HOH Competition Results! “If I hear anyone say anything ignorant, its going to be on & poppin’!”

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9pm The head of Household competition called the “BB Barcode” begins. As the outgoing HOH, Alex reads the rules of the competition. Ahead of you is the BB barcode, each with a unique number. The goal of the competition is to be the first house guest to identify which piece is the longest. The game will be played in rounds, each 15 minute round will begin when the horn sounds. Once the horn sounds you may inspect the barcode and at any time give an answer. When you’re ready to give your answer place your ring on the answer post and declare the number of the piece you believe is the longest. Answers will only be accepted in the order of you’ve placed your rings on the post so wait for your turn before answering out loud. Ultimately the first person to place their ring on the answer post with the correct number of the longest piece will become the next head of household.

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The house guests guess their answer and each get it wrong. After 45 minutes Scott guesses his answer and says 72 and wins. Alex and Morgan both run over and jump on Scott congratulating him.

HOH Winner: Scott

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9:50pm London bedroom – Danielle tells Shane – All the girls don’t like me. They’re going to tell him (Scott) to get me out. Shane – just win the veto. Danielle – once again we have to compete in every competition. Shane – Johnny Mac did it. Danielle – hopefully America puts up someone from their side and we have the votes.

10pm Lounge room – Jason, Danielle, Neeley, Kryssie and Justin. Jason – we weren’t complacent before and we’re not going to be complacent now. When people get complacent, that’s when they f**k up. It comes down to who America puts up. They put up Monte and voted him out … which show either they really didn’t like Monte or that nobody f**ks with us. So lets just hope they still f**ks with us. Kryssie – I hope we get a care package. I hope it goes to us. Jason – if its the slop pass give it to Morgan, not us. I will take slop all season. Neeley – I’ve got you (Kryssie), we’ve all got you. If I hear anyone say anything ignorant, its going to be on and poppin’! Kryssie – if I go out because of the kid from Bangor, ME, I am going to lose it. The only reason I hate that town is because my mother married some a$$hole from there and that guy is responsible for the death of my grandmother. I am going to do my best to not make this personal but this is going to destroy me. Danielle – when you’re in a house with people that want to take you down all you can do is rise to the occasion. The only reason they’re f**king with Scott is because they need his vote. America has been faithful to us so far and we just need to trust them. If America sees that we’re solid they’re going to keep f**king with us. They see their true colours and they see our true colours but the difference is them and us is that our true colours are real… like we’re good people, we’re loyal to the people that we f**k with. There is no point in talking to him (Scott). He is going to do whatever they (plastics) want him to do. Jason – every time you take out the head it grows a new one.

10pm In the bedroom – Scott, Morgan, Alex, Shelby and Whitney. The congratulate Scott. Scott – Y’all know you are good obviously. Alex – I’m so happy for you. I literally almost kissed you. I didn’t but I was like Ahhhh! Shelby – I wanted it to be me but I’m so glad its you! Scott – At first I knew what my nominations would be but now I’m not too sure. I’m not going to waste it on Kryssie because she’s such a weak competitor. I’m not going to waste that sh*t on her. Obviously with America’s nom we have to kicka$$ in veto. Shelby – slop (who America votes to be havenots) might give us an idea. They all tell him how proud they are of him. Shelby – the most redemption HOH ever. Morgan – Monte I told you so!! Scott – Shane told me they were trying to get me out. Alex – we have your back. Shelby – prepare for a lot of people coming begging to you. Whitney – we knew Monte was going to go but we wouldn’t sacrifice you and your vote.

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10:15pm Storage room – Morgan, Shelby and Alex. Morgan is crying saying she is HANGRY! (And because she has to be a havenot alone now for the next couple days) Alex – being a havenot is meant to break you down. Shelby – at least someone we’re good with is HOH. Morgan agrees. Alex – all we can be is be ourselves and keep fighting against really petty people. Morgan – I feel like Monte is misjudged. Alex – he had a rough week but that’s the way the game goes. They wonder who Scott will put up. Shelby – he said that Kryssie isn’t the target but she is sh*tting herself… so he should pretend like she is so she keeps sh*tting herself.

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10:25pm Havenot room – Shane and Scott talk. Scott – Monte leaving and Cornbread leaving has left a bad taste in my mouth. Shane – I just know the girls are going to be up your a$$ this whole week. Scott – obviously I am going to listen to them but I will listen to you too if you have anything to offer still. I don’t want it to be Cornbread, Monte, You, then me. Shane – its becoming a girls game. Scott – it is. I have bigger targets. There are no shortage of targets this week. Shane – I just know its going to be hell to talk to you. (Because the girls are always going to be around him.) Shane leaves. Justin joins Scott. Scott tells him – I know who had my back last week and I know who didn’t. I know that you and Jason are good. Justin – its all good.

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11:05pm – 11:30pm The plastics (Alex, Morgan, Whitney and Shelby) and Scott are talking. Scott – I’m thinking maybe just the some ones you (Alex) did (Nominating Shane & Danielle) Morgan – there’s a good chance that Justin would be America’s nom. Shelby – if it was one of us he (Justin) would probably vote out Shane. He wouldn’t vote out one of us. They’re going to air that episode where he flashed her. Scott – if he (Justin) could potentially be America’s nom that could screw us if I put him up. Alex – we stand behind you whatever you want to do. Scott – when Shane approached me to vote out Monte he offered me just a one week safety deal. Scott – its all coming out in the nomination speech. I don’t want to put up Kryssie at all. We don’t need to cut her at this point. I have good reasons to put up both of them (Shane and Danielle). Just how Shane turned on his own ally.

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12:10am Bedroom – Scott, Morgan and Shelby are sitting around chatting about random things like what kind of food Scott will get with his HOH.

12:25am Kitchen – Jason and Scott. Justin – I’m interested in seeing who America puts up. If they put up Shelby .. its a wrap! Jason – if they put up Morgan .. its a wrap. I really don’t think they would put up Whitney. Big Brother calls Scott to the diary room. Jason – I wonder if he will get his HOH room tonight!? Justin – I really don’t think they would put me up. Jason – you say some crazy stories so I wouldn’t be surprised if you were up there once.

The house guests are all sitting around chatting about random things waiting for Scott to get his HOH room.

1:05am – 1:15am Scott comes out of the diary room and asks who wants to see my HOH room!? They all head up to the HOH room and check out Scott’s HOH. There’s a photo with Scott with a pony tail. Scott – I only rocked that for like 6 months. Scott reads his HOH letter. Scott – I’m not going to call everyone up here individually .. if you want to talk .. then feel free to come up here and talk.

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1:25am – 1:45am HOH room – Shane and Scott are talking. Scott – I am in a tough position. Obviously I couldn’t vote out Monte like you wanted me to. Shane – the reason why I wanted Monte out is because he two faced me. That’s why I voted him out. I’ll tell you this.. when you have me .. you have two of us (Him and Danielle). If we’re safe this week and we win the veto we will be willing to do whatever you want with it. Like you wouldn’t have to put up a replacement nom if we win …like what happened to Monte and Alex. Scott – I still need to talk to Jason, Justin, Neeley and even Kryssie. I called her out last week so there’s obviously bad blood there. Shane – whoever you put up just please don’t put up me or Danielle because we would have your back. Scott – more often than not America’s nom will probably go home. My noms probably won’t matter at all. Scott – I’m going to play the week to my benefit and see where it takes me. Shane leaves.

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Okay America lets help Scott. Let’s take the other group down a notch.


Yes! Hopefully this will be the first week that someone the HOH nominates actually goes home!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

That would be nice.


Agree. Scott for the care package, and Kryssie on the block…easy.


Yes, please! Let’s please put up somebody from the other side this week. Lets keep this game interesting. Keep Justin and Jason safe but let’s get one of the others out! A house divided is what we have wanted for years and we finally have it. Let’s keep it going!


Judging by the people on feeds it looks like it will most likely be Alex or Morgan. The room was flooded with people saying vote for them and almost everyone was agreeing.

I saw a couple for Dani but it looks like Scott is putting her up.


That’s total bs to nominate Alex or Morgan, we can’t let the other side steamroll through this game. It’s not fair at least those girls are playing the game. It’s best to get Danielle out this week, her kid can’t be proud of their mother having sex on camera.

Dirty Harry Reid

I hope Danelle goes this week.


Please let’s get someone from Jason’s side out!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I’m hoping for that too but I’m expecting the worst.


If the polls hold up this is the best case scenario for a power flip. Put up Shane and Danielle and Kryssie nom’d by America? Please make it happen. Only thing that can screw it up as a Diamond POV. There is hope for the rest of the season after all. Divided house is quickly going down the BB6 route of hatred towards each other.

wont matter

the damage has been done

What is the Point?

What is the point of even being HOH? You nominate 3 people and none of them go home because of America. At this point I wouldn’t even want to be HOH, they are only making more enemies. This was going to be a really interesting season, but it is kind of turning out to be boring because no one can make a big move because America reverses the big move, and cancels it out.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Great point about getting all the blood on your hands by nominating people who then don’t even get evicted.

Bronte's Zen

At least you’re safe for a week and get some goodies, including a letter from a loved one.

Bronte's Thigh Gap

The reason HoH cant be won in back to back weeks, is because the HoH has the power to get one of their noms out of the house, not because they get safety for the week, because pov can be won in back to back weeks.


This weeks care package will just veto his original noms anyway. Sad.


YES!!!!! It’s time for America to show some class and help the kids in the house that HAVE class!!!


I love watching these useless LNC fucks who can’t accomplish anything without outside help being frustrated with the reality that they can’t accomplish anything without outside help. In a normal BB season, that side of the house would be decimated already.

It’s on and poppin Neeley? Calm the fuck down and try to do something without Joker’s carrying your asses.

Dani, Kryssie, Neely for HAVE NOTS! Scott or Shelby for care package. Kryssie, Dani, Shane for nomination depending on Scott’s decision.


Shane and Danielle are just plain nasty, having sex. We know Scott is putting up them up, so who do nominate. Also for slop I’m definitely thinking Justin, Danielle, and Kryssie, the ones that think America loves them so much (gag me)


Nasty. On camera with Kryssie and Jason next to them. I see a decent porn career ahead for them if he figures out if she did and she knows if she did. LMAO.


Please America put up Krissye so that there will still be 2 side of the house. I love the plastics <3


I hate everyone from the LNC now except Justin.


I like people on both sides. The veto care package and America’s nom really makes this confusing. I hope he doesn’t put up his targets first. They will come down.


Well, I guess all of the ignorant stuff that the LNC says and does not count towards making Neely on and poppin’. Guess you have to be on the other side of the house for her to be upset about ignorant words or petty actions. Kind of goes against what she claimed in a live diary session. She said that she hated the divided house and would not be mean to those not in her group. That was not the truth I see.


Danielle looks like she’s the kind of girl you can walk up to and grab by the hand.


Yay Scott!
America’s Vote and nomination is destroying this game. Why bother winning the H OH?
If someone from Jason’s side doesn’t go home this week…..BB Over the Top is a huge fail!.


I am so, so, so confused. Why do people come on this show and do this crap? Obviously they know we can see them. I just don’t get it. Nicole, Dani, I mean can’t you wait till the show is over then meet up and go at it all you want?

Ugh future BB houseguest, please keep your sex life to yourself. Come to play the game, or don’t come at all. You can do that crap in the privacy of your own bedroom at home.


They may be getting off on this. The # of feed viewers will be small and even if it blows up on social media the numbers will be small relative to TV versions. Everyone will also probably forget about this ever happening when bb19 or bbcan5 rolls around cause there will another showmance banging under the covers.

Personally I would prefer showmances stayed out of the show. lately it’s showmace craziness and it sucks.

Man Guy

Come to play the game or don’t come at all? Didn’t you hear Danielle, she said she doesn’t like answering questions.


I looked at the twitter link and read some of the responses. This is what this world has come to. A lot of the people responding don’t seem to understand that it looks bad them having sex on camera like this. They can’t fathom it. No morals whatsoever and this woman has a child that will see this someday. Both have family members who I’m sure are embarrassed. But there are a lot of people who think “what’s the big deal”. Idiots


To be honest the less time you spend reading replies on Twitter the better.


During season 10 I commented on why I thought April and Ollie having sex on camera (not even under the covers) was in poor taste. People jumped down my throat that they were adults and that whatever consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom is no one’s business. They (the people commenting) acted like the people who were upset or offended were the ones with a problem. I feel now the same way I felt then.

I am not offended. As far as offense-their lives, their bodies, their choices and if someone is offended they don’t have to watch.

As for it not being our business what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedroom-that is the part I don’t agree with. They are not doing it in privacy, they are doing it on film and, in the age of the internet it will never go away. As adults it is still their choice to make but, when they enter the BB house their actions affect the people they care about outside the house. I think about a father or brother going to work or going to hang out with friends while their co-workers and friends are cutting jokes about what they saw or heard on the feeds or how the video is being passed around the internet so anyone can see it regardless of whether or not they watch BB. It took less than 24 hours for April and Ollie to make it to you tube. In the case of Danielle, she has a child and I wonder what will happen if someday someone in school finds out.

I honestly don’t care what any of them do in their personal lives. As people, I have genuinely liked some of the people who have had sex in the BB house. But I feel the decision to do these things in front of the camera is wrong and, if they don’t care what people think of them they should at least consider the friends and/or family outside of the BB house that can be affected by their choices.

Bronte's Thigh Gap

Lord Vishnu quadruple Facepalm


Danielle has repeatedly said that she is on BBOTT because of her son. Wonder what the son will think of her when one of his friends happens to show these fun clips of her and Shane in a few years. Bet she never gave that a single thought. Smh.

Non-existent "O" Face

Shane, if you have to ask…. then the answer is NO. She should have hooked up with Justin.


You are so correct. What a douche. He had to ask? And her response was a hoot, I don’t know. Did she say she was a pre school teacher? I seriously doubt it. I know googleing shows her as an assistant coach of sorts.


epic fail BBOTT…….do what Utopia did and just pull the plug an cut your losses CBS…….you are ruining the game of BB like you almost did when you did the winter BB during the writers strike…..and yes cutting my losses and not spending my money on this crappy format…….

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I can’t blame you for that.


I wouldn’t give up on it just yet. It’s still really early.

SUre it sucks how the votes going down but that’s always the case.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

The girls are ruling this season.


Hopefully producers will wise up if America’s Nominee continues to ruin the game, but I’ll keep my expectations super low.


Are we in some kind of agreement that is best to give Scott America care package. That way at least he can be in total control of his hoh for once this season.


If someone from the other side does not go home time to cancel my subscription to CBS. Why watch one team get to play.HOH means crap this season. At least Alex can be proud she is playing the game while others think they are entitled to a free ride. I work for what I have and I do not want to give LNCgroup any votes. They need to play the game and quit relying on America to do their dirty work..Alex for favorite player is my choice.


The girls are not ruling the season. Jason fans are . And it’s sucks. I was really hoping for something better after the last torturous season.


I knew Danielle was a porn queen. There is one every season. Cheap ho.


Unfortunately, I have to agree. I had high hopes for Dani. She seems intelligent, athletic. I just don’t get it. I remember people saying she’s another Z, I thought no, she said Z was her least favorite player. Turns out shes not much different. Granted I think shes smarter and a better competitor, but still the same mentality. I honestly feel bad for her son more than anything. If my parent did something like that, I would be mortified.

I know there are people that disagree and think its perfectly fine. My question is where is the self respect? She’s a pretty girl, intelligent. Come on, don’t sell yourself short. You gotta do better for yourself and your son.


Anyone else having trouble voting on the care package. I went to vote and it said i have reached my limit for the day. This happened one other time. This sucks


Who gets the vote for care package not on Jason’s side


Simon and Dawg,
Despite some people that were complaining bout your updates recently, I personally think this is the best one out there. With that being said can you post a poll on acp, and America nominee please.


Thanks Stephanie!

I added the poll FOR ACP to the post.


No thank you, just as of curiosity who do you want to get the care package???


Umm.. I would like someone from Jason’s side to go this week so whatever makes that happen.

I’m voting Dawg 😉


It actually does not matter who gets the care package as no matter which three that they pick, it benefit goes to the house guest/alliance that wins the veto. The detriment goes to the house guest that gets the package as they are not eligible for a future package and it appears they all benefit the recipient of the care package.


I’ll wait on the poll to see where the votes are falling. I don’t want to split them among the good side and let the LNC slip in.


If one of the Plastics can win veto this week, they will finally succeed in getting out one of the LNC on the 3rd attempt.


I just voted for Scott, out of everyone he deserves it more. Only because of the way LNC treated him the last fews days. This is such sweet victory for him and the girls, cant wait to see Danielle or Shane to leave.


Also would be good to save acp for alex next week, this week she should be fine


If America puts up Alex this week and she goes home, I’m done with this show and paying CBS. This America’s nominee is complete BS!

Please, have nots – Kryssie, Dani, and Jason.


This will be a steam roll if America keeps siding with the LNC and to me that is boring. I like Jason and Justin, but I don’t like Danielle, Neely or Kryssie. Shane I don’t mind. From the other side I like Alex, Morgan and Whitney and don’t mind Scott. I don’t like Shelby. Care package I’ll be voting for Scott’s side to get, either Scott or Alex. I’ll be nominating and voting for someone on the LNC’s side. I’ll probably nominate Kryssie and vote out Danielle…


I would love to see Shane & Danielle as noms and Krissie or Jason (wishful thinking) as America’s nom. And three of thour four as have nots this week.

Southern Belle

I know this does not have anything to do with this post, but I cannot stand Shelby! This is what is so screwed up about people these day. None of them bashed Shelby for being a bully Jr. High Kid, but Monte gets the 3rd degree for saying something retarded about someone stealing pants! Bullying to me is just as bad as racism. No one should be ok with her saying something so demeaning, but yet racism flies off everyone’s tongue so easy! It’s BS! I guess I find this extremely offensive, because I have dealt with people like her and it changes you. It is beyond hurtful to be judged on looks, quirks, and being yourself.


Has anyone seen the power lifter lift anything? Anything other than her fist to her mouth?


Being someone who’s into lifting myself I was excited to see a “power lifter” on the season. I haven’t seen any lifts from her though, i haven’t seen much of anything from her. She did comment that she only uses machines back home and therefore does her workouts on BB late at night. As she doesn’t know how to use the equipment in the backyard.

They need to get a regular barbell in the backyard.


WTH! What’s the use of playing the game if America makes it all one sided. Give the damned money to Jason already and be done with it. Already BORING and PREDICTABLE. A waste of money and time.

Botox Pelosi

Without Jason this would be wide open.


My guts telling me the fans are turning on Jason, Shane, Danielle, Kryssie.

(Disclaimer, my guts only slightly more reliable than James’ gut)


Scott is such as snake and his group includes Shelby so that is reason NOT to support them this week.


Sitting here listening to Dani and Jason, such bitches. They just sit and gloat about how America only likes their side and they have this in the bag. And Dani, “I don’t mind going out 6 as long as it’s with all of them and only their side deserves to win”. I just want to barf! And you have idiot Shane, “the girls think Scott is with them”. You really are dumb!