Kryssie “America WILL vote out Monte. I hope America is watching them being co*ky f**king bastards”

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-11 22-41-03-410

8pm Bedroom – Shelby, Alex, Morgan, Whitney and Monte are talking about their diary room sessions. Monte – and say y’all can trust us because clearly y’all (America) can put us up if we don’t follow through with what we’re promising. Shelby – America’s a player. Monte – they are basically. How terrible .. that America could win .. how horrible. America votes themselves. Man when you’re a havenot you can’t fake anything. Like there is no way I could go fake be nice to Kryssie or Danielle.

8:30pm Bathroom – Kryssie and Justin are talking. Kryssie – I guarantee that Shane is telling all of them that he is going to vote for me. Justin – he is. Kryssie – he is telling them that he is voting me out so that they don’t think about switching votes. Justin – that sh*t crazy. He told me he was going to tell all of them he was voting you out so that people would stop asking him. Justin – I want his a$$ out of here. America you don’t want his a$$ in here! Get his a$$ out of here! Kryssie – I cannot go home before someone that hates someone for no reason. Justin – you haven’t done nothing to nobody. I don’t know why they’re trying to do that sh*t. Kryssie – because they know I’m smarter than most of them. Justin – we have to be HOH this week .. or its going to be f**king crazy! Kryssie – Shane is trying to get rid of me but what they don’t know is that our entire side of the house will vote to get rid of Monte. And America WILL vote to get rid of Monte. I hope America is watching them sit around being co*ky f**king bastards. Shane, Danielle, Neeley and Jason join them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-11 22-47-01-284

9:50pm Storage room – Scott tells Shelby – as far as I’m concerned I’m not talking to Shane about game unless he comes to me. Shelby – what are you going to tell him? Scott – That I’m voting out Kryssie and also that he could hide his vote. The thing with America’s vote we can hide our vote and no one would ever notice. At this point we don’t need to do any more campaigning. At this point there’s a 50% chance America votes out Monte.

10:30pm HOH room – Whitney, Morgan, Alex and Shelby. Morgan – we need to literally tell Scott that if he wants us to have his back in the up coming weeks he has fill us in on things or shut up. Shelby – what is he thinking? Alex – he needs to shut up. I am stunned that he is interacting with the other side. They really do think that they’re the brains behind this when really we’re the ones running this. We need to be like Danielle is not the target now. Alex – our best bet is trying to trick Shane to voting out Kryssie. Kryssie is probably fuming at me thinking we want her out when we don’t. Whitney – Justin thinks you y’all are still voting Kryssie. Alex – we just need to stay away from that group until after tomorrows nominations because the story could change. Alex – he could go back to making deals with the other side of the house after we’ve been the only one talking to him (Scott). Whitney – if he did, he is the worst human being in the world. Alex – if he does, he deserves the snake award. Morgan – how would that benefit him? Alex – I don’t trust Shane. Monte joins them. Alex – we’re a little freaked out about Scott. He is talking to Shane again. Monte – Shane approached him. Monte – honest to god thinks Kryssie is going. We’re good. Shane thinks Kryssie is the target. Monte – I want Shane to stay in the game but I can’t trust him any more. He’s a friend on the other side. Scott is 100% with us. Alex – he needs to talk to us before he talks to anyone. Monte – four votes are the most I am going to get. Morgan – if you walk out that door you should blow up his game.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-12 04-01-26-091

11:30pm Kitchen – Shane and Monte – Monte – part of them think I am out, if America votes me. They’re thinking there are five votes for me .. and I out. Shane – if I vote for Kryssie. Monte – if you do that, then I’m good. Monte – if you talk to them and they say they’re voting for Kryssie.. then you could say you’re voting for Kryssie to save me. Shane heads outside. He tells the others (Danielle, Kryssie, Jason, Neeley) that Shane thinks the girls are voting him out. Danielle – he is paranoid. He is as paranoid when he was HOH. Kryssie – that freaks me out because those are the two girls that come to me and told me I was safe.

11:35pm Havenot room – Morgan and Monte talk. Morgan – I think we should tell Shane that we’re voting Kryssie. I’ll be like I know Alex put up Kryssie for a reason so I’m going to respect her decision and voting for her. Morgan – going forward Shane will never trust any of us.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-12 04-20-23-296

12:10am Storage room Shelby and Alex. Shelby – is there anything else I need to do? Alex – no, they just can’t find out that we’re targeting Danielle.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-12 04-27-14-850

12:30am – 1:30am Backyard – Shane, Danielle, Kryssie, Neeley and Jason are talking about random things. Kryssie – I hope I’m still here. Shane – I’ll get Scott tomorrow. Kryssie – as long as we have him and Whitney.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-12 04-30-21-587

2am Backyard – Kryssie, Jason and Neeley. Jason – as long as Whitney is telling the truth which I believe she is. Neeley – I think she is, she hasn’t given us any reason she isn’t. Jason – And I still think that America will vote Monte out. I think you’re (Kryssie) going to stay. Kryssie – I think Shane has a really sh*tty poker face so I would know. I think Danielle would be pissed at him if I were to leave. Neeley – we got this… we just need to win.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-12 04-39-57-265

2:10am Shane and Danielle making out with some heavy breathing and moving under the covers.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-12 04-35-50-454

3:30am All the house guests are sleeping..

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I’ve came to conclusion that all the hate Danielle receiving here is in fact racially based
People worship Alex for playing the game, yet Danielle is playing THE EXACTLY SAME game, she’s (just like Alex) involved in a showmance for a REASON (remember last season? It’s a working formula)
Danielle managed to turn AN ENTIRE HOUSE against Cornbread in last minute when it was CERTAIN that she would leave last week
Danille broke the “bro” alliance SINGLE HANDELY, how many times has it happened before for 1 girl to split/tear an entire bro alliance apart? Even Nicole would NEVER been able to accomplish that last season, Corey & Paulie were super tight
Danille is not mean spirited, she’s stuck-up for a reason, the girls HATED the second she walked in (you could tell that by the cold reception she received when she entered the house) and gave her ZERO chance to redeem herself, and Monte have been trashing her since she walked in and layed her eyes on his BF
Danielle made NO racial remarks, the Plastics and Monte have been accusing everyone of being racist for accusing THEM of being racist ….where is the logic?
People want to applaud Alex for having a “great strategic” game yet want to turn on Danielle for playing similar game (remember, Alex is involved in a hidden “showmance” too? So she even got advantage)
Alex cheated on the last HoH competition, Neeley was supposed to win
People are furious at the lack of knowledge of the game amongst the houseguests, yet are intended keep Kryssie and Monte who are clueless about the game over Danielle who is a super fan
When Shane and Danielle were together on the block, EVERY SINGLE person here said that they would vote Danielle over Shane….Shane is HAS NO GAME, he’s in same category as Monte, Kryssie and Shelby = clueless
People say that black people didn’t deserve to win (hence no black winners) because majority of them are “angry loud” who have no business in the BB house, but when we get this clever girl who actually making strategic moves we are instantly targeting her without any second thoughts, because she “creates drama” uhmm isn’t it what we hope for when we actually PAY to watch Big Brother? Funny how Monte and Shelby are ALSO creating drama by legitimately being mean and offensive yet we collectively want Danielle out over them….WHERE THE FUCK IS LOGIC AGAIN?


From the moment she stepped into that house, Danielle has done nothing but talk about herself. Seriously watch her have conversations with people. You’ll notice how few questions she asks of anyone else and how everything is steered right back into something about her. It’s uncanny.

Showmances must die.

Fair Fight

What does the fact that she is a bit ego-centric have to do with being a strategic player? Her social game may not be the best as far as the Plastics are concerned, but everybody else likes her and admires her brains.

Danielle has flaws just like all of them do. Alex thinks she has this game on lock and is a bit arrogant, Monte is misogynistic, racist and arrogant, Morgan has that “I’m pretty so I’m going to flirt and dance my way to the end” thing as well as being petty and catty, Shelby is just foul in every way including being petty and catty, Kryssie talks far too much and believes she has this game on lock just like Alex, Shane is as dumb as they come as far as the game goes and is pretty much useless except for physical comps, Scott is totally socially inept and so insecure that he hates anyone that doesn’t think like him plus his game strategy sucks, Jason is foul-mouthed and sometimes says far to much before thinking, and Justin is so clueless as far as the game goes that he’s depending entirely on his social skills to make it through. The ones, IMO, who have the bests chances right now are Neeley and Whitney. Both have great social games and are good at comps so far. However, both of them may be a bit too trusting sometimes and have that tunnel vision thing as well.

So targeting a house guest because they talk about themselves too much seems far too personal and not at all strategic which is how the Plastics are playing right now. They hate Danielle and have had tunnel vision about her for 2 weeks. That is what is screwing up their game.

(PS – All of them have petty and catty moments. That’s pretty much a given in BB.)

Yet Another Hillary Lie

So do you think Danielle or Monte ends up leaving?

Justin's Ho

I agree with everything you said! They got it out for her and Dady. Just cause

Don Con-stipated

Only one person here brings up race in their posts on a regular basis. The rest of us are paying attention to the game.

So who goes? Monte or Kryssie?

This is getting old

Tim, 99% of the public don’t even consider the race of the houseguests when watching this show until some moron like you comes in here chirping about it.

It’s so insulting when someone infers that I don’t have the ability to choose who I like and dislike based on personality…… and that my opinion must be based on the tone of the person’s skin.


Insulting would be the nazi salute that someone replied to one of Tim’s comments with yesterday.


I come from a mixed family;and I also have a few family members that are gay. My mother was in the army so I have also lived all over the world. Many of my family members are Aholes. They may think I am an ahole who knows. My point is we all need to stop throwing around racism and homophobia at the drop of a hat. To me being those things are the worst thing you could be. The problem with throwing it around is that people start to question it when it really does happen or they just become numb to it, thats not good for our society. There are racist and homophobic people and there are stupid people who don’t know how to express their own frustrations. I will also tell you all around this great big world people find reasons to hate each other. If they all look a like its religion (heck when we were in Africa it was facial features) if they look different its skin color and no race or country is immune. Every person every country needs work but we ALL need to stop hating and STOP judging what peoples motivations are until we know because I think if we don’t we will create more Hate. TIM should not say people are racist because he has no proof hec they may be jealous because Danielle is gorgeous and half the guys like her. People should also not respond to Tim with Nazi salutes (REALLY). We as a people can make America and the world great not politician or the media.
God bless and love you all


I would say that use of the nazi salute in a reply to TIM is absolute proof that people on here ARE indeed racist, and are directing that racism at him.


Ja sehr gut. Das ist gut gesagt. Frieden bruder

Nicole's pu lips

No, the reason they don’t Danielle is because she acts like an immature little brat. Stop with the race shit!


Don’t you dare compare Danielle and Alex’s game. Alex is way above Danielle. First of all, Danielle is playing way too hard and too fast trying to campaign for people to go like CB when she shouldn’t have cared. She could easily have been floating a la Whitney and Neely which would have helped since she put a target on her back because of the showmance.
P.S. her “campaigning” was basically telling her showmance to vote CB out who told Scott to do the same.
And last season showmances worked because there were so many!!! They didn’t want to target each other! Also odds are when half a season has showmances someone of those showmances is getting into the finals.
Now Danielle being the only showmance is making her a HUGE threat. If this was without America’s vote and it was Kryssie vs. Danielle she would probably go to weaken a strong power couple.
Also Alex’s “showmance” was forced on her and she is using her sister wisely. They are under the radar which Danielle could be as well as Shane, but then she wouldn’t be able to makeup with him.
Ugh so much more I hate about your comment, but I can’t go over every little thing.


No Prejudice here, I like Neeley b/c she’s not a mean girl or acts like a five year old child like Dani does. Alex did not cheat, go back and rewatch it. Do you really think she’d make that mistake? Shane is an idiot that is pu$$y whipped

Franks fumes

Who goes tonight? Mr.Intolerant or the mouthy black chick? Vote up for dani down for monte thanks:)




Clearly you are a troll and are not actually reading this blog or watching the live feeds. Alex is not in a showmance…. And is nothing like dani


Clearly you skimmed over the part where he said her showmance was her hidden sister and yes that is dangerous too. Danielle is very snarky at times but she has been sh!t on since she walked in the door by the Plastics. If you can’t see that then you clearly haven’t been watching the feeds very much. For ex: Monte and the Plastics were all bitching about the dishes but do you see any of them washing…hardly ever. Scott is the only one on that side consistently doing dishes. Justin and Danielle are always cooking and cleaning up in the kitchen. I wouldn’t want to wash those asshats dishes either.


I think they were referring to Alex’s secret sister advantage.


Reading comprehension is an actual thing….

Yet Another Hillary Lie



I’m more inclined to believe it is showmance based since everyone loves Neely and Justin. People are so against showmances these days!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Exactly Shelly.

The Hatred

The hatred for danielle is not so much racially based, but instead disgust at her racially based gameplay. She is the bigot against the southern white person. She wrote all the southerners off the first week and then when she realized she alienated them she called them bigots. she is the bigot.


And the other night in the BY she said when she first got into the house, she said all the southern people all looked and sounded the same.
What if one of the southern people wouldve said all the black people here look and sound the same?
Why do black people get a pass to be racist?


I am a southern white person myself. I wrote off that side of the house the first week too. Corndog and Monte made that whole group look bad. They make all southerners look bad. I will be more willing to root for the remaining group after Monte leaves. Everyone needs to stop thinking race has anything to do with our opinions of the players.


Monte is the most well mannered of the entire group of southerners!
Danielle is a stark contrast to his demeanor. She’s entitled, snarky, loudmouthed and disrespectful. I’ll be very happy when she leaves.


So well put Tim, I agree with you………..They are always voting out the POC first, if that it not racially motivated, POC not suppose to win the grand prize.

True Dat

It is always appropriate to vote the trash out first.


Simon or Dawg….Do we really need the racist troll perspective on this site?


No, Last week it was Jason who was the target because he was the sole returning vet who had a fan base already built. A huge advantage. Jason should have known that he was target #1 the moment they found out that America had a big say in this season. Danielle was a pure pawn last week. This week, the showmance was the target. Either or. They put the target on their backs buy becoming involved after only about 2 days. They will be targeted by their own alliance as soon as the numbers makes it worth cannibalizing their own team members. To be honest, if both Shane and Dani were both on the block still, Justin may well have voted out Shane to get a shot at being in the showmance with Dani. He has liked her since the first night. Dani picked Shane over Justin. If Jason was not protected by Kryssie this week, he would have gone up again as he is the biggest target they all need to get rid of. If any of them think they can sit next to Jason and have America vote for them to win over Jason would be the worst strategy move ever in BIg Brother Histor. Marcellas Reynolds not using the Veto on himself in season 3 is the worst move ever but keeping Jason till the final two would replace Marcellas and he would be happy about that.


Although I don’t disagree with the fact that Jason does have a target on his back and for game strategy it makes sense, he was never the target this week. Alex made it clear that her targets were Dani and Shane. She wanted Kryssie to use the safety on Jason because she was considering other options in the case that she needed a renom.


Jason would have been the back door target. If he was not safe, Shane wins the veto, Jason would be sitting their and not Kryssie. Alex and her alliance would have been selling to the other side that it would make most sense to dump Jason while they can. He would have been an early backdoor victim again like he was in his last season. Yes the main original target would have been the showmance but when you have a chance to get the biggest target in the house out, you do it. That scenario happens every season. Targets change after the veto.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I think you are right that they might of taken the Jason shot if available.


POC? “Piece of Crap”? If so I agree they should vote out the pieces of crap first and a piece of crap does not deserve to win the game.

Amy in Tx

POC stands for person of color: the current politically correct term for African-American.I realize you could’ve been sarcastic but just in case others wanted to know I thought I should respond.


Very clever, Adolph.


In Scott’s DR last night he compared the way he was playing to Dr. Will. I wasn’t sure if he said that as a joke to make us laugh but, no Scott, you are not playing like Will.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

That had to be a joke….right?


OMG with we don’t like Danielle cause we racist. We don’t like her cause she’s apparently here to do porno’s, and Alex is here to play a game. Danielle definitely not a nice person and very immature.


Pornos? Exaggerate much? Just because of all your nonsense day in and day out on here, I’m voting Alex every week until she’s gone. Have not next week too.


Dude, it’s actually you who’s filling this board up with nonsense….. posting under different names and making the same stupid grammatical errors over and over. “Everybody Racist!! Everybody Racist!!”

It’s just a GAME SHOW — give it a rest for a while.


Wrong. I post from my phone and it always just says “name”, then comes up anonymous. I stopped messing with it because every time I go to post, it makes me re-enter it. Most likely an error on the part of my iPhone.

I don’t post under any other name, ever. And I definitely don’t have grammatical errors in any of my post. But thanks for playing.


I think our comment system is malfunctioning a bit. I’m actually going to rebuild the site after this season is over.

Planning on OBB to have a new look for BB19.


Thank you Simon. This also happened during bb18, right around the time I got a new phone. I thought it was an issue with the phone and not the site. Other people seem to be able to post with their same screen name. Just for some reason, it won’t save my name and makes me re-enter it every time. I finally just gave up on it and let it say anonymous.

There’s really no difference, it’s not like anyone on here knows me personally anyway, so I’m anonymous either way. Lol


Hey Simon. I suggested a few years back of maybe allowing those who support the site to have Avatars besides their name? Just a suggestion to help you guys raise money, you deserve it!
Meanwhile I’m stuck in Canada so can’t watch but enjoying your updates. Seems like this would’ve been a good one for TV. I love it when there are two distinct sides. Forget all this voting with the house crap!


Also I have never posted anything about racism. That’s also nonsense.

Bitch On Fleek

I’m sure you’re white. So I’ll leave you to your usual racist day. OK?

Yet Another Hillary Lie

We like Alex because she has a ton of game.


It’s actually so exciting having two sides of the house and everyone watching is so undecided of which side. Like people love Justin and jason but also love alex and Whitney.
Split house and split fan base . Love it


True, it has been very fun to watch so far. But if Monte goes (I don’t like him like most people) we risk a steamroll situation from the LNC. So much so that America’s vote won’t even matter. Really hope to see Danielle go tonight for game purposes so we can continue to see this divided house.


I’m always torn in these situations. On a personal level I don’t care for Monte and would be fine with him leaving. As a viewer I like drama and the power shifts are what keep the game interesting. If the Plastics lose another person and America continues to vote against them it will become impossible for a power shift. If the bigger personalities and people who rub each other the wrong way get voted out there is no drama. No power shifts + no drama = boring feeds.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

The power shifts are what make the show fun and keeps us guessing.


All my votes went to Monte. I voted him as HN, voted him as Nom, and voted to evict him. He can go pretend he is King somewhere else.

As for Alex, she doesn’t get to decide who is worthy to be there (referring to her comment about how the misfits don’t deserve to be there).

If everyone is concerned about the showmance, they should be equally upset over the siblings. Blood is after all thicker than water.


Exactly. I’m with you 100%. People on here may thumb you down but the fact is the majority on Twitter and feeds are more in line with your opinion as well. They thumb down facts lol. Monte is leading all polls for eviction as well as the general consensus judging by comments on feeds and tweets. I’m voting him 20xs a day and so is everyone else I know that have all access. If he doesn’t go this week it will be more of the same next until he’s gone.


The only difference between the 2 couples is the sisters are not overtly showing their loyalties to the house guests. If this was a regular season, the showmance may not have made public so quickly. Dani and Shane do not realize that they will be the first targets from their six as well. The moment the sisters get found out(and I can not believe no one has done so yet) they know that they are toast. They are really not much more than a secret solid final 2 alliance that happens every year and they always get blown up. The fans know this and they know that the sisters know this. Fans that dislike Shanielle only do because the flaunt the showmance 24/7. Both showmances last year were disliked. Austin and Liz got little love from the fans.


Cori, doesn’t she get to decide since she won HOH? If you don’t think so then why even compete for HOH? This America’s nom is horrible for the game. America’s vote yes, but nom no.


In traditional big brother, yes. This is over the top, with different twist. Same concept but they changed it up to make it more interactive with live feeders. While some may not like the online fans ability to have so much input, it is what it is. Either you watch it and interact or you don’t.

Franks fumes

I think the problem is the BB prettiest girl in the house syndrome……..all the other girls in the house have a common envy…….I mean enemy (Freudian slip) it seems to happen a lot in past seasons……I think Danielle is a bitch to them because she got the cold shoulder from the beginning. Is she right to smack talk them back…….of course!


Too many people nowadays are treating everything in Big Brother as a social justice rallying cry. I do miss the old days when everyone (the comments that end up in spam) wasn’t so mean spirited around here.


The comments for this online edition are so different than regular season. Different group of people I guess. I’m liking this Walmart version less and less.


Anonymous, you have stated it so perfectly. #BBWalmartversion! I am loving the season and very grateful that Simon and Dawg are taking their time to keep us filled in. Just FYI, I could have done without the showmance. They bore me.

Nikka Smith

This is bullshit! I think I should of said this from the beginning, the only people who can be considered racists, are WHITE people! To be considered a victim of racial violence/bias, you, or your race, must have been previously oppressed! Sorry white people! You have not been oppressed! Comedian Wanda Sykes said it best “Reverse Racism?! Isn’t that when a racist person is nice to someone of another skin tone? No. What y’all are afraid of(white people), is KARMA!”. I’m done. Well said.


Wrong. Look up the definition of racism. And I’m saying this as a black/hispanic person. I would love to leave race out of this season

Amy in Tx

Just as an FYI so that if we’re gonna talk facts we include all of the facts. There have been other races oppressed and enslaved. The Irish were enslaved. I am including a link. The Chinese were enslaved. There are many other races that I’ve included slaves. Knowing this doesn’t make it right – what happened in America’s history with African-Americans. I’m just saying we need to look at all of the facts and not just some.

Who is the biggest dickweed!?

Cornbread – Fuck Y’all
Scott – (Steve – Ian)(Ronnie)= Scott
Alex – No Way! Let’s Have A Girl Win This Season Too!
Shelby – Spoiled Stuck-Up Monotone Bitch
Kryssie – Disgusting Inside Or Out?
Morgan – Also Just Known As Alex’s Sister
Monte – Has The Hots For Cornbread!
Justin – Isn’t That What He Does On The Daily?
Shane – Austin Without The Fake Intelligence
Neely – When Did She Start Playing The Game???
Whitney -Big Buckeyed Bitch
Jason – Oh My Atlanta?! Bombingham!? 1960
She’s Not Getting A Slot On This Poll Guys!

Answer with a comment! Didn’t know how to insert my own poll so.. Thanks for reading!


Hilarious post. Have not picked a fave yet.


I vote Danielle


Monte tells Scott he is going to tell Shane “your girl went APE crazy on me”
It’s clear as day………..but not to other bigoted people around here


You are bat sh*t crazy…………………. better?

Tim is a MORON

Calling someone an APE is the same thing as calling someone a HUMAN because, drumroll,….HUMANS ARE APES.

dumb dumb

Cornbreads dirty sheets

I miss Cornbreads frito toenail fungus…….sighhhh.


Don’t fret, you still have Scott’s dandruff. (Yuck)


I would like a math lesson…

There are:
12 house guests
6 on one side
6 on the other

If one leaving one side will result in a steamroll, won’t the same thing be true if either side loses one person???

Okay, more math?

There have been 2 HoHs, both going to 1 side.

There have been 2 Veto competitions, 6 players in each one, 4 for one side and 2 for the other side. A person that was nominated by the HoH won 2 times.

So, the question is, removing all bias and sides and race and anything- how will it be a steamroll if one side loses a member but not the other? And how has any side had any more of an advantage over any other side in terms of competitions, and competition wins?

I would also like to add in the beginning of BB OTT the comments on here were sparse but engaging and interesting. Judging by the rhetoric and likes and dislikes, there has been a shift- there is still some great perspectives and insight, but mostly seems to have taken a pretty ugly turn.


it can’t be even sides when america is basically doing what jasons wishes each vote.


I wonder why so many people like him. He is just a loud mouth who is the most catty and the biggest bitch in the house. He was a corn hole his first time out and couldn’t keep his mouth shut and from what I read here he is even worse now that he thinks he is all that. Dude reminds me of Pee Wee Herman. Annoying as hell. With the format for this season they should have been all new players. Since America plays a big part they should have all started on equal ground.


Jason had some funny moments and a lot of great lines. His game play was very poor on bb17. He has improved for BBOTT but then again has some help…


I like how your posts have a good amount of objectivity.


you forgot to factor in the 6 fan votes already that have favored Jason and his “side” into your equation.

Math (answers)

Social Media is a fickle beast, so far all of the votes that have favored Jason could also be perceived as:

Against Jozea
Against CB X2
Against Monte
Against the “Plastics”
And the Care Package was probably for Jason…

I suppose somehow if Monte stays that will be for Jason?


forget the math, you are f@#king clueless


If America continues to nominate and vote out someone from the Plastics side the LNC will always have the numbers from this week on. They shot themselves in the foot last week by getting rid of Cornbread. If Scott had voted with the Plastics it would have been a tie and Monte would have sent Kryssie or Danielle home. Then the teams would have been split 7 to 5 in the Plastics favor. This week, even if America voted against the Plastics the vote would have been 5 to 4 and one of the LNC would go home. The only thing that will cause a power shift if the alliances stick together is if the Plastics win HOH again and, either America nominates someone from LNC or, if America nominates someone from the Plastics that person wins POV. That would leave the two HOH nominees on the block at the end of the week and someone from LNC would be evicted.


Thank you for posting this summary!


You are very welcome.


There is also the possibility that Shelbey, Morgan or Whitney could decide to make friends with people who don’t look like them , and start pplaying the game for themselves instead of Ken & Barbie.

Don Con-stipated


Yet Another Hillary Lie

Solid reasoning. Good post.


Notice how the original post got lots of upvotes, but you got tons of downvotes? It’s because most people agree with your post, but you’re ruining our BB fun with our (The United States’) horrible politics.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Have fun rating my posts. I’m fine ruining your fun.


Kryssie now complaining and saying she’s gone up twice b/c she is different. “I’ve never talked behind anybody’s back” are you serious, you forget so soon and you never stop talking. Her and Monte need to be stuck in the have not room for a week.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

That would be fun to see.


We finally have four women working well together and you think it’s because the way the look? They tried to make friends with Danielle but it was frustrating because she would always interrupt them and turn the conversation to herself.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

The women are the real players this season. I hope Jason goes and the girls rule.