Big Brother Rewind – First Show Is Tonight!

Big Brother rewind

Big Brother Rewind Airs Tonight at 7pm EST

TO watch the show you need to go to if your having issues with the video we have 3 other feeds to choose from on the bottom of the video

I’m very excited to introduce you all to a great BB webcast called Big Brother Rewind. With a billion and one BB webcasts on the interents its hard to pick the one that fits best and i’m happy to have found this one. This is the one and only webcast Dawg and I will follow this year to complement our feed watching. Like Big Brother Rewind is run by BBfans for BBfans.

heres the skinny

Andrew & Jessica Zarian discuss everything that happened on the CBS hit reality show “Big Brother”. This specialty show will throw you inside the house with discussion focused around the HOH competition, the POV and of course the elimination ceremony! Past guest include former BB winners. Follow along as Andrew and Jessica dive into America’s favorite guilty pleasure.

Available on Itunes


Available on their website


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anyone else having problems getting into the live feed? i have downloaded everything and i was able to get in the other day bit now when i click on bbite and it ask for my passoword and e-mail it just keeps sending me back to that screen and my feeds are just black and eveytime i want to change a camera it ask again for my username and pass word i can get in to the superpass website by not the llive feed anyone one know what i am doing wrong please helppppp me so i have the feed for tonight


First episode is tonight and we still don’t know who all of the contestants are? Are we POSITIVE that Allison Grodner didn’t eat 6 of them and is just trying to cover it up while she finds somewhere to hide? (Not easy for her to do.)


I am a newbie to this site. Heard lots about it from co-workers so thought I’d check you guys out. Rumor has it that anything written/said on this site is “fair game” regarding opinions, critiques, complaints. etc. regarding the show, CBS etc. Is this true? What in your opinion is “TABOO” in terms of posts? I’m looking to have fun, not offend. I have a few comments about this season’s guests, but will hold my tongue until I am fully aware of “tolerable” comments.


Thank you Simon! Glad to be a new member! Cheers!


I have a feeling that this season should be called “Celebrity Wanna-Be/Never-Was Rehab!” Where’s Steve Adler?



Jedi Jani

Now all the sudden I can’t log in at all…starts to come on then disappears…anyone? Live feeds

Jedi Jani

BTW…..Glad to be back this year and so happy Simon and Dawg are still doing this site…it’s by far the best …. In my above post I was referring to BBLITE…..not sure what’s happening with it but hope it is fine by Show Time…….lol


Welcome back Jedi Jani

Jedi Jani

Thanks Rockstar….good too see you here too….

kathie from canada

Rockstar!!!! She lives!


Kathie!!!!!!! how the heck are yah?

Jedi Jani

Thanks Simon….very helpful…..explains it all….


Yeah, me too. Can’t log in anywhere, sends me on a loop.


Can’t wait for the premiere!! BB Fan for life!


me too, me too Abby


Simon or anyone else who might know,

Should we still be able to see the commercials or “CBS BB USA” on BBLite or just a black screen? When I had it open at work earlier it was showing commercial but now on my home computer I’m only getting a black screen.


I think For me, it’s a “toss-up” as to who will be this year’s version of “Monet & Brittney” – it will either be Kalia & Lawon or Cassi & Porsche. As for “Ms. Perpetually Windblown” Shelley she’ll be “Kathy.”


TO watch the show you need to go to if your having issues with the video we have 3 other feeds to choose from on the bottom of the video

Thanks simon for the post


Can’t wait for tonight. I’m so glad you guys are still doing this site. It’s the best one out there. I got the live feeds yesterday. I’ve watched every season but this is my first tome getting the live feeds. Thanks again Simon and Dawg for all you do.


I just added Showtime to my cable package so I can tune in to BB After Dark! I hope this season’s cast is more entertaining than last year’s cast. Watching them on BB After Dark was sooo borring!

T that's Me!

Oh, it is so good to be back! Simon, Dawg….looking forward to a wonderful season with you guys!!!! Hey Rockstar, good to see you!!! Let the games begin!!! 🙂


Hey T… Welcome Back!!!


Great to see the old gang back again. Hopefully BBGrandma will be back too!