Big Brother Canada Day 23 POV Results

POV Holder: Dallas Next POV March 19th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 21th
HOH Winner: JOEL Next HOH: March 24th
Original Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Current Nominations: ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine
Have Nots Tim, Raul, Kelsey, Jared

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There will likely be a lot of alliances during the season – keep track with our alliance help guide.

Power of Veto winner is Dallas

Sounds like there was a “Fake” fight during the POV between Loveita and Cassandra.

1:55am Dallas, Maddy and the brothers Bedroom

2:41am Ramsey, Joel and Loveita HOH

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Dallas is definitely somebody that’s going to have to be BD. Talk about making the target on your back even bigger. Two POV wins in a row? At least Dallas is good at some aspect of the game (comp aspect, which is really more important at the end rather than the beginning/middle).

This will be good for Ramsey. I’m starting to think that Ramsey has Godfrey potential.

I’m assuming that Dallas will keep the noms the same because he a terrible player that only sees the game through binary lens of “us” vs. “them.” Which is a pity.

Loveita and Cass are still having fake fights? Didn’t they just promise to stop that earlier? *eye roll* I’m pretty sure the other HG think they fights are fake.

Unless something crazy happens this week. Kelsey will be the 4th girl evicted in a row, which to my knowledge is a BB North America first. But the DE this Thursday is fake so she and whoever else is evicted after her will be coming back into the game so she’s fine.


Hey guys Twitter update. I’m actually not sure if Kelsey is going to go or not at this point, because Phil is currently pushing hard for her to stay. His reasoning is that if Jared loses his showmance he will morph into a totally different kind of player. Dallas currently agrees, and thinks Jared will turn into a “beast.”

I actually kind of agree with Phil on this one. Everyone has been trying to compare Jared to Emmett (which he isn’t), when in actuality Jared reminds me a lot more of Hayden Moss/Zach from last year. He’s an obvious target, but he’s liked by most people in the house, and everyone constantly talks about getting him out later. What the heck does “later” even mean? The final 2 lol? What did you get when you got rid of Hayden’s showmance? A winner lol.


Dallas wants to use the POV on Kelsey and pushed for Ramsey to go up hoping that Ramsey will get evicted. This is how he thinks.


Aside from Dallas winning veto, Kelsey mentioned winning $1000…I assume it was in this comp?


i hate you dallas but thanks for winning the veto so either kelsey or raul will be evicted. 😀

oh and what do you guys think of the rumours of there being a “fake double eviction” this coming thursday


Hate’s a strong word, and it’s not a rumor. There has been a commercial advertising the fake DE. Kelsey and whoever else gets evicted after her will (if it follows the BBUK style) enter a secret room in the house and observe the HG before re entering the game.

Bottom line: the people evicted this Thursday aren’t out of the game permanently.


It seems that BBCAN are going to screw this season as they did last year


How the heck did Dallas win again…? Wow I’m surprised


Lowvita = PSYCHO


Oops! Sorry guys! I meant to say My mother is a PSYCHO.


??? am i missing something here ???


Way to go Dallas
let the tears flow


Expect POV not to be used IMO.

Kelsey versus Raul- Raul is evicted. That is barring productin fixing the game. The bloody Jackpot foolishness worries me. It’s a good week if either of these HG’s go. Next week we need the Dallas group to take a hit.See I would really like to see of season of ebb and flow. Votes shifting from week to week and social skills dominate the play. That would definitely favour Mitch ATM.


Kelsey is the main link between Jared and Raoul, so most of them will likely prefer voting her out.


Does Kelsey shower? She wears the same thing almost every day and her hair looks really dirty. – just asking anyone.


Sure things: Phil will want Kelsey to stay. Mitch will push for whoever Jared and Phil push for to save face. Cassandra will want Kelsey to stay. Tim will vote with Jared to play the game, make it look like he’s still a team player with that camp.
So, knowing who Joel wants out, is Mitch being tested along with Tim and Cassandra?


So the first alliance of the season comprising of Loveita, Dallas, Maddy, Ramsey, and Sharry oops I’m sorry I mean Joel is reforming. On a side note, let’s all recap how Loveita, a few hours ago, said she’s not going to be gaming anymore and is just going to follow orders. A few hours later and she’s leading the charge to re-form an alliance to take out the “bullies.” This girl is truly loca.

I didn’t like this alliance week 1, and I still don’t like it now. I was really starting to like Joel after learning more about him, but I can’t now. He’s sided with Loveita, Dallas, and Maddy?! Seriously? I’m so glad this DE is a fake one. Because I’m ready to see this new alliance evicted one after another.

A better question is whether this means the Tim and Mitch cold war is over, and they actually put their heads together for some serious gaming. Now that would be entertaining.

sunny dee

maddie already said she would vote for kelsey to stay, no idea why. i bet nikki will vote out Raul, she hasn’t liked him so far anyway. joel wants Kelsey out, who knows what mitch will do he’s pretty shady.

if the fake DE is true, it is crap, this is what the people want and what the house wants, i just figured the comp was set up in order for a jared/kelsey win, but whatever, now that they haven’t i guess it is set up for them to not go out at all after all? it would be different if they learned a lesson from being up and being evicted, but neither kelsey or raul are capable of life lessons, and all it will do is make them even more arrogant.


I’m hoping it is what Jokers stated, that the first eviction will stand as normal, and only the second eviction will be fake. From what I understand the commercial stated that it was a fake DE. That doesn’t necessarily mean both evictees will be safe. The fake part could be it is a double when in fact it is only a single eviction.


I still gotta wonder – why did people like Sharry at all – she walked around in heels looking like a camel and sounding like one too with the heels on the floor.


We get it. Sharry rejected your advances in real life


I really can’t stand that ‘production’ is pissing all over Joel’s HOH by faking this eviction. He made a bold and courageous move in this game and these two ‘turdwheel’ members will probably not go out. Pisses me off.


Here is the issue that the HOH are having this year: Their targets never leave.
Phil wants Kelsey to stay because he’s counting down to day 40 (the day he said he’d entertain a real showmance, but not before that because he can’t control a woman. Not going to pretend i understand what he’s saying). Jared wants Kelsey to stay because showmances get their own special segments at the half way mark in episodes. Maddy wants Kelsey to stay because she wants it to be HER hoh that sends her rival home. Cassandra wants Kelsey to stay because that’s her in tie to the group (for show purposes considering she and Jared know each other back home).
Declare a false target. It’s the only way you’ll get the one you want out of the house.
Can’t wait for the first meeting of the new alliance when Joel and Loveita and Ramsey want Kelsey gone, and Dallas and Maddy want Raul gone.


What’s the fake DE?


Dallas the new veto king? WTF!

lol what?

Only 2 vetos and he’s the veto King? WTF?


Maddy must go


Dallas said on after dark other day…”if i win the power of veto again I’m definitely using it!”
ya think he will? Be funny if he did to backdoor Loveita!
i would like to see that…


That would be hysterical. Love it!

But what might happen is that Global will hype Dallas all gung ho and wanting to shake the house up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
while what really happens IS ………. wait for it ………………. BOOM – he wimps out falls flat, yet again.

sunny dee

the noms are good for him, why would he want them changed? it isn’t like jared is going up as replacement.

sunny dee

if lovelita wants to get further in the game, she should stop being a tag along after Joel, leave the HOH room at some point and hang out with other people, and leave Joel alone in the room from time to time. it is getting kind of obvious she is hiding in there, and just being there is being interpreted whatever way everyone else wants to spin it. if she wasn’t in there, but hanging out around others, number one they couldn’t say that, and number two they wouldn’t be able to talk about her because she would be right there.

i am disappointed in After Dark the past two nights, they are showing recordings from early in the day, when really they should be showing what happens from maybe 9pm on. i have yet to see one live feed of opening up an HOH room, and letter reading, and that has been very common before. i have seen recordings from prior to both the food comp and POV comps, when you know they’ve already been played and done. i don’t watch it to see what happened in the middle of the day. why not call it ‘middle of the day’ instead of ‘after dark’


I don’t understand why Dallas keeps winning the POV just to not use it nobody has any balls in this game nobody is even playing the game nobody has any balls in this game nobody is even playing the game. it seems like they’re just a bunch of spring breakers having a party nobody has game this season & look at who keeps winning hoh like WAKE UP CANADA!!!!! wosrt game players ever nobody wants to make big moves Dallas is alll bark no bite