Big Brother Over the Top Finale

Big-Brother-18 2016-12-01 17-20-21-838

Big-Brother-18 2016-12-01 17-36-17-708
Out of the evicted houseguests

Neeley, Whitney, Shane and Danielle voted for Jason to win.

Big-Brother-18 2016-12-01 17-36-26-630
Nobody voted for Kryssie to win.

Big-Brother-18 2016-12-01 17-36-34-759

Alex, Shelby, Monte, Cornbread and Scott said they voted Morgan to win.

Big-Brother-18 2016-12-01 17-36-42-076

Justin says he didn’t get a chance to vote because he was just evicted. When asked who he would have voted for Justin says all three.

Big-Brother-18 2016-12-01 17-47-16-056

Kryssie comes in Third place Kryssie says she saw that coming. When interviewed by Julie Kryssie says she threw a lot of comps but was too ashamed to admit it. She says the reason she came in third was because she didn’t win competitions claims to be the puppeteer this season. goes on about her social game, says she would have felt awful if she won BBOTT and Jason lost because Jason loves the game so much. (LOL)

Big-Brother-18 2016-12-01 17-54-12-160

20K votes separated the first and second place

Big-Brother-18 2016-12-01 17-55-36-456
America Vote Morgan to Win

Morgan Wins Big Brother over the top $250k

Big-Brother-18 2016-12-01 17-56-51-213

Jason comes in second with $25k

Big-Brother-18 2016-12-01 17-57-19-647

That’s it folks ceya all for BB19 it’s been fun ;)

I was a Morgan fan so putting this up one last time..

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68 thoughts on “Big Brother Over the Top Finale

    1. Wow, the post finale exit interviews were interesting…Jason sure is a sore loser. Or just a regular loser. How can I watch BBCAN 5? Is it possible?

  1. i was mega busy this season and for the first time ever, didn’t follow BB. Did you enjoy OTT better than regular seasons?

    1. Yes, because the cast was better. Everyone came to play and played…even Krissie was not a floater, was speech at the end made me really see that she really played the game.

      and the female cast was the strongest ever, Morgan, Shelby, Alex, Witney,Nelley, Danielle really kicked ass.

    2. i was only following here, with a very rare youtube now and then to see the people actually talking/walking. my opinion is same as others, this was a good cast. You can tell when something is working because everyone and anyone was winning comps, not just the biggest youngest males in the house.

      When you get a woman sitting next to a guy at F2 and she can still win BB, you know this was a fair and successful run show. I hope they can translate some of what worked here onto the regular series, because every single season should end up in a similar way really. maybe there was just more bb fans in the cast.

      maybe it was better because: it was a smaller cast, and there weren’t any comebacks, and the cast couldn’t vote so not playing to the other HGs.

      I didn’t follow it closely enough to figure did Jason not win because Morgan was a better player all around or was it because he is just such a foul and despicable person and she got votes in order to take votes away from him winning. in either case, he is enough of a fan, foul or not, that i did not want him to go away with nothing, he worked hard, he won when he had to, and he actually did align with people who all got to the end, it was a successful game. Morgan got to the end in spite of losing her side, so she won it all the way. reminds me of when Sarah won BB Can, that other blonde there in F3 (ashley?) got to the F3 thru sheer effort and determination and winning. she got cut but it is still a valiant effort to get there on your own.

      1. Jason and kryssie hating on justin the final week in an attempt to lower his fan appeal turned a lot of justin fans off. I believe Jason thought his only competition was justin so felt conducting a hatchet job on justin’s character would net him justin’s vote. It’s this ugliness coupled with the Shelby rants that cost Jason 250k. I wish they told us the percentage at least so we can see how much of a impact lnj vote splitting had

        1. Simon, I’m not sure what the percentage was but Julie said it was one of the closet votes in BB history and went back and forth many times. In the end she said less than 20,000 votes separated the two.
          Belated thanks for keeping us informed and entertained for another BB season.
          Over The Top Baby!

          1. What Julie says means nothing. She will use words to spice up the season. 20,000 votes out of 100,000 votes is less close then say 20,000 out of 1 million. Interesting how they are not releasing percentage

  2. Congrats to Morgan on winning BBOTT!! So glad none of the disgusting LNJ members won. Glad the Morgan fans banded together to defeat the Jason voting block.
    Thanks Simon and Dawg for all you did to make this BBOTT enjoyable:) Looking forward to next summer’s BB!

    1. What’s the deal with Krusti and her nasty bf rolling around on the floor? I noticed that the cameras stayed almost entirely off of them. He was desperately trying to make a scene and get attention.

      1. LOL oh yeah, I forgot about that. No idea wth that was but it says a lot that I wasn’t really that surprised by it. Good lord.

  3. Thanks, again, Simon and Dawg for a.ll your hard work and dedication keeping us informed of everything going on in the house. Looking forward to the summer. See you soon

  4. Im so glad won. very well deserved. I loved this season and what a perfect ending.

    Great Cast. I would not mind all of them playing another season again… I would love to see Morgan, Alex and especially Shelby at a “regular” season.

  5. The reason I did NOT vote for Jason was because of his spitting in the tub for Alex to clean. Yes he thought better of it and cleaned it up BUT should have thought it through BEFORE. Also rubbing armpits on the pillows of the “plastics” and putting boogers on their luggage. That is NOT related to GAME PLAY and just showed the type of person he was. So Jason if you play again LEARN from this! I promise you it WILL make a difference.

    Congrats Morgan! You DESERVED the win!

  6. Yes this is awesome, sweet justice and karma prevailed. Well deserved Morgan, who played a great game, and such a nice person.

  7. YES! YES! AND another YES!!!! I am so freaking elated Morgan won, Jason’s sad and perplexed face at the end standing next to Julie was priceless. I really do hope he is truly humbled from his lost and becomes a better person. I hope he realizes that his trash talking vile disgusting behavior is what caused him to lose in the end. There are millions of people that voted that do not use twitter or follow the social media cliques. People saw everything live and made a personal decision at the end of the day to vote who they felt was more deserving. I wonder how soon it will be before all the fragile little snowflakes and sore losers on twitter will be demanding a recount.

    AMERICA has SPOKEN. Jason you Lost!

    Congrats Morgan!! You deserved it!!

    1. Plus didn’t Justin tell Morgan he told his fans to vote for Morgan if he lost the HOH? That may have helped a little.

    2. Corn Bread said in his interview with Jeff, that Jason done Justin a little dirty in the end, and Justin had a big following that went to Morgan.

    1. I voted Dawg several times and actually hoped for his name to be a choice three times on a 3 choice vote because there was nobody in the house i wanted to vote for other then Justin

  8. All in all this cast was EXCELLENT — clearly much better than the regular season lineups (at least the last 4-5 years). HOWEVER, despite the good cast this format is very tired and exhibits the same problems as the regular shows: it is too long, it dives into boredom after 6 weeks and the last couple of weeks are excruciating for the participants AND for us.
    The show should be 6 weeks long (7 weeks max) — otherwise it will progressively keep losing fans (as it already does).

    Justin was THE character of this BBOT — love him or hate him, he is theater.
    Good for Jason to finally make some money off BB. Morgan is a vacuous blonde who benefited from the dynamics in the house to come out as the American dahling. Good for her! Congratulations… I guess ;- )


  9. I’m was definitely a LNJ fan but congrats to Morgan!!! Very fun season to watch and I’m excited for BB19!! Thanks Dawg and Simon!!! You guys are awesome and can’t wait to come back next season!

  10. Omg I am so happy I discovered this site. you guys rock so much and have made my bb experience so much better. I am sad to lose you guys but glad you get a break. Happy holidays and next season, ya’ll. Kisses.

  11. I was always upset that Big Brother let Jason get away with doing the things he did in the house. But America has spoken and his actions cost him 225,000 dollars. Also if he would of been a friend to Justin in the end and not turned on him the way he did he would of probably gotten Justin’s fans votes. Jason keeps saying that he knows everything about Big Brother and how the fans think. He should of realized that the fans always votes for a likeable character and just not how you played the game. In Justin’s words you reap what you sow!

  12. Whoever sat in that 3rd seat would have beat Jason and Kryssie. They sealed their own fate by bashing Justin so harshly in that last week. Learn from this, potential BB contestants. We don’t like that nasty, ugly talk and behavior. Disgusting, foul body noises and smells didn’t help either. They had horrible manners and hygiene. We can see all of that. See you all next summer….

  13. just wanted to thank Simon and Dawg for all of your effort for the past 6 months…you guys must be exhausted! I had to stop watching during the final weeks of both seasons…because I couldn’t stand Nicole, Kryssie or Jason…so I relied on you guys for the updates.

    Enjoy your very short break before BBCAN5 starts up. (I will coming here for ALL of that season’s updates.) You guys are the best!! Happy Holidays, everybody…see you in about 3 1/2 months…

  14. Thanks to Simon and Dawg for all your hard work this season. We really appreciate your efforts. Congrats to Morgan and to Jason you need to learn that it is nice to be important but it is much more important to be nice.

  15. Jason’s continuous foul language and filthy talk about others killed his chances.Cryssie was the same and she did nothing in the game but foul mouth others, be nasty and no game. Congratulations Morgan!!!

  16. Jason’s continuous foul language and filthy talk about others killed his chances.Kryssie was the same and she did nothing in the game but foul mouth others, be nasty and no game. Congratulations Morgan!!!

  17. I’m so at peace with this ending. GREAT! I’d rather see Shelby take the big win, but I’m fine with Morgan.

    All in all, I’m glad this was a big lesson to Jason – and anyone rooting for him – and the lesson to be learned is: it doesn’t pay off being nasty. Calling Shelby names, then turning on Justin, and – what I consider even worse – complaining and bitching about America’s care package/nom choices was just despicable. And, love her to bits, but this is also a “well done” to you Da’Vonne. Incredible how you were so quick to call out others for nasty behavior but you were so supportive of all the nasty shit Jason pulled off. You both can go and cry in his bed in the basement all week. That’s probably the biggest loser hotspot in the world right now.

    Thank you Simon and Dawg for this amazing coverage! Clicking on ads right now.

  18. The interviews are on Big Brother Over The Top Facebook! Jason was told by some Castmates he could of lost due to his behavior and seems pretty bitter about it!

  19. Great season thoroughly enjoyed BBOTT. Great concept loved all the interaction. I think it made people play from day one at that was a good thing. I sure hope they bring it back next year. Just please lets never see Jason Roy again. For all you Jason lovers go back and watch the total collection of all his comments. Its still staggering to me how much vile crap can come from one person. But he got his just due. Way to go Morgan, class act all the way. Lastly to Simon and Dawg I will always get my access through your site and contribute when I can. Kudos to both of you.

  20. LoL after watching Jason exit interview. He doesn’t realize this wasn’t just a win for Morgan but a Victory for the Ball Smashers!!!

    1. Happy Morgan won but I disagree – couldn’t stand the group of them together (Ballsmashers) – Alex was the biggest snot – Morgan is definitely the like-able one of the two.

  21. I think if Jason had chosen Justin instead of Krissie he would have won the 250,000.
    Morgan would have beaten Krissie for F3.
    Then I think Justin and Morgan would have split their votes and Jason would have won.
    Plus he wouldn’t have pissed people off by bad mouthing Justin all week.

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