BBOTT HOH Results! “You’ve survived the dreaded double eviction. Now its time to reflect!”

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10:15pm Danielle gathers the house guests in the living room to read the Head of Household competition rules. Its time for the head of household competition. As the out going HOH, I will not compete. Tonight’s competition will be played one at a time in the backyard. At this time each of you will draw a chip to determine the order in which you’ll compete and what room you will wait in before being called to the backyard. The house guests then draw chips. Kryssie pulls her chip. She will go 3rd and will wait in the havenot room. Danielle laughs. Jason, you will go first and you will wait in the diary room. Justin, you will go 5th and you will wait in the yoga room. Morgan you’ll go 2nd and you’ll wait in the London room. Shelby, you’ll go 4th and you’ll wait in the storage room.

  1. Jason – Dairy room
  2. Morgan – London room
  3. Kryssie – Havenot room
  4. Shelby – Storage room
  5. Justin – Yoga room


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10:45pm The HOH competition starts with Jason as he drew the chip to go first.
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-09 23-40-45-627

“You’ve been in the house for over 40 days and seen 7 house guests evicted and you’ve survived the dreaded double eviction. Now its time to reflect. The goal of this competition is to use 4 of the mirrors to reflect the laser beam around the obstacles so it hits the target. The house guest to correctly solve the laser puzzle and then hit the button with the fastest time wins. To begin press the button to start your clock, then you may enter the laser grid to begin placing mirrors. You’ll place a mirror by inserting it into any stand on the laser grid floor. To solve the puzzle the laser beam must reflect off all four mirrors and then hit the square target. Even if all the mirrors are properly placed, some fine tune adjustments might be necessary to get your laser beam to hit the target. Once your laser beam has the target you must hit the button to stop the clock. You’ll have 20 minutes to complete this competition. if you do not complete the competition in 20 minutes you will be disqualified.

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Jason starts the competition and successfully completes it in approximately 8 minutes and 14 seconds.

Where the mirrors need to be to hit the target:

big brother over the top hoh competition

11:15pm Morgan starts the competition. Morgan struggles to get the reflectors lined up properly but eventually finishes at 11:27pm.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-11-09 23-21-25-264

11:40pm Krssie is up next. She takes longer than Jason and Morgan. At approximately 11:57pm Kryssie hits the target and then presses the button.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-11-09 23-55-32-191

12:09am The house guests are waiting for Shelby to go next and then Justin after her. So far Jason is in the lead with the fastest time of approximately 8 minutes 14 seconds.

12:10am – 12:20am Shelby starts the competition. She has passed Jason’s time so Jason is still in the running to win the HOH.

12:40am We’re still waiting for Justin to start.

1:05am Still waiting … the house guests are quarantined in their respective rooms waiting for Justin to compete.

2am Still waiting…
Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-10 01-11-58-717

3:40am Justin finally starts. At 3:50am he is still trying to figure it out but he hasn’t beaten Jasons time.

5:10am Danielle reveals their HOH times

Time reveal:
Justin – didn’t finish within 20 minutes and was disqualified
Kryssie – 15:05
Morgan – 12:49
Jason – 8:14
Shelby – at the 7:23 mark you experienced a technical difficulty when your mirror broke therefore we can’t determine the final time. That means you and Jason will compete again tomorrow night where the winner will become the new head of household.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-11-10 05-19-01-620

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-10 13-41-34-846

1:41pm Thursday.. the HOH will be played tonight.
Danielle gets her HOH letter from last nights Double eviction HOH.

Big-Brother-18 2016-11-10 13-42-27-070

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I’ve been timing everyone. Jason is definitely in the lead

Hillary Lies Mattered

I can’t wait for Jason to be evicted. So much for my Alex all the way prediction.


was shelby’s mirror broken?


Mirror trouble was over Jason’s time


This might take a while.


It seems they have technical issue. Maybe Shelby will have to replay.


Shelbys mirror trouble was over Jason’s time for the comp.


what taking so long

sleepy fan waiting for results

So I’m actually glad shelby and morg both got to stay but i truly feel like they changed the package just so they both stay in the game. it never said anything about 2 people being safe, they clearly made that up after dani won. Now i feel like they might try and say shelby actually beat jasons time because they fished her during her turn but she had clearly been slower when that happened. I swear if they do that just because theylike her side more twice in a row that would be seriously messed up


I was happy about Morgan and Shelby being save I like the house not to be to one sided but I don’t like things being fixed. I liked bb18 but started to hate it when I knew Nicole and Paul would be the finale 2 and it also didn’t help that some guy posted who would be evicted from Meech down precisely and who would win that’s why people start getting mad. I think most fans know there is always some tampering but when it is heavy handed(bb18) or two apparent we get Mad.


The ACP reads
“During this week’s double eviction, the Houseguests will not compete in a veto competition. Instead, the winner of this care package will be awarded with the power of veto.”
YOU ARE RIGHT. WHAT HAPPENED? Only Morgan should have been safe


Danielle didn’t nominate Shelby because she knew Morgan would save her anyway. Morgan didn’t use the pov on Whitney because Danielle would nominate Shelby.


Ah, no big rule change. In any week on any BB season, when someone gets awarded a veto and they are not on the block, they are safe and if they use the veto, the one who they remove from the block will also be safe. So, in this case, the Veto was awarded to Morgan when she was not on the block yet. Even if she did not tell Danielle, Danielle knew that she would pull down Shelby and both would still be safe. She made Shelby safe originally because it just did not matter as Selby was not going anywhere. The only thing that made this veto different was that it was awarded before nominations made. Besides, America’s Nom was suspended for the 2nd eviction as well as America’s vote to evict. Do not remember seeing either explained either before hand.


They had technical problems!! He’s getting what he deserves. He’s a compulsive liar to his own team and worst to the girls. If he continues treating people like this to get what he wants. He will always be living in his Momma’s basement. Watch out Dani they’re out to get you! You should have listen to Shane, Shelby and Morgan to get rid of Justin.

tech difficulties

they’re starting to turn out the lights in the BB house. i think this comp has officially tanked.


That’s great Jason won HOH…he’s going to continue being rude to Morgan and Shelby! Hope one of them wins the next veto, Dani gets the CP. Cause Jason, Justin and Kris’s plans are to evict Dani. They want to be the top three!!


Well, glad I was so wrong. They had technical problems so, Shelby and Jason have to compete again on Thursday night. Yea, go Ballsmashers!!! (He’s so upset, what goes around comes around double JASON).


Hopefully whoever’s left of Morgan or Shelby gets to the end and wins! I think I remember why Glass House sucked though.


I know people will not agree. But when i review by my time she started at 12:10 and 27 secs. At 12:17 i saw that her mirror was broken. Now could she have finished adjusting and such, who knows, guess that is why they are giving them a tie breaker according to jokers.


Giving Danielle the care package. Tired of Justin calling the girls ” hoes”. Danielle made emotional decision to keep Justin but it will bite her in the butt.


She had passed Jason’s time when her mirror acted up, plus she was the one who loosed it by almost breaking it when forcing it to hit the target. She tried to cheat. I hate cheaters. She should be disqualified for ruining the game.


I am not a LNC fan but out of all of them Danielle has played the best game and most loyal game but her own team are constantly throwing her UTB. I think the fans of the LNC and BS should ban together to vote Kryssie AN. Clearly Danielle was torn in making the decision to evict Whitney or Justin. She made a deal with the BS and did not want to go back on that deal but Jason NOT Kryssie convinced her to vote out Whitney. All Kryssie said was just let me know who I am voting out. Kryssie is now throwing Danielle UTB with Justin acting like she had a huge part in convincing Danielle. She is a real piece of work.


As for myself I’ve really never cared for Dani. Jason and Juston said if you’ve been watching the show that they wanted to keep Dani just thru this week, then want her gone. Jason & Justin are just using her, especially Justin. Dani needs to keep her mine on the game and not in the bed with these boys. Wondering what Shane’s thinking about her now. She’s not a trusting girl in a true relationship. That may be, why she doesn’t have many friends outside of the house they can’t trust her being around their Man. But, I’d rather her get the CP then Dirty and degrading Justin. Shelby, Dani and maybe Morgan make it to the final 3. The BS team want Kryssie to win 250, 000, if neither one of than make it. Hopefully Shelby makes it to the final 3.


Danielle is the better player she deserves the last care package, why should we reward Justin for breaking the rules all the time and not playing the game.

If their is an America nom this week can we please put up Justin!

Paris girl

Anyone ever wonder what it would’ve been like if Joeze (?) had been voted in the house instead of Jason.?


Bbott is good with Jason would have been better with joeza


would bet that Jozea would have been voted out much sooner if he used his same game play that he used last season. A vet who wants to run the whole show would be toast. Thinking Jozea would have wanted to make sure everyone knew he was the vet and everyone should just listen to him……Jason was at least smart enough to just hang with the troops and lay low to start with.


I didn’t realize the double veto was for to use on 2 people, maybe it was, double veto would make sense to use on yourself and another by it’s wording though… I feel bad for Whitney and Justin not getting a chance to save themselves, this is a very different season and format, so it is what it is.

The HOH comp with having technical difficulties sucks… As long as Shelbie was having the technical difficulties before Jason’s time, I am fine with them going against each other. Maybe it was broke before she started, not totally sure…

As for the next America’s Care package. I will be voting for Danielle to get it. While I don’t like Danielle at all, I find her self centered and annoying and also can’t support her behavior of saying she would drag Shelbie by the hair down the streets of LA and beat her up. I feel she has actually played the game by strategizing, making some good moves/taking some risks and winning comps. I do really like Justin, but he hasn’t won anything comp wise(1 veto) and while staying loyal to the LNJ still has floated around a bit. Does some strategy talking, but for sure just riding his alliance coat tails…


If Jason and Shelby get to have a redo due to technical difficulties then it is only fair that Justin do it as well as he was the last one up…so if it wasnt working properly for shelby then just maybe Justin was affected by it as well


Going on Twitter with the “RIGGED” cries is so fucking annoying. I already hate the reminder of who our president is on social media and now we have this horse shit.

Here’s what happened: The Powers That Be completely forgot that whoever holds is veto is completely immune from nomination, just Ian was when he won the veto ball back in BB14. Therefore, the Care Package was basically an immunity shield and a veto all in one (like it has ALWAYS been), which they neglected to include in the context.

Shelby was never immune, but safe in the sense that had Danielle nominated her outright, she would have just been saved by Morgan with her veto. Whitney was never “screwed over” by production and would have left regardless of whether or not she had stayed loyal to the BS (with the scenario being that Danielle would haven nominated Shelby and Whitney outright, with Morgan saving Shelby and Whitney leaving with the exact same vote count.)


Twitter is a toilet.


I hate the Internet. But I love you, and Dawg, and everyone that makes this wonderful website. My heart flutters when I get a response from you guys.



Awe.. thanks abbey. I love the obb crowd! I never caught on to twitter like my contemporaries.

Here’s a fun fact. I’ve only voted once ever for a big brother fan vote. I’m pretty engaged in politics outside the game so voting and such is appealing. I just never liked fans voting to influence the game.

Last night I voted for the care package. Odd they give us 20 votes should only be 1… lol


Funny thing is, unless you are silly enough to vote just 1 of the 20 available votes the same results would be the same. Pretty much everyone votes 20x for 1 person so that same results ever every house guest just got 1 vote from each fan.

Since you are into politics away from this site, bet you enjoyed the excitement of Tuesday night. We have not had a close race in a few cycles!


Yeah your election was a lot of fun to watch. I followed the entire thing all the way back from the primaries from both sides.


Fun is definitely one way to describe this election cycle. lol


From a pure political perspective and a historical perspective, it was extremely interesting to watch the returns come in. On top of that, you had many pundits on both sides predicting a Clinton runaway. I flipped around to different sources for several hours getting several commentators’ perspectives. That was very entertaining to watch. Now that was good reality TV.

bB Clue

Why not fix the mirror and let shelbie start over! Instead of moving on to Justin?


But then she would have had an unfair advantage, because she already knew how to complete the majority of the puzzle.


There would have been louder cries of the contest being rigged. She would get to start over with having had practice once. I have not watched the comp yet as no time at work. Was it the same course for each? I assumed it was so as to make it fair. If they would let her start over with the same course, She would have blown away Jason’s time. If they changed the course, then both sides would cry foul depending on the outcome, If she wins, Jason supporters would say she got and easier course. If she lost, Shelby supporters would cry that she got a harder course. No win situation for production. They picked the most fair option and a one on one for the HOH.


as someone that truly hasn’t chosen a side (i don’t root for two people playing because i find them to be useless in terms of game play and one happens to be in each camp), i think i’m pretty impartial when i say the entire day was some heaping piles of crap of bbcan proportions.
from lack of transparency in what the fans were voting for, to changes on the website about which rules apply followed by a big steaming pile of whatever was done to that hoh comp… i’m thinking to myself, okay production, slow down there.
i don’t mind a play off. whatever. it’s a game. what irks me is three hours and twenty minutes of delay simply because i think everyone has a bit of a cocked eyebrow saying what the hell is production attempting to pull.
sure, we all know the rules are riddled with ‘big brother reserves the right’, but every time they exert the right, the part of us that innately expects fair play gets righteously indignant.
i don’t blame shelby supporters for being upset about the circumstance, just as i don’t blame jason supporters for being upset about the circumstance. well played production, you’ve fanned the flames in order to re-ignite passions.
mirrorgate has successfully wiped rulechangegate and carepackagegate out of the collective memory. good job.


Anyone know what time the battle for HOH will happen? Sending positive vibes to Shelby. Fools crying like they were at a funeral! Lol when they knew they’d vote out Whitney!


Late tonight once it’s dark


Shelby was saying she realized one of the mirrors was broken from the beginning. She said she had to use one of the Demo Mirrors and it would not stay vertical. Kryssie was going on last night that nothing was wrong with the mirrors when she went. (Kryssie went right before her) If Shelby had to use a “demo” mirror, that means production had to replace a mirror after Kryssie was done. Either Production broke it or Kryssie broke it during her turn. I have not watched the comp yet as I had to go to sleep for work this morning. I am going back to watch the comp when I get home. Gonna look at the footage at the end of Kryssie’s turn. I am not expecting to see anything but would be interesting if I did see some odd actions by her. I would guess that some stage hand helping reset the game maybe dropped a mirror or knocked it with something causing the damage. That, unfortunately we do get to see the crew working.

BB Clue

You can see that Shelby is trying to adjust a mirror to direct the laser beam, but the mirror won’t hold the angle, so she keeps switching it out to find a mirror that will work. That’s what took up most of her time. She wasn’t trying to find a new path, just a mirror that would stay put after it was adjusted, but because all the mirrors had to be adjusted to some degree, she never would have been able to finish with the mirrors she had.

Katie Girl

That was funny when they were crying about voting out Justin as though he was going to die. I mean, just dont vote him out. They were more sad about it than Justin will be when he does get voted out. Justin will be ok, he will go back to his great life in NOLA….owning a restaurant and being a pimp and will have mutiple women be the mother of his many children.

I HOPE SHELBY WINS HOH!!! She probably has thousands of student loan debts to pay off!