Peter “Jessie please hook me up with a job at TNA.. they can pay me in f***ing chicken nuggets and fries”

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)


12:10AM Peter and Talla in the kitchen

Talla thinks Bret Hart (The Canadian wrestler from Calgary ) was so dreamy.. Peter goes into explaining about the hart family and the history of BRet hart’s wrestling career. Apparently Bret Hart still lives in Calgary and had a stroke in 2000. Talk moves to Hulk Hogan and Jessie (From Big Brother 10/11), “He’s jacked as sh1t .. if I was Jacked as sh1t I would do it to but all I have is a mouth” (Talking about Jessie)

Peter says his earliest memories as a child was wrestling.. He admires it on so many levels, Wacky story lines, Grand shows, Good guys bad guys, Spectacular move.. It’s like watching super heroes every week” Peter adds that the UFC is really popular “Largely because they took elements that made wrestling popular in the 80’s and updated them”
Talla saks if people are still into wrestling
Peter: “wrestling goes in cycles.. right now is a downturn.. WWE is doing alright but TNA impact isn’t because they are really small audience”

Peter: “I’ve been a WWF/WWE fan my entire life.. but I watch any wrestling I can get my hands on”
Peter wants to be an announcer or a mouthpiece manager for wrestling .. (I totally can see Peter being this)

Peter: “If anybody knows JEssie from Big BRother please hook me up with a job with TNA.. they can pay me in f***ing chicken nuggets and fries”

Peter says in the 80’s all the wrestlers were on steroids, “Nowadays they take steroids seriously like the NFL, NBA and NHL.. if you get caught 3 times with drugs in your system you are kicked out of the WWE”

This is a 30 minute conversation about Wrestling.. It’s great if you are a pro wrestling fan..

Andrew joins them and wrestling talk continues..

(Video uploading.. it’s over a hour so will take some time)




Bathroom Talla and Andrew

Talla tells him that Peter isn’t going to campaign against her they both have agreed to have a good time for this week, “I think he already knows.. “ Andrew: “The only time I would do campaigning is early on when there is a lot of people, hey everyone who wants to keep me”

Andrew talks about the luxury competition they will have this week so everyone has that to look forward to.

Talla: “I’m happy for you”
Andrew: “Thank you”
Talla: “I would love to win something.. anything.. even winning some luxury even to me that is winning“
Andrew: “I took a massive dump in here it was horrible”

(talla washes her makeup off because she doesn’t think she’s going into the Diary Room tonight but she does get called in and freaks out because of it)

Talla lathers her face up
Andrew: “You look like a nightmare you look like a goddamn zombie.. like me”


They head into the have nots room. Andrew: “I tell you what this mattress isn’t going to be as good as the Serta mattress I’m buying at the Brick.


1:20AM Andrew and Jillian
Jillian says that she thought Pete was suppose to be the smart one at puzzles. Andrew: “Now i’m starting to get concerned about Talla”
Jillian: “You or Emmett will win the HOH”
They both agree that Pete is gone this week.
Andrew: “I will take you over Talla in the finals”
Jillian: “would you honestly”
Andrew: ‘I wouldn’t take Talla to the final 2″
Jillian asks him if Emmett wins the next HOH and Andrew wins the POV who would he keep. Andrew: “I would get rid of Talla.. I’m nervous..”

Andrew wants final 3 to be Emmett, Jillian and himself but wants the final 2 deal to be him and Jillian.
Andrew: “I think we have a better chance with the final HOH.. the first part is endurance which you will probably win then the second one could be like the Veto today and the final 2 part will be the mental and I thin I will do better than Emmett in that”

Andrew asks her if she has a final 2 with Emmett
Jillian: “No I promise”
Andrew adds that he feels Jillian’s social game is better than Emmett. She adds that he really likes Emmett but there is people in the house that didn’t like how he treated them.
Andrew: ‘He talks down to people”
Jillian: ‘He talks down to me.. I don’t like it”
Andrew: “He’s a great guy.. he has some flaws.. but we all do”

Andrew confirms he’s taking Jillian if he’s the deciding vote next week because she can win that final HOH Talla cannot

Andrew: “I know you will beat Emmett in the final 2.. I know I shouldn’t tell you this he has no blood on his hands you have 3 HOH’s”
They start counting Jury Votes.. Jillian: ‘Oh my god I don’t have anybody.. you should take me” (to the end) Andrew: “I want to”

Jillian: “I really would take you to the final 2.. we will have to make the biggest deal ever shake on it.. ”

Andrew: “Shake on it and look each other in the eye”

She heads to bed

Andrew adds that Emmett does have a lot going for him already “Real estate”

(Gary/Alec is really going to mix things up with these players.. )

(Video Uploading)

2:00AM Sleeping

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haha jillian was grinning in the bathroom brushing her hair after this….im thinking because shes realizing that emmett andrew and talla now are all likely (at least saying) they will take her to F2


that is….until someone else comes back in the house haha


That’s because atleast 2 will. Emmit beats her and Talla gets toasted. Andrews turning out to be the surprise of the season. Floater boy turns competitor with alliance. If you fairly analyzed his game on the totality as we know it he’s atleast top 2, maybe Emmit in there if Andrew doesn’t know E/J were going to evict him before POV. He may not have every F2 covered in actuality but he need worry only about Emmit F2. He beats the rest. I think after this week Jillian only beats Talla. How without HOH does she keep her F3 without losing Emmit? She wins POV and Andrew goes home. Or Emmit HOH and either wins POV. 5 is a great HOH til you get F4 and no HOH comp!


Lol why are Jillian and Andrew even wasting their time making final 2 deals with each other? Isn’t that a little pointless? At this point everyone has a final 2 deal with each other. In ten minutes Andrew’s gonna go up to Emmett to confirm his final 2 deal with him, too. I’d like to see Gary come back and take Talla to the final 2 just for kicks!


You’d really like to see Gary, an evicted player, get at least second place money and possibly win the entire game? It’s like giving a 21 episode immunity + be a relaxed “have” every week while people still in the game are going through hell mentally, physically, and emotionally.


For entertainment value, yes! Totally. Beats watching the same four or five people go round and around in circles making the same final 2 deals with each other haha. Isn’t that the whole point of this show, anyways? Emphasis on “show”. I don’t feel pity for their “hell”. This is a tv show. It’s not that deep.


It’s not that deep for you, a person who just wants to be entertained an doesn’t care about the integrity of the game. You may think they are monkeys in a cage that should dance for you, but it is “that deep” for people who are locked up for three months away from their families in hope that the money can change their lives. If they aren’t given a fair shot at winning, most would rather be with their families. But if you don’t feel “pity,” good for you. I’m sure you’d be just as entertained watching some other reality show which is not a game. Emphasis on “game.”


“Hell”? Uh, overreacting much? They lounge around a house all day and talk. Sometimes they sit in a hot tub. They joke around and get annoyed with each other. They play games a few times a week and when they’re evicted, they go to another house or hotel room to lounge around some more while they collect their stipend for doing a tv show. We watch, laugh, comment, and get annoyed, too. That’s it. It’s as much “hell” as a paper cut or waking up early in the morning. Maybe you’re a friend of Suzette! Lol. Not to mention that they all volunteered to do this. No, it is not that deep. If it were actually anywhere near “hell” they’d just get up and go. “…integrity of the game…” lol are you kidding me? This is network television! What integrity? It’s like watching a blockbuster Disney movie and having a silly expectation that they’ll maintain the “integrity” of the original story. It’s not a scientific experiment for the good of mankind. It’s a tv show. Always has been, always will be. We watch, laugh, and root for our favorites if any. It’s not that serious. Sorry to be the one to break this to you but anything else is setting yourself up for failure. Relax and have fun watching 😀


I buy everything. I don’t have a favorite and likely at one time or another have been tough on everyone. That said I don’t think you appreciate 1 aspect of the game. TV yes but in the US they’re are srict laws regaurding game shows because of the “20 question scandel”. Most would suggest to you the BBusa crowd just does whatever they want. I’ll keep my opinion to myself on that.
But somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd season of survivour Jeff Probst did a promo interview where he talked about the show having to be scripted before the taping started. Luxury comps and Imunitycomps and so on. this was responding to a question about producers tayloring comps to individual players. In Canada I don’t know if laws simillar to the US exist. But prizes generally must abid by non frudulant activity at minimum. I’m no lawyer but I know this no contract can circumvent the law as I understand it. Production would not get carte blanc to violate the law by getting a contract signed saying they can.
I’m not saying this is the case but from time to time it has a feel like the finish line is being moved to aid certain HG’s.


Annette, sorry to disagree but I think you are downplaying the entire concept of the game. Big Brother is a game of social strategy and mind manipulation but it is, in fact, a game! The game is taking place 24/7 inside the house. Strategies and targets are constantly changing and the vast majority of what goes on inside the house is never shown on the actual show. The show itself is more of a highlights package. It’ s like Sportscentre for BB. I understand that we all want to be entertained but the true BB purists do not want someone who has already lost to have the chance to beat out the people that have played a better game, especially when these people have already made it to the final 4. When a team is eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs, the NHL doesn’t hold a vote to bring a team back in the conference finals. As BBK mentioned, perhaps you should start watching “Honey Boo Boo” if you do not truly appreciate the game of BB.


Disagree all you want! Fine by me ;D it’s just tv.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the game but I actually appreciates the game for what it really is… a tv show game. Comparing Big Brother to football is ridiculous. When you watch football, you sit back and watch as the players play. When does the network call a time-out for a corporate sponsored “twist” that gives one team an advantage over the other team? Uh, never. When does that happen on BB? Uh, a lot. It’s actually (shh listen close) a PART OF THE GAME. lol. Comparing the two is silly. Big Brother is not like the NFL, NHL, NBA, etc. Big Brother is just as much a tv show production as it is a game… accept BOTH aspects of it because that’s what it really is. These players don’t go in expecting that it’ll be some type of “pure” social game. Please. They sign lengthy contracts that say they accept whatever twists the show will give them. It’s all part of the game. House guests coming back into the house isn’t a new concept. It’s been done many times on many Big Brother shows. I repeat, it’s part of the game. How the other house guests deal with a returning player and how a returning player deals with it is all part of the game, too. We’re not watching a social experiment conducted by psychologists. We’re watching a reality tv game that has psychological aspects. You can hope, pray and wish wish wish for a “pure” Big Brother game but there really is no reality to being a so-called Big Brother purist. Twists of all kinds are just as much a part of the game as anything else is. Btw, this is Big Brother Canada season one so no one can really say “well that’s not how it’s supposed to be” because whatever happens on season one of BB Canada is what BB Canada is supposed to be. I just enjoy it for what it really is (and not for what I hope, dream or want it to be).

If you want to watch a game where the players play with no influence, then watch sports. This is not the same. Are you the type that goes to see a big Disney or Warner Bros. movie that’s based on a book and then comes out griping that this, that and the other was changed… uh, duh! Pardon me but it’s pretty ridiculous to expect otherwise.


maybe you should watch a soap opera because this is a game


Watching Jill bi**h and complain on the live feeds is more painful then having to watch meat spin….No joke she complains more about her eyes then Kevin Ware did when he broke his leg….IT’S VISINE IT’S SUPPOSED TO HURT WHEN YOU PUT IT IN!


First congrats Andew on the veto and prize win.. Well played…So Peter wants to be a wrestling announcer or manager mouthpiece.. Now I understand why he talks the way he does in the DR. I agree. He’d be good at it.. Love the woman who always makes her entrance with the “excuse me.” E/J are pouting over the DQ and veto comp results… Jill wants to quit.. Thinking about a lawyer. Doesn’t care about the 100K. Well lawyers are expensive my dear so ……..I am glad to see E/J upset. Their smug entitled attitude and in your face romance was hard to watch.


Jill is a baby back bit*h


I don’t know if Peter is cut out to be famous or not. He’d have to work heel because everyone would hate him lol


Does anyone agree that Peter would have more fans (I’m sure he has some, somewhere) if he just acted like himself (like Ian) instead of transforming into this loud, cocky character in the DR? “Just be yourself”…he would probably be just as liked by fans as he is by production. He seems to not understand why people like people like him in the first place.


What is so funny?


If Alec comes back I will boycott this show f*** that s***


Instead of kicking out Jill I think production is just gonna screw her over. What if she gets Pandora’s Box and release a veto into the game, Peter will find it, reveal it at the live eviction then Emmett will get evicted as the replacement nominee hahahaha. Or maybe there just playing us all and at the finale before the jury is about cast there votes we see Justin Beiber come on the TV and say “Hey Canada, you’ve just been Punk’d” and there is actually no such thing as Big Brother Canada 🙂


Jillian lies more than Straight Shooter ! At this point the only person she still hasn’t lied to is Emmett, but I guess there is still time for that. I don’t understand how anyone can trust her after she lied to so many people, and they all know it. Aneal, Danielle, Alec, Topaz (150%). C’mon, Andrew! What makes you think you can trust her? And Emmett is becoming a real tool. Just how faithful has he been to his “alliances”? Did he fight for Tom? Nope. Did he lie to Gary? Yep, And he turned on Alec and Peter. Something I’ve noticed is that he treats all the girls except Jillian with contempt that he barely keeps under the surface. At times he is a bit like that with Jillian when she has ideas of her own. The other night he was on the verge thumping something just because he didn’t get picked to play in the veto. I would actually have loved it if Lala won POV, took Andrew off the block and forcing Jillian to put up Emmett. That would be epic, like when Boogie had to put up Will and watch him leave the house. Production is giving Emmett and Jillian the JJ edit and I am sick of them. They aren’t nice people. Jillian is that stuck up bitch that pretends to be nice to you but is only mining for things she can laugh about behind your back. I hope Gary doesn’t come back, it would help Emmett and screw over Andrew. I would rather see how pissed off Emmett and Jillian would be if Alec came back. Andrew and Peter should work together to get Emmett and Jillian out, or it will be EJT in the final 3.


What do you mean…. all woman lie. Pushup bras, high heels, hair die, makeup, coloured contacts, boob jobs, butt lifts, botox injections, wigs, corsettes, gurdles the list goes on and on. Oh and lets not forget an all time favorite… I’m just 29 years old. Your all liars like your mothers before you and thier mothers beefore them! Size doesn’t matter…. sure honey! 😛 😛

It’s amazing how many blonds there are! 😛


Hi Stan…give the women of the world a break. Thanks for providing a list of the many ways women are pressured to look a certain way in order to please the men of the world. It is cultural pressures that push many women to ‘revise’ their physical selves and it doesn’t come cheap, as well as being very time consuming. Throughout history each society shapes the image of the ideal woman of each time period and it really isn’t fair to say they are lying about their appearance. Men too are going to extreme measures (steroids) to get a certain look and achieve victories in sports, etc. Our culture today is one of the worst for idolizing youth and strength and it takes its toll on individuals in countries near and far. Really sad, isn’t it?

Glitter Everywhere

I have not slept in 24 hours. Voting for Gary 24/7…making damn sure Alec never gets back in the house. I won’t sleep until voting is over that is how much I f***ing hate Alec.

Ya I think Gary deserves another chance. He’s the best!! 🙂


That’s dedication right there…


Hi Dawg and Simon

Interested to know if you’ve heard of this. I’ve read people claiming they can revote again and again on the twist(POWERSHIFT). Apparently all you need to do is use your points then clear your cashe. I wasn’t going to vote anyway because productions just going to do what they want anyway. But and that is if the voting was really going to be counted correctly the whole things a giant fraud perhaps. There is one sure thing you can say about production… they can’t manage a 1 car funeral!


I did not hear or know that all you needed to do was clear your cache to continue re-voting. I think in the end its not going to matter any ways as who ever walks through the door will be walking right back out the next eviction.


I don’t know about the necessity for cheating. People with points can sure vote easily enough. After signing in, I click on who I want to spend my points on and a “glider” allows me to choose how many votes at 250 points per vote I want to use. I moved the glider and gave 50 points to my choice and with one click I was done. I could have used all my points which would have meant over 200 votes in my case, and I’m low on the totem pole of points earned. The people with all the high points can have a huge impact on the result, depending on their selection for houseguest that re-enters. I am leaning towards the idea that the houseguest is merely re-entering for a “visit” rather than re-joining the game. I am also hoping that I may in the end use my points to choose houseguest favourite or even possibly who wins between the final two. I am thoroughly enjoying (most of the time) the entire season.


haha I loved Straight Shooter . favorite moment was when straight shooter voted Jeff out of the game and Jordan had a freaking hissy fit like a 2 year old. I hate jeff and Jordan more than I hate Alec


Andrew is smart he knows Jillian won’t have the votes in the Jury House. He is right Emmett doesn’t need the money but saying he has no blood on his hands is wrong. He has been in everyone’s ear that has been HOH. But if Andrew was really smart he would get rid of both Jillian and Emmett cause he would be guaranteed to win if it was him and Talla in the final 2. No one would vote either for Talla to win she hasnt done a single thing in the house except talk a mile a minute get drunk and ride everyone’s coat tails.
Jillian is a crazy B*TCH. She is completely going off on BB about her contacts. Then she is telling Andrew that Emmett talks down to everyone she does the exact same thing. Except she has a little whine to go with that cheese !!!!
Can’t wait to see Gary/ Alec come back and for her to have a complete meltdown. Lets hope she is still on her Period when that person comes back. Now that would finally be something to watch.

Mr. BiLL

If Peter leaves and Alec does’t return, I will never watch Big Brother Canada again. Unless you change up things.
The way you messed with the game is just shameful.!!
I’m not the only fan that feels this way.


“If Peter leaves and Alec does’t return, I will never watch Big Brother Canada again.”

Well, I guess this means goodbye then? At least you stay until thursday, right? 😉


Re: the house guests looking to get TV gigs from this show – Anyone remember the reality show The Lofters, 2001-2002? Several cast members did manage to parlay their reality exposure into a broadcast media career, among them Jennifer Hedger, TSN Anchor; Carolyn Jarvis, 16:9 anchor & Hello! Big Brother Canada’s own Arisa Cox!!

I’ve worked in broadcast media for many yrs. & have to say, I’m of the camp that is disappointed in Arisa’s hosting, full of awkward pauses, inability to think on her feet, not following up on certain comments, etc. Her own reality show experience should have given her an advantage in what the players are feeling, experiencing & part of the job as host is to help us feel that too. I just find it frustrating that during the chats with house guests, especially evicted ones, too often seems to be trying to make this time about her.

oh, & YEAH, ANDREW winning the Veto!


I’m so glad you said that! I thought I was the only one. When I heard she was hosting I was disappointed and annoyed. She has no skills to be hosting anything on tv. And it seems like she’s not even a BB fan. She’s awkward, never says the right things. In challenges she sits and waits for them to complete the answer. Whereas Julie Chen would have demanded an answer within a few minutes. I feel like comps are forever when she’s hosting. And her swinging arm drives me and my friends nuts. Like she’s unaware what to do with it. Just swings back and forth when its bent. Then again the other night she had the Mic in it and still swung

Pleaseeeeee BBCan. If there are more seasons get RID of this idiot woman !!!!!!


Bang on comments Chili,
Arisa is boring and shows preferential treatment while speaking to evicted HG’s. She warmed up to Topaz and Gary while others were mechanically ‘interviewed’. Very poorly done indeed and she should show more interest in others. Her questions were shallow and confirmed she is not even a fan of the game she’s hosting. I have a feeling she thinks she is the star of the show and not the HG’s LOL


Twitter of Tom and Liza…. Of how much I dislike both


its about time bbc let andrew win 10 k so hed stop whining about alec winning 10 k , what a poor sport he is


Totally don’t get bringing a player back into the house this late in the game.