Andrew says that he can’t ask Talla to throw the HOH, I will just have to beat her fair and square.

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: Peter & Talla
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)

Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  910pm

9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Andrew and Talla are out in the backyard talking. Andrew says that no matter how well you know the HOH’s you know the questions aren’t going to be just that. Talla agrees. Talla says that she needs to pack her bag and then tomorrow’s Thursday. She wonders if she is going to be asked a question. Talla says Peter, Peter who? What?! Andrew says that he never got asked any questions. Andrew says that we are making assumptions that there is a favourite house guest vote. Andrew says and people assume that Gary is the favourite, but the normal view is looking at how annoying Gary is. Just like we are assuming there is a wrap party here and there. Andrew says he doesn’t care about a wrap party, I care about the wrap party at home.

Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  909pm
Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  916am
Peter joins them. Andrew tells him to go look in the diary room at his luxury. Talla said you and I made it really far we should be proud of ourselves. Andrew starts talking about his HOH and POV wins. Talla says that she came close to winning a few times. Andrew says here comes Peter, I wonder how he liked his luxury. (The luxury for the day is the Hockey standings.) Andrew says Jillian isn’t going to love that one. Peter comes back out and asks how he loves his luxury.
Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  923am
9:30am Emmett wakes up and is told to change is batteries. He goes down and finds the hockey standings in the storage room. He then comes out and starts talking about it. Andrew says hey, we aren’t allowed to enjoy it. Jillian and Andrew head up to the HOH room. Andrew asks Jillian talked to Emmett. Andrew asks if Emmett talked about trying to get Talla to throw the HOH. He says that he doesn’t think it will work but he can try. I can’t say that to her, I will just have to beat her fair and square. Andrew says that Talla said she talked to Emmett and he said Peter thinks he is staying. Andrew asks if Emmett is telling Peter is safe. Jillian says she doesn’t know but that she’ll ask him. Andrew talks about winning the HOH tomorrow ..then we get rid of Talla and its us in the final 3. Andrew comments how about I win the first part of the 3 part HOH, you win the second part and then we got to the final two together.

9:50am In the kitchen: Andrew, Peter and Emmett are talking about fantasy leagues. Talla comes out and goes up to say hi to Jillian. Andrew tells Emmett that he needs to make Talla work today as his servant. Andrew says that Talla hasn’t come through on any of her bets. Emmett says that he will. Andrew starts talking to Peter about how he really thought that cheer yesterday wasn’t a task. Peter agrees he thought it was too.
Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  955pm
10:05am Up in the HOH room. Jillian asks Emmett if its a good idea to tell Talla to throw the HOH. Emmett says maybe not. Jillian says you may just loose trust in her.

Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  10am

10:05am Peter talks to Andrew about wanting his vote. He says I don’t want to campaign against Talla. Peter says I would think it would be to your benefit to have me on your side, who certainly isn’t not good in challenges but not useless either. Because I think it would be a great story to have the back ground buddies take on the love birds. I don’t want to do anything against Talla, but it gives you something to think about. Andrew says that it gives me something to think about but I have obviously been with her.

10:20am Peter, Emmett, Andrew and Jillian head out to the hot tub. They talk about who the favourite house guest will be if there is one. Andrew says that if there is one it would probably be for $10,000 which would be half of the second place prize like the US version. They all place their bets. Andrew says that he thinks he will win it. Peter thinks Gary. Jillian says Talla and Emmett says Peter.

10:30am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.

11:20am – 11:50pm The live feeds come back. No idea why the live feeds were down for almost an hour. Peter is having a shower. Talla, Andrew and Jillian are in the kitchen. They are talking about doing their goodbye messages. Talla says don’t remind me! Andrew starts talking about golf.

11:55am They comment on how Big Brother didn’t know that Talla had lost a bet with Emmett and thought that he was trying to force her to still be her servant. Emmett is making a grilled chicken sandwich. Talla says that she could have made that for him .. well maybe not to the same extent.. Emmett walks over and sits on Talla and asks her if she knew the last time when she made him a sandwich if she knew it was bad or if she actually thought it was going to be good. She says she thought it was going to be good.
Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  12pm

Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  1150am

12:10pm – 12:40pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen. When the live feeds come back: Talla and Peter are playing puck ball. Jillian is eating her lunch. Jillian tells Talla that practice makes perfect. Emmett says he was always taught perfect practice makes perfect ..because if you practice the wrong technique you will never be good at it. Jillian tells Emmett I used to think I was too innocent for you, now I think you are too innocent for me. Emmett and Jillian nap on the kitchen couch. Peter and Talla finish their game. Peter wins.

Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  1241pm

1:15pm – 1:55pm Andrew and Talla are out in the hot tub room. Andrew starts talking about how when they thought Tom was coming back it such a dumb twist. Good for the viewers but bad for us who are trying to vote people out and get to the end. Talla agrees. Talla talks about how Peter took the last Pepsi, even though she isn’t allowed to drink it on slop. Andrews says please big brother if we don’t get evicted can we get some Pepsi for the queen. Andrew says that he said he really wanted the full experience of slop but now wishes he wasn’t on it. Andrew and Talla bicker back and forth. Talla asks for 5 minutes of silence. Andrew asks for silence for the rest of the day. Emmett and Peter join them. They talk about random things like not being able to sell milk from the cow, sports and phones. Andrew says when we walk out we could walk out to being hit in the face with rocks or melons. Emmett says hopefully the second one.

2pm – 2:30pm Peter, Emmett and Jillian are in the kitchen. Jillian is making banana chocolate chip muffins. Andrew joins them and comments on how nice it is outside. Peter says that Talla is face down in the hot tub, I don’t know if that is a bad thing or not. Andrew says no, that’s how she swims. Andrew and Peter discuss movies.

Big Brother Canada April 17 2013  210pm

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Everyone’s plans will be ruined once a houseguest returns to the game. I’m not too thrilled about this but what can you do, it’s done.

And Canada’s Favorite Houseguest, I’m voting Andrew even though I know Gary will probably win it.


How the game progresses will depend on who returns each one of the evicted hgs would team up with different people


Maybe they’ll have a Canada’s vote to take out a houseguest too – just to make it even. >:)


They guys really have no clue more then likely it will be gary if the is a canadian player my vote would go to emmitt but i think gary has it. Andrew is very arrogent he would vote for himself.

BB CanFan

Has there been any discussion on whether the houseguest evicted this week (most likely Peter) will be given any shot to return? Similar to the way Brendan and Lewon had to compete? It seems REALLY unfair that the person who goes out this week that they don’t even get a shot at it cause they lasted a week longer. I really hope it is a competition and that the jury member voted out has to somewhat earn it.


I agree. I think there wil be a comp. between the two
( evicted hg and returning hg ) whoever wins goes
back into bbcan house.As for Gary having
info from topaz? That’s why there are
handlers in the jury house currently.


I wouldn’t mind if the two on the block and the returning houseguest have a competition to remain in the game and the eviction vote is cancelled to accomodate this considering the time left to play. The winner of the 3-person comp would stay. But who knows what they have in mind…production sure has done some unconvetional twists and certainly didn’t worry about fairness considering what they did to Topaz. I hope whatever happens isn’t too shocking and too unfair to the remaining players.


Ooh! THAT would be a good way to do it… the returning Jury member has to do a competition with the person who was voted to be evicted, and whichever wins gets to stay another week in the house. I quite like that idea, because it ensures someone will be evicted this week regardless–but it also makes the jury member have to fight for their chance to stay. That’s a bit more fair on the current houseguests.


That would be great, but they said they would be returning to the house not a chance to return to the house so I am guessing that is a no.


Returning player will compete with evicted hg in backyard
Comp. (thus returning to the bb house.)Winner will stay !


I am really sick of Jillian. She goes on and on about her 3 HOH wins, but the first two were thrown to her. She goes on about Talla not winning anything, but it was Talla that threw the first HOH to her. What a short memory she has. Emmett has some wins, but he also has been DQ’d 3 times. Andrew was my early favorite, and as the season progresses, I am more impressed with him. I think this is the first time since Evel Dick that my early favorite was still my fave this late in the game. I hope he wins it! What a waste if Gary comes back! I know the fans will probably vote him back in, but I would prefer to see Alec come back long enough to take out E & J. I am starting to think that Emmett will vote against Talla and Jillian will have to break the tie. Talla could go home, and if that happens it would be great if Alec came back. Suddenly EJ would be scrambling!! A week ago I thought Jillian would win if she made final 2, now I’m not so sure. She has lied to everyone in the jury, except maybe AJ, I don’t think she even talked to him while he was in the house. If Gary comes back he will probably be pissed at Andrew and try taking him out, unless he has seen Topaz and knows what happened to her. Whoever comes in will need to win the hoh or be gone next vote. I really want to see EJ on the block together and not win veto. I want them to feel the pain and be split up. But so far the power shifts have fallen flat and done nothing good for the game, so I expect Gary comes back and goes back out the following week. I can’t see Andrew and Talla working with him to get out the big threats. Peter is a great player in his mind only. Why didn’t he take Topaz down and work with her. If he thinks EJ will lie to everyone in the house but not him, he is stupid. He could have made a big move, but he is all talk.


“I want them to feel the pain and be split up”
Wow, here’s another show you would enjoy watching: it’s called the Hunger Games! Plenty of pain and suffering in there, you’ll be ecstatic!


arguably, talla threw the last endurance hoh to her too. She was solid, but she wasn’t terribly worried and said in her interview that she wasn’t terribly worried, because she was safe with topaz and jillian….thing is the jury members dont know that and I worry how articulate talla could really be about it


Only in Canada would someone ask for hockey standings as a luxury item……..


i thought they had decided on a whole list of items, and they’ve been getting some like the badmington net..

“Andrew says that if there is one it would probably be for $10,000 which would be half of the second place prize like the US version.” so is this andrew confirming that 2nd place prize is $20,000? this is the 2nd time i’ve heard him say this but I don’t know it’s it’s for real.


I would have asked for mickey d’s at least.


They should have asked for some Tim Hortons! yummy


Then Jillian could harp on about how many grams of fat there are in one french fry.


Tim Horton’s makes fries? Since when?


I was trying to reply to the Mickey D’s comment. Timmies has those hashbrown things, they might technically qualify as fries…or not


I havn’t been watching the live feeds lately they are just too too boring, this coming from someone who hasn’t much to do just outings to the doctor 3 more weeks then I will probably be begging to watch the feeds lol…. hope they don’t vote out talla think they will really miss her if she goes. She along with Andrew and Peter are the only ones really interacting with each other. ENOUGH of the Emmett and Jillian show. I hope whomever they send back stirs it up a bit..If Emmett is evicted Jillian will just lay down and about Topaz sleeping Jillian won’t know what to do with herself. If Jillian gets voted out at least Emmett has made some effort to be around and interact with the other houseguests I hope Peter or Talla are both knocked off the block and they get to play with the houseguest coming back in. As far as someone saying there is monitors in the house with the evicted houseguests I don’t think they segregated them and they don’t let them talk to each other, I am sure each houseguest has brought back news from the house. And I am sure that Jillian will be the target of that houseguest no matter who is sent back. I agree about her and her lucky wins….. The first two don’t count they were passed to her. I don’t think she will win or even win any of the last three comps but it is her fault and her fault alone she did all the dirty work for Emmett she is Emmett’s puppet, so honestly Talla didn’t win any comps but she is entertainment and when she is on the feeds one watches, one just turns them off when Jillian is on.


“I am sure that Jillian will be the target of that houseguest no matter who is sent back”

I have to disagree. Topaz and Alec came into jury house and told Gary and AJ about “promisegate”, how Jillian has broken pretty much every single promise she made in this game, even after emphasizing how her word was her bond. 150%. I look you in the eyes. And that after Topaz and her had been hanging in for over 3 hours.

The jury had plenty of time to think about it and I’m sure Jillian will have the reputation of being the easiest opponent to beat in final 2, barely above Talla.
Only if they can’t evict Andrew or Emmett will they settle for evicting Jillian. Since the returning juror won’t get many votes anyway because he’s only there because production saved him, he needs to take this into account.
Unless Gary really only cares about his brand, and wants to make a move he thinks will make him popular with the audience. I can totally see that happen…


I’ve been waiting for weeks for J/E to go on the block and chance would have it, they win or the hoh doesn’t make the move. I am really hoping Andrew or Gary (fi he returns) wins HOH and take them out. I like Andrew and I hope that what he says and what he will do are two different things. He has always kept his thoughts to himself and when the time comes I hope he goes after j/e and takes talla with him.

Sandra S.

Talla rocks!!!


I think it would be rather funny to see Talla in the final 2 and she give a speech that blows everyone away and they all realize how she played them all by playing ditzy lol


Remember when Talla gave them all a sermon in the HOH room after Gary had made them believe he had the challenge to get them to come have a party with a glass in their hand? She was calm, articulate and thoughtful. I was amazed.
I don’t think she’s faking being ditzy, but I’m sure she can switch it off when she wants to.


Don’t get me wrong I love Talla but, she can’t complete even one
sentence much less a speech. It’s no act. Nothing she says makes
much sense. Only she’s BUSY!

Emmett or gary will win fan favorite they are the ones that lead the polls now