Jillian says Emmett said I don’t want to hear another word out of your mouth you piece of sh!t!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April ?
HOH Winner: Jilian Next HOH: April ?
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Andrew
Have Nots Gary

Big Brother Canada April 27 2013 1015am

8am – 8:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. They start getting ready for nominations and then the live feeds are blocked.

9:20am – 10:15am Still showing the hush hush screen.

Big Brother Canada April 27 2013 11am
10:15am – 10:20am Talla is in the kitchen cleaning. The camera flashed to the storage room where the nomination wall with all the house guests photos is on the floor (The nomination ceremony hasn’t happened yet but will happen this afternoon before the POV.) Meanwhile, Emmett is out in the hot tub room walking back and forth mumbling the past events of the house. He is studying the past events of the house for an upcoming competition. Emmett heads back in to the backyard. Gary is in the hammock. Emmett asks Gary does she (Talla) seem worried? I’ll talk to her again. Gary says I don’t think she is worried at all.

Big Brother Canada April 27 2013 1026am
Big Brother Canada April 27 2013 1046m

Big Brother Canada April 27 2013 1047m

10:45am The live feeds come back again. Gary, Jillian and Emmett are out in the hot tub room talking. They comment that they will be locked inside soon. Jillan gets down on the ground and tries to look through a hole. She says she just wants to see if it leads outside. Big Brother tells her to stop that! Jillian comments that she wants to go on a vacation when they get out. She says Emmett doesn’t think I deserve it because this has been a vacation. Jillian says but I am stressed as chips in here! And I am cranky! Jillian starts talking about the grey dress. She says that she told Big Brother that grey would make her look like vomit. She says and then 2 hours later they had a grey dress for her. Gary tells her that she looked great. Emmett says she complains for no reason. They talk about Jillian being cranky and complaining to big brother. Jillian says this is the executive producer of big brother why are you mad at us!? Emmett mocks Jillian and how she complains. Emmett tells Jillian that she is the only one of them that is guaranteed final 3. Jillian says Emmett said I don’t want to hear another word out of your mouth you piece of sh!t! Emmett laughs and say ah you put the piece of sh!t in there. Jillian laughs. Jillian asks Emmett was I drunk last night? Emmett says yeah you were stumbling around. Jillian says oh don’t tell me that Emmett! Jillian asks why didn’t you tell me Emmett! Emmett says control yourself woman! JIllian heads inside and soon after big brother tells them they are on an indoor lock down.

Big Brother Canada April 27 2013 1048m

11:25am – 12pm Emmett and Jillian are in the kitchen. Jillian is making salmon for them to eat. Gary is up in the HOH room listening to Jillian’s music and Talla is in the diary room. Talla comes out and tells Gary they want him in the diary room. Talla says that she is a huge supporter of therapy. Jillian agrees and says you definitely need it. Talla and Emmett recount the events of last night and how drunk she was. He tells her that she was in the pool wanting to BAM BAM with your legs up in the air. Talla says it wasn’t fair, I was vulnerable, I was intoxicated. Talla is embarrassed. Jillian tells her that she wasn’t that bad. Talla start cutting up a pineapple. She says sorry pineapple I now have to dissect you. She says this is the first time I’ve cut up a pineapple. I’m scared! I’m really proud of myself! She cuts off the top and bottom and starts pretending it can talk. Talla wants to keep it but Jillian tells her it will rot in a day. Talla heads to the storage room and pretends its the grocery store. Jillian tells her if there isn’t any clerk she should steal the food. When Talla is in the storage room, Emmett tells Jillian guaranteed she (Talla) is the cheapest person in this house. Jillian agrees and says that Talla commented if she ever comes to visit she said she would pay for anything. Jillian, Emmett and Talla sit down to eat lunch at the table. Talla says that last night was so much fun! Talla asks how did I get changed? Emmett says that is always the mystery .. maybe that’s a hint that you shouldn’t drink so much. Emmett says wait until you ask that question and some creepy guy in the corner puts up his hand. Talla starts talking about her dream about #4 (guy that she had a relationship with) last night. Then says would you say I am on the market… YES!

They comment that the nomination ceremony will happen this afternoon right before the Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother Canada April 27 2013 1135am

Lunch time:

12:20pm Gary, Emmett, Jillian and Talla all head up to the HOH room. They talk about random things like getting candy at Halloween. Gary said the houses he used to go to would give him only one piece of candy or tell him he was too old to trick or treat. Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen…

1:40pm Still Hush Hush..

1:45pm Live feeds are back on..

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I soooo hope Emmett wins the POV comp.


It is funny i haven’t seen gary or talla study only jillian and emmitte. He has been studing alot.

Pretty Trickster

I hope the next power shift is sponsored by beaver tails and they bring back Andrew and evict Emmett and Jillian


The big Brother website is still letting us collect points so they must have something planned that we can use them on. Would love to bring back Andrew to liven up the conversations. Colic and Balls!


It’s likely Canadas Favourite that the points can be used on. Hope all team Gary blew thier points getting him back in. I saved all mine as Gary was obvious. I’m thinking Andrew since Gary has been terrible since reentering the house.

Nana Jo

I have saved up most of my points, too (just over 50,000). I plan on using every single last one of them to vote Andrew for favourite!


I hope Talla wins the PoV just for the fun of it. LOL!


Come on Jillian or Emmett. Win that pov so Gary or Talia will be evicted.


I can’t take another minute of Fartalla. The hair touching in the kitchen is disgusting. Her screaming is annoying as hell. The only person in the house who likes her is the mirror. If anyone finds this entertaining, they should be forced to live with her for 48 hrs. Why does she constantly announce every bodily movement? I guess that’s what ‘Persian’ princess do? sorry folks – cant’s stand this little monster


I agree with everything except for one point, the mirror does not like her. She could break a mirror with that face. It’s funny she keeps apologizing about her being drunk but it’s the same story any time she gets a drop of alcohol in her. You would think she would have learnt her lesson by now but considering her behaviour over these last 2 months or so, I guess not. I would self evict if I had to listen to her annoying manly voice for more than a minute. Imagine being stuck with her for so long. They should have given Andrew an award for courageousness or something for having to listen to this buffoon for this long.


I so agree about Talla!!! I use to like her but now I can’t stand her. She always tries to act so cute but in reality she is the MOST IMMATURE, SELF CENTERED, IRRESPONSIBLE, SELFISH person (I think someone else said that too). Can you believe she is 26? With the way she talks about getting drunk and how she is CONSTANTLY checking out herself out in the mirror….she seriously reminds me a little teenager only she SHOULD know better….A LOT BETTER. She runs around screaming and acting like a spoiled brat if the spotlight is NOT on her 100% of the time and she actually believe ALL of CANADA LOVES her!!! No wonder the HG can’t stand her. She DOESN’T Deserve to WIn….Her social game is crap as all she ever does is get into a fight with EVERYONE. What I can’t stand the most is the way she will NEVER, EVER take responsibility for ANYTHING. It’s ALWAYS Someone else’s Fault….INCLUDING her the fact she hasn’t won a damn thing!!! She is ONLY still there b.c Jill and Emmett choose to keep her and that is THEIR game….NOT HERS!!!


I think a really good twist (as opposed to some of the ones that BBCan pulled that were as Simon aptly described “meddling for meddling’s sake) would be to really change up the Final 3 comps, make it something so outside of what BBUS does. Right now the F4 are so sure it will be the usual 3 part comps BBUS style, the players so committed to that idea that it could really be a game changer to have it be radically different.

Thinking this would really be a mindf*** for Em – Not only is he continually studying events, etc. now, a big part of his voting strategy with the last few evictees has been based on the type of comps he expects F3 to be. At this late stage, to find out last second, without time to rethink strategy, to regroup, that it’s totally different & really challenging in a way they’re not prepared for would really throw Em & the others off balance. Think it would make for a much more exciting comp for us, the viewers. Now that would be a righteous Chevrolet worthy Twist!

What do you think?


OMG! Can you imagine?

Could that be why the feeds will be shut off on Sunday? So we don’t know either?


Excellent headline! It really grabs you 🙂

Of course she was kidding. 🙁

I thought they had a fight. I thought she smartened up. Sigh.


I have decided to sell out and give in to the mind control of production. I am now cheering on Jillian. Can’t stand Talla after last episode. Gary got a second chance. Emmett is a dbag. I feel bad for Jillian. I think maybe she’s just not that smart. I hope she and Andrew date outside the house!


I’ll say it loud and proud… I’m Team Make-a-make-a-wave-pool-you-a-you-a-damn-fool! I hope Gary wins the PoV because he’s the only one who might have the cojones to make a power move and evict Emmett! C’mon now, BBCanada… we can’t go an entire season without one power move!

Jillian has played a strong game… she’s been much more impressive in the comps than socially but hey, she powered her way through and she’s still here… I just don’t want her to win just for the simple fact that everyone and their mama (literally, her own mama!) has told her to DROP EMMETT for her own good and she’s still in denial. If Jillian does evict Emmett (not gonna happen) she would have my vote to win for sure… not that my imaginary vote matters because I’m neither a jury member or even Canadian lol but you get my point.

Emmett has played a strong game… he’s done well socially and competitively… he’s just as much exciting as a glass of milk, though (pun intended) so I won’t be jumping out of my seat if he wins… sorry, but I’d rather see the excitement of a BB power move than see Emmett win.

Talla… talla talla talla (lol). As much as people say that she doesn’t “deserve” to be there… guess what… whatever she did or didn’t do obviously worked but she’s still there! This is not the game of who wins the most comps or who’s the most honest or who makes the most friends… this is the game of get to the end however you can and make sure that the jury will still vote for you when you’re there. I don’t think the jury will vote for her to win in any combination of final two but hey… second place ain’t so bad for a girl who didn’t have to win a single comp!

Gary… I love Gary! Yeah, I said it! lol. He was so annoying at the beginning but I can’t help rooting for the underdog! If he has it in him to make a cutthroat power move, I say good for him and he deserves to win for it.


LOL plam the pineapple god


Thanks guys! A USA fan of Canada Big Brother!