Andrew & Talla watch the VIDEO of Emmett & Jillian MAKING OUT! Your families must be disgraced!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)

Big Brother Canada April 13 2013 701am

7am Andrew and Talla are woken up and told they have a minute to get into the living room. They go to the living room and have to watch a 10 minute video of Emmett and Jillian. Andrew says why can we not be in the back ground.. this is HORRIBLE! Ah a little grope action! Andrew says when did this happen, you might as well be humping! Your families must be disgraced. Andrew yells that they would be embarrassed about this. Andrew says oh there it is the old a$$ grab! Embarrassing how utterly embarrassing. Talla asks where is us? Andrew says well if you want to start making out, maybe we would make the cut! Andrew says I am glad I am not in a showmance because this is embarrassing. Talla says all I can think of is where am I. Andrew says you are a vein person. Andrew says this guy has the wondering hands! When it ends Andrew and Talla pretend to throw up. Andrew yells well we will see you tomorrow! Emmett and Jillian are told to go to the bedroom. After its over Emmett talks to Andrew about what the video was about. Andrew says it was 10 minutes of you shoving your tongue down her throat, grabbing her boob, and her a$$. Emmett says if anyone says anything I’ll tell them you try being in a house for 50 days with someone you like and try not doing any of this. Emmett goes to the bedroom and talks to Jillian about the video. He says lets just get through it, its just 3 days. Andrew and Talla tell Jillian how bad that looked. Andrew asks how does it feel to kiss someone who doesn’t look like a very good kisser? Just kidding! Andrew says know this it looks like this HONK, HONK, HONK, HONK he is squeezing your boobs in there a few times and groping your buns!

Big Brother Canada April 13 2013 7am

Big Brother Canada April 13 2013 713am

Video is uploading:

Big Brother Canada April 13 2013 714am

8am Emmett and Jillian are woken up and told to go to the diary room. Meanwhile out in the backyard: Andrew and Talla are out in the backyard talking about the 10 minute video they just had to watch of Emmett & Jillian making out. Andrew comments how Talla heard her name in the video and asked where am I? Andrew says its a 10 minute video of them! They comment on how much they swear and how every other word was beep’d out. Andrew says if this VETO is a mental challenge then we know they (BIG BROTHER) wants him to win it. They go back inside the house because Emmett and Jillian are out of the diary room. Andrew asks Peter what he wants for breakfast.
Big Brother Canada April 13 2013 814am
Up in the HOH room: Andrew goes up to talk to Jillian. Jillian is worried about what to do with the nominations. Andrew says put me up. Jillian says that Talla is just too volatile. Andrew says that he trust her but that Emmett is making me nervous. Jillian agrees that she doesn’t like the way Emmett does things some times. Andrew says I put me up, it all comes down to the veto .. and if Peter wins it we will I guess Talla will go home. Andrew says we are in an alliance and I trust you, but I want you to remember this. Jillian says that she has lied to Peter and told him he is safe. Andrew tells her to just come up with a good speech when you put me up. Like Andrew you are the biggest threat and I want to get you out! Jillian laughs. Andrew tells her to give him an awkward hug. Andrew heads back downstairs.

Big Brother Canada April 13 2013 820am

8:35am – 9:25am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen. The nomination ceremony is possibly happening now.

10am Still HUSH HUSH..
10:45am Still HUSH HUSH.. Big Brother announced that the live feeds will return later tonight as Saturdays are busy days in the BB house. The house guests have the Nomination Ceremony this morning and the Power Of Veto Competition this afternoon.

What is your prediction of the nominations / who wins the Veto?

4:55pm Still HUSH HUSH..
6:25pm Still HUSH HUSH..
6:55pm Still HUSH HUSH..
8:28pm HUSH HUSH..
10:09pm HUSH HUSH..

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The video of them watching the video is not working…

I have to see that reaction lol


WOW Andrew, that was stupid. Hopefully him and Talla are up and Peter wins POV and saves Talla then they vote Emmett out. Gril can dream…


I suggested that last night, but I doubt she is smart enough… Though I sooooo wish it happens.

It looks like they want to get rid of Peter anyways, because they fear a twist… and if something happens then you have Andrew who is blindly loyal to the couple. And lucky for them, he would be better in the house IF Gary returns.


Yes, I see that now right in bold…



I don’t think it will matter who returns and what they do in the game. It should be a big wake-up call to Emmett and the others. All thoes people whoes dream Emmett had Jillian crush will now decide if his dream of winning will come true.. My guess is when Emmett can’t hide his dark side anymore he will freak out..The powershift will do it’s job of creating chaos in the minds of the HG… As E/J are fond of saying in the DR room to the HG they screwed, “its your fault for being so stupid as to believe yada yada yada.


I would love to see that happen but Peter is such a wimp. He won’t use the veto- and it won’t be the first time -___-


Yes he would. Saving Topaz wasn’t gonna help him, he would be on the block setting next to her. By letting her go, he gains Jemmett trust and keeps a bigger target that he can hide behind


I was one of many who thought Peter not saving Topaz was a bone head move HOWEVER I’ve since heard on the feeds that Peter actually DID WANT to use it to get out Andrew but Emmett said no. When Jill was saying what a worry it was that Andrew was still in the house Peter pointed out well that’s exactly why I wanted to use the Veto & get him out Thursday. Later, when Peter pointed out that if Andrew wasn’t on the block he could win Veto take Talla off & then Emmett would go up & likely get voted out. Instead of taking that strategic knowledge as a sign of faith from Peter, Jemmett will likely put up both Andrew & Peter. Once again, not a smart move b/c it highlights to Peter that he is still in danger & no matter what he does he is disposable to them.

Since Peter felt if he turned on them at that point with 4 against 1 he felt he had to play along. I think he was 2nd in the HOH and he likely thought it would either be physical or mental which he had a leg up on the others had it be true to win HOH.

Now he has painted himself into a corner to HAVE to win POV but he is still trying to use his persuasion to get Jemmett to see the threat of Andrew (shift focus on him) & keep Talla who he can use if/when he has power.

So after hearing why he didn’t use the veto I kind of get it but in his position I think I would have said sorry Emmett but I’ll keep you & Jill safe but I’m not aligned or obligated to Andrew it’s time to get a bigger threat out of the house.

Ironically he could walk out the door this week & Alec could walk back in.

It all depends on who wins Veto & who maintains their cool. I tend to think today will be OTEV & Peter has a leg up over the milkmance & likely over the stooges given they are both on slop. If this does happen Andrew is likely gone b/c Jem won’t miss the opportunity this week to get out one of Peter/Andrew no matter how crazy Talla acts.

Andrew unaware of the current HOH discussions is actually walking a fine line simply b/c if he doesn’t say the right thing or do the right thing he could be walking out the door.

If it turns out to be Glitter returning instead of Alec & Andrew is voted out Thursday he’ll likely win fan favorite which is some compensation.


If peter won the veto he wouldn’t use it and if he did andrew would still keep him.


In honor of “The Milkmance”, shouldn’t we starting calling E/J’s visits to the DR as them going to the “Dairy Room?” Out of respect, they should also be making Talla and Andrew guzzle down a glass of milk while watching each day, just to “pay homage!”


Why did they have to watch that video?


That’s awkward…lol


Thats kind of weird, why is it them making out? Why not a video of people eating bugs or something else


They definitely need to cool it! They were having sex last night under the covers before the feeds went out.


He’s always grabbing her boobs & her ass like she is a piece of fruit!




I agree…they are totally disgusting. If one of them was my child I would be totally disgusted….and the thing that I cant believe is the fact that she is a teacher….hmmmm wouldnt want my child in her classroom after watching this disgrace. I want her or Emmet gone so badly…preferably her because her whiney squeaky voice is very disturbing.


But yet you watch it…
I can definitely see your point about Jillian being whiney, but describing E/J as disgusting for getting all kissy kissy, come on.. go join a nunnery.


Yeah, who knew so many BB fans were so chaste? They don’t like players who lie and make out. I honestly can’t imagine watching BB but for the lying and hooking up. It’s the entire premise the show was built around.


The difference is, we have the choice to watch or turn it off.. Andrew and Talla have to watch..Jillian may still need a job when the show is over. School boards can be very very picky about who they allow near children.. She could explain her lying by claiming it was a part of the game. Same as bluffing in poker. But the open sex.. I don’t know… That is something a teacher should do in private not in front of the parents.. And I’m sure some parents are watching. Something she should have thought about before the show.. Dan, a teacher/coach, was given a very hard time by viewers just for lying.. Other contestants have had death threats because of their behavior in the game….. So .. Yeah .. It matters..


Exactly, we can’t have it both ways; i.e. ask for drama & complain about things being dull & then expect them all to just behave themselves.

I think the house guests obviously forget they are on camera most of the time & with so many young people in the house unaware of previous BB US seasons they forget the camera’s are on 24/7 so we catch them picking their nose, picking their faces, forgetting about shower doors, making out etc.

I don’t have an issue with the making out b/c I don’t have to watch it: I PVR after dark so I fast forward or if I’m watching live feeds I just go to another room.

I think when it comes to the lying issue it isn’t the fact they are lying; I expect it/ I think we all expect it; it’s more about whether they admit to themselves they are lying. Some of my favorite past BB guests have lied & reveled in the fact that they do like Dr Will who made an art of it, I even enjoyed Shelly & Matt who both were great liars.

What I do get annoyed by are people who have holier than thou attitudes, based on Jill’s DR sessions she knows she is lying but at times she actually convinces herself she isn’t. For me personally I can’t imagine (even in a game) saying my word is my bond, if I look you in the eye I will never go back on it. I prefer players who say outright I’ll lie to your face and/or someone who uses their imagination to find loop holes like Dan did.

I’d rather use specific wording, say nothing or change the subject. Point in case; last week Jill/Talla asked Topaz numerous times if she would put up Peter, she NEVER answered the question directly. She changed the subject, implied she knew he should go, said he was a target but not once did she commit to it. It may have cost her the game but if I’d been in the house I would have definitely aligned with her simply b/c I know she could be trusted based on her actions.

Bottom line is everyone will lie unless they are Jordan (who did in fact lie in her second season proving even the most honest people can’t make it through the season without lying) but it’s how & when they lie that matters. Having grown up with a family member who mastered the art of lying from a young age I’ve always had a knack for spotting a liar very quickly. If I ever did try out to get in the house that would likely prove to be an asset b/c a liar usually will mess up either by not remembering what they lied about (Alec), going back on their word (Jill) or demonstrating their ability to hide their lies (Topaz/Peter). In a game like BB lies can win you the game or cost you the game. In the end, should Jillian reach a F2 chair vs. Andrew, Emmett, Peter or the returning house guest I tend to think she’ll lose even though she has been a beast at comps simply b/c of HOW she lied. By saying “I would NEVER go back on my word” “when I look you in the eye I am sticking to it” & “my word is my bond” she opened the door for the jury to feel played. It’s unfortunate for her since she has had the best game from a competitive stand point.


I know!!!!!! And then she puts on that stupid baby voice when they’re making out?! YUCK!!! By the way, BBUS used to let the video stream all the way through no matter what the cameras picked up. Why is BBCan constantly cutting the feeds i.e. last night when they started doing whatever it is they’re doing or when they say things (like a few nights ago about Talla’s family being well off)?

Julie Chen

Cause every other teacher out there is a saint and has never made out or did anything sexual with another person. I don’t think Jillian has done anything a parent should be worried about there’s teachers out here who are actual perverts that you should be worried about


To become disgusted at E/J, so they would join up with Peter and go the the end. I personally feel everything production does lately is to help Peter…right or wrong


I must have missed something, what is this 10 minute makeout video that Andrew and Talla had to watch? Is this part of the have-not punishment?


I know last night he scratched his ass (inside his pants) & then proceeded to take ice & put it in a pitcher for Jemmett. I threw up a little in my mouth when I saw that.


EWWWWWW!!! Andrew went from the bathroom to the kitchen touching all kinds of surfaces and then touched the bacon without washing his hands. That’s gross and a good way to get sick. Nasty! One reason why I never eat out. There’s a double meaning in there lol.


I think making them watch E and J making out is a ploy by production to make sure that Andrew doesn’t have any false ideas about their relationship. Just in case he thinks Jillian is playing Emmet and he thinks she may be interested in Andrew, the video’s are pretty clear that Jillian is into Emmett so don’t trust her.


Name: Yes, they have to watch 10 mins of Jemmett making out (every day for the week I think, don’t quote me on that part)

Andrew should be a commentator for SOMETHING I don’t care what, he’s too funny to have his talents go to waste training telephone insurance agents.


He gets paid really well to be a sales trainer though. Plus the company he works for is a really great place to work, very fun. They have a lot of events, games, contests, etc. I used to work there too.


I saw this tweet from Big Brother Canada in response to someone asking if the feeds would be up soon: “not till later tonight. Saturday’s are busy, busy days. #lotstodo”

I’m looking forward to seeing the video of Andrew and Talla watching Em/Jill making out. I can not wait to hear Andrew’s commentary!

At this point, I don’t know when to believe Jillian and when not to believe her. Is she lying to Peter or to Andrew? Does she even know? Lol Emmett has a bum foot, and Peter has that huge scratch/cut on his leg from yesterday’s Have/Have-not’s comp, so I’m hoping that hurts them in the PoV comp. Andrew needs to win this bad!!!

Also, this year I’m finally able to make a donation, so I’ll be doing that around the end of the month. It won’t be much, but it’ll be a lot for me. 🙂

Thank you again SO much Dawg and Simon for all of your hard work. 😀


I wonder if its three different videos lol


Another brain freeze…. JC. Andrew Pawns go home dude! The whole bunch are self destructing. Odds on Andrew being evicted 60-40. He’s digging himself a huge freaking hole….. 6 feet deep.
I’m not sure at the end of the day E/J would backdoor anyone. So it’s pretty clear from the feeds they won’t evict Lala. I think Emmit pushes hard for Peter to stay over Andrew. If either nom is replaced by Lala then the one left is going to be evicted not her. She’s in the classic done nothing position to get F3 as the easy win. Milkmance hasn’t thought about her beating Jillian in endurance. She wins 7 questions Emmit doesn’t make the final. They should have gone with Andrew final 3. It sure doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.


Don’t see what the big deal is. They are acting like a couple of 13 year olds. What you’ve never seen two people show affection for each other? They’re reacting like E/J just made a full out porno going buck wild on the kitchen table. OMG Emmett just touched Jillians breasts, call the porno police!! If anything it’s Andrews/Tallas constant over reactions that are getting on my nerves.
Starting to see why Andrew is single. Dude is extremely jealous. Go jerk off in the shower already and get over it.


I think Talla and Andrew’s over-reactions stem from how awkward the situation is. They have to sit there and watch two of their housemates make out for 10 minutes. I know I would feel awkward having to watch the video. So to compensate for the awkwardness they are trying to put the attention on Jill and Emmett by saying things about how gross it is, etc.

I personally don’t care that Jill and Emmett kiss and stuff in the house, but I know that I wouldn’t want to have to sit there and watch a video of it. I also know that I wouldn’t want a video of me doing that on tv as I am a very private person, but if Jill and Emmett aren’t bothered by it then all the more power to them.


I wanted to comment on the last update, but it wont be seen so I will put it here. I wish they (Emmett) would cut Talla a little slack for freaking out about having to serve the haves. She is an over-the-top personality to begin with, but her freak-out is akin to Jill’s freakout about having to give pedicures while she was a have-not (Talla was also a have-not at that time and she handled that situation relativelywell). Funny how no one (Emmett) remembers that.


OMG thank you for posting that Kupac! I was reading the previous posts and was getting more frustrated by the second!

Pretty sure they are both adults and making out is PG stuff folks. Is watching Jill and Em make out getting old? Sure. But it’s not “disgusting”. Calm down. If I only went by what was posted, you would assume that they were full on naked and going at it and having sex in every room in the house!

People kissing and touching each other??? Yikes! The horror!


Cant watch the feeds for long anymore. maybe next week when Vommett is out of power. really cant stand those two.


I hope Jillian nominates Peter and Andrew and Andrew wins the POV. That way, they won’t have to make the decision whether or not to break up the Beast Coast alliance. I hope Peter gets evicted on Thursday.
And I hope production can make peace with that and won’t do anything pathetic – sorry, I mean anything crazy.


what emmett doesnt get is a) unfortunately things are always worse for women in how theyre viewed and b) its worse for her career than his by far!


Doesn’t Jillian realize that if you keep lying to people and YOU send them to jury they will not vote for YOU in the end? Hasn’t she lied to Topaz, Alec and Peter now? Telling them all that they were not going up (or something of that caliber). I just don’t get it…. BTW, I absolutely love that they have a Canadian one. I really hope they keep the same time of year and come back next season. Then I can get BB pretty much all year long 🙂


So the boy’s got a thing for teets, udders, breasts, cows, milk…..I’m now going to call him ‘Coop’ (Nurse Jackie). ‘Coop’ is a doctor who when stressed, grabs a hold of the woman’s breast while she is talking to him. By the way, this is pretty tame stuff in comparison to Hollywood love scenes so if it’s ‘turning me off’ I’ll just turn it off. I wish she would slap his hand away, but that’s what I’d do.


I’m still ticked off they are bringing back a player from the jury house. This is obv so fixed and for a sec I don’t believe our votes actually count. I recall when Suzette first started freaking our alienating herself and melting down. She would come back from the DR in a better mood saying ‘Canada loves me’. I recall her her saying that over and over again like a mantra. This was way BEFORE we even knew Canada will vote to keep one player.
There is no way Canada voted to keep her and not AJ. This was all Grand BS. I know for sure her own community was not happy with the way she portrayed herself.
So back to my rant… I am afraid seeing the way Alex departed, his weird behaviour prior… I am afraid DR might have hinted that ‘Canada loves him’ as we’ll and they might bring him back and the vote is fixed again.


A bit Off topic… but am I the only one that thinks Alec would bring the most drama and entertainment back. As much as I love Gary I think it’s best to vote back Alec. He’ll want revenge and he’s proven to be strong in both mental and physical competition. I honestly dislike Alec but want to see Andrew (or Talla after) to win as they haven’t had a “showmance” and basically worked on their own. Even Peter at this point. Anyways,This way If Alec comes back he’ll want to take out Jillian and Emmett. I can’t take their disgusting making out. Pull some effing sheets over your heads. Yes, I get it your humans and have a sex drive but come on. We see them exchanging saliva like there’s no tomorrow. And does anyone truly think that Emmett will stay with her after BBCAN, especially if he wins the money? He’s young, evidently immature, and has outside-of-the-house standards.


could you shoot some examples of emmett’s immaturity? if anything andrew is the most immature guy in the house BY FAR, basically sexually harassing jill and talla constantly under the guise of “hehe jk guys” and constantly shit talking current and past house guests… Emmett is the only one that seems to realize it’s a game and doesn’t bullshit around


I wanted Emmett to win, now I want him and Peter gone . I hope Jillian nominates Talla and Peter and that Andrew wins the veto.


Id really like to see the video of jillian jerking emmett off under the sheets….


Me too!!!!


Alek is the only one that can get rid of Jillian and Emmett . Peter needs Alek back . I don’t know where this people think Gary will come back . For what reason ? To waste time ?


Remember is called a power shift . Alek will be the only power shift since Peter is the only one Alone in the house .


You are implying the results will be fixed?




I was shocked,Emmette atleast has a nice hang down! He’s still a douche bag with a good package,thanks Simon .


According to multiple sites, when polled they answered Gary for who they voted for. Gary leads most polls by 15-20% over the 2nd place person (be it AJ or Alec). If Gary doesn’t come back, I will be shocked and shenanigans will be called.


Before Alek left he said Chevrolet bring a power my way . A hint maybe ???


Yes but these polls are tending to be on sites where people (like us) watch After Dark & live streams. I forget where I saw it but there was a poll that had Alec way ahead & based on comments it was from TV viewers of the 1 hour shows only.

I think I recall in the US they said it was only a small percentage (maybe 20% & I’m guessing but that sounds right) of people who watch After Dark AND the live feeds. We are much more in tune with the day to day goings on in the BB house. People who only watch the TV show have a different perspective.


So I’ve been thinking about this power shift foolishness. If we say on Thursday we have 2 weeks left and after eviction 4 players left. Jillian has to host HOH as out going HOH. Then perhaps Gary comes back for the day and hosts the POV at F4 and does not come back as a competitor. The rest of the second last week plays out normally. The final week is the 3 comp final followed by the jury vote.
Simon or Dawg would you happen to know the night of the finally please? I make the finally April 2nd. Any help would be appreciated.


In case you missed it Last nights Emmett full frontal NSFW


Is that real or Photoshopped?




Now we know why Alec was crying when he thought he was exposed LOL


Power shaft.

go suckas

Holy crap….that’s one long shlong…must be Semi, fo sho


I really hope the Power Shift results arn’t rigged!!!! I get that having Alec back in the house would cause way more drama than Gary (if Alec comes back it becomes Jemmett vs. the Shield) but it’s supposed to be “Canada’s Vote” and clearly Canada wants gary back more. I liked Alec, but he did make some mistakes and got himself evicted, so I don’t think that it’s fair that he’s be allowed to come back. I also hope that Jemmett is okay after this punishment, because I really like them and hope that this dosen’t seperate them! Sure they make out alot, but there have been many other showmances on BB history, and it’s not like they show much on the episodes, anyways.


“I liked Alec, but he did make some mistakes and got himself evicted, so I don’t think that it’s fair that he’s be allowed to come back. ”

Obviously Gary made some sort of mistake to get himself evicted?


These various twists have changed the game significantly. I think that most viewers would be happier if the house guests were just allowed to play the game. Since this next intrusion is inevitable, I say bring back Alec. No he is perhaps not popular with some, but his reemergence into the house would ignite a plethora of emotions. We would see the blood drain from their faces. We would see ghosts. We would see hardcore fear. Further considering the level of cockiness a little could be most enjoyable.


Don’t know if this means anything but remember Alec was the only one to receive goodbye messages out of the 4 jury members, would’nt that mean he is the least likely to be brought back if this voting is fixed? Or maybe they knew he was gonna come back so production tried to give him an upperhand to see if anyone would reveal anything in there goodbye messages so he could have ammo on people?. As for luxury items I would’ve asked for rollerblades, imagine Pete and Emmett rollerskatin around the house hitting each other into walls, don’t lie it would be pre funny.


Other than AJ, I believe they all got goodbye messages…


Topaz didn’t


And Gary’s was available online the next day but we don’t know if he saw them..


Partially correct:

AJ was a surprise eviction so I have no idea if the guests did good bye messages that would have gone on a disc with Gary to the jury.

Gary actually saw his goodbyes they just didn’t show it on the live TV show.

Topaz will also see hers (like Gary above we just didn’t see it on the live show.

So other than AJ the other jury members all saw their goodbyes & likely AJ’s were tapped & sent on a disc with an update of the week that the in-coming jury member brings.


Feeds down 12 hours shame o production
How are they ever going to sell the feeds if there is a season 2?


of all the BB shows i have watched i have yet to see any of the players or house guest carry on like those two … the constant pawing and cupping and grabbing is too much .. makes jillian look cheap for allowing it .. makes the milkman look like a horn dog … or a farmer testing his meat before he buys .. distcusting .. the odd tap in front of the cameras ok.. but the constant .. i have had my fill of Emmit … and i now hang my head to jillian.. after last night .. enough all ready …. shame shame on them both .. ps .. no reason for those two to whine now .. the cows are out and the gate is shut …lol ..
and if production sees to it that peter wins .. this is the first and last season i watch of BB Canada .. they are spoon feeding that Dan want to be .. and it is sickening and obvious .. funny how only peter and topaz found an envelope .. the others were no doubt glued to the side of the walls…lol .. guess i am now cheering for andrew .. he was a bit hard to take at the beginning but i am likeing him more and more everyday .. and as for Talla .. well she is Talla .. lol ..


What do you mean they were the only two to find an envelope?


Did Peter win the POV?




I think it is disgusting that production of BBC would even drop to showing a video like that. If that is the kind of people behind BBC then I done watching. BBC have done to meaning mean, rude, appealing things to this season foe my liking.


Besides Jillian being so scanky ,did you guys hear what she said a couple days ago?They were talking about her punishment for children talking in class,and she said they stuff marshmellows in there mouths and strap pillows to there feet and make them walk to the gym . The pillows are so you cant hear them walking. She is beginning to freak me out.That is a major choking hazard,those things could stick in the throat and kill them.




I do believe Andrew won the POV Puzzle comp! He is so happy and relieved! Can’t blame him.

Go suckas

Feeds are back…..Did Andrew win POV?


Peter did not win Veto – Andrew/Jill calling him a sore loser. Sounds like Andrew won (squee!) because Peter threw something to him angrily at the end (you will have to confirm Dawg/Simon, but thats the sense I am getting).

Go Suckas

Sounds like Andrew won to me??? Thoughts yo?


Why are some people saying fixed if another player comes back into the house from the Jury? It’s happened before on BBUS so why not here?!
Personally I can’t stand Emmett he likes to think he is God’s gift and that he is all perfect and he never does anything to annoy others unlike the things they do to annoy him. He is your typical self-centered hypocrite. Someone asked for an example of his immaturity because they don’t believe he is immature…. Well I seem to recall on more than one occasion he drank all the milk in the house and didnt leave any for anyone and when they called him out for it he said tough titty. Not to mention the fact that anyone that goes around talking behind people’s back all day long and not confronting them once on it, is immature in itself.
He just seems to not care about anyone’s feelings in the game itself. Yes, it is a game but you still need to be mindful of others.
I would love to see Gary come back and be able to vote out a house guest for this HOH and then compete and win hard the next HOH. That would turn the house upside down. I do believe he would put Jillian and Andrew up if Andrew was gone he would put up Emmett. That would shake things up for sure.


It puzzles me that Jillian is mortified about having her relationship and “make-out” sessions with Emmett taped and shown? Last time I checked this was Big Brother, idiot. As for Jillian having a job at the end of this – As a teacher in Ontario, the boards and the College of Teachers make it clear that if you do anything that can tarnish your reputation, your job WILL be in jeopardy. Again, that really depends on the board that you work for. (I’ve had colleagues that have been disciplined over “inappropriate” Facebook pictures that got out, ie drinking etc).

Jillian on the other hand, I worry for her. If you type in “Jillian Effs Emmett” in YouTube, you can only guess what shows up. Anyways, I really hope Andrew wins. He’s hilarious and deserves it 🙂


Gotta say I am finding the milk-mance a little annoying at this point. Emmett is complaining about how Andrew is after him & can’t be trusted & Jill responded by saying Yeah we are so smart for figuring out he had to go on the block to save you from going up.

UM no that was Peter who pointed that out to you two in a gesture to ONCE again prove his loyalty to them. Regardless if Peter was doing it to save his ass at least admit if he hadn’t of pointed that out to you then you would never have thought of it.

Looks like the only way Peter stays now is if he convinces two of Andrew, Jill & Emmett to take out Talla. Either that of perhaps Talla will receive a penalty vote for not doing something right & then Peter will just need to convince one person.

His message to Emmett should be you need me to help take out Andrew so you need to vote out Talla & to Andrew he needs to come clean about what Jemmett was planning which was to back door Andrew until Peter pointed out that if Dre won POV Emmett could go up & be gone. I doubt Peter can change Andrew’s mind but never say never.

Lets see what magic if any Peter can pull.