Big Brother Canada Tom “I got rid of a big threat” Suzette “you F******* Redneck”

POV Holder: TOM Next POV March 9th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 11th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations: Garry Suzette
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian


10:34pm Andrew, Peter and Aj kitchen
Andrew wouldn’t be surprised if Suzette called a meeting and said “Look guys I’m done I’ve represented my self.. my whatever else she says.. she’s been saying it all along”
Andrew: “Big ups for her coming in here and apologizing to everyone.. I do think they told her to do that” (They think production told her to apologize)
Peter leaves..
Aj and Andrew do not know AJ is going up as the pawn. They agree Suzette’s gone no matter who goes up beside her.


10:45pm HOH Room Emmett, Tom and Peter

While looking at the TV screen Tom and Peter joke that all the players at the kitchen table are going to be evicted before Jury. Tom asks Peter if he puts AJ up against Suzette it’ll be 10-nothing. Peter is positive, Tom: “because when I go talk to Aj I’m going to tell him that.. that way there is nothing he can say after” Peter:”You’ll get zero backlash from putting AJ up”

Tom says once they get the next 3 players out they can start working on getting their “Chicks” out, “right now we need to focus.. i’m on cloud 9 right now.. I got rid of a big threat”

They are pretty confident they have this game in the bag. They’re plan is to keep winning HOH’s. (it’s just that simple)

Emmett: “I just hope the girls do not stab us in the back”
Tom says that they have to watch out for Talla and Liza because Liza can easily manipulate.
They agree that Topaz will be the one booted during the Double eviction.

Tom says Emmett is going to have to take out Jillian. Emmett doesn’t think it’ll be a problem she knows this is a game.

Top: “Topaz isn’t going to do shit in hell.. i’m telling you that now”
Peter: ‘She’s going to sleep to final 5”
Emmett: “You got to be careful liza talks to everyone”
Peter: “She does the same thing to me”

Tom: “We got brains, we got brawn, we got street smarts and we got skin.. Alec”
Tom is the most worried that Andrew is really going to gun for the HOH, “He wants to prove something”

The POV competition was a hockey based Tom says he played 13 years of Ice Hockey as a kid. Tom says as soon as Suzette lost the POV she starting ranting, “you got what you wanted Tom you F******* red-neck”

Emmett warns them getting down to the “Nitty Gritty” the other players are going to want to break there 4 up. Peter says nobody knows about it yet. Emmett knows but he thinks Aneal might catch on eventually that is why Aneal has to go before Jury. Peter agrees. Tom: “Either before Garry or right after Garry” Peter: “Week 6”

Tom: “I don’t want Aj, Garry and Aneal in jury.. as far as i’m concerned Andrew can go to”
Emmett is worried about talla because they get another endurance competition Talla could win it.




11:30pm Big Brother Tells them to put all the jerseys away on the rack in the bedroom


11:36pm Peter and Liza in the bedroom

Liza wonders if her showmance with Tom will wreck her game.
Peter warns that people are start to get “wise” to how good she is. Peter says she better than 98% of the people in here. Liza: “What people” Peter: “Tom is aware of the Andrew thing and Emmett has noticed you and I are close” Peter: “Whether you like it or not it’s going to come out that you have your hand in everyones game”

Peter: “The perception is that you are good at manipulating people”

Liza: “Do you think I should still get people to do my dirty work”
Peter: “YES”
Liza: “I know someone going after Alec and Emmett har”

They joke that Danielle was the only one that cleaned up. Tom joins them and started playing with the condoms and C*ck rings (Yes they were given a vibrating c***k rings) Tom: “I don’t think I can fit my d!ck through this”

Tom leaves

Peter says that Emmett and Andrew both want the HOH really bad. They know what Andrew will do but what will Liza do. Liza: “I don’t think it’s clear what Andrew will do” Peter: “Shutup we know what he’ll do” (Andrew will put Tom up)
Peter: “Lets say he puts up Tom and Jillian and Veto isn’t used… what do you do”
Liza: “I vote for Jillian to leave.. I need to show some loyalty and allegiance”
Peter: “You need Andrew to win HOH so that you can leave him.. because you say you were getting sick of him”
Peter: “You need to convince Andrew that winning HOH is so important to impress you.
Liza: “I think Andrew is a goner anyways”

Liza and Peter confirm they are each others final 2. Peter: “I’m comfortable with dumping Emmett if you are comfortable with Dumping Jillian” Peter makes a comment that he hopes some the power flips to make the game more interesting because right now he’s feeling board.


12:00AM While Liza and Peter plan the game this group chit chats about comps in the housetub. We can only hope they clue in on what is happening and maybe win a comp.



12:20AM Showers Jillian, Garry and Emmett Emmett is throwing shaving gel at Garry. Garry tosses shaving cream at Emmett.


12:53AM AJ and Andrew Hot Tub

Andrew says that Tom is the one coming up with the entire pecking order. Andrew: “you actually think Tom is going to take you final 2, 5 ?”
AJ thinks he can get a bit further with Tom and he’s not worrying that he’s going up on the block this week.
Andrew is thinking more short term next week and the week after. Andrew wonders if Emmett wins he’ll put them both up. Aj doesn’t think so he’s thinking GArry is going up and as long as one of them is off the block they have a shot.

Andrew says it’s pretty obvious that Tom and Garry made a deal. He’s not too confident that Garry would be going up. Wonder about Aneal.

Andrew: ‘What if Peter wins next week”
Aj doesn’t know, “As long as Garry is in the game we’re OK”
Andrew brings up that Tom use to be all about putting getting rid of Jillian and now he never mentions it. Andrew wonders if there is some deals between those two.
Big Brother tells AJ to get his microphone out of the water. Aj gets out of the hot tub lights up a smoke. Says they are higher in Toms pecking order, 10th or 11th.. “Thats 3 weeks away” Aj doesn’t think he’ll some moves until later.

Andrew starts giving AJ suggestions about what to say when he goes and talks to Tom. He thinks they need to get something out of AJ going up as a pawn. Aj agree he’s going to give it some thought.

Andrew is telling him they need to think about taking out Tom or Emmett. “If Tom and Emmett are gone.. power move… Hey Emmett won’t even look at me in the eyes.. He’s acting like I’m going home”
(These guys are trying but have big gaps in their intel)

2:10AM (Spring ahead) Alec and Peter
They are talking about how all over the place Talla is. Peter: “We can convince her that she wants her self out”
Peter says Liza wants Emmett and her bargaining chip is Jillian Alec: “She’s just saying that because you are close to me” Peter doesn’t think so

2:43AM Liza and Tom HOH Room

Tom isn’t too happy with Topaz apparently she didn’t congratulate him when he won his second Power of Veto competition.
Tom: “I’ve seen her at the bar I work at with many different guys.. my picture of her is she is a skank”
Tom wonders why there isn’t any one from Quebec because they held a casting event there.
Liza “I am a women that is so comfortable with her sexuality that I can be overtly sexual and not look like a promiscuous..I am so particular with who i sleep with. “

Liza thinks Topaz doesn’t want to be in the showmance with Alex and now she’s stuck in something she cannot get out of. The flirting Topaz has been doing to Alex is the real Topaz. Liza mentions how Topaz came up to her and said “Thank god you are so outwardly sexual I didn’t want to be the only one” (Liza said the exact same thing about Talla.. can’t remember though)

3:00AM Tom says his favorite Past Big Brother player is Jeff he can relate alot to him. The one person he did not want to see in this house is Rachel. Liza: “Same here”
Liza wants to tell him something secret that he can’t tell the bromance. She’s sure that Emmett and Tom will be nominated.

3:16AM AJ is talking about online dating. Topaz says she’s never tried that. Aj starts going over all his relationships

3:45AM All asleep yo



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Wild. Hehe…
“Jury House Days”
The King was in the Counting House –
with Gary and Aneal!
When he wasn’t being glittered
they were trying to cop a feel!
There was AJ and Suzette
one yakking in each ear
over sounds of Talla farting
and Liza grabbing at his gear!
All in all his Jury Days
seemed like a thousand years.


OMG – if Peter smiled he’d look like Mr. Jones!


I really hope one of the 4 guys or their “chicks” don’t win the next HoH.


Suzette has went from being an undercover racist to being pretty blatant about it. I hate bigots no matter who they are, so I can’t wait to see her gone.


I really want annel gary or talla to win hoh they would make a strong game movie, but hopefully they dont nominate each other than they have no power, itll sick if the girls get together and save suetter evicting aj, sucks all the girls are going home, i hope the house changes and someone else wins and flips the house


Peter: “We can convince her that she wants her self out”,,,,,OMG that is so funny ans so true!!!! Talla is so scattered I’m surprised she makes it through the day.