Adel asks Jon if you were a girl which dude would you like to get pumped by? Jon says probably me!

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Have Nots No havenots this week

BBCAN2-2014-04-21 12-59-10-344

3:20pm – 4pm Jon, Neda, Heather and Adel head up to the HOH room where Rachelle is listening to Adel’s HOH music. Rachelle tells them that his music makes her want to just go to the club to get drunk and grind. Neda calls Jon out for touching his balls all the time. It’s gross. Jon asks her if it would be gross if she has her man’s balls in her hand all the time. Adel leaves and comes racing back in and tells them guys come look there’s a bunch of beach balls and stuff. The others jump up to run out the the HOH room. Jon says he’s a liar. Adel asks if we fill up a condom with water and toss it around will it pop. Neda and Jon say eventually. Jon says that he and his friends attached a condom to the shower and let if fill up till it hit the bottom. Adel asks that big?! Jon says well yeah they have to be big enough to fit me. Neda is listening to the HOH music while stroking Jon’s leg. Neda says it really would be the worst thing ever if Sabrina won HOH next week. Adel ask who I am.. He bends down behind the couch and holds sour keys over his eyes. He stands up and says the roundness of the sour keys will tell you who I am. Adel goes to take a bath. Jon asks Heather for massage.

BBCAN2-2014-04-21 12-53-27-540

4:25pm Adel taking a bath asks them to come look. Heather goes to see what Adel wants them to see. He tells her to guess which house guest he made out of bubbles. Neda comes in next and then Adel calls Jon to come look. Jon says no way, I already know its me. Adel laughs. Adel asks Neda if you were a boy in this house who would you date? Neda says good question. Neda says probably Heather. Heather says if I was a guy there would be no f**king way I would ever touch Sarah, Allison or Ika. Adel asks Jon if you were a girl which dude would you like to get pumped by? Jon says probably me. Adel says what you’ve got a ye@ster with gross a$$ foreskin. Jon asks Deli if you had a v@-J@y-J@y which guy would you date? Jon asks me? Adel says no way you’ve got a ye@ster.

BBCAN2-2014-04-21 13-28-23-514

4:30pm – 4:45pm Jon and Neda start wrestling he sits on her and spanks her with a shoe. Jon, Neda and Jon head out to the backyard to throw the Frisbee around.

BBCAN2-2014-04-21 13-38-13-156

5pm In the bathroom – Sabrina lays in bed and looks up at the camera and says what’s up?! She heads into the bathroom with Rachelle. They comment on how bored it is in the house now. Sabrina says it will be till the end they’re all just going to pick each other off now. Rachelle says I wish something would happen, I’m so bored!

5:10pm – 5:20pm Adel, Heather and Neda head inside the house to hide from Jon so that he won’t know where they are when he comes out of the diary room. Heather tries to hide in the bed ottoman but can’t fit because she says her butt is too big. Heather and Neda then hide between the wall and Allison’s old bed. Neda says this blanket smells! Heather says yuck! Neda says it smells like Andrew. It hasn’t been washed since Kyle was in it.

Meanwhile Jon comes out of the diary room and finds Sabrina & Rachelle in the backyard – He asks they were Neda, Heather and Adel are? They tell him they don’t know. Jon goes to the bedroom and looks in. He asks what the f**k is going on?! He runs to the backyard and asks what the f**k is going on? He then runs around the entire house and finally comes back to the bed room and finds them. They all laugh. You guys are all idiots! I knew you little f**ks were trying to pull something!

BBCAN2-2014-04-21 14-19-29-228

5:30pm – 6pm Jon says lets make the agreement that if any of us in the alliance f**k each other then they don’t get the other three votes in jury. Neda says that’s a good agreement to make. Jon says I don’t think any of us would do it but its just a good agreement to have. Adel agrees. Adel says once one of the gremlins goes then all four of us have a really good chance at getting some real paper! Jon says the biggest thing this week is that Sabrina can’t win HOH or veto this week. Heather & Adel say she won’t win anything. Adel and Jon head to the HOH room and fill Heather in on how if any of them screw over their alliance they would lose the other 3 jury votes. Adel forgets Jon’s last name and asks what it is. Jon won’t tell him and tells Heather not to either. Adel finally remembers it and says Jon Bardy! Adel says he can’t wait to frame his Canadian flag that everyone has signed. He says he still wants to get Arisa, Peter, Gary and Anick to sign it.

Sabrina and Rachelle in the storage room eating all the raspberries so that no one else can have them.
BBCAN2-2014-04-21 14-57-55-107

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Pinocchio Obama

Jon why am I not surprised?


I think Jon is delusional, I saw his erect penis pic that is out there on the internet and it don’t look like much.


Jon I would be pissed if I was your girlfriend he obviously has feelings for neda


It is hrd not to have some feeling for someone you been around with 24/7 in a house all day for months.


Can we get Andrew back in the house just to rattle a few cages, shake thing up, even if he gets evicted in the same week?


Why did Heather say she wouldn’t touch Allison? I thought they were close. She cried when Allison left. She was always cuddling and petting her. That doesn’t make any sense.


she’s become so mean!


Yeah, I know, I don’t get Heather, I have no idea where her head is at or what she is thinking. She doesn’t reveal much to anyone when she talks. She must know Jon and Neda have a final 2 deal- but I really have no idea what strategy she is doing at any given time.


That i the side of heather that was often blocked out from the shows and much of the feeds. Heather is not as nice as people here thought. All you saw was her being made fun of but she would often act close to you and hug you just so she could get close enough to stab you in the back. She talked alot of bad about people and it wasn’t ll made up. Now that the house is smaller it i harder and harder to edit out this behaviour to make her look nice.


heather is just stroking nedas ego….. and vice versa…..


Yes Beaugard I agree that Jon is delusional. He is also a booze hound that allows alcohol to fuel his poor excuse for a game.


I’ve lost interest in the last couple of weeks and haven’t been keeping up with the feeds, but seems to me Neda is the only one left worth rooting for.

Karma rocks

There true colours are really starting to shine through…can you imagine if the first five were still in the house..they were horrible people then i could only imagine what they would be saying and doing know..what a shitshow that would be!


cam 2 actually shows jon running around looking for them lol so funny


Neda sucks


heather voting off allison makes perfect sense for the game & thats y she was crying cuz it hurt her to have to evict her but it was for game so was a smart move on her part although heartbreaking at the same time….If heather voted off sabrina it would have made no diff only worse for her loyalties & game besides, heather never had no real alliance w Allison but Neda is her main girl…Im sure they will enjoy eachother later for sure!


Adel is acting like a pussy & is obviousley alot more emotional than he’s letting off…IF he had Any REAL GAME he would put up jon & neda go for the “heavies on the range” The strongest players since he goes on like hes some Gangsta Ninja then he should drop it like its hot!!! Y Waist ur HOH on the weakest links…The gremlins r just numbers to the game the have no power But Jon & Neda R The Sharksss….WAke Up BuD!!!


its true adel is all caught up waisting his emotions on hating sabrina so he put up the gremlins instead of being a game changer & put up Jon & Neda & in the end its rachelle who’s bouncing so its a realll senseless & stupid move on his part, he should blind eye to the gremlins & not let them annoy him soo much like get over it cuz its mentally weak…I wonder y he even feels soo much emotions for sabrina….maybeee he secretly likes her!!!


Well he’ll figure it out next week when he’s in the jury house. Maybe Arlie can help explain it to him.


Like the saying: “if a boy teases you on the playground it’s because he likes you”? Sounds about right!


Adel is a complete idiot. I cringe every time he opens his mouth, he can’t talk properly, he can’t act properly, and he can’t play game properly. He’s arrogant, and pathetic. I wan’t him OUT.


Yeah Jon, ALL the girls would be wanting to get with you and your yeast infection – for sure!


IKR? This has been a season of ‘ewwww’. John with his constant hand down his pants and yeast infection, Sabrina with her nose picking, cold sores and bloody tampons, Andrew with his constant booger picking/eating, Rachelle with her on the toilet with the door open, Allison’s showmance with Andrew while her boyfriend watches from home, Sarah overtly flirting with any guy that gives her attention while her husband and kids watch from home, Jon and Neda’s constant foreplay while Janelle watches from home, not to mention all of the burping and farting going on, etc. Most people who know they are being watched 24/7 would be embarrassed to show their disgusting side to the world knowing how they will be talked about outside of the hosue.


This house is SO BORING and will be til the end
Please BB Canada shake the game!!!!! Just a little bit


I agree we need a little shake to break up the current F4 Jon, Neda, Heather, Adel just a little bit to keep things somewhat interesting.

However at the same time I think production has really interfered far too much this season and that is the true reason BBCan2 might end with a whimper rather than a bang…I’m hoping for some small chance that something can change that.


How is it Jon still has a yeast infection? Don’t they take about a week to cure? Something is very odd about all that.


Well of course we can’t be sure but he is still scratching himself abnormally often and I think yeast infections can be chronic and/or reoccurring so don’t think he should be in that hot tub maybe….hot tubs of all places even when treated properly can be a real hot bed for fungus YUCK.

I think production should sent in a team to instruct some of the house guests on basic personal hygiene…I wouldn’t get in that thing for even a hundo grand..


i think whatever caused it in the first place is an ongoing thing. could be a reaction to soap, clothing, etc. Also it can be caused by taking antibiotics apparently.
he may be too embarassed to ask for more ointment, but i think he could also use the kind that is a pill plus the ointment.


I agree. They should be cautioned about the necessity of washing your hands and showering, not peeing in the hot tub (personally I think they should have made Rachelle drain, clean and fill the pool after she peed in it and to protect the rest of the HGs from infection they should not let Jon in the hot tub while he has a yeast infection (goes for any hg).


its so obvious neda wants physical contact with jon , thats why she wrestle with him all the time… the sexual tension with this two is so glaring……


I think that Neda will take John to final 2 if no one takes him out before then. She is planting seeds in everyone’s minds and picking up her competitive game now though to ensure that she will win over him in the end. “Accidentally” admitting to Arlie that she was a super fan not long before he left was pure strategy. Arlie would not vote for someone he didn’t think knew or appreciated the game, but knowing she is a “Super fan” will make him respect her more than John. When she gets to the end she will be able to say that she was 100% loyal to John and have a whole list of competition wins and game play moves.


I believe Heather is playing a role, that of the ditzy blonde. Further I think she developed this character before she auditioned. I have felt there was something off with her right from the start, but it was hard to know for sure. Since she is getting more camera time I am fully convinced. Her facial appearance changes, her voice, etc. Frankly it may be her so called boyfriend is also a creation just so she does not have to be in a showmance. Just a theory.


Couldn’t agree more. Heather has also always felt a bit off to me as well. The hot pink oversize bows and pink dresses of the early weeks appear to be gone and the little girl act and high pitched voice are being replaced more and more by a more mature, at times calculating and sometimes even acerbic persona which is probably closer to the real Heather (and far more interesting imo).

I have seen a few pics on the web of real life Heather and to me they appear to be more cover shots for acting than modeling. Heather would only be able to do catalogue work due to her shorter height and larger/curvier (in modeling terms) stature.

My thoughts on Heather have been for quite some time that she is an aspiring actress. She has said a few times on the feeds that from the show she wanted to start her career and make new friends over winning the money. I wrote in another post that her little girl act is very well developed almost as an actress develops a character. Lately though I do think her jealousy towards Rachelle is overcoming her acting abilities and this is when it appears most clearly to me that she very well could be playing a well developed role in the house.

I also agree that she does not want to have a showmance as it might be too risky for her image if she wants to be in the public eye. There’s something about the way she talks about William that just doesn’t feel authentic and I noticed more recently she speaks less and less often about him.

Has anyone else noticed moments watching Heather on BBCAN2 where you catch glimpses of absolute steely focus and determination? I have. I think Heather also said she would reveal her true profession/career after the show wraps? I do think Heather could be a great actress under the right circumstances, she certainly has a face that many would want to watch on screen. I’m not so sure we actually know much about the real Heather at all though! Definitely making a currently snoozy BBH a bit more interesting for me.


I think she genuinely is a very caring person though. There’s no way that she was acting when she was crying in Arlie’s eviction speech, or when Allison left. Not even Meryl Streep could pull that off. I think she legitimately is a very nice person.


But yes, I have seen her steely focus. She never worked out because she didn’t want other HG’s to see her. When she did though at night, it was intense. Thousand yard stare all the way, and perfect form.

It’d be crazy if she was throwing all the competitions and then pulled out the craziest, most unexpected win when it really mattered.


Yes I think she is a kind person as well but I do also think she has a side that is very ambitious and competitive which we see from time to time and she is most definitely threatened in some way by Rachelle, (I’m reading it as jealousy of her figure/looks) which is probably due to her more ambitious and competitive side. I hope she can stop bashing Rachelle so vocally until the end as it might hurt her game.

I actually could see Heather winning the whole thing and I would be happy for her if she did.


Omg, tell me you have a video of Neda failing at Frisbee. It was one of the funniest things I have ever seen this weekend.


Omg, what was with the end of my sentence there? I meant it was one of the funniest things I have seen all season.

mark anthony

adels nomination speech was one of the funniest things i have ever seen in this game. he called told rachelle to take the walk of shame. mwuahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.


Adel is a patheticccc human his voice sounds evillll & hes fulll of hate & resentment & anticsss, i cant stand himmmm he thinks hes the shit but he suckssss & im starting to think he secretly likes Sabrina Cuz Love & Hate are on equal polarities & he cant have that much strong feelings of Hate for Sabrina without Caring….Neda is smart at game but shes evil spirited & bad minded from the time she threw away all the condiments with pleasure i thought she was psychoo she takes life soo serious & is actually a boaring chic without her false ego & her micro managing insecure ways r too much Shes A StreSS Ball & she’s Veryyy Tit For Tat…Jon is a real nice guy at heart but him & his itchy balls need Help, Heather Is A Robot & The Gremlins Are silly & fun loving House Decorations~there just numbers cuz they have no real game