Big Brother Canada Emmett gives Gary the “Best Massage of his Life”

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23
POV Used POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom Liza
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec


9:50pm Tom tells Alec he wants to have racing stripes on his nails. His favorite car is the corvette so he wants that on his toe nails. Alec applies some of the nail polish and starts to blow on it to speed up the drying. While he blows he looks up at Alec. Alec: ‘DO NOT LOOK AT ME WHEN YOU BLOW” everyone laughs
Tom: “I’m so happy i’m a guy.. I don’t care about my nails.. this takes so much time.. Guys across Canada Do more for your ladies.. spend more money on them”


10:00pm Backyard Emmett gives Gary the “best massage of his life” Emmett ends up doing Gary’s toe nails and finger nails.



10:17pm Pedicure is over


10:21pm Living Room couch Emmett, Andrew and Alec

Tom walks by Alec tells them they all wish they were as cool as him with his racing stripes (Tom had Alec put racing stripes on his toe nails) says : “Hey look at those nails.. thats pretty good workmanship who did that”
Tom replies: “Ya.. I dunno man.. I think he was gay though”
Tom leaves Adnrew is smiling.. “I think he was gay though” Alec and Emmett snicker at Tom.
Andrew brings up that Talla had just asked him what 46 plus 10 was.. The 3 bros laugh. Alec mentions how Talla has talks with him about events and conversations that have never happened. Jillian Joins them. General chit chat

10:34pm Backyard Peter and Jillian

Peter: ‘Gary wants it to be 9 to zero.. he would accept if it was 8 to 1 if the one was Emmett but he really wants 8 to zero”

Peter goes on and on about getting Tom out, He tells her this may be the only time they can get a player like that out. Peter points out that the entire house is against Liza so she won’t be around for long anyways.
Peter: “Liza can’t win challenges.. and people don’t like her on a personal level.. which is a shame”
Jillian: “She lied right to my face.. I think Gary is just as dangerous as Tom”
Peter: “We have a chance right now to make Emmett the alpha male of the house..”

Peter says that a lot of people do not like Tom. Jillian: “He’s very old school” Peter: “Thats teh way he was raised..”

Jillian is 100% behind getting Tom out this week.

Jillian: “Big moves are coming and Gary fired the first shot”
Peter explains that Gary brought up everyone in the house which is very smart and very stupid because now moving to next week we all know that he has the most information.

Peter says on a personal level he likes Liza a lot probably more than he should. Peter knows that Liza is very dangerous thing to do. Peter doesn’t like what Gary is wanting to do to Liza. Gary had told them to all make Liza’s time hell, he wanted to call her out on everything. Peter and Jillian both agree this isn’t nice.
Peter: “I agree she played too hard too fast.. fair enough.. but I also believe in second chances”

10:54pm Start of updated content
Peter says week 6 they will get their first double eviction the second person evicted that night will go to Jury. Peter confirms he’s got a bit of a crush on Liza.

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11:00pm Tom and liza They are having a dinner/Date together. He’s bragging how awesome he was as a oil rig fire fighter. Tom didn’t like working on the rigs so he applied to be a forest fire fighter.. He goes on about his accomplishments. Tom talks about his casting experience. He got off work at 3am and left the bar ,got gas and arrived in line at the casting calls 4 hours early. “4 hours early there was 355 people in front of me”

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Thank god Emmett broke a glass and woke me out of my boredom from watching Liza and Tom’s dinner. Holy cow that is just a whole lotta awkward!


Well isn’t Peter going to be surprised on Thursday, since he thinks it’s week 6 that they’ll do a double eviction lol


Please tell me Gary is not going to fall for Tom’s BS.


I wonder if the house guests go threw a psyc evaluation before going into the house? If so…Talla should have failed and if they don’t maybe it is something that should be considered if there is a season 2.


omg Tom is really campaigning to Gary right now.he’s totally turned against his bros alec and emmet. And he totally thinks its liza being voted out yet everyone says Tom.This is crazy i kinda want liza out and TOM in so we can have moreeee drama especially if he stays


I honestly don’t think Peter is as smart a player as they make him out to be. He gets a great edit because they have not showed any of his convos where he and Liza repeatedly mention how much “smarter” they are compared to other HGs. I, for one, am sick of Peter and his BS. This guy is just horny for some ass and he thinks getting Tom out will get him a rub or two because Liza’s the kinda girl who puts out early.


Ehh, he seems to be doing okay so far. I definitely don’t think he’s the smartest one in the house though.