Big Brother Canada Jillian thinks she’s going crazy and asks to see the psychiatrist..

POV Holder: Andrew Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: Andrew and Peter
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)

Big Brother Canada April 14 2013 1120am

11:15am Jillian talks to Emmett in the kitchen and tells him that the video that Talla and Andrew have to watch of us making out is the same one that they watch each day. She says maybe that’s all the footage they have of us making out. Emmett says whatever it doesn’t matter. Jillian talks about how she is not feeling like herself and feels like she is going crazy. She says that she asked to talk to the psychiatrist because she doesn’t feel like herself. She says that before coming here she said she would talk to the psychiatrist everyday.
Big Brother Canada April 14 2013 1119am

11:30am Andrew and Jillian talk about Peter. Jillian says that she thinks he’s going to campaign. Andrew says well he better not to me, because I will just tell him I am voting him out. Jillian says she hopes he doesn’t campaign to her. Andrew tells her just don’t forget about the conversation we had last night. They head back inside.

11:45pm – 12pm Emmett, Andrew and Peter head out to the hot tub. They talk about how much weight they’ve lost while on slop. The conversation turns to talking about winning the next HOH guarantees you a spot in the final 3 and if you win the Veto you get to vote out who you want.

12pm – 12:15pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.

1:05pm Still Hush Hush..
2:45pm Still Hush Hush..


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OK, it’s difficult for me to have a conversation with you guys since I watch from Europe and have hours of time difference… So by the time I read your comments (and I do read them all!), you all have moved on to a new thread. Anyway, I’ll just put some of my remarks in this newest thread.
Instead of writing 1 big post with many different points, I’ll split this up, so you can answer specifically to each subject if you feel like it… or just thumb up or down… ;)


-) Emmett: I agree, he has changed a lot recently and appears grumpy most of the time…
But in all honesty, can you say that you wouldn’t get extremely annoyed if you were in his shoes? He has been coaching Jillian through this game, has been lifting her spirits and has made sure not to burn bridges in this game.
All we see now is how she whines in a (sorry, but) back-breaking voice for long periods of time. He still offers her the easy answer to lift her spirits, but she doesn’t even acknowledge what he is saying. (example: J: my eyes hurt! I want to go to dr now! E: then just take your contacts out and put drops in. J: But I don’t want to be on TV like this! Me: huh? What does 1 thing have to do with the other?) She has hurt his game (and hers too!) on numerous occasions, doing the opposite of what he coached her to do: “don’t give them bullets to shoot at us later!” She still kept telling everyone everything and making unneccesary promises (like telling Peter they would take him off the block if they won POV).
He told her numerous times that if something happens that they don’t want viewers to notice and make a big deal about, they should just NOT TALK about it at all. She opened the shower door, giving the main camera a full view of his private parts. He kept saying “don’t worry about it”, and she kept saying “I’m sooo sorry!” for minutes. Hence contributing to people noticing it, taking screenshots and putting them online. When Alec feared for having been exposed, there was a big storm of ppl here saying it was terrible for him. Notice how Emmett acts way more mature about it? And we know that the camera didn’t catch anything in Alec’s case. Simon and Dawg, I wish you hadn’t contributed to this by sharing the link to the pic – twice.

So to sum it up, I’d say that Jillian has been extremely annoying to Emmett for quite a while. I would get grumpy if someone who asks me for directions was constantly disregarding them.

I liked her a lot in the beginning, but she’s turning into Danielle Murphree from last season really quickly. So I have no more empathy for her being “used” by Emmett in this game. Her only shot at winning would be with Talla, and even there, I’m not sure anymore…


I agree with much of what you say. In the beginning I didn’t care for E or J. But they are both ok in my books now. They have done well in the game and both would be deserving winners…along with Andrew and even Talla who has tried to get attention with her craziness since she can’t manage to win comps.


there was a post earlier “Wow, Jemmett are SUCH SORE LOSERS. One comp doesn’t go your way and you are talking about lawyers and how its not worth it to be here. Can you imagine what they would be like on the block, they would probably self-evict.”
I’d just like to point out that Jillian did talk about leaving the game, Emmett never did – and he AGAIN cooled her down and told her that would be stupid.
babybare says:
April 13, 2013 at 10:08 pm
“I don’t care about the 100k” ——- I’m getting a lawyer? Huh? I don’t want to take aim at her personality flaws, habits, sexual appetites, etc. ’cause I’m not perfect, but the shit about attorneys. Now I just want to see her go down next.
J+E were talking about a class where Emmett had to “make a case” (i.e. act like a lawyer) for sth, then that shifted to talking about 1 of her friends (or relatives?) being a lawyer. Then, she only said “I wonder what he would say about this situation”. That’s not exactly the same as saying “I’m getting a lawyer”, now is it? If you quote someone you don’t like, don’t make stuff up just to make them appear even worse than they appear by themselves.


I think each houseguest is entitled to have their very upset moments. Analyzing every statement they make is going overboard. Judge them on their overall actions in the house. That doesn’t just go for you Johnny, but is aimed at all the various comments on here that are far too insulting and degrading. This cast has been great in my view.


I completely agree with you. The part in quotes is what Jillian said. I did not put the rest in quotes. I am very precise about this. I do not make anything up. I appreciate your viewpoints respectfully, Johnny. Peace.


– Andrew: This guy is over-the-top sarcastic, but come on, he’s hilarious – he’s the only entertaining one left to watch on the live feeds as of late!
And Talla might not be a good player, but she’s great at just “bringing the best out of him”. Seeing him rant about her like an old married couple is the funniest thing on the feeds right now.


I liked Andrew in the beginning and still do, although I have to say that his sarcastic form of humour, although entertaining can be very harmful in the real world. He reminds me of my Ex-hubby who also used sarcasm constantly. After 21 years of marriage, I got sick of it and throughout those years he hurt our four kids and many of our extended family members. When I taught high school, I also witnessed the great harm students who used sarcastic humour. It can end up being very cruel…funny? yes but too often at the great expense of other people’s feelings. Not a fan of that kind of humour now.


I agree with you 100%, I wouldn’t appreciate this kind of sarcasm on a regular level in real life.
I think they all know it’s a tv show, and they act a bit more over the top than they would in real life (esp. Andrew, Talla, Gary!)
We all want to be liked. I think Andrew goes over the top here and there, but I think he did a good job at making sure the other person – Talla, most of the time! ;) – knows that it’s only meant to be funny.
I remember how he did use this over-the-top sarcasm to lift her spirits and just take her mind off something that was bothering her a few days ago, it was successful and I thought it was quite touching :) She thanked him for that.
I like the complicity between the two, even if the game requires them to downplay that to the other houseguests.


– Peter: LOL!
Peter and Alec will realize what the majority of us thought of their “game” this entire time, and let’s face it, they’ll be pretty embarrassed.
I remember Peter say a long time ago “perception is reality”, and I guess that was his approach to acting so cocky and self-gloryfying. He must have thought that telling the audience he’s a genius might make ppl believe he is a genius. I don’t know how people who only watch the 3 shows a week think about him, but it might even have worked with some of them, given what an “optimistic” edit he got. North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un might want to hire the producers for future propaganda.
After all, the big moves Peter did in this game were
– evict AJ instead of Andrew. Brilliant. Not.
– not save Topaz, which would again have meant Andrew would have gotten evicted. Brilliant. Not.
– explain to Emmett why the person not on the block is dangerous. Otherwise, Talla would probably have gotten nominated instead of Andrew, and Emmett would get evicted, not him. Brilliant. Not.


I feel sorry for Simon and Dawg. I haven’t watched the feeds since Thursday. Can’t stand the J&E show, especially the sound of Jillian’s voice. Why does she sound like the Cookie Monster?


I’ve been watching Liza’s commentary on YouTube this morning. What an annoying sore loser she is. Keep putting Em down calling him farmer like it was something derogatory to work and farm a farm. She is showing her true colours, feels entitled.
Johnny love your scoop!


I had no idea Liza even had a youtube blog until I read your post.
I wasn’t a big fan of how she played this game, and I think she should have owned up to Emmett’s accusations being completely true in her interviews after having gotten evicted. She did indeed tell all the other houseguests that they should target Emmett asap, even when they were supposed to be in an alliance together. I don’t think she planned to put him on the block herself, but she really tried very hard to get all the others to target him and do her dirty work for her. Tom still seems to disregard that fact today, his tweets and interviews sound like he only got to hear the Liza point of view and never questioned it.

Anyway, I just watched LIZA’S DISH episode 1, and I have to say it was very interesting! She does have a way with words, and she gives some interesting insider info on what happened on the first days in the house. OK, she does fade-in quite a lot of pics of her looking sexy, but who can blame her ;)
I’ll watch her other videos and see if it keeps on being as interesting!


Agree. her first clip was good and thats why I kept watching. But wait until her last clip and you will see how personal and vile she gets.


Had to be expected of her. I know I have to take what she says with a grain of salt… a rock of salt really.
I guess I’ll stop watching when she gets to the episodes where she wasn’t in the house anymore. Or when I can’t stand listening to her take on things anymore. Whatever comes first.
In the one I saw, I liked the little details she gave that were new to me, like them having forgotten Aneal when they all toasted on day 1, so they had to toast again! lol!


First time posting this season!! You guys have kept me up to date with BB for years! Thanks! I am just throwing this out at the end of Thursdays show Arisa said that some one from Jury House will becoming back into the house, she really did not say back into the game. I think the twist of words means that the person coming back into the BB house will not be playing the game, maybe just to stir things up. Any thoughts?

Thanks Simon and Dawg!!


Hey, umm could be.. I really have no idea what they are going to do on Thursday seems like they have no restraints with twists.. Heck suzette might come back with the DPOV.. (lol) . We’ll probably learn a bit more during tonight’s shows.

Glad you like the spoilers Thanks!


I read somewhere that someone tweeted BB asking whether the evicted houseguest was coming back to play or just visit, and BBCan tweeted them back confirming that they would be indeed back to PLAY.


Does anyone know why the feeds are down?


My best bet would be a group therapy session! ;)
Speaking of therapy, I hope whoever in production came up with the idea of making a 10 minute video of Jillian and Emmett making out and forcing Talla and Andrew to watch it 3 times has a good shrink to help them get past their issues…


I just have to say that I would be disturbed if Jillian were my child’s teacher. She should be acting more like a role model. Instead she has lied quite a bit, hooked up with a stranger and makes out with him, and she is showing a side that is a little unstable. These things coming from someone else would be ok, but she is an influence on children. She’s also a bit of a mean girl. Remember how she was with Danielle? She’s kind of a child herself…


Too far fetched. This is a game and those are people win normal issues and insecurities. Don’t forget she made it o the final 5, so there must be something about her that’s better than Liza or Alec had. I’d be disturbed if I was in the BB house with Peter. Seriously he keeps staring at people from the couch in silence all creepy. Gives me bubbie jibbies.


I take raising children quite seriously and I’m just saying that I think she’s been very exposed on this show and I would be weary if she taught my child. There are some people who should not do things like this, and I feel a person in charge of influencing children are grouped in there.


Your absolutely kidding right? I have nothing but contempt for people like you who download your responsibility onto others including teachers. The PARENTS are suppose to be the ROLE MODELS! What E/J are doing is precisely how you get children! It’s always the same all things are never my fault! BS You do as you wish and NEVER judge yourself just others. Jillian is a teacher payed to teach reading, writing arithmatic ect. That is her JOB. You and other parents are ROLE MODELS for YOUR children. I suppose your children are like the “virgin mary” and the imaculate conception. You are 100% in the wrong!
As for E/J they really should leave this stuff off camera for themselves, no one else. That said 20 something do have hoemones.


I have to say i still like j&e more e then j but i still am rooting for them. As for emmitt running her hoh well that is her choice she can make her own choses but she doesn’t and they are working together so i don’t get the big deal here it happens with every pair jeff&jordan, rachel&brandon and boogie and will and no one complained when they did it. Peters move i don’t get the previous post that emmitt would have been evicted because if topez came down then andrew would have gone up and they probably would have voted talla out. My guesss on peter is he never had any allience with topez and he felt that if she stayed she would have teamed up with the girls over him and thought he could make points with emmitt and jillian. Then there is andrew he has been trying for awhile to push emmitt out by swaying jill and i am not sure if this is all game or he has a thing for her because he seems to like her a little to much I think he is very nieve if he actually believes jill will take him over emmitt.
As for emmitt flipping out it is hard to comment without knowing what happened but if something happened that was unfair then i would complain too i find it hard to believe everyone is coming down on him for wanting the comps to be fair it wasn’t that long ago everyone freaked out that they complained emmitt won hoh by breaking the rules. People hear what they want to hear and those that don’t like jill&emmitt heard the word layer then made up the rest becasue they don’t like them. I think emmitt is like most people would be locked up in a house you have good days and bad days who wouldn’t. I can’t stand talla i think she is a complete airhead and i would be extremely sad if she made it to the end because she really hasn’t done anything in the game she hasn’t won anything and her game talk consists of throwing whoever she can under the bus with no strategy what so ever the fact she is still there is so wrong. Depending on who wins the vote this week the returning hgs may change things.


If you’re seri g a shrink everyday, you are in the psyche ward at your local hospital. Take note of that statement, Emmett!

Bitches be crazy for real, yo!


Seri g = seeing.



BBTC anybody? Thumbs up if yes!


Feeds still down. Time is running out to split the milkmance out. It looks like they will be F2 no matter what, unless Alec comes back before the vote with a DPOV, takes Peter off the block and replacement has to be Emmett. Wouldn’t be fair, but I hate the milkmance that much. Now Andrew and Talla have had a taste of how painful and gross it is for the feeders watching the heavy petting. Suzette should have put Jillian up instead of Kat. Kat probably had game, and we would have been spared this cheap showmance!


OK I’m not sold E/J are final 2. I’m hoping that the returning HG is just to host a comp. On the likely faulty assumption one can go at F4 and/or F3. They’re in a fa better spot than day 1 mind you but so is Andrew. From floater to stooge to F2 with Jillian! ROFL I don’t think even he believes she takes him over Emmit. I believe it’s her attempt to minipulate Andrew if he gets to choose whom to sit beside F2. Andrew has to win out or go home. I think he knows this to.


feeds are back and looks like the HG’s are having to do a freeze in place and not speak when Big Brother asks. I am liking how Andrew is playing this game. When the feeds came back theHG’s were discussing how much of the shower scene’s are shown Emmett was asking I am wondering if the producers have mentioned to him that his shower door full on shot is now posted on the web…..

stay at home mom

Could someone add links to you tube blogs and twitter accounts of formally evicted house guests?? I see liza has a blog on you tube, but I can not find this.


Andrew’s brother has just come into the house and all HG;s are in freeze mode I’m crying for Andrew as he can’t say anything of hug his brother… heart breaking to watch it.


jillian is super annoying and a attention whore , she talks loudly over everybody else when in conversation with them and its super annoying , she nneeds to gooooooo! Andrew and Talla r very entertaining and need to stick around to make this show watchable! Peter has the personality of a dead fish !!!!!Should b interesting if Gary Glitter returns as most polls suggest!!!


i went off the live feeds to catch up on some of the reading here … went back to live feeds only to see andrews brother there… but they were on their good bye`s and off he went … :-( … hope you have a clip of that simmon or dawg … would love to see it .. and i guess the wrestlers won out over the ninja`s .. thanks ahead of time if you guys can do that ..