Big Brother Canada Gary “You would think the wall would come down now that the d!ck is exposed

POV Holder: Alec Next POV March 23rd
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 25th
HOH Winner: Gary Next HOH: March 21th
Original Nominations: Tom & Liza
Current Nominations: TOm & Liza
Last Evicted Houseguest Aneal
Have Nots Jillian, Emmett, Talla and Alec


12:22AM Tom and Emmett tossing the football around

Gary is in the pool. Tom is being extra nice to Gary.. He heads to bed early leaving Emmett and Gary. Gary: “I talked to Jillian.. it was about me not wanting her out week 2”
Gary goes on to explain that the it was mostly Liza filling her head full of stuff

Alec joins them and starts talking to the camera. Alec: “I will personally give a person in production a hundred dollars if they can do a week on slop.. you can tell us who it was at the wrap party”
Big Brother: “house guests please stop talking about production”
Alec :”It’s not talking about it’s talking to”

Emmett starts saying that the players would be much more active if they were not on slop because all the slop people are too tired.

Emmett starts saying he loves fruit it’s his passion.. “I use to have a candy addiction then I substituted it with Fruit”

Emmett says the only way he’s able to survive is from Jillian’s protein/slop shake concoction. Alec gives it a try and says it’s gross way too sweet.

Suzette joins them. they ask her what is going on in the bedroom.. Suzette: “Same old.. Aj telling stories” You can hear the bedroom from outside..

Suzette asks Emmett how the slop is. Emmett explains that the shakes are alright but they never really fill him up. Suzette jokes if she was on slop she has so much extra body fat she would just consume herself.. Gary laughs like crazy “Suzette is melting away”

Emmett says the most important competition in the house is the havenots. Suzette comments that Emmett is wasting away, ‘Your muscle definition is going away”. Emmett: “My body is breaking itself down” Emmett goes on to explain that if your body doesn’t consume enough calories it starts consuming itself. Suzette gets excited again because she wants to lose a bit of weight, “Ya baby” Emmett smirks “You say that now”
Emmett starts talking about the whey protein that he had purchased for this show and production promised him they would supply it. .

Suzette jokes again about being on slop for 30 days and coming out of the house totally unrecognizable, “Hey whos that new girl in the Big Brother House” (LOL Suzette is getting funny)

Talk moves to past seasons of Big Brother Pandora Boxes

Suzette and Gary say they would open Pandora’s box. Alec says he wouldn’t
Suzette: “What if it’s 20 grand”
Emmett: “20grand.. we get 100 for this they are not going to give us 20 grand”

Emmett says he’s never been to a professional sports game, “Never been to a hockey game, Baseball or Basketball game”


Alec tries the protein power drink that Jillian made for Emmett.. apparently it’s whats keeping him alive. Aj and Tom join them and they start talking about sports.

1:06am Bedroom Tom and Suzette Tom is using the bonding power of Baseball/Hockey talk to get suzette’s vote.. Suzette says she would lovbe it if they had a room full of kittens.. looks like the bedroom crew is heading to bed


1:21AM hot tub room AJ smoking talking to himself about Sports.. Aj starts talking about Cars and what he would do if he won the grand prize. He would give the car to his dad, he would take another year off, he would

AJ: “It’s not a life saver if you think it’s a life changer emmett .. ”


1:48AM HOH Topaz and Gary Gary is worried that he’s getting screwed over by teaming up with Alec but at this point if it can get him to final 4 he’s happy. Gary knows that Alec is lying to him. Gary: “I know this mo*** fu*** is lying to me.. just keep it real” Topaz says that it’s a game so people may not say everything truthfully or may not want it exposed to the watchers. Gary thinks Alec should at least open up to one person in this house, “You have to trust somebody.. right now he’s not opening up to anyone in this house.. not me not peter” Topaz is just accepting that is who he is. Gary: “You would think the wall would come down now that the d!ck is exposed.. know the story behind the D1ck”
Topaz: “I guess i’m over it.. i’m going to trust the guy.. not as much as I trust you” Gary says he’ll trust Alec to. Gary says that Tom is 100% convinced he’s staying.

Gary gives a rundown of players and what he thinks about them.
Aj = whatever
Andrew = being weird
Talla = Crazy ..whatever
Liza = Whatever


1:55Am Sleeping

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AJ doesn’t just refer to himself in the third person, he IS the third person lol Does he always talk to himself like that?

He might be more interesting if he told us about his game plan instead of talking about cars. Man, he’s a weirdo


I don’t mind Gary when he’s just being Gary, but Gary Glitter is exhausting me! That fake task bit (where he intimated there might be food as a reward) was just cruel to the Have-Nots.

I don’t understand what’s going on with this slop. It sounds like it’s a much more inferior slop then the BBUS slop. I was fully expecting to see them cooking with it, as they’ve done in past BBUS’s. I mean, Chef Joe even found a loophole last year that allowed them to have veggies and fruit while on slop. (They can have condiments while on the slop, and as salsa is a condiment, he was making fruit salsa and veggie salsa…and, forgetting to wash his hands. Lol)

But this slop sounds like it’s not even slop…more like what is left over on the floor after they make the BBUS slop.


The slop thing is interesting. You would think production would have gotten a nutritionist or simillar to review slop to make sure it meets the HG’s calorie needs and add a supplemental multi vitamin for example. As for the US BB I always thought slop was basically oatmeal that had been dyed blue with a food dye. 7 days in a row would be boring but oatmeal is easy to eat.
The house gets way to much booze and food and the have nots apparently are being slop which is virtually inedable I believe.


Who thinks slops is stupid?

OK, fun for a week here or there, but…

it would be more fun to have them ALL interacting, arguing about basic foods every week.
Or forced to do quickie livingroom comps – winner gets treats (based on their bios),
or last place has to cook a real meal for all, or MUST deny someone their fav food for a week,
or random draw teams and winners decide groceries for the week or anything like that.

Just about everyone has some sort of “issue” with food – exploit it BB!


It is going to be boring if Thomas and Liza get double evicted. Them plus Gary are the ones that keep us entertained.