Andrew says If there’s a twist Alec and Peter are going up “at one point someone is getting scr$wed”

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 6th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 1st
HOH Winner: ANDREW Next HOH: April 4th
Original Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Current Nominations: Gary & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest Aj
Have Nots Gary, Peter, Topaz, Emmett (used Slop Pass)


9:30am Kitchen Andrew, Peter, Alec and Topaz

Andrew: ‘DAy 42 3rd of april holy f****” They chat about how it hasn’t been as cold lately, Andrew Yup
Peter: “hahah”
Andrew: “Mhh hmm “
Andrew: “Today’s a day”
They laugh Andrew :’This is riveting television.. I’m going take 8 towells and take a shower”

They chat about how Aj must be getting excited he’ll be having a companion in the jury house soon.

Talla rolls in finally sober.

They head into the backyard and start chatting about the peanuts, Snoopy, pigpen etc etc.. Lots of random conversations.

Peter says his friend did a you tube video called Canton Style which got 3 million views..
Alec says when scientific studies come out with a press release a lot is lost
Peter says that YouTube monetized in 2007, the ads displayed are either relevant to the content or a global ad that displays on all videos, Peter uses the example of the evil dead.


10:05am Zoe emerges


10:20am Kitchen Emmett, Jillian and Gary

Gary is saying he feels like death. Jillian tries to cheer him up tells him that today he’s ZOE! Emmett mentions that they stayed up late last night like Gary that is why they are feeling so rough this morning. They need to go fo bed earlier./ Gary :”I know but my body didn’t want to.. ”

Jillian talks about a dream she had.. Emmett and her were boyfriend and girlfriend at a hardware store. Jillian: “What you have for breakfast? I have to make a smoothies.. I have to make a smoothie for Peter Rabbit” She asks Emmett if he wants a slop shake. Emmett: “YES thought you would never ask.. ”

Emmett starts joking about Jillian calling what they have a “Relationship” Emmett starts talking to the camera “I have a Relationship with Alec.. a Relationship with Andrew… Ladies out there I’m looking for a relationship.. Facebook me” Talla hops in and tells the camera that all girls wanting to hook up with Emmett need to be screened by her first..

Emmett starts making them hot cocoa.. Jillian says there might be something there between them if he keeps making her cocoa. Emmett jokes “ahh well I guess that’s what I need to do to can get away from this friendship thing.. eh”

(There was some banter earlier on that Jillian called what they have a friendly relationship for something like that. it all started when Jillian told him he cannot have milk today.. immediately they called it off.. LOL really slow morning)


10:50am BAckyard Everyone but Gary.. Random useless conversations.
Talla talks about lactose milk
Alec talks about being a Emmett fan
Andrew is the prince of darkness
Jillian has a ingrown hair that is getting infected
Basically it’s Talla talking a mile a minute about random sh!t


10:57AM Emmett and Andrew Stooges war room

Andrew: “Pete wears that purple outfit for his goodbyes messages.. I think Peter is playing a good acting game or he’s in the dark about the Alec Topaz thing”

Emmett: “We could throw this angle to bring Peter in and say Alec is getting close to Topaz”
Emmett thinks that Topaz and Alec should be nominated next week. Andrew agrees but says all he’s got planned for next week is stay off the block he can’t do anything else as outgoing HOH.

Andrew says if there is a twist and one of the nominees go down he’ll put Alec up on the block. If both nominees are taken down he’ll put up Peter and Alec.

Andrew: “It my only option.. what do you want me to do put up you and Jillian.. it’ll be ugly but it’s a twist”

Andrew: “At one point someone is going to screw somebody”

Emmett points out if Gary is saved this week it’s alright for him because he hasn’t burnt any bridges with Gary. “He told me he wanted to put up Alec and Peter. Andrew doubts that will happen, “That is just what he told you”

Andrew starts to relay his conversations with Alec and Peter from yesterday and earlier today. Points out how when Alec and Peter talk in unison always backing each other up. Andrew mentions how Peter and Alec will be taking each other to the final 2 so any final 3 deal with them is stupid. Sounds like Andrew is a bit salty about Alec giving him the HOH then winning the HOH the week after and receiving a 10 grand prize. Andrew really wants to get Alec out.
Andrew: “I’m starting to get ancy I want these weeks to go by faster”
Emmett: “I’m just looking forward to get home”

Andrew mentions how Suzette and Gary were always talking about using Big Brother to gain fame, “How about just play the game.. that’s why you are here”

Andrew asks what Emmett has planed with Jillian after the show. Emmett says he’ll hang out with her but take it slow. Emmett’s mentions that his June is very busy “I have to plant all the corn in June and build my haunted house and build the maze.. ” Emmett is interested in her but he’s realistic they both have different lives that might not mesh outside the game.

Andrew is glad Liza got out when she did because she was really gunning for them. Andrew adds that Liza and Jillian were the only girls in his age category. Andrew thinks the producers thought Emmett would hook up with Danielle or maybe Topaz because. Emmett says he was excited to see what girls were in the house but never wanted to get in a showmance.

Alec joins them..
Chit chat
Alec Leaves..


Emmett: “Jill caught topaz and alec kissing yesterday .. “
Andrew says he’ll be sick if it’s Peter and Alec in the final 2. Andrew says it’s obvious that Alec is playing everyone in the game, acting nice and concerned. Andrew: “We’re not afraid of getting blood on our hands or making big moves.. look at Alec he won a single HOH and he got Suzette out.. remember his nomination speech.. ”

Andrew sounds like he’s a bit worried about the fans reactions about him getting Gary out. Andrew keeps reiterating that Gary is targeting him and is a strong player doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy.

Andrew says they are in a good position as long as there is no twist.

(Video Uploading.. it’s long)


Peter and Alec in the storage room
Peter: “In order for this to work correctly we really need to win tomorrow.
Peter: “If we win we bring in Jillian and Emmett and offer them final 4.. so we need to create an environment that gives us the highest possible chains to final four.. We suggest Andrew and see what Emmett and Jillian have to say.. gauge their reaction.. if they are hesitant then we know”
Alec: “There is no doubt in my mind those three are connected.. and there is no doubt in my mind that Andrew would take them over us and Emmett would take Andrew over us ”

They plan to get Andrew and Topaz nominated Emmett and Jillian will vote out Topaz leaving Alec and Tall to vote out Andrew. Alec thinks Talla will need some work to vote out Andrew. Peter isn’t sure he says Andrew has become a problem in the game he needs to be removed. Alec: “Here’s the thing we might be able to get Jillian on the block tell Emmett that we’re scared how close he has gotten with Andrew” They still want final 4 with Emmett and Jillian they just want to make sure Andrew goes home.

Peter: “I don’t want to Andrew to charm his way into a final 5 scenario.. Talla and Topaz have no ability to win Competitions but Andrew does” Alec: ‘I feel Topaz and Talla have a nice little bond I feel she might keep Topaz over Andrew”
Peter isn’t sure about that.

(Video Uploading.. it’s long)

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Andrew mentions how Suzette and Gary were always talking about using Big Brother to gain fame, “How about just play the game.. that’s why you are here”

sometimes i just love andrew when he keeps real.. how about just playing the game i couldnt say it better


I know gary, suzzette and danielle are very unrealistic. Has anyone gotten famous from bb the answer is no after bb they will go back to what ever they were doing before. I am confused at andrew’s comment about liza and jill around his age. Isn’t he in his late thirties and both liza and jill are in there late twenties. I think andrew likes jill because he keeps trying to gage how interested emmitt is in her.


Somebody win HOH and put Peter up.


I bet there will be a Powershift tonight, not only for the nominees but also because I feel like a Powershift is going to happen every 3 weeks, and since it’s week 6, it’s the third week after the powershift. However, I don’t know how I will feel about it…


They just had a power shift with AJ walking out the door i don’t think there will be another shift.


Vote thumbs up if you think Peter’s playing a great game. He has not been nominated yet and is letting others do the dirty work OR vote thumbs down if you think he’s just lucky to be in a strong alliance that’s carrying him.


Peter started those alliances he is one of the best students of the game. He causes NO drama and has never been nominated
How are there so many thumbs down? wow lots of jealousy or people dont like him, but his game is solid.


rachel…she made alot of money off big brother


She won. So technically she’s SUPPOSED TO make a lot of money.


Is it just me or is anyone else getting sick of watching Jillian just ride Emmett’s coat-tails to the finals. I haven’t heard her suggest 1 move or scenario to further her own or anyone else’s game so far. All she does is comfort Gary and make Emmett slop shakes and her name hasn’t been brought up as a floater at all. Peter is under the radar, but he is always running scenario’s and game plays past his Shield teammates. Emmett is a decent mix of relaxation and game play. Talla is even trying harder. I can’t even remember the last time she came remotely close to winning a challenge or a competition. Put Jillian and Peter up next nomination. Alec is a weasel, but he does do a lot of scheming and planning, so I actually give him a 1 week pass on getting nominated. I’m a wrong People???? Someone had brought up a good point about how Andrew made a great transition from floater to active participant. I think its her turn.


Well I must say I felt the same way about Jill too but knew she was not showing all her cards as obviously as a lot of people might do. She won the first HOH. She may ‘bug’ people by coming off as superficial or playing like she’s on a leash (I happen not to see that), but she has a unique way of disarming people. So, having gone through ‘I can’t stand Jillian phase’ and by the way she sometimes bugs me but she’s not perfect (just like me/you/everybody), she’s a tough opponent physically/mentally and has a relationship with someone (Emmett) who all the BOYS know is the biggest and the toughest and the nicest (at this point they’re cool with that). These two right now are GOLDEN. Andrew is super-sharp mentally and intuitively and Talla is by way of being “cute” not being seen as a threat but everyone knows she comes in pretty close behind Jill physically (at least I think so). She’s not giving it her 100. Just one girls opinion. *I don’t want to go back and read my post so please allow me some grammar/spelling mistakes here and there please people*


I think jillian is playing a really good game it may look like she is riding emmitts coat talis but she is actually playing smart she won the first hoh, she has an amazing social game that she is liked and jillian is the one that worked on andrew after tom left so they can work together it wasn’t emmitt at that point andrew wanted emmitt out jill is the one who smooth things out. The house should think emmitt is this huge threat but jill is the one who put them in a good place. I think emmitt and jill are in a really good place everyone in the house wants them on there side. Jill has been consistant in her game she doesn’t show her cards and no one seems to want her out what more can you ask for. Emmitt may be stronger but i think emmitt is where he is becasue jill is on him side and vise versa


Me too! Bimbot! Jillbo!
“Did you see how long I was in there?” (trying to decide how to vote for AJ/Andrew)
Advertise her stupidity much?
To be fair, she has thought of targeting Gary. I expect she’ll think of it even after he’s gone. There’s nothing like consistency.

Suz, Talla, Jill, Danielle – very disappointing. Kat – who knows. She didn’t read Suzette well.
Liza – I need a shower. Well, Lizard was fun while she lasted, in that personally repugnant way that makes “reality” TV a wonderful opportunity for everyone to have someone to look down on. (Catch my sadness in that remark please).

No point in crying over a spilled milkmance or what could have been with different casting or no phone call or no P*W*RSH*FT…

This whole bowing to HOH thing is bizarre. Draw the long knives! Lie like you’re depraved! Let HOH try and reign over Knaves!
Where is the out and out bare-faced scheming? You thought we were friends? You must have been dreaming!
That was last week! Now you get the reaming!
Where’s the maniacal alliance destroyers? They’re all so nice I’m going “annoyers”!
Talla for Queen! Let good times roll! Make it overproof and Live Feed the toll
that it takes on their inhibitions! Make BBCAN 1 an historic edition!


Andrew’s head is getting so big since his HOH win.


is it me or did alec screw himself over with the whole topaz situation.

she knew andrew couldn’t be trusted and he pretty much burned the bridge with her for whatever reason (was it over the ipod??) and now really only have peter in his corner.

Gary was right he does put obstacles in his own way.


I don’t know if Andrew is on a power trip. I imagine with all the uncertainty and backstabbing it is nice to have a week where you don’t have to worry and just try to get a feel where people are at.


I hope that whoever wins the hoh actually makes a big like taking out Jillian or putting Emmett up or something! Every hog just sort of runs to them to make final four deals; someone should really look into backdooring one of them


I think that the time to get jill and emmitt out has passed after next week eveyone can play for pov so there is no backdooring. The problem is the house is spit in half with jill and emmitt in the middle. You have alec,peter and topez on one side (yes after gary leaves she will be back with him) the other side is andrew and talla (regarless of what alec thinks she is loyal to andrew). Now both sides want the other side out and for either side to go further they need to control the power couple other wise they will go so I don’t see anyone taking them out because they need them to get to the end the only one that might would be topez but i doubt it.


Does Big Brother usually get this boring going late into the season?
I’ve only watched Season 3 of BBUS and that was exciting all the way through because you never knew what they were going to do.
Right now it’s a snooze fest and I’m not really a fan of all these random twists