Neeley “Shane didn’t do if for me. Monte had the body” Kryssie “I’m into fitness, fit this d**k in my mouth”

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-26 02-32-21-153

9:50pm Backyard – Kryssie – if you stay in the house with no votes against you, you can still play on an even keel. But if those motherf**kers vote for you.. Neeley – its a wrap! IT’S A WRAP! F**K Shelby she is going to do whatever those other two tell her. Kryssie – we’ll see. All those are horrible people. Neeley – I don’t agree with that, especially with Morgan and Whitney. Kryssie agrees – but in terms of this game, I am over all of them. Neeley – those would be the ones that I would possibly work with. Kryssie – you can’t trust Alex. Neeley – no you’ll see tomorrow, that will be the tell tale. Kryssie – even if she does vote with us, I sill won’t trust her. I need you to stay. Neeley – everyone works on my last nerve. This will not be a waste of an HOH. Kryssie – It really can’t be. I will be so f**king pissed! I feel like in my heart of hearts you’re going to stay. We just need all those b***hes to be true to their word. It would be really nice to send Scott out of her to a 7-0 split. It would teach him that he came in here and really f**ked this up. Neeley – my only fear is someone is talking to Alex and I don’t know who. Kryssie – don’t see much of her. Neelye – I think in the weeks to follow we need to send some misdirection to find out who is saying information. Kryssie – I didn’t tell anyone but Danielle and it didn’t get out so its not her. Neeley – Shane didn’t do if for me. Monte had the body. Shane had more of the face and the swag. Some times Justin looks good to me but then I’m like hell no, god no! Kryssie – I don’t have a type. The only dude in here I would remotely be attracted to was Jason. None of these dudes did it for me. Neeley – at first look I was into Shane and then Monte took his shirt off. Kryssie – I’m into fitness.. fit this d**k in my mouth. Neeley – YES!

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-26 02-50-34-506

10:10pm Backyard – Morgan, Neeley, Whitney, Alex, Kryssie, Scott and Shelby are all sitting around the backyard couches. Alex comments on how she won’t get rid of her costume punishment till after the next HOH. Jason and Danielle are in the hot tub.

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10:50pm – 12am Whitney, Alex, Morgan and Shelby head to the London room – Morgan – at this point I feel like I’m breaking things with Kryssie but I feel like I would put up Kryssie and Jason and bank on America’s nom. Alex – if Neeley went home there are 4 spots so almost everyone would have to be touched. Its now getting to that point. Whitney – us up with them. Alex – I think the most important thing is to just try your hardest to win. Shelby – I’m not throwing it. Whitney – if it came down to it and I had to pawn someone I would put Scott up. Alex – for sure if we knew we had the numbers. Shelby – you would have to see what the care package was too because if it was take away 2 votes, you couldn’t do that. Whitney – Jason was genius hooking up with Justin who doesn’t know sh*t about this game. Shelby – Jason is running that side of the house. Shelby – I don’t think Monte went out for going after Jason. Alex – oh no, Monte went out because people didn’t like him. They talk about Kryssie quitting in the veto. Shelby if you guys quit in the veto I would kill you. Whitney – we pretty much bullied you to voting out Neeley this week. Morgan – I guarantee you Kryssie is going to turn to me when Neeley leaves and say “You stupid blonde b***h!” Alex – I feel like we should make a plea for Scott. He don’t complain. Whitney – he loves this. This is his dream. Morgan – if Kryssie does say something to me I want to be ready to say something back. Whitney – then release the chiwawa (Shelby). Morgan – you preach honestly but when I came to talk to you, you had someone hiding in the bathroom (Justin). Whitney – all you need to say is this is a numbers game. Why would I vote out one of my own when y’all are coming after us!? And she put you on the block. Morgan – I guarantee you she put me on the block thinking I wouldn’t win the veto. Sucks to suck Kryssie. Alex – I am on the fence about wanting Danielle out. Jason pretty much confirmed Danielle was running her mouth about wanting me out. Shelby – if we get Neeley out it doesn’t matter what happens we have the numbers.

Alex, Morgan, Whitney and Shelby get up to talk to the live feeders. They tell Ameria to vote out Neeley. Alex – out of all these people Scott does not complain. He is a fighter. Vote to keep Neeley out and Keep Scott. Morgan – if you vote Neeley out I will let Kryssie attack me for weeks and weeks and weeks. I don’t care. They do the team ball smashers hair flip.

12:20am All the house guests head to bed..

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It would take a pretty big d*ck to fit into Kryssie’s big mouth. What a skanky POS and she has the nerve to call others hoes!

Whitney – Jason was genius hooking up with Justin who doesn’t know sh*t about this game.

Wow, she cussed again… Disgraceful… Her poor mother.
Thumbs down to condone her behavior


I’m just curious as to how many Jason fans are out there. I know at the start of this season he had the majority, that’s why the vote went his way wk after wk. It’s starting to seem as if people are starting to sway from him to Alex(thank God). So my question is Thumbs Up if u like Jason and Thumbs Down if you don’t like him or you don’t care. I’m thumbs down. I don’t really care about him right now, but I might like him later, depending on who he’s playing with.

Simon/Dawg How about a pole? Who’s side are you on?
A) Ball Smashers+Scott
B) Late Night Jamboree/Misfits

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Willow I’m Team Alex too. Hopefully she makes it all the way to the end.


The hypocridiots (The Ball Smashers name for Jasons alliance) are one of my least favorite alliances ever, along with the first 5 alliance of Big Brother Canada 2. The Ball Smashers are one of my favorites.


I’m going to get thumbs down but never cared. I would like the Ball Smashers to be put up and in danger more.(monte and cornbread were never apart of them) The reason is when people really feel like they are in danger you see more of who they can be. Don’t like Americas vote because it also changes peoples behavior(most people) it is the reason the BS step away from Monte. The Bs or plastics (what ever)are always super aware of the cameras even doing little poses all the time especially Alex and Morgan. I think Alex has been playing the game well but has never felt threatened. I like to see how they would act.I don’t like or dislike Krissie but she has been on the block every week (except this one) and beside being vulgar(much like the guys last season who got little sh!t for it)she has not been to bad this week even trying to work with the girls. I am also suspicious of Alex because she to easily said nice things to Krissie and seemed genuine but was to genuine (dr Will) I would like to see if Alex would also be as smooth (or a sociopath like Dr. Will) when she has everyone against her.Scott has been horrible to Krissie way before she was after him talking about her looks etc. BB18 everybody loved Paulie and hated Victor in the first 6 weeks but we saw what happened to Pauli when the tables were turned . Plus what makes this so different then other seasons if you have live feed. We still get fish plusDr are still being edited. I also think something has to be up with no one realizing there are sisters ugh.. Casting sucks again. Bored we wanted soccer moms in their 40s getting vicious not Nellie, cornbread and Krissie Go Justin!!

Neely says she hits her puppy

11:49pm BBT Cam 1/2 Tuesday (last night)
The video is on twitter

[Jason aims fart at Kryssie]
Kryssie: Why me?! I was good to you
Jason: Cause Neeley will beat me with a sandal
Neeley: Like Sir Cameron hahaha
Kryssie: Is that how you handle your puppy?
Neeley: Sir Cameron had a flip flop, fuck yeah. And it had his name on it. Mhm. I’m a black momma, girl


I love love love The BallSmashers!! They are my favorite all girl alliance ever! The hair flip they do is hysterical and proves to me they are here to play with a cheeky sense of humor. Jason & his gang are just vile! They have no redeeming qualities to them whatsoever! Can’t wait to see Kryssie have a f’in meltdown when Neely gets the boot! It’s gonna be entertainment galore!


I feel the exact same. I absolutely love the girls. Always have, even when everybody else didn’t! They’re actually playing the game and strategizing. Rather than smoking and talking trash like the others! I’m super excited Neeley’s going home on Kryssie’s HOH:) Especially bc at the beginning of the week(rt after Kryssie won HOH) Danielle, Neeley, and Kryssie were saying how happy they were that “the other side” will get to see what it’s like being in their shoes this week. Basically they were referring to the girls not being safe and getting nominated like they’ve been week after week. When they were saying that I was thinking yeah, but you guys never went home. So they’ve had it made, getting nominated, but still sending home someone from the other side(except Shane). So this is absolutely amazing how this week is playing out! The LNC will get to see what it’s like to have 3 ppl nominated throughout the week, but still lose one of their own:) I love Karma. Now come on America, I need you to vote out Neeley!!! Please Please Please!

My predictions are: Neeley goes home, someone from Ball Smashers + Scott wins HOH, and Jason jumps ship!

Ball Smashers fan

I really enjoy watching The Ball Smashers and its cool to see how united these 4 girls are and how much they enjoy each others company. It is pretty rare for Big Brother. I like their emotional stability and their whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Vote out boring Neely. Keep Scott for feed drama with him clashing with Krissy, Jason, Dani. The Virgin King is a good loyal shield for The Ball Smashers.

(does Ball Smashers sign)


They do have some great parts as well!

Ball Smashers fan

Haha, yes they do!


I am so amped for tonight. I am pumping myself up like Scott did before the veto haha.

Team Ball Smashers!


I really like the cheeky sense of humor of the 4 girls too. Another good name for them would be Fox Force 4. Though I like The Ball Smashers name better because it has the cheeky humor. The hair flip is awesome.


If Neeley goes, game over. White Power Girls steamroll. America Vote will have been a failure. Just shortened the game. Oh well.


Ja, weib mecht


I love the “clean” girls. Nasty gals gotta go. It is what it is.


Very true. The clean girls are clean in more ways then one and the nasty girls are nasty in more ways then one. The nastiest being the Krusty critter and her skid mark granny panties. She need to wash herself up inside and out. I am team sexy ball smashers all the way!


Yaaasss! C ya Neely!


Kryssie is a white girl and currently the HOH for the other team. That’s not the issue. The issue is one side is mean and nasty and the other side MUCH LESS so though they all have their moments. I actually started out liking the late night jamborees group more. But their vile and disgusting ways had me switch. I am thinking Neely goes tonight and I will be celebrating. She’s actually a very nice person but she chose the wrong alliance. Of all of LNJ Neely is the nicest. Then I hope America chooses Jason as Americans nominee for the following week. We cannot reward his behavior. Pauline’s game was shot in BB18 the moment he started displaying his negative side. Why are we gonna let Jason get away with it? I want with my votes. And Justin likes the ball smashers. Justin is one of my favorite players. He could win this.


The first two weeks it’s seemed like it was the opposite that they were going to get steamrolled because of Jason’s fans. I thought it was an unfair advantage bringing a vet back when America had a lot to do with the outcome. Well I’m happy to say that we turned that around and hope we do steamroll over the LNC.


I want to see Neely go. Want to watch the douchebags throw a hissy fit. They are so vile.


Ditto to that!!


It would need to be an industrial size/strength douche to clean out that crusty crypt Kryssie.

Please help

Simon or anyone who can help,
I paid for CBS All Access but I am not being allowed to vote. Last American’s nom I couldn’t vote, then I was able to vote for have-nots, but now I can’t vote for Scott to be evicted. Any ideas of what the problem is?


I think the problem is that you’re voting for Scott to be evited. C’mon man! πŸ™‚


Check the email address that you used to sign up to CBS all access. I get an email every time voting opens. I don’t even have to remember. Use the link because if you don’t – the words vote may be hard to find on the CBS site. And jokingly/hoping! I know you’re going to vote Neely out right?

Bye bye Scott

Vote Scott out!!!!!


Not on your life! All 40 votes on Needy toilet mouth. All the polls can’t be wrong.


Actually they were wrong last week:) and I’m voting Scott too. All 60.


Damn I find it hard to believe that Neely is only 28 or even 30 something! Heard some here call her granny Neely which is more likely. If she is that young she has the Lindsay Lohan syndrome (rode hard and put away wet) She is not quite as nasty as Krusty and Jason, but she is down with them. I too hate to see a one sided game but find it hard to pull for anyone on that crew. Hopefully Justin and a couple of girls from the other side switch it up. Justin is the only strong male left in the bunch. The women are beating them down for the win without a doubt. Scott is just happy to have some hot girls give him the time of day and Jason is a disgusting POS. He is just plain nasty and vile. I never liked him on his first go round and now that he thinks he is famous he is even worse. Now I read he spit in the tub when he heard Alex was going to be cleaning it. I wonder if production calls him out on any of that crap or would they allow him to piss or spit in someone’s food or drink? That is a new low.


Tonight is going to be a great one. The look on Kryssie’s face when she has to read the card, with a vote of 4-3 Neeley you are evicted. Then after let the fireworks begin.

Scott or Neely

I would love to see Neely go, but I just have a feeling America is going to vote out Scott…


The LNC is so sure America will vote out Scott. They simply assume America is on their side. Did they not notice that America nominated the last 2 house guests from their side?? Did they not notice that America voted to evict Danielle, the America’s nom last week? Assuming control and power gets you evicted very quickly in Big Brother.


Its nice to see a girls alliance that last longer than 2 weeks


Neeley has twice as many votes as Scott and I’m actually surprised the poll is that close. And I keep forgetting to have a barf bag handy any time Kryssie Farley is about to speak!

Bye Bye Neeley

Vote Neeley out!!!!!! πŸ™‚


Take the garbage out one by one. Hope to watch Needy walk her fat bottom out tonite…..


Come on America!!! Remember. if Scott goes, it will be the same boring house. If Neeley goes, the LNC heads spin round and round. LNC will go off the deep end and make the feeds so friggin’ fun!!! Can’t wait till tonight!!!


In season 15 (I think) a guy rubbed a girl’s hat on his butt cheek and put it back.
Production made him tell her, apologize, and buy a new hat out of his stipend.
Now production is letting people rub their armpits on pillows and spit in things they know someone is about to touch?
That’s crazy!


Yes! That was Jeremy. He rubbed the hat it his butt crack!! And was called to the diary room. He had to confess to all. Sooo terrible. I don’t understand why these vile Houseguests are getting away with what they are contaminating. Makes no sense!


I remember the deluge of petitions being posted here demanding Jeremy get removed from the game. Us BB fans (and I’m just as much to blame for this and it’s part of teh fun) are selective in what we get outraged for.. LOL.


Jason and Kyrissie has to be the most vile houseguest in the history of BB. Not a single redeemable quality about these two. CBS is really slipping on their casting.


You must be new to big brother. There have been several houseguest much worse than either of them.


Cam 3/4 1:06 pm
Jason: I would spit in Shelby’s mouth if she told me to leave the room

wtf is wrong with this guy?

Justin also tells Shelby he hates her guts, and often joins in the bullying smack talk of her behind her back – he does not have the patience or discipline needed to pretend to like her, and with continuing to vote with Jason, he is not doing a great job trying to play the middle and he cares mostly about Jason and Krissy

Justin youre entertaining and hilarious at times, but if its ever between you and Shelby to vote out, in terms of my vote, brother, you are going down


I would say someone should take a dump right on that Jason’s face but it would not surprise me to find out that he enjoys such things.


Funny, you’re comment is just as bad as anything they’re saying. And it was really lame at that.

Corey's dildo

Funny, you don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.


This whole voter fraud thing going on in twitter is pretty funny. Couple that with Poll here at OBB is making me believe that Neeley may be getting America’s vote to evict. Something I thought would not happen.


Even Jason is claiming it is rigged. He had to pull all of the chips out of the Veto Player selection bag to make sure all of their names were in there. Trusting soul, he is!!


I saw something from someone called The Cheater Hunter who is clearly a HUGE fan of the LNJ (or crew whatever) talking about cheaters this and cheaters that it is too funny. Amazing to look at some of the comments bashing the girls for “begging” America for this or that while they post over and over begging people to vote Scott off. Worth a good laugh if you can find it. I think I searched BBOTT voter fraud to see if I could find out what Simon was talking about and found this person there. I am sure you guys with more knowledge and skill on twitter and whatnot can easily find it. I know very little about it. Talking about how hurt Kryssie was after the comp and how BB didn’t even care….. too funny compared to what I read here where she just pussed out!!!


Twitter is dangerous right now.. πŸ˜‰

Kryssie tried hard in the veto but she also over exaggerated her hand injury. At least from what I saw.


What surprised me about Kryssie’s blisters is she is supposed to be a power lifter. If she is a power lifer, shouldn’t her hands be calloused from all of the lifting? All of the people I know that lift a lot have pretty leathery hands. Either she has not lifted for several years or she is lying about being a power lifter.


I don’t think lifting that fat ass off of the couch or toilet counts as “power lifting”


All my votes on Neely. See ya going out the door diva, that’s what’s poppin’! Hoping the feeds erupt and we get some good entertainment tonight.


I’m keeping it real…..I’m voting Neeley out. πŸ™‚

Hopefully next week we can band together and get Jason put up and send his bit*h a$$ home. I can’t stand him and how petty he is.


And then what? Only have Alex’s side left? That’s kind of boring. What will everyone on this comment section have to bitch about once all of Jason’s side goes? You guys wont know what to do with yourselves.


And then they have to go after each other and thats pretty entertaining


It wouldn’t be boring at all. At some point the BS are going to have to turn on each other and that will be quality entertainment without having to listen to Krissy or Jason saying disgusting things.


And the what? Next week the Care Package consists of eliminating 3 eviction votes. If BS gets a swelled head like the LNC has, then we Americans can give the care package to one of the 3 remaining eligible LNC members if we choose. If the remaining LNC members go off the deep end worse, we can give the care package to one of the remaining BS members eligible. We get to control the story line this season.


My vote care package goes to Shelby. Jason will be ticked off


I thought about that but I also thought it would be hilarious to give Shelby the co-HOH package. She would either be with a fellow BS or get or be the one person the other side wouldn’t want to share their HOH with. Lol. Their faces would be priceless!


There is only about a month left anyway and Jasons alliance has only lost 1 player. After tonight there are only 5 eviction nights left including the double. The numbers are currently even. There will likely be care packages going to both sides, and Jason(having existing fans from his first season) and Justin, arguably the most popular player this season, probably still have the most fan votes which is a big advantage. In the extremely unlikely event the final 4 is Alex team, we can say wow that was impressive an all girl alliance making it to the end together. Two of the more notable things about this season…perhaps the most divided house ever, but the most united all girl alliance ever.


Some discussion last night btw Kryssie and Neeley on the couch. True colors have totally emerged. Jason, Danielle, Kryssie and N are in for some reality when they get out of the house. Jason has been a total fail this season. I cant believe I actually followed him on twitter. That has ended. Such disgusting vile people. Its no wonder they merged. They have everything in common. None of those 4 will receive a positive vote from me the remainder of this game.


Then they will all eventually have to turn on each other but nobody wants to hear the nasty sh*t the LNC talks about anymore. They are repulsive. Once Jason/Kryssie are out it will be interesting to see game play and to see if the BS can make it to F4.. Plus I think I’m causing myself to get wrinkles from the faces make when they talk…


Exactly, get rid of the vile and disgusting Jason and Kryssie and see if Danielle and Justin can shift some power around with Scott or Whitney. The 4 of them + Scott can’t stick together but so far and it will be fun to see who shifts first and tries to make a move. Foolish to think the game will be boring without Jason calling people whores, bitches and hoes and Krissey doing the same. Even worse to me coming from a woman calling other women hoes. She has zero class and zero self respect. If people want to hear her talk about her foot fetish, getting railed, and how into “fitness” she is you can follow her on social media and join her fetish group. Jason can go back to his moms basement and spread all the chap-stick he wants around his brown eye.


Did anyone catch on the Live Feeds – Kryssie talking about Danielle and Justin catching each other’s farts? With that, Kryssie’s burping, and Jason’s nasty mouth, I can’t stand that side.
Neeley attacked Scott over absolutely nothing. Did she just realize she is on the block and feel the need to bully Scott! Can’t stand a bully. Nothing is wrong with game play…but bullying is not ok.
Go home Neeley…you are just as mean as the rest of your crew. (And I thought originally I was going to root for her, Jason and Kryssie….)


Not only is Neely a vicious bully to Scott in that argument, but she calls the girls the c word behind their back and said she hits her puppy with a flip flop and laughs about doing it. All my votes are for evicting this nasty old woman.

Shelby's v@g!n@l swab

Neeley just dug her own grave by going off on Scott earlier. That just makes the ball smashers have an excuse for voting her out now. No the needed one. But they can give that excuse to the late night crew and it might work in their favor.


Neeley had a complete meltdown at 10:40 this morning, I really hope she goes tonight.


According to the polls Neeley should be going home. If not I am done


Alfred E, Neuman is what the kid would look like if Jason and Scott had a kid.


Neeley gots to go!!