Veto Meeting Results “SUCKERS”

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1:04PM Veto Meeting
Jason uses the Veto on Danielle Morgan goes up in her place. Jason balems it on the “Roaring” cheers they heard last Wednesday night from the storage room and them turning their backs on Corn, MOnte and Whitney.
Shelby, Alex and Morgan are nominated for Eviction.

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Morgan – in the HOH room last night you came to use with a final 5 deal…

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-08 15-05-12-856
Justin yells out “SUCKERS” to them…

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1:06pm Living room the girls
Alex – I’m going home

Morgan – hey Whitney.. when you said Celebratory dinner..
Alex – that meant me going home
Whitney – I didn’t want Justin to get backdoored
Alex – Just wasn’t even considered an option for a backdoor
Alex – that cannot be what you were talking about
Jason joins in says that Shelby implied it
Whitney – I felt I was no longer in the group so that’s why I said that
Whitney leaves
Shelby wants to ask Jason what the point of yesterday .
Alex – I told you you can’t trust Jason.. I had a weird feeling about it.

Morgan – what was the point
Alex – to throw us under the bus even more .. it makes them look heartless ..
Shelby – oh how dare I cheer that I won HOH..
Alex – can we talk about Jason getting the care package and they are all screaming in a huddle together

Alex – he wants me out ..
Morgan thinks she’s the target because she still has a care package
Shelby – they just wanted to f*** with us a little more..
Alex – at the end of the day this move makes them look like shitty human beings.. Just laughing as he walked out.. Shitty human beings..

Shelby we already know he’s a disrespectful sh1t when he pulled his d1ck out on you second week
Shelby – props America for not doing anything about it.
Shelby points out Jason cheers Eat a D1ck every time he wins something and then calls her out for cheering after a HOH win.

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1:12pm Backyard
Morgan – can I ask what the point of last night
Jason says they were still trying to figure out what they wanted to do
Jason – doesn’t work with us .. you all are a school of fish
Alex – and you guys aren’t
Jason – no we’re not .. we were defaulted together and have showed better loyalty cause I’ve seen how you sell out the lowest on your totem pole.
They say the only reason they went after Whitney was because of the celebratory dinner comment
Whitney says they sold her out last week
They deny it saying that Jason has twisted around what happened last week with Alex and Scott.

Everyone arguing about it. Justin says one of them is going home.
Shelby – I’m not
Jason – Alex is going home..
Shelby – you (Whitney) told us you are loyal to use and never to them.
Whitney claims to always be loyal to Justin, Jason and Kryssie..
Shelby says all Jason does it talk shit about people
Jason denies it says he’s never talked shit about anybody but Shelby.
Jason – I really like Alex and I actually really like Morgan.

Jason – you guys lied to me every week how you will vote out.. every week.. so we can’t do the same thing
Morgan – I don’t see the point
Jason I considered everything yesterday

They tell Justin he better be playing. Justin says he’ll win during the double and send Morgan’s a$$ home.
Danielle tells them they are staying loyal to the people they’ve been with since day one.

Jason says they are weak players because they want to take a person to the end they can beat. Him and Danielle are strong players because they want to take the players who are toughest to beat to the win.
Jason – weak people want to take weak people with them.. I’m not here to scoop up bottom feeders

Alex tells them she hopes they have fun taking each other out. “Whitney good luck to you playing a floater game”

The girls leave.. the LNJ start going over how perfect things are..

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1:40pm Alex and Shelby
Crying about being stuck with Jason, Justin and Danielle..
Alex – if Danielle wins I will vomit on the spot
Shelby – almost want Kryssie to be it out of everyone at this point (BB winner)
Alex – Give it to the girl who has quit 17 times in this game or tried to.. it would be funny
Alex says it can’t be Justin he’s a ‘Gross human being”
Alex – Justin is a trust fund baby.. he’s never.. I can’t handle him.. the horrible sportsmanship

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Shelby says she has a secret to tell her. “I’m not a waitress”
Shelby – I’m waiting for my test results from the bar exam

Alex – are you serious.. I have a secret to tell you.. I will tell you I promise
Shelby – I skipped a year in law school..
Alex – it all makes sense.. Shelby is the smart one.. you were always wanting to run numbers

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1:53pm HOH
Alex – Me and Morgan are sisters
Shelby what the f****
Morgan – we’re the sister twist
Shelby – shut the f** up
They laugh at how Neeley was going around calling Shelby stupid.

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2:12pm HOH the remains of the ball smashers
Going over comments they can make during the eviction.
Alex – Kryssie I’m really proud you haven’t quit the game yet
Alex – Danielle I’m so proud of you, you’ve acknowledged there’s more than just you in this house
Shelby – Jason even if you won this game you are still going back to the basement.. your mom’s basement (ouch)
Morgan – Jason you’re going home to a basement
they laugh
Morgan – I want to keep it to the game.. not personaly
Alex says Jason is slimy , a snake, skussy
Shelby – the biggest twist this season will be if you told the truth

Shelby – better bet we’re going to have a celebratory dinner when you (Whitney) go home cause you’re on the bottom of their alliance
Shelby – Justin you whipped your d1ck out at me that second week it wasn’t great
Shelby – you’re very arrogant for shitting yourself in the Big Brother house
Morgan says that side of the house takes pride in stuff like that

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3:02pm Justin + Whitney talking about how Trump will ruin the country and all the good work Obama has done.
Justin says it’ll regress the country 10 years.
Whitney says it was a tie when they came into the house but doubts it’s a tie now.
Justin – it’s scary
Whitney – do you wish you could vote
Jason – I do
Justin says he respect trump because he says what he believes “I don’t trust him with our country at all .. we’re going top get nuked if he’s elected”

(WOW can’t believe with an election like the one Y’all are having they don’t allow these people to vote)

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3:20pm HOH Remains of the Ball Smashers
Alex – maybe they will disintegrate.. we’ve been saying that for weeks
They wonder when the other side will clue in there’s a final 3
Morgan – I’m disappointed in Jason.. I really thought he was a smart player
Alex says this is something that will come back to haunt him
Morgan says she would love to say she’s in a good spot but..
Alex – you’re in shitty spots..
Alex says Justin, Whitney and Kryssie will never flip on each other because they are the friendship club. Danielle and Jason lie all the time so there’s really nothing they can do but win.
Alex – you have to hope someone approaches you
Shelby – I can’t trust a word they say..
Alex – you’re a free agent at this point..
They agree eventually the other side will have to flip on each other.
Shelby – me running on the grass was literally a 250 thousand dollar mistake.. I would have won that comp

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4:00pm HOH Remains of the ball smashers
Shelby – I bet Whitney doesn’t have a boyfriend.. I bet Whitney is just a f***g sl*t .. just like what I’m supposed to be my character.. it sounds like she just made up a dream boyfriend
Alex – she says she has no desire to travel or leave her town which is kinda strange
Morgan thinks Whitney has a kid.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-08 16-12-07-688

4:02pm LNC..
Danielle – Justin give the best hugs
Justin – I’m a hugger and a f***ker

(Ball smashers are pissed talking shit up in the HOH. LNC is happy doing what they do. Now that 1 side is destroyed time to see who from LNC capitalizes on it)

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-08 17-18-59-421

5:46pm HOH BS
Alex is suspecting that they other side will throw the HOH to Danielle Tomorrow, “So she can get off a have nots”
Alex – she was talking about eating pizza tomorrow.. I put 2 and 2 together.. I don’t know this is not confirmed..
MOrgan – you still the target
Alex – I really don’t know if they play personal or strategic.. Danielle and Jason have been so fixated on me …
Alex goes on about how Danielle says Dr Will is her favorite Big Brother player yet she admitted to never seeing a episode with him in it just YouTube clips.

8:10pm Live Dr’s

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The ballsmashers saying the LNC are vile – they are equally bad. Morgan is ok out of all of them I think but Alex and Shelby can shoo.

Marsha The Moose

You have got to be shitting me!!! I have NEVER seen a more disgusting group of nasty, mean-spirited group of people on Big Brother in my life as those misfits calling themselves the LNJ! I couldn’t stand Austin, Steve, Vanessa, and the twins but they were only boring. The Nerd Herd from BB6 were delusional and probably as judgmental as the LNJ but not nearly as disgusting. Vile is actually a pretty good word for them.

L.L. Beandip

They are angels compared to season 9 and 15 cast.


Why are you watching? SMH with your comment!


Can’t stand Whitney and Justin. Justin – keep it classy babe. Kick someone when they are down and it wasnt even on your HOH.


These feeds were good today. The Morgan and Shelby tears were delicious.


When do we vote for the care package? Isn’t this one where we give the person a veto for the double?


Chad, I believe the CP vote is for one hour tomorrow at 9PM BB time.


So are we going to just let them take out all the girls, noooo.

Come on America, if Morgan doesn’t get HOH we need to give her CP and we only have an hour to vote.


I hope Morgan does get the care package, but I won’t be surprised if these girls don’t go out 1, 2, 3 🙁

On another note: Can someone please explain to me who Jason thinks are the Strongest/Best players to take to the end are?? Kryssie??? LOL. Bc that’s exactly who he wants to take so he can beat her. Or even Danielle?? He knows America doesn’t like her. That’s obvious by the amount of times she was nominated and a Have Not. He’s taking the weakest players(Danielle actually is a strong strategic player, she just has a bad rap). He’s not fooling me. IF…he was being honest and wanting the strong players then he’d wanna keep Alex. But he wants her gone bc he knows she’s the only one that will give him a run for his money!! There’s no way he wants strong players at the end. He’s only saying that hoping it will stick in the heads of his sheep and they’d be willing to keep him. It’ll probably work too, bc none of them can form a thought of their own.

****Does anyone know if Danielle was in the backyard when Whitney said she’ll always be loyal to JUSTIN, JASON, and KRYSSIE?? Man, I hope so. And I hope she was smart enough to catch on.

Evem More Hillary lies

I’m so sick of Jason.




Do you think they’ll be a buy back at some point?


Julie said no buy back.

King Jason

LOL The Majority of you people here are BS Fans since the Beginning. I’m Just here to watch the comment of Tears 🙂 Jason single-handedly outplayed the plastics I don’t feel sorry for them at all. Keep feeling entitled to everything and begging America LOL. RIP PLASTICS It had potential LMAO Sike!


Seriously the best feeds I’ve seen in so long!!! Loved every minute of it and all the crying! Those girls act like they haven’t done anything wrong all game. They lied and went back on deals way too soon and it bite them in the ass. Bye Alex! =)


I like people on both sides but the girls went back on every deal and Scott was horrible for them. Had Alex stuck with the ball smashers and not made several deal (especially with Krissy) that they went back on most of them because Alex was keeping Scott Safe. Whitney would still be with them plus Neely liked Morgan and Krissy could have been convinced to keep a deal with them because they had with her ugh Alex and the girls should have given up Scott. I think also Scott went over board on Krissy it turned me off even though krissy can get on my nerves too he was just MEAN.


Finally someone in the comments that thinks like I do. I love the updates on this site but most of the comments are vile, negative, and shameful. The Ballsmashers got outplayed and what do they do? Sit around and call Whitney a slut? Really? I’m not a fan of either side but I tend to lean toward LNJ and you got to give it up to them. They worked them over. Things are getting good.


look I like Jason at frist but not nomore I want shleby to win it all
I hope morgan wins hoh an America care packages
come on morgan win hoh for Shelby Shelby I just want to tell you
this form a fan you are breatiful an smart don’t let these people in the house get you down
just know you got fans out their in we rooting for you in I hope you become a lawyer good luck Shelby


Lol Trumps about to win.


Now that they are cornered the plastics true colors are showing. It amazes me how people ignores shelby’s “whore” and “cunt” comments towards whitney and danielle but are so offended when jason’s called shelby the same. Even alex’ reasoning on the divide with being educated and non educated shows how judgmental these people are.


Hillary just conceded to Trump. Congratulations to the new President of the United States of America. President Trump!

OMG That Fight was Amazing!

At first I was spectacle of Jason lying to the BS yesterday in the HOH room and thought it would be bad for Jason’s game to pull this move. But after seeing the result of everything and how people have reacted, it was so entertaining! This really showed how good of sports the BS are. Especially when they get a taste of their own medicine after treating people out and even in their alliance so crappy.

Morgan was of course pulling the crying card for America after the fight went down (which was fake of course). When she started crying it really reminded me of the time Kyrssie was geuniely crying after the BS went back on their word and voted Neely out. Kyrssie was bawling her eyes out and the only thing that had to say was “Kyrssie it’s just a game”.

Shelby was of course pulling the crying card too but she was also spewing the same hatred and complainants about the LNJ that she has been saying this whole season. Also, Shelby keeps bring up the Justin getting naked incident that has happened like 4 or 5 weeks ago lol (which was of course blown out of proportion compared to what really happened). I kinda think Shelby has a thing with Justin after her bring up this same incident after so many weeks and not getting over it yet.

And now Alex. I as well as people in and out of the house had a decent amount of respect for Alex and her game. But after the way she has reacted to this incident and the things that she has said as a result to it, I have lost a big amount of respect for her and think it shows how bad of a sport she is.

The BS have treated their alliance members like crap (Scott and Whitney). Making a deal with someone and then not holding up to it is a crappy way playing the game and I’m happy that Jason has given them a taste of what they have been dishing to the LNJ or their own alliance members.


Just saying for all those people who says Danielle was a great player…. if it wasn’t for America, she would have been evicted week 2. And Alex is actually a really good player considering how America hurt her game.


If it wasn’t for America, she wouldn’t be nominated in the first place on week 2 lol.
The fans was very hard on her this season and still she managed to overcome everything and the proof of it is that every single America’s nominee gone home except of her.


I totally agree with ya Simon……..They should’ve at least offered the Houseguests an absentee ballot. This was a very important election!!


Are the girls perfect? No, they are not. The way the girls reacted is totally normal for twenty something year olds. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t act the same way. I feel bad for them because they are being screwed over because of Jason’s fan base.