Spoilers – Andrew: “If their face is ugly THEY UGLY”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 20th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 22nd
HOH Winner: Emmett Next HOH: April 25th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Peter
Have Nots No Have Nots this Week

10:03pm Kitchen everyone but Andrew who’s in the Diary room
Talla tells them she needs to take it easy tonight (With the drinking.. POV tomorrow)
Gary says drinking is not an issue for him tonight.. “It’s a none f***ing factor “ (Looks at Jillian she laughs)
Gary is going around asking them if they have a gay friend.


10:06pm HOH

Emmett: “I was talking to Gary trying to feel him out seeing what he thinks about you”
Emmett goes over his conversation he had with Gary and how he was testing Gary to see if he can be trusted with Jillian. Emmett says he ran through the possibility of getting Jillian to drop in the final HOH so it would be him and Gary. Emmett explains that if Gary isn’t good with Jillian they’ll cut him this week but if he is good with Jillian they should try to keep him.
Emmett: “I want him to win HOH next week.. “

Jillian begins to straighten his hair
Emmett jokes that Jillian has “dirt pits”
Emmett says that Gary thinks that Jillian is more into him than he is into her he adds that gary is under the impression that Jillian will do whatever he says.



10:30pm everyone but Jillian

Jillian tells Talla she should start saying “LA LA LA LA Love it”
Talla starts saying it
Andrew shakes his head “Great something else she will be saying”

(Just random chit chat going on)
Talla starts talking about her home town.
Gary: ‘is there gay people in Edmonton”
Emmett: “There’s gay people everywhere”
Andrew: “It’s not the moon:”

Talla heads into the bathroom.. “Ohh my lazy eye is coming out that’s when you know i’m getting tipsy”

Back in the kitchen jillian has now joined the rest of the house.

Gary asks Emmett what does he likes better personality or looks. brings up two scenarios, A girl with a “sweet a$$ and sweet t1ts with zero personality or a girl that is average with great personality . Emmett says that attractive girls are everywhere it’s the personality that is unique.

Gary: “I’m from the fashion industry where you judge people on the most minuscule things.. and of course that bleeds into my regular life”

Jillian: ‘ I’ve never dated a bad looking person”

Andrew: “Ugly physical features and a ugly personality makes people a ugly person”

Gary: ‘Everyone is good lucking in their own way”

Andrew: “If their face is ugly THEY UGLY”

Andrew: “to me it’s important to have a good personality and be attractive”
Andrew: “I would never date someone on looks and I would never date someone on personality”
Jillian: ‘Me to”

( pretty much it’s all just tipsy talk)


11:45pm HOH Andrew and Jillian

Andrew: “I’m seriously pissed he’s putting me up.. I thought we were in a three person alliance”

Jillian i’ll tell you exactly what is in my head ok.. i trust you the exact same amount I trust Emmett.. I honestly do”

Andrew: “I’m a man of my word i’m not Alec i’m not Peter.. “

Andrew: “The guy put Talla up and Peter won the Veto and I almost went home”

Andrew is worried if he goes up against Gary and there is some “magical twist” he’ll be sent home. He knows if Gary wins POV and she goes up than she’ll go home.

Andrew: “I shook your hand and I looked you in the eye you and me final 2”

Andrew says he’s going to take Jillian to final 2 he means it.

Andrew: “I’m not a alec or peter i’m not going to manipulate you with my mind”


(Video Uploading)
12:00AM Gary, Talla and Andrew tipsy talking


12:10AM HOH Jillian and Emmett

Jillian is saying that Andrew is freaking out because Emmett if nominating him for eviction. Jillian about what Andrew is saying “I’m already feeling like a third wheel I’m freaking out here” Jillian points out how Andrew was saying he’s not like peter or Alec he wasn’t trying to mess with them.
Jillia: “I know I can tell he really wants to take us to the final three”
Emmett: “You want me to keep him off the block you want me to risk you going up”
Jillian: “No NO”
Emmett: “Than what are we talking about”
Jillian: “Ok I think I would risk going up”
Emmett: “Fine you want me to put Talla up”
Jillian: “you think that’s smart”
Emmett: “I think it’s smart not to trust anyone.. ”
Emmett explains that it is fine that Talla and Andrew trust them but they cannot trust back, “You cannot let your guard down in this game or it will come back and bite you”

Emmett :”I don;t want to leave this game because I did something stupid and let my guard down.. I’m going to leave it because I lost a comp and someone took the opportunity to take me out.. Thats IT ”
Jillian: “Ok.. Ok ok ok .. i’m almost at the point where I want to risk it”

Emmett :”ok let put it this way.. say I put Talla up and I win POV do you want an option at the end of the week.. do you at least want a option… ”
Jillian; “ya.. you are right.. Emmett don’t get mad”

(Video Uploading)

12:40AM Jillian Vogue


1:22AM Hot tub Gary, Jillian and Talla It’s pretty f***ing boring in this house we need a #POWERSHIFT oh wait we’ve just had on.

(bunch o videos coming)


1:41AM Jillbot recharging


Emmett comments on how Gary and Talla are out there drinking jumping around. He mentions how at this point in the game they do not give them much time to get ready for the POV after the POV ceremony.

Andrew: “I’m going to bed”
Emmett: “I’m going to bed too.. this isn’t a POV I care about.. might be a big surprise”
Andrew: “Give me a big surprise you pr1ck.. do what you gotta do.. ” (Andrew is leaving the room)
Emmett: “Yup”
Andrew: ‘I’ll understand and I know what I want”
Emmett: “ya will you’ll see afterwards.. if I win I say we talk about the twist and pull you off.. have faith my friend”

Andrew: “I have faith in you but I don’t have faith in the game” He’s worried that some twist will send him home if he is nominated.

2:18AM All cams show sleeping houseguests. Before the cams switched there was a a bit of milkmanciing going on in the HOH.

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Talla's Pimp

Talla reminds me of Popeye’s Olive Oyl


Excuse me!!!

Don’t be bad mouthing Olive Oyl! 😛


Emmett is so two faced. Saying Gary said Jillian would do anything Emmett tells her to…..it was Emmett that said that. Also getting very tired of watching them make out all the time. Enough already.


I listened closely to the conversation -and when Emmett recounted his conversation to Jillian -he actually said that he told Gary that he (Emmett) could persuade her to drop…so far he has pretty much told jillian everything-including telling Garry that he would bring him to the end!


” he adds that gary is under the impression that Jillian will do whatever he says.”

That is what Emmet said, ‘under the impression’. He did not say that Gary believes or thinks she will do whatever he says. If Emmet really meant that, he wouldn’t be telling this to Jillian. It’s part of their game to ‘snow’ people into thinking Jillian is that weak, docile player and he has her in his pocket.


Just ran this scenerio that would make epic television Andrew Gary obviously get nominated, and then buy the grace of god miraculously talla wins vetos takes andrew of and inevitably Jillian goes on the block and the stooges decide to finally to come to their senses and break up the milkmance by voting out Jillian. Only in my wildest dreams b/c Andrew is so up Emmett/jills ass he practically set up camp.


Maybe that’s why they’re bringing Dan in. Talla is the only one in there who knows anything about him.


I would love to see Emmett’s face if Jillian gets evicted.


I have decided that Andrew is nothing more than a complainer. He complains that he is going to be up on the block, that Gary is back in the house and that he hates Talla. All he does lately is complain. That’s what happens when someone gets too big for their own good and thinks it should be their way or the Highway.
Talla is so friggin funny when she gets drunk.


BBCAN is kinda like pissing into the wind.


There is no kinda about it! Right now production is peeing on our head and telling us it’s raining. Next Thursday productions going to take a big old dump and tell us what?


I’m likely off til the POV results are spoiled later today so I’ll add 1 thing more. As much as I would love to see Lala win POV and remove Andrew it’s not going to happen. 1st what comp could she possibly win that production can set up? Any chance she’d be good guessing numbers?(shakes head) Then if a miracle does happen she will NEVER think for herself. Emmit and Jillian will flat out tell her leave the noms the same.She’ll choose a fake friend Jillian over someone who atleast has tried tirelessly to help her stay in the house It will be a moment simillar to Shane F4 BB14. Talla votes Gary, Jillian votes Andrew and Emmit sends Andrew packing. Talla will be shocked. Then again she and pimple popper are both ditzes
I do realize it’s not exactly like BB14 F4 but the result will be. I’m pretty disgusted with Talla also. Running up to the HOH telling E/J Andrews PO’d. He has every right to be. Remember Talla ranting going up as a replacemen last weekt. And the only reason her skinny a$$ is in the game is Andrew carrying her. I have very little use for this little twerp now. She is so unappreciative of all the help Andrew has given her including calming her down so they didn’t keep Peter and evict her last week.


It really bothered me when Talla, Andrew and Jillian got upset that Peter was campaigning for himself. Only Emmett understood. Hello, the guy was fighting hard because he wanted to play the game and not leave the house.
Jillian claims she’s never lied throughout the game but in the past week and a half she’s lied continually! She bashes Alec and Peter constantly for manipulating.. Hello!! She is doing the exact same thing and now she’s trying to manipulate Emmett. He is HOH, not her. She needs to shut her mouth. I hope she goes up on the block (PRAY Talla wins Veto!), and then she gets voted out. Would love to see the look on her face, as well as the jury members when she walks into the jury house.


I could agree more! Lying and fighting is all part of the game and Peter was doing whatever he could to try and stay in. I don’t see how the BB house guest or some of the fans of the show couldn’t see that. Jillian is just so full of herself and little does she realize she has 0 chance of winning at this point, the ones that have a real shot, are Emmett and Andrew (both would be disappointing). Also another thing that ticks me off is how the house guest continue to bash Peter/Alec, get over it, they are out (same thing with fans)… In my honest opinion no one deserves to win at all. Disappointing season Canada, hopefully next season you’ll learn your lesson and don’t screw with the game so much. Leave it to one or two twist a season, not a million….


Not sure where you are getting this from. Jillian clearly said in the dairy room that she lied (again) to Andrew and she is turning into a liar. She admitted to lying to people.


Think your a little off. How many times did ANDREW say to Talla to let it go he’s just trying to stay. i freaking lost track. What p*ssed Andrew off was Peter’s campaigning made Lala a complete baskett case. Can’t blame him for hating that.
Also remember Peter thought he had a chance based on what Emmit told him so of course he’s trying. Andrew had no idea about that part.


There goes wishy and washy again. I just hope Andrew, Gary and Talla can compare notes and realize they are getting played…Alas, unless Talla wins POV (i’m sure Andrew and Gary will be noms) one of them are going home….

I do give Emmett credit though….He is all game right now…The others are gonna be hung over and Emmett is not drinking.


PS: Dan is in Mississauga (near Toronto if you don’t know)….Dan posted something about him being in town and retweeted a post that Chelsea (his wife) said about keeping her updated on the live feeds tomorrow….

He obviously will be involved with the POV somehow and Arisa mentioned something about a sleepover….Looks like it will be tomorrow.


I thought Andrew decided to go to bed…. Dan has a contest for prizes going on while in the house.. Find out on BBCan home page….


I posted that before he decided to goto bed….Everyone was drinking talla-tinis but Emmett…They even got extra from BB. At that point (when they were discussing looks/personality) they were all having a good time (except Emmett).

Against the Shield

Yesterday I took a screenshot of of a BB RING placed deliberately on the ledge in back where the camera man is behind the mirror in the backyard. Could it be Dan’s???? Could he be watching Jill and Emmitt? They were in the backyard working out when this happened. the camera kept on them and J/E noticed the camera watching them closely too!

Say It Isn't So

Seriously I cannot take much more of Jillian…. this woman does nothing but complain (” I don’t like this food, all I can eat is the chicken and carrots” …. funny it seems to me you are constantly putting everything edible in your mouth). I know that’s a bit nasty but she is annoying and there is not a great deal to admire about her character as I have mentioned many times before. I hope anyone but Jillian wins…. but if I had to pick a favorite or two….. Talla and Andrew.


It says a lot about you that you hate the strong, dominant girl who’s running the house..but have a favorite in the brain dead, weak girl who has done nothing.
Why does intimidation and jealousy turn into hatred? A lot of feelings have been caught.


To BBK – Jillian isn’t STRONG nor is she running the house! She’s been playing for 2nd place for the past month and doesn’t even realize it! She talks about Lala being a bit daft, but all the lights in Jillian’s head aren’t very bright either.


It’s more personality than track record in this case. We all acknowledge that Jillian is very good at competitions and has deserved her wins, and we equally acknowledge that Talla completely sucks at competitions and her mind doesn’t seem to be able to focus on any given subject for more than a few seconds But when Talla’s not irrationally freaking out about something she’s a very funny, quirky, likeable person. Jillian is not.

I would still want Jillian to win over Talla because she has worked harder at the game and deserves it more, but that doesn’t mean we have to be HAPPY about it.


Jillian – someone I really liked most of this season – has completely become the kind of girl I can’t stand. She can’t think for herself, yet she thinks she’s calling the shots. What this girl needs to realize (and fast) is that she’s been playing for 2nd place for the past month at least because she is not playing an individual game – she’s playing the “we” and “our” and “us” game. She has to go. Bloice has been playing well. Although I don’t like he’s targeting Andrew right now I can’t take away from him his game play. (And trust me, I’m the biggest Andrew fan there is, but I must admit Emmett has this game on lock). Talla is just the dead weight floating in the pool – useless except when she has alcohol to make her “TOTES HILAR!” Gary coming back is just clearly the ploy by Production to find their new after eviction interviewer for next season. I thought for the longest time that Production was leaning this win toward Andrew for multiple reasons, which I won’t go into at this time, regarding his personal life and family — it would have been fabulous PR for the show — but clearly that’s not happening. Emmett is clearly who production wants to win – the Abercombie model has potential for many glamour and fashion shoots with the lovely caption underneath “Emmett Bloice – Big Brother Canada Season 1 Winner”.

Lastly, someone posted here about Jillian being picky about her food and what she eats, yet her mouth is always eating. I TOTALLY agree! I’ve never EVER in my life seen a person who can’t go more than 3 seconds without something in her mouth. She can’t even cook her meals without snacking on something else. Emmett keep her on that Yoga boy-o or you may find out that when her metabolism slows down with age that you’ll have to stick her out in the pasture with the cows and milk her every morning too! (Cruel, but – just sayin’!)


Oh and more about the wonderful Miss McLaughlin. The woman is a substitute teacher. She’s not for one moment thought about what she’s doing to her career with the things she’s doing on the show. Teachers have gotten fired for holding two glasses of wine in a facebook picture – she doesn’t think there will be repercussions? Oh, wait, that’s right – Jillian’s nothing more than an over-educated over-trained aesthetician – she has that to “fall back on”. What an idiot!


Based on the above insight I think the POV will be one of three possibilities:

* I’ve been waiting for OTEV for quite a while but I think that is unlikely given there are only 5 participants & OTEV doesn’t need a host

* IF production sees Andrew’s popularity perhaps it will be a “How Bad Do You Want It” contest which Andrew would likely win while Talla & Gary went for the prizes

* OR what I’m leaning toward is a similar comp to the one Jenn won last season in BB US which was a combination of puzzle, Q & A & accepting the punishments to earn the points. If you declined the punishment you were out of the game. You’ll recall this was the infamous POV where Shane was completely lost, Frank was disqualified for talking to Britney & the one where Dan was sequestered in the Disco Room all night where he had time to come up with the “funeral” & then proceeded to convince Frank/Jenn to take him off the block & back door Brit.

If it is this final type of comp I think Jill would be the worst at it given she’s not great with puzzles (self admittedly). Ironically Talla could do quite well at this but would she take the punishments? Gary, Emmett & Andrew would likely be the 3 fighting it out.

This would be a very telling comp especially to see how invested Emmett is to get Andrew out. If he really battles then we’ll know he does but he may back off if say the punishment was something like shave your hair off. To that end, I think Andrew is the only one who would actually shave their hair off of the 3 males.

The other telling punishment would be going on slop for the remainder of the time in the house. I believe Gary WOULD accept that punishment & Andrew I’d say would likely do it but not happily however I do not believe Emmett would.

Let’s see if I’m right about the contest.


I was trying to figure this POV out with the returning HG. I have a couple comps I like for F4. I think you really have something here. Prizes and punishments with points sounds like a winner. I think Gary drops out if slops involved. He thinks he’s safe. Lala will take whatever she can get then quit at the mere sign of a punishment. That brings us to E/J. I think Emmit still has the slop pass. I think a bald head or simillar is all that gets him to quit. The best prize can’t exceed the 10K given twice so I figure he’ll see the 100K big picture. Jillian may take on just about anything also. Depends on how bad they want Andrew out. My fear is this. If Andrew feels his F3 is secure E/J may convince him to “drop”. Could be a fatal decision. I think this challenges favours Emmit and Jillian. They know thier true target and Gary and Andrew do not. Lala is a complete waste for this POV.


Andrew is as he said a grown ass man…yes and so very judgemental. Is he so mature that he cannot allow anyone to have fun. He speaks of other house guests being characters and seeking attention. I say so what, who cares. It is a television show that is also a game. He spoke of some people being curious about the wrap party. He does not care about such things. Blah, blah, blah. Is he behaving like an adult or just a snob?


What? Andrew is so fun! Hes down there drinking w everyone cracking jokes. He makes fun of everyone but he accepts everyone. emmetts is the one who’s not even drinking alone upstairs didn’t even eat w them. i know he wants to win comps but there is a social game happening right now too. i think even Jillian is entertaining tonight well not more than Andrew and talla but still. emmett gives me nothing. (Have jemmett ever gotten a task? Even bb must find them boring.)


What the hell is Emmet smoking? Reasons for evicting Gary.

1. He knows the majority of the Jury and he has already discussed and knows how any why they are voting.
2. Canada voted for Gary to return to the house, which guarantees him the prize money for Canada’s favourite.
3. Gary is more physical than Emmett and Jillian.
4. Emmett should know that final 2 with Jillian results in Emmett wining because everyone in the jury hates her because she lies .
5. You shouldn’t second guess yourself if you have evicted someone previously. A tiger doesn’t change it’s stripes. Gary hated you before, he hated you when he got evicted, he hated you at the house, then why shouldn’t he hate you know.
6. If Gary said that he would vote for Emmett to win, then send him to the jury because that is one definite vote for Emmett.
7. If Canada likes Gary then maybe the jury likes Gary.
8. the jury will vote for Gary in the final 2 because he is the first person in BB history to be evicted and come back in the house and make final 2.

Again, what is Emmett smoking?

Boo Hoo

#1 should be:

Gary has already influenced the Jury and he already knows how the Jury is voting and the reasons why they are voting that way.