Neda in the War Room, “I don’t really care what I promised because I hate them””

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 21st
HOH Winner: Neda Next HOH: April 24th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

(I’m told feeds are down starting tomorrow morning until Sunday’s show. We’ll still be watching the feeds round the clock to catch any leaks. Rumor has it this there is a double eviction this weekend as well.. Holy F*** )

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-17 19-05-20-948

10:06pm Feeds come back and Neda is in the war room

She listens in at the door while watching the war room feeds.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-17 19-08-50-775

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-17 19-04-31-088

10:00pm Hot Tub Gremlins

Rachelle – “I’m so scared.. do you think they will put up adel at least”
Sabrina – “I have no idea”
Rachelle – “Or me and you again”

Rachelle Says if they do that she is going to tell NEda they are not friends outside this house because they told them they were together, “I can see Neda doing it more than Jon”

Sabrina agrees.

Sabrina says she talked to jon and he doesn’t think they are going to go up, She doesn’t believe him though Sabrain doesn’t see Neda putting up Adel and Heather.

10:10pm Everyone but Neda wondering where she is.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-17 19-28-51-760

10:27pm Gremlins Bathroom
Rachelle – “They better not f** us.. Maybe she won’t”
Sabrina – “Maybe she will”
They hope that people in here will keep their word.
Sabrina says tomorrow they will talk to Neda, “Whatever it is what it is”
Sabrina – “Adel is going to go back to sucking up ”

They decide to head back to the gremlin cave (Hot tub) Sabrina tells her not to get too stressed out. Sabrain doesn’t think Heather and Neda have a final 2 anymore she thinks the final two is Neda and Jon. Rachelle disagrees.

Big-Brother-Canada-2- 2014-04-17 19-32-35-287

10:30pm WAR ROOM NEda saying that it’s obvious the gremlins are pissed and extremely scared right now.
neda thinks the Gremlins have gone and talked to Jon asking him if they are going up. He told them it’s Neda’s decision and now they are pissed and angry. Neda – “I did promise I wouldn’t put them up.. I don’t really care what I promised because I hate them”

Neda – “That is what I’m getting from this”

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lol…Neda is glued to the monitors…watching Allison prance around shaking her ass in front of Jon…she doesn’t look to happy about it. This is so funny…if she wasn’t going up before, she most likely is now…


She’s going up but not for any of the reasons you mentioned.


The Gremlins and Allison are screwed, one of them is out next eviction. It was not a smart move to get rid of Arlie, they’ll regret it sooner rather than later. I hope Allison goes, she’s the one that refused to help the Gremlins keep Arlie. Allison wanted revenge for Andrew, but she screwed her game in the process. This is what you get when you play the game emotionally and not strategically. Nonetheless, I believe Neda will target Sabrina, with Allison as plan B.


That’s not true! Allison was on board! It was Sabs that decided not to keep Arlie because he was stealing the show they thought! So she didn’t get any “thunder”


She was on board until her F4 with Jon/Neda/Heather.


I have been saying that all week—i am glad it will happen — cant wait! They were dumb not to keep him when he was 100-doe going for jon!


I am not sure how getting Arlie out avenges Andrew. If that was true desire of hers she would have sided with Arlie.


there is no POV. It is a instant eviction. I think neda will be staying there until the ceremony due to jemmitt coming in. there isn’t any feeds tomorrow until sunday night so we won’t know what is going on until then.


Great comment as well as some of the responses to your post as well. I think there are/were several elements including your points at work. Definitely moron Allison bit hard on the F4 with Joneda and Heather. Pure stupidity to be a backdoor target then believe that trash 3 days later. I think Sabby let it go because she blamed Arlie for breaking 1/5 and Allison certainly saw Arlies jump as screwing Andrew all points valid. Also the person who mentioned a long time rule of good BB game play about not playing with emotion made a good observation.

Well here goes looking forward. Neda likely not putting Deli in the nom mix as I had thought on a previous thread in my comments. Guess playing on all sides and F3/F4 deals every where is over. A little early IMO. She appears to be firing both barrels at the gremlins 3. I think Allison is definitely in the eviction mix perhaps backdoor. If the feeds do go down it’s going to suck. I figure rather than game it’s Easter and production is giving staff time off and save money. 😛 As for game I still think there is a chance for a big shake up.

I know I should likely stop beating a dead horse but I still see her turning on Jon. The little we are seeing sure doesn’t look like I’m right. At this rate Heather and Joneda is the F3 deal that’s sealed in blood atm. 2 Gremlins up the 3rd as renom. That would mean Roro and Allison up if either wins POV up goes Sabby from a comp strategy stand point. There is a great line from a movie in the 70’s. They shot horses don’t they? I think I’m about to get my horse Sabby euthanized. Bad year to be betting on BB.

The season looks like it’s going completely in the crapper with Jon winning the next HOH likely. Snooze fest here we come!


i can see her and he going to F3, and if it is up to her, evicting him at the end. I prefer someone with a little more loyalty, to take that person you’ve counted on and been counted on by right to F2, but i assume production prefers a backstabber.


Arlie did not flip until post Andrew eviction. His flip was during the next eviction…Kenny target, Sarah evicted.


Arlie switched sides after Canada put Andrew & Sabrina on the block. He did not want to be perceived to be in an alliance with the two houseguests Canada liked the least. I think he would have stayed in the F5 for several more evictions if Canada had not turned the game on its head.


What they all made the mistake about was that Canada wanted Andrew and Sabrina on the block because they didn’t like the First Five, when in fact it was just Andrew and Sabrina, as people, they didn’t like. Not so much the alliance. That assumption ruined their games.


Dave290, you are incorrect. Arlie intended to remain hidden, appear as still on the 1/5 team until his chat with Kenny. That was during the Kenny nomination, Sarah replacement nominee. Sarah’s glee with Kenny winning the POV affirmed in Arlie’s mind that he could not rely on her and move forward with Sarah within Arlie’s plan B. His decision to expose himself prompted the formation of the sloppy seconds. Andrew was gone.


I agree Joneda & Heather F3 and Sabrina & Rachelle F2 are cemented. I think all F4’s are fake and used for strategy only. I think Neda’s F2 is fluid for example right now its Heather but if Heather goes on a run of great game play she would take the player she considers weaker even Jon.


Lol, just anther dumb move by Sabrina, rachelle, and Allison! Their all horrible players. They’ll regret not keeping Arlie. Please get rid of Sabrina once and for all!!!


Agree–dumb move not keeping Arlie for the gremlins and especially allie! Ur wronng about neda turning on jon–she won’t do that until final 4! (so u can’t say it’s turning on him then!)


Not keeping Arlie was the most stupid decision they’ve made to date. No doubt he would have targeted them eventually, to him, game wise, they are just pawns, but he would have been gunning for Jon and Neda first. Would have bought them at least a week more, if nothing else. What they did was buy themselves an immediate first class ticket to the Jury House.

just an opinion

The only good keeping Arlie, would be for Arlie’s own game. How would that benefit anyone else. Arlie is too selfish to help anyone else. That is the game, true. But why and how does anyone state getting rid of Arlie is something they’ll regret. Only Arlie and Arlie’s fans and family regret this. He is gone. Get used to it.


If Arlie had to go and Neda had to become HOH, the only thing better than her screwing over Allison and the gremlins this week is watching this…I thought I would have to put Neda on ignore, because I wouldn’t be able to deal with her huge ego and smugness. But having her stuck in a room, watching everyone get along without her and not be able to hold court over them is so satisfying…

Maybe production decided that they needed to put her on ignore as well…and this was the best way to do it…


Let me reword that…maybe production thought a lot of people would want to put her on ignore for this HOH…unless they did this…


I think she is actually really well liked and a fan fave.


Well, she’s certainly not MY favourite.


It is probable that had Arlie remained, Neda would not have won HOH. But who’s to say. Adel’s plan to keep Arlie up all night would have definitely dulled Arlie’s mental sharpness for that HOH comp.


Maybe Neda stays in the war room and nominates for instant eviction.


This instant eviction is going to be so funny…

First: I can’t wait to see Allison’s face when Neda instantly evicts her. (And she was so scared that Arlie was going to make a fool out of her.)

Second: I can’t wait to see Arlie’s face when Allison walks into jury this weekend and he laughs at her…especially after her ridiculous good-bye message.

Third: I can’t wait til Neda realizes that her entire HOH was spent stuck in that room and she gets screwed out of having it all about her for the whole week…yet again…


That would be great, but it all depends if Neda will know it’s an instant before she does the nominations. I don’t think she would put Allison up straight away, if she thinks there will be POV competition.


I don’t think Neda will care if her HOH reign is short if she achieves her goal for this eviction. She is presently in full on game mode and might relish the prospect of not having the long week where people can do a lot of gaming and potentially mess up her plans.


she needs to be REAL CAREFUL about not talking outloud about all this, don’t pull a Topaz or Ika in other words. she isn’t new to this, she should know to keep her mouth shut except in a vague way, and maybe to make herself look really conflicted and sad about what she has to do, lol


It is officially an instant eviction. Slice has it posted. Allison is dunzo


Poor Allison got screwed over by a number lol…. Shoulda kept Arlie!


Always go low.


A true Superfan knows how to play it.

Allison’s number was a complete amateur move.


officially, gremlins got bad game


this may be a dumb question but how did she end up in the war room? im still waiting for the episode to be uploaded on slice to watch tonights episode.


On the side show Arisa, Gary, and Peter showed us a sneak peak clip where after Neda won HOH, she was called to the diary room and Adel said you are getting your HOH room fast, and Jon said no this is weird and then we see her enter in the back door not the red door in the house, and she was blindfolded.

That’s all we saw on the side show.


Isn’t to talk to Emmett and Jillian?


Maybe the next HOH after Neda’s instant eviction gets the strategy session

another name

I wonder if they used the same blindfold to move neda that gary used to do his makeup for tonight’s sideshow….. ‘cus imo that was ALL kinds of messed up.


LOVE Gary, he’s great!. ………. H A T E D tonight’s “look”. H A T E D ! ! ! IT. What WAS he thinking???


A shout out to the cat people maybe?


Did I miss the side show interview with Arlie, or was there not one? Was it just because he is a jury member and they didn’t want to let him in on what\s going on, or is there a twist and Arlie may possibly end up back in the house?

Delilah Jones

Arlie was not on the side show because he is now a member of Jury.

Hypno Toad

After the HoH comp, BB called Neda into the DR where they blindfolded her and took her out a side door and walked her into the WR


I swear to god I knew it this will happen so glad she can watch /decide especially since it will be double eviction.i assume there are more surprises coming on her way for neda


i want to like Neda but she is nothing short of a smug, arrogant bitch! All one needs for proof is her goodbye messages, all of them cold, rude, unnecessary, what a disappointing turn off…this is the person we are supposed to root for, and look at her personality! Those messages are for the hg’s who are potentially evicted so there is no reason to be behave like that.

Even in her bio before the show began, she said she was blunt and spoke her mind, to me that basically translates to i’m a huge asshole”! Look back even in the last couple of episodes you can see it, e.g. the beer episode, and the goodbye messages starting from Anick. Girl is void of any emotion, hope that is really not her personality in real life, her jon and adel have been the underdogs for most of the game, so it would be a huge let down if she wins with her nasty attitude


Goodbye messages are important once Jury starts. I hope she keeps up her arrogant slicing comments. It will serve her well.


Allison suspects/knows where Neda is.


And likewise, I bet Neda suspects/knows that Allison has also been there. But neither can say anything.


if allison keeps up her ‘she’s in the walls’ etc comments, she may find herself instantly evicted.


if she was a guy, this wouldn’t even be a topic brought up. She is a Dr. Will or Boogie style houseguest, and no one complains about their attitude and diary dialogues lol.

She is a very serious game player, she is paranoid and thinking 3 steps ahead at all times. She is not being dragged along like jillian was by emmett, nor is she relying solely on physicals to get herself ahead or win things.

scrap of decency

OMG Sunnydee thank you for pointing out the obvious!! Your comment just nailed it. I’m so glad people are starting to realize that Neda (like her or not) is just a bad a** game player. She never claimed to be a sweet girl and she doesn’t have to, this girl got game. Plus, one can tell she’s a decent person in real life. Yes she makes sharp and ironic comments, I find it sarcastic and entertaining. She can also take a joke and laugh about herself and unlike others she doesn’t claim to be holier than thou. I hope people will stop expecting her to behave differently and just give her credit for her game play. First female BB Player in a long time who did not make the typical girls mistakes in the game. Been waiting for such a female player to root for, thank you Neda! “Forget your b*lls and grow a pair of t*ts, it’s hard out here for a b*tch…” 😉


Exactly! Everything is right on point. Thank you for this comment.

Dee Dee

Sunnydee I wish I could click on thumbs up 10 more times. Confident,effective woman = Arrogant Bitch still IN 2014. Dr Will, Boogie, Jeff Shroeder or even Adel never get that kind of criticism.


You guys it is a double eviction this week! Go to and click on play along. It says it is a double eviction week!


I meant instant eviction.

So does that mean Neda gets to evict 2 players???

another name

no, it usually means hoh makes 2 nominations. no pov. immediate vote. in this case for sunday i’m guessing. then a new hoh competition. and neda doesn’t get to play. new hoh nominates, then pov, then vote.


I think the second HOH will be Sunday but the vote won’t be til the Thursday as per usual. They are just doing two short weeks in 1 week.

another name

my intent was to say instant means no pov, instant vote. then immediate new hoh comp with back to normal for the rest of the week. I didn’t intend to say they would do all of the comps on sunday.


I just want to say I am SO GLAD Allison didn’t win that and make a trip to the War Room for the 3rd frickin time!!!

Glad it’s someone new is discovering the room. Otherwise, I feel like that entire aspect of the game is wasted.

Chuck the mugger

The sneak peek was on the Side Show, she was called into the DR and production blindfolded her and took her to the war room. There will be an instant eviction on Sunday and no veto played. Looking like Neda will have to glean all her info from the war room feeds to make her decision alone, and who knows if they will Topaz her or not!! Shit got REAL tonight!! I was at the live show.


Do you think Neda was told not to make a sound …. ya think she would be talking out loud and giving us some sort of hints what she is doing in there and how long . I know Arlie or Adel couldnt stay quiet for more than a couple minutes .


The gremlin cave…lol


i think production told them that neda will be on 24 hrs vacation? but from convo on the living room jon and allison believe neda is around the house somewhere and probably watching them… i firmly believe allison knows neda is in the war room just by the way she is acting… jon might have been clued in by dr about where neda is?


If Allison can’t figure out this was the reason they did not want her to tell the other houseguests about the secret room, then she’s pretty dumb and she deserves to go.


Allison suspects where Neda is.


Put up Allison and Rachelle. If one of them wins the veto, Sab as replacement.

Neda – Either spends a night or two watching feeds in the war room or it’s Pandora’s box.

hey girl hey

lOOKS LIKE IT’S going to be a instant on the slice website when you lock in your picks to leave it says instantly evicted and their no one to pick for Pov bye-bye Rachelle or Allison


Allison is soo stupid, She thinks that getting Arlie out helped Avenge Andrew, even though Andrew specifically told her to stick with Arlie. Now she and the Gremlins are screwed in this game cause they trusted the absolute wrong people and now they’re gone this week. Give me a fricking break…


The gremlins are gonna be out workin’ at ‘The Brick’ selling hot tubs very soon.


Oh great! Another one to add to Sabs job list


Worse… Remember the old Danny DeVito and Arnold S. movie “TWINS” about the two guys who were separated at birth?
I can picture Sobs & RoRo in Hollywood filming a rewrite remake version of it, but having it be 21st Century in its humor!!!


I feel that Neda’s best move is Allison and Adel and then if allison wins the veto put one of the gremlins up. Either way they have the control on who will go, with Jon and Heather voting and Neda the decider in case of a tie. Allison using the veto on Sabrina and then not voting to keep Arlie completely screwed her game. Has she kept Arlie she could gain at least one more week of safety.

I actually love the edit of tonight’s episode, they finally show how ruthless, smart and feisty Neda is. She could gain fans and haters alike but at least she’s not as invisible as how she was portrayed during the early episodes.

Is it just me but I can almost see Neda-Heather-Jon winning the next HOHs back to back. It’s just funny that whenever Neda wins the HOH, she was not given the HOH room. :))


No POV in an instant eviction. Neda doesn’t know it’s an instant so it could be interesting.



Neda could put up Sabby and Ro with the intention of backdooring Allison. Instant eviction no POV thus no veto or renom. Allison the moron could actually end up safe. I’d laugh my azz off either way. If Allison’s up I truely think she goes home even versus Roro or Sabby. Though a 2-2 vote Neda decides then maybe Sabby goes to jury.

Allison- RoRo
Sabby- Adel, Heather, & Jon

Sabby- Heather, Jon, Adel
RoRo- Allison

Allison- Sabby, Heather, Jon, Adel

Sure looks like Sabby up and she is gone. If I remember instant evictions the HG’s cannot talk to each other before voting. If Neda stays isolated which appears to be productions goal. The noms get made in a vacuum as does the voting. Adel becomes a wild card if no one tells him to whip his butt he would know to do it in the BB house. He is clueless on the game. I see Roro as safe If Adel votes with RoRo against Allison versus Sabby 2-2 Neda may get to decide it. Imagine if Neda put up Adel versus RoRo with the intent to back door one of the other 2 only to get an instant and both Sabby and Allison escape. I’m not betting on that myself.


i think neda recognizes the signs of an instant eviction set up, and the timing is right. Topaz got isolated and it was instant, and now neda got isolated. apparently Jemmett is no longer coming in for HOH advice, but going to see the POV winner in an upcoming POV comp. that won’t be now. She would be a fool to put up Adel, and bigger if she doesn’t put up Allison with a gremlin. The other gremlin will vote out allsion, and she is guarantee to get out allison. She will still look like a good guy to her fake F4 with Sabs and Rach, and a good guy to F4 with Heather/adel.

that is the best move. What wasn’t going to work for her was a normal nomination/pov/eviction with the 2 grems plus Allsion, with one on the outside getting a POV and all out voting if one wins and takes the other off, it would rely on one of the noms winning pov and taking themselves off so she can put the remaining grem. there was a lot of uncertainty. this allows her to be the final decision maker, hopefully she does recognize this in the right way. because if she doesn’t if she does put up H and A she’s screwed up big time.
I have high hopes she is not an idiot.

If this was Allison in there, all bets off lol


Yeah!!! Sooooo happy Neda won!!! Now if she’s smart and clues into what is going on I hope she figures it will be an instant eviction and puts up Allison with on e of the Gremlins… Now if Allison was smart…she would blow smoke up Jon’s ass and stay away from the gremlins the whole time saying she’s loyal, etc…because she knows Neda could watch her! I really hope that the strategy session helps and she makes sure she puts up Allison first…. Then technically she’s still in good with the gremlins and can play that angle… Allison needs to go!!!


Neda was so nasty in her goodbye message, I really hate her now. But she and Jon now have all the power, I think they will get rid of everyone else pretty quickly. Jon might want Adel out next since he is the only other male left in the game.


I think Neda’s frankness with Arlie has actually gained his vote in case she ends up in the finals. It shows how much of a strategist she is and has his gameplay smoked by her since day 1. For a superfan I doubt that Arlie will not vote for someone who played a great game.


I hope Allison spills something about the war room or finding her secret veto so she gets immediately evicted from the House!

Jon and Neda, final two.


How pissed must the producers of BB be that Allison has ended up being just Allison. She has single-handedly ruined what could have been at least 2 weeks of great tv! First how she managed turn the house on arlie ON ACCIDENT by being an embarrassing drunk, no clever or delicious strategy; and worse could not even remember doing it in the AM, faking it and piecing together what she had done by what people were telling her to do! Claiming it was her plan added insult to injury. That then ruined what could have been a MAJOR moment of the season by foiling her own backdoor and the HUGRST veto F.U. i could imagine. Then continued her fun-snatching by taking SABS off! no justice. no major in your face embarrassment. just a nothing. i wonder if they could hear the collective “ugh” through the walls from production. After all that whining about having no power/being on the bottom of the totem pole, she decided to wield none of what power she gained. She incessantly complained about being the last to hear of things, but when given a chance to change this she just happily went along again! Wasnt this her chance to do the obvious and take the numbers and take on the people who admitted were gonna back door her? instead her big move was too be told ALL the advantages of the arlie, gremlin and her alliance, and seemingly shrug it off and go to BACK to the alliance that f’d her and was offered she same spot at the bottom of that alliance. all they need to say was clean slate! SHE IS SOOOOOO DUMB AND USELESS! but worse, SHE IS RUINING MY ENTERTAINMENT! I would have been glued to the feeds!!! I really wanted to see neda squirm in embarassment; a potential chew out from jon that she fucked his game up sith her selfishness; heather further unravelling and less baby talk (when she is pissed or serious as as hoh, her speech was far more bearable). There needs to be another superfan to counter neda for some worthy battle. and finally to make matters worse, seeing allison in the ridiculous pom pom hat fanning her farts at people after all this has ensued almost made me cry.I dream of the entry of that insult robot and just laydown some verbal spankings.


I think we were all rooting for Allison since the war room days. Then when she got into the house, she stuck onto Andrew all day. (Disappointment #1) We say, fine, maybe she is trying to use Andrew as a shield. Then she falls in love with Andrew. (Disappointment #2). Then came Canada’s HOH and Andrew and Sabs were nominated. She still didn’t get a clue why her showmance was up on the block. (Disappointment #3). So once Andrew was gone, we thought great, now we can FINALLY see Allison play on her own. She decides to stick with the first 5 remnants and was put up on the block as a result. (Disappointment #5). After which, she was offered a spot in the sloppy seconds, which she was *forced* to take. We thought great, maybe now she can make some in roads with the other HGs. Then she found her secret veto which was probably her best friend and ally. Now come double eviction, she decided that Kenny wouldn’t be her closest ally. Jon wins HOH, and she almost got backdoored but only to have big brother giving out a secret mission which resulted to a reward which she got drunk and saved her own ass when she went on a drunkard rampage. (this is kinda a bit of a stretch but let’s just say, Big Brother’s secret mission saved her).
Finally, during the veto ceremony, she decides to use her secret veto and save…SABRINA?! (Disappointment #6) So she lost even more trust with the sloppy seconds as a result. What happens? Gremlins offered her to flip and save Arlie to become the majority but she REFUSED because she couldn’t trust Arlie. (Disappointment #7) At the same time, she didn’t trust the other sloppy seconds members also. So wtf, Allie?! She put the nail in her own coffin when she decided to stay with the sloppy seconds and vote out her only chance to NOT be in the bottom of the totem pole. Now Neda wins a HOH during an instant eviction and ALLISON IS G O N E.

She is in the bottom of the gremlins and sloppy seconds alliance. So she’s fucked either way. I’ve never had a player I had such high regards at the start of the season only for me to despise her slowly and gradually towards the end of the season. This is so disappointing.


What is your 4th disappointment.


my suggestion for 4th is that in all the time she’s been there, she has not once aligned herself as a duo with someone else. Both Heather and Adel are free to connect with, and by default, she’s pushed them to work together because she is too stupid to recognize she needs to connect with at least one other person on a never or die basis.

I did NOT vote her in, I thought she would not be a good candidate at all, no particular reason why, but her War room behaviour obviously fooled a lot of people.


the way this is going… someone will be voted out on sunday and new HOH at that time
IMO…. neda just won the worse HOH ever


2nd worse HOH, lol. The other one she didn’t get a basket, a letter or the HOH room. On BBUS the double eviction HOH still gets a letter and basket, i think it mean of BBCAN to not do this for Neda or whoever is the short time HOH.


I am nervously waiting for the outcome of the live feeds being blocked, my prediction is the people I do not want to win will remain after the live feeds are unblocked. Dam you BB for interfering once again!!! Damn you!!!! I have never been this sad or angry over a big brother season ever!!!!


It be awesome next season on Big Brother Canada, they have the contestants washing clothes out of a bucket and punishing them with PB&J sandwiches like the early seasons of Big Brother USA.


Hmmmm,…… instant eviction happens while Neda is in War Room?

Now that would be very interesting indeed!!!


I hope they give the HG’s booze while Neda is in the WR.


Yes good idea!!!:)
Neda can watch allison gets drunk and all over Jon lol


If Ali goes this week game over for me


If Ali had of teamed up with Arlie and the gremlins I would have forgave her for being an absolute bore this entire season so far. But she made, yet again, another bonehead decision and ruined what could have been a very interesting finish to the game. Hopefully she gets evicted next. She will go down as one of the worst BB players ever.


Yeah. If they had kept Arley, she could have even won the season, if she made it to the end, depending on who she was against. Now she has a very tiny chance to make it there and even slimmer change to win, unless majority of jury members pull a Topaz.


Allison must know Neda is in the war room, she should do her best to not say anything negative near the door…


I think it is in Neda’s best interest to evict Rachelle…..Rachelle is amazing at endurance and Neda is probably thinking that the next HOH will be an endurance one since they haven’t had one awhile now. My predictions: she will put up the gremlins and Rachelle will be sent home ….Sabrina can’t do shit in competitions and Alison well, she really isn’t a threat physically because Jon will crush her….so really unless it is another memory questions comp, Allison might have a chance but..Neda proved she is a competitor in endurance and Memory so best option is Rachelle….but knowing Neda and what the rest of the house wants ( except for Adel maybe) is Allison gone… my bet is either Allison or Rachelle are gone this week.


I thought Neda got the strategy session, but now it says that the POV gets it.


Rightm only because Alison didn’t win HOH…and if she doesn’t win POV, then they’ll suddenly say “the strategy session goes to a Newfie”…Jon? “no no! A newfie with a nursing degree.” Production will do anything to give her an edge.


A “Healthcare Professional”.


Adel just proved he is a useless floater. He went out too early in the comp. i guess he really doesn’t want it bad enough because he is anything but focused. I see no real threat to the Jon and Neda empire lol…unless its endurance then Rachelle has to give it her all. Otherwise its gonna be Jon winning the hoh and probably veto, and then he is gonna just steamroll to the end with no threat at all. We all say Sabrina is Psycho but she proved tonight, she can’t even win a mental challenge??


Adel was up all night keeping Arlie under wraps. He probably did not throw it.


YEP—Sabs just said it at 1230am!!!! “I WOULD RATHER BE “ARLIES ANGELS”!! —wow–i knew it and so glad they regret voting Arlie out! —Allison also agreed when she said that!


Jesus! Hate this chat—-ya that was me—that said above—not “Name” lol —they are worried that Jon is so worried about Neda!

another name

given neda’s character, is she the type of player who directly attacks an enemy, or the type to sneak up behind them and slit their throat? with the evidence through her gameplay thus far? i’d have to say she is not the direct assault type. I would expect her to put up the gremlins with the intent to target Allison with the replacement if she doesn’t know about the instant eviction.
if she is informed of the instant eviction, Sabrina and Allison nominated for sure.

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

1) Neda is clearly legit head-over-heels in love w Jon, it’s obvious every time there’s a shot of her looking at him.

2) Neda is the smartest person in the house incl all evicted HG.

Fact and fact.


I don’t know if she’s necessarily smarter than Arlie. She had a huge advantage over him; having the biggest target in the house as a human shield. A dude could never play that game. Also, she’s the biggest super-fan in the house. Arlie never even watched the live feeds; Neda has always watched the feeds, posted on message boards, and re-watched the seasons multiple times. She knows the game better than anyone but that doesn’t necessarily make her smarter.

A few examples of her not being as smart as people make out: 1) she really crapped the bed in that airline challenge. She definitely didn’t throw it because it was Andrew’s eviction on the line. It was a 100% mental game and she did horrible. 2) Telling the gremlins about the syrup to gain their trust was a real dunce move. 3) Her vicious evictions serve no practical purpose, but cause spite in the jury members. She can’t control her ego, and if she acts the same way with the gremlins she can throw their votes out the window.


i think sabrina is toast.. if sabrina leaves rachelle has no choice but to work with jon and neda… allison also has no choice but to work with jon neda and heather ….i dont see rachelle and allison working as a team only reason allison and rachelle are tight is because sabrina is still around……. based on allison and adel convo and adels dr sessions i believe allison and adel have no choice but to work as a team and take on jon and neda….


Arlie deserved better than this!


At least Heather is safe, she’s the only person I like in there lol.


Does anybody know why Arlie was not on the Side Show? Is it because you can’t go on the show if you are in jury.
Also, liked Neda’s personality in the beginning, not so much anymore.Thank you! Dawg and Simon for all your work.Big Brother would not be same without your site.

Arlie's Angel

I just really dislike Neda now. Like the whole thing with Arlie and the balloon just really doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t mind her talking in game shit about him, but like…mocking him and laughing in his face with the balloon is just BITCH MOVE.


Lmao at all u Neda haters first time ever a woman has played Bigbrother Canada or USA ruthless! Luvin it! Go Neda!
Girl Power


I never comment on here (I’m just obsessed with reading everyone else’s comments lol)

Anyways, I just HAVE to express how frickin’ annoyed I am with this season. The reason being, I really wanted to cheer for Allison – not because I thought she was a great game player, but because I found something sweet and cute about her (I’m a girl), and I guess emotionally I was rooting for her. Then there is Neda, who at the beginning I didn’t have much of an opinion about (except for the fact that I thought it was a little distasteful for her to be stuck to someone with a girlfriend; mind you that’s as much Jon’s fault as it is Neda’s)….Annnyways, over the weeks I have come to dislike Neda in this game. I just find her so cocky and rude. She reminds me of one of those stuck-up girls from high school. So my frustration with this season is that the girl who I was really rooting for and who I really liked, has made SO many downright foolish and stupid decisions that I just can’t root for her anymore (Allison), and this just sucks…..and the girl who I find to be such a snob, has made all of the sneaky and I may go as far as to say smart game moves that I only wished Allison could have made (Neda)!!! Ugghhh! So frustrated!!!! lol I was rooting for all of the Sloppy Seconds when they were the underdogs, but now they have let the power go to their heads just as much as the First 5 did…so it leaves me literally not wanting to cheer for anyone anymore. Like I can’t even pick my top 3 favorites on this board because I don’t actually want anyone who is left to win. But yet somehow I can’t stop watching?!?!?! What a predicament haha


For those who want a condensed version of my stupid-long comment:

Frustrated! Why?

Was hopeful for Ali, really liked her……now just super annoyed and disappointed in her.

Dislike Neda because of her snobiness……but can’t deny she’s playing the game pretty well.

I don’t want anyone left to win but yet can’t stop watching! GRR!

Neda is a bully

Wow such hatred from Neda…but I guess it’s ok with most of you. If the gremlins say they hate someone it’s the end of the world. Such a double standard. I don’t hate you Neda I just think you suck and are being handed this game to make some people happy.


Neds is not a bully. She just knows how to play the game and as much as so many people hate her…. they cant deny that she’s been playing, and shes been doing a pretty good job. If Neda does make it to the finale and she looses because people just don’t like her attitude then ill be extremely disssapointed with the jury members. Big brother is a GAME. Its not “lets all go sit around the pool and be best friends and stay loyal to everyone”….. on a side note tho. Idk why everyone’s trippin about the whole “jon and nedda might have feelings for each other” thing. I personally think they have a brother sister kind of relationship but even if im wrong and they do have feelings for each other it’s not like they’re acting on it. You CANT help who you develop feelings for but u CAN help what do about it. And they aren’t doing anything wrong. They arent hooking up or kissing each other or telling each other they have feeling, they arent doing anything but being friends, and being there for each other. They’re respecting the fact that jon has a girlfriend. (well.. neds is. i cant really say anything for jon since he kissed alison). But if they do decide that they want to be together (which they definitely wouldn’t until after the show) then so be it. He’ll breakk up with his girlfriend. Breakups happen all the time. Everyone take a chill pill. And that’s the end of my longg rant.. GOOO NEDA!!! 😀