HOH Competition Results! “I’m going to kick everyone of them in their backd**r!”

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9:40pm Kryssie makes the shot and wins the competition. Kryssie is the new Head of Household! Neeley, Jason, Danielle and Justin jump for joy congratulating her. Scott hands her the head of household key. Paul then goes and does snow angels in the balls.

HOH Winner: Kryssie

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9:45pm Bathroom – Morgan, Alex and Shelby are talking. Alex its going to be one of us this week. It all comes down to the veto. I already know I’m going up, she hates me! Shelby – we need to see what the care package is. Whitney joins them. Alex – it will be me and Scott. Y’all will save me over Scott. Shelby – America we need the care package!

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9:50pm Bedroom – Neely, Danielle, Kryssie and Jason are celebrating / talking. Jason tries on Neeley’s wig. Jason – I told you we would F**king do it! Danielle it feels so f**king good. I didn’t even win and it feels so good. Kryssie – how many of you sl*ts want to sleep in my bed tonight!? I’m not going to gloat. I’m not going to be like them. Danielle – I can’t wait for Shane to watch this. Kryssie – I had 5 f**king balls left too! I’m going to kick everyone of them in their backdoor. Danielle – now they know how it feels to be in our shoes. Kryssie – I really hope America puts up Scott and we put up Morgan and Whitney. And if one of them comes down someone else can go up. I’m going to have individual talks with Morgan and Whitney. Neeley – don’t tell them what we’re going to do. Ask them who they think should go up. Jason – yup … code their hierarchy. Put to of the middle ones up, if one of them comes down but one of the high ones up. Leave Shelby alone because she’s an irrelevant rat. That was so for Shane.

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10:45pm – 12am Kitchen – Morgan, Whitney, Shelby, Scott and Alex are hanging out in the kitchen. They all hanging out chatting about random things.

12:05am Lounge room – Morgan, Shelby, Scott, Alex and Whitney are chatting.

12:35am Scott and Morgan are talking in the lounge room. Scott – If she tries to backdoor one of us .. that person wins the veto and pulls the other one off and then hopefully we can try to save Shelby. Obviously somebody in the group is going to go home but if you really want to save someone instead of Morgan or Whitney instead of Shelby that’s fine but I am going to be trying to save Shelby. I don’t want you going home.

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12:45am Alex, Morgan and Shelby. Alex – her (Kryssie) alliance doesn’t care about her. Shelby – that’s not a point to prove this week. Shelby – I feel like its going to be a boring a$$ week if one of us don’t get it (veto). Alex – its about to get messy. I want to talk to Kryssie but the thing is she thinks a lot of things that aren’t true. Alex – if I talk to her she is going to be fixated on me trying to put her up. Morgan – yes I would want him (Scott) to stay but I feel that as soon as Jason or Justin offer him something he would jump ship.

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12:50am – 1:20am Kryssie gets her HOH room. She reads the letter from her boyfriend Mike. He made her a bracelet made from her hair and his hair. Everyone leaves but Danielle, Kryssie, Jason and Danielle.

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1:30am – 3:20am Jason reads the HOH BB rules to Neeley, Kryssie and Danielle. Neeley – they’re all going to try and sell out Shelby .. so I’m interested to see what kind of deal Shelby tries to make. I’m really interested in what Shelby and Whitney have to say. Danielle – me and Shane offered her (Alex) a good deal that week. Neeley – to be perfectly honest I would take Shelby to the final 3 with me. America isn’t going to vote for her and she isn’t going to win any competitions. Neeley – Morgan and Alex are the tightest. Danielle – that’s why I think they need to be up together. Jason – the other side would still pick Alex over Morgan. Danielle if it is Morgan and Whitney .. and one of them comes down we want Morgan to come down and Alex to go up against Whitney. Jason – they’ll still keep Alex. Jason tells Kryssie this week is what we want to do but really its about what you want. Kryssie – I said we would do this as a team. Jason – but your preference is for Alex to go over Scott. Kryssie – yes, she’s the one that back stabbed me.

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3:25am Jason and Kryssie are alone in the HOH room. Kryssie – gamewise Alex has to go. They talk about putting up Morgan and Whitney. Jason – hopefully America puts up Scott or Alex. Kryssie – Or Shelby. And then hopefully one of us can win the veto. Jason – and then throw it in Morgan and Whitney’s faces.

4am All the house guests are sleeping..

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87 thoughts on “HOH Competition Results! “I’m going to kick everyone of them in their backd**r!”

  1. Wow! How good is Alex at working the cameras and America? She knows exactly how to bs us! You go gamer girl! Can we break up the sisters yet???

    1. For have-nots I’m voting Neely, Jason and Danielle. For eviction I’m voting Danielle. And since America wanted Danielle out the most last night I’m thinking it will happen again. Then we can send a clear message to the misfits.

      1. Danielle cannot be a Have-Not OR America’s Nom two weeks in a row. This has not been explained very well to the fans by the show.

        Furthermore, you’ll actually be able to cast votes for Danielle on the site this week….. they just won’t be counted since she’s ineligible! So, you’ll be wasting your votes.

        If you’re anti-LNC this week, your best bet is to vote Neeley as the Nom.

        1. Can somebody please provide a link addressing how many times they can be nominated sequentially? I’m thinking Kryssie’s been nominated for the block every single time? So maybe you just mean for have-nots? I just want clarity. Either way I’m voting all misfits for everything that I vote for this week. And thanks for enlightening me. I appreciate that!

          1. Hey Amy,

            Stephanie is on the money. The HOH can nominate whoever they want, whenever they want. But America cannot put the same person on the block two weeks in a row.

            Therefore, the only two people off the table for America’s Nom this week are Danielle (since she was our nom last week) and Kryssie (since she’s HOH). Yeah, Kryssie has been on the block every week, but it has been from the HOH…… America hasn’t even nominated her yet.

            What’s crazy is that you’ll actually be able to cast your votes for Danielle on the website, but they’ll be wasted since she can’t be nominated by America two weeks in a row. They should just remove her name this week, but that’s not how they’ve been doing things so far.

  2. The LNC are acting so ridiculous right now, I really hope we can get rid of Neeley on her hoh. That will be tv gold, and also a little payback.

    1. if Neeley is 3rd nom, Jason and or Justin might take a hint and flip
      if Jason is the 3rd nom, it would be a unanimous vote to evict

  3. Kryssie: Now that is a true definition of a nasty woman!! How long do you think it will take for her to crash land her HOH wheels & dig her own grave? She is truly a nasty piece of work!

    1. Well which is it? Nasty woman or nasty piece of work? Try opening a dictionary since you seem to know the definitions for words.

  4. Kyrssie asked who wants to sleep in the HOH with her. It would be funny if we put Neeley, Scott and Justin as HNs leaving only Danielle being able to sleep up there. lol

  5. Sees that BB fans plea for a diverse cast in age, race & body size is complete bullshit. All of you trying to protect the young white skinny girls.

    1. I agree. Of course alot of people wont agree on here cause they are the ones that week after week want dani or neeley on the block. both sides is playing the game and both are petty. I like to keep the unique people on the show and get ride of the same old same old every season picks (plastics)

      1. It has nothing to do with race or sexual presence so stop making this a race issue. When Aaryn and Gina Marie were on their season I was cheering for the other side as you would call the “unique people” because those girls were nasty. The LNJ formed their alliance first because they were the ones who stayed up late. They didn’t form it because they were black or gay. Shelby was a part of that group but couldn’t deal with them any longer. Yes, both sides are both petty and both say things about the other side but the LNJ are mean spirited and nasty. They talked about punching people in the face, they fart in the other sides bed, they rub they dirty armpits on pillows and they say the nastiest things about the other side. They make comments like you are a have not because America doesn’t like you. That’s just mean. It’s not because America doesn’t like them it’s because they are not on Jason’s side. And it’s not just Danielle and Neeley people want out it is Kyrssie as well who happens to be white. The plastics lost two people on their side while they were HOH and that’s because of Jason’s fan base. The reason I am rooting for the Plastics and Scott is because they are the underdogs even though their side won 3 out of the 4 HOHs and because they are not as petty and hypocritical as the LNJ. It’s ok when they do things to the other side but not ok if it is done to them and it’s ok if they dance and gloat but not ok for the other side to do it. If Jason was not on this season I think more people would be on the girls side. Having Jason, a vet, be on this season has not made it a fair game.

        1. You gotta admit though, America would always nominate Dani or Neeley before Justin or Jason… doesn’t matter that they hate LNC all the same. Not because of their skin color, but because the LOVE Justin and Jason -_-

  6. Alex needs this Care Package to shake it up. Neely should be America’s Nom and Jason, Justin and Neely should be have nots this week. The jamboree does everything they accuse the plastics of doing only the jamboree is more bitter and disgusting.

    Also, jokers covered this at 1:00am (Sorry Dawg but you didn’t go this far): Few mins ago – Sisters/Shelby talking in bathroom. Shelby mentions that someone told her (DR) that someone is lying about their life. She says sheWill probably get dinged but says it anyway. Morgan clarifies on what and Shelby responds with “about their life”. She thinks its Neeley (Alex/Morgan agree) as they continue speculating. The DR realizes we are halfway through the game and the sister twist isn’t even close to coming out so of course they start floating it around. Alex needs the care package or she is a goner this week.

    1. If we give Alex ACP this week, we will probably be forced to give one of the final 4 ACPs, which are WAY better, to someone we hate. Alex is Krissie’s target, but she probably won’t go home this week. Justin or Jason could be talked into evicting one of the other girls instead, and if things go well America will help the plastics evict Neely this week.

      1. Servant PLUS Safety. Can’t give it to Neely because then we can’t nominate her. Give it to Danelle because we already can’t nominate her. Then she has to be Krissie’s servant and her safety is wasted because she wouldn’t have gone up anyway.

        1. I am sticking with Alex for America’s care package. Because she also has to be a servant to Kryssie – it means Kryssie will not be able to talk game most likely because Alex will always be nearby. Either that or she won’t use Alex because she does want to talk game. Either way it would put a kink in the works that would be enjoyable to watch.

  7. America puts Neely up. BS + Scott wins veto. Neely sent home by America. LNC in full panic mode. Would make for some great entertainment.

  8. The LNC keeps talking about showing the plastics how to act like adults and how to correctly play the game. Keep waiting for them the stop acting childish and to just one time act like an adult when it comes to dealing with others. Kryssie keeps asking the rest of her alliance what she did to Scott to make him not like her. I guess she does not consider throwing Scott under the bus and trashing him all of the previous 2 weeks doing anything to make Scott mad at her…….Yet another childish reaction instead of acting like an adult….this is going to be a boring week unless America votes the care package to the plastics and votes to nominate Neeley. Justin, Jason, and Neeley as have nots would be the icing on the cake. That would be too greedy. Will settle for the care package and the nom and call it a major victory.

    1. Yeah and I guess rubbing someone’s pillow on your stinky armpit is a adult thing to do, right?
      Kryssie acts like a big baby – she should NOT be showing ANYONE how to behave like an adult.

  9. 2 more weeks of listening to Kryssie complain!! Fml…. American can’t vote Danielle as a nom fml! Vote newly as americas nomi! She whines just as much as Kryssie and Danielle. Vote Alex for care package

  10. Kryssie is the worst person ever cast in BB history! Not watching any feeds this week b/c watching her gloat is not entertaining to me. Everything the misfits say the plastics are saying, they are doing 100 times more. The biggest hipocrites I’ve ever seen. Time to get caught up with Survivor and Voice. I’ll still vote and follow this page. Neeley, Justin, Jason have nots and Alex care package.

  11. No matter what I’m voting Neeley,Jason, and Justin for have nots. For America nomination I’m doing Neeley and Alex for care package. The LNC are very hypocritical in their ways and believes they have done no wrong. Kryssie, Danielle, Jason have been out right cruel and hateful to the ball smashers and Scott. Now recently Neeley has jumped on the bandwagon and is just as bad as the rest of her crew. If Neeley goes home on Kryssie hoh it would be epic and would maybe see what the ball smashers went through the first two weeks.

  12. I don’t care what anyways says I’m so excited for the LNC and Kryssie being HOH!!!!! Every single person in that house is hypocritical and all I ever wanted for any of these BB seasons is for drama and crap takking from BOTH sides and that’s what I’m getting!! Love this season and ALL of the cast!!!!!

    1. I have the America’s nom poll queued up and ready just haven’t posted it yet.

      I would vote Neeley on the LNJ side and/or Whitney on the Ball smashers side.

  13. Vote ALEX for America’s Favorite this week. It will be painful for Alex but she is tough and its more important to keep her safe.

  14. Buckle up folks this week is going to be interesting. We could very well watch some of the best HOHitis of the season with Neeley, Kryssie and jason.. it’s starting already. Add to this the potential of America’s vote going against the LNJ …. fun times..

    Even if it’s a steam roller and LNJ takes out Alex, Scott or Shelby the way they will conduct themselves will be entertaining.

  15. Yep, those “adults” from the LNC are really showing how mature they are. Calling the BS girls c***s again, saying that the LNC are the people with a soul…….smh….Shelby sucks at life (the newly minted attorney with a law degree quicker than normal……..Alex has no personallity, should not have been selected by BB……
    Come on guys, Lets follow through with the votes that are showing in the polls above. Alex for the CP, Justin, Jason, and Neeley for HN, nominate Neeley, and if all goes well and the BS girls + Scott picks up the veto and we (America) can send home Neeley. That would devestate Kryssie and the rest of the LNC as they would not fathom that what happened to Monte and Alex could happen to them on their HOH.

  16. Love ya Simon, but I’ve got to disagree. I’ve yet to watch the feeds since Kryssie won, the hypocrisy of the LNC is too much. The LNC fans are just as bad, glad most people here are not their fans. Kryssie going off on Scott after he was trying to be the bigger person after the comp and how she would never backdoor anybody. Guess we’ll see… This week will be too predictable, she’ll put up Alex and Scott, unless she uses the BD which she claims she’ll never do.

  17. I don’t understand why everyone wants to give Alex (of all people) the ACP this week. She has had 3 weeks of complete safety, not cultivated any relationships beyond Shelby and Scott, sat up in the HOH room basically hiding for the past 3 weeks. I think it is about time she starts to play the game…………..oh yes, I forgot, she also has her SISTER in the game. Why doesn’t the girl start playing the game. Yes, she won an HOH, but there is also the social aspect as well. She did talk with Kryssie and Neeley while she was HOH, but then turned around and lied to them. If she is in a hole at this point, it is one she dug herself. As soon as Kryssie won the HOH last night, these girls began pleading and begging America to help them out………the same America who they stated earlier they didn’t give a damn how they (America) felt about anything. All these girls have had it their way for the past 3 weeks, and haven’t ever given a thought to the fact that someone other than one of their own alliance might win an HOH. Well buckle up bitches, because it might be a rockie road for this week, and cracks might form in their own group for a change. Yes, Cornbread and Monte were voted out, but that was Cornbread and Montes own fault, no one elses.

    1. Everyone that was outside of the LNC tried to converse and talk to the LNC people. Have you not watched the feeds? From the beginning, the LNC house guests would be nice as pie to the others to their face but the second they left to do something else, they LNC would start bashing them. Kinda hard to build a relationship with people that have no interest in having a relationship with you. Kryssie wonders what she did to Scott yet she forgets that she threw him under the bus 2 weeks ago. When the show started, I thought the LNC would be a group to root for but they shocked the crap out of me. They all claim to have souls and act like adults yet bash the other side of the house every time they speak. People with a soul do not do that so relentlessly.

  18. I am a big fan of Alex, and people want her to get the care package and I think she should. Yes it makes her ineligible for the other care packages but looking at them, I know think any of them will benefit her that much, especially as she may face eviction this week.

    Also strategically the houseguests should be thinking about evicting people who havent received a care package to increase their odds of getting one, so this week I think Neely should get evicted.

    Safety for Alex. Evict Neely
    The nullified eviction votes, should go to Whitney. Evict Danielle
    Co-HOH Justin. Evict Morgan.
    Double eviction veto Jason. Evict Shelby.

    And then everyone is eligible again, but looking at the last care package, it says they advance to the final 4, so only 5 houseguests must remain, therefore logically, there must be another double eviction before the care package double eviction! As by my estimations 6 people will be left in the game.

    1. Late Night Crew aka Late Night Jamboree.

      Would someone please post a link to the cbs voting page? I can’t seem to get to it. Thx!

  19. I voted for Shelby for ACP. Big brother giving her orders to do things for Kryssie?? Yes please! Can you imagine the epic meltdown that would come from that??

      1. Some guy named mike something (I forget the rest of the user name) was on feeds the other day. He said he was her bf. I’m still not sure if he was joking or not. Lol

      2. I found him on FB. His name is Mike Skull and he’s the bassist in Kryssie’s band, Evil Engine. He’s also taken over her FB page while she’s on FB.

  20. Voting for Alex to get the care package this week because she’s playing this game the hardest & deserves another week in the house. KEEP THE GAMERS.

  21. Why do so many fans hate the late night crew??? Haven’t been keeping up with this season as much as I’d like so just wondering what happened. Can someone fill me in on some things I might’ve missed in the past 10 days?!

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