Big Brother Over the Top Eviction results Danielle VS Shane VS Neeley

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-19 20-05-54-084

Scott nominated Kryssie and Neeley
America nominated Daneille
The Double Veto was played, Alex and Justin won
Justin used it on Kryssie
Alex didn’t use it
Scott nominated Shane (the target all along)
Danielle, Neeley and Shane are tine final nominees

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-19 20-05-58-125

Neeley – Mom I love you.. I care about all of you

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-19 20-06-28-999

Danielle – Steven I miss you and love you sooo much.. this my third speech.. if it’s best for your game to keep me Awesome.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-19 20-07-10-442

Shane – mom dad franky B … Scott and Alex masterminds.. you backdoored me
Shane goes on a tirade about Scott and Alex side not being his “BB family” goes on about going home this week and generally looks like a wiener.

Alex Votes to evict Shane the snake
Whitney Votes to evict Shane
Kryssie Votes to evict Danielle
Justin Votes to evict Danielle
Morgan Votes to evict Shane
Jason Votes to evict Danielle
Shelby Votes to evict Shane
America Votes to evict Danielle

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-19 20-13-35-299
Scott breaks the tie.. tries to give a speech but is interrupted by Shane. Scott reminds him he has to give a speech.

Shane is evicted..

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-19 20-13-40-990
Shane is evicted from the Big Brother Over the top house

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-19 20-14-06-990

The HOH starts soon on the feeds..
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Big-Brother-18 2016-10-19 20-18-06-282

8:15pm Kryssie and Scott
Kryssie is having trouble dealing with shane’s eviction. Scott asks her for a hug and she losses it..
Kryssie yells at Scott “you guys knew you couldn’t beat him so you backdoored him.. that’s f****d”
Scott tells her that’s strategy.
Scott tells Kryssie someone has to get voted out every week that’s what they signed up for.
Kryssie goes on about her side voted for Danielle so Scott got to break the tie and be able to check someone off his bucket list. (ZOMG)
Kryssie Tells Scott “That is a human Being you took out personally” (Corn and Monte were?)
Goes on about SCott knowing America wanted Danielle out.

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-19 20-33-54-097

8:34pm Kryssie and Neeley
Kryssie going on about Scott backdooring Shane because he couldn’t beat him ‘Fair and square”

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-19 20-42-47-504

Paul in the house to host the HOH
“Extra Friendship”

9:01pm HOH is called Perfect Shot
Alex’s penalty is beer goggles

Big-Brother-18 2016-10-19 21-22-57-399


Big-Brother-18 2016-10-19 21-31-42-520

9:35pm This is a tough comp…

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Kryssie, stop. Just stop. That’s how BB is played. Suck it up.

Amy in TX

And Kryssie just won HOH. We need to either save from the vection Alex or Scott this week come on America let her know how we feel.


If we all ban together we can get neeley put on the block and evicted


Well then I’m truly done with big brother for good. Neeley would have done nothing to get evicted this week and It would officially prove that not only big brother and America plays unfair but it’s a little racist I’m sorry an African American never gets far in the game since season two and it’s not fair. Because Danielle is next and Justin will be the final four. And that’s typical big brother besides Shelby needs to go home we need nice people to win finally and ain’t nothing wrong for not liking when other people cheer someone’s demise that’s how I feel sorry vote Shelby


It’s not racism. Big Brother picks personalities and then pushes them to become a caricature of themselves for entertainment. The difference between the feeds and the DR for Johnny Mac was huge. The same is true for Da’Vonne, I’m sure she has some attitude in real life but in the game, she amped it up and it rubbed people the wrong way. Couple that with herd mentality and you end up with anyone even slightly different targeted early. It’s similar to Donny being so much older than the others and not fitting in with them.


Haha Kryssie won HOH. That’s how BB is played.

Misty Queef

Kryssie is ridiculous!! The trolls known as the Late Night Jamboree are such a group of sore losers. They are hilarious!

Slop Cookie

Kryssie just claimed that Scott was playing personal but just watch her try to justify doing the exact same thing when she nominates Alex & Scott. Her head is going to swell to the point they will need to grease her head to get it through the HOH door! I’m throwing all my votes this week for Have Nots and 3RD Nominee toward the trolls, um er members of the Late Night Jamboree. Justin and Neely need to be on slop. Danielle as America’s Nominee!


Dani can’t be America’s nominee 2 weeks in a row.


They aren’t losers. Their side just won HOH. The plastics wasted no time begging America to help them. They are the ridiculous ones.


Kryssie is crazy! She is taking everything personally, its insane. She really does not comprehend the game.


She just won HOH. I think she comprehends the game.


Cleveland will win the world series.


Nobody likes baseball.


I still haven’t gotten past Shelbey’s bikini shoot. Help!


You like bulimic coke heads?


Hoping the ball smashers can pull this hoh off, lets go girls. Kick some ass.


Sure never thought I’d say this but I am so happy to see Paul’s friendship dumbass he made me smile and I missed him and Vic


I miss Paul and Vic too. Since OTT so soon after BB18 ended, I kept waiting for Paul and Vic to be in the yard too. It felt weird they weren’t there. I have never ever gotten so attached to 2 HGs and I have been watching the feeds since 2009. It sucked so much that I couldn’t get into this cast – not their fault, like I said it was just too soon – so I cancelled the feeds and just check updates on this site every other day or so (thanks Simon and Dawg! I always tell people on the feeds to come to this site for updates!) Anyway, seeing the picture of Paul in the house brought the memories back.


He fake laughed way too much.


Once upon a time in a far far away place in BBLand, a bunch of noobs got put into a house with the underdogs who were disliked by America and got allies evicted first and second, but knew that it wasn’t personal, just a game, stepping it up and winning when all odds were against them, they finally got 1 week were they weren’t picked off, yet the other side threw a temper tantrum… Giving Alex safety so she can survive to fight another day as the season’s underdog!!


She has her sister in there with her. She is no underdog.


If Kryssie keeps up this drama she’s going to be on the short list to get evicted! She is going way overboard with her drama. Doesn’t she know what a backdoor is for? Has she watched BB before? It’s frustrating listening to her tirades. I hope she and the LNC don’t get HOH anytime soon.


And your hope backfired.


Krysee is really one of the worst players to be in BB. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.


She just won HOH. What did you do today?


Kryssie is making Audrey and Tiffany look mentally stable. If only she would cover herself in a blanket, put some sunglasses on, and quit talking!


Oh look someone has watched 2 seasons of BB.


Scott handled himself like a true gentleman….Shane was a sore loser and so is the rest of his BB family. This is their first person to go home and they are cry babies….especially Kryssie. Backdoor is common for BB. Has she seen the show before?!?
Wanted to give Scott a hug through the computer.


Scott is a tool.


Alex for safety! She deserves it.


Go ahead. It will knock her out of the running for better care packages down the line.

Cat people

Paul and Pablo. Nice to see them back together again. What no victor?


He didn’t battle his way back in.

Kryssie pls stop

Honestly I liked Kryssie when the season first started, but now she needs to go. I don’t want her to be in the house if she’s going to throw a fit every time her side of the house looses a number.


Looks like she isn’t going anywhere this week.


Worst possible outcome! Kryssie wins, ugh!


Yuck–it will be an unbearable week to watch


So that nasty girl won, so thumbs up for Neeley for America nomination. What is everyone thinking,


And what has Neely done to be nominated? No wonder people think there is racism going on.


It’s going to be a rough week!!!????

And cry baby for hoh

R u freaking kidding

kryssie won



Taking a week off cuz I can’t stand Kryssie and won’t listen to her gloat! Hey misfits look who’s celebrating now, hipocrites!


Math is simple kryssie won gove care package to jason it doesnt matter this week itll be 3 3 america votes danielle out kry hoh worthless


Danielle can’t be nominated this week unfortunately


OH crap Kyrssie won!!! Neeley for the 3rd nom. Alex for safety!

LNC Sucks

Ugh, Kryssie won HOH. We need to give Alex the care package this week. PS go Indians!!


Kryssie won HOH!! HAHAHAHA!!!


F*ck. Another 2 weeks of Kryssie’s complaining! Fml. I can’t watch the feeds this week.???????? America vote danielle and send her out. One less whiney lnc


F*ck. Another 2 weeks of Kryssie’s complaining! Fml. I can’t watch the feeds this week.???????? America vote danielle and send her out. One less whiney lnc


F*ck. Another 2 weeks of Kryssie’s complaining! Fml. I can’t watch the feeds this week.?? America vote danielle and send her out. One less whiney LNC


Unfortunately we can’t nominate Danielle two weeks in a row, but we can do Neeley


It would be hilarious if Neeley went home on Kyrssie’s hoh, then they will see what the ball smashers went through. Please nominate Neeley

My Nomination!!

Nominating Nellie!!! – Kryssie won HoH – so what can we do to possible make it crystal clear we aren’t a fan of people who are hypocritical liars, nominate them!!!


OMG, Neeley is doing exactly what she didn’t like Shebly doing! What a hyopcrite! If Neely is the third nom and say Alex and Scott, we can vote to evict her and the Ball Smashers will still be in the house. You would have Jason, Justin and Danielle vote for either Alex or Scott and then you would have Morgan, Whitney and Sheby vote for Neely with us being the tie breaker. Give them a taste of their own medicine voting out none of Kyrssies noms.


Ughh Kryssie winning HOH is going to be unbearable… Her tantrums are terrible and going off on Scott about a backdoor to Shane, does she not know the game of Big Brother, it happens a lot? Worst player in a long time. She will be targeting Alex and Scott, so I will vote Alex for the care package, so she is safe. I will nominate someone from the LNC as a nominee probably Danielle or Neely and vote one of them out, as long as America’s Nominee isn’t pulled off block by someone or wins the veto themselves. Give Kryssie and the LNC a taste of their own medicine from what happened in week 1 & 2 where the HOH’s were unsuccessful and one of their own went home…


Dani can’t be nominated 2 weeks in a row by America. Neeley is an option.


Ahh ok didn’t realize that, thanks


YES! Make Neely, Justin & Jason have nots! Make Neely 3rd nominee! As long as she doesn’t get pulled off by veto the vote will be 3 – 3 Americas vote will send Neely home! Let the backyard no class volatile asses see what it feels like for one of their own to go home on their HOH !!!!!!!


I would love it if Kryssie nominates Morgan and Whitney.
America nominates Neeley.
Alex gets the safety care package.
Scott wins veto and takes down Morgan.
Vote will be a tie until America votes out Neelie on Kryssie’s HOH.
Oh the excitement and tears from Dani and Kryssie.

I am a dreamer.


Neeley, Jason, and Justin for have nots. If we nominate Neeley the ball smashers still have a chance, it would be a 3-3 tie with America being the tie braker.


I prefer the smashers over LNJ. So my vote is to nom D for ACP; she’s already safe and she’ll have to do BB’s bidding which she will complain about constantly. Future ACP’s are way better; this week’s helps one person but your team is still toast. Only hope to save all the smashers this week is for us to nominate and vte Neely (side benefit is that will torture Krissie.)


F*ck. Another 2 weeks of Kryssie’s complaining! Fml. I can’t watch the feeds this week.?? America vote danielle and send her out. One less whiney LNC


Good Lord, I felt embarrassed and was cringing at Shane & Kryssie’s sore loser behavior. I am voting Alex for safety just to see the look on the misfits face. That episode really showed their nasty true colors. The trolls on twitter are rooting for Kryssie. Seriously how can anyone root for such a bitter and vile person. Can you imagine being her friend in real life? OMG!!!!

VOTE ALEX for safety!!


Guys kryssie just won help us all


I like alex a lot but Shelby America care packages whould be gold this week
it will be funny with her Jason an Justin alex is to high up on the rank so she will get it
if we don’t star voting like crazy for Shelby that’s what im going to star doing right now
in we could nom neely America nom


Krusti wins HOH. Omg. She will be horrible. She will want to do All Stars now.


So everybody the only thing to do is put neeley on the block and evict her