Big Brother Canada Have / Havenot Competition RESULTS!

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 15th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 18th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest ALEC & TOPAZ
Have Nots Talla & Andrew (Servants for haves)

Have / Havenot Competition: “Rub a Dub Dub two house guests in a tub!”
– Jillian, Peter and Emmett are haves
– The haves get severed by the havenots for 72 hours.
– The haves get to request 1 luxury per day
– Havenots (Andrew & Talla) are on slop for the week.
** ALSO ** – Andrew & Talla have to watch a 10 minute video of Emmett & Jillian kissing every morning.

Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 530pm

5:25pm – 5:45pm When the live feeds return: Andrew, Peter, Jillian and Emmett are in the kitchen talking. Talla is no where to be seen (possibly in the diary room). Andrew comments on how that was fun. Jillian is dressed in a pool outfit complete with a bikini, rain boots, water wings, red/white socks, flotation inner tube in the form of a duck and a snorkel & mask. (Possibly a punishment or something.) Andrew is talking about horrible tips he’s received. Emmett talks about his experience with tipping. He says that Americans are really good with tipping well. Andrew says that the word tip comes from the saying To insure prompt service. Talla is seen coming out of the diary room she is also wearing her bathing suit. Jillian is called into the diary room. Andrew and Emmett talk about how Talla is in such a bad mood. Andrew and Emmett talk about how Talla needs to get up an hour earlier each morning. Emmett suggests Talla do the morning and Andrew do it in the evening. Andrew says that I will do it all, I don’t care.
Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 557pm
**Andrew & Talla have to serve Andrew asks Talla if she got all the rules. Talla says its all on the card. Andrew asks well if they come down in the middle of the night to get a glass of water do we have to get it for them? Talla says I am sure they can get that themselves. Andrew says ah okay, I will do it them. Talla says no, no we will do it together. Talla says that she is not happy .. I am a have not .. I already clean around here and now I am being told to do it more.
Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 545pm
Emmett reads the rule card: “You must be the house staff for the entire 72 hours Laundry, cleaning, cooking, serving meals and anything else the haves might need during this time.”

So the have’s can’t even get their own water. Talla says so pretty much be you guy’s bitches for 3 days! Andrew tells her that it will be fine I have been in service for 13 years, its only 3 days. Talla says it sucks. Talla says I don’t want to get up an hour earlier. Andrew says you already get up early.
Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 550pm
Andrew says this will be fine.. but what will suck will be this luxury stuff.. where they get to request one luxury item a day. (Only the haves can enjoy this luxury) Emmett and Peter discuss what they could request. Peter says we probably can’t request an xbox… or can we?! Talla keeps complaining. Andrew says just think about all the people that got evicted. Peter and Emmett talk about what they could request:

Peter reads the luxury rules for the haves: As a special reward the haves will come together as a group and write one luxury on the white board to receive. Talla starts getting mad again. She says that she will take herself into the bedroom to chill by herself so that she can soak in her misery. And then when I come back I will act fake. Talla storms off and tells them to FU*K OFF! (Andrew has a really good attitude about being a servant and a havenot.) Jillian comes out of the diary room and complains about how she is a control freak and does not want to have people do things for me.

In the storage room Emmett tells Jillian that he is going to go easy on Andrew but that he is going to ride Talla hard!

Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 556pm

6:25pm Emmett, Peter and Jillian discuss what luxuries they will request. They talk about getting a game to play so that it will take up hours of their time. They wonder if they can request hockey night in Canada. Peter says I wonder if it starts today.. what would we want if it does? Emmett says maybe something quick and easy like a movie. Andrew comes out of the diary room and asks “Who wants to see my havenot room!” He tells the others that the diary room told him they are in a “grey area” right now but that they will fill them in on what they can and can’t do. Jillian comments that she isn’t really okay with them watching a 10 minute video of Emmett and her kissing .. she says that is something for private time. Andrew says well he also gropes your breasts.

Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 635pm

TALLA FREAKS out AGAIN and Andrew & Her get mad at each other:
6:40pm Andrew goes to his havenot room and asks “What’s on TV boys?!” Andrew then heads back to the kitchen. Jillian tells Talla that she isn’t going to ask her to do anything. (TALLA is in a really bad mood.) Jillian comments on how Talla isn’t talking .. she says that Talla is on strike to get back at big brother. Talla points that it has nothing to do with Jillian but that its because of Andrew. Andrew bets Talla that she can’t be silent for 1 day and if she can he will do everything for everyone for the rest of the 72 hours. He says if you don’t do it you have to massage my feet for the rest of the week. Talla and Andrew shake on it. Not even a minute in Talla starts talking. Talla tells them that she doesn’t feel like she is a part of the group. She says that Emmett hates me. Jillian says no he doesn’t. Andrew reassures Talla that its not up to Emmett to decide anyway .. Even if Emmett voted for you to go and I vote for Peter to go then Jillian decides. Talla asks well how come you don’t want to go up? Andrew says I never said that I wouldn’t go up. Talla says oh okay! Andrew says we are in a strong alliance of four .. Peter is going home. Jillian gets to decide. If I go up there I am a bigger threat because I have won things. Talla starts freaking out. Talla gets mad at Andrew to not get loud. Andrew says so what you are allowed to get loud and I am not?! Andrew tells Talla to GROW UP! Jillian tells Talla that she is tripping out and she doesn’t need to. Talla says I am going to do this and risk this .. to make this easier. Andrew says its Jillian’s decision! Andrew says the only thing that matters is that Peter can’t win the POV. Andrew says or she puts you and I up and one of us four win the POV and Peter goes up. Talla says that she keeps forgetting the fact that all they need to do is make sure Peter doesn’t win the POV. Sorry I am on slop and I forget. Jillian tells Talla that Emmett will not vote against you and I can guarantee that to this second. Andrew tells her now she owes him a foot massage every day. Talla says I have a feeling I am going to win the POV! They talk about how Emmett killed that Havenot competition. Andrew says that motion is one that I can do really well.

7pm Peter and Emmett come out and tell them the rules: The haves aren’t allowed to do anything at all OR THE GET PUNISHED! They can’t even get a glass of water for themselves. Jillian keeps arguing because she knows she won’t be able to remember not to do stuff or to remember not to clean up. Talla asks Andrew if she can get her a drink. Andrew says you can go block yourself! Andrew says that he has a very special show to watch tonight ..its call the snow channel. Jillian gets up to leave and tells them to clean this sh*t up! Andrew says up okay.. and let me know when I can bath you. Andrew says that he is just happy that they didn’t win a car or money… I don’t care that they get a meal or whatever. Meanwhile in the bathroom Emmett and Peter are getting dressed up for their haves dinner tonight.

Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 703pm

Big Brother Canada April 12 2013 705pm

7:15pm Meanwhile up in the HOH room: Jillian talks to Talla about her blow up in the kitchen and how she wants to take Talla to the finals. Jillian and Talla head back down to the kitchen.

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Glitter Wh*re

Jillian is the queen of complaining! She’s about to be waited on hand and foot and pampered with luxury items and she still finds a reason to whine and complain. I can’t stand her! She’s the biggest liar in the house and when she walks around with that smug look on her face it makes me want to scream! Someone (Gary?) needs to knock this Newfie b*tch down a peg or two!


She earned everything she is getting. No cheating. Just smarts. Unfortunate side effects of being at the top are being accused of being the biggest bitch, the biggest liar, the biggest (insert your insult here). Other people refer to it as having blood on your hands. She is dripping blood but that is Big Brother and if you didn’t know that coming in (that 14 other people are aiming at the same prize) and it cannot be achieved through honesty then you best just go home. THAT IS BIG BROTHER.


She is not a newfoundlander…..b*tch maybe but not,as you put it,a newfie.


Talla sounds like she has had a privileged life and had everything her way. Why is she on Big Brother if she objects to having to do things?


I’ve heard them talking about Talla coming from a wealthy family.. not 100% sure though they’ve only hinted at this.. I’ve also heard Jillian saying Talla has had a hard life


let me let you in on a little secret about girls…sometimes…when girls blow up like that its not all about that….my guess from watching her is shes more upset about emmett the slop thing was just icing…girls brew…its how we roll. i dont think shes normally like that shes ALWAYS the one one cleaning and doing things for people…her and jillian seem to do a lot.


Of course Andrew doesn’t have a problem being a servant, he’s basically Emmett and Jillian’s bitch anyways. TeamPeter.


them fighting words around these parts 😉


Always love a biased comment section. Peter is going to win this game. Andrew is a hypocrite. Emmett is good sh!t, but Jillian is a liar that tries to justify her lies to make herself feel better. Talla is….. well Talla is useless. TeamPeter.


LOL don’t worry i’m just joking around there’s a lot of peter fans lurking around. All players have their fans it’s all good and fun.


Telling me it’s all good fun, now them’s fighting words!!!! Really though I love what you guys are doing. Peter’s fans that are ‘lurking’ around, unite and show your love for the best player in the game!! TeamPeter. The SHIELD may be gone but we can still root for the BEST IN THE WOOOOOOOORLD!!!!! TeamPeter.


Thanks, glad you like the spoilers.. please understand I’m only joking around in the comments. When I say “them fighting words” it’s just for fun.

Either way it’s great to hear everyone’s opinions.

Even though losing Alec has hurt Peter’s game I do think it’s intriguing to see him play now without Alec. what do you think?


I know you’re just joking, simon… so am I…. or am I? I think that Alec started to drag Peter down later in the game. He was getting too cocky and that’s something you just don’t do in the BB house. Now Peter has his back against the wall but I’ll never count him out by any means. He’s a savy player and has been since he walked in the house. Peter and Emmett are the only ones that have been playing the game from day one, so I hope one of them wins it. TeamPeter. Peter will win though. TeamPeter.




Jillian is upset because she won’t be able to stick her hands in food lol jk
I get why Jillian is annoyed it’s easier to do things yourself then to get someone else to do it . Especially when the other person is Talla but she shouldn’t be complaining
When does The chosen evicted houseguest come back in ?


Talla has a mild entertainment value, but she does not deserve to be in the final 5. I love hearing her say that Peter hasn’t done anything this entire game when he has been basically running the house up until the last 2 weeks or so. At this point in the game everyone should be trying to get her in the final 2 because she has absolutely not shot at winning. That being said I hope she goes to jury next week….. Andrew this week, can’t stand his holier than though attitude. TeamPeter.


The more I look at Peter, the more I think he would be a perfect match with Amy Farrah Fowler (Big Bang Theory)!!
I am liking Peter abit more now with Alec gone.


AHHHH Alec is catching up Vote AJ !! ! Andrew needs the help 😉


Biased much?


touchy much?


The producers that control the game are biased and you’re complaining about a guy that just gives us spoilers? Get real.
You don’t mind that bias, because the producers are biased for your weak players.


How do you know Alec is catching up, Simon?


I’m just going by the OBB poll


I’m so numb by all these twists i’m just having fun with them all…


Simon, you know how sometimes an innocent typo can give something a completely different, hilarious meaning? Well, what Dawg just typed in at the top of this update, has been creating wacky visions in my mind, for the past hour! He starts with “Jillian, Peter and Emmett are haves.” But Dawg then *meant* to type in, “The haves get served by the havenots for 72 hours.” But, by mistake, Dawg typed in “The haves get severed by the havenots for 72 hours” – not “served.” I have this picture of Jillian, Peter and Emmett’s heads, now unattached to their bodies, all on the floor. Emmett’s head says, “What a waste it was to win today’s comp, and get to be a ‘have’ all week, but not have our mouths be attached to our bodies any more! And how does Production expect me to be able to get just my head up to the HOH room now, so I can go make out with Jillian all night? Production: “That’s why we gave you three two servants this week, Einstein!” Emmett: Oh, that’s right! Thanks, BB! Wait! But then what? Even if Andrew *does* brings both our heads up to HOH, I still have no hands, and both my “huge package” and Jillian’s 32DDs are missing, too! Epic fail, BB!” Peter’s head then says, “Wow! This is “next-level awesome.” I wonder why Vince McMahon hasn’t ever shown this on a WWE Smackdown episode!!!!!” Meanwhile, Jillian’s head is yelling, “Talla, on second thought, I’m not gonna mind having you be at my “beck and call” after all. Can you come now?” Meanwhile, these 3 headless bodies are continually and aimlessly wandering around the BB house, with their two arms in front of them……


Simon, where do you find out which houseguest is in the lead for returning?


I’m going by our poll..


funny how peter is talking a lot more now that alec is gone


feeds are fun tonight. talla and andrew really are entertaining. so are emmett and peter when they actually have a task, i like their smoking jackets. lucky peter, having a sit-down dinner to talk to emmett about getting andrew out before finals. as if everyone is talking about taking talla to finals because she’ll be easy to beat! talla and andrew are in heat, peter too he was saying talla’s english accent was sexy and then talked about dressing up like batman bc it would be “hot” lol


Two serving 3 for 24 hours would be reasonably boring…..72 hours is extreme. The whole concept is demented and childish. Typical BBCan prodction twisted mindset..Making fools out of the HG is …well..what it is.. Making fools out of the viewer becomes more personal….For example did Peter really win the mailbox POV comp?. He’s the only HG that had two letters in his bin. Sure Topaz had one (to make it look legit). But not one of the other 4 ( terrific competitors) found even one between them . ODD….Emmett’s bin looked almost empty.. Plus Peter only won the previous puzzle POV because Alex quit. Shield 2 stopped when he had 4 minutes more to exchange two planks that would have made the correct sequence . I wish the show’s host had asked Alex not why (he quit) but how he knew, at that point, that Peter had the fastest time so far. (I know why and how.) But no one was suppose to know…. Alex maintains he quit to help Peter stay in the game. So he knew. So is it possible Alex also knew he would be returning to the game…..Explains why Peter didn’t use the POV on Topaz… (knew he “Peter” was playing a different game.) Peter says he plans to move to West Vancouver.. Need lots of money to live in that area of Vancouver BC..