Big Brother Over the Top Double Eviction Madness

Tonight’s double has been a bit of a shit show as CBS tries to figure out how they will run the Care Package vote. We have 1 hour to vote the Double Eviction Care package. First they posted that all cast members are eligible then they posted that only ones that haven’t won are. They might have even gone back and forth a couple more times, we’ll find out when the vote goes live but I thin kit’s last settled on only allowing houseguests that have not won a care package to be eligible for the double eviction care package.

From what we’ve pieced together this is the schedule for tonight double eviction shit show.
** Pacific Times **
5pm Weekly recap Followed by the eviction, Whitney VS Morgan Vs Alex @ 6pm.
~ 6ish After the eviction they play the first HOH
7pm the care package voting is open
No America nominee or America vote
8pm The second eviction

After today we’re down to 6 people, I’m hoping for something fun to come out of tonight but I doubt it..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-09 17-56-31-760

Whitney gives her speech “I love and respect all y’all”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-09 17-57-11-561
Alex “Hypocridiots all of you .. a lot of ya’ll are insufferable people”
She tries to say a Bob Marley quote but messes it up..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-09 17-57-30-255

Morgan – Mom dad back in Texas I love Y’all”
“Message for y’all…”
AHHAHAH MOrgan lays out the speech they had planned yesterday.. Here’s the post

Double eviction results

First Eviction
America votes to evict Alex
Danielle votes to evict Alex
Kryssie votes to evict Alex
Justin votes to evict Alex

Evicted houseguest is Alex
Big-Brother-18 2016-11-09 18-02-12-758

She wishes them all good luck. Jason says he loved Morgan’s and Alex’s speech. Alex hugs Whitney says no hard feelings. Jason compliments her on her game everyone seems happy..

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-09 18-02-14-380
Jason – MOrgan had the most lite speech of the season..
Justin – Too bad none of it is true..
Jason says it was still funny.

Head of household competition
They get to watch the Big Brother Shopping Network in preparation for the HOH competition. They’ve seen this earlier today, there has been changes.

6:14pm Houseguests get some time to study
The last 2 Ball smashers Studying in the Yoga room. LNC + Whitney studying in the Tokyo room

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-09 18-27-10-493

6:25pm Rachel enters the house she will be the host of the HOH..

Q1 – All answered False all Correct
Q2 – All answered True all Correct
Q3 – Justin answered true and was wrong.
Kryssie, Whitney, Morgan, Danielle = 3 points
Justin = 2 points
Q4 – All answered True all Correct
Kryssie, Whitney, Morgan, Danielle = 4 points
Justin = 3 points
Q5 – All answered False all Correct
Kryssie, Whitney, Morgan, Danielle = 5 points
Justin = 4 points
Q6 – All answered True all Correct
Kryssie, Whitney, Morgan, Danielle = 6 points
Justin = 4 points
Q7 – All answered False all Correct
Kryssie, Whitney, Morgan, Danielle = 7 points
Justin = 5 points

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-09 18-39-58-082

Justin out.. the girls go to the tie breaker

Q – Add up the price of all 5 items with the shipping and handling cost what is the total amount.
Kryssie – $84.76
Whitney – $91.60
Danielle – $99.00
Morgan – $65.99

Correct answer is 100.40

HOH winner is Danielle

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-09 20-32-18-676

Care package winner is MORGAN! She gets the power of Veto.
Morgan – the veto holder cannot be put on the chopping block and has the power to save someone during the Veto meeting

The girls are happy because they will both stay tonight.
Shelby – thanks America

(Safety Ceremony coming up… )

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-09 21-10-10-991

9:11pm Nominees are Whitney and Justin Danielle cries during the Safety Ceremony

Sounds like Justin is the target.. Everyone but Ball smashers crying.

Veto meeting..

Morgan doesn’t use the veto.

9:34pm Bathroom Jason, MOrgan, Danielle and Shelby are talking about who to evict. Shelby and Morgan want Justin out Jason wants Whitney out. Danielle does too but is acting like she’s on the fence.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-09 21-45-20-940

Second Eviction results

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-09 21-44-42-749

Justin – “New Orleans.. Zamabam”

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-09 21-44-59-815

Whitney – “Sorry I’m a hot mess”

Morgan Votes to evict Justin
Kryssie Votes to evict Whitney
Shelby Votes to evict Justin
Jason Votes to Evict Whitney

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-09 21-49-48-109

Danielle breaks the tie.. Whitney goes home.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-09 21-51-15-858

9:50pm LNJ crying…

Ball smashers in the tokyo room..
Morgan – we’re going into this one 3 on 2
Shelby – not the worst odds

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Really hoping Morgan can pull off this win, if not please give her the care package. If she does win it we could give the package to Whitney or Danielle I guess. What is everyone thinking


yur goin home homie, be like like ya dig? like ya hur me? no wut im sayin?


Nope Whitney went home…


sorry wrote that at the same time you were updating… Gees your FAST smile


Danielle has the uglies belly button. She should were longer shirts. Hate the LNJ group.


Your ugliness is showing.


Can you just stop? If you are so hurt over every little comment on the Internet maybe you should stop visiting it as opposed to trying to monitor people’s thoughts. Bye troll.


I guess your belly button should be in a museum? Sorry but it’s very low to comment on other person physical details. Danielle is really nasty in her comment to others, but seriously, her belly button??


I like morgan but if we give carepackages to morgan Shelby goes home
don’t give it to morgan give it to any body but her for Shelby

Mel T

Are they not doing a veto for this double eviction?


Whitney for veto!!


Damn Danielle is killing this game, hope she wins.


The rest of this season will be hard to watch.


If Whitney wasn’t such a twat monster, we could have given the cp to her and she could have saved a ball smasher and they would vote out a lnj but nooooooo!


it would be a tie and a bs would still leave


We only get 20 votes?


Again the polls say Whitney for America’s vote. They let the other side get away with so much. Why are they telling about Shelby LSAT results. I know this is big brother but rules should apply to all not just half.


I could care less which one of the non-ballsmashers goes. Morgan is my first preference, but Shelby can also kick rocks wit an open toe shoe!


The ball-smashers downfall was not evicting Danielle over Shane.


Ugh sadly I voted for Justin for Care Package so Shelby doesn’t go home. Worst week ever… 🙁


They should tell them the results of the election right now so they have something to freak out about and we have something to watch until it’s time to reveal the care package.


Alex couldn’t even get her eviction speech right. Lol!


So I’m convinced BB changed the veto the last minute…why weren’t they more clear…? I voted Justin because I wanted Shelby to be safe…
Just bad production today…I’m ecstatic Shelby is safe but damn…


lol at Danielle throwing shade at Morgan and Shelby hugging each other outside after getting the care package. Girl is seriously trying to say they are unsportsmanlike like? Good lord these people.


YES!! Morgan won care package & it saves her & Shelby.


WOW did production change the rules because I assumed Morgan would get the veto but still be nominated! And have to pull herself down!
I’m in shock! I guess Whitney is screwed over now


I love you all. I don’t care who goes home. well maybe krissie. LNJ 😛


This is great!!! And the funny thing is that strategy wise, they should have known to evict the person who could have still received a care package

Katie Girl

Best care package Morgan could have ever received tonight. Now, bothe Morgan and Shelby are safe in the Double and LNJ has to send one of tehir own home. Obvi, they will send Whitney home since she’s on teh bottom of their totem pole. Good for her since she flipped on the BS!!!


With a tie vote it will probably be Whitney going home. I can’t imagine Danielle voting the others out.


Dani as HOH cutting a deal with Morgan/Shelby to vote out Justin. OMG High Drama!


Hmm I assumed it would be Whitney gone, if Justin is gone, I wonder where that would leave Whitney… since that was her tie to that crew and she just found out she’s at that bottom as well. But Justin is def the smart play here


Time to eat one of your own.


The feeds is comedy gold, I’m so glad production rigged that veto.
Going from watching the ball smashers cry their eyes out and now the LNJ balling, it’s absolutely hilarious!!!!!

Cry me a river

Omg….LNG crying and being emotional because they have to vote one of their own out. I think that it’s just karma for the way they tried the girls the past week. What they did was just plain dirty and this is the best payback for voting Alex out, sorry Whitney it should have been you.


Oh thank goodness that happened the way it did. Otherwise it would have been very boring and predictable.


Hmmm and just two days ago Justin was gloating and telling Alex one of BS is going home. That was swift karma


And one did go home actually 2


Haha haha


So justin CP and 2 weeks of safety or Dani. I think Dani has played the game so i am leaning toward her


Kryssie tells Danielle and Jason that she is going to talk to Justin and Whitney and it’s time to turn on the water works. And she did. She can cry on cue. Hate her.
Bye Whitney…. You should never have flipped on your girls so early.


That’s usually what happens to traitors.


Justin would have been the best one to get out. Danielle played emotional tonight. The same way Scott played to get Danielle out. Give Justin the money now. If a b.s. does not win hoh then I am done. It will be boring.


Well tonight was epic!
I do hope you all see that Danielle has a heart and she’s a much better option for the final care package over Justin!
Justin was being so rude when he was nominated and then smiled when Whitney got evicted, yes he was saved but he really liked her.

Danielle for the final care package!


Please take the camera off Justin. Would rather watch quite house guests


Thank goodness production changed the CP to favor those two girls, because if it had been changed in favor of the LNC there would have been so much bitching the site would crash!!! are we happy now?


LNJ are a bunch of nasty hypocrites… I can’t believe they made it this far. The ball smashers were really playing the game with class… It’s not going to be the same without Alex… Not sure if I can take much more of Miss Piggy’s farts and burps.


What has this show morphed into? The Mickey Mouse Fucking Crying Club? I am rooting for Shelby and Morgan to tear some heads off now. If not I am done with this season, The LNJ are not just vile and gross, they are boring and uninteresting. Justin is the lesser of the evils but his shtick is wearing thin. If he wins at the end I will be laughing at Danielle’s stupidity whoops I meant loyalty tonight!