Big Brother Canada: Suzette tells Gary that she loves how all these guys that work out think taking out me is a big move.

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner: Alec Next HOH: ?
Original Nominations: AJ & Suzette
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Tom & Liza
Have Nots ?

12:25pm – 12:55pm Aj and Andrew are talking out by the pool. Aj says that he is almost worried there will be another power-shift to save Suzette. Andrew says lets not even talk about it. Aj says its like lets play a basketball game and pour our hearts into it and have the fans decide who wins. Alec comes out and they discuss Tom’s Why not bro speech. Aj and Alec laugh about how Tom told Alec he wanted to go after Topaz. They laugh about how stupid it was to tell the persons strongest ally you are taking out their friend. Alec, Aj, Peter, Emmett, and Andrew start working out.

Big Brother Canada March 24 2013 1248m

Big Brother Canada March 24 2013 1249pm

12:55pm Andrew tells a story when he was younger and he and his twin used to box and beat the sh*t out of each other. He says that one time he was bloody and bleeding all over the place and upper cut punched his twin in the face. He says that he is twin had to baby sit later and he just sat there drinking his own blood.
Big Brother Canada March 24 2013 1257pm
1:10pm Meanwhile in the kitchen Suzette tells Gary that she loves how all these guys that work out think taking out me is a big move. Gary laughs and says you know they are all going to turn on each other. Suzette says I am going to eat my face off today, fu*k this! Maybe I will have a shot if I start cleaning. That’s everyone’s strategy when they get on the block ..and no one cares! Suzette says that I am going to go back to Vancouver and it just sucks that the one other person from there is the one to send me out. Gary tells Suzette that people just aren’t budging. Suzette says she knows. Suzette calls Aj a “pawn star”. Gary comments on how he’s said that in the diary room.
Big Brother Canada March 24 2013 135pm

1:40pm – 2:10pm Talla grabs a watermelon from the storage room and takes over 7 minutes to dangerously cut it into large awkward pieces. She then doesn’t even try any and she wraps it up to put it in the fridge. Talla then starts cleaning up the kitchen.

2:15pm – 2:35pm Aj and Topaz share their prost!tute stories. Topaz says “Sucky Fu*ky, $100!” Topaz starts talking about a guy friend not wanting to pay $200 for a bl*w j*b after the fact. She says that the pimp got involved and … big brother cuts the feeds.

3pm – 3:15pm Aj is in the kitchen talking to Talla while she makes her chicken dish again that no one liked. Meanwhile Alec continues to work out. Topaz joins him and they talk about their date tonight. Topaz is going to cook for Alec. He says he is going finish working out, sit in the hot tub, hang out and then work out again later. She says their schedules don’t really match up so she will eat, take a nap and then start cooking when he starts his second work out.

Big Brother Canada March 24 2013 307pm

3:15pm – 3:35pm Andrew and Emmett are in the hot tub. Andrew is talking about some of the things Alec has said that have annoyed him. Andrew says he didn’t like it last night when Alec was telling him to put up his own guy (Aj). Andrew says of course you don’t want me to put up one of your own guys because your friends with them, but do you really think I am going to put up one of mine. Andrew says you are either going to get blood on your hands or blood is going to come out of your chest. Big Brother cuts the feeds.

4:10pm The live feeds are still showing the hush, hush screen.
4:35pm Still showing the Hush, Hush screen..
5:15pm Still showing the Hush, Hush screen..

6:40pm Still showing the Hush, Hush screen..
7:20pm Still showing the Hush, Hush screen..
8:00pm Feeds back
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63 thoughts on “Big Brother Canada: Suzette tells Gary that she loves how all these guys that work out think taking out me is a big move.

  1. Suzette does whine a lot, so does Gary but he is a bit more entertaining to watch. Suzette was not a hard target- unless production/”Canada” interferes. Alec just wanted to make sure that he didn’t ruffle too many feathers during his HOH. He also had spent minimal time in the HOH room and still hangs out with everyone. The current strategy is to get the safer targets out and then every man for himself/herself.

  2. lol Suzette’s in denial that they’re thinking this is a big move. This is the easiest “let’s not rock the boat” move ever. Talla might be the only other person who would be easier and they’re planning on having her go next week (with AJ following behind).

  3. Way to go being a ‘role model’ eat your face off and be a shining example to your kids. Yay plus-size mama bear aboriginal victim.

  4. Yes she looks like she is going to blow up at any minute, this is why on a previous post I said the last time she blamed it on hormones, but I am not convinced. She has tried to use the pity card but may have to start getting nasty. I think if production steps in again it will be pathetic. Basically like Aj says its like lets play a basketball game and pour our hearts into it and have the fans decide who wins. I don’t know if that game would work out too well with this game since it would just be a popularity contest.

    1. She is so delusional, idiotic and full of self pity…great example for “her” people..already starting to implode!

  5. “I think I need a bigger knife I feel.” Does she want a machete to cut the watermelon?
    I love Talla. I don’t even think she knew what a watermelon was
    Surprised there hasn’t been some serious cabin fever going on with all the boredom in that place

    1. Andrew was definitely going through cabin fever, it was funny when he was in the havenot room and talking about how long he was in the diary room before the HOH competition going through things and someone said how long did it feel like he was in there and he said 8 hours and they said it was only 7 minutes.

  6. i don’t get it.. people were telling Tom that taking out Suzette is a waste of an HOH and a week later, Suzette is now the target?
    Doesn’t that mean Alec’s HOH is a waste? These people just contradict themselves sometimes..
    Why are the houseguests sill playing it safe? If “playing it safe” continues, no one’s going to win the game..
    It’d be interesting to see Talla, or AJ win something, instead of the usual

    1. I completely agree. They were hating on Tom for it yet its their next move. Andrew should have choose the wrong answer when Alec handed him the HOH. If your just gonna give it away why wouldn’t Alec just answer wrongly instead of looking like a idiot handing it over. I like Gary but i think when Emmet should have used his POV on Liza and andrew should have put Gary on the block this would have been much more of a power move instead of whats going on with everyone trying to coast to Jury.

    1. Is it coincidence that the only people you hate in the house are racial minorities? *gasp* you should see some of the nasty remarks you make about Suzette. Troll, go back to your bridge! Over here in Canada we hunt trolls for fun, Lol.

      1. You obviously do not have the guts to reply to my reply, from your post you sent @4;53 AM, ASSUMING I am American and that I should go “drink moonshine and eat road kill” – I am sure Americans love you – you’re the racist – you are an ignoramus and a liar – where did I ever use the word HATE and what specifcally did I say so bad about Suzette, that many others haven’t said? As far as my comment about ‘slovenly, the truth will out. You have a gigantic chip on your shoulder – maybe you should get some help? If you are a minority, does that give you the right to accuse others of hateful things? You are the one who is pathetic, get a life!

        1. No, silly, I have not yet replied to your comment as I have not seen your response yet! (by the way, my response was sent at 7:45 am not 4:45am…. ever heard of time zones?) Besides, your postings show YOU have a NASTY chip on your troll-like shoulders! Get a life, buddy! LOL
          Oh brother, his whole rant of yours will be so funny if it wasn’t so sad :D
          ps: Roadkill and moonshine sure struck a nerve, I see! lol… now you now how aboriginals and other minorities feel when they read your bigoted and stupid comments! :D #ChaChing!

    1. Maybe they brought Tom back and that is why Topaz is yelling. In Toms exit interview the one person he wants to see leave the house is “Topaz”

      1. Did everyone catch the comment that there is a new twist next week “Sunday” Maybe they are bring Tom back. Here’s hoping.

  7. Suzette represents herself.
    Not aboriginal people, or moms, or women.
    No one and nothing but herself.

    Who she chooses to do advocacy for is her business.
    And I wish she was back at it.

    She was a casting mistake that looked good on paper IMO, same as AJ, Talla and Danielle.
    Sometimes I wonder who the hell else was among those ten thousand hopefuls.
    Was this really the cream of the crop? I mean REALLY?

    1. I agree I think they were excellent at auditions and interviews but that doesn’t always translate well to the actual game.
      I truly believe whoever is in charge of casting does their best trying to pick people that will bring the drama but then when they come on the show nothing happens.

      Adam the rocker must have looked really good, producers maybe thought he’d be another Evel Dick type of person, but look what happened.

      It’s just like a job interview. The people that get the job are the ones able to really sell themselves, there might be better people who are terrible at interviews therefore don’t get picked.

      I guess first impressions do matter.

      1. i agree with everybody’s opinion about the casting, on one hand, but on the other hand, overall, i think they did a great job casting for the very first BB Canada.

        I mean everybody is pretty different from the rest. Like there are meatheads (not meathead but when guys are all about working out. What’s that name they call them?) but they are not true meatheads (think Jase and Scott).
        And the girls are really different. It’s not like there are too many of one type of person so that created an automatic alliance (tom and emmett are not that much alike. they just attached themselves together cuz they thought each other was their major competition.) But topaz did try attach to gary because he was the gay (but she is not girly-girl enough for gary for the stereotypical pairing of girl+gay).

        For showmances, even though i don’t like them, the fact that there are so many of them will set the tone for future seasons of BBCan. I know the game is not done but so far Tom can blame his demise (he won’t but you know what i mean) on his showmance, Liza. And I am sure the other showmances will have consequences too.

        But for the first season, i think they did a good job.

  8. I don’t know why suzzette is suprised she spent the first part of the season not really talking to anyone then after she got saved she started to communicate with other hgs but it was a little late. I always love these people taking about big moves talla is famous for them but i don’t get is why make a big move unless it benifits you. Talla goes on and on about taking out emmitt but why would the people who have an allience with him take him out and keep someone like aj or talla who have done nothing in this game. I don’t get it same with suzzette she has no real allience with anyone because she didn’t try in the begining untill it was to late.

  9. “There’ll be blood on his hands or blood from his chest!”
    does Cap’n Andy the Pirate to Emmett confess.
    “Arrgghh! and Har Har! and barrels of Screech,
    we’ll be drivin’ ship Alec aground on a beach,
    me hearty landlubber with hands on cows’ udders
    lets shiver the timbers of Professor Face-Sucker
    then keelhaul and plankwalk our BB House brother!”


  10. Wouldn’t it be better for Alec’s game, hypothetically speaking, if he took out someone like Emmett, Andrew, Gary, or even Jillian, because they are physical threats, thus making it easier for him to win comps?

    1. Its definitely in his best interest to get rid of Emmett but Alec does not want blood on his hands… plus, he trusts Emmett more that everyone (except Peter) so why jump the gun and get rid of an ally?

      1. Emmitt keeps winning POV so he as a lot to offer if you are in his good books…….as long as Emmitt plays competitions strong Alec and Peter look safe to me as he will not overrule anyone’s HOH. Plus he is very easy to get along with…probably the most likeable in the house. The Glitter gang by now are leaning more towards Peter being the big threat…he is smart…too smart. Emmitt has physical ability but only Lisa gave him credit for being smarter than we think. Towards the end of the game smarts are a real advantage. I think Emmitt could outsmart them all but do not think the other houseguests believe that. With Tom gone he is very low key in the house…I do not believe he is a target right now.

    2. The problem is he’s thinking about jury votes. From all the reality shows I’ve seen players/contestants vote with their hearts and nothing to do with game play. If he takes them out he loses their vote and possibly anyone that was aligned with them
      (Danielle BB3..Russell Hantz from Survivor) I’m sure there are tons of examples.

    3. I don’t think Alec wants to continue winning comps. I think in the end Peter and Alec split B/C Peter will do sweet F A! Also he has multiple alliance. He has his Gary and Topaz thing. Then he has Quatro plus he has a decent relationship with Andrew as well. He definately wants someone else to draw blood for him. By the way I think to many are playing this way and It’s going to look like 6 butchers doing open heart surgery when they all start competing for real. This is my hope for the season anyway.

  11. Andrew is really working his social game to every alpha male in sight. I don’t think he wants to be caught out like Sue, with few people to talk to.

  12. Two face palms… 1. That Suzette thinks that the guys think that they are making a big move 2. Talla washing the watermelon

    1. Yes the feeds being down doesn’t make sense. Tonights show is Nominations and Veto which have already been played. They have until Wednesday to do the veto ceremony?? Maybe new twist. Secret veto maybe, I thought for sure that phone was going to ring when Suzette was alone in the storage room after Alec left. She will probably stay in there all day just in case?

      1. BBCAN feeds are down a lot more than BBUS feeds..

        BBCAN feeds
        Pros: better quality, Free, We can post videos on our site,
        Cons: video ads when you change cam (Although this has stopped lately), No Flashback, down a lot
        BBUS feeds
        Pros: no ads, Have Flashback, Up more than BBCAN feeds
        Cons: Cost money, Poorer quality, can’t post any videos outside the superpass members only site

        All in all it balances out for me

      2. Yeah, every year the US feeds get worse. It makes me angry if I have to pay for them to show me the fish screen. Can’t whine too much about this season because its free.If they have to turn the feeds off to prepare for an episode, they should do it during the week when most people are working, and leave the feeds up all weekend. The weekend is when they could have the biggest audience, but the feeds are down preparing for next week’s episodes. Never understood the logic behind that.

  13. As I mentioned a few weeks ago in one of my comments where I was “thumbs’d down”, BBCA feeds are off more than they are on. It’s a free service but why promote it as 24 hr!!!

  14. i am watching BBCanAD and jillian went into the storage room where suzette was crying after talking to alec.

    Jillian gave her a hug. Helping to make Suzette strong again. Jil has been glued to emmett and wears that perma grin and i didn’t think she really had a personality. Or any game. She was explaining to suzette why she is always a target. Jil definitely knows what is going on. She is finally showing her smarts.

    I think i like jil now. but i would like her better if she separates herself more from emmett and tells us her game plan in DR (VD whatever. although, me being older VD was never a good thing :) )

  15. Sowhat – your attacks towards Suzette actually is alot more aggressive than most (i.e. delusional, idiotic) and I do wonder why all your attacks are towards racial minorities. Its not racist to say that – that is an observation and an accurate one. I don’t think Suzette is delusional at all – she was at a disadvantage from the very beginning of this game, as one of the oldest people to enter the house, and I think the only only one with children. And her being Aboriginal IS a big deal – there are very few mainstream Canadian shows (or US ones for that matter) that include First Nations (I think Corner Gas is one of the few I can recall). There are so many stereotypes and lack of understanding of what First Nations have lived through and continue to live through. If Canadians truly are open people – we would know our history and the atrocities that the Canadian government made towards First Nations (i.e. residential schools) and we would be affirming and celebrate when we have First Nations people be included in shows like Big Brother – that reach millions of Canadians. For sure, Suzette represents herself, and can not speak for all Aboriginal people – but it is true that her presence on this show does mean something – even if this show is purely for entertainment purposes.

    1. you mention that here are so few Canadian/American shows that include first nations – could there be a legimate reason for that? As most Canadians, I think we are all aware of their history and it was terrible, but, it was a long time ago and they keep throwing it up in our face and using it as a crutch, much as the afro/americans do down in the states. As far as her being a mother, I have seen many posts wondering what that has to do with anything – no one twisted her toes to partipate in this game. Please, don’t bother me with a personally directed post, I wasn’t talking to you.

      1. I’m an African living in the US and after 20+ years, it gets old when people play the race card. I find Suzette’s case a bit odd because she keeps going on about representing aboriginals – what I interpret to be First Nation/Native American. I’m not sure why she plays this card because I have not seen or heard anything spectacular from her.

        If anything, she sometimes paints herself in a negative light by the ‘poor me’ stories and her attitude of entitlement.

        The US and Canada are geographically close – so maybe blacks and gays have an easier time there, but I find it odd that Suzette acts as if she’s the only minority while the house was somewhat diverse from the start: you have blacks, gays, aboriginal, children of immigrants, etc.
        It’s as is Suzette has not bothered to look at everyone else in the house.

        And of course, when the aboriginal angle fails, she throws the plus size/mother card.

          1. That, to me, speaks volumes of Canadians as a whole. I’ve done business with Canadians in the past and what I noticed was they seemed to be a lot nicer/kinder than Americans. That does not mean that all Canadians are perfect and skip around the park, but it just shows the general vibe.

            With that being said, if Canada is generally open and welcoming to all and are respectful to people from all backgrounds, then her whining about the aboriginal role is rather silly.

            You can not walk into a room of people with diverse backgrounds – who are also open-minded and welcoming to all – and then go on and on about being different and being the representative of people who are different and not offer anything of yourself except for that fact that you’re different.

            \I find it completely idiotic when someone says ‘I’m [insert minority group here] and I’m proud!’ What does that mean? What are you proud of – you’ve done nothing except to be born. There’s no shame in being a minority, but this attitude of entitlement convinces people to do absolutely nothing with their lives and still expect others to bend over backwards for them.

            Alas, this is just BB and if Suzette is able to reach out to people in a positive way, that’s great. But that does not mean that people should throw games to her because she’s aboriginal, plus size, a mother, etc. This is a competition.

    2. I don’t know where to start with this post except to say this is game it is not about any religion or race. Suzzette walked into the house at the same advantages as anyone else and she is around the same age as andrew is and he seemed to fair well, not to mention there have been alot of hg’s through the us seasons that have had a alot of different ages and it didn’t seem to hurt them. I think the age card is an excuse Suzzettes problem isn’t her age she didn’t make any moves to build allience till further into the game and was very open about how she disliked a few of the people in the house. She waited untill she was saved off the block and by that time it was already to late. I will repeat this again this is a game this is not the forum to argue about the lack of representation in hollywood. The big brother hg all come from different minorities and diversity and the same argument can be made for alot of them. Yes, she is the only one with kids but as far as the game goes it is irrelevent she isn’t the only hg in big brother history to have kids on the show so i don’t get your point suzzettes issue is she hasn’t really played the game and at the 11th hour she wonders why they will evict her it just comes down to the rest of the house guest have different alliences.

    3. Yikes, do not waste your time talking to sowhat. The troll is well aware that he is acting very aggressive towards Suzette and other minorities. Arguing with it is like wresting a pig… you’ll both get dirty but the pig loves it! LOLL :D

      1. Don’t call me a troll, you little worm – you still haven’t got the nerve to qualify your comments to me – you’re sick – off your meds or drugs? By the way, there are a few people down south who have extended to you a standing invite for dinner – guess what’s on the menu? G.d, I hope you do not BREED

  16. did anyone see on AD where the boys were talking about how perfect emmett was? Including his hair? Emmett offered all the boys to touch his hair. Andrew and AJ were really funny.

    Can you post that here? (it was about an hour and 40 minutes into the show)

  17. Sowhat – I am responding to your questions. If you don’t want to respond to me, that’s your choice, but I will respond to your comments when I want. I’m being respectful. And you apparently aren’t all that aware of the history and current colonization of First Nations, if you really think it was all that long ago. The last residential school closed in 1996!! And then there was the 60s scoop, etc… And there is the Truth and Reconciliation Commission happening NOW – across Canada, First Nations people are talking about how they were physically and sexually abused and the commission is undercovering more and more deaths in these schools – there were graveyards in many of them. More than likely, Suzette’s parents and/or grandparents went to residential schools – even Suzette could have potentially have gone, since there were still residential schools open in the 80s and 90s. The majority of Canadians that I know don’t know this history because it was never taught to us (or just barely) while we were growing up. What I mean by disadvantage is that she would most likely (not guarantueed) be in a better position, if there were even 2 or 3 Big Brother competitors who were older and had children. The fact that there were so many young, fit, single people on the show is the reason for why there ended up being so many showmances. Not that it was a given, but just in terms of probability.

    1. I have also heard of terrible and sad events involving world war 2 – Japanese rounded up and sent up to the interior for years, loosing everything they had – there are a lot of sad stories to be told and I’m sure a lot of us are very troubled by it, but what is your point? I am also aware of a lot of abuse that goes on in aboriginal families, like incest, alcohol, etc. what do you want us to do? I’ve heard the CHIEFS GET PAID VERY WELL, Everybody has had sadness and pain in their lives. The first words out of Suzettes’ mouth to Tom, were F…..g “REDNECK” not a..hole or bas… d , so is she racist? or is it ok for her to say that because she is aboriginal. OVER & OUT I’m sick of this conversation – she’s out soon and can get on with her life!

    1. I agree I think that Alec should have been punished the way he handed the HOH competition to Andrew on TV. I was watching it and I didn’t get what was going on so I can understand Andrew’s confusion.

  18. I find it surprising that some people on here think that older people are not at a disadvantage in Big Brother. Suzette has been a target to get out for awhile and Andrew was almost put up by Tom! I’m not saying that its a guarantuee that all older people would align or all younger people will align, but when you have 16 contestants, and only 2 are over 35 – that puts those older people at a distinct disadvantage. Just imagine if Liza and Alec were not selected to be on the show and instead, 2 people who were over 40 were selected in their place. The likelihood that Tom or Topaz being in a showmance would be very very low, whereas the likelihood that someone like Suzette or Andrew would be able to relate to someone else in their last 30s or early 40s, and possibly if they have children, would be pretty high. As I mentioned before – its not a guarantee – but for anyone to think that Suzette is not at a disadvantage because of her age and the fact that she is the only one with children… really?

  19. I do agree that Suzette was in a bad place from the beginning, she is the only married person in the house, she is the only ever weight person in the house, she is from a minority that makes many people uncomfortable to be around as there are more and more issues coming up daily around the treatment of aboriginals. I dont like Suzzette and I think she has morphed into this weak, whiny character, it doesnt change the fact that she was the most different person in the house.

    Even the gay demographic had 2 cast in this game, it would have taken a woman wearing a burkah or a Sikh wearing a turban to offset how different she was from the rest of the cast. The balance of the house has more in common than they do differences, all young and single, all relatively attractive and all in the same social demographic, not too mention that apparently none of the women were too bright to not cast themselves in the role of hanger on to their “showmance” partner. None of these women will win against the boys if they get to the finals.

    The person I am starting to dislike the most now is Andrew, his nasty comments when he is with the Bro’s are starting to get a little too much, he is so desperate to be part of the boys club it is pathetic, and his odd chest beating attempt at being an alpha male is quite off putting. It will be interesting to see how he changes the more secure he feels…

    The big issue I have with Alec is that he is supposed to be this strong player yet IMO, when you cant even stand up and say I want you out because I either dont like you or that you are a threat to me, and would rather hide behind the weak reason that she needs to be home with ther children, or that it would be better for her, you arent a strong player, you are a weak player who is putting on a front.

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