Big Brother Canada Spoilers – A cucumber, A cigarette, A TallaTini “It’s a hot tub Night”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots No Have Nots this Week


7:35pm Jillian Showering very close to a nip slip..


7:35pm Andrew and Gary chit chatting.. Andrew fills Gary in on everything he’s missed the last 2 weeks.


7:51pm Kitchen stooges

Andrew telling Talla not to worry it’s 7 days of Gary in the house, “Unless something happens”.

Andrew wants to know if he can have Emmett’s drink because he’s not going to drink it. Andrew asks Big Brother.. (Of course no reply)

They are planning out what they will eat for dinner.. Andrew says he’ll make his salad. Talla heads up to the HOH to talk to the milkmance to find out what they are eating.

Andrew heads into the storage room to grab the ingredients for his salad.

Andrew pulls out a giant cucumber: “We’ll there’s a cucumber you can jam inside of something”

Andrew heads back into the kitchen, Talla gives him sh1t for not checking the the kitchen fridge before pulling everything out of the storage room. She pulls out a giant cucumber from the kitchen fridge. They start to have a “sword” fight with the cucumbers.

(Stooge banter at it’s best)



8:11pm Kitchen Stooges + Gary Gary tells them that Big Brother will give them more alcohol if he asks, “I have powers”


8:20pm Gary has a single cigarette that he got from AJ. Talla goes completely berserk.. they run into the hot tub room.. Talla: “It feels good.. it feels really good… I don’t want this to end.. i’ll smoke it to the filter.. Thank you.. Thank you I will never forget that you gave me a cigarette after 11 days”

Talla and Gary both thank AJ for the cigarette. Talla says that one of her side goals was to quit smoking on Big Brother. Gary says his plan was to originally bring smokes to smoke casually with people and have conversations. Gary: “we’ve both gone without of our bad vices being on this show”

8:41pm Kitchen stooges
Talla brings up Alec and the crying he did when he was nominated and going home.
Talla: “crocodile tears.. whats that”
Andrew: “They’re fake.. he still didn’t want to go home.. it’s a ploy”

Andrew: “This is the one thing I hate about them being HOH.. I love it but they are always up there”
Talla: “tonight is definitely a hot tub night.. TALLA TINI.. I got us off slop tini top”
Andrew: “It was a task.. I’m busy now”

Emmett and Jillian finally comes out of the HOH.. they really don’t talk much (They’ve been napping )

Emmett tells Andrew in private “I want to choke Talla.. she can’t stop talking.. Talla CHILL my ears are going to bleed”


8:53pm Stooges getting liquored up (Sounds like a good idea to me)
Talla: “I’m having way too much fun at this moment.. Where is everyone”
Andrew: “Plotting against us”

8:56pm Bedroom Emmett and Talla Emmett tells her that nominations are tomorrow and she is fine. HE says they cannot plan anything until after the POV is played.
Talla leaves and Gary comes in to talk to Ememtt. Asks him if Andrew will be pissed if he gets nominated.. Gary doesn’t know what to expect he hasn’t seen these people on the block.
Emmett: “I dunno lets jsut see what happens”
Gary wonders if Emmett is coming to the “party” tonight, “Will you be drunk ?”
Emmett: “POV is tomorrow man.. I’m not going to be hung over for that”
Emmett explains to him that things have changed in the house they don’t have much time to prepare for Nominations and the power of veto.

Gary keeps saying that it’s a good thing that Andrew is leaving because everyone is in the Jury house is respecting his game.
Gary adds that AJ has really been campaigning for Andrew.. Gary: “I was like whatever I’m voting for Emmett to win”
Emmett: “Were you surprised to see Alec”
Gary: “I was so surprised I thought it was going to be Talla.. you can only jump so many times.. I thought it was going to be Peter and Emmett final 2”
Emmett: “Alec got weird man.. ”
Gary: “Everyone in the jury house hates Alec”
Emmett goes on about how Alec and Peter were threatening Jill.

Gary says that Alec is going around saying “Can you believe Jillian got us out.. it’s starting to seem that Jillian is the one that is getting everyone out”
Gary: “Talla is mad that I am back because now it’s the Gary show not the talla show”

9:32pm Bedroom Emmett and Gary

Gary says that when he was evicted Arisa asked him what he thought and he went “Team Emmett 100% Team Emmett for the win”. Gary really rubs this in with his Emmett game conversations. Gary also pushes that Andrew is well liked in the Jury house.

Gary: “Honestly I think Talla’s ego is going to get huge”
Emmett: “She’s the type of person that the longer she’s in here the more popular she’ll get”

Gary says that Talla is going to be spending her entire life being someone else, “It’s really going to be draining”

Emmett is saying in the final 3 he might be able to talk Jillian down. Gary: “you can’t talk that b1tch down.. she’s not a dumb b1tch mother f***er.. if you can talk her down you look like the f***ing man.. but i doubt you can f***ing talk her down”

Emmett adds if if plays Jillian in the physical he’ll beat her for sure so in the end it’ll be GAry and Emmett and they can both throw it.

Gary: “If you can get into that Pu$$y you better f**ing rub it with f***ing chocolate milk tonight. don’t underestimate her Emmett“
Emmett: ‘No i’m not”
Gary: “Smart B1tch.. not no dumb b1tch”
Emmett: “She listens to me if I say Jill drop she’ll drop”
Gary: “Are you serious you got her like that”
Emmett: “Ya”

(Talla dancing in the HOH room video coming )


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stooges are sooooo funny in the kitchen right now….we need them! hahaha


Yes! I want them to do some kind of show after this “Stooges revisited” or something


If the Final 2 happens to be Gary vs Talla, (don’t ask how it happens let’s say it happens lol) seeing as Gary ‘lost’ and was brought back and Talla ….well she’s Talla, who deserves to win between the two?

Thumbs up if you think Gary deserves it, thumbs down if you think Talla deserves it.


Talla. Because she made it through the game without getting evicted and being brought back.

But GOD I hope that doesn’t happen!

Bill from Halifax

I use Chrome as my browser.

I have noticed that every so often when I click on one of the articles, I get the page gheader, the breadcrumbs at the top and then the whole rest of the page is blank.

Is it only me that has this problem?
Can anyone tell me why this happens, and what I can do to fix it?
Opening a new Chrome TAB does not help.
Opening a new instance of Chrome does not help.
What I have been doing is closing ALL my Chrome tabs, all my chrome instances (all 4 cams) and starting chrome all over again

I am up to date and have Version 26.0.1410.64 m



I use Safari and the same thing happens to me. I need to refresh and then stop fairly quickly to get the page to stay open


I find it happens to me when I try and read the article minutes after its been posted. Usually I wait 10 minutes and then try and it works fine.

I also wanted to say that I wish Gary would watch his language. The F word seems to come out of his mouth about every 3 seconds, that plus the vulgarities (ie, If you can get into that Pu$$y you better f**ing rub it with f***ing chocolate milk tonight) have really turned me off of him as a person and player.

Bill from Halifax

Simon: The problem has been happening fo me since BB Canada started. I haven’t been able to replicate it but maybe NoName had a point on recently posted items, because it always happens with me when I read a top posted posting. ie: I go to the page there are 3 unread posts so I start at the bottom and work up. I read all of the third, then all of the second, and then when I try to read the 1st the page is blank.

Not a big issue, we have a workaround, so don’t waste any time with it. You have better things to do lol


And then Jillian vs Andrew Final 2, speaking strategy not likability so far, who deserves to win? Thumbs up for Andrew winning, thumbs down for Jillian winning.


I’m sorry, but Gary is talking about jury house and members again!? After he received a strong warning from production that he can’t talk about it? And by telling everyone over and over again that the jury respects andrews game and would vote for him, he makes the target on Andrews back bigger and bigger, that is a very unfair disadvantage for Andrew, since before this they did not really see him as THAT much of a threat, they did not really believe Peter when he basically said the same.
Production should stop and sanction this, or at least give everybody in the house the info Gary has already given away only to particular players, e.g. in the diary room they could fill Andrew in on what was said, so he has a chance to argue and plot against these assumptions.
I can’t believe these amateurs of production just let this happen!


I didn’t see it on the live feeds but read it on the “Emmet tells Andrew he’s going up…” article by Dawg:
“Andrew asks Gary if there is a workout room in the jury house? Gary says that he can’t talk about it… I got a very strong warning.”
I can’t get over that they would let him talk about anything from jury in the first place, but then again why am I till surprised about anything this season? 🙂


gary told andrew that he got a very strong warning from production saying that he can’t talk about the jury house anymore, but he obviously just made that up. as you said he is still talking to emmett about jury opinions and probably just doesn’t want to tell andrew anything. i believe he is telling the truth to emmett, and using his knowledge to his advantage,so it really is kind of unfair (esp. for andrew), but production obviously approves. will be interesting to see how it all works out and if they keep this up in future seasons.


Gary is only giving info about the jury house to people he wants to….I remember Andrew asking a question about the jury house to Gary and Gary said he can’t say anything (production won’t let him), yet he tells stuff to Emmett all the time about Jury info….


Thanks guys for clearing that up, it is frustrating but I guess production is king


Did you actually hear production warn him?

I believe he is just telling Andrew/Talla & Jill to an extent that & then he is sharing everything he knows with Emmett

a) because he is HOH

b) because he likes him

c) because it behooves him to try & get Andrew or Talla out this week

I still don’t buy Gary will take Emmett all the way; I think his strategy is to get through this week safe & try to win both HOH & POV & then take out Emmett or Jill, likely Emmett (given he knows the jury can’t stand Jill’s lies) & then in F3 he’ll try to get Talla to win endurance & take physical & say look I told you Day 2 you and me in F2 so it won’t matter who wins part 3 of HOH. I’m not saying it will happen but he’ll try to make it happen. I can’t imagine he would take the do over chance of coming back in the house only to take Emmett to F2 & lose $100,000

Some may say Talla would beat Gary BUT if Gary wins the crucial HOH &/or POV that puts out the showmance in back to back weeks he has an argument for winning. He can say his personality brought him back, he won when it counted & vs. Talla how could THIS jury give her the $100k. I think Topaz, Peter, Alec & Emmett would give it to Gary & that’s all he needs.


Ugh I despise Gary, now he’s gonna have a bigger head than before, especially with statements like “they will give me more booze I have power” and “its Gary’s show now and not Talla”. This guy is a camera whore and just wants that, why did the producers bring him back puzzles me. He will not do anything!!!!!!!


It’s not the Garry Show it’s Big Brother Canada and Garry just happens to be extremely entertaining he won the right to come back fair and square and is making the most of his opportunity a chance that can change his life. Garry will be big after Big Brother. Garry is being himself it’s taken him some time to be this confident, authentic and proud. The other house guests have been so less entertaining as per the feeds and action, but everyone has there favourite and mine just happens to be Garry. Finally some action and laughing and moments ie. Jillian and Emmett aren’t spending every waking moment they can in HOH room it’s good to see and this wouldn’t be happening without Garry he brings something special if you want to agree or not.


Don’t get upset poeple….But… On twitter a guy has a clean clear picture of Emmett looking at the backside (white) part of a puzzle piece in the last HOH comp.. Arisa told them they couldn’t do that. And made a point of asking Emmett if he understood. I guess the comp production person and staff were on a coffee break when it happen..


Its not that they COULDNT look at the white side, its that the puzzle would only fit together with the coloured side showing. Do you think that production had the answers on the back or something?

I didn’t want Emmett to win either, but enough with the petty, sore loser comments about him cheating.


Name… I’m not a petty sore loser. I’m not in the game. Not a player… I didn’t accuse Emmett of cheating in the last HOH. I just said what I’d seen and heard on the subject… Isn’t that what this place is for. To discuss and exchange ideas…


Wouldn’t it be neat if Production yelled out, “Gary if you talk about anything from Jury House again, you’ll be on slop, you will be forced to watch make out videos of Jillian and Emmett everyday until you leave the house. AND if anybody asks Gary questions about the Jury House, they will go on slop and suffer another punishment.

Food for thought. Why no pandora’s box? Or is that the next twist…..


Gary never got a warning for talking about the Jury house … Did he ? I thought he just said that so he wouldn’t have to tell Andrew anything. Am I wrong? I probably am LOL.


Lets hope Dan gives Andrew the Diamond Power of Mist.


It would be interesting .

LL Cool J

Little Jimmy (my Imaginary friend ) and I will be final two next year in Big Brother Canada. When you hear Little Jimmy think of this post .


Simon, you’re 100% right. I’m sure Production’s not thrilled – they took a lot of heat for this late a Powershift!

I think Gary is missing Topaz in the house something awful. It’s like she was Gary’s “battery pack.” Now he’s like a cell phone with only one or two bars left, in need of a charge…….


He’s being pretty vulgar as well when talking to Emmit about Jillian. Fact is he has a sense of entitlement thanks to production farsacal decisions. Combine that with an instant F3 deal with the king and queen of scumbag you can see he doesn’t feel any presure in the house. I’m getting embaressed to be a Nova Scotian. Jillian was playing pretty classic Liar but has had the power to back it up. Emmit is just turning into a douche that is giving Alec a run for his money.

Andrew is gone this week if no POV. E/Jstarted out talking Andrew imediately after the HOH comp. With these 2 who they talk seriously about 1st goes home unless Andrew gets himself off the block. Frankly if Talla were to pull a miracle and win POV she won’t use it sending Andrew out the door. Jillian will convince her not to use it and good bye Andrew. For me the game officially sucks!
Fact is my opinion and everyone here does not matter 1 bit. I was reading info on the ratings. Slice has gotten a huge bounce as a specialty channel carrying BBcan. The show sure looks like it will be back next year. You may see a mid March start next year to get a better piece of the May sweeps period. Production does what it wants because it gets no negative consequences. Sponsors like GM look like they got huge bang for thier advertising dollar with BBcan.


I think it’s a combination of there being less people in the house, the game getting a little more tense because they’re close to the end, and the fact that he shouldn’t be in the house.


Gary is just an Obnoxious Know it all; Or so he thinks!


Oh, forgot to add…The most vulgar person on BBCanada!


the good news is that all the stuff gary told emmett did not work in his favour. emmett is getting suspicious and just said to jillian that they might as well get gary out now. emmett is a really good liar, i thought for a moment he was being serious with turning on jillian. turns out he was tricking gary lol. hope they stick to this and gary doesn’t win veto.


I don’t have the feeds so I’m happy to read that you saw that on the feeds, LALA. As I’ve been reading the different conversations Gary’s been having with Emmett & with E/J, I was thinking he was laying it on way too thick. Again, Gary is not there to play the game at all & as someone else mentioned, without Topaz & without Suzette too, he is left rudderless.

If it turns out that Emmett was just playing Gary, letting him ramble on to get more info from him, I still say he should have told him not to keep referring to Jillian in such a derogatory way. He could do it without ticking Gary off, just letting him know – hey, she’s the one I’m sucking face with, bro.


Emmett did tell Gary to stop calling Jillian a bitch a couple times (because she was in the next room.)


Gary only leaves if Lala wins veto and and takes off Andrew and that is definately not happening. Andrew wins POV and Lala up I really think Emmit can convince Jillian to vote out Talla. Simple arguement… Lala is your only competition in endurance for the 3 part final. It gets you F2 and 7 questions. I fully expect Andrew gone unless he wins POV.


LMFAOOO i love watching Talla dance.

Andrew's twin brother Pete

*clears throat*


You would think if Gary is Team Emmett then Emmett should want Gary in the jury house so he can work his magic to get the other jury members on board to vote for him to win.

Anyway I just hope & pray Andrew wins the veto tomorrow because otherwise he’s a goner & I will have no one to cheer for! He doesn’t even know how bad he needs the veto this week, he thinks Gary is the target : (


Emmett telling Gary, in a crude way, that he’s got Jillian under his thumb is an change from his slurpee suckface self with her…Is he playing Gary. with this line of nasty talk and final 2 crap… Or is Jillian who goes on about “us” (team E/J) being played for a fool…


Probably would have worked better if they brought someone back when there was only 3 in the jury house. Because Gary and Andrew didn’t win hoh it’s still the j/e show. don’t think that’s what production wanted but it’s the way it turned ourt. Gary would have been the best hoh he would have been the only one to nominate e/j. thinking this may have screwed andrews game …. only chance is to win veto. bb gods don’t seem to be on my side lately.

Jodie Foster

I hate Jillian she is trying to be Wonder Woman

Morgan Freeman

Along came a spider ..
Jack and Jill
Kiss the Girls

No one

I hate Jillian . She thinks she is Wonder woman


Okay, reading that conversation between Gary & Emmett – I don’t know who comes across the most ignorant! I feel like I need to wash out my eyes just reading the derogatory way Gary keeps referring to Jillian. You are so right, Simon – Gary isn’t very much fun this time round. Should have stayed in Jury, leaving everyone one wanting more, more, more. He could have parlayed that into big things. Now, not so sure…

Too bad Production didn’t pull the same trick they did on Topaz allowing Jillian to hear this oh so disgusting confab in HOH, let her hear how her man let Gary run his mouth about her like that AND declaring he has her in his pocket, can even make her throw a comp for him.

Fortunately, I think Emmett’s in for a rude awakening if he tried that. She’s already gone against him in several decisions she made in this last HOH. You could see just how much he didn’t want to vote against Peter. I believe if it wasn’t for the fact Jillian had the tie breaking vote, he would have voted for Peter & then claimed 1 of the other house guest had gone back on their word.

At least the Stooges once again provide the laughs & the energy in the house.


Emmet has told Jillian numerous times he doesn’t trust any of the others but trusts her 100%. She has said the same to him. Both listen to others and agree with them to get information they need, then when they are alone, compare what they learned. With that knowledge, they plan their game, run different scenarios and decide what to do to keep themselves safe and further their game.

Letting Gary talk smack about Jillian and letting Gary think he was agreeing with him is Emmet’s way of playing his game by getting Gary’s confidence. Emmet will tell Jillian about this conversation if he feels she should know but probably without all the bad language. Or, if he feels it will make her mad, he might not even mention it. Emmet plays this game like a poker player: holding his cards close to his chest, not showing emotion, watching everything and listening to everyone but giving up little or nothing to others. JMO

Buster baxter

Gary reminds me of Bionic Bunny from Arthur Show


I think there is another instant eviction next week


I’m tired of everyone complaining that it’s unfair Gary got voted back in. Saying its unfair that he has an advantage which is probably true that he does, but if you haven’t noticed already, most of the house guests are aware of it. Instead of them complaining about it, they should use that info for THEIR advantage. And since when in big brother history has anything been “fair”? Expect the unexpected is the motto, so you have to be able to adapt to whatever a thrown at you. If things were “fair” and always went as planned, you have to admit it would be one hell of a boring show… Honestly if gary doesn’t go home this week, he’ll go home soon enough as he is a target because everyone is aware of his advantage, but if not, then even though he was luck to get a second chance… Maybe he deserves it.


Emmett will not send Gary packing because he knows he can’t compete in the next HoH. If Andrew wins next HoH Emmett knows he will be sent home. He has a better chance of making it to Final3 with Gary and Jillian competing in the next HoH comp.


thats IF he believes gary


Completely ridiculous. It’s F4 learn the game. Hoh has limited power the POV decides who goes home. Andrews honoured his deal all along with J/E. Jillian would need HOH, Andrew POV then send Emmit over Lala to the jury house. Andrew is going this week anyway so the point is moot!

On a less obvious note Arisa hasn’t said it’s a double eviction yet. So how do we get to F3 on Thursday night? What’s production thinking? Taking the best week in a BB season, that being F4 to F3, and condensing it into less than an hour? BB14’s eviction of Shane was a huge event. Most seasons this week(F$) is great TV. As no one alliance or person controls anything. Players can EARN thier way to F3 and then eventually F2. Prodction has been absolutely terrible but Slice is very lucky because BB has some pretty loyal fans on both sides of the border.


Hey look kids they actually are trying to over justify Gary coming back by adding percentages with 2 decimal points. ROFL Nobody would Question Gary getting the most votes just that he would be terrible as a returning HG. I thought he’d be great instead of the vulgar potty mouth he appears to have become.

Dawg and Simon I assume a slice page like the one above would not violate any rule?


So the tables have turned this week? Last week it was in Jillian’s best interest to get Peter out and she had the final vote. This week with Emmitt being HOH he feels keeping gary is in his best interest? Before Gary left he was on good terms with Emmitt and I think trusted him but after all the jury talk he may just go after j/e. Frick wish it was anyone but talla who could make a move. Can depend on her to win even against the toaster. Thought i heard peter interview today and he placed the toaster before voting for jillian. She really didn’t have to lie to that many people to get this far in the game it will cost her in the end. i think anyone who goes up against jillian or talla has a pretty good chance of winning the money. Sure hope it’s gary for andrew. i don’t want to see emmitt in the final two … my wish is that he goes home next week …. will be easy sailing for whoever survivors this week.


I think Gary is actually Jealous of Talla, he’s worried that Talla might actually get her own show, That she might be popular among viewers and that she’s stealing his spotlight! Grow up Gary ‘Canada chose you! ‘ be happy, enjoy this time in the house instead of looking all depressed and stuffing your face! I hope Talla and Andrew will overcome this! And I will laugh so hard if they DQ Emmett , that would be hilarious and then talla or Andrew win Hoh!