Big Brother Canada: Talla watches Alec workout and says the vibr@tors couldn’t have come soon enough!

POV Holder: TOM Next POV March 9th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 11th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations: Garry Suzette
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian

1pmAndrew and Alec are working out in the backyard. Alec tells Andrew that Talla told them that she doesn’t trust him (Andrew) or Aj. Andrew is pissed that his name came up. Emmett and Tom head out to the hot tub room to talk. Tom tells Emmett that they need to start making some people sweat. He says there are only a few more weeks before jury house. Tom says we need to put up Andrew and Aj. He says we need to get Andrew out before jury because he is going to start taking us out. Tom and Emmett both say that they haven’t said anything against each other in the diary room and that they will both avenge the other if one is evicted. Emmett says once it gets down to the final 8 they are going to know and start trying to break us up. Tom says if it ever comes down to it and Peter or Alex are up on the block I say we vote to keep Alec because Peter know the game inside and out. He says Alec is physical but weak physical.
Big Brother Canada March 10 2013 120pm

1:15pm Andrew and Alec continue to workout. Talla comes out and tells Alec that she was just watching him work out and that the vibrators couldn’t have come soon enough.

1:20pm Suzette joins Andrew and Alec to workout.

Big Brother Canada March 10 2013 133pm

1:40pm – 2pm Jillian is up in the HOH room talking to Tom. Tom asks Jillian who she wants out next. Jillian says that she is scared of Gary and that he will get HOH and POV next week back to back. She says that Gary is coming after us and can win stuff back to back. She says that Suzette isn’t going to win anything unless its a fluke. Jillian says you can seal just as tight a deal with Suzette with less risk in the long run. Tom says that Suzette cannot stay after what happened, its morals in the house. Tom says that Gary will leave next week. Then its a toss up between Aj, Aneal, Andrew and Talla. Tom brings up how she found out from Liza that Andrew and Aj came to Liza and told them they want to keep Suzette because she is coming after me. Tom says that Gary has only won 1 POV and Emmett and I weren’t in that competition. Tom says that he has built a lot of trust with Gary. Jillian says Gary knows he is not one of the guys. Tom says no he isn’t one of the guys, he is one of the girls. Tom says we can’t make big moves right now ..lets start picking off the floaters. Tom says next week we put up Andrew and Aj ..then backdoor Gary. I know its a big move to put up Andrew but its a risk we take and we tell him that Gary is the target. Jillian & Tom agree that they are on the same page to get Suzette out this week and Gary out next week. They end their conversation and head downstairs.

2:15pm – 2:25pm Gary is out in the backyard trying to do his laundry but has no idea how to work the machine or what to do. Tom helps explain how to do his laundry. Tom heads up to the HOH room with Aj. Tom tells Aj that he wants to put him up as the replacement nominee when he takes Gary off the block. Aj says that he is totally okay with it. He tells Tom that he appreciates him coming to tell him before doing it. Aj says this is great my family will get interviewed and some air time. I love it! Tom tells Aj that he wants it to be a 10 – 0 vote, and that he will be upset if it is a 9-1 or 8-2 vote. Aj says that if that happened he would have two more targets. Tom tells Aj that he should come up with something to say when he goes up like “I am up with Suzette, I am sitting pretty.” Emmett comes up. Tom explains how he just told Aj he is the pawn. Aj is super excited about going up on the block and says we are all good in the hood. Tom tells Aj to start winning sh*t. Aj says a lot of the time the person up on the block comes back to win HOH.

2:30pm The house guests are in the kitchen eating and making lunch. They are talking about playing dodge ball soon.

The House Guests get PUNISHED:
2:40pm – 2:55pm Big Brother announces that the other day one of the havenots broke a rule by sleeping in a bed that was not a havenot bed. (Yesterday Jillian was laying in a bed with Emmett. She claims she wasn’t sleeping) As a result all house guests will receive a consequence. Big Brother tells Jillian to remove and fold all of the blanket and sheets from the bedroom. Big Brother tells her to put all the blankets in the storage room. The house guests will not have any blankets until Big Brother decides to give them back. Jillian asks big brother to clarify which house guest slept in a bed yesterday. Big Brother doesn’t respond. The other house guests tell her it doesn’t matter. Jillian goes to fold the sheets. Emmett comes in to see if she is okay. Jillian says that she was going to lay down and said watch big brother will set off the alarm as soon as I lay down. Jillian says the second I laid down then made the announcement. She says Topaz has been sleep for 3 hours and they get after me! Emmett tells her its okay it just part of the game. Jillian says that she is just really cranky not being able to sleep and being on slop.

3:30pm Emmett, Peter, Talla and Liza are out in the backyard working out. Emmett is instructing Peter what workouts to do.

Big Brother Canada March 10 2013 332pm

3:55pm – 4:20pm Jillian and Emmett are out in the hot tub room talking. She is complaining about Big Brother punishing them and blaming her for sleeping when she says that she wasn’t. Emmett says that he is just happy to be here and that they all signed the form saying the producers could do whatever they wanted to us. Aj joins them to have a smoke. Meanwhile in the bedroom, Peter, Liza, Alec and Aneal are in the bedroom talking about random things. Alec says that tonight they are going to imitate each other. Peter talks about how he is in a tv series “the killing”, where he plays a no speaking recurring character. He says that he also plays a no speaking doctor on the tv show “Emily Owens”.

Big Brother Canada March 10 2013 355pm

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So did they actually give them vibrators?!


Omg, hilarious.

Vibrators in the Big Brother house.


I love that BB punishes them when someone breaks the rules. This is a good way to piss people off and stir the pot!!!! I have always thought BBUS coddles the HG too much.

Tom and Emmett are really starting to piss me off. I hope Aneal, Andrew, AJ, Topaz, Gary and Talla get together with Alec and Peter to take these two clowns and Jillian out! Maybe BB will give someone a wizard power. This will be pretty boring if the house doesn’t get shaken up soon. Those two douches think that they have the game in the bag. I always love seeing their type go out early.


Just wanted to say thanks to both Simon and Dawg for once again doing an amazing job with the site!! I’m a Canadian living and studying in the U.K. for a year and was so sad that I was going to miss BBCan while I was away. But your site helps me stay in touch! So thanks again and I appreciate all the hard work you guys put into the site. Its so addictive!! Go Peter and Alec all the way to the end!!


Wishing and hoping those distracted by groping
hog-tie their games and get a calf-roping
and those napping afraid to get cracking
when they wake up get a mole-whacking.
Because it’s early I’ve but one prediction –
as they rub each other out
expect heat from the friction!

Really, it’s the at- present unexpected possibilities I’m hoping for.

Simon and Dawg,Thanks for making it possible for an U.S. person to be able to follow along with Canadadian Big Brother. Even when I watch the U.S. version, your site is way more informative. Thanks so much!