Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Adam “It was Dani’s Army against Jeff’s army”

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5:40pm Adam and Jordan Adam points out that every time Wednesday is here RP become best friends again then after Thursday they are apart until the next week. Adam points out that it’s been this way for a long time at least a couple weeks. Adam talks about how Shelly betrayed him. Jordan says Shelly betrayed everyone. Jordan understands that Shelly is a nice person she lied to them but in Shelly’s mind it was all strategy.. Adam says the one thing he’s pissed about Shelly is she would make such a big deal about losing comps but now she is saying she threw a bunch of them.. Jordan gets called into the DR (Diary Room), Adam starts to mess around with the fortune teller.

5:51pm Porsche and Rachel find out they are the same height..

6:40pm Porsche and Rachel Working out Porsche is complaining about her elbows cracking Rachel says hers does to..

6:55pm Shelly, Jordan and Adam in backyard couch and Jordan and Porsche working out, Kalia on the hammock. They are talking about how strong Rachel. Shelly is making a big deal about it saying stuff like “She’s making me nervous” and “look how much weight that is”. Shelly says she wants to go try and lift the bar once. She walks over does 20 presses says there’s no way she can get close to Rachel’s 35. Shelly walks away saying “Your a beast rachel .. a beast” rachel: “I don’t think it’s really that hard”

7:03pm Adam on the hammock, Rachel and Jordan on the couch everyone else inside. Rachel brings up that every time she works out everyone is all “She strong get Rachel.. Jordan is so cute and sweet she’s not a threat” Jordan doesn’t think so she says now that Rachel isn’t so outspoken people aren’t like that with her. Rachel just doesn’t understand why they all think she’s such a strong competitor and why people always want to get the physical players out…

7:06pm Rachel leaves Adam and Jordan start studying there season 13 time frame. both of them really know their stuff.. Jordan thinks the HOH will not be skills or question. Adam thinks it will be something that take awhile. Adam thinks it will be something like like what Brendon did last year where you had to untangle a rope and carry it with you. Adam is pretty sure Kalia will not do well at that comp compared to him and
Adam: “If I win HOH don’t scream.. I know the other 2 will start screaming but I don’t want you to”
Adam says the people he’s been true to in this game are the ones he’s backing and it will all come out in the nominations. (Adam is going to throw the HOH)

7:23pm Adam is telling Jordan that he knows KP do not consider him important. He brings up Shelly telling him that any deal with KP will not be honoured. Jordan is worried that Porsche and Rachel are getting close and she’s worried that Rachel will get “fooled”. Adam again warns that it’s like clock work every Tuesday rolls around and PR are best friends.

Adam brings up how Dani had control of the other side and it pretty much came down to Jeff’s army Vs Dani’s army.

Jordan cannot understand why people were against Jeff he’s so honest. Adam tries to explain that people wanted Jeff out because he was a competitor and they couldn’t beat JJ in the end. Jordan thinks it’s sad that Dani put that in every-one’s head. (LOL see I don’t get this.. Jordan is proposing they have everyone on the same team? )

Adam explains to her that he wanted Jeff out but wanted to be the one that got him out he wanted to face him “Mono A Mono” and let them compete.

7:38pm Bathroom JR Jordan brings up her conversation with Adam where he told her not to be excited if he wins HOH because KP think he’s with them but when he does his nominations it’ll show he’s on their side. Rachel: “He’s not going to let us win it” Rachel thinks it will be best if she wins HOh this week.
They move to the have-nots
Rachel I think Adam is playing everyone.. Jordan: “WHY!”
Rachel: “it’s just best if I win”
Rachel is sure that Adam will mess up on the faces veto hr gets easily shaken. Rachel adds it’s most important that they win HOH because they need to get Kalia out but in order to do that they need to win the POV. Rachel swears to Jordan that Adam is not with them he’s floating between both sides. Rachel really pushes for them to not trust Adam and Kalia. Jordan walked into the conversation wanting to trust Adam but after a few minutes of talking to Rachel Jordan doesn’t trust Adam. They start planning how they are going to act on Thursday when they win the HOH.. Rachel: “I’ll be all like Ohh good job guys you really worked hard” Jordan: “Ohh and one of you are going home”

They agree that going into the final 3 with Kalia is dangerous. Rachel starts downplaying Porsche physical ability but says she’s going to be good at skill. Jordan says she’s just worried about the questions. They 100% agree Kalia must go.

Rachel :”we have to win the 5th HOH and we have to win the final 4 POV”

(Rachel wants Porsche in final 3 Jordan wants Adam… If Kalia doesn’t win HOH or POV Kalia gone)

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143 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Adam “It was Dani’s Army against Jeff’s army”

  1. Not like Dani wanted it that way. Jeff and Jordan were the ones all season that expected everyone to follow the “Us or Them” mentality. Dani tried to play everyone to her advantage-which is how Big Brother used to be played….

    1. The way it is supposed to be played? Are you nuts? Dani is dumb she should have stayed in the super alliance of BRJJASKPL when they were in the final 11, but no Dani had to go out and make a game move. Big Brother is about making alliances and sticking with them with integrity and honesty. smh@u.

      Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!

      1. “Big Brother is about making alliances and sticking with them with integrity and honesty. ”

        What a deluded fool you are. Jeff thinks so too. Threw that PoV that could have saved Brendan and lied about it. Tsk tsk.

      2. LMAO the house is boring without Dani. If you want to watch a family friendly show watch something else. Dani made the season interesting to say the least. If she didn’t do the stuff she did the season would be JJ>Vets>newbies, with the newbies kissing JJ’s ass the whole time til they get evicted 1 by 1.

        1. Yes, listening to Dani whine & pick the lice out of her hair was excitement all on its own…she didn’t learn ANYTHING from her season. She tried to hook up with a man-boy & got him evicted…then hid under daddy until the end & STILL didn’t get the big win…same stradegy, difference is daddy did not stay to hide her. IF she would have stayed until at least the final 5 then they would have battled it out…but she is STILL out of the big money once again….boo hoo

      3. pretty funny…that wayy everybody is just niice to each other & they’d all be on jeff & jordons side, get all giggly when theys nominated they wouldnt fret none cuz whoever loses and gets evicted jus laffs cuz everybodys so niice & all until good ol jeff & jordon is the only 2 left course theys niice and all…shooot dont matter who wins then, they’d just split it down the middle and maybe just maybe buy everbody some pie cuz when yor niice you jus wanna eats you some pie

      4. “Dani had a final 11 alliance”….do you know how silly that sounds? There were 13 people in the cast and 1 self evicted 5 days in. I’m amazed by people on this site not understanding the game.

    2. ok, the show is sooo boring without Dani… i’ve not been keeping up with threads and the live feeds for a few days now.. So who’s going go home on Thursday???? hopefully that flipper Adam

    1. I’m not so sure about that.

      Votes for Rachel: Brendan, Jeff, Jordon
      Votes for Porsche: Dani, Kalia, Shelly

      Adam would be the swing vote yet again so it’s a bit of a toss up

      1. I think that Adam will attempt to dispel the floater tag by claiming an alliance with BJJ at the end. All they need to do is tell him that he can come to the post show parties with them, that would be enough.

      2. if adam is true to his word, then he will vote for pinto. he always said he wanted a newbie to win and he really doesn’t like rachel

    2. no, rachel wants to take jordon to the f2 the only reason she wants porche is because she is a back she porche will take her if she wins not jordon

    1. Adam has to be one of the best game players ever to walk into the house, go team floater ftw!!!111
      Anyone who would think otherwise is a moran!

  2. Here is a primer about each HG’s fans.

    Jordan’s fans believe:
    1) Jeff is God
    2) idiocy is a virtue
    3) when she lies, backstabs, and acts like a spoiled bitch, it is totally cool gameplay but when others do it they are evil

    Rachel’s fans believe:
    1) psychotic behaviour should be rewarded because she uses it constantly
    2) her turtle-faced sneer is a thing of beauty
    3) it’s perfectly okay to hide in a bush when you’re feeling unloved, heck we do it too

    Adam’s fans believe (both of them):
    1) when he comes home I will cook him bacon
    2) when he comes home I need to keep him from looking himself up on the net
    3) when he comes home get him to jump up and down repeatedly hoping that his testicles will descend

    Shelly’s fans believe:
    1) anything goes for half a mil, even the occasional tiny little white lie
    2) JJ fans are certified retards for the death threats and should never be allowed out of their trailer parks unescorted
    3) she played the game the way everyone plays it, only better, and the DR is not a confessional

    Kalia’s fans believe:
    1) chips are a food group
    2) she is a genius, even though no one else sees this
    3) she is too silent, she really needs to open up and speak her mind on everything

    Porsche’s fans believe:
    1) she has big knockers, fake, but big and she needs to trim her ass down in size
    2) she looks great in her pink bikini
    3) ok with her nabbing $500K, maybe she’ll make her tits even bigger

        1. Shelly fans

          -are delusional
          -are actually sick in the head if they like this old hag
          -most likely transvestites
          -have no morals
          -are fake people and talk shit behind peoples backs
          -could careless about anybody but themselves
          -have everything they need but what truly makes them happy is seeing other people miserable

          I understand lying is part of game play…but mostly everybody in their DR sessions admit to their lying unlike Shelly who actually believes them and then blames others for her lies but also constantly bashes them and smiles in their face…shes a sick, disgusting person…i dont care if this is a game you just dont treat people like she has in this game especially if its really her whos the scumbag

            1. This is coming from a person who wanted dani to win for most of the season until she kept aligning herself with losers and making bad game play after bad game play…Im not a JJ fan couldnt stand how everybody is in love with them…I root for great game play and good players…right now rachel is the best so i hope she wins it

    1. And Dani’s fans think that anything she does is OK (it is BB after all) but when somebody else does it to Dani it is foul play. I think all these guys suck. I want ED back…

      1. A few more for Dani:

        1) Even if your miles away from any of the other house guests, you should still mouth/whisper your strategy in case someone has supersonic hearing (this is what the pros do).
        2) If you put your hoodie on your head then your face becomes invisible so slather on all the pimple cream you want.
        3) Whether you know something is going to happen or not, always say “SHOCKER” it makes you look genius.

    2. The Kalia one is the best! LOL! She definitely needs to speak out more. Being in that house must repress her truly wonderful gift of gab.

      1. Just the remaining house guests if you notice he didn’t put Brendan or Jeff either do you hate dani that much lol

  3. Jordan really doesn’t have a brain in that pretty little head of hers does she? And I love how she’s always always bringing up dani. It’s almost an obsession. Here’s an idea, worry about the people still in the house.

      1. Me 2 Squabble:I hope Porsche is an Brain donor, she has the “biggest idiot” and a no brain that could pass for new. I know Squabble, Porsche has no Brain. I get it.

    1. If I had to predict I’d say

      Shelly goes home Thursday
      Rachel wins HoH and puts up Kalia and Porsche. Kalia goes home
      Porsche wins HoH and puts up Jordan and Adam. Adam goes home
      Jordan gets beat out and it’s Rachel and Porsche in final 2

    2. A throws next HOH
      If JR win KP go up
      If KP win JR go up
      A throws veto
      Either K or J go home
      Not going past next week

      1. Well if Adam is going to throw the HOH and Jordan, more than likely, will not even understand what to do, that means it’s Rachel and Kalia, head to head.

        1. Who cares its just a show. And for one jordan only whooped her ass once, as they ‘ve only been in one season together. But my point is its a show so who really cares about bragging rights. Are you really going to come on here and be like “jordan this jordan that over dani this dani that.” I like jordan, and her game strategy, whether she realizes it or not is great, sweet and nice and no one ever makes you a real target. But of course I was rooting for dani and thought she played a good game, but it was like she said, most of them didn’t come to play, at least not until she left and they got out jeff. But to end this I wouldn’t mind seeing jordan win again, heck what do I care if she’s won before, or Rachel or porche

        2. ‘can’t fool me,my line of work let’s me notice ppl’s writing habits’ – LULZ
          Sorry, never posted under a different name. I hope your ‘line of work’ is not to falsely accuse people.
          Btw, why are you obsessed with Dani?

        3. 1. No such thing as “The BB books”

          2. Getting further in the game does not equal being a better player. A drug dealer won season 9, are you telling me he has this game figured out better than Jeff? I mean, I guess that’s what it will say “in the books” right?

          Sorry, but weak argument. You get an F for the day.

  4. Adam said he would vote for Rachel if she was in the final two .. that i hope he holds true … he is still a fence sitter and only leans towards the power… not sure if i could trust him .. now way would he want Rachel around at the end … or Jorden for that matter …. its gonna be a hard call for those two (Rachel / Jorden) to decide who they want out if the win HOH…
    You have Adam;;;;; good for not a thing (ok a vote)
    Then you have Porsche;;;;;; good at skill and some what strong
    Then you have Kalia;;;;;; so far shown only good a questions…
    WOW gonna be a tough call … GOOD LUCK GIRLS … GO RJ .. :-)

  5. look how easily Porsche got back to being Rachels best friend again. ugh these people are dumb. Now I hope Adam wins just because everyone else is so stupid

    1. You have heard the saying keep your FRIENDS close and you ENEMIES closer…. Loved it when Rachel and Jorden planned on keeping close to Por and Ka…. Calling it Operation Sleep Over…lol … :-)

    2. Porsche’s in a much better spot than Kalia right now. I want K to win HoH just to get rid of a vet and keep P safe but couldn’t care less about her winning the game. She’s such a horrible strategist that she might end up nominating P.

  6. Ok, so I only started watching BB during season 10. I’ve tried to ‘catch up’ and am watching other random seasons here and there. I’m currently watching season 6 and can I just say FTW? Who the eff is this ‘Cappy’ dude and is there a drinking game based on how many times those bitches say ‘Cappy!!!!’
    Sorry, completely unrelated to this season but forgive me, my BB cherry has only recenlty been popped.

    As for this season: I was going to blame Rachel’s recent mood change on her pregnancy but I guess she has smashed that theory. I kinda like that crazy-ass chick. I like her and Jordan together.

    Also, I read the comments a lot and I have to say: Way to go BB fans for always keeping the ‘disagreements’ focused on the show and not making it personal. Very nice!

    1. You know R really could still be pregnant. It could be too early to test. Hopefully she checked the expiration date on the test. And tested with 1st morning urination. All those things can bring a false negative. Ever watch I didn’t know I was pregnant? Lots of them took pregnancy tests that came out negative

      1. Of course I know she could still be pregnant. BB/Production would have had to have supplied her with the test, right? Unless she brought it ‘just in case’. I know all too well about false positive/false negative testing. I work in an OB/GYN office!

        Anyway – I’ve come to the conclusion that she says ‘fiance’ as much as the girls on 6 said ‘CAPPY!’

  7. Adam wanted to beat Jeff mano a mano? What is he even talking about? It’s not a boxing match. Does he mean the final 3 because Adam would fold like an old rental car map.

    1. Why wouldn’t you? She was by far the most entertaining person in the house, and she wasn’t that entertaining to be honset. Evel Dick > Dani.

      Adam – Nope, up Jeff’s ass
      Brendon – Nope, always whispering
      Dani – everything minus the stupid Rachel bashing and shocker nonsense plus Dunzio
      Jeff – Big Jeff is sorta funny minus the threating bully behavior
      Jordan – No she is on vacation
      Kalia – God no, just talks nonsense
      Lawon – Self evict was funny
      Porsche – yeah I see signs every once and awhile
      Rachel -(see Rachel’s pic in upper right)
      Shelly -Yeah, straight shooting. Me likey

      I would have loved a final 4 of Dani, Jeff, Porsche, Shelly. Best personalities in the house.

  8. I’m I the only one that is wondering why Jordan has such a hard time understanding why people wanted Jeff out when she herself is wanting Kalia out for basically the same reason?? Jordan is working my nerves this season!

    1. Exactly. The way some people play the game it’s almost like they are the main actors and everyone else is the supporting cast. It’s the mentality of ‘I want you out, I can strategize about taking you out but God forbid you even think of doing the same to me’. Guilty on both sides.

    2. Well this is kinda what Dani was referring to when she spoke about people wanting to write them a check. Jordan doesn’t see the problem with that allow she lacks the brainpower to follow her “logic” to that obvious conclusion. If no one should be against Jeff, its up to Jeff to decide who stays and who goes. And they should be OK with that I guess.

  9. Y’all aggravate me when you spell their names wrong constantly in your post. OBVIOUSLY you watch the season and read on here every single day. I’m pretty sure you’ve caught on and picked it up by now. Its not Jordin, Jorden, or Jordon. Its not Khalia, Kaliha, etc. Sorry for my rampage I have an OCD about spelling when its obvious. But anywho, I don’t see why people want Kalia to win. I cannot stand seeing the sight of her or hearing her annoying ass voice. And Porsche with her ugly fake boobs. Its funny when she is laying down and they’re just standing up lol.

    1. Funny you bring that up. Some people on here where talking about how Roachel, Jordumb, Porscha, and maybe Cassie have had boob jobs.

    2. My ideal final 9 would have been

      Evel Dick

      Notice how almost all the amusing people/competors are out. 2/9 remain. Lame!

      Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!

    3. [Chuckles @ Tori’s OCD with misspelled names]

      Tori, will you please repeat it again for the second time once more what you meant by “seeing the sight” of something? AnyWHO, I hope real BB fans will vote for Shelly as Fan Fave on this site. Go, Team PorKa, yo!

  10. Correction from last feeds:
    The final 3 part HOH competition BB13 prediction:Jordan vs Rachel vs Adam
    Part 1:Endurance event-Rachel (Winner-Bye), Jordan (2nd-Round 2), Adam (3rd-Round 2)
    Part 2:Mental/Physical event-Jordan (Winner-Advance to the final Rd), Adam (Nominee)
    Part 3:Who says-Rachel vs Jordan: Rachel (4)-Jordan (4) correct tiebreaker-Jordan wins with the tiebreaker
    Jordan wins HOH takes Rachel; evicted Adam
    Same Scenario
    Jordan to win:Jeff,Adam,Jeff,Shelly,Dani,Kaila,Porsche
    Rachel to win:Brendon
    Jordan wins 6-1 Winner of Big Brother 13, Rachel finished runner up, Jeff wins America favorite Houseguest
    BB11-Jordan (Winner-BB11)
    Part 1:Endurance event-Kevin (Winner-Bye)- finished time automatic Natalie finished time-TBA (Round 2) Jordan finished time 3 hrs 27 minutes (Round 2)
    Part 2:Mental/Physical-Natalie finished time remain w/ 5 out of 10 correct .02 sec, Jordan finished time remain with 9 out of 10 correct .18 (Winner)
    Part 3:Question from the Jury-Kevin 3, Jordan (3); tiebreaker question about votes being cast for eviction: Kevin (80) Jordan (50): The answer is 51 cast-Jordan wins and evicted Kevin
    Jordan to win: America Votes (Chima expelled), Jessie, Jeff,Michelle,Lydia
    Natalie to win:Russell,Kevin
    Jordan wins 5-2 winner of BB 11, Natalie finished runner-up, Jeff wins America favorite Houseguest.
    BB12-Rachel Evicted 9th place
    Part 1:Endurance-Hayden (Winner), Lane (2nd, Round 2)-2Hrs 35 mins, Enzo (3rd, Round 2)-19:14
    Part 2:Mental/Physical-Lane Finish time 1:13 5 photos corrected (Advance to the final rd vs Hayden),Enzo-Finished time-Finished time 1:43 (Nominee)
    Part 3:Q&A from the Jury:Hayden vs Lane; Hayden (4) – Lane (4) tiebreaker question-HOH part 1 Rumble in Jungle-Hayden (91),Lane (55)-Hayden wins and evicted Enzo
    Hayden vote to win:Enzo,Regan,Matt,Kathy
    Lane vote to win:Rachel,Brendon,Britney
    Hayden wins 4-3 winner of BB 12, Lane finished runner-up, Britney win America favorite Houseguest
    So, how would Jordan don’t do well in the competiton? Seriously, did you see Jordan try to compete HOH or POVs. She will really good of mental except the puzzle part. Come on, how would Porsche can do endurance, mental/Physical, and Questions from the Jury? No way Porsche can’t do win competition by being so cocky. Kaila, come on how would she handle final 3 HOH with Endurance, Physical/Mental, and Q&A from the Jury. There no way both of them would go to the final 2.
    Jordan improvement: Focus on the Round 2 of HOH competition deals with Mental/Physical including remember the HOH winners or memorize the HGs face without any pressure. Also, need to finish faster time than BB11.
    Rachel improvement:This will be Rachel’s first 3 part HOH competition, part 1 have to stay longer with time remain and in part 2 just in case she didn’t finish the Physical. She has a perfect photo memory with HOH winners or HGs faces. Part 3 is also Rachel first Q&A from the Jury and if she and Jordan tied go for the tiebreaker question based on either HGs eviction cast, HOH or POV competition w/Endurance,Physical, or Mental which relates of evicting HGs or save the HGs.
    Jordan vs Rachel Final 2
    Porsche or Kaila can’t compete this one because of her cockiness and aggrogant. How would Porsche can be coached by former HGs Janelle. Both Porsche and Kaila doesn’t stand a chance of winning it. If you guys think that this a fanasty, well this is reality.

      1. Maybe you didn’t watch BB all season? Beside, this is reality not funny. That’s the truth. I speak my opinion.

      2. Just think if Natalie didn’t lie or act a fool pissing Lydia and Jesse off, then we wouldn’t be dealing with Jordumb, because she wouldn’t have won.

      3. The two best BB moments this year was Jeff literally throwing his own veto right out of the box and him begging to stay. Ha ha ha ha karma is a fickle b*tch.

        1. I want to add a few on to that.

          Dani calling Rachel a cheerleader.
          Lawon wanting to be evicted.
          Shelly shooting straight in 24hr confinment.
          Shelly saying there are *** stains.
          Dani saying pull and pray.
          Dani calling Brendon a zombie.
          Jeff’s facial expresson when he gets the HOH key from Dani.
          Dani’s eviction speech.
          Jeff saying that he has fixed Rachel or something during DE night.
          Adam freaking out knowing Jeff will be evicted in the DR when he had to vote on DE night.

        2. it’s true, i am Christian but I believe in karma and Jeff really isn’t that good of a guy – or didn’t appear to be – and him flinging that veto out of his crib of ball was truly some sort of karmic poetic justice

        3. Yes, I agreed with this one:The two best BB moments this year was Dani literally screw up her own plan right out of the backdoor and her begging to stay. Ha ha ha ha karma is a fickle b*tch. Yes, I know. You hate Dani. I got your back Team JJBR.

    1. Rattle off all the stats you want just put them in coherent sentences. I wonder if your world of warcraft friends know where you are?

    2. you are CRAZY to think Jordan is going to just win comps against Rachel – Jordan is a moron and whenever she wins, it feels like she just got lucky
      i think Rachel will get stronger as BB goes on and she realizes she has a shot – and i think she will feel confident she can beat Adam in Jordan in comps which will give her momentum
      and you are even CRAZIER if you think everyone except Brendon will vote for Jordan
      Dani will drop dead before she sees someone like Jordan win another 500K – and you will see, others will vote on who played the best game

      1. yea, I’m a guy, no matter what I say it’ll be taken wrong, best way not to get in trouble is to be somewhere where they are not! I actually think he is doing good game, everyone wants him, and he doesn’t want to screw that up! lol

  11. The show completely blows now. Whether you were a fan of dani or jeff either way those ships have sailed. Casting better
    Figure something out soon. Past few seasons have been a complete disappointment weeks until the finals

  12. Holly crap Simon and Dawg i feel real bad for you guys, you have to watch this shit almost 24/7. I’ve watched 20 minutes of BBAD and want to put a bullet in my head. Move the cameras to the jury house and lets see what the popular houseguests are doing cause ALL the ones left in the BB house are absolutely terrible and annoying as hell. I hope you guys have a fully stalked bar wherever it is you guys are running this site from, your gonna need it for the next 2 weeks…

  13. I’ve watched Rachel turn into quite a woman
    this time around. Rachel held her head high
    Jeff went out begging. Dani went out like the
    spoiled brat she is. Branden went out like a
    good sport. I think Rachel should and will win
    BB 13.

  14. GOOD GOD……Does Kalia like to her herself talk or what? EVERY SINGLE conversation she’s in, she has to take over, have a bigger or better story. UGH Can’t WAIT for her to be gone!!!!

    1. On BBAD they were reminiscing about the very first night in the house, and Kalia mentioned how awkward it was for her because she’s so bad at small talk!

  15. Okay
    Answer this Question
    Who played a more ethical game?
    Matt from BB12 (who lied and said his wife had a rare disorder and he was trying to win in order to pay for his sick wife’s costly operation?) or Sheldon?
    Who ended up being the more ethical player ?
    I vote for Matt!!

  16. This is all Jeff’s fault. He should not have backdoored Dani. Look where that got him now. What a fool he is. Kalia evicted his ass and he deserved it. Dani and her fans have the last laugh.

    1. You can’t blame Jeff for backdooring Dani. Any man who has that oppurtunity to backdoor Dani would take it. ;)
      On a more serious note yes that was Big Jeff’s downfall.

      Team Dani 4 Life, Yo!

    2. gooood god. DANI GOT TO PLAY FOR THE VETO AND LOST THEREFORE IT IS NOT A BACKDOOR pretty annoying how dumb you fans are

  17. I must say even though my fav HG is gone DANI.. this season was very entertaining and very unexpected! god job cbs and since dani is out im team Rachel and PINTO now. but why is jeff winning in the polls he was horrible this season.

  18. The way everyone is playing. Adam will wind up winning. Hello house!! Adam has done nothing except get on his knees and worship at the alter of JJ. and lets not forget the picture of Jeff trying to walk with Adams head up his butt.

  19. I’m not a porsche fan, however, part of rj’s plan this week is for Rachel to stick close to porsche and Jordan to kalia. I think that is why porsche and Rachel are hanging together so much. Rachel has her eye on the prize and will do whatever it takes – it’s not always pretty but she plays hard

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