Big Brother Canada: Aneal tells Suzette to flip the fear! Tell Tom Andrew is coming for him..

POV Holder: TOM Next POV March 16th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony March 18th
HOH Winner: TOM Next HOH: March 14th
Original Nominations: Gary & Suzette
Current Nominations: Suzette & Aj
Last Evicted Houseguest Danielle
Have Nots Alec, Topaz, Aneal, Jillian

Big Brother Canada March 13 2013 7pm

6:30pm Suzette is in the havenot room talking to Aneal. Suzette says that she has Liza, Jillian, Gary and you if you will vote for me. Aneal asks you have Liza? She is going to go against her man? Suzette says yeah. Suzette says that she just needs to get Talla. Suzette says that there is going to come a point where the boys stick together. Suzette says that she is a way better competitor than Aj. Aneal says bullsh*t aside I like you more than Aj. Aneal says anything can happen. Suzette asks if I come back to you and say I have 5 people would you vote for me to stay? Aneal says he is down for it. Aneal tells her to says that her loyalty would be to whatever the house wants. Suzette says she will have loyalty to whoever votes for her to stay. Aneal says that he is willing to talk to people. The two biggest ones are Jillian and Liza. Suzette says that she talked to Liza and she sees it.. Suzette says that she is willing to not put up Tom and to put up Emmett and Andrew. Suzette says that she apologized to everyone in the house and says that she is ashamed about what she said. Suzette says that she will talk to Jillian and Topaz again. She says it’s risky talking to Topaz because she runs to Alec and tells him everything. Aneal tells Suzette to just keep telling Tom that Andrew is gunning for him and that he has a chance to get out Andrews friend Aj. Aneal tells Suzette she has to flip the fear!
Big Brother Canada March 13 2013 650pm

6:45pm Aneal goes to talk to Liza. Aneal tells Liza that Suzette just told him that you are voting for her to stay. Liza says no I am not. She says I am in bed with him I am not going against him. Suzette comes in and asks Liza if she sees how the day is playing out. Liza says no. Suzette tries to convince her to vote for her. Liza says that she is doing what Tom wants …so talk to him and if he tells me to vote to keep you I will. Liza leaves and Peter comes in to the bedroom. Suzette asks Peter if he would consider voting to keep her. Peter asks well what are you offering? She says that she apologized to people and tried to make her wrongs right. She says that she thinks she has more to offer than Aj and that she has been making an effort to clean and talk to people. Liza comes back into the room and the game talk stops. Liza leaves again. Suzette tells Peter that she is able to make big moves. She says that she will disrupt the house if she stays whereas if Aj stays it doesn’t. Peter tells her that he will consider it. He says that you have come to talk to me whereas Aj hasn’t.

Big Brother Canada March 13 2013 705pm

7pm – 7:30pm Alec comes into the room and Suzette asks him if he will vote for her. Alec flat out tells her no he will not vote against Aj. Alec tells her sorry but he just can’t vote against Aj its too risky. He says that he felt like she just accepted it but now that he knows she is here to fight he will talk to people. Alec tells her to talk to Topaz. Alec says that he will also talk to Topaz. Alec tells her to talk to other people too. Alec says that if it makes sense for me and Topaz then I will consider it. Suzette says that she can help Alec get further because she is a stronger competitor physically and mentally. He tells her not to give up. Alec leaves the room. Talla comes in and asks Suzette if she wants to come out and join them she is making salmon for dinner.

Big Brother Canada March 13 2013 710pm

Video of Suzette’s campaigning to Aneal, Liza, Peter, and Alec will be posted here:

7:30pm – 8pm Most of the house guests are in the kitchen eating and chatting about random things. Tom, Alec, Peter and Emmett are in the hallway playing hand hockey.

Big Brother Canada March 13 2013 8pm

8:15pm Suzette is telling Gary and Topaz about how she met her husband and how they got married after 6 months. She says that they didn’t sleep with each other till after marriage. Gary asks so nothing, you didn’t do anything? Didn’t you want to? Suzette says oh yeah I wanted to r@pe that boy!
Big Brother Canada March 13 2013 818pm

8:20pm Talla and Liza are out in the hot tub room talking game. They talk about who Talla will put up if she wins. Liza tells her to tell everyone they are a pawn. Liza says that Talla just needs to make sure that Emmett and Alec are left standing together on the block. Liza leaves the hot tub room. Andrew and Liza talk on the backyard couch. Liza tells Andrew to not back door Tom. She tells Andrew if you are going to up him up then at least let him fight for it. Andrew talks about how Emmett and Tom are working together. Liza tries to change the subject. Andrew talks about how he is losing his sh*t being with all these younger people. Andrew tells Liza to tell Tom that he is not my target, I am cool. Andrew says that Peter is annoying the sh*t out of me. Liza says he is not the problem though, you need to take out Alec.. cut the bromance and the showmance.

8:45pm Liza then goes up to the HOH room to tell Tom about her conversation with Andrew. Liza asks Tom who he trusts other than her. Tom says Jillian and Emmett. Liza says okay Jillian wins HOH and Emmett puppets her to get rid of me, are you pissed or okay with it. Tom says that he would be pissed. Liza says that she thinks Topaz is after her. Tom disagrees and says that he thinks Topaz would put up Emmett and Andrew. Tom says that he is going to get the other guys to back door Andrew if they win HOH. Liza wonders what Tom would do if he the final 3 were him, her and Emmett. Liza says that if she were him would she would throw the first HOH so that her and Emmett could fight it out and whoever wins chooses you. Tom says it would be difficult to choose between the girl that has had his back since day one or the guy that didn’t win anything and didn’t really have my back. Liza asks so wouldn’t you take the person who no one would vote for because they didn’t win anything? Tom says that he would have any honor in taking someone that didn’t win anything and had to be carried to the end. Liza leaves the HOH room to do her spray tan again.

9pm – 9:15pm Out in the backyard Emmett tells the story of the first fight he was in when he was 17 years old. He says he pulled a hockey move and pulled the guys shirt over his head and cranked him a few times. He says he broke two of his fingers on the guys head. He says that when the guy stood up, Emmett cranked him and again and knocked him out. He says that no one ever bugged him again the rest of high school.

Big Brother Canada March 13 2013 9pm

9:25pm Peter and Liza are in the bedroom. Peter tells her again if he comes to her and tells something is going to happen, she can’t freak out. He says that he is just looking out for her. He says that plan might not even be in play anymore I don’t know. Peter asks her where she is sleeping tonight. Liza says the HOH room. Peter says alright. Peter tells Liza that she needs to hang out with other people and pretend to have fun. Liza says its hard. Peter says I know, I would rather sit with you 24 hours a day but I can’t. Liza leaves and tells Peter to remind her to hang out with other people every 5 hours.
Big Brother Canada March 13 2013 914pm

9:35pm Emmett, Talla, Jillian and Aneal are out in the backyard talking about str*ppers.

Big Brother Canada March 13 2013 931pm

9:40pm Tom comes out into the backyard. Topaz and Gary are laying on the hammock. Tom lays on them. Then Emmett comes over and lays on them and asks how much weight can the hammock hold.
Big Brother Canada March 13 2013 938pm

9:50pm – 10:15pm Talla challenges Aj to a pull-up competition. They head out into the backyard. Aj goes up first and does 6. Talla is up next and does 1 pull-up. Tom then helps her do 7. Jillian does 2 pull-ups. Tom says this is what a Topaz pull-up looks like. Tom goes over to the weight machine and pretends to sleep.

Talla starts telling the second three of her movie. Peter gets confused and says that he needs a 3 minute recap of her movie parts 1-2 so that he can understand part 3.

Talla gives a two minute recap of parts 1 and 2 of her movie:

10:20pm Talla ends the movie saying that they guy and the girl have intercourse. She starts thanking everyone and says that she was the lead in the story but that the ending was not real.

10:35pm Liza tells Peter that Andrew is tired of the house and wants to make a big move. She says that Andrew wants to put up Emmett and Tom and doesn’t even care if he goes the next week. Liza says that she has already started trying to save Tom and says its already working. Peter tells Liza that Alec will not come after her. Liza says that if Talla wins HOH she would be a blast. She says that Jillian would be just a puppet for Emmett if she won again. Liza says that 25% of her energy is fighting for herself and 75% is fighting for Tom. She says that she truly believes that Tom would fight for her honor.
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I feel so so bad for Suzette! Yeah, I know she screwed up, but she shouldn’t be the one leaving. She has already won an HoH. And as you see, she made a big move. AJ won’t do anything in this game, but just sit around. People are being so mean to her by avoiding her, like at least be nice to her so she can leave happy. Everyone in their are bitches. I hope Suzette gets a special power, and she gets to stay.


What big move did she make? She put up two of the obviously strong competitors the very first day. That’s a dumb move in my opinion.

She keeps talking about how she’s a competitor, etc, etc. But that’s not what Alec, Peter, or Tom need right now – they just need someone who isn’t going to cause drama and will vote the way that they want.


Aneal has gone stealth after 1 week seems like he is safer. GOOD FOR HIM!!!


Something tells me that Aneal is going to bring the fire..


I’m telling you; Aneal’s devious. He’s gonna go far in this game.


Streaming the Big BRother Canada Episode


peter is now just horny and why does he scream in DR???


He wants to be Dan


Honestly I liked Peter before but he’s nowhere near Dan and he’s just awkward in DR. He keeps looking around while he’s talking and now he’s just after some a$$ and it’s clear because he keeps convincing Liza to not sleep in HOH. He’s more jealous of Tom than Andrew. Aneal will not win anything lol. I do not have any favourites because none of these players are that interesting…


ugh I hope that BS that BBCA is trying to pull does not get Andrew evicted because that would be such a low blow.


looks like it.. I’m not happy with this powershift.. hopefully it’s the last time they do it.

A powershift would be if they get rid of one of the power players


If fans want to keep both Andrew and AJ safe they should vote for AJ to be taken off the block, that way the house will still vote out Suzette and the Powershift will end up being meaningless.


Good idea…this may be Andrew’s only hope. I really, really wanted to see Andrew win.


I think the power shift is beyond terrible frankly. Wonder if production convinced Tom to take Gary off the block, Thus giving Canada a chance to save Suzette(pure BS) and likely getting Andrew as renom with no stategic time for the house to talk over whom to vote for. My own belief is BB just manipulated us viewers. I’m not a hamster and I may not be a viewer if this foolishness goes poorly tonight. I’ve never been so peed off. Gary cannot be renomed either with POV. Tom will have like 1 minute to make the most important decision off the season if Suzette comes off the block. Production is doing everything it can to keep all the girls in the home. Absolutely disgraceful on thier part.

I will point out 1 very obvious point as a long time BB watcher. Keep your freaking month shut about power moves ect.! Andrew maybe evicted tonight because he has to tell the world he hates Tom and he’ll make power moves!! Pure idiot in EVERY way. Most of them in fact are talking to way to wide a circle about game play. Likely time to write off BBCAN as a produstion garbage show. Garbage input by production>>> garbage show for consumers. Oh and punishing grown adults as 6 year olds constantly. If you have watched the live feeds on BB USA you know production makes alot of threats but very few actual house punishments. BBCAN has Topaz sleeping 20 hours a day and punishes Jillian for napping! What a joke these morons are IMHO!!!


I picked aneal from the beginning to win, hes doing realy well


So predictable how after every conversation Liza runs and tells Tom


First off suzette didn’t win the first hoh she was handed it. If someone else answered the phone then they would have won as far as her being more of a competitor that is bull aj hasn’t been on the block to play veto and i believe in the last hoh she was out before him. I don’t feel bad for her she did this to her self and after what she said tonight i hope she leaves


On a side note, it looks like the producers went on a power decided they wanted to run the game. Complete BULLSH!T imo.


Ugh.. so we’re going to lose Aj or Andrew tomorrow and Suzette is still in the house doing nothing.


As hilarious as I think it would be to see Suzette stay I really don’t want Andrew or Gary to go..hopefully the house will just vote AJ


The game is getting good. I’m voting to save Suzette just to spite Tom and for the fireworks. AJ can go I really don’t care.


alright I’m done being grumpy about the powershift. I predict AJ is going home, the house want to keep Andrew around so he can take out Tom.


From your mouth to the HG’s ears, Simon. Please let this happen!!!!


I hope Andrew doesn’t get put up as a replacement. That would suck to see him go this early.


Thinking that the only way this twist won’t suck is if the saved nominee gets to make the replacement nominee. I don’t think it’s fair if Tom nominates 4 people in one week. I know I have said I wanted Andrew to get a wizard power, but I didn’t really mean it. I saw a twist coming, but next week. Really, what a waste. A nothing player will stay, maybe both stay and potentially a much more worthy player will leave. That sucks! If Suzette gets to pick, I bet she puts up Liza or Emmett, but who knows what AJ would do!!


Did Canada vote to put AJ and Andrew on the block because they don’t like them? I don’t understand the power shift.


please someone correct me if I’m wrong.. Canada gets to vote who they will save Suzette or Aj then Tom gets to pick who is the replacement nomination.


I thought Canada saves AJ or Suzette. Week over. No renom.
Another renom would give Tom a total of 4 (!) noms AND the last renom would have no chance to fight for POV. Totally unfair.


It sounded to me that Canada gets to change who gets voted out, not change the nominations


Wouldn’t it be wild if Tom was allowed to put Gary back up on the block.. LOL gary would explode


Thanks for clearing that up for me, Simon. I wasn’t able to read about it on the Slice website.


no problem. I could be wrong.. I only caught the last bit of the episode and have been reading a couple tweets here and there.


The public only get to vote to save either AJ or Suzette. Not who Tom should put up in their place. I voted to save AJ. I don’t care if Suzette goes home. She’s not a power player and it won’t impact the house if she stays. They would just gang up on her next week and send her home. I think this Powershift thing was a waste of time for this eviction. It would have been better if there were two actually interesting players on the block. Not these two lame gamers.

Not a powershift at all. more like a waste of time.


I voted to save AJ too, but judging by Twitter, and everyone’s “LOL LET’S DO THIS TO SPITE TOM” attitude, Suzette will probably get saved. I hope Aneal gets put up.


Funny how there’s a division. You voted for AJ , I voted for Suzette. I do agree though that so far she’s not a power player, but her staying in the game could impact the house…..or not. It all depends on who wins HOH next week. if it’s someone who wants Tom out then Suzette is definetly a vote. And since now everyone sees Tom as a big threat in the event that he wins HOH in 2 weeks his number one target is Suzette, so that makes Suzette a shield and everyone is safe until Tom gets rid of her. it’s kinda like saying ‘I’m glad your enemy is around so you can keep hating them and gunning for them before you gun for me.”

But then it could also not be an impact. Liza could win HOH this week and get rid of her.

Regardless, I want her to survive this week.


I am voting to save Suzette, I don’t want the boys to run the house and another girl does not need to go… I want Gary to be able to have a more powerful alliance (for what it is) and AJ is just simply annoying and gross, I thought that he would’ve been better tv and somebody to watch out for but he hasn’t proven to be useful for anything, therefore, I think that he needs to go. Just spicing it up, if we are given a power lets at least spice it up a bit.


Liza is really annoying me, I hope people start seeing through her and she goes next.

& I really like Suzette; I mean she could have campaigned harder, but oh well!


You aren’t alone, Cooper. Liza seems to be annoying just about everyone that has commented here. The producers gave her a really nice edit for tonight’s episode though. I wish they’d expose her ego and realize she isn’t sitting well with fans.


I think that Lizas ego was exposed on the initial interviews when she said that she is almost perfect but in order to be perfect you must have modesty and she does not have any… pretty much summed it up, she is making herself look like a whore (pardon my French)


I have a strng feeling he’l nominate andrew then itll be andrew and aj, i would die if aneal was nominated plus it is unfair to not have a chance to fight u know but thats the motois expect the unexpected but it still unfair


Suzette’s getting shasfted I think. She was Always social and nice and mindful of others games. She called it about the sdtronger players. -ts a bold move that’s kinda risky but good for her for choosing tom cuz he’s an ass!


I voted to save Aj as well. I really hope Tom doesn’t get to nominate someone again. :/ If he does, do you guys think they’ll have a quick POV?


Am I blind? I can’t seem to find where to vote for the power shift tomorrow?


it’s on the banner