Big Brother Canada: Alec about his Veto says he’ll say I wish I had two of these jokers to not use them on either of you!

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POV Holder: Next POV March 16th
POV Used POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec

2:20pm Alec, Peter and Andrew are in the bedroom talking. Alec explains we either get out Tom this week and Liza the next or vice versa. Alec says selfishly for my game I want Liza out and for your game Andrew you need Tom out this week. Alec says that in the veto ceremony he will say I don’t like the way you play the game Tom and I don’t trust you Liza, I wish I had two of these jokers to not use either of them on either of you! Andrew goes off on a weird rant about the provinces of Canada being haves and havenots and how he was saying fu*k you Canada. Alec tells Andrew and Peter that he doesn’t want to be in the house without either of you two. Andrew talks about how he was told Tom is coming after him. Alec asks who said that? Andrew say who do you think?! Liza said it! Alec says that Liza is a snake! Andrew and Alec talk about how Tom lied to them both. Alec says that his philosophy is if you lie to me I will lie to you. Be honest to the people that are honest with you and lie to those that aren’t.

Big Brother Canada March 17 2013 235pm
Big Brother Canada March 17 2013 250pm

2:35pm – 3pm Alec and Topaz make out in the hallway. Alec goes to the havenot room and talks game with Talla.

Big Brother Canada March 17 2013 322pm
3pm – 4pm Aj, Andrew, Alec and Peter sit at the kitchen table and joke around. They start talking about food. Alec says the one meal I had in here.. Andrew and the others laugh that he has only had one meal in the house. Liza, Talla, Gary and Suzette join the others at the table. Gary is already hitting the sauce.

Big Brother Canada March 17 2013 329pm
Meanwhile Jillian and Emmett are taking a nap in the havenot room. Gary tells Alec and Peter at the table that even if she (Liza) stays, Emmett is her target. Alec says maybe not after my veto speech. Gary tells him to be nice, don’t be mean. Gary says that he is craving a drama but not for the games sake. Alec says yeah maybe you’re right.

4:10pm Gary’s pizza has finished cooking. Talla walks by a mirror and says to herself that she wants to be on every season of big brother. Alec and Peter laugh. Talla comes over to them and ask if they just heard what she said. They tell her she should come back as her sister. Gary goes and gathers everyone to watch the cutting of the pizza.

Big Brother Canada March 17 2013 410pm

4:20pm – 4:40pm Aj and Talla are out by the hot tub talking. Talla keeps thinking there might be a tie vote this week. Aj explains to her that it can’t be a tie this week its an odd number of people voting. Aj tells her that no matter what way we vote I can sell it, that’s what I do for a living. Aj says that the worst case is that Tom stays and he finds out we voted for him to go. Aj explains to Talla that after the veto ceremony Gary has no power, he is a sitting duck. He also has no power next week. Aj says that Gary is in trouble if either Tom or Liza stays. Aj says that he would rather have Andrew or Talla win HOH this next week. Aj says that he thinks if Emmett wins he will do something safe like put up Gary and Suzette. Aj says that this is a tough decision either Tom or Liza. He says that Tom has won a lot of things and now its probably best to get him out while he is on the block and vulnerable. Talla is worried about Emmett winning HOH next week. Aj says after 6 days of slop he won’t be alive.. look what he is doing to himself he is a beast in competitions but is a baby when it comes to slop. (Emmett is barely eating any slop.) The conversation turns to talking about how much of a beast Jillian was in the tree HOH competition. Topaz comes outside. Aj says Hi my name is Aj. Topaz goes back inside. Aj jokes with Talla that when Topaz dresses up she looks like a different person.

4:45pm Gary is talking to Emmett and Jillian in the havenot room. Emmett is worried if Liza stays in the house she will really shake up the house. Gary asks Emmett to vote out Tom. Jillian tells Gary not to do that to Emmett right now. Emmett says that he wouldn’t ask Gary to do that. Gary says that he doesn’t care, we are different people… I want a zero vote to keep him. Emmett says that he doesn’t want to burn any bridges. Gary tells him that he already has burned that bridge. Emmett says no I haven’t. Gary asks did you tell Tom anything about what we’ve talked about? Emmett says no. Gary says well then you’ve burned that bridge. Gary talks about how he wants to keep Liza so that he can expose all the lies she told. I want her exposed, I want to see her reaction, I need that. I want to expose that bit*h. I want people to know that you can’t lie to me. I am going to use her as an example. I want her to pay. Emmett asks Gary to tell him why he should vote out Tom. Gary says if you don’t already know why that vote for him to stay. Gary tells Emmett that he tells him everything and Emmett tells him nothing. Gary says I give you 10 and you give me 2. I want you to tell me everything. I earned HOH. Gary says that he trusts them and says that they need to start trusting him more. They discuss Suzette getting more votes to stay than Aj.

(30 Minute Video of the above & below conversation will be posted here)

5pm – 5:25pm Gary and Topaz talk up in the HOH room. Gary tells Topaz his conversations with Emmett and Alec and how they think Liza is going to shake up the house if she stays. Gary talks to Topaz about how Jillian and Emmett give him no information when I told them everything. Gary says that he slipped up and asked what if Liza wins HOH, and I told him he would be going home if she won which scared him. Gary tells Topza that Liza told Jillian that Emmett is using her. Topaz talks about how Alec has been in the diary room for a LONG time which means a lot is going on with him and they are asking him a lot of questions. Topaz comments on how the showmance between Alec and her takes the target off of us. Gary says that he is going to grill Alec today. Topaz says that she is going to try and poison Liza to Andrew. Topaz starts telling Gary about her childhood friend.
Big Brother Canada March 17 2013 530pm

5:30pm – 5:40pm Topaz and Gary watch Andrew and Alec play puck ball on the kitchen table through the spy screen. Topaz makes fun of Alec for wearing the same grey sweat pants that have mustard stains on the for 3 days. Topaz says that tonight she is going to walk around in her yellow top to see if you can see her n!pples through it. The conversation turns to talking about Emmett and Jillian. Gary says that they thought they were running the house …but they cheated! They both agree Emmett and Jillian will be a couple after the game ends. Gary comments on how he thinks Emmett is really well off.

Big Brother Canada March 17 2013 531pm

5:50pm Alec plays with his balls…
Big Brother Canada March 17 2013 540pm

6:10pm – 6:40pm Alec spits in the kitchen sink again.. Andrew says nothing like spitting in the communal sink where we do our dishes, why don’t you just piss in it! Meanwhile in the bathroom, Aj shaves his beard for a mustache. He heads into the bedroom and changes his shirt because he is told it doesn’t work with the cameras so he can’t wear it. Liza asks him why he is dressed up, you think we’re locked inside because we are getting a reward outside? or for the POV ceremony? Aj says yeah that and because I have no more clean shirts. Big Brother tells Aj that he can’t wear the next shirt he tries on too. Big Brother says that he can’t wear any lined shirts because the camera strobes. Big Brother switches the live feeds to the hush hush screen.. When the live feeds return Aj is still wearing the same shirt so maybe they told him it was okay. Peter, Topaz and Aj are in the kitchen talking about what the other are wearing. Topaz makes fun of Alec and the lack of times he changes clothes.
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Talla is an idiot why start believing Alec and Topez aren’t coming after you and Liza is. The girls this season can’t play for shit, always throw each other under the bus for the guys. The only hope for Liza is for Andrew or Jill to win hoh. Jill doesn’t look like she’s close to Lza but she is and those two are the only ones who would put the guys up.


I like what Liza said about Talla….”she doesn’t know if she is sneezing or shitting”. LOL


Alec has to be careful he isn’t making the same fatal error that Liza made….talking to many people and overplaying.


So who is the target this week? One minute it’s tom, the next it’s Liza


To bad Alec smart mouth wasn’t attached to his brain! When Tom goes his game is done. He has no idea Gary has Topaz against him. If the plan is Emmit and Jillian up next week and for some HG’s that’s thier preference. Alec might as well have commited suicide this week. Peter will support Liza over Alec. Especially when Liza turns on the charm after Tom’s departure. Liza likely converts Andrew as well. Alec may not get a single vote when he gets evicted no matter whose on the block against him!

The guys are handing over the house and the prizes to a woman IMO. Really terrible strategic game play.


I share concerns. Maybe not “suicide this week” for Alec if Liza stays but…
Gary does NOT have the allies to peg the next HOH.
After POV he or any HOH needs to chill and listen to the House.
Anyway, Emmett’s in trouble. Right now. He needs to be helping Alec understand Tom’s use to them, and they need to rally Andrew & AJ to their “side”.
Meaning him & Alec. Em needs to rally Jill to him and Alec needs to rally Topaz to him.
They can both privately pledge alliance with Gary if need be to him and the ladies, but Liza staying is an immediate threat to them both.
Give Peter the rope. If he hangs himself – fine.
I think Liza is a threat to almost everyone’s game if she stays, not because she’s a diabolical legend in her own mind, but because she will twist and spin for the sake of getting others to do as she wishes for the pleasure of controlling, causing anxiety and need to feel powerful.
I actually think she slipped through the psych filters.

The Watcher

Today live feeds is so confusing , you click to one cam angle and you have some house guests talking about voting out Liza then click on another cam and you have other house guests saying they are voting out Tom and this is pretty much all the talk that is gong on. Liza….Tom….Liza….Tom…..Liza….Tom…..Liza….

Glitter is now talking to Emmett trying to have him vote Tom out….But earlier Glitter wast telling Miss Fart ( Talla) to vote Liza out because he want her gone….


Maybe the production told them during the long extended Hush Hush to do just that keep it HUSH HUSH and perhaps even confuse the viewer but I doubt that.

In any case Alec has already made it clear he wont use the POV so one of them is going home….

Happy Saint Patrick to all ; )


I think you can take your observations about Gary a step further. He definately switches targets between the 2 depending on who he talks to. Think he is testing people at different levels. Talla passes by saying to Gary just tell me what to do on Thursday. Emmit maybe not so much. But the real failure is Gary. Great start to an HOH now up in flames! :P Truth is the HG’s don’t owe him a vote to evict whom he wants. HOH isn’t a dictatorship!! His HOH is now a mirror of Toms and as such when he goes back on the block he’ll find out how many of his alliances are actually soft.

By the way if this is a double eviction week how are they going to get that in by the end of Thursday’s show? Guess they evict on Wednesday then HOH and do noms and POV before Thusday airs. I guess they could just name the person not evicted HOH, no POV and straight to a 1 person eviction vote. Why not, production has screwed up everything else.


They’ll probably do the double eviction the same as the BBUS. Thursday night first thing vote for eviction, then HOH, then quickly nominations and then play POV and vote for eviction again.

I don’t care who goes home this eviction. Would love to see either Tom or Liza go.

BTW Simon & Dawg, you guys do an awesome job. I’ve been lurking on your site for a few years. Do you guys remember the first season? It was 1/2 hour, 7 days a week.


Thanks Marcie, I never saw the first BBUS


Double eviction? You think they’ll do that after the power shift?





Shakira Stan

Powershift indeed!


There will always be a pov so because of everything that happened they may push the double to next week. I think peter is loyal to alec first and as for whi goes alec, emmitt and peter haven’t decided. Jillian will not put up emmitt but she might go after andrew.


alec so nasty how could he spite in the kitchen sink thats just wrong and nasty of him.. i love how andrew called him out for that ….i dont know what it is that makes talla stupid but whatever it is it works…… talla is a video game u just grab the contorls to get her to do what u want(cast in a jordan role)

VP of Operations

double eviction will be interesting, hopefully both Tom and Lizard will go, if not Emmett or Jillian, hopefully Gary will be able to survive after making this big move, but as long as he has Topaz, he should do fine. TEAM GARY! <3

too bad Lizard messed up, I really thought she could make a girls alliance with Jillian n help Gary, but she became overconfident and made herself threatening to everyone by giving out final 5s and 4s to every person she talks to

Gary can now start working with Alec n Peter, get rid of Emmett n Jillian next, and eventually go with Topaz, make an alliance with the weakest players n get rid of Alec n peter


Emmet need to udnerstand Liza won’t do shit for him, why he would not rally to keep tom behind the scenes beat me. But then he can find himself or jill up until the veto day because gary is so crazy and unpredictable/ he seems to be testing other house guest to out who won’t go along with his plan to see who he can’t trust