Scott “I’m counting on you keeping the girls together & the only way to do that is for you to evict me.”

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-01 23-28-24-825

9pm The house guest are sitting around the kitchen table talking and laughing.

9:25pm Backyard – Scott is alone and talking to the live feeders. Thankful I made it to Halloween. Thank you America for not letting me go out on Neeley’s bullsh*t speech. Most of which was untrue because I created the 4 guys alliance and I’m the one that turned on the alliance ..OK?! Welcome to big brother. I’m sure Monte is the only person that’s been evicted that would accept a friend request from me .. which is sad but whatever. Its fine. No hard feelings. Play your game. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in this game and I’ve hurt the people that I’m closest to as well. Sorry Alex. Sorry Shelby. If I was smarter, if I had listened to you. If I hadn’t been so selfish and tried to keep myself good with everyone in the house.. if I had just picked a side sooner… none of this would have happened. Now I only have one play left. I’m on my death bed but I’m not done yet. I have to make sure Whitney is solid with the girls. She has to be. Everything I did, I thought I had a good reason to do it. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in this game. I should have seen the red flags sooner .. but its hard. Jason’s been playing a really good game. He’s ruthless but I’m proud of the kid. But for my friends that I want to see succeed in this game… he (Jason) has got to go. Maybe I should have listed to Jason and Justin and gotten rid of Danielle. I know America you probably have your groups that you want to move forward. I hope you support Alex. And I hope you give Morgan the next care package. Shelby – what if he completely blows up our game in his speech. Well played Whitney, Justin, Danielle. You got what you wanted, you got the group to fracture. I thought I knew Jason’s game. I thought he was trustworthy and loyal. I give him mad props for how he is playing this game. Scott heads inside.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-02 00-05-03-782

9:45pm – 10pm Bedroom – Shelby, Morgan, Alex, Whitney. Shelby – I feel so bad for Scott right now. Morgan – me too. Whitney – what’s he doing? Shelby – walking around in the backyard. Whitney – I know, I feel terrible. I feel down when he gets like this. Alex – that’s the game. They laugh about the possibility of being the last girls standing. Alex – the care package is definitely going to go to one of y’all two. Shelby – depends on who wins HOH. Morgan – and if its co-HOH. Whitney – if one of us wins HOH, it might go to Jason. Whitney – what if it goes to Danielle!? Morgan and Shelby head into the London bedroom. Shelby climbs on Morgan’s shoulders and puts the witch hat on.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-02 00-03-42-536

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11pm – 11:30pm Lounge room – Ball Smashers. Alex – Justin and Jason are the strategic people to get out. Kryssie and Danielle are the personal people to get out. We have to go for the strategic. Morgan – once Justin goes, Whitney has to come back to us. Shelby – it doesn’t leave her with many options. They talk about how they think they could convince Danielle to vote out Justin. Morgan – she (Witney) is not a good liar. You can immediately tell. Either she doesn’t make eye contact or she will awkwardly pause.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-02 00-22-52-547

12:40am London Bedroom – Scott and Alex. Scott – I’m counting on you keeping the girls together… and the only way to do that is for you to evict me. Alex – I know. Now I wish.. If we had known things had shifted last night maybe we could have shifted it back. Scott – if we can get Whitney back, this is going to be better for the group. If we show her the light and get her back you will have two shots at care packages instead of just one. So if I do go this could be better for your game. it could be better for Shelby’s game. It could be better for Morgan’s game. If I go home instead of Whitney. You best believe Whitney has a care package coming to her… probably sooner than later. We need to show her the light and the love to get her back on track. It needs to be the whole group to show her the light and love. Alex – I know .. Jason is playing a dirty game. Scott and Alex go to sleep.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-02 00-29-24-536

Morgan and Shelby try to sleep in the other bedroom but can’t sleep because the others are yelling and screaming in the other room. Shelby asks them if they can’t keep it down. Justin says no. Shelby says well I’m taking your bed then. Shelby and Morgan go into the London room to sleep.

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Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-02 04-32-23-332

1:10am – 2:45am Justin, Whitney, Kryssie and Jason are talking in the Havenot room. Justin – we just have to keep winning. Jason – Its at that point where we do need to keep winning. You know next week if we can’t get Alex out and we put her straight up and she wins the veto we can always send Shelby out. I’m not afraid of her.. here’s what you do .. he’s the king and she’s the queen. You get rid of the king first and then that queen is sitting there with no where to go. Kryssie – I think the other way around. Its like chess, the queen is the most powerful and can move any which way and the king is all but useless. Whitney – that’s right on. Jason – once he’s (Scott) gone she will have nothing but bishops on her side. kryssie asks Whitney – do you think she (Alex) will try and take you out. Whitney – possibly. Kryssie – I think they have bigger fish to fry. They’re so focused on Jason and Justin.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-02 04-32-17-872

3:15am All the house guests are sleeping..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-02 15-27-11-450

Nov 2nd 3:28pm Chit chat..
Justin has a giant scare on his chest from a skateboarding accident. “I probably should have gone to the doctors but I didn’t”

Whitney says she’s nervous about the competition.

Scott said his goodbyes to the ball smashers.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-02 15-31-54-404

3:30pm Scott and Justin
Justin asks Scott to talk to Alex for him. Says he’s still wanting to work with her.
Scott says she’s very approachable. Goes on to say Alex is losing someone she’s close to and has a lot of people after her Alex will be looking for people to talk to .

Scott – it’s tough there’s only 3 votes this week
Justin – do yo think it’s double eviction soon
Scott – I’m not good with numbers.. I thought so when they said final 2 but final 3 I don’t think so

SCott – I’m going home tonight it’s all good..

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Team Whitney

Whitney’s doing a good job of keeping her options open and made a smart play to get Danielle to use the veto on her. That being said, vote Scott for deletion!!!


Nice to see Whitney emerging as a player. I’d love to see Morgan go, but I tink it will be Scott. Entitled Alex is still target #1. Dani Whitney F2.


Thinking Dani will not survive her own alliance. They are not liking her either. Both sides are really not liking Wheatknee either. On the surface you would think those two have a chance to get to the Final 3 ( no final 2 this season per Julie) Thinking 1 LNJ member will go next week and will depend upon CP for the Double eviction who goes in 2 weeks. Me thinks it will get really weird over the next 2 weeks.


I agree it makes the game more interesting I am even surprised that Kristy is actually on target about stuff tahts going on ,sometimes I think she’s her own worse enemy. I love Justin but he reminds me of Meech as far as telling to much about himself people will run with it and make him look bad on the blogs. Alex you should be happy Scott may leave, because if you would have kept him over the girls I would have been so upset with you .


I wish it was Morgan leaving. The sister twist is unfair and she is boring. Scott might be creepy but he has been giving us interesting feeds.


Next weeks care package has to be Statically with Americas nominee to limit the LNJ voting. It can be done no matter who win hoh. We can eliminate 3 votes. Thats alot of power if used correctly

You must’ve missed a week. That care package was awarded THIS week! Shelby won it and will eliminate three players’ votes during the live eviction this week. While it seemed like a huge game changer at the time, it kind of backfired when America’s Vote put Scott on the block. Now they have to eliminate of their own.


Is Scott trying to say he voted out Cornbread because Jason told him to? Scott voted out Cornbread for one reason, Cornbread use the slur “tried to Jew me down”. Not once but twice, and he was through with CB after that. He is so Alex obsessed, he can no longer think straight. Go home and get some rest Scott.


Yep, I was right. The LNJ quit the be nice game and are back to being arrogant and back to the crude bashing of the BS girls. They are assuming that Wheatknee is definitely one of them now and make all of the crude body part comments about the BS girls again in front of her. As Team Whitney said above, Wheatknee is doing a good job of playing both sides and will slide towards that group that is in control. Not necessarily a great game move as those that float usually end up sinking before they can win the game. Scott will be gone tonight. One of the BS girls will win HOH. Vote Wheatknee for the CP this week and then we can focus on Jason or Kryssie or Danielle to be gone. The LNJ has quickly lost any fear that they may have had. Time to reinstate some of that fear into the group.


You act like Whitney wasn’t in there name calling and bashing also, she keeps calling dani a slut and lied to BS girls when she told them that Justin said him and Dani were cudding all night. What Justin said was he would f$%& her in a heartbeat but all he did was rub her feet, also Simon also posted how they were sleeping… Shelby, Morgan and Alex were in the other room being just as hateful, now I don’t like Jason or Kristy but you can’t just call out one side and not the other.

I hope a BS win Hoh and AC but is also AN so I can see some more deals being made and some people sweat, imma need Justin to drop Whitney before he messes up his game cause he saw what happened to the last showmance


I never said that she was not calling names either. She is playing both sides. As I said, that strategy usually fails. Look at Paul and Victor last season. They were playing both sides perfect until the final 5 HOH and Paul lost that comp and VIctor (who could not play) was gone. Wheatknee will be gone sooner than later. Whether or not she was name calling as well is beside the point. The LNJ was pretty docile until the America’s nom came out and they regained the arrogance almost immediately. They are who they are. Wheatknee not going to help here chances with America by joining in on the bashing.


@Summer totally agree I think Jason and Kristy can definitely be vulgar but I watch the feeds and am sick of people not call out Alex ,Morgan and Shelby for there slut shaming and that sorry not sorry passive aggressive slams. People do sometimes call out Shelby but never the other girls which just means they like them because they are more attractive. I get it that’s biological but lets pull our brains back up into our craniums and pretend that they are all unisex dr seuss characters and be fair. They all get a little vicious its BB that’s what happens .Cheers all now let have a political discussion JK!!!!!!!


@gozurman they might were tame a little this week but you have not let up on them at all, all you do is bash them ( especially Kristy) every post. Your post are never about how anti social the BS are and get up and leave the room when the LNJ come in to hang with them or when Morgan told Alex if she gets evicted that show is goons tell everyone they are real sisters to blow up Alex game ( I don’t like the sister twist) which is just evil!!! Or how Alex and Shelby were talking about their so called “friend” Scott and then blame it on Jason when Jason (I don’t like him) were telling them to pull him to the side and tell him but they said no and kept laughing. All your post or just like how Scott keeps talking about Alex with you talking nothing but about LNJ, the BS are in a state of depression just like LNJ were and have got just as nasty.


I was really hoping that Jason would leave this week but since that is not going to happen, I am voting for Scott. I am really starting to not like him. He talks way to much.


With the way the LNC talks about Danielle, I wonder how Shane now feels about them? Also I wonder if Shane will be waiting for Danielle with the way she is flirting with Justin?

Even More Hillary Lies

Great points.

Uncle Teddy

I want Jason out


There is no way in Hell Shane is waiting for Danielle. They knew each other for 3 weeks lmao. The house is like a pressure cooker for relationships. It can move them along wayyyyy too fast. Once a housegutes gets out into the real world there’s no way a three week relationship in the house enough foundation to stay alive outside the house.

Hal 9000

Shelby is a rude stuck up bitch. I’m sick of her constipated twitchy face. Plus she sucks at comps. Totally useless player. She deserves everything they say about her. Can’t wait for her to go.

Le Chat

Kryssie or Jason next please!


I agree Shelby is a piece of work. Her sense of humor, or lack thereof is quite shocking. I do think she is extremely smart and calls a spade a spade. She has chosen the right profession to be in though. Most lawyers I have ever known in my lifetime are arrogant, belittling, and totally self-centered people.


This is the issue I have with the double standard between the LNC and the BS.
The LNC do a lot of trash talking. Their language can be quite vile and disgusting. I don’t defend them or expect people to like them-that is all personal choice. However, they aren’t sharing people’s personal information, they aren’t using bullying and intimidation, they are making assumptions and hurling insults. It’s not slander or character assassination and ultimately is not going to hurt the BS. The people watching the show see what is happening so the only people who will be hurt are the LNC. The BS will leave to support and ecouragement from their fans and family, the LNC will leave to criticism and disappointment.
I have seen the BS do their fair share of trash talking. The language isn’t as offensive and the low blows don’t go as low but the dislike between these sides is equal and the mean spiritedness is the same.
The BS have made more deals that were broken, tried to make deals that they admitted they never intended to keep and looked different members of the LNC in the eye and lied. Yet Shelby, Morgan and especially Alex want to call Kryssie and Danielle liars, tell Justin they want to work with him while they’re planning to slit his throat and tell everyone that Jason is the biggest snake in the house.
They have also crossed lines that, to me are more personal and damaging than the trash talking by the LNC that only make themselves look bad. Shelby has made nasty comments about Danielle and how she only sleeps with professional athletes so she can have a baby and get child support. Morgan let Monte walk around for a week talking about how Justin pulled his dick out in a threatening manor. He told people it made Morgan uncomfortable and she did nothing to correct the story. Shelby ran with the Monte version of the story even though she wasn’t there and Morgan never corrected her. As soon as Monte was evicted Morgan was constantly hugging, squeezing, rubbing up against Justin, giving him kisses-it certainly didn’t seem like she was uncomfortable. Shelby would still mention the ‘dick story’ on occasion. It took a couple weeks before Morgan admitted the story was exaggerated.That could have been hurtful to Justin and Monte.
When Monte was there all his Pythons denied that he ever said or did anything that could have seemed racist or offensive. They labeled Danielle as a liar going so far as to say she made the whole thing up to put a target on him in the game and to make him look bad to people outside the game. About a week after Monte left Morgan admitted that he said some inappropriate things that may have turned the fans against him. Why does this cross the line? By saying Danielle made it up they basically accused her of slander. If they believed Monte was a racist or homophobe they should have distanced themselves and defended Jason, Justin and Danielle. If they thought Monte didn’t realize how he sounded and considered him a friend they should have had a private conversation and explained how he was being seen by others.
Now, the issue of Scott’s dandruff. Is dandruff as serious as racism? No, but to someone who is awkward, feels like a bit of an outcast and considers Alex his best friend, it will be hurtful when he finds out the truth-that the BS were complaining and making fun of him in front of the LNC and that Jason suggested that, as a friend, Alex should pull Scott aside and let him know about the dandruff so that he wouldn’t be embrrassed later on. Alex said no and then the girls continued to make fun of Scott. Until he finds out, Alex has now set up Jason to take the blame for something he didn’t do. Seems to me that there is more than one snake in the house.


Alex and Morgan have watched the show enough to know how to stay on viewer’s good side.. But in reality they are the same as Aaryn Gries, arrogant blonde Texas cheerleaders. It will come to the surface sooner or. Later.


too me I want to see alex on the block Jason already being on the block
alex didn’t the truth I like morgan better alex get people to do her work for her
I cant belive scott gave his game up for her like that
I want the final three to be Jason Shelby morgan reason why cause they are not connected to eachother
Jason mostly connected to Justin
Shelby mostly connected too alex
morgan mostly connected to alex
that’s why morgan an Shelby works I whould love for that final three


its a lot of things I don’t agree with Jason on but this one I do
I want alex to fill some pressure she get a easy ride to the final
Jason been on the block before in filt the pressure even her sister filt the pressure
I want Jason hoh an whitney carepackages


Shelby should go buh bye.


I pray the ball smashers get HOH tonight and that a ball smasher (not Whitney until we see where her head is at) gets the care package for co-HOH. I will vote for Morgan to get the care package. Get Danielle and Jason on the block and hopefully shoot one of them out the door unless whoever American nominates is more worthy of eviction.


So sick of all these biased BS fans. Why don’t you be a fan of the show and vote for the most strategic and strongest player (Alex) to go on the block. That way she can actually prove how good she is by fighting to get off the block or fighting to get the votes to stay if she can’t win POV.
By all of you siding with the BS just makes this all completely one sided. It’s almost as if you want the BS to have a free ride to the finals with players like Shelby and Morgan doing dick all to get there, whereas the other side basically doesn’t stand a chance since America isn’t giving them any help at all. This week doesn’t count since Scott isn’t truly aligned with the BS side, as no one in the house really cares about him. If you’re a true fan of the show stop the biased comments about these ridiculous sides and start focusing on individual players who are good and give them some assistance. Like Danielle, Justin, Whitney are all good individual players regardless of their side. Give them some assistance instead of protecting the lazy idiots like Morgan and Shelby.
It’s just pathetic how America keeps protecting this stupid BS alliance who aren’t winning anything (except for Alex) to actually keep themselves safe. Like I can understand why people don’t like Kryssie or Scott since Kryssie is lazy af and gross and Scott is a pathetic weaselly loser who threw his game away for a girl (Alex) who could care less about him and that’s not even truly aligned with him.
I just don’t see how you can cheer for players like Morgan and Shelby who just sit around secluding themselves from the players on the other side of the house and making fake deals with them, and not cheer for players like Jason, Justin, Danielle, and Whitney who are playing smart by spreading their social games out to the other side.