Big Brother Lite

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – BBLite Is Released Today Get Hooked up

Big Brother Lite

A couple months ago we brought up Big Brother Lite as a lite weight alternative to the Live Feed website. There was some worries that the player would not be released in time but thankfully it came out today and it looks like a winner. As advertised all the features are there the only thing we’re waiting for is the flashback feature which should be available July 8th or 9th.

So what does Big Brother Lite have to offer? It’s Live Feed Client that uses your feed account to show the Big Brother Live Feeds in a polished, simple yet surprisingly feature rich design. Its for people that just want the uncensored video. Some of the key features that I like are
1) Bandwidth/Image Quality Control
2) Hot Key Camera flipping
3) Launch multiple Live Feed windows
5) Flashback Integration
6) So far is VERY stable

For an official list of features check out this post.

How do you get BigBrotherLite?

1) Buy the Feeds here Uncensored Live Feeds Free Trial
2) Download BBlite Here Download
Big Brother Lite
3) It’ll ask you to log into superpass with your feed account and BIAM you’re good to go (See attached image above)

What does it look like How do I use it?

Big Brother 13 Lite

The buttons are simple
A) Select your camera
B) Select your image quality
C) Launch addiotnal feed window
D) Support this program (Support them via Donation they deserve it )
E) Double Screen size
F) Pause / Volume Control
G) Take a screen capture (you can add your custom watermark)
H) Launch the superpass chat (loads the superpass site)
I) Options
J) Pin Window (keep the feed window above all other windows on your desktop)
K) Full screen

Big Brother Lite Options
Big BRother lite options

Right now this is what we see on the feeds. One Day left to get the EARLY BIRD PRICING ($29.99 entire Season) this season is going to be stupid awesome Uncensored Live Feeds Free Trial

Big Brother Lite

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BBLite releases the KRAKEN!


Looks like my phone calls & emails to CBS/Real Player didn’t go unnoticed…nothing compares to BBLite, NOTHING!!! Pardon me while I turn cartwheels!

David Hudson

I am clicking your link to signup for feeds, your link says 29.99, when I goto the site to sign up, it says “You will not be billed during the trial. At the end of your free trial, your credit card will be charged $39.99 plus applicable taxes every three months.”

I want to sign up through your link so you get the referrall, but how do I get it for 29.99?


using that code works, thanks


BBLight is so much cleaner and functional. Can’t wait. Does anyone know of a link to a live stream of tomorrow nights premier at 8 EDT so I don’t have to wait until it airs on the west coast? Thanks Simon and Dawg! Looking forward to a fun season and hoping the duos twist doesn’t suck.


Ok…all set and ready to go. I almost have butterflies waiting for this season to get started. Thinking BBlite will be awesome!!! Everything is looking great, Dawg and Simon!!!


Simon, did you see Dan put out a blog on his personal website shooting down the rumors that he is on this season? So looks like no Renegades this year and that CornerOffice video doesn’t appear to have their facts straight.

So bummed too, I actually bought into the rumor long enough to get my hopes up that Dan/Memphis were going to be on this season. It was the only thing keeping my hopes up after the thought of another summer of Rachel.

Can Thursday night get here already??!!?!?


I was just looking at new flat panel tvs and I saw some that say internet ready. would this type of tv be able to get the livefeeds directly without using a computer?


VIZIO XVT373SV 37-Inch Full HD 1080P LED LCD HDTV with VIA Internet Application, Black

it’s under wifi built in. & internet ready


Thank you, Simon. I appreciate it. I’m getting worried that my computer might get overloaded and quit on me soon from watching the live feed 24/7, so maybe an internet tv (if that’s a possibility) would be worth it, since I need a tv anyway.


bad link


I just have a question… I’m all signed up for my feeds and have logged into it from the Lite player but all I see is a black screen, when most people see “CBS BB US”

I’ve updated my adobe air before I installed it too, so what am I doing wrong 🙁


Ok I fixed it. I downloaded the file the first time through firefox. I then downloaded chrome and then downloaded bblite through there and it worked fine.


Simon, is there a link where we can get Real Player to sign in from your site? I remember going to the link so you get “the hit” or “credit” for it. For some reason I don’t see it this time.


Was looking on twitter at the supposed duos for this season, and at least one person of each duo had been active on Twitter within the past 24 hours..wouldn’t they be in sequester if they were going to be on this season? Maybe what A. Grodner said about the couples being none of those listed om CBS’ website is true…


Looking forward to another summer with you guys. I bought my live feeds and most people are seeing a CBS US BB icon on Superpass but all I get is a Superpass screen. Will my feeds automatically turn on tonight? Thanks!


Ok based on all the crazy rumors flying around, here is my last best guess (I know i’m not adding anything new just my thoughts):

3 returning duos (J&J, D&D, B&R) everyone including 8 noobs competes for first HOH.

HOH Winner gets to pick partner everyone else is randomly assigned.

No one is evicted yet.

I’m really going out on a limb here lol. Can’t wait for tonight!!!!


Right now on BBlite, it’s airing the same commercial over and over again. That’s okay right? I’ll still get the feeds once bb starts?


JULY 7th is finally here. I’m ready to go.


How am I to watch live feeds on my I phone 4 I signed up for if I don’t have flash player? I can’t find any answers to it on superpass or real? Help!


Awesome thx!


Is it true one of the duos will be Leah Remini and Sharon Osbourne lol


Any news? Am I going to be able to watch live feeds on my I phone?


I bought the live feeds with real player, can i get them with bblite


what’s up with Evil Dick? Since Showtime afterhours he’s missing, does anyone have a clue?


Hi, I do have all my screens they come up fine! But my sound stops and starts, I can not get it to stay on, I have adjusted it, I even uninstalled and reinstalled BBLite to make sure everything was up to date and checked for updates! Everything is updated! But still the sound goes on and off, like fading when ever I move the mouse or am in chat! Do you know of “anything” I can do so I can watch this years through BBLite! Thank you so very much for all of your help! (I know several people have told me that they are having the same issue as well) Have a wonderful day!


my BBlite doesn’t have the flashback feature?? is this normal or is it a glitch?? 🙁