Big Brother Canada Nomination Ceremony Spoiler RESULTS!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April ?
HOH Winner: Jilian Next HOH: April ?
Original Nominations: GARY & TALLA
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Andrew
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 27 2013 145am

** While the live feeds were down, the nomination ceremony happened where Jillian as head of household nominated GARY and TALLA for eviction. **

1:45pm – 2:10pm The Big Brother Canada Live Feeds come back on from showing the hush hush screen. Emmett and Gary are in the main bedroom. Emmett asks Gary if he knows where a piece of clothing of Jillian’s is. Gary says I don’t know where that b!tches clothes are at! Emmett tries on Gary’s Ralph Lauren yellow and white vest. He asks Gary what he thinks. Gary laughs and says no .. you look like dumb and dumber. Emmett laughs at how Gary is now using 4 of the trunks for his clothes. Emmett leaves the room. Meanwhile in the kitchen Talla and Jillian are playing puck ball. Gary comes into the kitchen and makes a slop shake. Emmett goes back to the bedroom and paces back and forth.

Big Brother Canada April 27 2013 155pmam

2:10pm Talla argues with Jillian about what her score is. Talla says you were in your niche. Jillian asks do you even know what niche means? Jillian tells Talla that she has a score of 7. Talla says 8. She says I am not going down to 7. Emmett and Jillian head up to the HOH room. They start studying the events past events of the house. Jillian asks who won the POV and was evicted the same week? Sounds impossible but its not. Emmett isn’t sure. Jillian says Peter, he won the POV week 8 and I won HOH and put him out. Emmett asks who was the only house guest to win the POV and use it on someone else. Jillian says Tom. Emmett says yup. Jillian says until I win POV this week and save you. Or I guess if I win it I wouldn’t have to use it. Jillian asks what’s one house guest she said in the diary room she is not taking to the final two? Jillian laughs. Emmett says better not be .. or it will be a sour right home. They continue to study events that happened on certain days. Talla breaks up their studying by coming up to join them. Emmett heads down to the main bedroom to study alone. Talla and Jillian continue to talk. Talla says I can’t believe I dreamt about # 4 last night. But I’m on the MARKET! Jillian gives Talla the ipod and tells her to listen to a song. Talla asks if its a song about Emmett. Jillian says no, about someone else. She then tells Talla not to mention the song or sing it.
Big Brother Canada April 27 2013 239pm

2:45pm – 3pm Talla and Jillian wonder how the rest of the week will play out. Jillian thinks the 3 part HOH competition will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Jillian tells Talla .. Okay lets kill this! (The POV Competition) They talk about wanting the POV to start. Jillian says it would be less stress full if you or I win it. Talla says I want to win it to feel the power. Jillian says that she knows what Gary would do if he won. Talla agrees. Jillian asks Talla do you know what you would do if you won it. Talla says yeah of course we have a final two deal. Jillian comments that she knows she isn’t going to win it. Talla says well that is negative! Jillian says I can’t win a POV to save my life. Talla talks about how she got two awards last night .. best freak out and best entrance. Thank you Canada. Jillian says I didn’t win any awards. Talla talks about her Maze Melt Down Freak Out. Talla clears her throat and says I am every guys nightmare when I clear my throat. I went from every guys dream to every guys nightmare. Talla starts talking about past events and how things happened. Talla says I have to tell you something but I can’t. I was BUSY and then out of no where he popped in and then I continued to be BUSY! Jillian says I have no idea what you are talking about.

3:10pm Gary is sleeping on the kitchen couch. Up in the HOH room Jillian reads her HOH letter to Talla. In the letter her mom tells her to make sure she continues to play the game for herself and NO ONE ELSE. Jillian says come on! (She wants the POV to start.) Talla says it’s probably not going to happen until we are all done our diary room sessions.

Big Brother Canada April 27 2013 3pm

3:20pm – 3:30pm Talla heads down to the bathroom and changes into her bathing suit and then goes back up to the HOH room to shave her legs in the bath tub. Talla says I NEED WINE! Or a glass of champagne! Talla puts bubbles on her breasts and says LOOK JILL I GOT BUBBLE-PLANTS! Jillian says I don’t know how to handle living with you!

3:35pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the Hush Hush screen …

4:15pm Still Hush Hush.. Looks like the MOST IMPORTANT Power Of Veto Competition is happening right NOW! Whoever wins this will be the second person along with Jillian to secure their spot in the FINAL 3!! (Unless Jillian wins it)
Who do you want to win the Veto?

5:45pm Still Hush Hush..
6:36pm Hush Hush.. yo
7:31pm HUSH HUSH
9:07pm HUS HUSH
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I hope Talla doesn’t win

Bye bye. Doesn’t deserve finals or the place she’s in now. #delusional


i can’t believe everyone (Dan, and her mom in the letter) is hinting to Jillian to play her own game and not Emmets game and she doesn’t get it. she is willing to give up 100k for a boy….. pitful


Jillian’s mother tells her to play for herself and NO ONE ELSE!

Do you think she got the message?


Last night I saw Andrew doing an interview with E.T. Canada. When asked, ‘How are you feeling’ He said he was relieved it was over and that he made it a very long time, 64 days is nothing to sneeze at. He went on to say, Obviously getting stabbed in the back by my alliance was painful. The host asks, you feel that? Ya I feel like I got stabbed in the back by Emmett.
The clip is about 90 sec. Here is the link if you want to check it out…


Andrew said he would prefer Jillian to win, with Emmett coming in second


Oops I meant to add that in my last comment, thx Melanie


I think when andrew goes home and he see the actual show he might have a different opinion at this point he has no idea jillian has been playing him and that every move he made with her emmette knew about. Emmette only took andrew out before he could take him out. Andrew was lying to emmette about taking him to the final 2. The problem with andrew wanting jillian to win is that emmette is more liked by the jury.

bbc fan

The house is boring since Andrew left. I miss Andrew’s dry humor and him and Talla b!tching at each other like an old married couple. They should hook up after BBC, lol.


Favourite (or memorable) Moments in BBCan.

I like it when people are willing to share their favourite moments of the season, and I am wondering if you all would like to share with me. It could be a funny moment, a good manipulation of an event or person. a favourite twist. Or something that really made you scratch your head. Even something that just ticked you off.

I would like to share this with you:

Funny moment:
When Dan talked to Marsha the Moose. That whole thing was funny. But when he said Canadian girls were “on par” with Americans. And Marsha told him that he was “on par” with Peter. “See what I did there?” I thought that was good. ;) Way to go, Marsha


Dawg/Melanie, I am still gonna save this until after the feeds drop, when we’re all antsy to the max with no feeds. LIke you, Dawg, my funny moments will highlight just one HG. I never found “Talking With Talla” to be much fun – but I love “Talla Talking.” (Although she drives many of you ccompletely razy!!!!) Dawg, lucky for me, you only used a couple of my examples, just now. Can’t type it in yet – BUSY!

Come on, guys!!!!!! Dawg should be winning the OBB poll, in a LANDSLIDE, against “someone else.” It’s *way* too close! Voting for Dawg is our way of thanking him for handling the “OBB spoilers day shift”, 7 days a week, for 9 weeks now!


I can’t tell you when exactly it happened… But the most heartwarming moment for me was when Talla was really upset (for being nominated, I think?) and Andrew went out of his way to try and cheer her up with his sarcastic humor.
It’s a blur, but I remember that Talla wasn’t “a biatch about being upset” (like she often is, which turns me off), but just sad. So I felt for her.
And Andrew might possibly have been thinking game to some degree, but I didn’t feel that at all at that time. He was really putting in a big effort to try and cheer her up, or at least to take her mind off what was bothering her. It was more than the usual banter, because it was one-sided for a while, and Andrew didn’t (jokingly) “attack” Talla but made fun of other events (… and Houseguests!). What was really special for me was that Talla acknowledged that he was sweet and trying to cheer her up, she thanked him for that. That was my highlight. :)


My favourite moments

Suzette being saved by Canada, anything to mess with Tom, I enjoyed that.
Emmett winning his first HOH and then being disqualified. I was LOL at that one.
Andrew winning the POV in the week that Peter was evicted. Again I was LOL simply because it was long overdue for Peter. Guy had to go.

I guess my favourite moments were moments were I felt like ”justice was being done” ,ha ha, obviously on players I didn’t like.


I loved when Andrew had to tell his choice for the have-nots and Peter blurts out to pick Topaz so Andrew did -THEN, he picked Gary and he knocked over some sign I think, went in the house and cried like a baby!! That was priceless!!

I also liked the stooges bantering with each other…that was fun to watch.

Peter’s and Emmett puking from eating the salad and the milk was gross but very memorable. Yuck! All that milk….

Oh! Topaz talking out loud in HOH while everyone was watching and listening to her was a shocker…It was funny because of the reactions of the other house guests (Peter doing a coo-coo sign), Andrew and Talla looking stunned when she talked about them…I felt really bad for her, but it was pretty funny.


Gary for POV! I love his DRs, I’m not ready for him to go home again!

Anyway, Emmett is one smooth dude in trying to keep up good relationships with the houseguests. If Dan’s got the mist what should we call Emmett’s power? ;)


Milking. Emmett is milking the other players. O:)


Emmett puts his hand on their shoulder to get them to do what he says. He has even done it to Jillian.

So it must be a magic touch or energy that has to pass thru his hand to the person. (Just like to magic to get milk from teat using the hands, he can get total submission from a person by putting his hand on their shoulder.)

I found this: Aggregation pheromones: A group of individuals at one location is referred to as an aggregation, whether consisting of one sex or both sexes. Male-produced sex attractants have been called aggregation pheromones, because they usually result in the arrival of both sexes at a calling site. Aggregation pheromones function in defense against predators, mate selection, and overcoming host resistance by mass attack



He talked about his corn maze alot so I guess you could say he ‘Maze’d’ them.




Liza call it Emmett’s magic d!ck :D


when did she do that?


jillian is stuck on stupid she really feels her and emmette will be together after this show ….. i want emmett win the veto and send a message to canada and production because i dont know which one allow gary back in this game ….. i just want gary gone … emmette deserve to win because these dumbwit continue to play his game … jillian reminds me of DANILLE she played dan game and it cost her …… ..


I hope talla wins the veto


Nothing to do feeds are down and time to kill. Question is who will be evicted depending on who wins POV. I warn you this is far from simple.

1) Lala- always fun to start with the dilusional 1st. Before the comp starts Lala yells at production….BUSY!!!!! If she has the vote it may be time to jump off the tallest building or 1 of the 2 bridges where I live. I think she’d vote out Emmit…LOL

2) Gary- I thought for a bit on this. Gary gets rid of Emmit he likely garuntees himself 7 questions likely versus Jillian. He wins he sits beside Lala and wins 6-1

3) Emmit- Jillian recieves another harsh lesson from the milkman. Keeping Gary is best for him. Every aguement for evicting Andrew rather than Lala last week means nothing. He’ll say Lala is not deserving and some other BS. He’ll keep Gary eroneously thinking Gary cannot get 4 votes. Well Andrew, Topaz and AJ leaves Lala holding his fate in his hands. Pretty terrible end game by Emmit. If Emmit has a chance he’ll throw 7 questions versus Gary if possible.

4) The sad little soldier with all those HOH wins and likely not to make the final. I see Emmit as a pure snake. Lots of skirt at the gym once he’s out of the house. I don’t see alot of future in milkmance myself. What does Emmit actually do for Jillian emotionally? Bad ending coming to this showmance

I actually see Jillian mustering votes if she made F2. The arguements simple. True I nominated several of you but I had no vote. Lieing is part of the game. You all have done it and so on, ect..


I totally disagree with your arguments here emmette has had a flawless game i am not sure how else he could have done it to get where he is. Keeping andrew would have been his worst move but i guess you think he should have kept him so andrew could stab him in the back because we all knew that was coming. Andrew has been telling jillian for weeks he wanted emmitte out after final 3 and if he could have convinced jillian it would have been sooner so i can see why he did it. You can’t play a game thinking about the jury he has to play the best game he can and hope they understand but the reason gary doesn’t want to take emmette is because the jury will vote for him. I think if gary wins he will take emmette to final 3 he already was talking to himself saying he would so he doesn’t look like he completely backstabbed him. Talla if a miracle happens and she wins (hard to believe with so many strong players) she might also take him she was already telling herself that she was going to backstab gary (not sure if it is still back stabbing because their agreement was for hoh). Jillian is obvious who she will pick. As for who will go if jemmette wins not sure jillian told emmette last night both have good and bad points so she doesn’t care emmette seems to be leaning to taking gary to the f3 but he still is on the fense but he has been studying all night and day where the others haven’t even bothered.


Hallie, you deserve the “most enthusiastic BBCA poster” award! You’re so into it! Love it! When there are times I can’t exactly follow what it is you’re saying, I think back to what an old flame once told me. “I know exactly what I’m saying, Jim, so you just shut up, OK?” Thanks for the chuckle, Hallie. Hope your fave wins! :)


I wonder if the veto will be the faces competition .. They haven’t done that one since BB12


This is exactly what i’ve been saying a couple weeks since someone was reentering the house. Face Morph the perfect comp for POV here. Hope it is as well. Gary and Talla care about themselves. Wonder if they ever study the others. Emmit and Jillian aren’t much better.

After 6 hours of no correct answer Production declares…. BUSY! They grab the HG’s booze supply for the night and get plastered. Production chooses Gary as POV(POWERSHIFT) and Emmit is eliminated. Talla says I’m the best BB player ever!


I’m a new fan, what is th morph comp?


In Big BRother US the morph comp is when they combine the images of two houseguests. By looking at this combination photo the players have to pick which two former house guests they used. The BBUS backyard is open so the comp is usually played late at night and sometimes can take a hours to complete.


Simon and Dawg

Thank you for a terrific season. I’ll be back for BBusa….. no booing please :( I really like you guys using paypal as I don’t use credit cards.

My prediction not knowing POV results today Jillian beats Gary 4-3 in a shocker. No I take that back…. Jillian beats Talla 5-2 and Emmit sulks in the corner. If there is any justice in this world Andrew wins Canadas favorite though pretty obvious Gary will get the money from production regaurdless. We can only hope they keep most of BBcan intact. Fire all the main decision makers in production and keep looking for a decent cast next season. I think there response will be better after this years exposure.

Lastly what are people doing voting 40% anyone but Dawg. Do folks even read the forum? Vote Dawg!!!


I don’t think gary needs production to win canadian favorite andrew would be the top choice but just because andrew doesn’t win doesn’t mean production cheated. I have seen a tread when ever some doesn’t win (ex. andrew) all of a sudden production cheated i get it enough he hate jemmette and gary we get it lol. I am hoping emmette wins he does deserve to be there the last few days gary, talla have been sleeping talla got drunk again the night before the most important pov so clearly the game isn’t important while emmette has been studying every moment he can. I don’t get how anyone is rooting for her she has no respect for this game it seems she doesn’t even try.


I hope Emmett wins POV!!!!


does jillian honestly think she can beat Emmett in the end, the only one that would vote for her is Andrew,


She knows most of the jury hates her, but Gary has been lying and saying that they “respect” the game and moves she’s made regardless of their personal feelings… and she believes it because it is what she WANTS to believe. Jillian really thinks that winning competitions is the only thing she needs to do to win this game, but I can’t help but feel the jury might disagree with her and she’ll be in for a shock in the finale.

Jill can win against Talla, but no way in heck is she going to win against Emmett (and she probably won’t even win against Gary, though it might be close).


talla will also vote for jillian over emmett. topaz may vote for her over emmett. she really dislikes him and said in her goodbye msg she wouldn’t not vote for jillian in the end, she’d vote for the best player. if andrew makes his case, i wonder if aj would vote for jillian too. i think it would be 3-4 or 4-3, close! aj could be the tiebreaker, ironically.


plz dear god let gary or talla win the veto so Emmett will feel the block.


One thing which I disliked from the beginning is the Nomination Ceremony ritual. I prefer the US where the key is pulled and the nominee is not “crowned” by the last person who had their key given (by HOH). It’s reeks too much of kiss-ass. Thank you Jillian, etc. I prefer the round table format. Maybe just me but it’s one thing I would prefer they would change if they were looking for input. I know they didn’t ask but I wondered if anyone else felt the same way?


I’m not sure I understand what you mean. They pull the key out of a wall instead of a ’round, turning thingy’. The ceremony is the same: the 2 left without a key are nominated. Only then does the HOH address them to explain why they’re nominated, CA just as US.


What I mean is when the HOH puts the key around their neck, then that person puts the next around their neck and so on. That was the part I referred to as ‘crowning’ them. /Thanksfor asking for clarification. I’m not sure if the thumbs down are for disagreement or because they just don’t like my name.


names fine i was lost as well until you clarified. I’ll say this the US process did allow potential little bits of dramabut either way 2 hit the block.


ya, I don’t get your comment either it is basically the same i am guessing canada wanted to make it a little different but the process is the same. The hoh pulls the first key, then that person pulls the next key and so and so on till two people are left with no key and the hoh makes a speach. The same as the us


OK so I get why this is confusing — the exact part I don’t like is the person actively putting the key around the other person’s neck. In the US they don’t put it over the person’s head/around their neck. That’s the part that bugs me. They put their key over their head by themselves.


OK, got it now! :)
Maybe BB Canada thought the HGs would all be good buddies and use that as a bonding experience when in the US, they’d have risked to jump at each other’s throat! ;)

Dan: “Wow, you didn’t break anything! You’re so well-behaved!”
Jillian: “We’re from Canada!”


I also find that there is not a set order as to which key to pull out first. Sometimes they pull out in different order from the last ceremony. So the HGs can’t make a statement with the key order. I too like the numbered wheel.


im going to say talla wins the pov, i just have a feeling


I’ll jump on that bandwagon




I can’t stop refreshing the online big brother homepage hoping the POV results are in… so nervous!


See, Simon! I told you that you and Talla have had a “comp-mance” goin’ on all season! :)


God I hope not!!! the only way i see her winning is if they hand it to her and dq everyone


Please let Gary or Tall win the veto and USE IT!! Emmett HAS to go home if Jillian wants to win! If Emmett stays, he will will win the whole game!!


You know what ticks me off this time? No, we’ll I will tell you, emmitt wanted airhead tally to stay over my fave Andrew, but now what does he do? The gutless wonder tells Jill to sleep with Talla, and get closer to Talla , but he runs away every time Talla comes into a room, every one but lala knows he is fed up with her .
And Jill, OMG get a clue !!!!!

Oh and liza says emmitt has a magic dick, that is his power . Lol


Yeah I was wondering about that suggestion to sleep with Talla too. Did he mean have sex with with or just sleep with her? If she just sleeps with Talla, how does that make her get closer to her?


OMG what is wrong with you people. He meant get close so if a miracle happens and she wins she will get rid of gary that is how jemmette has been playing the game all season. Andrew leaving was strickly becasue talla is a weaker player then andrew and the point of the game is to get to the end. I wonder if everyone would be saying this if andrew did that to emmette probably not then it would be that it was the best move.


Emmett is probably referring to the latter, but who knows. He’s probably thinking: “hey, getting in bed with Jillian worked for me, so it’ll 100% work to get Talla” . But honestly that is the most stupid thing I’ve heard come out of his mouth. Yes, join Talla in bed Jillian it’ll work just as good as when Emmett got you in his. Seriously, Jillian has turned into last BBUS’s Danielle, but this time Emmett has made her into a youtube porn star and is basically prostituting her. Great job Jillian! Not only have you are you handing the $100,000 on a silver platter to a man who will dump you the moment he gets out for a young 18 year old blonde but you’ve also most definitely lost your career.


He said JILLIAN should sleep with Talla, NOT HIMSELF. With Andrew gone and Gary in the Have Not room, Talla slept all by herself in the big Have bedroom. Emmett thought it would improve his chances of Talla picking him for F3 instead of Gary if Jillian and Talla had a girl moment.
Luckily for him, it was just another regular day in the BB house, meaning Talla passed out for being completely wasted. She wouldn’t even have noticed Jillian lying next to her… Gosh! She didn’t even remember who took her clothes off that night… As I said, just another regular day in the BB house! ;)


Yes, I know he wants JILLIAN to do it not him. I’m just mocking the whole situation and was stating as a joke that he knows sleeping with jillian works so it would work if jillian were to with talla. All in all, I just find how much he gets Jillian to do his bitch work hilarious.


Johnny, I know all of us aren’t thrilled with Emmett having Jill do so much of his “dirty work” for him; I’m right behind you on that. But I watched a recent feed, posted by Simon, on either Thursday night or Friday night, when Talla and Jillian were alone in the pool. They were done swimming, and toweling off. Talla kept pressing Jillian, with a quick. “When can we, JIll? When can we?” question. Talla asked it 3 times, in rapid fire. Jillian looked very uncomfortable. 5-10 seconds later, JIllian seemed to be trying to appease Talla, by saying to her, “Finale Night.” Now I suspect Jillian will be “otherwise occupied” on Finale night. Didn’t appear to me that their was mutual interest, if the question was what I thought it was. Hey, I’m not judging anybody – just recounting what I saw go down. IIf it was what it sounded like to me, it was a great, quick answer, and very shrewd gameplay by JIllian. Now, she doesn’t offend/disappoint Talla until after the BBCA winner has been decided. I highly doubt that Jill has been sharing quite *that* level of detail with Emmett, regarding Talla’s feelings. It’s a key time in the game, and, by Emmett standards, he’s pretty wound up, and really focused on shoring up Talla’s and Gary’s possible loyalties to E/J, that’s all.


Hey Jim. If it’s the same stream I viewed I believe the context of these statements occurred following Talla’s assertions that she was in love/infatuated with the voice in the DR room. Production asked them to stop talking about the DR room. Talla was asking Jill when they can discuss it (Talla’s wanting the voice to be a possible #6).


Klassy, I’m not sure he is running away. Emmett has been in stealth mode for some time now. He’s always checking things out, elsewhere, to see if something has changed. This includes rooms, other people, trying to gather information so he can keep things under control, assess various situations and make decisions and make decisions. He hasn’t always made the best decisions, but he is mostly thinking. He doesn’t view Talla as a bright light, but he’s unsure of her, whether she is acting or not, …but he also senses that she is one cookie that has not fallen for his charm. He may think she can smell him out for what he is doing. Conversely, He thinks her attention craving can be appeased by a girls sleepover. But more importantly…not let her have to much alone time with Gary.


Interesting interview i think andrew is going to feel even worse when he gets home and relised that jillian didn’t just change her vote the last second but was in on it all along and that she told emmitte every detail of there plans including the final 2 deal.


Hallie I think Jury House will straighten him rather quickly. Andrew’s fault was his trust in people. Topaz and Peter will waste no time reminding him how Jillian swore on her life and her 150% crap promises. I have a feeling Jillian will lose her only jury vote.


Ok so Andrew wants Jilian to win. Because he trusts her. Just wait until either Gary or Talla get to the jury house and fill him in. Andrew might be singing a different tune then


Talla and Gary will be in the final two ;)


(whispers) oh yeah, i forgot. ;)


Emmitt told,, wait, commanded Jill to sleep with tala to keep lala away from Gary, they don’t want her making any deals with Gary , too bad it’s too late .


a couple of things stand out to me, but the most memorable moment was the instant eviction which exposed Topaz’s game to the other house guests and changed the entire course of the game. Next it would have to be Suzette calling Tom an effin redneck, and Jillian lying to Danielle and Topaz.


Anyone here thought about trying out for the second season? I had a co-worker who had applied to be on bbcan but they never got back to him lol. I will definetly try out for the second season just because i want to prove to myself i can do it! I am so hyped up about it


And I’ll be more than happy to root for you on BBCA 2, right from Day 1! I’ll be eagerly awaiting the final cast list, checking to see if “Name” was among the HGs chosen! :)


Yeah, go Name!

Yours truly, Mr. X.
(Shoot! This post was meant to be anonymous!)


When you get in, the first thing you say in the diary room is,,,,, name is in the game,,,,, ok… So we know its you.


Do you:

A: Love to hate Talla? (Thumbs up)


B: Hate to love Talla? (Thumbs down)

(when are the feeds coming back…Argh)


Thumbs up

Hopefully soon


Klassy, when Andrew sees the season in full, wait until the part comes up when Jillian said she shook hands with Andrew, and admitted to lying ‘again’. What was it? The hand goes out and once again I lied! And then she laughed so proudly. He’s gonna feel like a fool for putting all his eggs in one basket. I give Emmett kudos for making deals with everybody in a smart way.


Mel….I don’t love to hate lala….I hate that I hate her lol


Good point M…. I will watch it , I still can’t decide which one deserves it more, I’m thinking Jill, she won more comps and never was put on the block, that’s a rare feat… for the jury hating her for her lies, if the are fair or mature.. They will get over it , it’s a game, and vote for whom ever they think played the best game, period.


Emmett won POV! :)
Say what you want, the guy deserves it!


Emmett won POV !!


Emmett wins POV!


Oh come onnnnn. The feeds are taking forever. Goodness.

Come back :'(


so emmett or jillian won POV?