Big Brother Canada Nomination & Power Of Veto SPOILER RESULTS!

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)


10:37pm Kitchen Andrew and Talla

Andrew: “I Thought Peter would have done much better at the puzzle.. I ripped it up just because someone wears glasses doesn’t mean

Talla: “aren’t you so happy”
Andrew: “I’m over the moon.. “
Andrew: “To make it to final 4 I have to win competitions.. I’ve now won 2 POV’s and 2 HOH’s and 10K I’ll be a target”
Talla congratulates him says he did great today. From the sounds of it Peter did not do well in the comp.

Andrew Won Power of Veto

(Video uploading)

Sounds like the target is Peter. Emmett says Andrew cannot win the Next HOH or Veto. Jillian brings up the competition and how she’s sh1tty at those types of puzzles. Jillian is in an bad move. Big Brother comes over the speakers and tells her she will be called into the Diary room next (Peter is in it) Jillian says she’s on her period.

(Sounds like Peter is the target this week)


10:51pm Kitchen Emmett, Talla, Andrew and Jillian.

Emmett: “that was a big veto a 3 parter” (POV comp was 3 parts with the puzzle part having to do with spelling out sweet dreams)
They talk about how poorly Peter did at the POV comp. Andrew keeps pointing out how Peter completely failed at the puzzle part. Sounds like Emmett was just seconds behind Andrew during the physical component.

There is some talk about the instructions/rules from production being unclear. Andrew: “Next time we all need to tell them to clarify the rules”

Talla jokes around about her nomination speech.. Andrew laughs “You are going to fart and burp”

Andrew to Jillian: ‘You are as cranky as chips”
Jillian says she wants to get into the Diary so she can go to bed.

Andrew: “Were you yelling in there”
Sounds like Emmett wanted to dispute something that happened (Perhaps during the POV) Emmett starts to explain it to Andrew but is cut off by Big Brother who reminds them to stop talking about production. Emmett says he went in the DR and “Made a Case about it.. that is what I did my BA in I made a case… “

Andrew: “Hopefully he doesn’t pull an Alec.. “ (Talking about Peter)
Emmett: “it’s going to be a tough week for Pete”

Andrew: “He’s going to be all over Jillian.. he’s going to try”
Talla asks Jillian if he’ll be able to get to her.
jillian: “No he knows that”:

Emmett and Talla head into the Storage Room.

Andrew tells Jillian: “I’m so happy I won that.. I probably lost my chances of being taken to the final 2.. I’m very happy I won that though”


11:10pm Storage room Talla and emmett

Emmett days he’s going to be straight up with Peter right away so they don’t have another week like Alec. Talla points out that Peter has been a solid competitor in the POV.
Talla: “All we have to worry about is Thursday”
Emmett: “Thats a big Week Talla.. there is only 2 ways you can make it to the final 3 either winning HOH and POV”

Talla points out that Andrew has won 2 HOH’s 2 POV’s and 10G’s from the brick


11:13pm Talla and Andrew Kitchen

Andrew is reassuring Talla he will be voting Peter this week and it would be incredibly stupid for Jillian to vote out Peter even if Emmett votes to keep him.

Talla says she’s talked to Emmett and he’s going to be honest with Peter and get right to the point.
Talla: “I would be surprised if he voted Peter at this point” (Emmett)
Andrew: “I know Jillian will vote to keep you”

Peter jokes that the veto upside down is a “A” for Andrew.
Andrew: “I have to take a massive slop dump”

Big Brother “Andrew could you please put the POV into the storage room as well as the gift card for the shopping spree” Gift card for 10K at the brick

Andrew: “Emmett was pissing me off”
Talla: “I know that.. I knew what the rule means.. it is what it is.. no point in saying anything”
Andrew: “I understand sorta what he was saying but you still need to shut the hell up”
From the sounds of it Emmett was helping Jillian out verbally. I think Emmett got disqualified I all confirmation in the next video..
Talla: “Do I have to Campaign”
Andrew: “No.. look me in the Eye I promise you I will not vote you out”
Talla: ‘Jillian is my friend she won’t do that” ( if the vote is split Talla is convinced JIllian will get rid of Peter over Talla)
Andrew: “She put me on the block not you.. And I won the Veto.. great for me sucks for you.. that is how I want to be in the competition by winning competitions” (Andrew and Peter were the nominees and will take himself off the block and Talla will go up)

Peter comes out of the Dairy room. Andrew: “Wow it felt you were in there for 2 hours” Peter: “Felt like 10 minutes”



11:35pm Emmett and Jillian HOH

Emmett saying in the HOH if Andrew drops first he’ll drop out second and let Talla win the HOH.
Jillian agrees.. Emmett: “doesn’t matter who wins the HOH on Thursday .. it’s all about the VETO The biggest competition of the year”
Jillian: “worst case is you win the HOH and he wins the VeTO then he gets to choose between me and Talla and he picks Talla”
Emmett: “Best case scenario one of us wins HOH and the other wins Veto.. You almost won that veto.. me you and Talla will all be competing for Veto (If Andrew wins the HOH) ”

They head to the downstairs bedroom. Jillian is whimpering that she wants to go into the Diary room… and she wants to go home, “I can’t do it anymore.. I’m serious.. I don’t want the 100K anymore.. who gives a sh1t about that I want to go home.. it’s not worth it.. really isn’t”. (She’s in a bad mood and they are taking the loss of the veto hard.. they are going to freaking explode when Gary/Alec comes back it’s going to be epic)

Emmett tells her Andrew will want to take Talla to the final 2 and Jillian to the final 3, “He’s not going to take another guy.. you got a good chance so chill out ”

Jillian: “Should we get rid of Talla to force Andrew to take us.. “
Emmett: “He’ll take Peter he’s the weaker person”
Jillian: “How come that never happens in the states.. you never see people get disqualified.. “
Emmett: “They’ve been doing it for a longer time.. these guys this is the first year they’ve been doing it.. doesn’t matter.. “
Jillian: “They knew it didn’t help me at all they could have overlooked it.. They wanted Pete to compete”
Jillian: “We would have probably gotten rid of Pete anyways”
Emmett: “We’re going to get some luxury items this week.. we have that to look forward to” (Gary Glitter is the luxury item they are getting)

Jillian: “My sister’s fiance is a Lawyer I wonder what he would say about this situation”
Emmett: ‘Doesn’t matter we have no rights.. all there is to do is buckle up and get ready for next week”

Jillian: “They don’t care about my eyes they don’t care about my health.. “
Emmett: “What are you going to say to Pete now”

Jillian: “We care about each other more than they will ever care about us”
Emmett: “Andrew is not on my side we know that”
Emmett points out that during Emmett’s disqualification Emmett was arguing it and Andrew had the chance to stick up for him about it and he didn’t. (Andrew thinks the DQ was just)
Emmet mentions how lucky they were for putting Andrew and Peter up because if it was Talla and Peter Emmett could have gone up.

They start chit chatting about Emmett’s spooky corn maze

Video uploading

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LOL I can’t get over how The Shield’s decision to keep Andrew first at the instant eviction AND during the double eviction is coming right back to bite Peter. I guess now that Peter has lost the veto he’s going to have to use his “social game” to get the votes to stay. Hahahahahaaha


hahhaha this is killing me! production went so far as to make it a puzzle to give Peter a better chance at winning and Andrew won!! hahhaha i bet the producers are heated right now.
They’ll either turn E/J against Talla…or try and convince Andrew that Emmett is a threat and vote him out when he goes on the block


Or they are going to be like there is no eviction plus 1 Houseguest returns! So Peter is safe and then they bring back Alec. TBH if they do that I’m going to kill myself!


Whoops… Emmit isn’t going on the block Lala is. Jillians HOH don’t forget. Best Spoilers I’ve read in a long time! Andrew POV winner. They were all set to get him out! Poetic justice. Funny thing is this is better for E/J’s game and they don’t know it. They think Andrew was set to turn on them and i see no evidence of that. All they need to do is have a convo thanking him for volunteering to go on the block to save Talla the grief. We just “stick to the beastcoast plan”. Which they had no intention to do of course. They better not pee him off. As he plays HOH and POV F4 unlike Jillbot just POV. If my memory is correct this involves the morph faces either HOH or POV. If HOH this would favour Andrew IMO. If POV it’s Jillian or Andrew. Might be wrong it’s even coming.


Don’t get your hopes up about that. Peter may stay. Since a jury member is returning it might “restart” the week and no one goes home. Also seeing how producers have messed with the season so much already, our votes probably don’t matter and they already have decided whos coming back.


Bye Peter :'(


Now that Andrew is safe there is no way Jemmett will send Talla out (like they promised Peter they would do in that scenario) because she is easy to beat in comps and anyone sitting next to her in the final two will win. I really hope Andrew or Talla wins POV next week because it will ensure the splitting of the showmance.

Anyone have any idea how the returning juror is going to work? It doesn’t seem like they have enough time to have another houseguest, so will it just be for a comp or something?


Hopefully they will have Brain freeze


Peter, great decision not keeping Topaz. Now you are going home… Say Hi to Alec


Sooo excited that Andrew won POV.


Emmett is a whiny little piss ant. What a poor sport . He doesn’t deserve to be this far in the game – riding the train from Tom and his snuggle buddy Jillian. He’d be outta there without them. Farm boy better not win!


Congratulations on being idiots, Alec and Peter. Topaz might have slept a lot but she knew what she was doing, look at Andrew, being able to send two of you through the door. It’s a damn shame you guys didn’t stick with Topaz, maybe Will would’ve actually then gave a shit about you, Alec. As for Peter, get your head out of your ass, your social game down right sucks. You competition game? It isn’t that good either, better than Talla though, props for that? No.

At this point I don’t know who I want to win because they all tend to get to me in some way, but Andrew or Emmett are the best of the group to win. They actually win stuff and Emmett has had Jillian do everything he wanted, a puppet master he is, but no one could match Will Kirby.

PS: Alec, Will would tell you that you are as bad as Marcellus.


I don’t think the HG’s can see what you typed nor will they ever see or care about it at all so why are you typing to them like they can. I think you’re the one that needs to pull there head out of there ass. Stop being so dramatic and go back to the mental hospital

The Knight

Topaz was very sharp. Her sleeping was a facade I think she knew what was going on. Pete’s comp game is quite good he won two POVs. It’s his strategy and social game that sucks. And as for Marcellas I knew he made one of the dumbest mistakes in BB history but as a player he wasn’t bad. He was a good player in BB3. It’s just that he played emotionally and made a dumb mistake. But agree Peter could’ve made a big move but was an idiot! Glad he’s going.


Emmett?? Jillian is a far better competitor AND social gamer than Emmett. He’s been disqualified more than won anything and


i am so glad to hear that andrew won .. Emmit sure changed his tune and attitude towards andrew…. carma is a biatch … or an andrew…lol

Glitter Everywhere

Thank God!!! So glad Andrew won POV, I hope Andrew wins next HOH and takes out E or J.


Question: who got put up on the block?


Talla just said she’d be sitting on the block with Peter after the Veto ceremony.


Not fully determined yet who the original noms were.


Jillian and Emmett are such sore losers.


If Andrew has some logical sense in his game, he would the VETO on Peter, and then vote out Emmet!


That’s not possible though because then Talla could just go up on the block with Andrew. The only way Emmett could have gone on the block is if Talla won the POV and took off Andrew

Bill from Halifax

Marc: If A used the veto on P and took P off the block, J would put up T not E.

A not taking himself off the block would be almost as stupid a move as the move Marcellas made not using the veto on himself and a dozen years of Big Brother remembers what happened to Marcellas.


I think it will be a reset this week


Bet the answer to a reset is NO. In fact I get more convinced daily that the HG returning will just host the F4 POV. Anyway production lacks principle if nothing else. Bringing back Topaz would be hilarious IMO.


Sorry, I thought the noms were Peter and Talla.

jlie chen

peter is gonna be obese when his metabolism slows down


I don’t think so, he eats really slow and doesn’t eat alot of food. if he was stuffing his face with that kind of food then maybe but I don’t think he eats enough to worry about it. He is slowly dying of malnutrition.


btw a girl I went to high school with is Peter’s cousin, and a guy from my university is really good friends with him. WEIRD!


Who cares ?

julie chen

Sorry Name, thought it was interesting. Normally where I’m from no one knows shit about Big Brother but now it’s everywhere I go!

julie chen

why are people thumbs downing this? it’s a fact, not an insult! or are you just surprised peter has friends, hahahaha


Watching the Live Feeds Jillian is a complete Idiot. The last 3 people she sent to the jury house she lied to and not in a good way. She is playing a bad game. She isn’t playing for herself she is playing for Emmett.
She also says how disgusted she is with Peter for freaking out at end of POV. Well of course he freaks out he knows your lying to him and is going home. Not to mention the fact he is all alone in the house. Jillian hasn’t had to survive a single week in the house she hides behind Emmett and then does everything he wants. She is a follower and not a leader. Sad very sad.
OMG and now she is freaking out because she has to go in the DR with bad eyes from her contacts she tells BB she doesnt want to and is yelling so how is that different from Peter’s freak out. Another hypocrite. Hey Talla ….. use some of the wax and put it across Jilians Lips and tape them shut !!!
As much as I hate Andrew he has the best game so far and is not scared to make moves in the house and tells it like it is. i wouldnt be surprised if he wins this.


Congrats Andrew. Now that you have won POV I’m pretty sure production will step in to make sure it’s useless by sending the returning juror in right before the eviction vote. They can’t allow the game to progress this way because Andrew is 38 years old and they probably want the first winner to be some young stud like Emmett so people will tune in next season. Why is Talla still in this game???? How long can you go without doing shit??!! She is like Tina on Survivor season 2. Gonna just win because everyone is mad at the other person.


So it was just confirmed without being spoken of. Jillian just said to Emmett, it’s not worth it anymore, everything is on TV, I didn’t want what happened in the middle of the night last night on TV … not in those exact words of course.

As for her calling Peter out on freaking out – hey pot, meet kettle. STFU — you and your puppet master are the biggest sore losers in the house. This live feed is making me angry. I really should just stop watching.


Has anyone ever been evicted by BB for mouthing off to BB?


Disobeying them yes, being constantly belligerent yes


Look up Chima Big Brother on YouTube. Her attitude got her evicted.


Chima got evicted because she disobeyed them by not putting on her mic and then throwing it in the pool.


I’m pretty sure my interpretation is correct. Not putting on her mic for a bit wouldn’t get her tossed nor mouthing of in general. I forget who was in the BY with her when she threw it but thier look told you wasn’t good when she threw it in the pool. Destroying BB property will get your a$$ tossed. It was a great TV. Who was it with that look?


If Andrew used the POV…Emmett will be forced to go up….He is the one always putting people down for not doing big moves….now is his chance!!
I hate what a spoiled bi%#h Jillian is. She is such a acts like a 3 yr old. She is so annoying!

Bill from Halifax

Peter realized and told Emmett that it was crucial that the person with the LEAST chance of winning a POV be the one NOT to be put on the block. If the person NOT on the block won the POV then Emmett was the only choice for Jillian to put up as the replacement. That is precisely why Emmett eventually put Peter and Andrew on the block, to lessen the chance that Emmett would be the replacement.

Talla will be the replacement, and in all likelihood Peter will be sent home, unfortunately.


Talla will be going up ~ although I wish it were Emmett. Hoping that Andrew can convince Jillian before the week is up 🙂


When Peter gets evicted on thursday, he will make the shield sign and point to the elastic band and say “This was for Liza”. This is all part of Peter’s masterplan, after all he has the best social game in the house.


I love that everyone is down-voting your comment, not realising it’s dripping with sarcasm. lol


lmao…hopefully BB doesn’t try and pull something and just let Peter get evicted. He lost.


Yes someone has. Shima. She was bad mouthing Production all day after Jessie got the boot and they told her stop talking about production, she kept telling them to F’ Off and then she threw her microphone into the pool. I’m sure they were fed up of her leaking information on the live feeds. The microphone was just an excuse to boot her off.

Shakira Stan

I can’t believe this is happening. Both Alec and Peter are even worse than Marcellus! I’m glad all their bad decisions came back to bite them!

Karma is a bitch!


Are the have-nots still ‘slaves’ for the haves or is that over – hard to tell because I don’t know how much is pre recorded? By the way, thanks for answering when asked? (Just so I don’t have to say thanks every time, I just give you a thumbs up)

Bill from Halifax

When they were originally assigned as servants, speculation in the house was that the 3 day task would end part way through Monday afternoon.


Next week at the BB/jury house will consist of Alec lecturing the other jurors on how to play the game. While Peter lectures the HG on how you don’t need power from winning a competition to actually have power..


I think you are incorrect. Peter and Alec will take turns reading from Dan’s book on BB. It will be like bible study all over again. They’ll start by covering how to get on the show. then strategies of a bromance. Followed by everyones favorite chapter how to have multiple alliances as lose them all. Peter will even read from Dan’s chapter on good nutrition, fruits and veggies help you compete more effectively in comps. Alec then reads from the chapter wearing no shirt makes you hot! It’s a winner list!


Sure, haven’t you heard the old saying “if you can’t do, then teach”.


Peter… what a dumbass. I bet he really regrets saving Andrew and evicting Topaz now… THIS IS FOR LIZA lol meanwhile she’s been shacking up with Tom in the jury house and thinking, “Peter who?”. Why keep Andrew over Topaz? Did he really think that Emmett and Jillian were going to keep him safe if he did what they wanted? BTW, production basically gave them that puzzle comp just so that Peter could win… not even production could save you, Peter. I’m actually looking forward to Glitter Gary coming back into the house and (hopefully) bulldozing his way through the comps in full makeup and a leotard.


U sound 100 percent . What would u do if Alec came back?


I think people are giving you thumbs down because Tom and Liza didn’t make jury. But I agree with what you are saying.


Liza and Tom are not in the jury house they are at their respective homes. Agree with the rest of your comment though.


Wow, Jemmett are SUCH SORE LOSERS. One comp doesn’t go your way and you are talking about lawyers and how its not worth it to be here. Can you imagine what they would be like on the block, they would probably self-evict.


Gary isn’t coming back to play the game.


So why are Emmett & Jillian freaking out? They are both safe again! They’ve won almost everything & convinced everyone else to do what they wanted by lying to them.

Sounds like Emmett got D’Q’d again for helping Jill & it also sounds like Jill is mad at Andrew for not helping her? or doing something she asked during the POV?? Guess we’ll find out.

I honestly CAN’T wait for the Milkmance to get put up together on the block & hopefully stay there just to see how they act & whether they turn on each other (Ahh: YES it’ll happen, I’m betting)

At this point, I honestly hope the returning house guest gets to decide who goes home on Thursday & that it’s Alec just to see Jemmett’s face!

Only other chance of Peter staying is if there is some sort of luxury comp or something & Peter wins DPOV so he can put up Emmett & then in a smooth move he & Andrew vote out Emmett. Then instead of Alec returning Glitter walks back through the door. Even though the twists have been brutal I wouldn’t mind that. LOL

Other option I would enjoy is if Topaz came back b/c Production screwed her over so badly she out of everyone in jury actually deserves a 2nd shot. Hey let’s not forget she figured out WEEKS ago Andrew was the threat & needed to go but her alliance wouldn’t listen & now it looks like they’ll both lose b/c they didn’t listen to her.

Oh, and how exactly will Andrew deal with winning a $10k shopping spree from the Brick? He was the guy who championed Alec shouldn’t win b/c he won $10K but now he has done that will he change his tone?

Honestly at this point I feel like Andrew deserves to win & has the best case if he gets to F2.

I know a lot of people won’t agree with me but other than Andrew I felt Topaz really did play a solid strategic game. She saw Andrew as a threat long before anyone else. She knew to keep Talla around (something the milk-mance & Peter literally only came to understanding fully after Thursday) & she made solid, loyal moves to protect her alliance even when they back-stabbed her.

The other thing I really liked about Topaz is she was the only one who didn’t treat people like social pariah when they were on the block (well Gary didn’t either but he was aligned with the people who were on the block).

I truly hope production brings her back especially now that Peter is leaving b/c Jill is finally waking up that Emmett can’t sit beside her & Andrew has to go so the girls could band together. In my ideal world Topaz would come back & tell Jill/Andrew the jury is all going to give it to Emmett. Andrew or one of the girls wins HOH & puts up Jill/Emm & they don’t win POV. Emmett leaves next Thursday & then they battle it out. Once again in my ideal world Topaz or Andrew end up as one of the F2 as they in my eyes were the best players.

If you don’t see my case for Topaz remember NO ONE else could have recovered in this game if they had to be back-stabbed repeatedly by their supposed alliance & had all their thoughts aired to the entire house!

Also in an ideal world; Topaz & Jill end up in F2 with Topaz pointing out Jill was in a show-mance who puppeteer-ed her every move & she lied repeatedly to people’s faces under the guise “My word is my bond”. In contrast, Topaz remained faithful to a show-mance that NEVER had her back even when she was making game moves that would help them (Peter/Alec). Topaz isolating Andrew as the target inevitably cost the two self proclaimed geniuses from winning simply b/c they didn’t see what Topaz saw or refused to admit she was better strategically then they were.

And on a side note; how great would it be for Topaz to walk through the door Thursday, win HOH & put up Jemmett then look Jill dead in the eye & say well do you want me to promise you that you’re safe, aren’t my target, won’t go on the block & won’t go home? Nah, let’s just say my intent is to have 3 girls in the house at the end of the week & if all goes as planned that’s what will happen. I’ll give you one more chance to make it up to me Jill, if you are still on the block after POV if in your speech you promise to take me to F2. At this point if Jill is an option vs. Andrew I’d take her in a minute b/c her lying is going to cost her dearly if she even makes it that far specifically if she wins & gets to decide who to take b/c she has promised Talla, Andrew & potentially (if the above happened) all of them F2 once more pointing out so many broken promises.

I’d pay for that to happen!


Good point, I love Topaz game play. Only if she can come pack but that’s just wishful thinking.


Peter is such an IDIOT!! Why would he advice Emmet to not put up the least possible/weakest player on the block, so that they don’t win veto and take off one of the nominations? Did he really think that would benefit him in anyway? Did he really think they would send Andrew home over him? What an idiot!


“I don’t care about the 100k” ——- I’m getting a lawyer? Huh? I don’t want to take aim at her personality flaws, habits, sexual appetites, etc. ’cause I’m not perfect, but the shit about attorneys. Now I just want to see her go down next.


O Irony, I find it funny how 1 move comes back and bites people in the ass.
Had Alec let Andrew go, he’d still be there, had peter saved topaz Andrew would be gone. Idiots got what they deserved.


Simon. I have been having an issue with PayPal. Can you let me know when thou get the donation? I made it 5 days ago but isn’t showing as paid. (candu4u2m21). Thanks


Simon, did you get mine? I never got a confirmation either


Simon’s got it right in the initial post the noms were Peter and Andrew. Talla is refering to her seat after Andrew uses the veto. The veto ceremony should be Monday.


I think the game is fixed like the US one/


This has honestly been the worst season of BB I have ever seen in my life !!