Big Brother 13 Spoilers – First Live Show Twists, Dynamic Duos, and Cast **Updated**

Here we go folks the first live show and BIG BROTHER 2011 SPOILERS

West coasters here you go
I’m pretty excited for this season it’s going to be some serious fun. I’ll give you the results from the live show it’s all going down 6pm PST. If you are having difficulties with the live feeds either with BBlite or the superpass website please check out this post I will be updating it with news as I hear it from my contacts. Note that as of right now 3:53pm PST I am in sign up loop for Big Brother Lite which I’m told will be fixed before the show starts.

I will continue to update this post for the duration of the show.. The “Live Feeds” tab will go live on SuperPass at 9pm PT/12am ET. It will be next to the “Live Interviews” tab.

Returning Houseguests

New housguests are
WOW big surprise

HOH win goes to= Rachel

Twist is

Twist 1 Each houseguests forced to pick a partner and play in pairs.

The new 8 houseguests have to pick their own partners the HOH winners must nominate one pair, the nominated pair has to campaign against each other.


Twist 2

Being nominated for eviction is a blessing and a curse.. The surviving nominee is safe from elimination.
The big brother golden key guarantees you a spot in the top 10. players nominated in the beginning that survive eviction are safe 3 weeks. Holders of the golden key cannot compete in the HOH until there is only 10 houseguests remaining.

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139 thoughts on “Big Brother 13 Spoilers – First Live Show Twists, Dynamic Duos, and Cast **Updated**

  1. Yay! 35 minutes and counting, Good to know you will update right away in case I can’t find a live stream from back east.

  2. Hey Simon or Dawg do you guys by chance have a phone app? Can’t wait to follow you guys again this season!

      1. I go to the site on my iPhone but it doesn’t show the mobile site. It’s just like on my laptop. Also do I have to put in my name and email everytime I post a comment?

  3. Simon this is my first time getting the live feeds. I’ve signed into my superpass account but I don’t see where it says live feed. It only says live interviews. Am I missing something or does it come up after the show? And on BBLite I only get a black screen.

  4. Its going to be interesting to see how this duo plot plays out. ** Simon and Dawg you guys do a great job**

    1. Aww Rockstar, Canadian Fan is here, put your head on my shoulder and cry as hard as you need to, thats it, just let it out, lol. How ya doin anyway, did you see I was your first dislike, lol

    2. I have to admit, I’m not hooked yet. With all of the people who would like to be in BB, why keep recycling players from other seasons??? We know them pretty well and the new HGs must as well.

  5. Damn 2 seconds into the house we already got a glimpse of Rachel’s nipple….. Please , PLEASE Dick and Dani be the 3rd couple

  6. I’m already disgusted. It’s like my worst nightmare has been realized. I cannot tolerate Jeff/Jordan or Brendan and Rachel. Until they are voted out, I’m not watching.

    1. I know right? they pretty much already told us what happens this week, Rachel wins 1st HOH and Dick and Dani goes home…. I smell the stench of the BB12 Brenchel domination all over again. I predict Brenchel winning and BB getting their 1st Wedding.

  7. Dick is an idiot. Nobody can trust Rachel, now I’m starting to believe Dick and Dani are the 1st Duo gone.

  8. Should have known Rachel would win that comp. Who else can keep their legs wrapped around a banana that long? :) Loving my hottie man Jeff!!! (Yes, he’s a little obnoxious, but I still LOVE him!)

  9. WOW! This is going to be interesting!! With the exception of Rachel’s voice. I, for one, am happy to see Dick back. :)

  10. HELP – I’m getting chased around the house by someone who is mimicking Rachel’s laugh. Save Me!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. The only way this season could have sucked more than last is having to see Rachel’s face on my TV screen.

    …..Oh wait.

    *gouges out eyes using a butter knife*

    Seriously contemplating not watching till the red parrot is gone.

    1. In my opinion Evil Dick is looking worse.

      In the Diary Room sessions that showed him and Dani together he looked horrible and maybe it’s me but something looks wrong with him. In other shots he looks ok.

  12. WOW BB is here again! can’t wait for Racheal to get the boot , Oh well at least it wasn’t Pig Pin who came back. Looking forward to all of your comments this is my fav time of the year.

  13. how do you get to the live feeds on the superpass website?? there’s nothing to click that says live feeds

  14. Hi Canadian Fan. Welcome Back. Are we going to be tough this year? Wanna slap each other around and flex our muscles? hahaha

    1. Yeah for sure, I had a lot on my mind last year, but this year im ready to bring it, lol. I got to use to just reading and watching last season, this season im back in the game. Look out im getting back to the basics of pissin people off, well except my crew, lol wheres that mascott BBGrandma at, I need my grandma fix, lol and Kathy and hey even Jimmik, lol, Lots of twists so far, looks like it may be a good watchin season.

          1. I’m ready, Simon! Looks like it going to give us a lot to type about. I haven’t seen the first show, yet, being here on the West and got to late to the one you gave the link for. But from the comments on here, I can see it is going to be a good summer!

                    1. Oh hell, PigPen, I forgot to put my name on my comment again! But again, it is good to see you!

        1. Hi, grandma, its great to see you back, I got your back always and I always know you got mine, lol, Another few months of having some fun with some great people, your at the tops Grandma.

          1. I know I can count on my Canadian Fan. And, you just need to turn around and I will be there. I look forward to a fun summer and looks like there might even be some excitement this year. If not, we will make our own. I have missed you!

            1. Well in my best Elvis voice, Thank you, Thank you very much, lol. I missed you too, We have to form an allience on here, lol yeah boom boom boom, Gee I drink too much, lol

                1. Hang in there Grandma, a couple days and you will have this all figured out, good to see you back my friend. I gotta get my nasty on but never at you, lol

                  1. I love it when you’re nasty, Canadian Fan! I know I’ll figure it out sooner or later. Did you know Muc died last Oct? I have a new big guy, Mansion. He will be a year old this month on the 13th. He already is 175 lbs and 6’2 on his hind legs. He is going to be bigger than my Muc was. I have had him since he was 4 mos and I love him so much. But, I know that doesn’t surprise you.

                    1. Hey Grandma, I did know about your baby Muc, I checked in on the site a few times and I saw that you lost him, A big hug and a im sorry to you from Canada, pets are something special, We probably could never be loved so unconditionally by anything on the planet then a dog, glad you have a new baby now, he will be loved for sure and thats what owning pets is all about, I get angry when I see people do bad stuff to animals, its just makes me wonder who really is the animal, Im getting wound up, lol Gotta sign out and go to bed, its late here and I gotta get up early, Take care Grandma.

          1. There’s my favorite Rockstar! I am so glad to see you, too. I am trying to figure out the new site. You remember that I am old and change is tough. I can see you are going to like this season. Some of your favorites are back. LOL I have missed you!

              1. Welcome back, BBG! I forget if it was you or Rockstar that started it, but what was the drinking game last year? Please don’t say it was every time Rachel laughed…

                1. QAZ!!!! Good to see you! I did not creat the drinking game but I did participate. It grew as the season went on but one was if someone complained about spelling. Another was if someone said they would never watch again. And, if some one asked a question that had been asked and answered several times before. So, we will start again!

              2. Grandma – it will take a while to figure things out. This year I’m having trouble with my name. I don’t know if it is the new browser or not. Plus when I click on a comment I get lost and can’t find anything. I might have to download firefox to make sure it isn’t just me

                1. Well, Rocky, if that works let me know. I am lost! I go back to the first page to see recent comments and when I click to answer you, sometimes I find you and other times I end up hell knows where. Now if I wait for an email, it will take me right back to reply to you. I can’t wait to answer you, tho! So you think we might need to download something? Well, if you think it will help, you let me know. See, I still trust you!

                2. Yeah, Rockstar, same here. When I click reply I have to scroll down and retype all my info in. You on Firefox 4? If Simon/Dawg are on WordPress to run the site, then their may be nothing they can do about that. No biggy.

                  1. QAZ, you do have to scholl down to the bottom but you only have to retype in your name. You don’t have to retype email or website. I don’t know Firefox or whatever. But, I do keep getting lost unless I wait for the email and that takes me right to the comment.

                  2. QAZ – I’m using Google Chrome and I have to figure something else out because I can’t find anything. Argh

                  3. Simon, what browser do you use? You have any of these issues? No worries though, I’ll just take my frustrations out on Allison Grodner.

                    1. QAZ – When I click on the comments in the side bar I’m being taken to the actual comment. Last night it wasn’t working but today I’m not having any issues. I still have to type in my name but I do believe that is on my end.

                    1. simon – up until this morning when anyone made a comment and it showed up in the sidebar, once you clicked on the comment, it would bring you directly to the comment in the post. It wasn’t doing that until this morning for me. It’s a little fumbling now then to comment because you have to scroll to the bottom to get to the comment box and then you forget what was being said.. hahaha or that could be me because I’m a little stunned

        2. Maybe it’s just me, but Keith is a tool! Porsche is Rachel lite and Lowan is just ridiculous. He made me laugh a lot, but I wasn’t laughing with him. Nobody should be seen in public wearing that outfit! Liked Adam and Cassi. The rest, bleh!

      1. I’m here Canadian fan – I’m just stifling big yawns so far. I already know who to hate with the recycled six, and the newbies haven’t thrilled me either:(

        1. Hi sweet Kathie, sorry i spelled your name wrong, stop yawning Kathie, this is the season you grow your wings and kick it, lol I know you can’t , thats OK, we will take you as you are, lol

      2. umm Canadian Fan. I think I might have to fight with you. No jimk. He’s already here under a different name. If I don’t see him and his bull I will be happy. Yuk. That guy is an asshat.

  15. I am glad that Pig Pin and that idiot Jesse weren’t on the return list but not at all pleased to see Nasty Rachel leading the big guy around by his balls….Hope Dick and Dani do well but I do like Jeff and Jordan too….Kinda liked that Shelley too….should be interesting….Wonder who Dick will take on first? Would like to see him up against that loud mouth laughing hyena … Would make her visit to the BB house tolerable for me…..jus sayin…..

    1. I’m with you there! If I can be guaranteed a viewing of Dick making every minute of Rachel’s life hell I will be one happy camper and will reconsider picketing outside of CBS headquarters.

  16. I’m waiting for dani to approach Rachel and have her nominate her and dick thinking she will be safe and her dad gone but then it backfires and dani is gone and Dick safe till final 10.

  17. thank god for rac-(b george) and the others returning members. the newbies are lame. also, dogg are you gonna post pics of the cast this year of what or who they resemble? last yrs were hilarious
    peace n carrots

  18. I seriously CANNOT stand Rachel… Why would Big Brother do this to their loyal viewers.. I’m so pissed off!!

  19. Hate Brenchel, Love Jeff/Jordan, Enjoy Dick/Dani. Something tells me those two southern gals could be pretty strong??? Not feeling any of the other newbies yet.

  20. WOW what a great first episode!!! I hate Rachel more even more now, I hope my man Adam survives

    double WOW my server didn’t crash this year HURRAY! lol

  21. Great first episode!! I wasnt really digging the returning couples twist before the show but now that I’ve actually seen them back in the house I can’t wait to see what happens.

    Dominic not knowing who ED was really shows how in over his model head he is. He wont last long

    Adam seems cool but his drive to take out the old couples first may damage his game. He might need to work with some of them to get to the end

    Can’t wait for the feeds to start up, I’m expecting a long night especially with the very first “Dick at Night” show of the season.

  22. I like jeff and jordan, but i think jeff and jordan are not as strong as peolpe make them out to be. Jeff is not that good at comps, unless america is voting.

  23. I’m so glad jeff and jordan are back can’t stand the others!! Will someone please get rachel out next week!!! Dick can go this week!

  24. Awesome premiere! This summer is going to be a blast. I’m surprised…I actually really like these new twists. I was a bit worried when they announced they’d be playing in pairs, until the rest of the twists came out. They put some thought into the longevity of the game when deciding things this year. Best of all – No Jessie! That’s a gift that keeps on giving. Lol

    1. you are not going to miss Jesse? maybe they will bring him back halfway through him and lydia or him and pigpen

      1. Thanks Name for the kind words, i got your back too, We canadians are known as peace keepers but we can raise some hell at a hockey game and we always look out for anyone who is looking out for us, LOL Good to be back and its always nice to be remembered,.

  25. nothing comes between me and my banana (barf) she is even more annoying this year but still I want her to stay because i know her and evil dick will butt heads eventually and if anyone can make her cry it’s him. and danielle looks better with blonde hair. and jordumb is still just as clueless as a can of peas ( oh wait thats the size of her brain) the newbies are all giddy and hard to read yet will have to watch after dark to get more of a feel for them.
    peace n carrots

  26. I am confused with the new twist. Julie said that pairs had to be put up. Is the POV for one or for the team? If the POV is only for an individual and another person that is a part of another team is put up, then is the partner of the one that gets the special key not eligible for nomination since Julie said that teams would be nominated together? I am confused already…

    1. Just 1 of the duo will go home, this twist is made to make them turn on each other, which 2 teams I know for sure this will not work well with and that’s Brenchel and Jordon and Jeff, they both are the “I’ll take the bullet to save you” type.. BOOORING

  27. Rachel treated that banana like it was a penis. People who want Brenchel to lose should be aware they’re the same players they were last year, and the results will be the same their emotions will spell their demise.

  28. Seeing Rachel hanging on a banana was one of the most disturbing thing I ever saw. Wish D/D hadn’t thrown it. Rachel can’t be trusted. Hope Adam and Dick work together. Wouldn’t be sad to see Dani out, but first we need to take out the trash and get BR out next week. My guess is Rachel will go against the girls that are prettier than her (all of them).

  29. When are you going to start giving us play by play information like you did last time and where can I find it?

  30. If Rachel is smart she will align herself with the old HGs. The new HGs have already untied to get rid of the old players and they have the numbers on their side. So the old HGs need to kick the new ones out first.

  31. It wasn’t me QAZ. I actually don’t drink at all. Geez, if I started drinking simon and dawg would have me kicked off the site for sure.

  32. Im new to this site…I usually talk about BB on fb…but this is gonna be cool talking here with ppl who really watch the show!! Im loving the surprises and very happy Dick is back!!

    1. Welcome, Precious. You will love it here. A lot of fun and a variety of personalities just like in the house. Again, welcome.

  33. So what happens if one of the team members get the POV….Do they have the option to use it on both of them or not at all in hopes that the other team mate goes home….or do they use it for only one of them and remove themselves then who goes up……a single player?

  34. simon – it is bringing me directly to the comment in the posts right now, I don’t know if it is working for everyone else

  35. simon – it is perfect and working for me. I hope it is working for everyone else because it is easy and not confusing anymore. I also love the large comment box.

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