Big Brother Canada Final POV Results

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV April 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April ?
HOH Winner: Jilian Next HOH: April ?
Original Nominations: GARY & TALLA
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Andrew
Have Nots Gary


Emmett wins the Final POV

Jillian: “You are in the final 3 100%.. it’s weird .. None of us are going to jury EVER”
Emmett: “Couldn’t of done it with out you”
Jillian: “Couldn’t of Done it without you”

They chat about the POV comp. Ememtt says that he knew Talla was going to struggle with it








10:30PM HoH

Emmett: “If someone voted you out of this house would you still vote for them to win”
Jillian: “No.. why”

They are counting votes. Jillian tells him he has Topaz’ vote.

Emmett wonders if Andrew would want to hang out with him after the backstab. JIllian thinks so, “People know you did what you did for your game .. People are smart”

Jillian wonders if their family’s know that they made it to final 3. Emmett thinks so he knows some of them are watching the live feeds. Jillian says the live feeds suck, “I wouldn’t even watch the live feeds” Jillian is getting worried about the jury votes. She’s starting to think there’s too much blood on her hands.
Jillian: “I lied to Andrew about a final 3 .. but he approached me what was I going to say NO NO I can’t make a deal now.. “

Jillian: “And Talla about this girl thing.. She has to know I was going to take you… We’ve been together since Day one.. no since week two “

(Video Coming)


10:47PM Talla and Emmett passing around the football.

random things I heard..
Gary: “I pick my nose and I burp too much”
Gary: “I’m always the one telling my friends about the latest music that came out”

They briefly talk about how this final week will play out.

10:50pm Talla and Emmett*-


11:00PM HOH Room.. Emmett pacing back and forth.


11:00PM Talla and Gary Talking about trainers. Talla pays a trainer to become motivated. She has 2 more visits with her trainer after that she’ll do hot yoga.

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ughhh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


why?!! did you thought Talla gonna win it :D


Emmett, Jemmet, Jillmet, whatever… can’t believe they won – AGAIN. Mah…
Well I guess she can use the money to change her appearance and relocate after she realizes that all her students and their parents saw her having sex on television. It would only be funny at this point if Gary & Jillian went to the end.


Joker’s Update says Emmett won POV. OBB says Jillian won POV. Doesn’t matter much, game-wise. We’ll see who’s correct (hoping for OBB, of course……)


Joker’s saying Emmett won. Either way, I assume Gary’s going home.


I give up. Emmett FTW. He’s the most deserving.


I don’t know what the challenge was, (yet), but I guess studying helps.


You got that right, Natyn. While Talla was exfoliating her armpits, and using bubbles in the bath to determine her preferred bust size, and Gary was power napping, Emmett and JIllian were studying like a couple of banshees!!!! Even Production is helpless to prop up Gary and Talla for that key POV win, when that’s the case.


Wait… I`m confused other sites are reporting Emmett won POV ???


Well deserved.. You can’t deny the girls ability to win.


Emmett won, not Jill


I hope Em wins the money, then he can get that ridiculous tractor tattoo covered up. Bazinga


Hahaha ikr!!! That is just a horrible tattoo!!! I don’t like Emmett or Jill. I want Gary to win ;)


They are overestimating Talla and underestimating Gary. It might not even be a traditional 3-part HOH.

I also can’t believe that Jillian and Emmett have practically NEVER been on the block.


Actually Jillian was the only one since Emmett was nominated during week one when Suzette was HOH


Which is why I said “pratically never” instead of actually never. He hasn’t been on the block since the first week.


Most BORING and PREDICTABLE Big Brother ever.
I’m done.


Do you say this about other conps when your favs lose and it doesn’t pan out the way you want? In reailty, it was never predictable that Jemmett would have dominated so many key comps back to back. The Shyeld, Dan, and even production couldn’t stop them. Love them or be jealous of them, they are the most powerful couple in reailty TV history.
Either way, bye. When you stop whining that production couldn’t give your fav special powers (cheat), you’ll be back. See ya on the next post.


Aww “Cheat” Emmett’s favourite word.


Jillian said that she lost her 5th one. So I guess that means POV. Apparently Talla said to her “so does gary know he’s leaving?” (or something like that) And Talla was talking to herself saying she should have got that (or something). Which means Talla, Gary and Jill didn’t win.

So Emmett won



whyyyyy. -_-

It doesn’t matter anymore. Emmett will win. Unless Jillian comes to her senses and realizes that she cannot beat Emmett.

I’m so done.


I have NEVER threatened to stop watching before.

But I am very tempted to threaten, and promise. I am soooo … I don’t know. It’s just who cares any more if they take Talla or Gary.

Already watching Jemmett being sore winners. They will be dancing all over the house, patting themselves on the back.

Jill won’t turn on Emmett. (although they should have shown a DR where Jill figured she could win against Emmett. Or maybe she will be happy with second)

you-a you-a damn fool!


Jillian’s high pitched annoying and excited that Emmett won voice will be the death of me.

Big Jim

Hell Emmett and Jillian win everything one of them has to win


So how does the rest work – are the only two people voting to evict the next player, Jillian and Emmett?


I’m pretty sure Emmett is the only who votes


Are you sure? the only thing i’m thinking is that Talla has never won anything compared to Gary. With that said, they are more likely to win against her. However, I can see him choosing Gary since he thinks Gary will take him to the F2 and he would lose Gary’s vote at the end.


I don’t get it emmette and jillian have played a flawless game but everyone on this board seems to want the people who do nothing in the game. Talla olny contrabution to bb is getting drunk and making an ass of herself. Gary his game was ok but he should have been gone when he got kicked out three weeks ago. Lets face it jemette is never going to turn on each other and they are where they are because of each other so i think the jury wouldn’t look kindly at them if they did. I think they will take gary only because i think they actually like him and respect him more but last time i saw jill told emmette i don’t care which, emmette was leaning towards gary.


They either aren’t real fans of the game (and are the reason producers throw in so many pointless, unfair twists) or just angry that alphas have dominated. It’s these people who say “boring” or “I’m done” that ruin the integrity of our game. I’m happy that those who deserve to win are probably going to. They want an evicted houseguest or a floater to win.
Twist after twist, final four taken from them, Dan telling others to get them out, etc and they both are guarenteed F3 now and people get mad they celebrate? Those people don’t hate them because of the game, they hate them because they are strong and it intimidates them.


I don’t get it. How do people think that Emmet or Jillian have played a “flawless game”? Emmet would have been gone a couple of weeks ago if Peter hadn’t explained the game to him and Jillian has just had her head up Emmet’s butt the whole time. She would never have made it this far if Emmet didn’t tell her what to do. And that’s not to mention that the two of them never really watched the show before they came on.


Why is it everytime emmette wins something all i hear is he cheated i get it you don’t like him i have no idea why you want the person who has done less then nothing to win. Fyi that isn’t cheating they ask who will give up 5 points for a 1000 dollars and he pressed it because he wanted the money and he didn’t need the pov. Him making people think it was talla not cheating either i think someone does this every season lying isn’t against the rules either. Gary has been lying since he got out of jury. Emmette has the only vote so doesn’t really have to.


Simon, what is Emmett thinking? In his own interests, Emmett’s *got* to evict Gary. I know JIllian has this incredible fear of Talla defeating her in an endurance comp (which I don’t believe would happen). But still? Would Talla even get a single vote in jury? Gary already has Topaz, and had 2 weeks to schmooze the others in the Jury House already. Gary is also a *much* better comp competitor than Talla. JIllian thought Emmett’s choice was so obviously “keep Talla”, that Jill just assumed it, and told Talla already that she was staying. Now Jill’s gotta backtrack. To make such a clear strategic error, at this late date, is *so* unlike Emmett.

I must be missing something here. What?


When only 4 HGs remain, Babybare, 1 HG is HOH, 2 HG are on the block, and one HG is safe. The POV winner then takes themselves off the block, if necessary (wasn’t needed here), and the POV winner (Emmett, in this case) then casts the *only* vote to evict this week. It’s Emmett’s choice, and his alone – to decide who goes home, Gary or Talla.


Thank you Jim. Sometimes I ask ‘naive’ questions because I am a newcomer the BB world. By the way, I enjoy reading all your posts.


Thanks, Babybare! People were nice to me when I first came on OBB, so I try to do the same. Enjoy your posts as well, and love your OBB name!


Well there are 4 people left emmette won pov so noms stay the same jill is hoh so she doesn’t vote leaving emmette with the only vote.


if emmett really did win, what happens if he pulls someone off the block? does the person left automatically go home? so does emmett winning really do nothing because he was the only one voting anyway? ah sorry im new


If Emmett pulls someone off the block, the only person to go up is him. So that would mean either Gary or Talla would have the sole vote to evict.

If Emmett doesn’t use the POV, then HE is the sole vote to evict. So he gets to choose who will be in the final 3 against him and Jill (who is safe because she is the HOH and will definitely stay in the house)

So whoever Emmett wants to go against, he will keep. The power is his. And it is an ultimate power.

This means there is no way that Jill can turn on him and vote him out. Talla can’t turn on him and vote him out. And Gary can’t turn on him and vote him out.

Now he just has to win one part of the three-part (final) HOH comp. Then he will go up against the other winner of the three-part HOH comp, in the third part of the comp. When he wins that (ugh. notice i didn’t say “if”) he is the final HOH and he will decide who to keep with him in the final 2. The final 2 make their case to the jury and a winner is voted for and crowned.


at this stage he can’t pull somebody else off, only keep himself safe cause there is no one to be the replacement nominee and there can’t be just one person on the block. if gary or talla had won veto emmett would have went up as the replacement.


If Emmett (was braindead and) used the POV on someone, he would go up as the replacement nominee himself and put his fate in that person’s hands.
So pretty much: ain’t gonna happen.


Did I hear just hear that they think Talla took the 1 grand from the last POV? If so, Emmett is standing there acting like she did take it, he is the biggest liar and cheat in this game. I’m hoping that once again Emmett has cheated his way to this win and they revoke it. He acts so righteous and is fake.


This is your second post after declaring you are “done.” Why even say it? Not only will you still post here, but you’ll still be watching the show as well.


Did I SPECIFY what I was “done” about?
NO! so since you keep assuming shit let me stop you…I said that after I made the comment that this season has been predictable, I’m done with the fact that there’s a sliver of hope that there will be anything unexpected. “God forbid the two best physical, social, and strategic threats in the game” I love how you’re so naive to his CHEATING and LYING. But guess you’re going to ignore that. I never denied his physical play, I just don’t respect him. It’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it. Also, why don’t you say hi to Jillian for me since you seem to be as far into Emmett’s butt as she is. Have fun protecting your precious milkman.


Of course Emmett is BBC winner. I’d be SHOCKED if Jillian won over him or Gary. Those in the Jury house respect E’s game, he’s friendly with everybody and had a deal with each person. No way can he lose unless in the next little bit they take away his POV for cheating or DQ’d.


Ok so if he doesn’t use his POV and leaves Talla and Gary on the block, then what takes place?


see above


Now they are counting votes. Jillian tells Emmett that Topaz won’t vote for her cuz girls are catty and she really did Topaz wrong. And she is telling him she did bad,bad things.

So is this Jillian trying to be smart? Make herself look like she won’t have any jury votes so he takes her? Is she trying to Em-maze the Amazing Emmett? Twit


Emmette will have the only vote and pick who will be in the final 3


Can we bring Andrew back in? No? No more twists? I know it is big brother fashion to bring back an evicted house guest but I believe it should have been earlier in the game AND they should have had to win a challenge against other house guests to get back in. Because Gary has been evicted ( I am probably going to look in to hiring him as a personal entertainer) he does not earn to win at this point in the game. I didn’t respect Alec or Peter’s game play in not trying and throwing competitions, at least Jillian and Emmett have given their everything in competitions. I get that it is about strategy but I am all about heart! Jillian or Emmett for the win!


I’m waiting for Emmett to get disqualified again…lol

I’m not sure who Emmett will vote to go home; he has a final 2 deal with both Talla & Gary. Jillian will be expecting him to vote out Gary but who knows.


Will not be watching on Thursday if its Jemmet in final 2. F$&king boring


You’re going to have a hard time finding out who is in the Final 2 before the thursday show… unless you put your trust in a fortune teller.


I know! God forbid the two best physical, social, and strategic threats in the game (some may be Em only) actually have a chance at winning! What about the jumper or who’s never won anything or the previously evicted houseguest..they should win! God I hate Jemmett celebrating! They shouldn’t be happy that the past 2-3 months of perfect gameplay was left in their own hands for a change and they pulled through. They should sit around sulking!! Makes me mad to see deserving winners.
(End saracsm)





Alright I’m so done with this season,I don’t even care anymore. Give it to the moose for all I could be bothered with.

But I guess Emmett can have this season, played the best of the worst. The whole thing was painfully predictable. They did everything the HOH wanted. Scared to stir the pot. Either they are all chicken shiiii or they have no idea what game they are playing.

Just get rid of Talla that’s all I ask.. goodness

Can’t wait for June 26

Thank you Simon and Dawg for the wonderful updates this season. You have done a great job given the drivel of a season. <3


Well here’s my advance congratulations to Emmett on the flawless win!

But in all seriousness…as much as I like Emmett’s gameplay I’ll be really disappointed in Gary leaving. Haven’t kept up with the live feeds though, where is the milkman’s head at?


emmett is going to evict talla.he thinks nobody in jury would vote for gary should he get to the final 2. hope he tells talla she is leaving, would like to see the reaction.


Hahahaha, you are right. This is the only reason I will be watching this final episode. I want to see Talla’s face and freakout!


I think Jill should win!!!!!!! She has won everything and deserves it !!!!! She had all the blood on her but u can’t beat her , she has done what she had to , to get here!!!!!! And that means winning , why done,t anyone see this!!!! No one can play this game and not lie at some point , and winning comps , makes u a winner , Jillian go go go !!!!


To add further to my favorite moments from last post, I add this to the list:
Seeing Gary walk out the door at the hands of Emmett.

Come on Em, evict him. I really don’t know where Emmett’s head is at, just hope he evicts Gary.


I saw your headline that the Pov results were in and I actually had a sick feeling in my stomach that Gary had won! I’m soooo glad Emmett won it. Jemmett deserves to be in the F2. I want Emmett to win! He has played the best game of everyone.


So I guess I am happy for Jillian and Emmett the deserve to be where they are at for there wins but it has been pretty boring watching them take everyone out. I like when the power actually shifts and I don’t mean Chevrolet power shifts either. It’s just do much more exciting when appossing alliances take each other out. Imagine how different things might have been if Kat was not the first evicted.


I don’t think it was boring but it is a game and eventually the game has to playout the difference here is most allience don’t stick to the end and eventually turn on each other which is there undoing ( eg. The horseman). I think they had a flawless game but if kat didn’t leave or if tom didn’t team up with liza alot of things would be different.


So that doesn’t sound flawless that sounds lucky


I am surprised people are unhappy with Emmett winning. He’s played a great game and albeit he might not be the most exciting person to watch, he’s the most deserving. While Gary was brought back, he continued working on his “brand” and Talla was too “busy”. Jillian and Emmett studied their butts off to get to the position where they are today. Talla will definitely be evicted and I am glad she won’t even win 20K because she does not deserve a penny. Emmett is the winner of first BB Canada, accept it and give the guy some respect and move on. He was on the block the first week and being a huge target throughout the game, hes survived the block ever since and he has literally controlled most other HGs, even Dan couldn’t help these lost causes. Emmett should win the 100K, Jillian 20K (for winning 4 HOHs) and Andrew Canada’s favourite 10K (if there is such a thing).


“Emmett is the winner of first BB Canada, accept it and give the guy some respect and move on. ”

That is what everyone is doing. Gotta wind down first. It happens every BB season. When it’s over, need a bit of wind down time first. Then… Anticipate the next season. Yay BB15!

I hope they don’t bring back ANY familiar HGs. All brand new.


The only person that should’ve came back was kat :( didnt even have a chance


Yes, i’m unhappy with him winning because of the following reasons. He is NOT the most deserving, did you not watch the countless times he cheated? He lied, he backstabbed, he basically wrapped Jillian around his finger for her to have all the blood on his hand. But no, he’s “Canada’s sweetheart” to some because he played the country farmer. When in fact i’ve read countless places that he worked as a manager at Hollister. The only thing I will say is that he did a great job manipulating people and lying. If that’s how he wants to be seen as winning the game that on his conscious. Some people have played big brother with some values, Rachel and Jordan to name some. I would respect Emmett if he owned up to his actions and If he had been a man and told Andrew that he was leaving. This could potentially make him lose some votes. Instead Andrew goes to the jury house bitter and will probably say how he backstabbed him and played a dirty game. That way Andrew wouldn’t be as mad as he is right now and take time to realize it was a play that needed to be done. Furthermore, if Gary does in fact leave this week, once again he’ll have upset another player by lying to their face. Look back at last season when Dan was in the final two, he played the best game by lying but still didn’t win because of the dirty game he played. Also, Emmett was on the block for only the first week and that nomination was based on Suzette’s first impression of him. The rest of the game he MILKED ( no pun intended) his “dairy farmer”-boy next door image. He dropped Tom like a bag of flies without looking back. I can see why some people think he deserves to win at this point, since he’s been able to manipulate and control the game but don’t disregard he played dirty without owning up to any of it. And that my friend deserves no respect. Dan at least did it in the end when he got called out by the jury last year.Jillian is the one who’s going to get the shittiest end of the stick when she takes her head of his a$$ and realizes he got her to do most of his dirty work.
Just my opinion.


It would make sense if Emmett “cheating” actually helped him. Did you see the show? Everytime he misfollwed directions, it hurt him. And the rest of your complaints are about his perfect social/strategic gameplay. That’s the game and he played it well. Better than everyone in the house.


Perhaps better than anyone in this house, but there wasn’t much competition was there.


“He dropped Tom like a bag of flies without looking back.”
LOL. Revisionist history lesson at its best. You should bother have a look at what happened if you find the time. He told Tom several times what Liza was doing, he tried to save him from going home to a point that it hurt his own game (Gary and the Shyeld were mad at Emmett bc he told Tom he didn’t have the votes when they had said noone should tell him that; and Tom immediately went to them and said “hey! Emmett said I don’t have the votes! WTF?”), and he still gave Tom his vote despite Gary wanting it to be a 9-0 vote.


emmette has already won … emmette made jillian pull the trigger so many times all the blood is on her hands except for when emmette votes to evict gary because talla cant win shit to save her life …..


Gary is staying and Lala is going to be evicted! Garuntees Emmit final 2 no matter who wins the 3 part final.


Talla goes running up to Emmit and asked….with a drink in each hand…. does Gary know he’s going home? Emmit replies simply…. Busy BUSY BUSY!!

Come on Emmit keep Gary. He may just win and take Jillian to the final 2! :P :P


Oops. I put this in the wrong spot. It belongs here

Now they are counting votes. Jillian tells Emmett that Topaz won’t vote for her cuz girls are catty and she really did Topaz wrong. And she is telling him she did bad,bad things.

So is this Jillian trying to be smart? Make herself look like she won’t have any jury votes so he takes her? Is she trying to Em-maze the Amazing Emmett? Twit


Looks like they are thinking of taking Gary to the F3. Initial talk anyways!


YES!!! Gary will finally be gone! Its about time, I was sick and tired of him being in the house, he doesn’t deserve to be there, at all. Go Emmett!


Jakob, I disagree. Once Gary returned he got his head together and worked strategically. Fully aware the HG’s would perceive his return negatively he stepped back and worked it in his favour. Similar to when he was HOH he waited until each HG approached him and let him know their thoughts/position. He quickly took advantage of Dan’s presence and used Dan as an ‘unbiased’ sounding board. With the exception of Emmett, he let others talk of F3/2 with him…he never initiated those discussions…thus setting himself up as a possible option.
He played hard for the POV and continues to work relatively effectively under the punishments he accepted.
Given that he has been working (except he doesn’t prepare much for comps) since his return he should not be penalized for the’ powershift’.
So I think he has earned F3, and if he makes F2 he would have earned it.


I think jemmette thinks it doesn’t matter who they take and emmette likes gary better so he wants to take hIm.


I will say keeping Gary is playing with fire IMO if your Emmit. Gary “might” be able to beat Emmit and play Jillian in 7 questions. If he won and that’s a big if Gary may vote out Emmit figuring it gives him the win. I cannot see a way Talla wins 2 of the last 3 comps after a complete FAIL all season. As long as he trusts jillian to take him, which i consider a mortal lock, he should keep Lala. I think production couldn’t be happier with Gary being dragged along F3. Wouldn’t it be something if they DQ’d Emmit versus Gary comp 2 and fed Gar the answers, he beats Jillian and Emmit goes to the jury. I’d laugh the whole 2 hour finally. In reality unless Emmit is evicted by Gary I cannot count to 4 votes for Jillian versus Emmit. I think Gary/Emmit is 4-3 and I’m not sure which way. I figure the deciding vote is Lala. Andrew, Aj, Topaz for Gary and the shield and Jillian for Emmit.

Bill from Halifax

I sense a huge change in Emmett the past few days, especially towards Jillian. He is undoubtedly focused on the game. He continually paces like a caged animal. Even when he and Jillian are together by themselves, there seems to be no intimacy left. I think he has already started to distance himself from her. Jillian has made a lot of comments in the past few days about Emmett thinking she is stupid or slow or whining too much or saying the wrong things. I think Jillian feels belittled and perhaps demeaned, and I am betting she feels not as close to Emmett as she felt a week ago.

Someone here previously predicted that Emmett would get together with Jillian as soon as they got out of the house, just to release the long pent up sexual energy. And then would pretty quickly dump her.

I didn’t agree with the comment when it was posted, but now it seems like it was a pretty accurate prediction.


Even though seeing rich people get richer irks me a little Emmett has played a sick game…. Did he actually kick jillian out of his HOH bed (ya I’m behind) and convince her to vote out someone who would definately take her to final two.

Love it.

I am still hanging on to the hope that Gary wins but if Emmett does I can’t hate. As long as jillian gets no money I’m happy.


For me, 3 people are hopefully in the run for money, one just returned recently. I don’t begrudge any of these 3 winning some $$$.


I don’t get why people are saying this is the worst / most boring season ever because Jillian and Emmett keep winning everything. It would be nice if someone could challenge them, but they are playing the game and they’re playing it to win – which the others aren’t. Doesn’t make sense to me.


Aww man… goodbye Gary!!! C’mon Gary… now is the time for you to WORK. We know that Gary actually wants a final 2 with Jillian because the jury hates her but he has to absolutely convince Emmett that he will choose Emmett for final 2 over Jillian. Everyone knows that Talla will choose Jillian over Emmett so at least half the battle is won as far as that goes. C’mon Gary, WORK!!


Oh yeah! Good riddance Gary. Your gone. Emmett for the win.

Jemmet FTW!

I don’t know why there is so much complaining. Yeah we all know Emmett will probably win at this point but who cares. Feeds are done tomorrow and the season is pretty much over at this point anyway. Emmett played hard and smart since day one and is the best first winner of BBC obviously. After all the production twists and drama that went on this season he was on the block one time by fluke on day one. The guy deserves the win! He has ran the whole game and no one has even noticed!! The real tragedy would be seeing Talla or Gary be crowned first winner of BBC. I know everyone is obsessed with Gary.. I enjoyed him this season too but he was voted out the first time fair and square and his game should have been over at that point. Either way he is getting voted out again for the second time so NO he doesn’t deserve to win. It’s been an amazing season, way better than I ever expected it to be and I’m not going to threaten to stop watching 5 days before the finale just because there is an obvious winner who is 100% deserving. No one can say this has been a boring a predictible season. Blindsides are rare in bigbrother and almost every eviction was a blindside!! What more could you ask for!! I’m excited to see the whole cast reunited and hear their reactions to the show. Half the game is being able to adapt to whatever twist prodution throws at you, both Emmett and Jill did that. Jill has never even sat on the block !! They deserve to sit in the final two, they both played an incredible game! Milkmance FTW!!! Waaahoooo!


milkmance FTW = ew! waaaNOOOO


I know everyone thinks jill taking emmette is dumb and maybe it is but i don’t know if it is jemmette at the end i think

Alec, andrew and talla for jill
Peter, topez and gary for emmette with aj as the swing vote


I think AJ is misogynistic enough to dismiss Jillian’s game and vote for Emmett. And, if Emmett suggests he is the one that convinced Tom to use the veto on Gary, then Topaz will throw her vote to Jill (Topaz convinced Tom, Emmett just agreed when Tom let Emmett know he was heading that way).
So 4-3 for Jill.
If Em doesn’t raise the above issue, than 4-3 for Emmett.

Bill from Halifax

I am guessing there will be an eviction Sunday night.
If Talla is the one to go, I have no difficulty believing that when we can next see the game on finale day, we find out that Emmett was the one evicted by Gary.

The force is strong in Emmett, but luck plays a part in this also and Gary knows he can beat Jillian


TALLA NEEDS TO GO!!! The fact she is still in the game is b/c of Em & Jill’s game – NOT TALLA’S!!! Talla’s social game SUCKS!!!! She is so selfish & if she isn’t 100% in the spotlight, she freaks out!!! She puts words in peoples months and like we saw with Andrew (who was suppose to be one of her BFF) she was down right CRUEL!!! All she cares about is looking at herself in the mirror, talking about herself CONSTANTLY and telling anyone who will listen how much the HG’s and Canada LOVES her. She is in for one rude awakening. The HG can’t stand her and they certainly don’t respect her or her game play. She needs to go.

I wanted Peter to win but since he’s gone, I really hope Gary wins but I suspect maybe Emmett will.


I think I would have more respect for Emmett when he wins if he had done it alone. I don’t care if he swayed Jill. She was easily swayed, so no big feat there.

And last year Dan, after a whole season of controlling Danielle, lost any respect he had for her, was getting short with her and basically snubbed her at the end of the game, because it was too easy. She wasn’t a challenge. How could he feel proud of himself when it was that easy, anybody could have done that.

And Jill was no great challenge for Emmett. 3 couples hook-up within 3 days. Easy peasy. The guys picked the girls they wanted and girls did nothing but say “okay”. Liza even said that basically Alec pointed at Topaz and said “you’re mine”. I mean Topaz was always questioning her relationship with Alec. Liza served a purpose for Tom. She was able to soothe his ego i’m sure. And Jillian was flattered. Too easy.

The only reason I voted Gary back in of all the jury members is because I though he would go after Jemmet. AJ, well couldn’t, Topaz was too easily “over it” and I couldn’t see her doing anything. Alec with his weird last week I thought he had given up plus he gave up on the POV. I thought Gary was the only who would make a big move.

And as a viewer, I can feel anyway I want about this whole thing. If the mystery is gone, why would I want to continue watching. Part of watching is waiting for the next surprise. No surprise, No watch. Cuz I don’t care. The ending was ruined for me.

At the beginning I thought it was a great cast. But I was very wrong!Maybe next year they will choose a cast meant for a reality game show instead of playing matchmaker. If I have to sit and watch a bunch of people coupled up on a couch again, like they are in their own livingrooms, I won’t watch BB Canada. I will stick with my summer obsession only.


If Emmett tells Talla she’s leaving early she is going to FREAK out & put the whole house through HELL!! Look how she behaved when she lost the comps & was put on Slop. She is such a SORELOSER!!! She REALLY needs to GROW THE HELL UP!!!


Oh gosh the two of them just make me sick. I already wanted to vomit when Jillian won the HOH again. I really hope Emmett gets DQ’d because the 2 of them constantly winning is just boring. I really want to see how pissed Jemmett would be if Talla or Gary won the $100,000!