Heather- “I’m so fu**ing happy that Rachelle Is going home and it’s not Sabrina .. She’s a b1t*h “

POV Holder: Neda Next POV April 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Adel Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: Sabrina and Rachelle
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-20 19-31-18-455

10:21pm HOH

Heather, Neda and Jon going over last years Finale.
Jon mentions how Adel is very vocal and Aggressive when he’s trying to make his points. Sabrina is crying again.

Adel is with them as well they talk about who gets selected to be on Allstars. Adel mentions if they would have Canadian players Vs American Players. Neda says Robyn Kass told her they would never do that.

Adel leaves. The three of them comment on Adel being a wild card. Jon is worried that Adel is going to start being a cocky a$$ and it will look poorly on them. Heather thinks Canada knows enough about them from this point Adel’s action won’t affect their popularity.

They agree to take out Deli next week. Sounds like they want to put up Adel and Sabrina. Jon says the three of them have a 75 percent chance to win the HOH. Neda points out how Sabrina did a lot better in the Power of Veto Competition.

Heather thinks it was the only challenge she really tried in. She points out how Neda “Schooled” the Gremlins in the POV.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-20 19-35-35-033

10:21pm Hot tub Gremlins
Complaining about Adel.

Rachelle tells her to stop crying because of Adel, says he’s a piece of crap and not worth lying. Rachelle says Adel made up a bunch of lies for his speech.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-20 19-46-16-662

10:45pm HOH Neda and Jon Jon making study aids. Wondering

Heather comes up and joins them. Adel doesn’t think Studying will help him.

Heather- “I’m so fu**ing happy that Rachelle Is going home and it’s not Sabrina .. She’s a b1t*h “

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-20 20-00-10-022

11:00pm Gremlins in the bedroom

Sabrina says the only thing they will show is their showmance. Rachelle “Our showmance is going to be sicK”
Sabrina is constantly saying “I have a stomach ache.. Seriously.. I have a stomach ache”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-20 20-34-38-543

11:27pm HOH Adel, Heather, Jon and Neda
Adel saying Rachelle will not be a psychologist because she sucks at it. Neda points out that Rachelle is only in her 1 or 2nd year of university. They start talking about the jury house. Adel says he doesn’t want to be in the jury house with all the drinking and craziness.

They start talking about when the finale is going to be. Adel mentions that Game of thrones starts 1/2 way through so production probably wants to end this show fast and not compete.

Adel tells them they are the underdogs all season and they are now dominating the game. Adel says he wants Sabrina to go before he can be happy in the game. He points out how they have the best group with the best story line all four of them.

Neda can’t remember what the POV holder is supposed to do during the ceremony. Jon gives her a refresher on how the Ceremony works. Neda – “Do I have to explain why I’m not going to use the veto”
Jon says yes
Neda- “AHHHHH”

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-20 20-59-49-355

12:00AM Kitchen Heather, Neda, Adel and Jon
Talking about the Gremlins Banging POts and pans the other night.

Heather and Neda leave Adel and Jon chat a bit..
Adel says he’s glad Slop is done.
Adel – “Grem’s gotta go.. they gotta go… after that I don’t give a f***”

(Video COming)

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-20 21-06-32-987

12:10AM Everyone getting ready for bed

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-20 21-24-08-172

12:19AM NIght

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-20 22-32-00-121

1:32AM Hot Tub Room Sabrina by herself

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most people that play the big brother game doesnt know when to make that move .. if adel was thiinking he should of nominate JON AND NEDA MAKING SURE THE GREMLINS SEND one of them to jury … jon and neda are power house this was the time for adel to make that move next week he’s sitting duck if he doesnt win veto …. the gremlins would have voted jon out … heath is so silly thinking jon and neda will take her to final 2


Everyone but Jon and Neda seems to be playing for the $20 grand not the $100 grand. Adel’s nominations are just as stupid as Allison not keepin Arlie; and just like Allison, he’ll be sitting in the jury house next week. This show is becoming so boring and predictable. It’s obvious that Jon and Neda will most likely make final two.


What makes Adel such an idiot is that he explained the situation perfectly to Allison before they booted Arlie- that he was the low man on the totem pole and it will be Jon and Neda together and if one of them goes home, Heather will take the place of them and none of the three would bring him forward and the idiot still puts up the gremlins for elimination.


If Adel had nominated anyone, but the Gremlins he would have upset everyone and become target number one in the house and Sabrina could sway them all against him. Now is definitely not the time to ruin his game that way.


When do you think is time then? After two weeks, when he has another chance at becoming and HOH, if he isn’t out of the house yet? At that point there are only 4 players left and only a single person votes to evict. That person is very likely the person who wins the POV. He is the least likely person to win POV.

Had he put Jon and Neda up on the block this week, gremlins would have voted one of the out. They could have worked with him now, making it 3 vs. 2 and 2 vs. 2 for next HOH. But putting them up after 2 weeks have passed, if one of them wins a POV, both stay. This strategy might work for getting to final two, but it’s certainly not a winning strategy.


What you idiots dont know is that Adel heather jon and neda has been friends and close. You see everything from the outside and you think its easy to make a big game move.


now thats funny cuz a week ago everyone was saying how it was so crazy and so good that we couldnt see a clear winner.


Problem is you are not seeing the big picture.

If Adel puts John Neda, he has heather, neda and gremlins all gunning for him next week. If John is left in the game he is aleways a bigger target. At this point anyone but neda will x john so there is no reason for adel to get blood on himself this late like that.

Arlie couldn’t be kept realistically when he already screwed over sabrina and rachelle and allison. He basically invented the other side of the house and built that allience, there was no guarantee he wouldn’t turn again on sabi and rachelle and allison so….And if arlie stayed neda would stll win and then arlie would be gone and it would be allison, sabi, rachelle with jon hoh this week and one of the 3 going home. They wee screwed since andrew and kenny went because they were the only 2 in the alliance who could win comps.

The sad part is we will never know how far the first 5 would have went on its own without canada taking it out. I wish someone in the house like ika or jon would have gone up against them on their own.

adel fan boy

adel is by far the best house guest there every will be and the funniest good job sending the co-found of the gremlins on the walk of shame ahahahahah


Yeah it’s so hilarious seeing a grown ass 28 year old man make a 20 year old girl break down and cry! What a stand up guy Adel is!


she shouldn’t have left her sheltered life then.

Also it is a game douchebag


So how is that a game move, genius? Is it his strategy to piss off the jury members?

Adel’s just a turd, and so are you “Name”.

another name

wow. blame the victim much?
fact: he intentionally provoked a reaction through verbal attack.
fact: it wasn’t required, he already told her she was going on the block.
fact: you are defending his actions by attacking her reaction.
not cool.
he was over the top needlessly. live with it. no one is asking you to hate him. like him for who he is, the good and the bad.
it is a game.
no need to call someone else a douchebag because you don’t agree with his opinion.


He didn’t say anything mean or degrading, he said she’s Sabrina’s shadow, that’s what she is! I couldn’t think of a more polite way of saying it. He didn’t try to make her cry. I don’t even get why she cried. Have you been watching the feeds? Sabrina treats Rachelle like a dog. “Lets go Ro! Here Ro! Follow me Ro! Good girl Ro!” If Rachelles not smart enough to get that Sabrina has her wrapped around her finger, that’s her problem. 20 years old is an adult, if you can’t handle something like that, don’t go on the show. And Rachelle has said some pretty sick things about other guests that Adel would never do.


Agreed. At what point is it ‘disrespectful’ to stand by and let someone else question your culture/religion. I’m glad he managed to force that ongoing argument into something which had to make the tv edit.
But really, did you watch Rachelle’s reaction to his speech? She had no idea how to react. At the end her eyes dart back and forth, side to side, she giggles, looking for a cue, and then (I’m assuming from the couches, when she sees Sabrina) THAT is when she cried. She didn’t seem to have heard anything he said-like she didn’t take in all the other times people have explained to her how badly Sabrina treats her ie Sarah
Adel did not tell Rachelle anything she hadn’t been told before, he just had an angrier face (bad game move)

Russ from Van

At 5:00 of the first video at the top:

Neda: (after 7 seasons) “people might not remember the Sheyld”.

Lets hope so!

I think after 2 or 3 seasons, those guys will be about as relevant as Chicken George from BBUS1 or Kent from BBUS2. Good ridance.


Kent was never relevant. Maybe you mean Bunky? Since he still shows up to BBUS wrap parties ect…

Russ from Van

In my opinion, Bunky’s hairy physique will carry stronger legacy than anything those two clowns had ever did in their time in the house.


It’s coming down to the wire and the best thing is to break up the nasty Grems!


I think Sabrina should go home, because the only reason why rachelle is ” just like sabs” is because sabs is still in the house, then rachelle would be forced to work with the sloppy seconds


I just can’t see any scenario that Neda would be voted off at this point. She’s a shoo-in for final three unless Sabrina wins next week. And that if Sabrina puts up Neda and Jon, and does not put up Heather next to her in case Jon wins veto. With that Adel could then team up with Sabrina to get Neda out but I don’t really see that coming.

Adel really screwed this week by not getting Neda, Jon or Heather out.


If they arent careful.irrelevant Heather as she was referred to for whole first part of the game is gonna sneak up and snatch the winners spot..has no one noticed how differently they are stylizing her especially lately? She is a completely different girl then even three wks ago…and would never have said the F word….Allison was ten times more fun and funnier then Heather and shoulda stayed. The only thing that could give this show.some.heart back would be a new player and its abit late for that. I cannot believe that we have a HOH who CHOSE to NOT read questions and just keep switching pictures until he mytsteriously got.it right before anyone else. Like the first HOH of the season where u could not see another HG trying to get their door open in the shot where he broke through door and ALL of them were there ( obviously a reshoot) when he broke through there was no one in site…tonights show.was careful to show everyone seperate….anything could have been done but they should have at least made him pretend to read queations it was far too unbelievable. And what the offensive speech at nom’s was about who knows…sooooo unnecessary try to show some class Big Bro Canada! We want to love you but your makin it hard right now!


I specifically remember Arisa saying “you must read the questions”. Apparently that instruction didn’t apply to Deli.


This whole cast was like a bunch of movie extras in a slasher film; waiting to get picked off one by one. They run upstairs when they should run out the back door. Everyone knows that’s gonna happen; it’s just a matter of when and how.

It’s so disappointing how dumb this cast is. I guess Canada doesn’t have the best talent pool to draw from; but does that mean it’s only gonna get dumber from here?


I sooo agree!
Like last season it almost seemed as though ppl came in the house just for the fun of it and even eliminated the first person who attempted to play the game and
strategize with the HOH!! What is that?!
And this year OK they came in a little more gutsy but still they do no play to win ! most of the time they are so nice and try to break the tension with
bonding!- Who does that on BB final 7???
The Shield weren’t that good anyway seriously you guys..


This season of bb canada and the past season of bb us have been the worst season of the history
I want to see a new Rachel Reilly ,a Jillian ,a janelle,a dr. Will . Not a Andy (neda) , a mccrae(Jon) they are SICK OF POWER ;and people that only sleep poop and are in the house (heather,Rachelle and Allison)
I am only happy for adel and Elissa they are the best humans in these seasons????


I found this pretty funny

you made a point about these HGs not playing good games like Dr. Will or Janelle or Rachel Reilly (and you’re right, none of BBCan 2 people played as interestingly asthese guys) BUT……. you then try to end it off with saying Elissa was good? not from a BB stand point she wasn’t


I never say she was a good player she was a regular player but is a very nice girl and that’s why a lot of people can’t handle she


Elissa was terribileee
she would have gone home week 1 if not for the help she got week after week from America..


Neda is far from being an Andy, Adel is actually more of an Andy because he floats from who has the power (as he did last week). Neda is actually more of a dan and dr will. This season is just bad for you because the power hasn’t shifted from one side but it is because the “underdog” (gremlins) didn’t took the chance to take a hit on Joneda by saving Arlie.


I really don’t like Neda!! But at least she’s playing the game. I just get the feeling she is not a good person so that just kinda turns me off///:


i know people tired hearing this but thats why i wanted arlie to stay over adel …. arlie would have made a big move and nominate jon and neda .. i know the gremlins have so many regrets keeping adel ….. anyway still team adel until he gets voted out … adel just give neda and jon the game .. i hate sounding like a broken record this was adel time to make that move … even if adel had made it to final 2 he could of said he took out big jon one of the biggest threat in the game … only thing i could wish for next week is adel or sabrina winning veto forcing one of these 3 stoogies to go against each other so heather can be nominated and know she is at the bottom ……


Oh Adel what a waste of your HOH. Good job taking out the big bad gremlins. Don’t even bother focusing on Neda and Jon, the two people who are controlling this game right now. You’re the man bud.

And what the hell is it with BB letting them go to bed?? We have been without live feeds all weekend and they are allowed to go to bed?? Good job BB.

team adel

Let me tell u what’s going to happen, Rochelle gone this weak, Sabrina next week, and then Heather and Adel vs Jon and Neda. Adel or Heather will take out Jon, then I dunno what will happen after that. But adel is safe for another week, and also adel probably had the best speech, he literally took the words out of my mouth, and probably everyone’s all over Canada. Not a wasted Hoh in my honest opinion


I actually think if Neda or for that matter Jon gets next HOH, Adel is a goner…….seeing how Neda plays, she always go after people before they had the chance to come after her and Jon….


Neda is carrying the Jon/Neda team right now.


I think the Gremlins should be called the Germlins!

Russ from Van

At 5:00 of the Adel and Jon video at the bottom:

Adel to Jon: “I can see you hosting the after show next year”.

I would definitely push for that!

Jon and Arlie would make a wicked duo! Gary is kind of annoying, and I think Peter is just a try hard jackass who pushed too hard to market himself, without very much substance to back it up. I love Kyle, but I’ve heard him in interviews and he rambles a bit. If he polished himself off a bit, I think he’s a guy people would love to see and hear on a weekly basis. Adel is likeable and has great energy, but I don’t find him to be articulate enough with his grasp of English. He’s admittedly said he was weak in English.

I’m definitely all for new Side Show hosts for next year!


Arlie’s the man for the job. Jon doesn’t know the first thing about BB.


Neda could be a good too because she understands the game, but she doesn’t have a lot of charisma. this is where Allison might actually shine. Canada likes her enough to vote her into the house. Canada might hate her after her misplayed season though.


Allison would never make that pie in the sky list. After this season is over, most Canadians will not see her again.


I can’t stand Adel. Don’t get the guys popularity. He’s a phony hypocrite who can’t make a good game move. There are only so many weeks left and instead of putting up Jon and Neda when he has the chance, he puts up the Gremlins?…..who does he think will go up next week now? Hopefully his wasted HOH this week sends him home next. And I would actually enjoy Sabrina getting the next HOH.


Of course he’s next. That’s how it works now. You vote with the house, make a terrible mistake, and then you’re next to go. He’s gonna feel just as stupid as Allison and the gremlins do.


In the last video Adel flushed the toilet 5 times to throw away a tissue each time. Throw it the tissue in the garbage bud!!!!! Less water wasted


While I agree with you, compared to the other HGs, I can’t fault Adel’s hygiene!


At least he USES tissues lol

i think adel made a good move for Adel. After all he thinks he is in a F4 alliance with the others. They want to keep him as a target anyway, so if Sabs wins HOH, sabs is not going to specifically put up Joneda, she is going to want Adel out and 2nd to that Heather. JoNeda will be more than willing to work with her so she can get her revenge on both of them for being so ‘mean’ to Rachelle.


Is it just me or are is anyone else wishing the HoH comps become more interesting.? Like the comp for bb15 when the jury members had a chance to come back in the game


Hell ya on making the comps more interesting its been a snoozefest except for the movie one which i cant even recall the name of now it seems like last yr ho hum!


Words cannot explain how disappointing these HOH competitions are this year. Besides the divergent one, the rest have been so BLAH. If they have one more true/false buzzer type questions………I cant deal. Even last year’s HOH/veto competitions were better.


you are right about the comps. How many times are they going to reuse that step up step down, and why was it used more than once?

Russ from Van

To Simon and Dawg: what happened to my previous comment?? About Jon hosting the Side Show?


I see your comment up there 😉


I know what am I about to say may sound sarcastic but it’s not . Imo neda /jon/adel/heather they’ve got a very strong connection or friendships whatever you call and that’s their true strategy ..loveing it


Adel the coward he’s so scared of jon


Jon and Neda are really just cruising to final 2. MIght as welll hand them the money now. I really hope Heather wakes up and realizes Jon/Neda are unbreakable and Neda will not take her to final 2.


i don’t think winning the last few HOHs and POVs is ‘cruising’. If by winning those in order to secure their own safety is cruising, then yes, absolutely cruising lol.


I know bb is manipulated but BBCanada is really manipulating it so Jon/Neda will win the game why havent given Heather any special tasks or challenges that would help her game.


As a game perspective obviously Adel should’ve nominated Neda and Jon and teamed up with Rachelle and Sabrina (could’ve even swayed Heather maybe) but honestly it is kinda nice seeing the group of people you’ve liked/ been rooting for all season staying together – even if it’s inevitably breaking apart soon. Kinda reminds me of the Sovereign Six alliance from BB6 – very well liked and didn’t turn on each other (well for the most part lol).


Lets all be honest. Adel won that HOH on pure LUCK. He is a nice enough guy but had no strategy and he just didn’t have the balls to put up Jon/Neda. Kind of a waste of an HOH but its Deli so whatever.
At this point the game will be too predictable and I expect Jon/Neda in the end or Neda/Heather. The only thing that might change is if Sabrina rises out of the ashes next week and she wins an HOH an decides to put up Jon/Neda. Otherwise its a wrap.


I know what I’m about to say May be about the person above me and it is. Work on your English.. Hating it


Haha I can’t wait until Sabrina is forced to vote for someone she hates. She is the type of person who never lets things go and totally doesnt understand the concept of being in a GAME. She’s insufferable and I cringe watching her, can’t wait until she’s finally gone which is way overdue!


So why are you on here leaving a comment then?! Smh.


Sorry comment above is actually meant for comment below

Former Fan

Can’t even watch this crap show anymore, what a waste of air waves !


The fact that Sabrina wants to ruin Jon’s reputation and bad mouth him on Facebook after the show shows just how mean spirited she is, it’s not even about game, she’s just being mean. I felt really bad for her and Rachelle because of Adel’s speech which was so so rude and unnecessary, but to be honest a lot of what Sabrina says is just as rude and crosses the line from being game to being flat out mean and offensive. Is it really necessary to ruin someone’s image after the show is done with?

mark anthony

sabrina said arlie had to go because she wasn’t gonna end up getting camera time. what an idiot.


Did anybody else start laughing at Adel’s nomination speech tonight, oh my i love Adel so much.

name says

Yeah and the part when Richelle started crying. LOL


Awwh come on guys I actually felt so sorry for Rachelle. Sabrina I understand but Rachelle seemed so distraught it made me uncomfortable. Besides its a bad move for adel, these people are going to jury!! I think Heather is doing the best job with jury management


Didn’t laugh, first time I thought Adel needs to go with treating two women like that using his religion.


I for one was hoping and happy last week when I thought Allison had finally started playing the game and would stick with Arlie and the Grelmins to have the numbers. When both her and the Grelims went to stick with the status quo I lost all hope in this game. Now it’s just a matter of how many Jury members that Jon and Neda have pissed off and who gets the 100K. Sheez even the first season of BB Canada knew enough to not let a couple get to the end but this group is clueless….


BTW use to not think much about Adel but with his religous comments tonight and attacking both the girls it reminds me how Islam degrades women and believes they are subservient to the Men. In fact a man has the right to have sex with his wife at any time as long as he demands it and the wife has no choice to say no….. Adel, you just lost not only myself but I bet a lot of people who thought you were just hanging on to the end with attacking them like that.

another name

not to be the wet blanket on the lovefest…. but remember, each of the fabulous four have already made multiple deals amongst themselves to stab each other in the back. I have no doubt that they are friends. but the entire ‘they won’t care who wins, because they genuinely like each other’ stuff is wishful thinking. they all want the first prize.
the fact that they are playing to the Canada jury vote, is a great tactic. but attacking the other jurors on their way out the door… who came up with that idea? you’ve got to have a tie for the Canada vote to apply (gee, like production isn’t already working toward that goal to make this season of secrets into the true season of fixes, but I digress).
the idea that is proposed tonight that the sloppies have been the underdogs ALL season and should therefore be lauded as heroes by Canada…. they haven’t been the underdogs in weeks. fact. their behavior has not been any better since gaining power than the last regime. fact. go ahead. hate. doesn’t make a fact fiction. given that it was the viewers that saved their asses in the first place, I think the viewers have given them enough and shouldn’t have to suspend disbelief anymore. they were saved from being underdogs by the viewers. to depend on being seen as underdogs after that is insulting to the collective intelligence.
not saying people shouldn’t be a fan of neda or jon or heather or adel. that’s not my point. I’m questioning some of the things i’m seeing.


Random but I really want one of those plaid jackets the houseguests always wear in the hot tub area!


Prediction for f5 jon wins hoh puts up sabrina and adel, heather wins pov takes down adel, jon has no choice but to put neda on the block , adel and heather vote neda out….. thats whats going to happen….


continue f4 heather wins hoh puts up adel and jon , adel wins pov and evicts jon..


For me, BBCAN2 is over for me and do not really care who ends up winning.


my f3 is sabrina adel and heather… adel wins part 1 hoh, heather wins part 2 hoh , heather vs adel part 3 heather wins this part heather evicts sabrina… final 2 is adel vs heather…


It’s obvious Adel likes to bully women, thats what they do where he comes from, the little wimp doesn’t have the balls to stand up to the men
in the house. What a loser.


The best part of tonight’s episode was how offended Sabrina got because team JHAN lied to her face and played her then Neda pointing out that it was no different than what she did to everyone that the 1st5 targeted. 🙂

I may have missed this happening in previous BB seasons but the HOH flat out lying to everyone during their nomination speeches is new to me (both Neda and Adel did it). This may indeed turn into a new strategy in seasons to come.


Sabrina says: if you know the way you are talking is not okay then you should either fix that or don’t talk in the moment you are angry.

Hmmmmm….. You mean kinda like you talking to the camera hoping that Jon’s girlfriend is watching while saying that Jon got a yeast infection from Neda’s vagina???

Remove the plank in your eye Sabs!!!


Just about time for BBCAN to interfere again. This 4 and two affair is going to get boring real soon.

little mouse

loved Adel’s speech. Some people think it was too harsh because he made rachelle cry…please…he told her the truth she is sabrina’s shadow. if that made her cry she should never have signed up for the show.


Adel is a fucking loser…his nomination speech was just too much and he just guessed through the HOH comp so he did not really deserve it. He may be a good person but he is probably the most clueless player in bb history…


Any possibility of a Jon/Adel final 2???????? That’d be kind of cool.


Adel cheated hoh


It would be great if one of the Gremlins one POV. Adele backdooors Jon or Neda. Its just wishful thinking, It would, make the game more interesting. Also if its bitter jury, Heather most likely has the votes.


I can’t believe I am wasting my time writing about Sabrina, but here it is…it’s a f*cking GAME, get used to it, you should have known it when you signed up you “superfan” don’t give the deer in the headlights look when you get nominated and constant blubbering about aspects of the game that aren’t “fair” (lying, twists, back-stabbing etc) Her going off on Adel is hilarious…had things gone according to “plan” they would have been doing the same thing to the other side!! (Gremlins told Jon and Neda they would NOT put them up…Ro even said as much for the REST OF THE GAME!) Que video of the Gremlins dancing like idiots when they “had two Final 2 deals” uggh…I couldn’t agree more with the ending of the show last night with Sabrina crying “I am sooo stupid!” #yup

PS: they would have been crying the same tune with Arlie staying…he was just saying anything to stay and would have turned on the Gremlins in a second if it improved his game…wait, what…it’s a GAME?!?

I want in the BBC3 house next year!


RE: Adel HOH comp…I think that was a production error because it wasn’t that hard to figure out quickly that if your ball didn’t come out, you could still at least ‘figure out’ where it was stuck and by process of elimination figure it out and win, as Adel did…without worrying about wasting time “answering’ the riddle


This game is so manipulated by producers that it isn’t even fun to watch anymore.


Wow… How boring is this season? Is it just me or are the competitions easier?


This game is sp manipulated by production that it is no longer fun to watch. Adel has no resect for women and should be ashamed.


Adel was neverrr nice he was just supressing his inner asshole he’s really an Evil Bastard & his hatred for sabrina is borderline disturbing…Allison & gremlins should of got rid of Adel not Arlie~that was the biggest mistake of the season!!!!! Sabrinas toooo much in this game with her heart & emotions thats her downfall & rachelle is her shadow…I didnt like half the twists, Canada should not of ever been HoH & Allison coming in two weeks later was a HUGE disadvantage for her cuz nobodyyy trusted her from the Start to the End….Adel is a madhadder i hope a gremlin wins veto just so Rachelle can get saved then those sloppy seconds can put Adel up cuz they willll & Adel will be gone & not Sabrina & That will be Adels Karma he willllll be sooooooo madddddd to be leaving the game as he watches Sabs Get the votesss


I dont even wanna watch It while Adel’s HOH his voice is disturbing hes evillll….