Big Brother Over the Top Eviction Results Neeley vs Scott Vs Whitney

Neeley, Whitney and SCott are nominated for eviction. It’s assumed the vote will be a tie with the deciding vote coming from America.

Alex votes to evict Neeley
Shelby votes to evict Neeley
Morgan votes to evict Neeley
Danielle votes to evict Scott
Jusitn votes to evict Scott
Jason votes to evict Scott
America votes to evict Neeley

After the vote is read SCott claps like crazy.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-26 20-15-13-267

Neeley is evicted from the house

On her way out “It’s OK .. ”

Neeley – Thank you..
Neely leaves..
Kryssie mad at Scott clapping..
Scott – I would never applaud because Kryssie hurt her hands that’s bullshit
(Neeley called Scott a disgusting human being in her speech)

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-26 20-16-27-726

The Head of household will show on the feeds later tonight.

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Big-Brother-18 2016-10-26 20-17-06-705

Ball smashers Celebrating..

Kryssie comes in “I trusted you… ”
Alex – it’s a game Kryssie
They argue over who is the bullying who
Morgan – it’s simply numbers.. numbers in the game..
Morgan – the argument this morning sealed the deal

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-26 20-08-21-144

8:10pm Ball smashers and Scott happy…

Alex – Scott you have 9 lives in this game

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-26 20-22-56-396

8:22pm Jason and Justin with Scott
Jason says Neeley’s speech was over the line.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-26 20-24-04-690

8:24pm Kryssie and Alex
Kryssie claiming that Alex was never the target. Kryssie scrambling..
Kryssie – the house wanted to get rid of you yes but not me..
Kryssie makes it sound like Alex made a mistake keeping Scott that she can’t be trusted anymore.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-26 21-25-30-601

9:25pm Danielle is the Head of Household

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So I watched the episode before the eviction, and I absolutely loved it.
The drama is on point.

Can’t wait to see who wins hoh


Kryssie for americas nom and Shelby for CP


Damn now we can’t an all black final three!…


Morgan just resembles Monica Lewinsky so much!


I love the ballsmashers, (mostly the people in it) and I loved the power struggle, I’ve voted for that side of the house to succeed every single time this season, but I think I’m going to vote the otherway this coming week for the first time this season…why? I want to see it be a power struggle the way it was this week and to see people victorious and a failure, plus if we keep giving care packages (the bad ones) to our favorites THERE WILL BE NONE LEFT and THEY GAMECHANGING AMAZING ONES will be given too the most unlikeable people…

#Justin4CarePackage…he’s the one who I would like to get it on that side


Justin would not want the care package. He’s trying to stay in the middle and doing that would show his true gameplay. I really think if given the choice he would not want it. Not this early in the game.


I agree this is a cat fight and Justin is in the middle. To give him the care package would expose his game play too early. Because it would be a definite moment, eliminate two from either the ball smashers or the LNJ?? He couldn’t play the middle then. It’s not his fault the girls are divided.


I agree this is a cat fight and Justin is in the middle. To give him the care package would expose his game play too early. Because it would be a definite moment, eliminate two from either the ball smashers or the LNJ?? He couldn’t play the middle then. It’s not his fault the girls are divided.

Thank you America!!!

Now on to the HOH! Go Ball Smashers!!! 🙂

Scottie and the Hotties!

Scotts dance –

Fans of The Virgin King and The Ball Smashers we did it!


Yes Neeley is gone. Everybody is standing around table in the kitchen waiting for hoh comp. Please ball smashers pull out this win


Oh I love Alex for defending Scott.

When kryssie said Scott was a bully, I loved Alex saying people have bullying him. I hope the lnc get a reality check, they aren’t perfect they are just as mean.

But good on Alex for standing up for her friend!


I’m wondering about Danielle and being bulled. it’s highly possible she’s telling the truth but I tend to think that she would not have passed the psychological evaluation to even BE a participant if that were all completely true. If it didn’t get evil dick booted from the game I don’t see it being an issue on the light scale that Scott is doing it. His life in the game was on the line. I would not condone bullying at all otherwise.


The feeds are comedy gold right now haha


Grasping at straws for tv time dani and jason comparing scott to sexual abuser and a man who beats women for him basically saying hey ill annoy her if you keep me. Lol dani had sex with a dude on tv after knowing him for like 5 days and she is someones mom gtfoh leave scott alone


Ray, I agree for sure. yeah that’s right it’s all about Scott wanting tv time and his weekly money. couldn’t be that he’s actually playing the game. Danielle thinks she’s so entitled. alot of class that one has! all of them have wanted Danielle gone because of her attitude. I’m glad Shane is gone splitting those two up, for the main reason that neither him or Danielle showed any respect for anyone around including America and themselves. as a girl I have respect for a girl like that, but i also had no respect for Shane who could have been more protective of his so called love. For God’s sake show some class.


Danielle get over yourself. You and your alliance have been way worse to Scott and the girls. Trying to make yourself out as the victim when you and your friends have been talking about hitting people in the face and calling them horrible names. Your whole alliance needs a reality check.

Team Scott

YAY…Neeley is gone.
Hope Scott wins HOH.

Jason and Danielle attacking Scott that he’s the bully…ridiculous. Jason and Danielle brought up that they were bullied in their private lives has nothing to do with this. They are screaming at Scott. They continue to bully him.


Shelby's period

This is the best cast they’ve had since season 10. People who are actually here to play the game.


Oh yeah, good on Mother Theresa Alex for standing up for that little shit! He is a piece of work, and I don’t care how many thumbs down I get for this. I have watched that whole side of the house make everything about them, and poor them this and poor them that for the past several weeks. They do no wrong. Get a grip, and call a spade a spade. He just admitted to clapping regarding the Kryssie thing, and not one of the BS’s can tell the truth about anything. Like her or not, Kryssie tried to be honest with Whitney and Morgan this week, and as soon as the POV was played they all lied to her and broke the promise. There was nothing stopping Morgan from telling Kryssie what she was going to do. She won the POV and was off the block at that point, but to shove the knife in even more, they couldn’t tell her the truth. They are a bunch of spoiled little brats……….just like the privileged popular group in high school who make the not so popular or not so pretty girls feel like shit and then gather to laugh about it.

Scotts Gold bond cream

LOL Alex is Mother Teresa priceless!


There’s something wrong with you if you actually believe what you spewing. It’s big brother, people lie and break their word!!!! Why the hell would the girls vote with kryssie and lose one of their own? That’s just stupid for you to think they would keep their word. I sure as hell know none of those ignorant assholes from the LNC would have if the roles were reversed. Yes the BS have talked shit about the LNC but nothing on the level that the LNC have talked about the BS. Jason, Danielle, Kryssie and Neeley all need a good smack up side the head for all the disgusting things they have said and done to the BS. I’d be dying of embarrassment if I was their family.


So the bullies that have bullied Scott and Shelby for weeks have the audacity to complain that they are now going to be bullied?? The are whining about Scott getting TV time when the have been slapping each other on their backs about putting on a late night show for America and that is the best part of the show? Most of the time that they were sitting around the smoking area the were bashing the the Plastics + Scott and coming up with vile things that the could do to them, make up lies about them, talk about various parts of their body parts, do things to their beds and pillows but the are nice adult fair play people. Look in the mirror LNC as you guys are the ones doing what you say the other side has done

Corey's dildo

Krissy in despair is priceless!


BS co hoh. Shelby for the care package. Misfits have been terrible. Now they are going to try to get the sympathy vote. You come into this house at you own risk. I really don’t think Scott would terrorize Danielle. Jason and the misfits have insulted the parents of b.s. and I guess they think that is okay. Danielle has sex on television setting a good example for her child. Maybe I am wrong but misfits do not deserve to win. Get a clue. Words can hurt too and when they hear this the b.s. will not believe that the misfits said that. Words are bullying too.


A million thumbs up to you. Danielle tried to tell Scott he’s a bully… The truth is that Danielle, Kryssie and Jason are the true bullies here. They have been so mean to Scott. So glad Alex, Shelby and Morgan stood up for Scott.
SHELBY for Care Package!!!!
Let’s send Kryssie home this week.


The care package THIS WEEK is 3 veto votes. You are a week behind in your care package order.

Eliminate 3 Eviction Votes:
This is a huge power. This Care Package will come when there are only 9 HGs left, so if one is HoH and three are on the block, this could cut the number of votes down from 5 to 2. Ballblasters again please!


It’s funny how Jason calls all the other girls hoes and prostitutes when Danielle and Shane have had sex on tv. Danielle needs to go soon.


Also its laughable Jason trying to lecture Scott on bullying after everything Jason has said and done this season.


Lol, Neeley getting voted out on her BFF’s HOH. LMAO


I guess they can look at America voters as bullies since we can manipulate the vote to come our way.


Yes Danielle wins hoh, I’m so happy


Since Danielle is HOH that makes it easy for America’s nom to be JASON this week! THAT will be GOLD.


I think its for sure Krissy this week as Americas nom. 85% on jokers poll, which has been the most accurate poll this season. Be patient, it will be Jason next week as Americas nom(or Dani if he is already on the block).


I am not sure why America is all about these 4 girls and Scott. Their behavior is digusting.

Rotten Tomatoes for BB:OTT

Haven’t checked in since last season but have to say: Yay for Danielle! Regardless of whether people like her or not, this is the most interesting outcome by far. This season is beyond better then the last several seasons and I am glad the drama is being served!!! Can’t wait to see how this week transpires.


Well HOH does not mean much this week. CP and Americas Nom is what really matters. If America wants to trash another HOH, we give the CP to one of the 3 eligible BS girls and nominate one of the 3 LNC members. Dani would have no say on who would go home if veto does not take down aAmerica’s Vote. Veto will be the most exciting thing if America gives BS + Scott the real powere this week


Who do we put up this week, Kryssie or Jason? Kryssie seems less likely to win POV Which BS for the care package?


Ball Smashers fans the consensus is looking strongly like Shelby for care package and Krissy for Americas nom. I like that as Krissy will be the worst veto player on her team and so less likely to come off the block.


Nominating Jason 4 sure!


Dani is hot and all but comeone she is drama and just an asshole krysie worse but dani is very much in love with her self she didnt even mention her baby in her intro to houseguest day 1

Katie Girl

Thats ok if Danielle won HOH, all America has to do is put Kryssie or Jason up and the Ball Smashers and America have the numbers to get either Jason or Kryssie out. Also, we have to give the Care Package to Shelby, Morgan, or Whitney.


Much easier and less risky to get Krissy out on a non Ball Smasher HOH right now as Jason will be harder to get votes for 3rd nom (Krissy is more disliked) and he is much more likely to win veto compared to Krissy and Ball Smashers need the 3rd nom to remain on the block. Wait until the next Ball Smasher HOH to get him out where there is less pressure, then even if he did win veto, at least one of his alliance goes home.


I think Morgan or Whitney may be better for this care package only bc it would be great for Shelby to get the co-HOH one. Would really annoy the LNC if one of them happens to be HOH that week. And she would be safe..


Shelby leading by a long way at the moment on various polls. Its important Ball Smashers get this care package and Shelby seems the most likely. I do not want to split my vote away from the majority so am going to vote for her.


I thinking giving the acp to Morgan is the smart choice because who ever wins it will be on the block most likely, and I would much rather have Morgan fighting for veto then Shelby


If Krissys side doesnt win veto it could well be that Krissy is going home. If Shelby gets care package to eliminate 3 votes, Scott and Alex are nominated, Krissy is 3rd nom and stays on the block, Alex wins veto, Morgan goes up, Shelby cancels the votes of Jason, Justin and Whitney. The voters are Alex and Shelby and America. Krissy goes home 3-0.


This sucks! Shelby for care package and Kryssie have not. Kryssie for America’s nom.


i whould like Shelby an Jason to work together them two make a great team
im giving America carepackages to shleby in America nom im voting morgan or scott

Bitch On Fleek

They seriously need to get scoot out! He is just so ugh! I always zoom pass hius picture because his face/sideburns are unbearable to look at!


Fuck y’all!


Whit, Morg, Alex, Shelby and Scott all say they aren’t talking to Dani before Friday when the care package is known. That is what I would do to.




Bad mistake voting Neely out. Scott should of been evicted. Hopefully he will be gone next week


Alex BBOTT twitter run by her boyfriend and friends @alexw_bbott are endorsing Shelby for care package. My votes are going to Shelby.


Now that Danielle is HOH, Alex, Morgan, Scott, Shelby, and Whitney are shitting cinderblocks; and have a feeling that Alex or Scott is going to be backdoored. Danielle (with Jason’s help) has to play her HOH smart. As for all the bullying and name calling…LNJ and PBS are no better than the other and need to stop acting like mean girl cliques from high school. The one person I am rooting for is Justin because he is playing the game similar to Paul Abrahamian! #TeamJustin!


I may disagree about the way Justin is playing, but I agree with you on the way LNJ and PBS are acting like a bunch of mean girl A-holes! Danielle, Jason, and Kryssie need to grow up…especially you, Jason because even though I’m a gay man, no woman deserves to be called a whore or the “C” word, while Alex Morgan, Shelby, and Whitney need to stop acting like entitled so called pretty girls. Also, Scott…if it wasn’t for the PBS protecting you, you’d be out of the game and/or gotten your ass kicked so don’t press your luck!!


I feel that give Shelby this care package is stupid giving that they will most likely end up on the block. I don’t trust that Shelby can win against Danielle


Whichever side gets the care package controls the vote – looking like it will be Shelby. It will likely be Krissy going home as 3rd nom unless her side wins veto, then it will be probably Scott going home.


While I don’t agree with giving Shelby the CP, a lot of people on other sites are so I am too because we BS fans have to be united and not split the votes. They are also giving Kyrssie the votes for AN. If all works out she will stay AN but she can be taking down by any of the LNC with the veto which I hope does not happen. I’d like to see her go!! She is upset that the girls all lied to her but insisted to Akex that she was not the target! It’s ok for her to lie but not for everyone else. If Kyrssie leaves and a BS or Scott wins HOH next then I think giving Justin the CO HOH is best so we can leave the other CPs for Morgan and Whitney.


I totally agree.


Looks like a lot of LNC fans have been up all night giving the thumbs down to any positive Scott & BS fans posts. You are probably just as disgusting and vile as the LNC.


LOL it’s just an online show and this is just a comment blog on an online show. If you take it that seriously, you need to get a life.

ballsmashers are cry babies

all the stupid BS fans out there just want to make this show boring and hand the girls the game on a silver platter. what are you all going to do when you have eliminated all the other side of the house? watch a bunch of dull ass girls sit around with sulky looks on their face, playing with their hair, refusing to clean, and refusing to have any interesting conversation? they literally lay on a bed/couch/hammock and sulk all day long….that should make for super entertaining feeds. one of those girls needs to go this week if you want to keep this game at all entertaining, but it seems like none of you bs fans care about entertainment. the rat king, alex and morgan can just sleep their way to f3 at this rate because america is doing all the heavy lifting for them. their social games don’t need to even exist – and guess what, they don’t. this is going to wind up being a horrible season if america keeps going with this one sided bs crap.


It sounds like you are the cry baby. Was that your Jason impression? (Jason: “Whhhhyy America Whhhhyy did you not nom Shelbbbbbyyyyy she is traaaaaaaash”) Talking of boring feeds, just remember Dani slept through constant warnings to wake up all last week.


THANK YOU! This game is going to be as super boring if America decides to landslide the care packages, nominations, etc. to only one side!