Big Brother Canada Talla Reassures Gary Moose “I have faith… you do to.”

POV Holder: Emmett Next POV April 27
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April ?
HOH Winner: Jilian Next HOH: April ?
Original Nominations: GARY & TALLA
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Andrew
Have Nots Gary


11:10pm Stooges Strategy Room

Talla talks to the moose

Talla: “HI Henry.. Oh how did I do ooh.. well I thought I had to created a equation to get a f*ing answer..
“THen I couldn’t find my age on a money bag.. Really stressful”
“But I have faith you do to… and… ya I guess we’ll see what happens.. not tubing it tonight bye”



11:20pm Talla goes up to the HOH to Chat with Emmett. She tells him her plan tonight is to just go into “Pool it.. “I’m just going to put my feet in the pool” .
Talla wants to take off her face because it is getting late, “I’m Tired” . Emmett tells her if they have to stay up late for their DR’s they can do the hot tub in the morning. Emmett adds that “They are going to call me here any second”
Emmett: “I’ll come get you before i’m out”
Talla “OK”

11:35 Feeds on HUSH HUSH


Feeds come back.. getting ready for bed..





12:00AM Jillian was born in a psilon lab.

12:09AM Talla wants to know if the lights are going to stay on in the bedroom all night. Talla: “Big Brother.. what is going on.. Oh my God I’m going to lose it.. I’m going to take my fuc**ing sh!t and sleep on the couch.. I’m not going to stay up to watch someone put their makeup on.. ”
Talla marches out into the bedroom finds that Gary has moved to the bathroom to put his makeup on. Talla apologizes to Big Brother. Says they can leave the lights on as punishment.


12:30AM Gary doing his makeup
Nothing much happening


12:46AM MOre Garry more makeup



1:16AM Emmett tells Jillian that him and Talla had a deal. Emmett says that Talla was saying in the Diary room Drunk “Oh me and the Milkman final 2”
Jillian says Talla probably has a final 2 with Gary to.

Jillian says the only person she got close to other than Emmett was Andrew. Emmett wants to know what Andrew was saying about him. Jillian says she’s not going to tell him everything. Emmett presses the question Jillian says Andrew did little jabs at Emmett nothing major.

Jillian: “Are we bad people?”
Emmett: “No we’re smart and strategic… that’s why we’re here”

Emmett: “Maybe something will come up.. who knows”
Jillian: ‘What do you mean”
Emmett: “Maybe we’ll take Talla”
Jilian: “No thanks”

(Video uploading)




2:13AM Good night Wave Pool

2:25AM All cams show sleeping House guests. (Thanks everyone it was a great season Had a blast! BB15 starting in a couple months )

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I really have to wonder where Emmett’s head is at if he’s really planning on getting rid of Talla.
Talla hasn’t won a comp the entire season, and I really can’t actually see her, even if she did magically win, taking Jillian over Emmett. He’s a guaranteed win against Talla.
Gary on the other hand, wins comps, and it would be a much closer vote. Emmett thinks everyone in the jury house is pissed that Gary’s back in and won’t vote for him (which they’re not), but Topaz and Andrew would vote Gary over him (Andrew being pissed still), Alec would probably, Peter might, and AJ might too now that he’s spent a week alone with Gary in the jury house and got to know him better. Plus also even if he got rid of Gary, I think gary would still vote for him over Jillian and Talla.

If the jury all voted by game and not by emotion, he’d win, so I guess that must be what he’s banking on.
I just really don’t understand why he’s not taking the girls who would both take him rather than take a chance on Gary not throwing him under the bus at the end.


Agreed, Talla is a guranteeded win. Gary is too unpredictable, and might take Jill over Emmett. However the only way I see Talla winning over the remaining housemates is if she pulls an amazing & an articulate speech and tell them she is a genius. Whatever, this game has gotten predictable looks like Emmett is going to win no matter who he is up against.


To ensure he makes it to the final 2. Because he knows Jillian would take Talla over him to ensure she’d win votes. And because Talla hates him and will pick JIllian. Gary hates JIllian. Jillian hates Gary. Emmett will go to final 2 with either of them and then he just needs to convince the jury.


lol @ Jillian taking Talla. This girl hasn’t played for herself this entire game and has been mesmerized by Emmett. There’s not a chance that she won’t take Emmett if she won the final HOH. She’ll probably think “We’ll have the $100,000 and the $20,000 between us and we can start our life together!” while Emmett’s planning to take his $100,000 and run for the hills. LOL


Didn’t Jillian Just tell Emmett that Talla thinks they got this “girl thing” going on..
Why would Emmett keep Talla then? Knowing her and Jillian basically got this final 2 deal?


Emmett’s known for a long time that they had that deal. He told her to make it with Talla. He knows very well that it isn’t real.


Emmett doesn’t realize that Gary would take Jill to F2 over him (although with his 5th comp win today I think he’s starting to worry about that too). I think he’s more concerned that Talla might beat Jill in the endurance comp, since Talla only dropped in the LumberJack&Jill after making a deal, and then since part 3 is such a crapshoot Talla might win it and take Jill. He’s more confident in Jill winning the endurance comp if Talla is gone, and pretty confident in his own ability to beat Gary in part 2, so he figures it’s more likely that either he or Jill would make the decision on who to take to F2 (each other).

Things could still change though. He and Jill did talk earlier today about game vs emotional jury votes and Jill said she thinks Gary is more likely to vote game. Emmett may decide that Talla would be an automatic vote for Jill whether she leaves in 4th or 3rd, but that Gary might be more likely to vote game (ie Emmett) if he has more time to think about it.


Talla doesn’t deserve a spot in the finals.
Yes anyone would win over her. But does she deserve 2nd? Helllllll no!!!!


Well I don’t think Jill deserves second either. Winning comps does not make you a good or deserving player. Honestly I think if Emmett was not there Jill would be making stupid, & emotional decisions. Take the second week for example, she wanted Danielle out because her relationship with Emmett felt threatened. Jill has been carried this whole way, Emmett has coached her when to stay quiet and what moves to make. Jill similar to Talla, minus the fact that Jill wins comps!


Ill have to agree, jill has horrible game play. And I’m not sure why she signed up as she knows nothing of big brother. Seems to ply her own fantasy game in her head. Emmet saved her all this time by aligning with him.


Last time they all talked, seemed like all of them were agreeing that Emmett has played a good game, that he has earned the trust of everybody in the house, befriended them and played the game well. He will win. If he doesn’t then I will be shocked.


If you read the exit interviews most of the evicted jury wants Emmett to win. Topaz said that Emmett deserves to win and Peter said he wanted Emmett to win and would never vote for Jill and I have a feeling Alec feels the sane way. Good luck Jill u lying piece of shit.


WeHo, have always found the Jury thought process to be so interesting in BBUS.

Sometimes when a player says in exit interview & even when 1st at Jury house can change as more evictees arrive & players start sharing what they knew of alliances & betrayals. Will Andrew’s feelings Em’s betrayal of the East Coast alliance influence anyone?

Will the Jury members realize that Em was actually the cause of most , if not all their evictions? Potential thought process pro/con EM: Total bitterness at his betrayal; or, Hey, he’s so awesome cause he managed to evict “ME”, the best player.

That thought process should also be used with Jill if she’s F2 with Em or the other 2 but feel most won’t be able to see past their bitterness with her. As someone pointed out, Jillian actually only put them up, it’s the other players still in the house that voted them out, Em being 1 of those players. In fact, he didn’t even give Alex or Peter a sympathy vote (as he did with Tom). However, he did make them all feel like he would have vote for them except Jill wouldn’t let him. If I was Jury, I’d be like “Wimp! How pussy whipped are you?!” LOL!

Jillian did have a great point in the nuclear argument with Peter – if Peter is truly a devote of the game, then e should be voting for her in Jury as she is the 1 who technically put him there. But I do believe several players (Hello Alex & Peter!) won’t want a “girl” to win the 1st season of BBCan – not saying they’re chauvinist, so please don’t post accusing me of this. I’m simply saying based on a season of watching Alex & Peter’s their inflated sense of superiority of their game play & how deserving they were to win, they just couldn’t have a woman be known as the 1 who beat them in their season.


Here’s a discussion point – how would Em’s game have done if he hadn’t attached to Jillian as he did? Many times he was protected because she won HOH. What if she had aligned with Andrew or even say Topaz instead? While Em had alliances with The Shield & Quatro, they weren’t winning key HOH’s the way Jill did. Plus his DQ’s would have hurt him & his other alliances a lot more without the Jillian alliance.

While he did have a good social game, it was very clear he had limited patience in dealing with most of the house guests. Being able to escape to HOH time & again before he would lost it on players, being able to bitch to Jillian without anyone seeing his negative side def. helped. As the house emptied out, it was harder for him to hide his distaste for the players – they would have picked up on this. Can you imagine if he had to spend as much time with Talla & then Gary, when he returned, as Andrew had to? How far do you think Em would have gotten as a mostly solo player like Andrew was?

Again, just to be clear, I don’t hate Em – I just don’t think his game play would have gotten him half as far in a BBUS season, esp. the Seasons with Dan, Dr. Will, Boogie, Evil Dick – they all would have sized him up quickly & got him out early.

Arguments for yea/nae?


I have a feeling Emmitt will evict Gary. He only befriended gary to ensure if he did win at this point in the game he would take him. I don’t think they are too worried about competing against talla and will not take the chance of having to compete against gary and losing. both jillian and emmitt really believe they have the votes to win in the jury. gary played it wrong when he convienced jillian she had the votes, i think based on that she is going to take her chances and take him to the final 2. wish she would listen to her mother and play for herself. she has a way better chance if she gest to choose and takes talla.

our only hope this season was hoping e/j wouldn’t win. i know we come here and speculate and discuss what is best for each of their games but in reality it has been so predictable. so gary willl be going home


I am not a huge Jillian/Emmett fan but you can’t dispute the fact that they dominated in this game. They did it all:

1. Crushed the comps together
2. Made big moves
3. Played the social game when they needed to

These two should be sitting side by side on finale night.

I want Emmett to win just because I think he was more strategic then Jill and worked more angles. Jill stumbled around a lot looking to Emmett to tell her what to do but she was a beast in challenges which earns her some credit.


you do have some good points. honestly, even though gary got voted back in, i still think he deserves second place more than jillian. heck id rather have seen aj win second than her. i hate jillian and her ‘what would emmett do?’ type strategy. atleast aj played for himself.


are we sure Emmett didn’t cheat to win the POV lol


Geez! A guy stretches the rules a bit on a couple of comps and he’s labelled a cheater??? Poor Emmett. lol


Just watching After Dark. Talla cooking chicken. Uhmm, is it just me or did you all notice she did not wash her hands after touching and handling the chicken. She used salt, pepper and other spices, spreading chicken juices all over whatever she touched.


yes i noticed that she also didn`t wash the cutting board very well and used it again for something else! Watching her do anything is pure pain! Cant believe shes so incompetent for her age!


She also plays with her hair alot when prepping/cooking food for anyone…..


Just curious if anyone else is wondering how to answer the “Play The Game” portion of WHO WILL BE THE FIRST FINALIST

When they did the wonky Topaz HOH I had the noms & evictee correct but didn’t get points for it so now I’m worried about this one.

It can’t mean Emmett (who won POV) because there is a box for that; ditto for Jill as HOH ….

So… Do they mean who will win Part 1 of the final HOH comp?

It’s likely to be endurance (guarantee for Jill)

I can’t decide what I want more: Gary to win Part 1 or 2 of comp so he has a chance to get to F2 chair just so he might send Emmett out or one of the power couple winning & taking Gary. NAH; we know they’ll take each other so my only hope is if Gary wins just so I get to see a BIG MOVE!


As far as the game on Slice my interpretation would be as follows. The 1st finalist would be who wins the 1st of the 3 part comp final? Again we have to presume right or wrong that it will take the same format as BBusa. That would put endurance 1st. I have pretty good idea who that will be! 🙂 🙂 A second alternative would be who won HOH(Jillian) and thus earned thier way to the final 3. This is far less likely the interpretation. But since under either treatment Jillian seems the best choice that is how I voted.

I miread the question originally and just figured it was who was evicted like other weeks. Other than Brick card draw what is the use of answers for points that occur next Wednesday or Thursday? I’m presuming a Canadas favourite vote Monday and Tuesday. I’ll likely be wrong on my guess though.


I took it as “First Finalist” being 3rd place.
So we’re giving our guess for 3rd and the Final 2 and who’ll win, so pretty much 4th place doesn’t matter lol


Either way – evicting Gary or Talla is gonna cost him votes in the jury. Gary’s substantially will alter the jurors’ view of Emmett. Gary trusts Emmett to take him to F2 as well as Talla. Talla believes Jill is taking her. So, if Emmett evicts Gary, his wrath is going to influence (possibly) the other jurors’ feelings about him (Emmett). They might not have seen this coming from a great good ole’ farm boy and change their minds because a lot of them actually like Gary. I don’t think Talla’s anger is going to play a part because a lot of the evicted jurors really don’t like her so they could care less if Emmett got rid of her. It’s a tough call. Emmett’s walking on a very thin line right now. As much as people say Emmett used Jill to do all the dirty work – yes, but she used him to shield her from having to socialize more (by blending into him), she could avoid that weakness in her overall game. They’re both going to come out as liars in the end to the jurors, it’s just a matter of who feels more ‘burned’ by one than the other. That’s just how I see it.


Those are all excellent points! Also remember one thing, in the DR Emm said it’s all about final impressions now because this is what jury will look for and everyone remember. Emm realizes final impression are the most fresh in the memory and might overwrite past feelings towards him. Emm realizes Gary is popular with both audience and the jury. My prediction is this… Gary will be used by Emm and saved to please the public. That way Emm can say he was true to his words and his promises to at least some, more than the others (Andrew). This is very manipulative and I am putting my money on that this is what Emm will do.


Simon or Dawg,
Do you recall which HG nicknamed Jillian ‘Jillbot”?
I LMAO each time I hear it especially when Emmett tells Jill he doesn’t get it (Jillbot) and Jill always responds ‘Talla thinks it means robot…but I don’t think I’m a robot’, then chuckles.
Now tonight, Posted on Jokster:

“Emm tells Jil he doesn’t get the Jilbot name. That if anything shes like a stepford wife because she cooks/cleans and is pretty NT”
04/27/13 09:48 PM

So, in other words a robot. Sums up the attributes that annoy those viewers frustrated with Jillian.



It was Alec. I grew up with him and he has a friend named illbot, so he just used that again.

Also, the name “puck ball” was started by him. He always adds “ball” to whatever game he’s playing.


Yea, while Alec calls his friend Iliad, Illbot, I’m also pretty sure Julie Chen (BBUS host) is called Chenbot for her robotic characteristics on screen..So it’s a common nickname for BB fans..


The end of the month finally came and was able to submit doanation.
Thanks for all you & Dawg do.
And Thanks to all that offered their insights and much to contemplate.
Be well. :)))


Thank you very much for the donation. We really appreciate it and we’re glad you loved all the updates. Without all the great fans like yourself OBB just wouldn’t be the same. 🙂


I feel like it’s really stupid that the jurors are taking the lies and backstabbing so personally. At the end of the day it’s a game they all signed up to play and if they watched even one season of BB US then they would know backstabbing and lying are essential parts of the game and also make it more entertaining for the viewers. As much as you don’t want to admit, most of you probably enjoyed watching players like Dan and Chilltown manipulate people. (Not saying Emmett and Jillian are up to their caliber, but still) If Talla wins I think that honestly the first season of BB Canada will be viewed as a joke, and if Gary wins most people would say ‘oh well production made that happen’. I truly believe that Emmett and Jillian have earned their spots in the F3. Jillian because she didn’t count on other people to keep her safe she did that by winning competitions and having solid relationships with other people. Emmett through his competitions wins, his social game and his ability to manipulate people. And even if you hate them Emmett and Jillian as a duo are obviously a forced to be reckoned with they both were threats as far as competitions go and through their social games they made it seem like they weren’t that big of a threat and that there was always someone that was more of a threat that needed to be dealt with first, that’s why they were almost never on the block. As far as Big Brother goes, I think they are both great players and deserve to be where they are.


Wow what a surprise….Emmett won POV….I did not see that one coming. t was so out of the blue….so unexpected….NOT