or kalia in final two because all four vets would vote for him to win because they dont wont to see either porsche or especially kalia win.