Big Brother Over the Top Week 2 Eviction “I’m a total party.. I’m everyone’s buddy”

There was limited game talk this morning, some studying, counting, mostly chit chat. .. Scott told Shane he’s voting Kryssie out along with “The girls”. Scott, Shelby, Morgan and Whitney are all planning on Voting out Danielle and are saying they are voting out Kryssie. There was a minor hope that Neeley or Shane vote out Kryssie over MOnte. Monte has a bit of a connection with them. There’s zero percent chance of it working on Neeley. They realize Kryssie and Neeley are essentially final 2. Monte and SCott seem to think Shane is a possibility. America will almost certainty be voting out Monte giving. I personally think it’s unlikely to happen, Monte is going home.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-12 16-27-54-070

4:05pm Monte and Kryssie
Monte – odds are against me
Kryssie – I know in my heart of hearts that Danielle is safe today..
Kryssie says it comes down to Shane.
Monte says he doesn’t think Shane would vote Kryssie out and risk being the only one.
Kryssie – I’ve been singled out 2 weeks in a row
Neeley walks in
Kryssie says she’s never done anything to MOnte’s side of the house and they’ve targeted her 2 weeks in a row, ‘Like what the f*** did I do… It’s hard I’m the different one”
Kryssie – “I’m a total party.. I’m everyone’s buddy”

Kryssie says the Big Brother game is designed to get people to clash.
Monte says he could have lost his cool when Justin came after him or when Danielle did but he kept his cool.
Kryssie says “Everyone in this house needs to be taken with a grain of salt or addressed immediately”
Kryssie – you are intimidated with things you don’t understand..
Kryssie – you don’t know how to interact.. it came off like you didn’t like the gay kid the weird girl.. it came off on the surface.. because you don’t know how to interact with people like us that that is OK and the problem was you didn’t come to anyone and say HEY”
Kryssie adds to America it came across that he wasn’t trying.
Kryssie says this happens to “US” all the time.. (‘us’ being misfits?)
Jason now in the room
Kryssie – you’re sheltered to an extent..

Kryssie explains the mistakes he’s made in the game and why people may not like him outside the show. Danielle comes in during this conversation. Kryssie goes on about if she goes home today he better play the game differently. Adds that she’s seen him changing already.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-12 16-38-12-523

4:36pm Shelby and Alex
Saying if Monte goes home it’s his own damn fault. They mention how Scott is still playing his own game even though he came within centimeters of going home and they saved him.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-12 17-44-21-700
5:29pm Monte and Shane Storage room
MOnte is certain he has America’s vote.
Monte – whatever you choose no hard feelings…
Monte – I’m asking you to and if you can’t I understand.. cause it is a risk
Shane- I got you, all risks have rewards…
5:42pm Shane and Monte HAve nots
Monte says he tried really hard to keep him off the block but Alex wouldn’t listen.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-12 17-49-45-662

5:45pm Shane and Scott
Scott – If you want to hide your vote you can blame it on America..
Shane – did Alex promise you
Scott – she promised me safety for this week
Shane – Monte came to me earlier to make sure everything was smooth.
Scott – getting rid of Kryssie is best for my game and honestly it’s best for yours as well
Shane – i’m still worried about Danielle.. I don’t want them to vote Danielle out
Scott – I need to get Kryssie the f*** outta here.. I already have so many people coming after me I need Kryssie out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-12 18-13-54-364

6:14pm Talking about Jason trying to get them to slip up but they didn’t fall for it. They’re still all good with voting Danielle out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-12 18-20-23-573

6:20pm Jason, Shane and Kryssie
Trying to figure out why everyone is saying they are voting out Kryssie.
Shane – he’s banking on everyone to vote you (Kryssie)
Kryssie – everyone needs to vote him out (Monte)
Shane – Yeah I know

Shane is going to talk to Scott 30mins before eviction, “I can flip him I know.. I’ll be like Dude”

6:56pm Scott, Shane and MOnte
Talking about all the down time they had during the week before the show started. Scott read through the entire game of thrones series. Monte says they took his bible away. they all agree that is odd because Cornbread had his.
Big Brother calls them out.
Monte – we’re playing you up as the villain you can’t have that.

7:00pm The eviction episode begins on the feeds..

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Big-Brother-18 2016-10-12 20-20-00-977

Shane Votes to evict Monte
Morgan votes to evict Danielle
Justin votes to evict Monte
Shelby votes to evict Danielle
Jason votes to evict Monte
Whitney votes to evict Danielle
Neeley votes to evict Monte
Scott votes to evict Danielle
America votes to evict Monte

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-12 20-28-12-334

Monte is evicted from the Big Brother House..

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I think the arrogant Monte will be out the door tonight. Wish it was Dani, but there are many animal lovers out there that are very angry that Monte said he enjoys running over squirrels. I hope I’m surprised and Dani walks out the door, but not holding my breath.


Fu***g hate jason calls woman bitches and coasting to the money


He thinks because he’s gay, he can say bitch without any consequences. I too is getting sick of him. Production will do everything in their power to help him win. This “America’s vote” was just a way to cover up Productions doings. Next season when another former “favorite” return, the newbies have to evict them right away or the newbies will just be a prop for production to use.


What’s wrong with you America??? Should have voted Danielle out!!!!! She literally makes me sick!!


Well that sucks! If this shit happens next week, I’m done with the show. More reason to hear the NC gloat, not something I care to see!



I was holding out hope for America but damn. F*kng morons. Team Alex has no shot and who wants to sit and watch such a piece of sh*t like Jason win this game. And for the actual mean side to 100% think America is loving them. Disgusted.

Cornbreads dirty sheets

Hey some of us……more than half so far like the late nite crew better this season……I like Alex and Wheatknee and want them to go far but I don’t get all the love for the plastics……just like you don’t get why the majority likes the late nite crew….different strokes….


america’s nom is ruining the game….2 weeks, 2 powerless hoh’s….noone has a chance unless they align with jason to get his fan vote

Amy in Tx

America has the chance to correct this. Remember this next time to choose a nominee from the Shane Danielle Jason side. And let’s see if we can even this game out again.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

That seems fair to me.


Tell me how is Jason not a shoe in for the final two, if not the money.

Natalie from BB 9's Huge lactating n!pple$ in my mouth

Get Scott out next. It’s twofaced rats like that that end up floating to the end and winning. Hence Andy, Steve.

Franks fumes

I hated Andy and didn’t care for Steve either…….rats to me are are the worst in this game……..bottomfeeders !


Not gonna happen this week, he is HOH.


Kryssie justin Shane havenots. Then Justin can flip sides


Watch out for those squirrels on your way home, Monte.


I really hope danelle goes home this week if we put up Jason in he lose veto they
will vote him out but if we put up danelle again she will go home my America vote going to
her she got to go im glad scoot won I hope he put up kristy with neely an we put up danille an send her home
shane should go too


I hope kristy or danilelle go home next


Kryssie, Dani and Jason have nots!


hey America lets give Shelby whintey alex an morgan a free week next week
let vote third nom daneille or shane or kristy
lets do them half nots too
lets give them girls a free week to enjoy their self to me I want krsity or danille to go home

Franks fumes

Just watch the plastics will talk shit all week hanging with Scott in the HOH and become the mean girls instead of playing it smart to get americas vote on their side…….I think it will take a HOH win and a week of head swelling from the late nite crew to flip americas vote to help out the plastics…….the girls are in the storage room right now talking shit about Jasons side not smart gameplay if you are courting Americas vote…..just sayin……it is what it is.

Paul should've won

I get the feeling it will be Justin and the showmance in the final 3.


Come on America!


Please give the next care package to Alex’s side of the house!
If Jason’s side gets it, plus Americas nominee goes their way, it will be game over.

Katie Girl

America vote Danielle as third nominee.

Wasted Money

America’s vote is the most broken thing in the world. Makes the game kinda worthless.

House divided, 1 side wins the HOH, makes power move putting up a couple on the block… guess what, it doesn’t matter because broken America’s vote just gave them a free eviction to put the other side of the house who lost the eviction the numbers to run the game now.

Over The Top alright…. Over the top stupidity that is…

Think I may have to cancel.


Care package is “pick a veto” this week. Wow, impossible to figure this out.


Danielle calls the other group “saltine crackers” but of course Tim and the gang will say she was talking about them just being bland and less tasteful


Scott bess do the right thing and not go all ape sh&t crazy wit that HOH


This is stupid, maybe they should just give Jason’s side HOH since it makes no difference anyway. Then they can just all walk out the front door since they have no chance in the most rigged game of “Big Brother” I’ve ever seen.


Both sides talk about the other side but the late night crew goes overboard with the insults. i agree with a lot of what others posted – get rid of the 3rd nom and America’s vote to evict.

I'm Loving It

I LOVE being able to impact the game as if I was playing in the house instead of just deciding what gross food the have nots can eat for the week or who’s AFP. This is fun. I’m sorry most of you don’t seem to see the fun aspect of it. I get it’s not so fun when your favorites are being targeted, but hey! That’s been my whole BB experience since season 1! And now, for once, I get to help the people I like make it further in the game. Every year someone I hate or think doesn’t deserve the win ends up winning. So if I can help someone I like or think is a great strategist win, I’m going to do it.

For those who don’t like the LNC, it seems most of you spend a lot of time watching them. Why aren’t you watching the Plastics all the time and ignoring the LNC to increase your enjoyment? If you watched the Plastics as much as you watch the LNC, you’d know they are no angels. The are petty and catty beyond belief and Shelby is just as, if not worse, than any of the LNC when it comes to being foul mouthed and mean. Maybe it’s because you know they’re boring and even though you hate the LNC, you secretly find them entertaining? I don’t know, but I find it curious how much everyone seems to know about the LNC and constantly talks about them, but no one says anything about the Plastics. You just seem to all want them to win, but I really can’t figure out why except they appear nicer in your eyes than the disgusting LNC.

And stop talking about BB being rigged this year. It’s always rigged to some extent, but this is a new version. It isn’t your standard BB. We’ll get the old one back next summer and your pretty boy with the hot body will win like he does most of the time. Enjoy it for what it is and let America have some fun!

Lying Hillary The Queen of Corruption & Incompetence

Is anyone going to miss Monte?

I'm not lovin' it

Dear I’m Loving It,

You are not in the house….this game is meant to be a social experiment. You are an observer, not a participant! All the hate for the “Plastics” is as ridiculous as their nickname. Apparently you can only be mean-spirited if you are attractive and fun; saying mean things when you are an “uggo” (Kryssie’s word not mine) just means that you are expressing yourself as a unique who is repressed for being different in some capacity. Give me a break! “Uggos” can be jerks too, I promise!


I would like to comment, however, I cannot because this cbs all access I’m paying for doesn’t have the episodes up to date. I started watching episode 2 and now it has completely disappeared. Only shows episode 1 under episodes?