Big Brother Canada: Tom asks who said that? Liza says I can’t say. Tom says I might as well call you Topaz!

POV Holder: TOM Next POV March 16th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations: Gary & Suzette
Current Nominations: Suzette & Aj
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian

7pm Talla is up in the HOH room talking to Tom. Tom is pissed about how Topaz has come up to him 3 times this week telling him that people I think are on my side are not really and that they are trying to keep Suzette. Tom says that he has a problem with people that sleep all day and try and tell me something but won’t tell me names. He says that the only people she talks to is Gary. Tom tells Talla the people they want in jury are Talla, me, Liza, Emmett, Jillian, Peter, Alec, Aj and Topaz. Tom says if we want we can get rid of Topaz and keep Aneal.
Big Brother Canada March 12 2013 722pm
7:20pm Topaz talks to Peter to get him to partner up with Talla and talk some sense to her and calm her down. Peter says that he will try and talk to her more often. Meanwhile in the bathroom Suzette tries to talk to Jillian and Emmett. She tells then that she isn’t in a bromance with anyone so she can be loyal to them. Emmett and Jillian just ignore her and start flirting and talking to themselves.

7:30pm – 7:55pm Liza is up in the HOH room talking to Tom. Liza talks about the possibility of taking Emmett out. Tom says that he doesn’t want to talk about that ..that he wants to play an honest game. If it happens it happens then that’s okay. Liza tells Tom that 5 people came up to her and told her this person wants you out, this person wants you out, this person wants you out.. Tom asks who? Liza says I can’t say. Tom says I might as well call you Topaz. Liza says that the two people that are causing me the most problem are Alec and Topaz and I want them out. Tom says that the game is going to come down to strategic alliances and HOH wins. Tom says that someone like Gary or Aj needs to win this week but I know its not going to happen. Liza says when you go home and see how much I helped you will love my a$$ long time! Liza starts talking about Jillian’s breasts. Tom says he doesn’t think she has very nice boobs. Tom starts talking about Andrew… and saying that he isn’t coming to talk to me .. just because he is alone and having a pity party he thinks he doesn’t need to talk to me. I know he is coming after me later, so I want him out. I will get someone to get him out.

Big Brother Canada March 12 2013 820pm

8:20pm – 8:30pm Liza, Andrew, Emmett, Jillian and Peter are in the kitchen making dinner and chatting about random things. Meanwhile Aneal, Alec and Topaz are sleeping in the havenot room. Suzette and Gary are sleeping in the bedroom. Gary and Suzette wake up and start talking game. Gary says that he hates Jillian, she is so fake. Suzette agrees. Suzette starts counting the votes using Gary’s stars. Gary says that he can’t stand Andrew either and says that he was annoying him today. Suzette says that Emmett told her that he will do whatever Tom wants. Gary says does he have his own mind. They want Tom to make all the dirty work. Gary says if I go to the end with Tom, they will pick me over him. Suzette agrees. Gary and Suzette go back to bed.

Big Brother Canada March 12 2013 850pm

8:45pm Jillian and Liza climb into the shower together and Jillian takes off her clothes and Big Brother blocks the live feeds. They are spray tanning each other n@ked.

Big Brother Canada March 12 2013 907pm

9pm – 9:15pm Meanwhile the bros Tom and Emmett toss the football back and forth as they talk about football. Tom heads inside to check his food. Suzette comes in and asks whos cooking. Andrew says the puppet master. Tom heads outside with his food and finds that someone stained the lounge chair with pop and left it. He says that he will clean it up and if they can figure out who did it, he will sabotage the sh*t out of them.
Liza talks about wanting to kiss Jillian

9:30pm – 10:10pm Liza is on the couch telling Peter about the n@ked shower spray tanning. Peter says that Jillian and Liza should kiss. He says that Jillian would kiss you but it wouldn’t be a good kiss. Liza says that Jillian is just her type uptight conservative… Sorry mom. Meanwhile out in the hot tub room Jillian asks Emmett if she looks dark now. Emmett tells her that her face looks dirty and that she looks funny. They head back inside. Jillian says that she is going to go to bed. In the living room Tom is messing around and dumps water on her chest. Liza gets mad and says that he just ruined her spray tan. She heads into the bathroom to shower. Tom says oh god she’s showering.. I’m in trouble. Peter joins Liza in the bathroom. He tells her that it was the universes way of getting Liza to have Jillian see her n@ked again. He says so that you can lure her back to the dark side.

Meanwhile Andrew and Aj are in the kitchen talking and joking around about random things.

10:10pm – 10:25pm All four cameras switch to the hush hush screen…

10:40pm Feeds are still blocked..

10:53pm The live feeds get turned back on, Andrew, Liza, Gary, Aj and Topaz are in the kitchen chatting. Liza says that she wants to go to bed but the guys are up there talking. Meanwhile up in the HOH room, Tom and Emmett are talking. Tom tells Emmett that Liza told him ..Jillian was embarrassed that you ran her HOH and that she wants to get it again to maker her own decisions. Emmett says that is bullsh*t ..she just said tonight if she wins HOH she wants me up there to call the shots. Tom says worst case senario Aneal wins it and he puts up you and Jillian. Then we win the POV and call in the favor to get him to put up Gary. Tom wants Gary, Andrew, Aneal, Talla, Topaz go before Jury house. Emmett says he would rather Aj go before Talla and Topaz. Tom says okay then once jury we take out Talla, Topaz and Jillian. Tom says that Alec and Peter better start winning shit, I will keep the final 4 deal but if they don’t we will start taking them out. Emmett and Tom head downstairs.

11:15pm – 11:30pm Alec finds an eyelash of his and asks Aj to make a wish that Topaz will fall in love with him forever. Aj blows the eyelash away and Topaz laughs. Meanwhile Tom and Liza are out on the hammock. Liza asks who is a threat to me. Tom says Topaz. Tom says that he just talked to Emmett and he wants Aneal and Gary gone. He plans to put up Aneal and Aj and try to back door Gary. Liza asks if Alec and Topaz really want her out. Tom says he is almost 100% certain they don’t want you out.. there are bigger targets here. Tom says that all the showmances want their girls in the jury house to fu*k.. he says that is Emmett and Alec analogy …not our nomance no showmance. Tom says that Andrew hates me because he thinks I am an a$$hole to you which I am not.
Big Brother Canada March 12 2013 1121pm

11:35pm – 12am The live feeds get blocked again and come back at 11:43pm. Tom and Liza are still laying in the hammock. Tom says Talla is up after her 5 hour nap ..lets go to bed now before she comes out here.
Big Brother Canada March 12 2013 1147pm

Inside the house, Talla and Gary just woke up from their 5 hour naps. Tom finds Talla’s bra. He sniffs it and says up that’s Talla’s bra ..smells like oreos… chocolate on the outside creamy on the inside. Topaz asks who are you talking about? Tom says not you! Gary brings up how he thinks Andrew is gay. Gary says that there have been too many signals. At that age you aren’t confused. Gary says you know he is confused ..he is just trying to run game on me. Alec says I don’t think he is trying to do that. Gary says he thinks he can smack my a$$ and call me beautiful to get my vote … I don’t think so, I am not going to get played on national tv. They all agree that they think Andrew has experimented with guys and girls. Gary says he is not going there with someone that is back and forth. Gary says that Andrew told him he couldn’t do anything because his mother is watching.

Big Brother Canada March 12 2013 1201am

Video of Gary talking about Andrew hitting on him:

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Who and what is Liza talking about?


I think she is just stirring the pot and trying to start trouble.


Aneal is sure stealth right now he’s playing a smarter game


#BBCAN Liza: “I have no bra on can you see threw my shirt”


Tom about Suzette : “I can’t believe the balls on her.. trying to campaign to me”


Aneal is absolutely a contender now, I think. I don’t really like him, but I respect someone who gets him or herself off the block early and rallies. And as an aside: what a terrible time to block the feeds!!!!


Hate Liza and her ego


Gary knows Toms’ little secret.


Why have the feeds been down for the last 25 minutes.. any ideas?


Do you think it was the Jillian/Liz shower? Maybe since the feeds are free they try to minimize nudity. I’m in the US, so I don’t know how it works in Canada (although they have no problem showing the steamier bedroom activity)


They sometimes just change cams if there is something they don’t want to show. Just finished chatting to Dawg he’s more plugged into the feeds than me At the moment. He says they were out for 25 minutes came back then went out again because Tom was talking about production.


How awesome, funny and ironic would be if Tom was the last HG to be evicted JUST before they start going to the jury house? I would laugh about it for weeks!


Simon there is a strange person walking around the yard right now on two of the feeds. He is using the workout equipment and talking to himself. Shouldn’t they contact security???




Ann, did you get a screen shot? This could be the elusive “AJ,” and you maybe the only living person to ever actually see him. Please don’t tell me he escaped the cameras again! This guy’s crafty…



Blimey! When did he get in the house? With that chin whiskers-less beard, he’s hands down my new favorite to win. #Team”AJ”


Yes that’s him! Nice detective work Simon. :)


hahahahhahahaa good one


What is this about Canada being able to hold the power of veto now? Is that production’s way of tampering with the game and saving Suzette or what exactly is going on? Is it a double eviction or is the POV for next weeks noms, because Tom’s already won the POV this week, so I don’t know how they’d use it to mess with Tom’s noms. If so, if I was Tom, I would just quit the game and forever scar BB Canada Season 1’s wiki page with a controversy section about rigging. Because it’s widely known that “America’s vote” “America’s player” and now “Canada’s POV” or whatever is just ways to for production to change things up when they don’t like the way the game is naturally taking form (and unfairly help/cheat for certain players).
They didn’t pull this when Suzette was HOH and Tom and Emmit were on the block, so they shouldn’t do it when it’s the other way around either. I don’t know, I love Big Brother and I like this season, but if they rig this against a player (regardless if he’s liked or not), then I will be disgusted. Here’s to hoping that the Canada’s POV is for the next set of nominations, as I’m sure it will be, since the real POV has already been played for the current noms. I just didn’t know because some random girl was on Youtube saying that Suzette’s gonna be saved, but I personally refuse to believe that is even possible.


My understanding is it’s for next week’s PoV. Suzette is a goner.


They all sign a contract understanding that BB can do basically whatever they want whenever they want. When I got the email about the PowerShift it sounds like it will be an opportunity for us to change one or both of the nominations but I am not 100% certain of this. Much like Jeff’s Coup de’tat that America gave him.

It is very well known that BB is very much a production rather than a raw reality tv show. They will gear comps towards certain players and Pandora’s box is a perfect example of Production involvement however in the end only the houseguests can make decisions and choices that will affect their game.


Aneal and Liza must also know Toms’ little secret. Hopefully the people in his life are already aware of said secret.


What is the secret?


Tom asks who said that? Liza says I can’t say. Tom says I might as well call you Topaz! i weak classic i love tom