Scott “America, I think I’m going to have trouble getting Danielle out this week!”

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-26 23-11-11-003

9:30pm In the backyard after Danielle had just won the HOH competition. Jason and Danielle are whispering off to the side. Danielle – Alex can’t get a damn care package. Jason – they’re f**ked! Danielle – they’re F**KED! They all head inside. Danielle – from the baseball pictures.. I have to get dressed more often. I was in pajamas in every single one of them.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-26 23-16-25-207

9:35pm In the bedroom – Scott talks to Morgan, Alex and Shelby.. Scott – don’t get down, don’t get down. There’s a lot of game left to play. I haven’t counted the votes yet. Morgan – America’s nom and the care package could go to anyone of us. Shelby – you’re (Scott) the most screwed, then you are (Morgan), then me. Scott – America, I think I’m going to have trouble getting Danielle out this week! Morgan – I’m just glad we got America’s vote and got Neeley out. Shelby – they can’t all go our way. They head into the storage room. Alex – we need America to put up Kryssie as America’s nom! America if you want to keep helping us out. Kryssie for America’s nom!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-26 23-20-50-396

Jason, Danielle and Justin are talking in the bathroom. Jason looks at the camera and says to the live feeders – thanks for letting us know which side you’re working with. Much appreciated. Danielle – I’m so happy to have Kryssie’s boob key. Where else did other people put it?! Danielle – not only am I athletic I’m smart too!

Storage room – Justin & Kryssie. Justin – one of them is going home this week. Kryssie – maybe, it depends on who America noms. They have the numbers especially now that one of ours is HOH. Justin – you can’t think like that. Hopefully they (America) puts Shelby up. Jason – America must really love Scott.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-26 23-40-37-113

9:50pm – 12am Bedroom – Scott, Alex, Shelby, Whitney and Morgan are talking. Scott – I’m such a big target. I’m going to stay on the block unless I win the veto. Shelby – what you’ve been proving over and over again is that you’re a lucky guy. You’re not going anywhere. Scott – that’s right. If I go home this week .. you girls keep it tight, keep locked… because they’re willing to stoop to some low blows. Low blows .. psychological warfare. You girls do your best. Keep fighting, never die. Alex – I am so thankful that America voted with us. Alex – I just have a really good feeling that I’ll be a target before you. My name has been brought up by everyone. Scott – if she puts us up together and I win the veto. I’m taking you off. Alex – thank you. Shelby starts crying. I would rather be the target and go out then be the pawn each week. Scott – I know how you’re feeling. Because I do not want to be here alone with them. Scott – let them think they’re in power. America is running this show.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-26 23-47-25-463

12:18am Danielle gets her HOH room. All the house guests head up to the HOH room. They all check out her photos and other HOH perks. Danielle then reads her letter from her Mom. “Everyone is praying for you from the church” After the letter all the plastics head out of the HOH room.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-27 03-56-36-598

12:45am HOH room – Danielle, Kryssie and Justin are talking. Kryssie – now those girls are forced to talk to you. Danielle – I know, they’ve forced to talk game with me. Jason – lets see what they have to say. I was like now they’re going to throw Scott under the bus. Danielle – I would be like I don’t want to hear about Scott. I’m not nominating him. Next! Jason – you’re not going to nominate Scott? Danielle – no. Personally he irritates me but I don’t give a f**k about him in this game. He is going to write his own grave. I’m not nominating him. I’m not nominating Justin or Jason. Jason – I would be like f**k Alex, f**k Shelby. Power hungry Danielle is going to snatch so many wigs. Jason – Kryssie’s HOH didn’t turn out so well but we had fun. Kryssie – I hope Neeley doesn’t blame me. Jason – you didn’t nominate her! Kryssie – she made some comment about how she (Neeley) didn’t feel like we were doing enough campaigning for her. Jason – I want to send them all home. Jason – I hope that America will see what these other people are like.

12:50am HOH room – 1:50am Kryssie – You know my vote goes where ever you want it to go. I don’t think America would nominate me but I don’t know, they’ve been all over the place. Danielle – we have one of ours go. Kryssie – who do you want to go? Danielle – Alex. They can all go. The bottom of my list is Whitney. I think she is the most compassionate of them. Kryssie – she is the only one that we could make work for us. Danielle – Morgan is a liar, Shelby is a liar, Scott is a liar, Alex is a liar, Whitney is a liar. Kryssie – Whitney asked me to put her up. She said in the event those girls flipped she didn’t want any part of it. Danielle – I would love to see Alex walk out that door. I would want Shelby and Scott to go but that’s a personal reason. Game-wise I want Alex gone. I have not broken my word or lied. They can’t say that.

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Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-27 04-22-17-875

2am – 2:30am London room – Morgan – everyone has an ally on that side. I’m going to stay on Justin’s good side. Neeley was mine and she went home. Alex – Danielle doesn’t have anyone from our side so you might want to sneak in there before Whitney. Morgan – she is playing smart but I think people realize she can’t go to the end. Alex – I think the only untapped source is Danielle. Morgan – she is really close to Kryssie and she is going to tell her don’t trust Morgan. Alex – it would be sweet if America gave you co-HOH with her so you could get in with her. Alex and Morgan head to bed.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-27 04-24-23-813

3:30am Backyard – Scott is walking around by himself while Jason smokes on the couches.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-27 04-34-14-694

4am All the house guests are sleeping..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-27 15-06-03-358

3:06pm Thursday.. Really not much has happened in game terms.

We find out that SCott eats the peel of kiwis.. Shelby saw YKK on her zipper thought it was KKK at first.
Jason thinks that America is only Targeting his side conveniently forgetting the first 2 weeks.

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The girls are horrible how they treat Danelle. Especially Shelby. It’s just like how Zakiyah and them treated Bridgette.


Karma will rain on Danielle. Regardless of this silly game……those three are vile and incredibly nasty human beings. They can’t change that.


Um…………, not even close. Get out of candy land and grow up. From what I read Scott was tame compared to that skanky maxi-pad changing head poppin hoe Z and the way she treated that sweet little Bridgette.


You should consider buying the live feeds then. I love Simon and Dawg, and the awesome work they do, but be clear they have said this particular season of Big Brother you will be getting an overview every so often on what’s happening. This is the most “opinionated” I’ve seen them be with their updates. They may not have seen how the girls talked about how “annoyingly” Danielle eats popcorn because she “pops one in her mouth at a time” or how she’ll say “me or I” in HER HOH room while reading HER letter or talking about HER family in HER pictures or how “hopefully she’ll only eat what’s in the HOH room for the week”. Shelby said it herself that Danielle needs to go because she’s prettier. Sometimes (unfortunately) women, no, PEOPLE can be very catty and for the worst kinds of reasons step out of character (I hope that is what’s happening) and be spiteful and hateful. Danielle is not perfect, no one is, but the way the girls are treating her is not okay. BTW, love you Simon and Dawg. It’s nice to see how human you guys can be too!


You do realize Danielle laughed at the antics of Jason, Shane and Krissy digustingly rubbing their armpits onto the things of the Ball Smashers and Scott? Also she wanted to have her spit from the spoon she was using go back into the food that would have been then consumed by the girls, when Jason told her to spit in it. It didn’t end up happening, as Dani ate all of it herself(what a surprise) but the fact she was laughing about wanting to do it was telling. She tries to claim Scott terrorized her when all he did was call her out for sleeping all the time and also repeatedly sleeping in beds as a have not which is against the rules. She starts bullying Scott whilst shouting like a crazy person(same as Neely did to Scott, same as Dani did to Monte when she wanted to paint him as a racist) and brings up her past life which has absolutely nothing to do with anything Scott said to her, and Jason trying to compare Scott’s behavior to sexual abuse was just so wrong of him to do. The same as Neely and Krissy trying to claim Scott mocked Krissys hand pain, when he was in another room, and had no idea about her pain and was clapping and dancing to get himself ready for the veto. Also Dani needlessly let her puppy die. This is not a nice person and she constantly smack talks the girls behind their back with her team of hypocridiots, who are professional victims, always with a chip on their shoulder trying to claim they have been wronged in some way.


Scott is the worst of the mean girls, Dani is annoying but those girls just sat there when she cried. Take your blinders off America!


Dani deserves all the fucking crap she gets from everyone. This entitled bitch actually throws some bullying she experienced as a kid at Scott because he had the AUDACITY to say all she does is sleep while shaking his tumbler and staring at her. OMG THE HORROR! Call him irritating if you want but a bully? And has Kryssie ever explained how the fuck Scott knew just how “injured” she was when he’s in the Yoga Room with the door closed?

Fuck the Armpit Rubbers. Disgusting cretins who think there will ever be any price to pay for their vile behavior.


Invidious that post was brilliant.


Moose, it was an honor to be the 100th down vote of your post.

Suck a H

If you get pleasure from a down vote then you must be one pathetic loser.


No need to rage and get all upset. The sun will still rise in the morning.


Those Jason fans twitter trolls actually believe the votes are rigged in Ballsmashers favor….um heres the real deal, I have 3 co-workers who are in their mid 30’s who jumped on the BBOTT bandwagon a few weeks ago, they got immeditaly turned off by Jason’s vile antics and rude mouth. They voted to help the Ballsmashers. They DO NOT DO SOCIAL MEDIA & They enjoy the show just as much as the superfans. The hundreds of fans don’t compare to the thousands of BBOTT viewers that have all felt what mosy of us have felt in disgust watching the hypocritical BS that spews from The Misfits mouths.
Here’s a little secret: The Viewers have spoken and The Misfits are about to go bye bye. Long live THE BALLSMASHERS & SCOTT!!


I like people on both sides, but Scott is disgusting. I hope he’s OTB every week until he’s gone.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I just want to see Jason get bounced.


Nikki, the Mistits and their fans will always cry wolf when things don’t go their way. Production is rigged, America is rigged, somebody cheated. It’s always somebody else’s fault, and never the Misfits are just horrible people and America is sick of the bitching and crude trash that comes out of their mouths.

Shelby for this weeks CP, please.


Um you do realize that every single season since season 1 people have screamed rigged about big brother. This is nothing new. And will continue until the day the show is cancelled.


I hate shelby


CBS all access reset the votes because of a prob earlier today.
We have to go vote again. Hopefully everyone that voted Shelby knows this has happened and votes again


Couldn’t of said it better myself:) I don’t do Twitter either, I’ve heard several ppl talk about it though. And how the Jason fans are just as sad and pathetic as he is. I just love how they’re losing the votes and suddenly it’s rigged. LOL. The 1st 2wks someone on the #BallSmashers side won HOH, but they still lost one of their own. Wasn’t rigged then….LOL!!
I always have been and always will be TeamAlex!! Can’t stand Jason and have no idea why ppl like him. He’s annoying as he//, the things that he says are terrible, and he smokes like a freight train. Not seeing it..


Ball smashers are playing the game. The misfits just America to do the work. Yes b.s. ask for help but try to do it on their own. Scott just tries to fit in but lack some social skills. He has probably been bullied in his life. I do not believe he was making fun of krissys hand. The misfits have verbally attacked the b.s. smashes parents. The have taken clothes and wiped them under their arm pits and many other things. I guess that is okay because they did that. I will be team ball smashes help Alex to stay and care package to Shelby. See what Jason thinks of that.

Ballsmashers are fake

Give Danielle care package she deserves to control her HOH! She may be self absorbed but she really isn’t mean. The BS’s have been mean to her since say one – never even gave her a chance. If America gives the BS’s the care package and the American nom is a LNC player then we might as well skip this week because of course the LNC player will go home. This would just create a domino effect were the remaining LNC players would go week by week and the game would be very boring!!!!! Don’t get me wrong I would like to get Kryssie out because she really misreads just about everything that has happened in the game but I would prefer we keep her another week so we can see one of the girls from the BS’s go home. Let’s see how they react when they have to go against each other. Same thing for Scott would love to see him go but I am willing to wait another week or two just to see the 4 BS’s girls have to go against each other. Let’s admit losing Cornbread and Monte was not an emotional loss for them but just a loss of a vote for their side. Also, who knows maybe the sisters will reveal themselves to someone stating that they can be used for 2 votes in the future to help whoever has the power to vote next week(like Jason and Justin).


Shelby get care package and mom is Krissy this would be sweet don’t like ur idea sorry I liked Jason but he’s being a ass if Krissy don’t go Jason and have not Dani Justin Krissy oh yay


On the LNJ Side I want Jason out.
On the BS Side it doesn’t matter. If anything a preference for Alex to stay.


Now I will Say this is true. Dani hasn’t been as vile like Jason or Kryisse. Shelby has been rude to Dani and talk bad about her. My vote hasn’t been about helping either alliance group but a HG who can make changes that will make the game unpredictable and interesting. My vote is not for favorism I’m not paying to watch a one sided game. Only one person is winning g this game.


If you think the plastics are angels you are stupid!

Keep game exciting

I agree 100%


Vote Shelby for care pkg. Please put Krackles in it.
Jason, you can’t change your spots dudette.


I really hope Shelby gets the care package this week and then we will really see Jason’s head spin!! I was rooting for Jason, but he has opened his mouth one too many times and said some really disgusting things about people. The ball smashers really don’t say such demeaning things about others in the house like the LNC do!


That would be amazing. After seeing Jason and his side rant after Shelby was not the 3rd nom, calling her all those names and wanting to spit in her mouth and sh!t on her things, imagine how he will react if she gets the care package, with Krackles, and her power is to take away Jasons and 2 other votes. It will annoy all 4 of Jasons team.

No Problem

Time to send Kryssie home on Danielle’s HOH! Wake up America!!! 😉


Oh please!
After their vile, vulgar rants about Shelby Jason thinks they “might” have been too petty. They are dilusional. There is no going back.

Uncle Teddy

Shelby for CP
Jason or Krusty for Americas Nom


Seriously Dude? You get an F in reading people. Geez!

Shelby's bl

You should let him move in with you then.


Kkk? Wow Shelby wow!


Really – what’s up with the stupid and gross user names. What are you, 12? One of the nicer things during OTT here on OBB is that most people aren’t using childish names.


I’m trying to clean up the names.

Can the people doing this stop please.


You’re awesome Simon – and I know that most of the people here really appreciate the time and effort that you and Dawg put into the recaps. I wish that people could just be a little more considerate – you shouldn’t have to also spend your time policing the comments!




I appreciate you cleaning the names up Simon. I have been posting here for years and I dont like seeing people treat the site with disrespect. Cheers for the updates.



Regarding the nasty screen names, I’d put a notice at the top and give them one chance and then give them the boot. I have a feeling it’s the same person using several different horrible names. This guy acts like 5 year old and needs to grow up or get out. Thanks again for all your hard work, love this site.

Ms. Congeniality

Can Y’all be anymore delusional!?

Soon Julie is gonna come up and say:
“America’s Nom is no more!”

So suck it!


For sure the Ball Smashers can’t try and make any deals with anyone……….they can’t keep them. Their word is now worth shit in this game. Morgan saw to that this week. I find Scott repulsive and after Jason told him they didn’t need another Evil Dick in the house Scott did admit he clapped about Kryssie to psych her out. So Scott also lied about the events this past week, and he did say things about Neeley in order to stay. I get the fact a lot of people don’t like the Misfits, but cannot for the life of me understand why BS’s behavior and attitude in the house is COMPLETELY ignored to the point that fans are continuously trying to decimate the other side. If BS’s win on their own merit, so be it.


It is Big Brother. Deals are made to be broken. Get over it. Kryssie broke a promise as soon as the HN list came out. She had said she would pick both her noms from the HN list. She assumed it would not have people from her side on the list. Oops. Morgan was supposed to be safe. Oops…… Both sides break deals but that is to expected. It is BB and it is a game.


Just like when Alex broke her word to kryssie about not putting her up, Alex reminds me of the female Ronnie……this season is like revenge of the evil nerds


And Kryssie was telling Alex last night that Alex has never been her target. We all know that Alex was her intended target until she got the care package. Remember this is big brother they are playing. You cannot go without breaking alliances and telling a lie to get to the end.


Let me make it simple for you you dolt. Breaking deals is game related. Rubbing your armpits on people’s pillows and spitting in tubs to make someone have to clean it is not.

if you can’t see the difference between these two groups, you too might be scum.


Perfectly stated.


You seriously need to calm down. It’s not that deep. You don’t need to call people names and equate them to trash because they don’t happen to root for who you’re rooting for.

It’s just a online Walmart version of big brother. No need to get your panties in such a bunch. Seriously.


It might be an online version with different format but it is designed for fans to be much more invested with so much voting and influence to help or hurt players or alliances. I dont mind a bit of feistiness among passionate fans but each to their own.


Shelby – Care Package
Have Not’s – Kryssie, Justin, Whitney
America’s Nom – Kryssie


Yaaasss honey boo!!


For BS fans, I think you have it right Maggie. Seems like the majority in polls and CBS chatrooms I’ve seen are favoring Shelby for CP, and Kryssie for Nom. I’ll be voting that way to avoid splitting votes. Definitely Kryssie and Justin for HaveNots.


Let’s make Jason the nom. Why not try again?


Much safer and more likely to happen next week for Jason as a target. Krissy is the target this week of the majority. If you want to help the Ball Smashers this is where most Ball Smashers fan votes are going to nom.


Am I the only one who would rather have Jason as America’s nom? I believe that to a certain degree America sending home Neeley has been a bit of a wake up call for Krissie. She seems to get the game a lot better than before.

Also, for those of us who are Ball Smasher fans who would like to send the care package their way every week, we are getting closer to runnig out of BS members to give it to after this week. I think it makes more sense to send out Jason who is almost guaranteed to be the person on the other side of the house to get one if all the BS girls are unable. If we get rid of him and keep her we have an extra person in the house who can not win one of the very powerful packages toward the end of the game.

JUst my thoughts.


NO redemption for the gutter misfits


There are only 7 care packages! This week is the fourth one – Give this week to Shelby! Then next 2 weeks to Morgan & Whitney! That gets them all the way to week 7 final care package!!! Come on .America! WE GOT THIS !!!!!!!


There are only 3 CPs left I believe


Actually 4 left. Kasper is right that this will be the 4th one. 5 is co HOH 6th is Double eviction veto and 7th is America’s choice to the final 3. Last 3 that really mean control to the house are the next three starting this week.


I totally agree with you about Jason. The only thing I worry about with him is he has alot better odds at winning the veto. With Kryssie she doesn’t stand a chance to win the veto. Therefore she would stay on the block and the ball smashers can survive this week hopefully. So with that being said I voted for Shelby for care package. America nom will be Kryssie, and have nots Kryssie, Justin, and Whitney.


I totally agree Kryssie on the block. Shelby gets the care package. That polarizes the Misfits and their done. They should be done! They are vile, hypocritical people who continually spew ugliness. I think this is a great year for America to have the kind of power we have been given. We can show we want people to play BB and not partake in continually running people down. I believe the PBS is playing BB. All the misfits can do is spew hate even about the parents of the PBS. They are ugly vile people. Except for Justin…I’m not sure what he is doing. I dont think he knows what he is doing. as long as he can sing and praise New Orleans and say how crazy things are he is good to go…oh I forgot cook some chicken…gotta throw that in there.


Time for America to trash another HOH. America has killed 3 of the 4 HOH reigns so far this season. Could have been 4 for 4 but Scott wanted Shane gone and Scott had the tie breaker. If the CP goes to one of the 3 eligible BS girls (would be fun if it were Shelby just to shock LNC again) and America puts up Kryssie or Jason. America is in position to make Danielle a powerless HOH, just like Monte, Alex and Kryssie. If BS wins veto, LNC has no votes and another LNC member goes home under Danielle’s watch. Would be great to see the LNC reaction to that one!!


Yes and I think Krissy is the best and least risky choice as 3rd nom for The Ball Smashers to have a good veto. She will be a have not too and a far better chance to stay on the block after veto compared to Jason who will not be a have not and is a much better comp player.

Seeing the faces of The Armpit Rubbers if Shelby is given the care package will be good, after the disgraceful way they have talked about her. Dani will then know she doesn’t control the vote and will mean there is a lot less likely chance she can get her target Alex out, because The Ball Smashers will keep Alex safe with their votes. Also she will know she might lose someone on her HOH.

Two g**** d*** in Shelby's mouth

Way to go Danelle!!!


Why come up with such trashy names. There is something wrong with you. Get help for your issues.


Yes, the votes have been rigged in BS’s favor. CBS has apparently stopped all of their fans from creating multiple accounts to vote for them time and time again. Yes people that is rigging the votes. I can’t for the life of me understand how people get so amped up about this whole thing. We all have our favorites, but for goodness sake, how can you not see that America is beginning to act like a bunch of Chumps and completely taking over this game. Being HOH has stopped making any difference because you all are controlling everything at this point. This game has become a popularity contest, and nothing else. How much fun can it be to watch this show when you want to destroy the other side of the house even when they are the ones winning the HOH? All these cute girls on the show have to do is plead a bit, and you do what they want. Let them EARN their way in this game. They are lazy enough just lying around all day long whining and complaining that things aren’t going their way. Gee girls, seeing as every chance you get you screw over the other side, and lie about absolutely everything you possibly can. Kryssie was more hurt this week (in my opinion) because she honestly tried to be friendly with Morgan and Whitney and kept them abreast on everything she was doing, all the while they had no intention of keeping the deal THEY made with her, not a deal she made with them. Scott all week long was yapping about how much of a comp threat Neeley was……….give me a break, Neeley could barely bend over to tie her shoes and everyone fell for it. His clapping in Neeley’s face when she was evicted was really, really uncalled for, and believe me it was right in her face, but that will be overlooked because he is a member of Ball Smashers. Jason and Kryssie are not my cup of tea, but neither is he. Every week he becomes a little cockier, and his hours spent talking to live feeders is beyond idiotic. Now they have decided they don’t even need to talk to Danielle as HOH, because they control the live feeders vote. Yes people, this season has become a joke, and I guess we all know what will happen this week, because you all get on here and gang up on the other side again. I can’t wait till you all get on here and start bitching about how boring the game has become.


Yes America has a lot of power, hence that’s why it’s called BBOTT !! Maybe if the LNC were smart enough to realize that they wouldn’t have been so vile these last four weeks! But then again they can’t help it cause that’s who they truly are! Countless things they have said and done…..they really need to some soul searching as they are each evicted and maybe they can salvage some respect in the future….but probably not.


Yo, LOL–Did you not remember the 1st two weeks when both Monte and Alex were trumped by America and that side of the house lost 2 members, Cornbread and Monte?? Also, BBOTT by nature is a popularity contest no matter how the voting is set up. It was designed to give fans a lot of control. That is the premise of the show. Saying that the BS girls do nothing but sit around and complain? All the LNC does is sit around the smoking area and complain about the other girls the entire time they were out there. If you watched those feeds, you saw Kryssie make massive crude comments about Morgan. Neither side wants to make nice with the other. Kryssie lied to Morgan. She was supposed to be safe but was nominated anyway. by Kryssie. Lastly, Scott has not been the first and will not be the last to talk to the feeders alone. Did you not watch Victor and Paul last season? Time to come back to reality LOL !!


Scott will be the first sacrificial lamb to vote out of the ball smashers. So you will eventually get your wish.


Any multiple accounts would have happened on both sides, not one, and any new account needs a different credit card number, and many team Jason fans create multiple twitter accounts to rig polls to try to sway votes, so your point is not valid. Trust me, the majority of viewers have not liked alot of the behavior and comments of Jasons team this season. This is the reason why recent votes are no longer going his way. There are multiple threads on reddit showcasing it, particularly Jasons bullying and disrespect of Shelby.

Also Scott rightfully clapped in Neelys face after she shouted at and bullied him for no reason and made completely false statements about him in her speech. I am glad he clapped in her face and I would have done the same thing and I would have let out a yell of delight Godfrey (BB Canada) style(when Jordan was blindsided).


Twitter is blowing up about production rooting for Whitney during the HOH comp. Simon/Dawg did you hear it on the feeds? I can’t believe the trolls on twitter who claim the sun rising is also rigged but I know you guys are on the level! I know it has been said 1000 X but thanks again for the extra effort keeping us up to date on OTT for those of us without feeds. As always the best site for BB


I heard about it on chat so I went back and watched it. Did seem like they were rooting for her, then you can clearly hear one of the say ” oh sh*t, you just f-ed up” in the end. Not sure if they were referring to whitney’s answer or what.


They need to make another spin off show: BB: Behind the Scenes. lol.


You can here lots of production talk before the comp started, trying to get the speakers to work. We could hear announcements but the HGs couldnt. We heard production talking about “throw this switch” or “push that button” and “Are you ready to read the rules to them?”
During the comp I heard several comments like someone reminding the announcer to tell so and so to reset their block.

I did hear something at the end, but couldnt make out what it was. I do know that both sides of the house confirmed that they heard someone in production say “Awww Whitney” when she picked the wrong answer, which resulted in Danielle winning.


I dont blame production, having to sit through a week of listening to HOH Dani constantly talking is brutal haha


Jason needs to get a clue the reason America is turning on him is because of his behavior and not because they love Scott. Instead of changing his ways he just gets nastier. He sure is clueless why America has turned against him and the LNC.

Uncle Teddy

100% agree
These fools need to realize that pandering to the feeders and generally being a good player are being rewarded. Danielle sleeps all day, so we put her OTB. Jason is dumb and cannot figure out that CLEARLY there is more to Shelby than meets the eye. We put him on slop. This isn’t network BB, misfits. Get your head out of your ass and adapt to the game already. I personally cast votes based on game play and cunning. Not whining and sleeping.


Hell yea! It is ALL about the cunny!!!!


A vote for Morgan is a wasted vote. You must vote Shelby. We can not split the vote . Shelby for CP!!!! Shelby for CP!!!

Jake K.

Let’s get this straight. LNJ or Ballsmashers fans alike should respect the BS gameplay if you are a BB fan. Anyone who takes big enough risk time and time again to go against the house or try to alter the vote and hope for America’s vote to carry them through is AWESOME. Those girls are there to play. Besides Cornbread these votes have been straight down the middle making each eviction intense because the BS take major risks and it’s why they are getting majorly rewarded. Put all the petty name calling aside, BS are just playing a better game. It’s why they receive my votes weekly…they are playing the game harder than people have played in a really long time. No throwing comps, no easy targets, etc.


i been waiting FOREVER for a girls alliance. Usually 3-4 weeks in a bbus or bbcan season i usually call my mom and tell her the girls are all crying, the girls are all fighting!

FINALLY a VERY strategic girls alliance playing hard


I may be crazed because I just drank a coffee but BBOTT is a big improvement over what we’ve seen outta CBS lately.

Now all they need to do it take out all but 1 twist so we would have greatness. (And buy twist I mean 1 fan vote not 6, or one group of sisters)


As a 5th member of the Ball Smashers, their fans collectively who are playing with them, are united and strategic, just like they are.


I believe Jason finally got America’s message about the toxic three(Jason, Dani, Krissie).
Not so much with Krissey and Dani, they remain clueless.
If Krissie goes this week and leaves Dani open to leave next, we may have feeds that are not as vulgar to watch and possibly a little more game play.
Poor Dani’s mom sitting at church praying for her daughter to smarten up.


I’m voting Shelby for Care Package. I want to see Jason’s head explode. Maybe then he’ll get a clue and stop being so vile.


America’s CP poll is messed up! They have Alex available to vote for. You know they won’t let her win so this will only delute the votes for Shelby.



fixed it

they fixed it


Can someone please tell me WHY everyone is giving these Plastics all the help and Care Packages?? They are horrible. Also, it completely makes winning HOH mean nothing! (If Shelby gets the care package and America votes up someone on the LNJ side which they will that nom is going home) And everyone likes Alex….and i dont get it. I am usually with what “America” decides and I am soo on the complete opposite end sooo please someone tell me what is up?


Different strokes for different folks..

I like some members of LNJ and some members of TBS


Alex side lost someone on their HOH twice, Jasons side has had this happen only once. Both sides have been rick rolled in that way, its the nature of the format. In terms of Americas favorite, it was clearly Jasons side for 9 public votes in a row, then America saw that Alex side are playing a more strategic game, are much nicer and more decent people, and America got fed up with the constant toxic vibe of Jasons team. It should come as no surprise.


So a couple hours prior the BS were horrible people for keeping scott, he doesn’t deserve to be there, but NOW Dani doesn’t even want him gone… wouldn’t that make HER a horrible person because she is now leaving someone who is horrible and doesn’t deserve to be there???


I want to see Krissy go as soon as possible. After that I don’t care. Danielle is annoying but I think she is just young and immature. Jason will be more reasonable if Krissy is gone. The problem with the LNJ is they are all feeding each other’s delusions to the point that they believe they can do no wrong. I think if Krissy goes hopefully the rest will wake up and start playing the game.


I am going to be interested to see what both Justin and Jason do if Krissy goes. They both are annoyed by Dani, and Justin wants her out.


here what I thinking America I don’t want Shelby to have this one
I want her to have the next one with Jason hoh or the other way around
Jason an Shelby co hoh men that will be the show think about it
Shelby want listen to Jason in he want listen to her it be who target goes home that week
it be fun all week with them two so the next choice is to give this care packages to danille think about it co hoh
next week for Jason an Shelby that be the real big brother


Who goes this week? Whitney?
Scott? Who? Gotta give the opposite side a hit now. Don’t cha think?


Scott for NOM! Dani for CP


Care Package – Shelby
Have Nots – Krissy, Justin, Whitney(Jason, Dani are not eligible)
3rd nom – Krissy

Let’s get these armpit rubbing and spitting scum outta here


Kryssie or Jason for being terrible people.


Krissy this week, Jason next week.


Kryssie should go!! That chick is something else. Humongous mouth spitting out frogs and toads. Show her the door!! Same with Jason. Either one.
Who cares.


CBS just reset the CP vote, go vote again for Shelby.


40 votes for Shelby!!!


I read that the voting made earlier was cancelled and reset.. you need to go vote again.


Jason keeps saying I don’t know what they are showing about these girls. Jason you are forgetting the feeds are in 24/7 and we see everything


Thanks for the heads up about having to revote!!!!

Vote Again Today

Be sure to vote again today. I read here that votes were canceled out earlier today for some reason and people needed to vote again. I went to the CBS voting site to check it out, and it let me vote again. None of my previous votes today would have counted if I hadn’t read the information about voting again. Be sure and try voting again today to make sure your votes get counted. Jokers posted the following information about it at the top of their site: ATTENTION
If you voted on CBS already today, vote again now.
(Glitch? Reset? We don’t know…)

Vote Again

Be sure and go to the CBS site and see if you can vote again. I read on this site that the previous votes from today were canceled out for some reason. I went to the CBS voting site and tried voting again. It let me vote again. Make sure to try voting again to make sure your votes for today get counted.