Big Brother Over the Top Veto Ceremony “I’ve never sat on this couch before”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-25 15-45-49-486

1:03pm Morgan uses the veto on herself. Whitney put up in her place.

Kryssie says it’s in her best interest and the interest of everyone “as a whole” to put Whitney up in her place

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-25 15-46-05-734

Whitney – “I’ve never sat on this couch before”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-25 15-47-57-045

2:58pm Scott, Alex and Shelby

Scott says Justin pretty much just told him he’s voting him out.
Scott – he doesn’t want to go against Kryssie’s wishes.. It’s fine I was expecting it
Scott – I hope everyone is still cool with banking on America… I still have a 50/50 chance with them.
Big-Brother-18 2016-10-25 15-51-30-051

3:00pm Storage room Shelby and Alex
Alex pissed because Justin isn’t keeping Scott, “He’s playing the wimpiest game.. we have to hope for America again”
Alex says if they vote out Neeley and America votes out Scott it puts them in a worst position with the other side
Shelby points out the other side is coming after them regardless
Alex – America.. we need you
Shelby – we shouldn’t give up on Justin yet
Alex agrees “we shouldn’t take no for an answer”
Alex says getting rid of Scott is not interesting at all “It’s cutting the loan wolf out.. if Neeley goes out chaos will happen”
Shelby – still worth it to try, they’re coming after us anyways
Alex says they will have to really plug away at Justin. Alex says they needs to cry to get to Justin.
Alex is worried about the same thing happening with monte
Alex – Kryssie would never have to know .. she’ll have no idea.. He can sail to the final 5
Shelby – I’ll tell him you’re guaranteed a spot in the finale..
Alex says the only person out of that other side that is playing the game is Jason.
Shelby calls the other side “Hypocridiots”
Shelby plans to talk to Justin tonight. Alex will hit him up tomorrow. they’ll keep trying up until the voting ceremony.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-25 15-58-11-048
3:20pm Bummed….

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-25 15-59-23-953

3:20pm Jason telling the HOH crew he’s down to 4 packs of cigarettes
Jason – I’m going to leave that one last pack until Sunday.. then we can chain smoke them
Jason – then the patch life.. they’ll make a segment on it.. they always make a segment when someone runs out up in this b1tch.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-25 16-02-30-388

4:00pm HOH LNJ
Jason mocking Shelby – “She’s barely a waitress…. you hear what she does.. gets people’s drinks” (LOL)
Going over the other side’s careers
Jason – what are you doing Alex you’re in a maid costume do a dish
Kryssie points out Alex did a shitty job at the bathroom she doesn’t want her doing the dishes.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-25 18-20-42-659

6:19pm Alex with Shelby’s help making a Sheppards pie for Kryssie.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-25 19-42-40-366

7:10pm Kryssie and Justin
Kryssie says it’ll be detrimental if Neely goes home.
Justin – Voting to keep Neeley.. that is what I’m going to do
Kryssie – I trust you .. I trust you more than any of the hoes outside Jason
Taking about what they miss outside of the house.
Justin – I want to go fishing so damn bad…

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-25 19-45-20-818

7:45pm LIve Dr’s

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-25 19-55-37-270

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-25 20-17-21-170

8:17pm Backyard Jason and Justin
Talking about getting Shelby out next week.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-25 21-41-56-279

9:40pm Ball Smasher
They are going to talk to Justin 1 more time.
Shelby says she’s voting out Neeley even if she’s the only one
Alex says she’s voting against Neeley because they all lie to her face every single day, “They want me gone”

Shelby – these are way better odds than with Monte..

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Vote Neely out!

Jason just spat in the tub knowing Alex would be cleaning there, he is an utter disgrace

I want scumbags Jason and Krissie(the armpit sweat and spit crew) to lose someone from their side!

Team Ball Smashers!

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Jason mocking everyone else is getting pretty annoying.

sir peanut

These obnoxious comments over and over again are too much. I’m voting for the ball smasher. Those girls need to be broken up, at least eventually.

Ballsmashers are acting fake

Although I don’t agree with the LNC talking so much crap and wish they would strategize more (maybe production could help us out on this one), I do think the ballsmashers are very conscious of coming off as nice people and therefore are acting fake. I have no idea what their real personalities are like and do find them boring to watch. I also know at least one of them is not a nice person in their everyday life so don’t be fooled. Ultimately I would like the LNC to talk less trash and more game and the BS’s to be more real.

Where is Alex's green beanie?

Superfans know what I mean…


Why aren’t they allowed to talk about production?


OMG Jason is going to run out of smokes!
What if he starts getting cranky & bitchy?

Yet Another Hillary Lie

That was good. LOL


I want to nom alex for next America nom
I like morgan better
I do not want to see Jason or alex win this game
since Jason already been on the block I want alex on it too
Justin whitney Shelby I like them three a lot im sill a fan of Jason
but no that much like I was so America I voting for alex to get the next America nom


not sure why you got so many down votes, she is a strong competitor and with her being on the block she always guaranteed to play in the veto. In addition, she has already got a care package so if her allies get one they can easily use them to save alex if she gets on the block….

The Anti-LNJ League

Each day just seems to bring more disgusting, vile behavior from the nasty trolls known as the Late Night Jamboree. Today we saw Jason rush into the HOH bathroom to spit in the bathtub because Safety Servant Alex was on her way to clean as required by Big Brother. I’d love to see that twit nominated and voted out next week and sent packing back to his mother’s basement. How many rocks did they have to look under to find this trash??

All of my votes are going toward nasty Neely just to see that gross lump, Kryssie’s, head explode when Neely goes out during her HOH.


I just saw this in a thread on another site:

10/22/16 10:51 am Jason tells Dani to spit in the icing.Dani says that she is licking the spoon & sticking it in & she’ll laugh when BS eat it

It is bizarre how Jason and his alliance are so into imposing their bodily fluids onto the other side


And if you kepy watching you would have seen that Danielle ate all of the frosting and threw the can away. So they were just joking about the whole thing. She didn’t leave tainted frosting for the plastics to eat.


So Dani isnt quite at Jason and Krissy levels of actually imposing bodily fluids on the others just yet, she was just fantasizing about it. Give it time, she will be wiping her armpits on the others pillow too.

Slop Cookie

Spot on! The LNJ are such hypocrites and simply horrible people. I honestly think Jason is a sad example of how one person can make a difference and in this case, a horrible difference. I was looking forward to this experiment in playing Big Brother as an Internet only show with 24/7 feeds and behind the scenes look into the competitions and Diary Room sessions. I don’t think anyone at Big Brother production knew what a mistake it was going to be to bring back someone so negative and disgusting as Jason. I mean they were obviously looking to cast social misfits with emotional issues in hopes it would create some juicy, over the top drama that passes for entertainment these days. However, I don’t think anyone foresaw how this miserable little dweb was going to hijack the show and quickly bring the misfits down to his level and sink this version to the point it is just a shadow of the Big Brother we all have loved and enjoyed for all these years. I just have to wonder how much better this could have been if they tried to stay closer to Big Brother and less Real Housewives of blah blah trashy reality TV. I spent a lot of time watching live feeds for BB18 this summer and it was fun and interesting and added so much to my enjoyment of Big Brother. After three weeks into BBOTT, I’ve found myself frustrated, usually disgusted, and getting less interested in sticking with it until the finale. I check in and watch until I can’t take it anymore. Today it was when Jason sat and trashed Shelby and the other women on and on, but the tipping point was when he jumped up to go spit in the bathtub he thought Alex was going to have to clean. I end up coming yo OnLineBig Brother everyday to find out about what I couldn’t force myself to watch myself. Thanks to Dawg & Simon for all that you do.


Shelby, Whitney, Alex, Morgan are constantly bad mouthing the other side. They are doing it as I am typing this. They are mean nasty bitches who act like stupid high school jealous girls. I guess everyone blinded by all that makeup and pretty looks.


So I’ve spent some time on the feeds today and watched the important parts the last few days. Does Jason ever stop complaining? Also, seeing that Kryssie quit yesterday, even tho she’s a powerlifter, I will vote out Neeley this week. It’s time we see Kryssie have a complete meltdown.

Thumbs up to vote Neeley out.


Bravo for having the stomach to watch those folks.
I gave up and will only watch Alex’s side on the feeds. Much nicer and kinder people.
Hopefully Kryssie, Danielle or Jason go home next week. Never seen so much bitterness and nastiness.

Vote Neeley out America!!!!


Jason gives fa%~}ot a bad name. Just get rid of this fame whore!


Simon and Dawg,

Do you guys ever chat in the live feed chatrooms? If so, what room(s) and what are your names?


Omg, the Backyard chat has gotten really bad.


Jason wins hoh
Shelby wins next one
Jason win America care packasges co hoh with Shelby
that what I hope happen them too sharing hoh duties will be reall funny
I don’t like Jason sometime but I hope him an Shelby make to the end they be reall funny on the way
who I want to be with them I say Justin or alex that’s what I hope for


I just can’t even watch the feeds anymore… I just come here for updates. LNJ are hypocrites, mean, bullies, vile, and complainers. What happen to trying to work together to advance yourself in the game, even at least if it was in secret…


Kryssie the worse she was like shows over in hurt no u just couldnt do it wasnt because you were hurt it wasnt a comp for you learn to be humble. She is youtube fanous fo being a cunt i mean come on she makes fun of shelby for being a waitress(even tho she is a lawyer) and she herself is one????

Not a fan of krissy

I love how during the veto comp (krissy) and even now she keeps saying that she was”injured”. I don’t consider blisters/callouses an injury. What was she expecting during the comp for EMT’s to come running to her side. Maybe they should have rushed her to the hospital to get treated. And for get to get mad and feel sorry for herself was ridiculous and embarrassing to watch. She will probably want to sue CBS. I also did NOT see any blood running down her hands.


So I’ve been trying to work out who I want in the final 3. (Can we get a poll going?)
And I want a mix of Alex, Shelby and Whitney! Vs Justin.

I didn’t realize I’ve become team ball smashers until now!


Not Justin….. He’s not playing the game. Just following Kryssie’s orders. No mind of his own whatsoever.
Alex, Scott, Shelby are my top 3 to win.


But he’s the most likable of the LNC, and I don’t want side one of the house to dominate. So I’d rather the final 3 be LNC vs ballsmashers

Fan of drama

Although I agree that the LNC is saying a lot of disgusting stuff, I think we should vote out Scott this week. If Neely is voted out then it would be 5 BS’s against 2 LNC (since Justin won’t try to win) in the next HOH and this would pretty much guarantee that another LNC member would go home next week and i think the game would get quite boring. Resulting in a final five of all BS’s plus Scott. I would like to keep the players in the game confused as to what America is going to do next.


If you are a fan of drama then voting out Neely causes maximum drama with Scott then clashing with Danielle, Krissy and Jason. The most boring player there is Neely and she has to go home to her nursing home.


Does anyone else think Neely looks older than 33? And she told the house guests that she was 28. I don’t think so!


Neely needs to stop calling herself a Diva. Far from it, and it’s getting old.

Slop Cookie

I’m also tired of the LNR overusing and abusing the phrase “I’m just keeping it real” to excuse gross, boorish, ridiculous, immature behavior.


My sentiments exactly!
” keeping it real” (laugh)
More like,
Keeping it mean, rude, disrespectful!


I’m sick of the Ball Smashers! Whitney needs to go, this week. It’s time they feel the heat. Scott is playing a stupid game. Why he is so adamant on protecting Alex is mind-blowing. Also, is he that ignorant to think the girls will save him? I almost feel sorry for the poor schmuck….Almost!!!

Bye bye Scott

Vote Scott out this week and nominate and vote out krissey next week. Let’s keep them guessing in the BBOTT house. Although not a fan of Neely’s, if she gets voted out this week most likely the next to go is another LNC member and before you know it(no matter what America does) the final four will be all BS’s and that would be boring!!!!!!!!!


Whitney has got to go!!! That accent is becoming annoying. It’s time for one of the Ball Smashers to go home. Watching their alliance is like watching the movie “Mean Girls”. Although Scott gets on my nerves, I don’t relish seeing him being used as their puppet. They’re playing the game as if they are still in high school.

Who's truth

I think most of these people are vile. While the LNJ is cruder, the other side of the house is made up of a bunch of mean girls and a twit. Scott is a disgusting as everyone else. I am so tired of the wimpy, nerdy archetype. It hasn’t been fun since Ian. Scott is a worse Steve (and how can that be?). Does Alex ever have a pleasant look on her pissy face? Morgan and Whitney are the only two that seem to know how to behave with any civility. Not liking this cast.


The LNJ acts so rude and bitter. the BS have tried to be fair and het along not the other way around. so weird how the LNJ keep saying the girls are always whispering but what do they expect or where do they expect them to talk game when they are all up in hoh room? And when BS had hoh and were all up there they complained about that. They bother me the most when they attack each in one way or another for un called for things like cleaning the dishes. come on just calmly and kindly ask people to clean their messes. real simple! I guess they’d rather spew hatred . But guess what it doesn’t seem to be impressing too many. the comments are unecessary and immature.

Ballsmashers are fake

I understand that the ballsmashers don’t like Danielle but that doesn’t require them to be mean to her. Aka-waking out of the room when she walks in, not responding to her when she talks to them. Danielle does talk too much but she hasn’t been mean to them. They all decided to hate her on DAY 1 instead of giving her a chance – explaining to her that when she only talks about herself and doesn’t ask them anything that it makes her seem like she doesn’t care. I believe the BS’s are putting on a fake front for America and some of them may not be very nice people in real life.

Big Edie

Wrong! Sorry but you have that totally backwards. Those BS girls are not mean at all.
Its the LNC that are rude and disgusting , lnc are the MEAN ones. Also I reckon LNC needs to lose someone on their HOH. Love this site, Allyall are great! Thanks!


Can we please all vote Jason for Americas nom next week? He threw a tantrum when Neeley was nominated. He said the girls must be getting a good edit, such a fool, does he not remember how the feeds work? As much as I wanted Kryssie out next I think it is time for him to have a wake up call from America.

BB Fan

This site sucks. This is like the 5th time I’ve tried to post a comment and nothing went through.


Neely sits and does nothing the whole game. Even though her side does talk crap about the ball smashers, I’ve rarely seen her talk trash about then. Then again, by not saying anything against the bad comments about the ball smashers at all means she doesn’t disagree with them either.

Then you have Scott who is cocky, annoying to certain people, and a jerk. Also he mentioned that he would completely through his game aside and do anything to progress Alex’s game. Even if that would mean him going home. Now this could be a act to show to America how selfless he is and try to win America over. But either way, I personally I think that’s boring and annoying because he’s not playing his own game.

Also people need to remember just like with each side in the house, the ball smashers are appealing to America, so some things that they’ve done or said is to convince and sway over America to their side.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not all gun ho about the LNJ. I’ve never liked Kyristie since the beginning of the game AND I’M SOOOO ANNOYED OF DANNIELLE. Eventually I want them out, but not now. Now with Jason (even though some of the stuff he has said I really don’t like), I’m still rooting for him and of course Justin is still one of my favorites as well. But Neely, if this was a week eariler and shane was still in the house, I wouldn’t care if Neely stays or leaves. But this week is so critical for the LNJ, I’m willing to support them over the ball smashers.

All in all, Scott needs to go.

Bye bye Scott

I agree that if Shane was still there I would be ok if Neely leaves this week but LNC still needs the numbers. If Neely left they would only have 2 LNC people competing since Justin won’t try to win and Kryssie can’t play. This would give the advantage to the BS’s for next week and they would vote out another LNC member. This would give America less or no control in future votes if one side has a lot more numbers. Vote Scott out!!!!!!!


America gives the deciding vote and even if Justin still votes out Scott – if America votes out Neeley then that’s it! Oh pleassssssseeeee let that be the final outcome!


Good old white girl syndrome


I am so sick of all the hate for the “Plastics.” People complain every season of BB that there aren’t any all girl alliances that stick together. HERE IS ONE! They are already the best all girls alliance in the history of big brother. They stick together, have a good time, play the game, and don’t depend on guys to “save” them. They’ve used the guys to further there game (a situation that is usually reversed.) However, so many people don’t like them. They aren’t “inclusive” enough?

Also, I’m not sure what “white girl syndrome” is? Apparently there is something wrong with being a blonde, white, upper middle class woman? I think these girls have conducted themselves with far more class than the “Misfits.” I wish that Neely had aligned with them (they would have gladly accepted her; they all like her.) They are far classier than nasty porn star wannabe Danielle and oversharing bodily functions Krissy.

#TEAMPLASTICS #nothingwrongwithbeingpretty