Adel says I want to rip apart each jury member before they go to guarantee myself 20G’s!

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

BBCAN2-2014-04-21 04-23-21-259
7am – 8:15am Adel wakes up and takes a bath while listening to his HOH music. Adel heads out into the backyard and sits down on the steps by the pool. He looks up at the house guests photos. He starts talking about each of the house guests. He says that he wants to rip apart each of the jury members before they go to guarantee himself 20 G’s. Is it a cry day today? Nope I’ll let you rest. I could convince him that after we’re going to make a lot of money after. You don’t wear suit, you don’t make money! Right Andrew .. you piece of sh*t! There still could be America’s Favorite and I’ve pulled a lot of sneaky sh*t. If I want he hundred grand then I rid with gonads and if I keep slaughtering people .. that guarantees me something. You guys think you can beat me in cardio, in questions… Everyone’s going to vote for Heather.. well not everyone. If I make it to the end I will make everyone laugh and cry. They think I only have Arlie’s vote .. F**k they think I have Canada’s vote too. Jon I need to get rid of him. There is no scenario they will keep Sabrina.

BBCAN2-2014-04-21 05-10-25-749

BBCAN2-2014-04-21 05-23-28-237
8:20am – 8:40am Adel heads into the main bedroom and comments on how Sabrina looks like Snookie because of all the tanning lotion she’s been using. Jon asks Adel why he came into their room with his underwear on. Adel because they woke me up with the lights an hour and a half ago. Neda gets up and looks at Sabrina and says holy sh*t! She tells Sabrina she looks so dark compared to Rachelle. In the bathroom – Rachelle says good thing I didn’t spray that sh*t on myself, I would have been f**ked! Sabrina says I knew I sprayed a lot. Rahcel says I don’t think it looks bad. Sabrina says I don’t think so either. The house guests start getting ready for the power of veto ceremony that will be held this morning.

BBCAN2-2014-04-21 05-23-42-408

8:55am In the bathroom – Neda is doing her makeup and ends up breaking off one of her eye’s eye lashes off with the eye lash curler. Sabrina says that its so noticeable and that it will take forever for them to grow back.

BBCAN2-2014-04-21 05-56-50-810

9am – 10am Jon and Adel head out to the hot tub room. Adel says Big Brother woke him up with the lights a 6am. Adel says its f**king HOH not slum dog. Adel asks have you been thinking of the big picture? Jon says we’ll see who wins HOH this week and then start thinking about it after final 4. Adel says he is going to talk to the season 1 house guests to find out how much they got paid for appearances. He says then I’ll up it by 5 or 10 times. Adel says I made more on EI (Employment Insurance) than being in here. Jon says unless we win the 100 grand. I would be happy with the 20 G’s. Adel agrees. They head back inside and up to the HOH room. Adel asks if Canada found out last night that he won HOH. Jon says yeah. Adel and Jon laugh about how Arlie thought they would be next to the jury. Jon says our final four is so strong. Jon leaves the HOH room and heads down to the kitchen with Neda where she practices her Veto Ceremony speech. “This is the power of veto ceremony… ..I have decided not to use the power of veto.” Jon tells Neda to make sure when she is out here getting ready for the Veto Ceremony she has to make sure she tells Big Brother not to say names because we can hear everything in the main bedroom. Neda and Jon talk strategy for the final 3 part HOH. She says what would be best is for you to throw the endurance to me so that I can win it and then you could beat her (Rachelle) hands down in the physical competition. They talk about the possibility of Sabrina winning HOH this week. Jon think Sabrina would not pass up a chance to get out Adel. Neda disagrees and says she would put you up. If I was her and if she knew anything about this game she would put you up because you to get to the end you have to win competitions. Jon says but she’s not you, she’s way dumber than you.

10am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the power of veto ceremony to take place..

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Adel targeting Neda. Unless he wins veto next week, it’s time for him to go. LOL.
What makes her good is that every time someone targets Neda, she’s one step ahead of them.
I just hope that the jury vote for the best player and not follow Peter Brown’s bitterness.


What do you mean, every time someone targets Neda? She hasn’t been targeted once this entire game. Everyone in the house is too stupid to target her.


Arlie has set his eyes on getting her out and going with the final three with Jon and Adel. Has he stayed, I think Arlie would realign with Jon and she’s a goner. He saw how Neda is strongly aligned with Heather and Jon yet still misjudged the relationship of Jon and Neda. He also smoked out how Neda is throwing competitions, he wanted her out but Neda outsmarted him.

Allison also would put them up if she won Neda’s previous HOH. With Allison realigning with the gremlins, it would be really stupid of her not to get Joneda out. And with that Neda evicted Allison.


She did not outsmart him. She just happened to be closer to Jon than Arlie was, because of his schoolboy crush. No matter how smart Arlie was, he couldn’t win that tug-o-war. It had nothing to do with smarts and everything to do with Jon being a puppy who doesn’t think strategically.


Also you have no reason to suggest that Allison would have went against Neda. She didn’t keep Arlie because she trusted their F4 deal. All she’s ever done is went with the house. She doesn’t have it in her bones to make a big move. So I disagree that she was going after Neda; that’s somewhat baseless speculation IMO.


Go watch Alli’s hangout. Neda read her pretty well Alli said she had no intention of honoring the F4 and she is truly with gremlines.
had she won HOH, she would have put Jon/Neda.
So…seems once again, Neda was one step ahead..


Watch Allison’s hangout.
She clearly said, I lied to Neda, the final 4 was bullshit and I would have targeted Jon and Neda


Its almost difficult to give credit to any of the remaining players when the bigges tmost important move all season long was done by canada. Putting up Andrew and Sabrina. The next biggest moves were all done by Jon, who I doubt will make it to the finals just because he is the only one who ever actually did anything. And we will get another typical bb final of a jordan vs natalie, wit two finalist who did nothing all season, neither really deserving of the win. People have to remember that topaz made it half way through the game by literally sleeping all day. And tallah made it to the final four by doing absolutely nothing. Never involved in strategy, never talked gme never did anything of relevance.

Neda was never targetted by anyone much like Jillian. Which can be thought of in 2 ways. 1. You are such a great player that no one ever put you up on the block due to your awesome game play and ability to manipulate (this would probably have included Andrew, sabrina and Kenny for the first few weeks– even when people like Ika knew she should nominate them she didn’t) or 2. You were so insignificant and viewed as such a non-factor and irrelevence that you were viewed as a waste of a nomination or hoh (this would seem to include Neda, Sabrina (in the second half of the game), Rachelle and Heather (except on ikas week))

Neda was never targetted because she was viewed as irrelevent


Do you watch the feeds?


Sorry adel not happening your next target after Rachelle. Next week your fucked because everyone agreed to nominated you and you cant play for hoh.

Have fun in jury bud.


Or maybe Deli WILL get to play in HOH that would really throw a screw into Jon and Nedas gameplay if it can be called that…I think its a great idea!


Wow! I’s amazing how everyone thinks that Adel’s disrespectful and untruthful speech and actions are amazing. Adel was trying to use his strength as HOH to intimidate the gremlins using aggressive behavior to intend to hurt them. Look up the definition of bullying …. it’s all the above!!!! Adel is a bully and doesn’t realize he’s up next! Masking his “good” behavior with his religion yet he’s just another bully! Can’t wait to see him leave!


There is a difference between ‘bullying’ and reaching your breaking point. Have you actually heard the things Sabrina has said about HGs? If Adel’s “bullying
” seems more cutting and mean to you, it’s because it was based in truth. Sabrina’s “bullying” has been bs. ie John’s yeast infection, Heather’s Boyfriend, Adel ‘faking’ prayers.
I think the word ‘bullying’ is confusing to most. The point here, is that BB is a game. Lies are told in the game (it’s a big reason we watch). It’s accepted as a necessary evil and most HGs go in, expecting to lie and/or be lied to. Lies and bad-mouthing that have no conceivable benefit game-wise are not acceptable and aren’t good tv.
(for example, Adel should not have mooooooooooooooooooooed at Sabrina…)


So you’ve explained Sabrina, but what did Rachelle ever do to Adel? She didn’t do anything.

Not to mention they just had a nice passover meal where Adel even calls her his friend to the DR to make himself look good.


You’re right; Rachelle did nothing to Adel (to his face) and that is what he said in his speech. He said that he doesn’t know what her strategy is, b/c it seems like she’s doing nothing. That’s why he can’t trust her game.
And really, do any of us know what Rachelle’s strategy is?


She doesn’t have a strategy. That doesn’t mean the guy should just yell in her face like she’s a piece of crap though. Especially after talking about how she’s his friend and family. The guy’s a head case and a hypocrite.

It’s funny though how his supporters defend him, like saying that him raging on Marsha was just joking. Anyone who says that either doesn’t believe it, or can’t read people at all, because he wasn’t joking. That’s the real Adel. A guy who prays when the country is watching, but then brags about selling coke and carrying guns like it makes him cool (he has on several occasions).

I know Muslims aren’t Christian, but Jesus is a prophet in Islam, and though I’m neither religion, Jesus brought up a great point when he talked about hypocrites who pray in public to make themselves look good. What Adel does is an extreme example of that. But his actions are a major contradiction. The truth is he’s full of shit and always trying to make himself look good.

A Name

What are you talking about Rachelle frequently makes nasty comments about Adel. Her and Sabrina have never liked him so he pointed out that she’s Sabrina’s shadow and doesn’t think for herself which is 100% accurate. It’s not bullying you idiots, get over yourselves.


Seriously? His speech was all for show. Geez.


Rachelle evicted Ika on her handlers say so like the mindless little piece of fluff she is. That’s what she did to Adel and that’s what he’s avenging.


Just like Neda should never have been allowed to come out of sequester for instant eviction and say ” Allison I have it on sound proof that you cannot be trusted in the game and I need to get you out – Sabrina i am nominating you because you would be a vote.for Allison I DO NOT WANT YOU TO GO” how is that NOT instructing HG how to vote? There was zero point to saying HG you cannot talk from this point on she had already told them what to do!


Add in fact we know for sure none of it was live as HG are talking today about how that episode will be shown tonight etc …i know no big deal we all know there is a lag…just dont treat us all like idiots and pretend its live!

The only thing that makes any sense is Allison gave away secret room and got hersself yanked from game they couldnt just snatch her out and say ” oh well she was canadas vote and was in a secret room for first wk ” there had to be a reason it was so f….ing without ceramony and Canada could not one person in Canada say ” Hey why are you evicting her without a chance to defend herself have an audience when she was.canadas vote etc?”

They are gonna have to get a shuffle on if anyone is gonna give a flyin f…k how this season ends now it all seems to be done and nothing to look forward to ..its just sad.


Yeah, I totally agree. I wanted Allison to go further in this game and it looked like she might really start playing, but it seemed like a setup by BB to get her out. I thought BB was just going to tell the houseguests who Neda nominated and then tell them to go vote without Neda even being in the room. I thought it was unfair that Neda was allowed to give that speech basically telling everyone which way they should vote on an instant eviction. We knew at that point Allison was going home because Jon, Heather and Adel were certainly not going to go against Neda or they’d be the next target. I really wanted to see Jon and Allison work together but Neda would have never let that happen. It was such a mistake that nobody ever saw her as a threat in the house, especially seeing how close she was with Jon. I kinda wonder if the reason they became close was not that Neda had a crush on Jon but maybe she saw him as someone who was easy to manipulate.


Adel doesn’t bully! The people that he’s disrespectful to are the people that deserve to be disrespected!!


The only reason adel mooooed at Sabrina was because she made up a story that he called her a cow. Told everyone in the house and later in season confronted him about and she admitted she assumed he called her a cow because he denies calling her that.. told him ika told her that adel called her a cow and ika denied it so that’s when she admitted to assuming because she got caught in a lie. so he said he did moo her because she already led the house to believe he called her a cow. she is very delusional and deserved every bit of it.


Adel’s strategy ( or lack of lol) is hilarious! It’s like he honestly doesnt care about winning and he’s just along for the ride, cracks me up!

Thank god Allison is gone. Sorry Newfoundland for the most disgraceful big brother houseguest of all time! And she had the nerve to apologize to Canada for getting evicted!! Don’t apologize to Canada, even though we voted you in, we also wanted you out!!!!!!!! Maybe you and Arlie can do some sleeping bag “cuddling” while in the big brother jury house??? most disgraceful player ever… Can’t believe you were a “superfan”! I just wish you could have got evicted on a live show to receieve the wrath of Gary & Peter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You would have deserved every bit of it.


Leave Arlie out of this. He is going to suffer enough with all that’s heading to jury.


So you think Allison is the worst houseguest of time? How about Aaryn or Amanda ? Or rachelle or Sabrina? Newfoundland had 3 house guests, more than any other province this year. Last year, Andrew was from Newfoundland and Jillian lived in Newfoundland for some time. This year we also have Jon which is a fan favourite. Not sure how where they are from has anything to do with it. That’s like us saying Montreal you suck because Sabrina is from there. Which is not true because Montreal is awesome. It’s people like you who create stereotypes.


Sabrina is from Laval. She’s lived there all her life with her Mommy and Daddy. I’d lie and say I was from Montreal too if i were her but the reality is Oshawa isn’t Toronto and Laval isn’t Montreal.


Loathesome as they were, at least Aaryn and Amanda were actually trying to play the game, not pretending to want to play the game, then come in and sleep with the biggest guy in the house and basically ignore the 12 other houseguests, failing to make alliances or even enemies of others. she might as well have not even been there, that was how insignificant she was to the house, by her own choice and actions.


The word used was “disgraceful”. The commenter said that Allison is the most disgraceful. Aaryn and Amanda are definitely more disgraceful. And ginamarie. People forget all too easily I think and are quick to judge. Allison did almost nothing but lost disgraceful? Definitely not. Rachelle is out peeing in the hot tub and saying she would have sex in tv if someone would have sex with her, for crying out loud. That’s pretty darn disgraceful if u ask me. Now if you said Allison was almost irrelevant I would agree with u .


What do u think Amanda did? She went right for McCrae forcing him to have sex with her and telling everyone she had a yeast infection. Seriously? You are comparing Allison to that?


Ok saying Allison was the most disgraceful player EVER is ludicrous…beyond actually…there is no need to get personal so grow the hell up! There has been WAY worse players in US and Canada and there are way WORSE players left in the game right now that have road coat tails or sat around with there finger up there damn nose….she did everything production asked her to and went in late in the game and did her best. She wasnt hateful she didnt count on others to pull her along and took it in stride when she was yanked from the game in one of the stupidest set ups the show has ever had! There was zero reason for Neda to be in the room all that time OR be allowed to pretty much instruct HG how to vote when she came out.

Far worse people haveo played and been far more disgraceful and no matter what she was still OUR vote and she should be shown more decency here and on eviction not to mention its a game and no need to get personal!


Allison did apologize. I heard her, not sure what show u were watching.


I don’t understand why they want to keep useless Sabrina around STILL.

Get her out and then deal with Adel. Adel won’t win in jury or against Heather, Neda or Jon. I don’t think they have to worry about him. Especially since he can’t play next week’s HOH.

I’m so over seeing her on the feeds. Enough is enough. Yes, she can’t win anything but be careful dragging her to the end.


Oh contrare! totally makes sense to me from Jeda’s gameplan. Sabs has shown herself to be a terrible comp player so she’s not really a threat and no one will listen to her. Jeda knows that Adel cant stand Sabs so there is no way he will side with her. Ratchet on the other hand can win comps and may team up with Adel and Heather so its better to take out the bigger threat.


PS – forgot to add that Adel doesnt realize that Jeda’s reasons for wanting Ratchet out first is to prevent any kind of counter-alliance forming against them. Neda is one smart gal! She just needs to work on her tongue going forward or she’ll lose with the jury. .That would bum me right out as I believe she’s proven to be the best player in this season


LOL Delimeatballs….”Jon is a f*&Kin 7ft OGRE” hehe!

mark anthony

adel is cluess. but if he does ineed go on a rampage and insult the gremlins neda might switch her thought about targeting him next. she has her eyes on the grand prize and sitting next to adel is almost a sure thing at the 100k.


After listening to Sabrina spout off that the jury will all vote for Heather to win …
I’d say neda would want to chance it with Jon, instead of Heather for final 2.


Once again Neda is two steps ahead of everyone else. She got rid of Allison, which took any potential for Adele, Sabrina or Heather working with her and sabotaging Neda and Jon. She planted the seed that Adele is a wild card to Jon and Jon voiced his concern to Heather now all are on board that Adele needs to go. She plants the seed and watches it grow without ever having to water it! She is brilliant. Did anyone see when she came back from being sequestered that Jon hugged her and said don’t ever leave me again. He will never get rid of her. Things are looking very good for Neda to win unless Heather wins HoH and decides she needs Neda gone to be able to win! That’s the only way I see the potential of her going, Heather knows time is running out to make a big move and secure the jury votes.!


It’s not so much that she’s so smart; it’s that everyone else is really stupid.

She’s shown in a few competitions that she’s not as smart as she’s made out. The airline one really showed it, and you can also tell by her face that 40 acorns really was her best guess, and she lucked out with Allison going over.

She is the best strategist though, but that’s because she’s the biggest super-fan by a long shot.


the feeds i saw show Jon bringing that up, not neda. she just agreed. Jon and Adel were having a conversation, plus based on the nomination speech, he rightly thinks adel is too unpredictable. This also during that last week Arlie eviction, he was running around trying to ‘help’ and Jon was then trying to do some damage control with Sabs and R telling them that he knew Adel was telling them one thing, then coming to him (jon) telling him what he was fake promising them.

so even now when Sabs claims that Adel lied to them about putting Joneda on the block, that he promised that to get their votes, she knows full well that she already knew that was not true. Jon told her that almost immediately after the eviction or after Neda won HOH, not sure, it was in the bedroom.


You STILL think Neda had ANYTHING to do with sending Allison going home? That was a production call Neda could not have sounded more rehearsed when she came out and it was prerecorded! ! Neda is no mastermind and didnt speak for first part of show neither did Heather or Rochelle.


really need a jury house feed.
need someone to take a swing at Jon (Sabrina/Heather maybe? next HOH) or the rest of the game will be boring


love her or hate her neda is ruthless telling jon throw the endurance competetion to her lol ….. I am sick of all these house guest especially cryabrina she can PEN point everything wrong whith adel and other houseguest but when it comes to correcting herself her PEN dont work lol…


Lol, is Adel’s teddy bear wearing Hello Kitty!? And Jon got One Direction merchandise his HOH stuff.
Who’s making these HOH baskets??? Neda was right, a 13 year old girl is controlling production.


I don’t care, I agree with Adel’s decision to evict a gremlin.
I’d really hate to see them both ride it to final 4 (which is what will happen if he doesn’t)
I can’t stand the though of how they would have gloated about how great they are


It’s important to break up a voting block.


What do you call what Heather has been doin? If anyone has road coat tails its her! Hard to believe she was cast as Andrews love interest at beginning of show ( was admitted on show ) I am dumbfounded that the people left in play are….far more clever people with way more.gameplay have.left the house this yr due to interference from production.

Heather just admitted she came on the show to restart her modelling career and show people she is more then a squeeky voice ( on after dark last night) is that ANYONE that should be still sitting there especially after that admission? Whatever happened to playing the game?


Gremlins is so stupid

adels, game

can people not see what Adel was accomplishing by saying those things to the gremlins, in doing so he has the other guests thinking there is now way he’ll get jury votes from the gremlins and lala people will eant to take him to final 2 and then he can hopefully change thier mind about him and get the votes needed.


Well he’s probably out next week so it looks like his plan failed.


They do not like his strategy at all! Either do I … Adel will most likely be gone after Rachelle
Neda for the win!

BB15 Howard's Fedora

I really don’t think Adel will be torn up if he doesn’t win the game. The fact that he is clueless is what makes him great. He’s just there for the ride and the good times.


What’s with you people!! If Adel didn’t nominate the gremlins who would?

It would I actually suck if one of the gremlins reach the final 2 !

It’s funny that 2 weeks ago everyone is supporting him and now most of you hate him for some unknown reason!

If you can remember he was a target from week 2! And as you can see he reached to the final 5 !

Hats off to Adel for an outstanding job!

Fuck the haters



In the previous update Sabrina and Rachelle are talking about their showmance? Rachelle has what looks like a hicky on the right side of her neck? Simon or Dawg am I mis-reading the update?


GOD SHUT UP NEDA!!! All this rehearsing Veto Ceremony — I now want her out!!!


I really don’t want Neda out—it was just getting on my nerves.
Adels attaching himself to underdogs was ALL game—he didn’t really care.
He has admitted that!


feel free to correct me if I’m wrong but last night in the HOH room… jon neda and heather were talking about next week adel needs to be the PAWN because none of them want to be the one sitting next to sabrina..

as of so far, the 3 of them still plan on f4 with adel but in OBB’s previous post says that “They agree to take out Deli next week” and I guess that’s why most people are just jumping to that assumption but I watched that conversation on the live feeds and it was nothing of the sort… just a misinterpretation? (I’m just asking and not challenging simon or dawg)

I just ask because this rumour that adel is next is getting pretty big and I’m not sure what I’ve missed in the last 12 hours


Well I watched the live feeds too and they DID 1 HUNDO say about getting Adele out next. The convo was in the bedroom.


I saw the conversation where Jon, Neda and Heather talk about taking him out next week. They don’t want to be associated with his behaviour. That’s the reason they gave, but the real reason is that he is a loose cannon and they feel like they can’t control him. I think Neda and Heather know that Adel would take Jon and settle for second place. If things go as planned, Neda will be sitting pretty, going F2 with either Heather or Jon. She only needs the next 2 evictions to go her way. And for all of the people that a few weeks ago were saying she is useless, she has now won 2 HOH and a POV. She was throwing competitions early on, but I am glad to see that she actually can win when she wants to. She was my fave almost from day one, and she is still the one I want to see on finale night. Impressive game.


adels, game…how’d that “suddenly become the bad guy” strategy work for Paul?!?
Like Adel, but all season he has been known as the “nice guy” and rooting for the under-dog…the sudden switch is very transparent and if an offended house guest sat down with him, almost sure he would cave and apologize….


I never did get all this Adel love. Sure, he always hung out with the outcasts, which I give him kudos for, but apart from that, the guy has zero game smarts. If I remember correctly, he is the one that blew the lid off the fake guys alliance and caused his buddy Kyle to go home. He just doesn’t know when to shut up. The only reason he won the hashtag challenge is because he already had a big network of people following him because of his appearance on Dragons Den. Seriously, Jon and Neda and Ika’s videos were better.
The only good thing about him winning the HOH is that Jon, Heather and Neda are safe, especially with Neda winning POV. Other than that, it will be his last hurrah. Neda and Jon were already painting a target on him, and his big mouth finished the job.
So Rachelle goes home, Adel can’t play for HOH, guaranteeing that Adel will go on the block next week. If anyone but Sabrina wins, it will be Sabs and Adel on the block. If Sabs wins it will be Adel and Jon (unless her emotions intervene and she puts Heather up with Adel). If Adel doesn’t pull himself off the block, he will go to jury. The others would be stupid not to take him out and remove the only physical threat that could take on Jon. As we pull into final 4, there will probably be an endurance comp, a physical comp and a before or after type of competition. He would be a shoo in for second place, but Heather, Jon and Neda won’t trust him to take them with him. I think his plan is to take Jon, but Neda is already working Jon and making him doubt Deli’s loyalty. Actually Adel is Heather’s best chance for a win, but I think she is so grateful to Neda and Jon for befriending her that she will want to go to the end with them and take her chances. Neda’s dilemma is that the win is 50/50 sitting next to Jon, but unless she is more ruthless than we thought, I don’t see her taking him out unless she has no choice (a la Will going home on Boogie’s HOH). They do need to get Sabs out as soon as Adel is gone, though, because her ability to survive the demise of the 5 in a house where nobody likes her might be enough to get her the win. At this point, the only way she makes the end is by winning HOH or POV next week.


Canada boy is letting bit of power go to his head! Why hasn’t he brought the flag into his hoh room??

go adel

All the people saying that Adel is a bully need to shut the f**k up. You must have forgotten all the horrible stuff that Sabrina has said about everyone. I see it as good old fashioned Karma. And the reason why everyone is so mad is not because what he said was outrageous but because Sabrina is crying about it, and I think we can all agree that Sabrina is just an overly susceptible 30 year old and her cries are not wprth more than a big bowl cow s**t


A few random thoughts on the thread…………………

Of course Neda is going to tell Jon to tank endurance if they get that far. I see nothing wrong with that as she blew up Jon’s game F9 already. You expect honour from this girl?

As for Deli and “strategy” it doesn’t get much worse. He’s played a season of kind and compassionate loveable funny no factor BB player. He wins HOH and his grand plan is to treat people like chit the rest of the way. I shake my head at the thought of how bad that is. Me thinks he goes jury next week without a POV win.

As for next HOH if we say Ro is gone which makes sense Sabs and the other 3 play HOH. If you believe the feeds Adel is the target and not Sabby. Neda’s doing a masterful job of keeping the pig in the game for F2 so far! Any of the 3 put Sabby up versus Adel who will be told he’s the pawn not the target. It will be a rough week for Sab’s without her wing man.

The only variable is a Sabby HOH. For that reason I don’t see anyone throwing the HOH comp. I think Neda has no fear if that happens as I expect Sabby to nom Jon and Adel(pretty obvious) and Sabs bonds with the girls. Great chance for Neda and Heather to cut Jon loose. I know a lot think Joneda is F2. I’m thinking a smart game play is to sit by anyone but Jon if your Neda. We shall see but any way you cut it should be a good week for Neda fans.

Lastly the F3 talk. About time HG’s started talking. If Joneda is the real deal and Jon gets F3 with her they gotta decide who to evict F4. Lets say it runs routine next week and Deli goes. If they have POV at F4 who stays Sabby or Heather? I’m telling everyone again someone may take Sabby kicking and screaming to the finale. ROFL Heather far more dangerous than Sabby on play up til now. Jon POV holder he can vote out Heather at Neda’s request. Let’s face it Heather is a sure jury vote for Neda to win. Sabby F3 doesn’t get juicier. Much tougher if Neda holds this POV. She’d need to evict Heather herself to keep Sabs. Well the 4 need to get there for starters then comp wins in HOH or POV gets you a guaranteed F3 slot.


It’s obvious that Neda has good gameplay and has been running this game for awhile now, even manipulating Jon’s HOH. Even though she is close with Jon, she is obviously in it to win! Her being close with Jon was likely all part of her game plan and she may cut him loose when the time is right. I think she has the worst chance of winning overall if Jon is by her side at final 2. I hope Jon figures that out and makes a move before it’s too late.

Nana Jo

I don’t care for this new facet of Adel’s personality. If Adel thinks that ripping each jury member apart before they leave will guarantee him at least 20k, then he really, truly doesn’t understand the game. Regardless of your real feelings, you have to ‘play nice’ and try and have jury members leave with as little bitterness towards you as possible. Cajole them, tell them how ‘strong’ they are, that they’re a threat etc. That kind of plan will only guarantee that you don’t receive votes. Keep the total honesty until afterwards, bud!

I don’t think either Heather or Adel has a chance against either Jon or Neda, who have a 50/50 between themselves. As much as I hate to say it, both Heather and Adel’s best bet is to take Sabs to final 2. Heather would certainly win against her, and most likely, Adel would, too. Neither of them will win against Jon or Neda. I am sure Jon would take Neda to the final, but I’m not so sure that she would take him.


So Adel is going to jack up his fee for appearances outside of the house 5-10 times higher than the Season 1 HG’s. I’m only speaking for myself here but once they’re evicted, I don’t need or want to see any of these people again. Sorry Adel. This isn’t your ticket to fame and fortune. It was your ticket to a game show. Get over yourself already or don’t and be backdoored next week.


Lot of bitterness about Neda here. She would have been targeted though if absolutely anyone from the other side could win a damn thing. Jesus, since Andrew’s nomination I think Kenny won a POV to save himself and no one else opposing Neda has won anything. (Not counting Allison’s wasted veto here). So she absolutely deserves her strong position in this game right now.


I will never understand why anyone in the house would play just to win second place. Obviously it does mean they get a decent mount of money if they do. But come on it’s a competition!


At this point bringing Arlie back even sounds better then watching a totally predictable outcome and Rochelle flashin the camera and hinting at a showmance with Sabby that doesnt exist or if it does it doesnt make camera….still it would be better to see someone other then Jon or Neda win ..this has nothing on last season and if they dont perk it up somehow there will be even less people watchin next yr. Every so called reset has failed to make things bb worthy can someone please save this season with something interesting?

another name

the last time I made a comment about the nature of the random soliloquy was during the ‘I need your help canada’ moment when adel was alone in Canada’s hoh room. wrapped in the blankets with the Canada flag pillows around his head. with a camera angle that didn’t match any of the room feed angles at any other point in the game. I came to the conclusion that it was a staged production moment.
now, the night after Adel’s over the top speech that came off to some viewers as hostile… production wakes adel an hour earlier than the rest of the houseguests and viewers are treated to another soliloquy moment where adel explains his over the top behavior. no, this isn’t another staged production moment so that the behavior can be mitigated. not at all. it was completely unprompted. yup, that’s it.
wake up Canada, indeed. wake up and smell the parts of the show that are storyline (devised by production to create a more cohesive television show).
other examples of my contention: Kenny and sara being called in to the dr and being given behavior modification warnings during the week of double eviction. jon and neda speaking in the bathroom drunk on the ‘date night’ they are talking strategy. jon talks about his flirtation with neda. neda answers “jon, i’m talking real and game here, quit talking storyline. I don’t want to talk storyline, talk real and game’ before production says ‘neda, stop talking about production.’
I know that pointing out that people should look at the old man behind the curtain is against the wishes of the great and powerful oz. but really, a person can only suspend so much disbelief.