Big Brother Canada Power Of Veto Ceremony Results!

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Have Nots No havenots this week

BBCAN2-2014-04-21 08-42-37-362

10am – 11:40am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the power of veto ceremony to take place. When the live feeds return – we learn that as the Veto holder Neda decided not to use it on either of the nominees.

Sabrina and Rachelle are in the kitchen doing their dishes. Sabrina comments on how she really doesn’t feel like being around any of them. Sabrina is complaining about not feeling well. She says that she thought eating would help but says it just made it worse. She heads into the diary room to ask for medication. Meanwhile – Adel and Neda head out into the hot tub room. Adel says if I some how make it to the end I would rather lose than get their (Gremlins) votes. F**king idiots! Rachelle joins them. Adel says today’s mission day for someone. Rachelle asks do you think so? They don’t usually on ceremony day. Adel says yesterday was so boring. Rachelle says she thought there would have been a lot more endurance competitions in the season. Adel, Rachelle and Neda lay out to suntan.

12pm – 12:10pm Adel starts talking about how Sabrina talked about having diarrhea during the veto ceremony. He says that he really doesn’t understand why she needed to tell them. Sabrina is listening to Adel talk outside the hot tub door. Sabrina goes in and tells Adel that they asked her if she threw up and I didn’t so I said I was having diarrhoea. Adel says I still don’t understand why you had to tell us but okay! Rachelle returns from being in the diary room and says that they really make you feel like you need to campaign eh!?

BBCAN2-2014-04-21 09-00-59-900

12:40pm Adel asks if any of them would be surprised if Allison was Canada’s Player? None of the house guests would be surprised. Sabrina and Neda don’t think she is but that there is something else up with her. Sabrina thinks its weird that within 48 hours she was in a relationship with Andrew.

1:15pm – 1:45pm Sabrina heads inside to the main bathroom to clean and fold towels. She then heads into the kitchen to clean. Meanwhile out in the hot tub room the other house guests talk about random things and lay in silence while suntanning. The house guests talk how Anick was the hottest girl. Neda says she doesn’t think so and barely remembers her. Jon and Adel head inside. Sabrina asks does he really sit here and talk bad about me all day long? Neda says that Jon said something sassy about you first. It’s so ridiculous now, like get over it! I should be the one talking bad about you. He is so much. It is to the point that he is looking like a real big bully. Neda says when it starts to get nasty I tell him to stop.

2pm In the kitchen Jon and Adel start cooking lunch. Heather joins them and helps cut veggies for the pasta sauce.

BBCAN2-2014-04-21 10-55-46-561

2:10pm – 3pm In the bedroom – Sabrina asks Rachelle what the hell am I going to do with out you. Sabrina says she thinks she’s not feeling well because the thought of her not being here is stressing her out. Rachelle asks what Adel was saying about her. Sabrina tells her about what she overheard him talking about when she came out to the hot tub earlier. Sabrina thinks the way people are acting is going to change peoples opinion of them. Sabrina says she’s lost weight since coming into the house because her pants are big now and used to be tight. Rachelle says lucky! Sabrina says you’re an Ethiopian compared to me. Sabrina asks if it will be a double eviction. I hope so! Rachelle says I am so confused the guys thought Anick was a bombshell! Rachelle tells Sabrina that she hopes Sabrina gets modelling after this. Rachelle says if I got offered to do Maxim, I would sh*t my pants. Sabrina asks imagine if they got the both of us to do it .. the two Gremlins. Sabrina burps and says she is literally going to throw up everywhere! Rachelle and Sabrina practices poses in the mirror. Rachelle then says I am going to sh*t myself .. I’ll be right back. Rachelle comes back and Sabrina says I think we are going to do some serious modelling after. Sabrina asks why don’t you campaign. Why don’t you tell Jon if you win you will get rid of Adel. Rachelle says I’ve already said that a million times. Rachelle says Jon is going to look bad this week I guarantee it after what I’ve seen. They lay down to sleep. After awhile big brother wakes Rachelle up but lets Sabrina sleep.

BBCAN2-2014-04-21 11-04-06-815

2:40pm – 3:15pm Jon, Neda, Heather and Adel sit down at the table to eat the pasta dish they prepared. Adel asks do you think the big man (production) knows when they’re (Sabrina) crying wolf? Heather says they know all. Adel says what the f**k are we going to do with the rest of the day now? Jon says make a hundred more pasta sauces. Heather, Neda and Jon start studying the past dates of the season. Jon asks Neda if she would be a str!pper for a lot of money. Neda says no. Nothing against them, its just not me. Adel asks Jon if he would. Jon says yeah, for a lot of money I would.

BBCAN2-2014-04-21 11-42-28-199

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This seasons sucks. I miss Kenny.

Karma rocks

I heard that sarah is back in langley and got confronted by someone at the grocery store for all the horrible things she said about heather…and sarah was trying to rationalize all the mean shit she said…hahaha what a delusional twit!!


I honestly feel bad for her kids though. She really did not represent herself well.

Can you imagine her kids, telling all their friends that mommy is gonna be on BB, and they all tune in to see her hanging off of Kenny and Jon like that? It’s so shameful.

Same thing with Janelle though. I can’t see how she wouldn’t be humiliated; with all of her friends and family being excited to see Jon, to tune in and see him sharing a sleeping bag with Neda, picking her up and swinging her around, telling her ‘don’t ever leave me again’. Brother-sister my ass! And he knows it’s true, since he never shuts about Janelle possibly leaving him.

Karma rocks

Yup…two very selfish self absorbed one else matters except themselves!(not game related at all)…its pretty funny that she f%cked up her game for kenny and the love she felt for him(nevermind that she has a husband and kids at home)and jon willing to give up his girlfriend for neda…WAKE-UP people its a game!!!!

Allison though

At least Jon keeps his distance with Neda, and it’s more playful. Allison was sucking face with Andrew, of all people, and left with a relationship.


I’ve seen interviews with Sarah and she had nothing bad to say about Heather. She actually said on 2 interviews that she thought Heather was lovely. The worst she said about her was that her voice was irritating at the beginning. I would have to agree with that actually. There’s no way I could have lived with her in the beginning. I don’t find her as annoying anymore, but I bet she seems to be more comfortable and probably being more like herself.


because she is fake as shit you really think she would say anything negative in her interviews?
someone needs to tell sarah that her 5 minutes of fame are up!
her and her husband are two of the biggest camera whores i have ever seen!!


If Neda was really serious about winning this game, she would have spoken to Adel and hatched a plan to get Jon put up on the block and evicted this week. Jon might take Heather to the final 2. He and Neda have played similar games, and it will be hard to convince the jury that he is more deserving of the money.


If she talked to Adel against Jon, Adel would probably tell Jon about it. Or at least, how would she know that he wouldn’t? She would potentially have two enemies instead of having none.


Why is Jon seen as a potential winner for this game?

At first we was an outcast,= and he was always saying too much when he got drunk. None of the guys (Arlie, Andrew and Kenny) respected him at first.

People are saying Jon is such a big threat and I don’t think he is, outside of having physical abilities what else does he have?

Game wise, there is no way Neda should lose if she takes Jon to the end with her. Whether you like her or not.

Neda has
– Social game
– Physical abilities
– and Strategy
– She has also been able to never be put on the block and isn’t a target for any of the remaining HG.

She is not manipulated by anyone. Rather, she is THE manipulator. She can tell everyone in jury that she made Jon put Arlie on the block. She has played this game under the radar (at least under the HG radar).

Neda can take anyone to the end and still win the game… IMO. Job well done, Neda.


The only thing that can go against Neda is that she was so behind the scenes, that the jury doesn’t know how much if it was her. A lot of her moves might look like Jon’s moves in the eyes of the jury.


I don’t know of any times in US/Canada that a woman has won in the final two against a man, with the exception of Jillian’s accidental win last year. When the final two is a guy and a girl, the guy always wins. If I were Neda, there is no way I would take Jon. I’m not saying they’re sexist, but…….. Okay, I am saying they’re sexist.


Neda has almost no social game, you Neda fans sure don’t tell the truth. She has stuck to people that she is aligned with socially. That’s Heather, Jon and not even much with Deli. You think her good bye message to Arlie was social. Come on tell the truth please! Physically I don’t remember her doing that much. She has endurance potential because of her light body weight but she’s been a questions girl. Nothing wrong with that as a strength mind you. Here’s what Jon has that she doesn’t. He has played a SOCIAL game! That is why he shouldn’t sit beside her F2 if Neda wants to win. Jon carried her the 1st 1/2 of the season on his social game. He’s chatted up virtually everyone at one time or another. He is likely far more liked by Canada in general than Neda as well. See those nasty messages just aren’t hurting the HGs but also are found disgusting by many BB fans who have a vote.

Of those left she beats Sabby, Adel and I’m not sure about Heather. that’s where bitter jury could come into play. I think we’ll have bitter Canada as well. That is why Jon has to go for Neda to win. She and Heather might be 4-3 but a lot of folks like the Gremlins shunned Heather early on. Right now Sabby sees Adel as the guy with the knife not keeping his word. That’s good for Neda as it might get her both Gremlin votes. I can see the possibility of beating Heather big if the jury isn’t bitter. I think versus big Jon she loses. Oh and just to keep memory straight it was Neda that lied on the F4 with Allison and put her up. no idea what a BB idiot like Allison would do with her vote.


Even her questions game is dubious. You can tell that 40 acorns really was her best guess. Her fans give her too much credit; saying that she pulled some brilliant Price is Right strategy. That doesn’t even make sense. In Price is Right, the contestants can hear what the person before them guesses, so they can judge if they all went over or not. They’re not just taking wild guesses!

And I agree that there isn’t much social game there either. In fact she’s unnecessarily malicious, when it can only hurt her game but can’t help it. She has an anti-social game.

However, at this point she’s really the only strategist in the house. Even though she’s overrated, she still has made enough moves, and shown enough strategy, that she does deserve to win over this sorry lot. But that’s not saying much.


Stan, Neda does have a social game. To the point where who ever she brings with her to final 3 will pick her as their final two.


What your referring to I have written about several times. At the rate the game is playing out Neda could be golden F3 and not need to play 7 questions. As both Jon and Heather would take her as an example. Your problem is that is not social that is strategy. And I can think of few here who do not recognize she is strategic. Social is building relationships that allow evictees for example to vote for you to win the money. Canada gave the outsiders a break and they ran with it. In my post you can note that I said she had a social game within her alliance of Heather and Jon.


I agree with almost everything, but you got one fact wrong. She was on the block on the second week (Andrew’s HOH), but Kenny took her off. I don’t remember why she was put on the block in the first place though, since both Andrew and Kenny always said she was useless. Of course, for Andrew that might just have been a solid reason :P


At that point in the game anyone that they did not read as full on supporting them (Andrew/Kenny) were useless. If you recall, most HG’s were useless in these two’s minds. Neda was truly a pawn for them.


In addition;

She has won 2 HOH’s: the first sent Kenny out the door and the second sent Allison packing (the 2 largest targets at the time in the house who weren’t in her alliance).

And apparently now she has also won a POV.

Based on who is left in the house she has won the most by virtue of her 2 HOH’s

Jon has won 1 HOH and 2 POV’s (HOH’s are worth more in my opinion)

Moving forward I think Neda will try to let John win this week if it isn’t an endurance comp since the HOH at Final 4 is the most important HOH/POV to win and she’ll want to ensure Jon and Heather are her F2 options.

We’ll have an idea of who BB Production wants in the F3 based on what the HOH competition is this coming week after Rachelle leaves. If it’s endurance they want Heather/Neda to win or if it’s physical they want Jon to win. If it’s questions they want Sabrina to have a chance to still shake things up. My money is on endurance with physical the following week. But we’ll see.

Neda has been my favorite for quite some time & we saw her true personality the night people at the table were saying something nice about each person and she started crying when she spoke about Jon. She’s managed to maintain her emotions for the most part though and is perhaps the most complete BB FEMALE player ever. If you look at her alliance the timing of Neda’s wins there is no way those 3 would still be in the game.

Something to watch out for is Jon telling Neda that Heather and he have a F2 b/c you could see the wheels start turning in her head. I still think Neda has the best shot to make F2 simply because Sabrina messed up by saying everyone will vote for Heather and the house knows how much Adel has been liked outside.

I think Neda believes she can beat Jon based on her overall play and hopefully Allison/Arlie (true BB fans) would vote for her, as well as Heather/Adel should they join them. Who knows who the Gremlins would vote for but I hope Canada would vote for the complete player which would be Neda.


She won her first HOH unintentionally though, and made that clear to everyone. In fact she threw a tantrum over it. So you can hardly be credited with an HOH win that you didn’t want to win in the first place. Which again shows a hole in her strategy because that HOH win turns out to be a strong point on her resume. But she should have kept quiet about not wanting to win it.

The fact that it got Kenny out is also irrelevant. Once Kenny was outta the game, it made no difference who won the HOH. What she does deserve credit for is getting Kenny outta that comp; but she doesn’t deserve credit for winning the HOH because she didn’t even want to but wasn’t smart enough to just guess the wrong answer. Instead she got mad at Arlie for guessing the wrong answer, when she could have just as easily done the same.


Tantrum? Sorry, I must have missed that. What I say was her try to throw the comp to Arlie, then Arlie throwing it back to her. Then her hitting in the arm, and saying “You jerk!” with a smile on her face. Hardly a tantrum, no matter how pissed she was. I know you can’t stand her, but let’s not exaggerate here.


“saw” not “say” doh…


Okay yes I did exaggerate. But she did shoot him a dirty look, and then go off in the DR about it. She was legitimately mad about it. I just think that’s ridiculous when she could have easily thrown that competition as soon as Kenny left.


But hang on, she wanted to lose ONLY when it came down to her & Arlie at that point someone in their alliance was guaranteed to win. She took out I believe Kenny in her first round of the competition. So the point was she thought it was going to be an endurance comp in the 2nd round therefore she wanted Arlie to take the first round. She did know the answer but wanted to compete in endurance.

So please don’t believe it was a mistake or coincidence she won she simply was hoping to get HOH and win the next round. As it turned out it was the weird one of putting balls in the holes. Regardless it didn’t matter when Jon won b/c it was STILL basically her HOH when she convinced Jon to back door Arlie. He never would have done it without trusting Neda or w/o her encouragement. Then she made sure to get Allison on board to take out Arlie.

Neda has a complete game and has positioned herself well.

I forget who said BB is a 3-part game. In the first section you lay low in comps, make friendships and observe (Neda excelled in that regard)

In the second section, you firm up your alliances and take out the big threats who aren’t aligned with you. (Neda once again excelled)

In the third and final section you win when you need to (she just did that) and make sure you have as many people willing to take you with them to F2 (appears all 3 want to take her based on conversations today) and make whatever moves/discussions necessary so you ensure you make it through to final 4, 3 and finally to 2.

Neda is super intelligent so she’ll be able to convince Heather no female wins sitting beside a man and she’ll remind Jon what Sabrina said about voting for Heather. Neda wants to be competing with these two in F3 so she’s played a great game. The only flaw in her plan would be if Sabrina wins HOH next week or someone other than Jon as well as neither of her or Jon win POV and the rest of them decide to get rid of Jon given the opportunity.


Neda’s relationship with Jon reminds me of Diane’s relationship with Drew in season 5 of Big Brother US. Neda will end up doing all of the strategizing and Jon will swoop in and grab the credit (and the money) for all of her gameplay. What makes her think that the jury will give her the money if she is sitting next to Jon? Also, if Adel were to tell Jon that Neda was trying to get him out, Neda could always deny it….claiming that Adel is just trying to break up their final two alliance.


I cant stand any of the remaining house guest. Maybe Heather.
Bring on BBUSA please.


Neda is great … She has playing to win from day 0 … loved her trying to extract info from drunk Allison.
BB Staff needs to sit down and play a game of chess with the wannabe contestants. If they suck …to the curb


Heather’s the only one I like too. There was a time when I liked Neda, Jon, and Adel. But the more I see of them, the less I like.


Then don’t watch it! No ones making u


No need to be rude.


Damn there so many annoying viewers on here. “Oh this show is so boring now blah blah” go complain somewhere else it’s a freakin game show. They’re playing smart not stupid! Why would u want to keep strong competitors, it’s not there fault they can’t win challenges


Why don’t you leave if other people’s opinion bother you so much. Or do you think this blog is about you. Get over your self please.


Lol honey when did I mention myself in this? And remember its a game! #teamnedaandjohn


I actually think Jon would win over Neda in the final 2, hands down!


Can’t stand any of these people anymore.
To be honest, Sabrina is the only interesting houseguest to me anymore and I hope she wins next week to put everyone in their place and make a move. Getting boring now.


Agree with you. The Sloppy seconds are soooo boring!!! You may not always like Sabrina but at least she is entertaining!


The gremlins should get their own show after this. Kinda like The Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. I honestly think that would be hilarious TV.


K, everyone, if you haven’t noticed, this Michael is that’s same guy as that Ernick douche that was on here before. He’s obviously liking his own comments over and over. He’s the same guy that has a stick up his ass about Neda. His comments are just plain stupid. A guy that wants to watch Sabrina and Rachelle have a show. WOW! Yeah, that’d be great, about as good as seeing Sabrina’s picture in Maxim. Phew! People are nuts!


Lol, who the fuck is Errick?? You are seriously whacked lady…

I made one post under a different name, Wind Shield Factor, because I thought it was hilarious that HG’s kept saying that. I’m sure as shit not this Errick guy and I wouldn’t give myself multiple thumbs up even if I could.


It’s definitely Not the same guy. I can tell because ernick used to annoy me, and I almost always agree with Michael. Some of us have started to find humor in Sabrina delusions. Move on. (and get a new name)


Nope, keepin the name, and he’s still a douche


Big brother always gets boring near the end when there are less people in the house. Doesn’t matter who is in the house.


Shelly getting her’s late in BB USA 13 wasn’t boring but the F2 sucked. BB USA 14 definitely wasn’t boring! I think perspective depends on how the season ran to say F5/F4. Less strategy more comp beast driven late. This season has no true comp beast. Even giving Neda credit for questions she needs to win one of the 1st 2 parts of the 3 part final to play 7 questions. But if I’m correct she is going to make sure both of the other F3 HGs will take her F2. She’s almost home to finale night. Putting a target on Adel likely gets her F4. Not even sure a Sabby POV win gets her eliminated. Gotta figure that’s how Jon would get evicted before Neda.

Just want to mention folks saying leave and stop watching, ect. Communities like this have folks who get frustrated by the state of the game. Let them voice it without the sny unnecessary remarks. Everyone’s entitled to vent. Try writing something that focuses on the game instead of the person it’s a lot more fun as a suggestion.


Sometimes you could stand to take your own advice Stan. I’ve seen you get really pissy with people who disagree with you.


Yup I sure do when people misrepresent facts as some Neda supporters do like yourself. But I get p*ssed regarding BS centered around game play I’m not telling them to leave the site for starters. As usual you don’t fairly look at the difference. I don’t go around cyber bulling threads as the pro Neda supporters do with thumbs down and clearly what appears to be the same person posting under multiple tags over the weekend for example. 3 tags all referring to me as “bud” instead of Stan and all pro Neda. If it’s a coincidence I’d be surprised. One post below the other saying virtually the same untrue/incorrect point could be coincidence I guess.

And for the other part of your comment your really unfair. I’m not surprised frankly. In any BB season how many positive comments do I leave on threads. I take my advice literally all the time. As for getting POd on game here that is consistent with my position of letting people vent. Your comment is unfair and represents many of the Neda supporters. Don’t deal with issues fairly and misrepresent those who disagree with you to the point of out right lying sometimes..


You don’t actually know me, so you can’t say whether I’m a Neda supporter or not. Easy on the assumptions.

And I don’t agree that my comment was unfair. You have personally attacked people in the threads. Not cool.


Adel’s playing like such an idiot since winning HOH. I love the guy but he should stay humble like he was before. I feel like at this point everyone should try to take him to F2, he has already two votes against him.


Its gone to his head! He needs to go back to humble Adel! Grab the flag and put it above his headboard in hoh room! He is forgetting what / who has kept him in this game so far!
Although I do agree—its time Sabrina goes and they should respect his wish and keep Rachelle one more week!

Canada's vote

And if he keeps being a dick, he will lose Canada’s jury vote too.

D Sterling

i think all that adel has done is secure his jury seat….


That is exactly his strategy, if you were wondering what’s he doing. He hopes every remaining contestant will want to bring him to f2 thinking they would win over him with a bitter jury


Adel is once again showing that he has no idea how this game works… the point is to get to the end and get JURY VOTES to win… him saying that he would rather not have the gremlins’ votes than have them (aka half the votes required to win the game) shows he is NOT thinking strategically at this point…


Maybe he’s purposely doing that so he can be taken to final 2 since he already has two votes going against him.


So good for Sabrina to feel there is no options! Too bad they want Rachelle out(at least she’s not being a sore loser!) now sabrina knows how they felt (Arlie, Andrew, and more!)


I just heard the part where she is saying she thinks Canada likes them (the gremlins)

Poor thing.


I think too much interference in the game by BB producers is what makes it become so boring.
By trying to make it “fair” for underdogs, it takes the element of gamesmanship out of the equation. Why not let those who are on top early on alone to see if they sink or swim? What’s the point of calling it a game and awarding any prizes when you meddle in it, thereby screwing up strategies the “game players” have?
I’m a competitor by nature, and I’d like to see a natural evolution of a season play out.
Let’s get back to “May the best player win”!

D Sterling

i have to agree with you.

the game inside the house has been undermined from outside the house. Not to be rude, but this game should be watched from the outside, and no impact on the inside. Want to give a secret POV, that is fine, but to give an outside source the power to eliminate a player just doesnt sit right with me. As I said before, there is over $100,000.00 in prizes available here, and the opportunity to win should belong with those people inside the house only….not Canada…sorry, my opinion, but this game isnt fun to watch anymore


Exact;y. Everyone talks about the great game Neda has played (and it has been decent, although a bit overrated), but the truth is that she would not be in her position if it weren’t for BB interference.

The funny thing is that Neda was the only one fully committed to The Stupids, which would have been eaten alive by the rest of the house. And she would have been one of the first to go. So how smart is she really?


Hard to agree with you. After Andrew was nominated I think that side of the house won maybe one more POV. As their sole strategy seemed to be winning challenges and not bothering to engage the other side in side deals of any sort, it’s no surprise that this is where we are. Even without Canada’s nominees that side was dunzo.


Hard to say for sure. There definitely would have been a butterfly effect, and things would have been very different. We don’t know what would have happened, all we know is that everything lined up for Neda after BB interference. The truth is, she’s lucky that The Stupids was doomed from the start or she would have went down with that ship. She’s had a lot of luck on her side.

I didn’t like Andrew and Kenny, but I can’t deny they were strong competitors. Together they could have easily won more competitions.

Let’s also not forget that the HOH comp that got Kenny out was weighted heavily against that side of the house; by having Sabrina and Rachelle go against each other to start it off.


Red veto was given to allison too

mark anthony

kenny sucks


“I can’t eat salad” !!! Boy she sure is not lucky is she, hospitalized every year for eating fibre. OK- I know that it happens… but how strange that Sabrina has that condition along with everything else that she has going for her…Please, with what you have shoved in your mouth, am surprised your stomach even know swhat is what.


She’s probably lactose intolerant.

D Sterling

Trying to wrap my head around all this. There are 6 left in the house. With around 3 weeks left, doesnt look like any houseguests will be returning to the house like Gary did last year. I honestly dont think John can win, regardless to who might be with him in the final 2. Heather has him beat…Neda can take him out…the only thing he has in his favour is that he made the only big move of the game by getting rid of Arlie, and he only did it because Neda told him to, and she can use that to her advantage to the final jury. As i said before, I have lost a lot of interest to watch the rest of the season. Too much outside interference in the game. They think it will involve Canadians more, but if you wanted to be involved more, you should be inside that house, where the real game should be played. Good luck to whoever wins….with only 6 jury votes to be counted, who knows. hope we dont get another topaz this year


Canada is the 7th Jury vote! So I guarantee it will come down to Canada breaking a Tie!!! (the handwriting is on the wall–production will manipulate the game to do exactly that!_


I just finished Sundays episode and although I love how it’s all happening (Neda Heather Jon and Adel sticking together) I’m not gonna lie I kind of felt bad for Rachelle and Sabrina. It’s a lot easier for us to say they’re stupid for not keeping Arlie but it was obviously a big choice with everyone telling them they were safe – Adel’s speech was just very aggressive and I feel bad it was so strong and they took it so personally :/


they didn’t vote Arlie out for the promises of safety made to them, they voted him out because they thought it was the best thing to do without anyone promising anything to them. in other words, for selfish reasons, because they felt he wouldn’t be reliable, they might as well go with the ones that they could predict, the final results would be the same as in them being everyone’s targets.

they just didn’t anticipate that allison was a real target, over them lol


Selective memory or just lying? Arlie was golden for a couple days until Jon, Adel and Neda started the BS routine. Adel with I’ll go after Joneda and Allison buying an F4 that was never happening. You can tell all the misrepresentations you want but these 3 got played by better game from Adel, Neda and Jon. You can hang your hat on a sentence any eviction but if you watch the feeds and are honest you know the talk was decidedly keep Arlie and the 4-2 advantage next HOH til Allison got conned on the F4. That left Sabby and Ro losing 3-2 regardless so they vote Arlie out and bought Adel’s BS about going after Joneda to comfort them when they voted. Allison bit on the F4 deal sealed the week nothing after that made a statistical difference.


one of the few times I agree with your assessments Stan. It was Allison’s gullibility in falling for the F4 deal that sealed Arlie and his angels fate.


i am hoping this game becomes about alliances rather than backstabbing about who they feel most likely to beat in the end. So in that case i’d like to see JoNeda at the end, as it would signal the value of an alliance that actually made it from early in the show to the end. Unlike Jemmet, where Jillian picks the person she figured she could win against. She was wrong, it is entirely possible she would have won against Emmett, we already know her choice to take Gary because she thought she’d win against him was wrong, just misvoting got her the 1st. I think had she stuck with the real Jemmett alliance, she would have legitimately won the game. At the very least, she would still have gotten 2nd, which is all she got with Gary.

The best thing about JoNeda is that they are not a showmance, they are not spending 10000% of their time together in bed and excluding other houseguests. They are not treating their HOH like a mini kingdom, in fact Neda is like the only double HOH winner who has never gotten the HOH ROOM LOL.


You have lost your ever loving mind!!! Emmitt went to jury by GARY and not Jillian. Jillian won the show those are the facts. You make things up here that are blatantly false. There are those that argue Topaz cost Gary the win. Which is very obvious to anyone but Jillian got the money and prizes. She never turned on Emmitt that pure BS.


Gary picked Jill….not the other way around


Which made Emmett the bitterest of all jury members.


IMHO BB is a game of strategy … not a frat house and who can be most outrageous .. I think mtv covers that!
If it seems dull, I place the blame on BB … they need to step up their game when it comes to twist and comps.
Does anyone at BB have an imagination? (I’m guessing not) How many true/false type comps can we watch? And throw in more
comps during the week playing for prizes, powers, punishments. Enough with the stupid group slop also.

Nana Jo

I posted most of this on the last thread before I realised there was a new one. I don’t care for this new facet of Adel’s personality. If Adel thinks that ripping each jury member apart before they leave will guarantee him at least 20k, then he really, truly doesn’t understand the game. Regardless of your real feelings, you have to ‘play nice’ and try and have jury members leave with as little bitterness towards you as possible. Cajole them, tell them how ‘strong’ they are, that they’re a threat etc. That kind of plan will only guarantee that you don’t receive votes. You should be playing the ‘pumping Andrew’s tires’ game with potential jurors. Keep the total honesty until afterwards, bud!

I don’t think either Heather or Adel has a chance against either Jon or Neda, who have a 50/50 between themselves. As much as I hate to say it, both Heather and Adel’s best bet is to take Sabs to final 2. Heather would certainly win against her, and most likely, Adel would, too. Neither of them will win against Jon or Neda. I am sure Jon would take Neda to the final, but I’m not so sure that she would take him. Personally, I want Heather to win. She is a sweet, kind, lovely girl …. but to be honest, I don’t think it’s going to happen. My son thinks if Jon wins, he’s the kind of guy who will basically have a 100K six month Pardy-Party …. and I agree.


With The Gremlins Leaving The Show Will Suck I Dont Care Who Wins Anymore I Dont Like Adel Or Neda Cuz They R Mad Psychos Jon & Heather I Guess




I automatically down vote anything written in all caps




Take your keyboard off CAPS lock. There’s no need to yell your opinion.


All the best players have haters…

I mean, look at Andy – KIDDING. Totally kidding he sucks.


I’m just going to defend Andy’s game here:
He is a social threat more than anything else. He was not only a socialite in the game, he offered something to all his alliances by retrieving info to maintain his alliance
Nick, and Judd tried to play Andy’s social game, but they saw through both of them. No one even bothered touching Andy’s social game, because he was vital to Amanda’s alliance and the Exterminators, when he switched sides.
Not to mention, he did win HOH and Veto competitions.


does anyone know if Neda was told she can’t talk about the War Room? Or if she hasn’t been told that, has she told anyone about it, and that she thinks Allison was in it?

I hadn’t seen anything about if she was or wasn’t able to talk about it, not in the show’s diary room or the private convo with Arisa when choosing the noms.


Arissa TOLD NEDA — she can’t say where she was or she will be put up on the block for eviction (not exactly same as was told Allison-but just as bad) she can’t say nothing!


neda was told to keep the secret room a secret & must never reveal it to the other HG


Meanwhile Sabs and Roro are planning their big modeling careers. LIke that will happen!! The BB psychologist must be pissing himself laughing at the delusional thinking of these 2.


I have to agree with most of the comments. BB has interfered far to much this season and hope they don’t do it next year. Canada made a mistake by putting Andrew and Sabrina up at the same time. There again interference by BB.. Bring on USA Big Brother


I have to agree with most of the comments. BB has interfered far to much this season and hope they don’t do it next year. Canada made a mistake by putting Andrew and Sabrina up at the same time. There again interference by BB. Bring on USA Big Brother.




Just my observations;

Jon rude, loud, gross, sore loser, and did not study this game before entering the house
Adel thinks highly of himself, was a pretend friend, fake, and pretends to be accepting of all people
Heather an actress playing a role, trash talker, knows how to manipulate men, does not entertain viewers
Neda a gamer, mean spirited, heartless, and boring
Rachelle bland, has a nasty mouth, naive, and at times is clueless
Sabrina loyal yet not to a fault, strange, intimidating at times and full of herself

meseyz (imoho!)

you also did not rate them individually or as a peer group on a social drinker verses binge drinker verses closet ‘alkie’ scale


Here’s one more example of Neda not being as smart as everyone thinks (I know, I’m beating a dead horse):

Earlier on the feeds she was talking about past HG Jerry. She was telling everyone about how he was like 80. They’re like “no way, 80 years old??”. She replies “actually I think he was like 88!”

Really Neda? 88 years old? He was 75! An 88 year old man would probably die playing Big Brother. How does she not realize how absurd that is?

She’s definitely smart in some areas, such as language skills, but her common sense is just f*cked!


that’s an odd thing to say, getting irate over her suggesting 88, or 80. if he was 75, that isn’t that far from 80, not enough to get this mad about lol. The 88 obviously a joke, but to a 22 year old there isn’t much diff in saying 75 or 80, and there isn’t much actual difference in reality. it isn’t like she said 80 but he was really 65.


I’m not mad about it obviously. It’s just an absurdly dumb thing for her to say, and she was being dead serious in saying that. My point is that she’s being painted as some super genius when in reality she’s pretty dense at times.


And yes the difference between 75 and 88 is pretty huge, especially when talking about playing BB. It’s a 13 year difference!

88 year old’s are lucky to be alive, let alone playing BB!


STOP YELLING!!!! It only makes your spelling mistakes more obvious.


Hey bud? Who’s yelling?



another name

the only people who don’t agree that the production fixes have been far too blatant and biased are the ones whose favorite characters have benefitted.
i’m glad I don’t have a favorite houseguest. it won’t happen, but whoever makes it to the final two really should say that they are in the final two because production wanted it this way to increase ratings.
point out the game play of the players in power. i’ll point out game play that would never have occurred if not for the fix. it would have been at least two weeks before any of them realized what was really going on in the game. in that time, two of them would be gone.


It was actually a very good move. Canada’s HOH only took out Andrew. The problem was the first five and alliance did not rise from that fall. If they allowed themselves an HOH win, things would have been different.

another name

i believe it did more than just take out Andrew.
it revealed a lot more.
a) it indirectly revealed Sabrina’s involvement with a group nobody suspected she was working with. it terminated her strategy. the strength of the unsuspected alliance was that no one acted on definitive proof that there was an unsuspected alliance. up to Canada’s hoh, sara was revealed to have ‘switched sides’. Kenny and Andrew were openly allied. arlie was playing both sides. heather knew arlie and sara were part of a group that saved her. jon knew there was another alliance, Kenny told him week two, but didn’t reveal who all the members were.
b) it made it impossible to counter move in that week, only because it made everyone afraid who would be in third, thereby guaranteeing that no one would use the power of veto.
c) it precipitated arlie’s jump. he was always going to jump, but he himself said he wasn’t going to jump for another two or three weeks.
I would respect the move as a game move made by a player in the house. I’ve heard the sloppy seconds take credit for it. I disagree. the fact that it was a game move made not by a player but by the game makes me think it guaranteed that the group that was steamrolling the game would no longer be able to do so.
so, game fix move followed by two trivia hoh challenges. one of which has already been questioned for being rigged (there was a production error that mysteriously caused the buzzers not to work when rachelle hit the button first, but was fixed less than thirty seconds later during a live eviction night hoh contest, with jon getting the next question right…. that was edited out on the next episode, and the rules of the game saying wait for the whole question to be read before answering was also edited out since it was obvious that two players were hitting the buzzer after the words true or false).
just saying, production has been far more of a power player in the game than any of the contestants.


Sabrinas rude to say rachelle looks like an Ethiopian


gremlins r just numbers but they r fun loving sabrina’s happy go lucky…If Sabrinas slim to no-chance actually wins HOH she will put up jon & Adel…that would change the Game & if veto is used she will put up Neda as a replacement & im sure Adel will Goo….Then its final 4…I pray thats how the cards unfold!!!!


I think Allison going totally was a good thing—-she wasn’t smart at this game at all—glad Arlie got to welcome her—-as in her drunken stupor she had the chance to align with him and totally flip the house!
Something will happen –maybe Rachelle will find secret veto before thurs!
Then Adel if he was smart—get neda or jon out


If gremlins win hoh they’ll put up jon & adel or neda & adel but for sureee AdeL…. & if neda’s on the block & wins veto & takes herself off gremlins will replce her w Jon & if Adel wins veto Gremlins will replace him w Neda…So in the end ADEL or NEDA will goo home..Would love to see Adel Get Backdoored As Karma For That Evil Speech & Cocky Ways!!!


Sabrina needs to pick up her spirits & stay under the raidar…she still has a slimmmm chance to change the game


Apparently she did well in the POV challenge so it will be interesting to see how much game she has in her.


ADEL IS PLAYING with his emotions & moving like a bitchhh he should be putting up jon & neda thatsss realll game, but he’s too busy catching feelings for the gremlins & wants them gone for all the wrong reasons…Hes a pussy!!


I hope gremlins win Next Hoh & put Adel & Jon On the block & if one of them win veto then they can backdoor Neda…& in this case if i were neda & heather i’d throw the veto challenge as a perfect chance to keep there hands clean & get ridd of the guys…


Dude, it’s going to be the final 5 though. You shouldn’t be throwing anything at this point.


Immagine Sabs wins hoh & Puts up Adel & Jon & then Rachelle finds a secret Veto lol


Why on earth is Jon allowed to use the hot tub with a genital yeast infection???? UGH!!! He really is disgusting sometimes. Loving that Adel is in there with him though!