Big Brother Over the Top Power of Veto Meeting Results “If you save me I would owe you a life debt”

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Shelby – Hey Danielle.. great job in the competition I would love if you used the veto on me but you are the one that put me here so i’m not expecting it.. Great job

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Whitney – If you were to use the veto on me I would be so appreciative.. do whats best for your game

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Scott – Danielle if you used the POV on me I would appreciate it and if you save me I would owe you a life debt

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Danielle says this week she’s felt like she’s in Defense mode

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Danielle used the Veto on Whitney pulled her off the block and nominating Morgan in her place.

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1:16pm Morgan, Shelby and Alex
Morgan crying.. they tell her Scott is going home Whitney will vote him out. Morgan doesn’t trust Whitney at all anymore..
Alex – Whitney has flipped agaisnt us.. we can’t trust her
Morgan – dude hell no … hell no
Morgan feels she’s in danger this week.
Whitney comes in says she’s surprised. Whitney thinks that someone was pressuring Danielle to put Whitney up at the start.
Alex – it doesn’t make sense she got extra blood on her hands.
Whitney points out that Danielle was always saying to her whoever is America’s nom she is pulling down.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-01 13-22-58-688
1:22pm Alex and Scott
Figuring out what happened. Alex says Whitney won’t look at her. Scott thinks Whitney will vote him out over the girls. Tells her to give him a heads up if he’s going.
Shelby comes in
Alex – I feel like Whitney is not with us anymore.
Shelby – I knew she would be the first to flip the whole time
Alex says Whitney was lying to all their faces in the bathroom just now.
Shelby says Kryssie was correct calling Whitney a floater.

SCott – if you want to keep me around consider cancelling Whitney’s voice.. Whitney and America will vote to get rid of me
Shelby – I’m on the block so I can’t take any chances
SCott – that’s fine.
Scott tells them to keep themselves safe if he goes home no big deal he made it to Halloween.

Alex – Danielle was already on the outs..
Scott – On Friday I talked to Danielle and she said she would use the veto on me..
Scott – they do want to eliminate out care packages.. Morgan is their target.
Whitney comes in..

Alex – well Danielle got what she wanted this week
Whitney – what do you think she wanted
Alex – out side gone..
Alex – I just hope if I go home you 4 girls stick together.. If I go home you all made it one step further..
Whitney – was Morgan upset
Alex – yeah she’s upset.. I haven’t seen her cry in here before.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-01 13-31-57-203
1:32pm Another Week of Kryssie HURRAY!

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-01 13-44-04-282

1:42pm Tokyo room
Alex – she Basically sold us out to save herself..
Alex – I’m surprised she didn’t put me up
Shelby joins them.
Alex say they can’t be mad at Whitney, “The other side has turned her against me”
They agree to start filtering the information they give Whitney.
Alex – she has broken the alliance
Morgan – I agree

Alex says it was so obvious Whitney lying to them.
Shelby – we don’t even have any f****g numbers if we win HOH
Alex – it’ll be a battle but we don’t give up
They agree it’s really awkward around Whitney now
Morgan – I know she threw me under the bus
Alex says she’s never made a final 2 deal with Scott and he’s made it sound like she has. She’s voting Scott out this week.

Whitney joins them tells Morgan she has nothing to worry about.
Morgan says she’s surprised she’s up.. “I was caught off guard”
Whitney – I did not expect to go up so I totally understand

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2:05pm Danielle and Morgan
Danielle tells her she’s not the target. Says Scott was handed to her on a silver platter. She didn’t want to risk Whitney going home.
Danielle – for me it’s more secure voting wise if it’s Whitney and Alex voting… and America voting
Danielle says Alex is more likely to turn on Whitney than Morgan. Danielle wants to make sure SCott goes.

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2:16pm Alex and Shelby
They think Whitney offered Danielle the Care package. Alex suspect Whitney told them their alliance name.
Alex – I can’t be mad at her we would have voted her out if Danielle saved Scott..
Shelby says Whitney must feel good “I’m floating to finale”
Alex – she is
Shelby – we’re not acting happy enough that Scott is going home
Alex says Whitney knows that they know she’s flipped.
Morgan joins them.. “I still Believe Whitney made them a deal 100%”
Morgan says Scott is the target.
Shelby says Danielle told Scott they were working together because they were both at the bottom of their alliance.
Morgan – she put me up because she thinks you (Alex) and Whitney are votes against Scott..
They agree Whitney must have said something to Danielle about Alex to make Danielle think Alex is closer to Morgan and Shelby than Whitney.
Alex says 3 days ago Danielle was all about getting rid of a girl that doesn’t have a care package.

Alex – Whitney probably told her (Danielle) we would vote her out .. Like Whitney planted the seed into Danielle’s mind probably

Alex – Whitney does not have confidence in us
Alex – I can’t fault her She made the best move for herself This is a game I can respect it .. it’s just a little tricky for us
Alex – the other side of the house gives me a giant headache

They are worried Whitney will put them up if she wins HOH.
Morgan – once we left she has Justin and Kryssie
Shelby says she can’t trust Scott he reveals truths to them after the fact..

Scott joins them, “Whats cracking”
Big-Brother-18 2016-11-01 15-50-31-643
3:39pm Tokyo Shelby and Alex.

Complaining about how Production lets Justin get away with things they aren’t allowed. Like Singing and napping. They want Justin out over Jason because Jason they can work with. Alex knows Danielle wants Justin out. They think maybe Danielle will work with them to accomplish that.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-01 15-49-37-205

3:40pm Whitney tell Morgan her deal with Danielle is to Vote Scott out 100%.

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4:38pm Kitchen Morgan and Alex
Morgan says she talked to Whitney and brought up the care package saying that maybe they kept Whitney off the block was because they wanted her care package. Morgan adds that Whitney had nothing to say to that. Morgan is convinced Whitney made a deal with Danielle.
Morgan – she wants us to stick together
Alex – I’m going to make peace
Morgan – I’m going to keep acting like everything is cool..

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6:00pm Jason and Scott
Scott admits he over played in the beginning. He got lucky and stayed but now his time might be up.
Scott – the fact I made it this far is 1/2 a Miracle in itself..
Jason – everyone is a winner that makes this on here..

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6:43pm Alex and Scott Hammock
Scott hopes his mistake doesn’t jeopardize Alex and Shelby’s game
Scott – you are not disloyal to vote me out.. I almost want you to it’s the right thing for your game Alex it really is.. this is what you need to do to get further..
Scott – my last hurrah is to convince Whitney Jason is out to get her
Alex – if you can do that it will be really helpful.. At this point I don’t know if she will believe me
Scott is going to bring up the deal that Jason sold him if Jason was America’s nom, “Jason is the reason you went up on the block.. JAson and Danielle both Approached me about voting you (Whtiney) out”
Alex – thank you
Scott – thank you for being a friend
Shelby joins them .
Alex points out how Scott and Monte are handling themselves compared to Shane and Neeley and their freak outs. Stark contrast of characters.
Morgan joins them..
Scott – next week 4 on 4… the next HOH is 4 on 3 y’all have 4
Scott says he’ll be watching them Kill it.
they joke that Scott’s votes will cancel out Shane.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-01 18-59-07-105
6:58pm Shelby, MOrgan and Alex
Alex reminding them not to blame Whitney she had to save herself. They feel that if they win HOH Whitney will float to them.
Morgan mentions if Whitney wins the care package and goes to the other side she’ll be pissed.
Alex says Scott knows Whitney flipped. They should keep acting like they don’t know what’s going on.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-01 19-13-04-661

7:12pm Another party…. have nots get to eat again.

7:34pm Live DR’s
Whitney says she’s sticking with the 4 girls and smashing Scott’s balls.
Whitney – My biggest threat is Alex.. it’s complicated..
Whitney says she doesn’t trust Alex.
Whitney – Alex and Scott were the reason for me being nominated
Whitney says she trusts Justin the most.

8:25pm More DR’s

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next America nom im voting morgan to be nom
I hope she don’t turn on whitny I like whitney
I hope Jason wins hoh in Justin wins carepackages this week
it be fun all week or Shelby wins hoh in Jason win carepackages think about it


I voting Morgan out this week. Save Scott for next week


I always find it interesting when houseguest complain about production but not when production helps them .Alex was all down on Whit after veto but had a DR and now makes sure no one picks on or blames Whit hmmm(did production tell her people don’t like that) Production always mixes things up hopefully not as much as last season but the people who play should know that. I like Alex she and Justin are probably my favorites but I will not like her if it is blatant that she is getting help. I cant stand Shelby and her how dare Whit save herself attitude; really you were just saying I don’t want to be the one to tell Whit good bye poor things got to go and now your pissed that she played really. I do think Krissy and Jason can be vulgar but no more than James was and he would say some GROSS overly descriptive things about sex partners, so why bag on those two. I do think Jason is being bitchy though and that’s something to complain about not behavior people have let many past guest get away with. I am excited that the house FINALLY is having game talk BUT I don’t understand how SHELBY and SCOTT can not see Morgan and Alex are related those two act so cleaver and spend the most time with them so how on earth cant they see it UHGGGG. OMG someone like Janelle would have eaten these people up (carnage everywhere)and DR. Will would have put them in a Psych Ward !!!!


Justin admits to stealing Burts Bees products, excuse? He’s a black kid in Norlins doin wut he gotz to doo to survive!


Whitney, in this game, you’ll never earn my trust back. You know what you did. And in this game, you’re dead to me.


What a stupid comment.




See all the down votes the “Dan’s Funeral” comment got?
These are the voters who vote on care packages and noms, They aren’t fans. They’re clueless!!


I love the Dan comment.


Well this sucks! Time for Scott to go and Kryssie next week.


I’m so conflicted. I don’t like Scott but now that the ballsmashers are showing they really don’t like him, I kind of want him to stay.


So its OK that you were going to vote Whitney out but she can’t do anything to save herself. I have like these girls up until now. I hope Whitney and Justin in the end.


Did you not watch or read.. They don’t blame Whit at all and give her respect for her move- not emotional like misfits would have been. They would’ve yelled belittled and isolated her.

Double D

Hey…can she eliminate America’s vote?


I was wondering the same thing!


Dani was totally honest with Morgan, and then Morgan runs downstairs and says she doesn’t believe her. These girls judge everybody by their own actions. Can’t win with them. Dani gave a good explanation to her, and told her exactly who BS were going to vote out (Whitney) to save Scott. They got got and still Morgan won’t accept it.


The house brings a lot of paranoia and you don’t know who you can trust or who you can believe.


Shelby can make a deal with the devil: cancel whitney’s and try a deal with Jason… perhaps he can keep her and Scott.


Voting krissie for nom next week. Can’t stand her belching. I wish Whitney went to the b.s. and said this is what I heard. Tired of Justin. He thinks he cannot be touched by America nom. Jason thinks America loves them. I know I don’t. They are rude jealous and petty.


I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YA SIMON!! It’s about time someone other than myself says this!!! I honestly feel like more people want him out too, they’re just to scared to speak up!! Putting Kryssie or Danielle up is a waste of our power. They’d be easy for the houseguests to get those two nominated. Anybody in there could easily win and nominate Kryssie or Danielle. They won’t win and put Jason up though!! Bc like America, they’re also scared. Pretty sad! That said, until I know with 100% certainty that all of the BS fans are nominating Jason, I won’t waste my votes on him. It would be a complete waste and we’d have a week like this. We all know it should’ve been Kryssie up there and not Scott. But the BS fans were undecided and Jason’s fans won this one. Pretty dumb. Give Shelby the CP only to have her eliminate one of her allies:( I’ll continue voting for Kryssie with the others just to ensure it’s not Alex, Shelby, or Morgan up there.
I’d like to see America’s nom be Whitney this week. That would be great. Teach her a lesson about Floating in the BB house. Yes, I get that she did what she had to do to keep herself safe, but I don’t like the way she did it. She let Justin, Jason, and Kryssie whisper a bunch of crap to her and instead of going back to her “friends” and asking them about any of it she chose Justin for the Veto over them. That was pretty dumb on her part. Yes, I understand he said he’d use it on her, but she would’ve been safe anyhow. Unless Scott won the Veto. Bc I truly don’t believe Alex and Morgan would’ve voted her out over Scott. I think they would’ve been loyal to the BS. After she chose Justin she proved to them that she couldn’t be trusted. It was then that they would’ve voted her out if Scott would’ve came off the block. But that was bc of her own doing. They knew she had flipped. I’m not at all surprised she’s the one that flipped either. She was completely irrelevant until this week. She was a nobody just hanging out in the background being friendly with everybody. Kinda smart really, bc of her keeping that line of communication with the LNC they are now willing to take her in. Still don’t like her though:) She’s a traitor!! I’d LOVE to see her leave.
I’m just pi$$ed Scott’s going home this week. I don’t understand BB Fans. Do you really wanna watch ppl win that are clueless about the game?? Ppl that are just there collecting dust?? Super confused on that. I don’t understand why you’d want Scott(who was ACTUALLY PLAYING the game) to leave and keep people like Kryssie, Justin, Morgan, Whitney. I like BB players that actually know the game, have watched several seasons, and who are passionate about the game, who not only wanna win for the money, but also for the title. Strategizers, like Dan, Derrick, Vanessa, Janelle, Dr. Will, Boogie, Frank, Ian, Steve, Brittney, Nicole, Alex, SCOTT. Not ppl like Justin….who is entertaining, I’ll give him that, but I’d be really disappointed if he somehow won this season. I don’t think he’d ever even heard the words Big Brother before getting cast on the show. He’s clueless…..completely clueless. I was watching last night when he walked up to Scott and started asking if he’s heard anything about the deal Scott and Alex made with Danielle. LMAO. And Scott said, “I’m Scott!!” Seriously????? Clueless!! If people have to explain the Veto to you, what it does, and how it works….you shouldn’t be there!! Same with Kryssie. Morgan’s not great either. She just says and does what Alex tells her to. Whitney clueless. She’s a follower. And Shelby…I like her. She’s playing them for fools:) Danielle……she’s proven that she can be a strategist and at least knows how the game should be played, but she’s already pi$$ed off a lot of people. I would’ve liked to have seen her, Alex, Scott, and Shelby team up. That would’ve been good.
Going into the next week I’d love to see Alex, Shelby, or Morgan win HOH, pull in Danielle and nominate Jason/Justin or Justin/Whitney with Kryssie/Jason as America’s nom. That would be my perfect week!!! With Danielle getting the CP. I’d only like her to get it if she was for sure on the BS side. Speaking of Care Packages. With Whitney now a traitor, we only have Morgan eligible for a CP. I hope she doesn’t get this one, but the next one:) The next one is the Veto for the double eviction which could be used to save her, Alex, or Shelby. That’s a win win in my book. After that a LNC is definitely gonna get the last CP:(

First, save yourself

Alex and Shelby were discussing how to tell Whitney she was leaving. Please don’t blame Whitney for saving herself, when the girls even SAY they don’t. Do you think if she would have asked them if they were planning to vote her out they would have said yes? When the time came for her to PLAY THE GAME, she did what she went there to do.


I’ll more than likely cast my vote for Scott this eviction. Next week I’ll be nominating Kryssie for sure, unless she wins HOH…


How great would that be….


I agree. Scott this week, Kryssie next. Then my feeds will be more enjoyable.


I love how the plastics are mad at Whitney. What did you expect her to do? Roll over and die? You 3 were going to vote her out and she knew she needed to save herself. Go Whitney!


I don’t believe the bs were gonna take Whitney out if Scott was an option. They do know that she does have to go eventually, but not now. They would’ve only if it were her and Shelby on the block. There’s no way in hell the LNC has her back if one of them were on the block with her. They are just trying to turn her against the girls.

Gross Jason

Let’s get Jason out!!!
Vote nasty mouth Jason for
Americas Nom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m voting out Morgan!! Need to break the sisters up. Morgan probably won’t go though because America hates Scott more


Me too! Scott can go next week, or Shelby…I can’t stand her voice!


So if misfits when hoh give care package to Morgan but if bs when Whitney? I’m curious what Whitney will do if she gets it.


I still don’t trust Whitney. I think she will always side with the BS. Dani took a big chance in taking her off the block. I would have left the noms the same


Now THIS is big brother!!!! I love it, let the back stabbing begin!!!! Bhaha


I’m loving this week!!!!!! I’ve gained faith in humanity!!! They hated Scott’s bullying!!!! Bye Jerk!

Froot Loop Dingus

Voting for Morgan… of the 3 I think she brings the least to the game.


Whitney did the right thing by saving herself, or else she would be a goner.
By the way, if you vote Morgan we can split up the sisters
If you vote for Scott, you split a showmance up lol


Three things I have noticed from reading over the last couple days of comments-
1-Whitney, who was America’s sweetheart, is suddenly hated because *gasp* she decided to play for herself instead of Alex. Someone asked what benefit she would get from LNC. With BS, even if they were all safe this week, she would still be #5. If she stayed otb she would likely be evicted. With LNC Justin would choose Whitney over Danielle moving her up to at least #4. The same with Kristie and Jason. Danielle would probably take out Justin and Jason over Whitney bumping her to #3. Since LNC are not the most loveable group (and thanks to prodution the BS know that now), Whitney probably realizes she has a better chance in F3 with two of them than she would against two of the BS.
2-Since Scott became America’s nom it is starting to sound like a Trump campaign around here. “It’s rigged. It’s a conspiracy. There was cheating involved. The voting sites weren’t working properly.” There are a ton of facebook groups and a lot of them were voting for Scott. There are people who don’t vote on the polls or comment about who they are rooting for. I stopped commenting because I don’t hate the BS, nor do I love or defend everything the LNC do or say. I haven’t enjoyed the alliances because there are different individuals I like or dislike on each side. I said 2 weeks ago that I was hoping Scott would be AN instead of Neely and like always, any time I criticize a BS or defend an LNC, I get a lot of negative feedback and sometimes it goes overboard on the rudeness which leads me to…
3-The same people that have complained about the LNC spending all their time being bitter and talking crap on the BS, and pointing out how childish, rude, mean, petty and vile the LNC are are basically doing the exact same thing they criticize them for. They aren’t just doing it in regards to how they talk about LNC. They are treating some of the other people who comment on this site the same way they complain about LNC treating BS.


The whole LNC crew needs to go. Have some manners please.


Well said Grendon. Unfortunately you can,t even defend your comments to these nasty assed people because they are all named anonymous…….lol

Boring Trash

According to LNJ the BS are “boring ignorant irrelevant trash”
Kryssie,…”Those bitches”

Justin wants to slap his @#$ on them

Justin says he doesnt wat a sex harrasment charge, or he would slap his #$ on them


I thought Whitney had more class listening to Jason and Justin put Shelby down is wrong. If she wants to hang around that then she is not a better person. I do not like misfits. America should have voted Krissie or Jason now we are back to rude and disgusting because they think America loves them. I hope Danielle opens up to her eyes where she is last on that totem pole. They will put her up first if needed. I am still team b.s. but have mixed feelings about Whitney. I was happy she saved herself but now lowering herself to the misfits.

Mr pickles

I love how Kryssie is treating Danielle’s HOH like it’s her own after making such a big deal about Neeley and Jason running hers. On a side note, I find Morgan to be so incredibly gorgeous with the most killer abs! I would totally love to make her mrs. pickles and have a barrel of kosher baby dills with her!